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Walter Sieruk

Kerry needs to keep within reality and call things as they really are. So it's not "violent extremism" but Islamic violence based on the jihad of Islam. Furthermore, they say that "Islam really has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism" is like making the claim that water as nothing to do with H2O.

Walter Sieruk

On the subject of calling things as they really are it's not fitting to uses the fake word "Islamist" to described an Islamic terrorist. A term more within reality is also to use the word Muslim terrorist when talking about a Muslims terrorist.


...devout othodox Muslim terrorist who follows the orthodox Islamic ideolgy to the letter.

Robert Laity

It is immutable. Islam is Satanic,evil and degenerate. It is NOT a "Religion". It is tyranny under color of religion. I have no reservations in saying that Islam is anathema and antithetical to freedom. It is NOT a "religion of peace". It is a faux religion of pieces. Everywhere there are Muslims, society and people are left in pieces. See: "What Islam is NOT". It is a moral imperative, a matter of societal self defense that all vestiges of Islam be eradicated. Some may say that statement sounds hitleresque. To that I say, that the Jews that Hitler killed were innocents. Islamists participated in that murder. The eradication of murderers is not tantamount to the slaughter of innocents.

High Plains Drifter

The gist of the matter is that at least some of the leaders of the United states must be behind this kind of chaotic confusion and denial of identification of a religion with terror. even moderate Muslims believe in and support the overthrow of the state of Israel. to continue to allow the free world to be taken over by immigrants from Muslim countries and to tolerate their threats of takeover in one's own homeland is the height of the stupidest ignorance or the most clever design for creating chaos and unrest.whatever it is only proves how wicked those are who sponsor it. and how they aren't fit to govern. their speeches of peace, equality and multiculturalism are empty and hypocritical in the extreme.


Hanoi John Kerry is an TRAITOR from the PAST and PRESENT!!

Am Yisrael Chai, Yeshua Adonai,



Question is how did he come up with this drivel? Does he actually think he knows something about islam? Or is this a line written for him by staff of the muslim brotherhood rep in the White House? Or is this from his own staff? I'm guessing it's from his own staff. Who in turn probably get it from other muslim brotherhood reps such as CAIR. Which if so is a further confirmation of how effectively they have bored into the exec branch.

On the other hand NY Sen. Schumer as quoted by Pamela is on record against CAIR. He also showed up in NYC at Lincoln Sq. Synagogue for a memorial for victims of the Paris attack. You can bet Comrade Deblasio did not show his face. On the third hand, NJ Democrat Sen. Menendez said the admin sounds like it gets its talking points "straight from Tehran".

Wonder how 2 dem. senators wind up opposing the exec branch brotherhood reps? Also, what can be done to get Schumer and Menendez to continue and amplify?


For an exact refutation of Lurch's crap from a major national politician, take a look at "Newt Gingrich: Elite in Both Parties Unwilling to tell the Truth" at weekly


It's a mistake to associate John Kerry's name with the word "intelligence". I just call all those in ISIS..."Daesh". They tend to hate that...

Drew the Inifdel

If Kerry says something in the forest but nobody hears, do the trees still laugh?


This administration is a SCOURGE on America!!


This idiot needs to placed in a straight jacket and stored in a mental hospital.


How stupid can anyone be. All he needs to do is read a little history. Pislam has always, and will always be in constant war in dar al harbe. After years of bloody conquest of spain and the byzantian empire, Charles Martel stopped the invading mudslimes at the battle of tours in 397ad, saving europe. The first crusade was in 1097ad, to free Jerusalem, and make a way for pilgramages to the same. The years before and ever since, have witnessed continued attempts to subjugate the entire planet. Only when fanatical pislam and all of it's supporters are wiped out, will we have peace. Yes, that's the way they do it, and that's what they have planned for us. It works, and is the only way to prevent future break-outs of this cancer.


I continue to be astounded at the drivel that comes from this administration. As a Canadian, I take a politically impartial view; I can - and do - judge each politico on his or her actions and words. I have yet to see ANY intelligence exhibited by the current batch of clowns.
God bless America; you're going to need it.

Colonel Robert F Cunningham

The Qu'ran has more contradictions that BOTH U.S. Political Parties! And about the same amount of TRUTH!

The Most High DOES NOT endorse, approve nor ANSWER those who are in VIOLATION of His Holy Law. That Great Holy Law is UNCHANGED and is going to remain so.

The sooner we, the Anusazi (Servant of Anu), get back to Original Holy Law and abandon all these nonsense 'religions' and equally demonic political endeavors, the better: with Marxist Islam currently leading the parade.

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Aku Press, LLC.
The Akurians

James Dolittle

My friends

It appears that America is coming to a brutal end. There is nothing you or I can do to change the coming events and it is our collective faults, we allowed it to happen.

What's worse - WE ARE NOT going to doing anything to stop the destruction of our Constitution. Here's the mentality: I got mine and that's all that counts. American Greed - American Apathy.

At this time we really need fearless military leadership. Give a general that can stand up to fighting enemies of the constitution both foreign and domestic and I will show you a ray of real hope.


god bless obama and keep him far away from me.


What ISIS is doing is just to follow the exact same ideologi as Kerrys friends in Saudiarabia are following. Couldn't somebody tell him that, as it seems he hasn't really figured that out yet..?

Ms. Jodelle

All of them are political and religious whores!Kerry, Obama,Blair, Soros,the Clinton's, Carter, Cameron, you name it,like the "Pontiff" bowing and scraping to Islam now and trying to unite all world religions and sects into one happy brothel. but this is fornication! they are drinking the wine of Babylon's filthy fornications!Rev.18:2-4 and who is Babylon? the Vatican and the all her satellites the rich elite Princes who bow to her and get drunk on her fornicating wine. don't worry the Lord knows how to reserve these ungodly people unto the judgment of perdition. and keep them away from his people. these poor deluded and hopeless creatures cannot steal one sheep away from the true Christ.

Ami Adii

Amazing how they spend more time trying to convince us that islam is not islamic, and telling us what words not to use, reclassifying beheadings, calling muslims a race, ignoring FGM, not explaining mohammedan pedophilia, and insisting it's a religion of peace.... As if no other religion believes in peace.

They need to get their heads unstuck from up their asses and start admitting that islam is a "religion of pieces of shit". If Christians.. and especially CATHOLICS, turned crazy and started perpetrating this GARBAGE all over creation, they'd pull out every armored tank and MOW..US.. THE F***.. DOWN. Every last church would be BURNED to the ground. The VATICAN would be NUKED.

Jeff Prager

Let's hope Geller doesn't procreate

gerard bourque

kerry just another unemployed idiot soon to join obama the goof in the desert

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