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Sounds like the obama administration is threatening Israel. That is Not acceptable, nor wise.

Ronald Jenkins

Since obama is a muslim he doesn't want Israel to survive what's coming on behalf of his family over there "muslim brotherhood" So of course he's gonna do anything in his power to disregard them, I can't wait for this guy to be gone!!


Zerobama throws a tantrum.

Emil Sopkovich

We need to have help that the Jewish Pm can offer . If their is hatred on his part it needs to be kept personal and not let it come between our 2 countries



and a congressional delegation (over the objections of the White House) met with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad to reignite the dead peace process between Israel and Syria she was wildly applauded by Obama and congressional Democrats.

David R

Obama is far more than an anti-Semite. He is at best a believer in Islamic principles if not some of the Radical Islamist ideas as evidenced by his cabinet being full of Muslim Brotherhood members. However, setting aside that issue, his behavior is that of a toddler throwing a temper tantrum but this time, like Hitler, he is playing with the lives of 7,000,000 Jews. His appeasement policies towards Iran will ultimately lead to a major war which will be difficult for Israel to win, especially if it is true as reported in the Israeli newspaper Debka, that Russia because of low oil prices and US economic sanctions is low on cash has inked a deal to sell their most advanced anti-air defender system S-400 to Iran. Those who believe Iran will not use nuclear weapons because of the close proximity between both countries are either ignorant or disingenuous as it is clear that Iran could drop a nuke in Israel that would have little impact in Iran. Finally, those who criticized me for using Hitler as an analogy, what protections or guaranties has the US given to assure the safety of 7,000,000 Jews in Israel? From my standpoint everything Obama has done in the Middle East from supporting the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and stopping aid after the army through them out for trying to impose Sharia law, ignoring the real threat of ISIS, ignoring the advancement of Iranian influence in the Middle East, the failure of Iraq, the disintegration of our ally, Yemen and deliberately stopping the sale of the Hellfire missile during the last Israeli war will only hurt Israel. Moreover his support for the main media ignoring terrorist attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian groups only encourages future attacks. So while Obama is not building gas chambers, the reality is that he along with Europe are turning a blind eye to Iran's growing military and nuclear development which everyone knows will be used against Israel if not the West. And Hitler just didn't kill Jews but killed millions more just like Iran may do one day. Some may say well Europe and Anerica turned their back on the Jews during the late 1930s and 2940s and no one ascribed what Hitler did to them. But today we know better, and if America or Europe knowingly allows a regime to take steps to commit genocide, why do those countries not share in the responsibility of allowing for that atrocity?

Peter Gilbert

The same SEIU Unionistas that helped to overthrow Mubarak are trolling Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv as I type!


BHO is the WORST president in USA HISTORY PERIOD!! BHO HATES Israel-Yisrael / Jewish People / Christian People!!

BHO is filled with satans spirits!! Thus: he is anti-Israel-Yisrael / anti-Zionism / Very Antisemitism / anti-USA Everything / anti-Christian!!

OUR TRUE GOD'S LOVE IS STRONGER than satan's hate!!

Shabnbat Shalom Everyone

Am Yisrael Chai, Yeshua Adonai Forevermore!!

Love and Shalom, YSIC \o/



The fully-nutted Netanyahu need never negotiate with NUMBnuts Nobama ever again.

Al - the sky is falling - Gore

Congress should immediately try and convict Obozo for treason and get rid of him. Ditto for Biden.

They are a disgrace.

Netanyahu should say EXACTLY what he REALLY thinks when he gets up in front of Congress.


As an American, I am deeply embarrassed by the way this administration is behaving toward Netanyahu! Obama behaves like a petulant, immature child and SOMEONE should tell him to BE QUIET!!


Surely one has to be invited to address congress by the congress. A leader cannot just come an speak there when he/she feels like it

Drew the Inifdel

What has Obhammud unnerved is the 2012 talk Netanyahu made to the UN General Assembly regarding the nuclear threat from Iran. He spoke on the same day that Obhammud was making a public fool of himself at the UN by blaming the Benghazi slaughter on an obscure YouTube video, with some of the guilty parties in the audience. What comes around goes around.


Look at the way Obama was glaring at Nethanyahu when the two were pictured in the Oval office, Obama's dislike for the other was plain to see,Obama's antagonism plain to see, I believe Obama to be deeply anti semitic.

Leo Harkins

Excellent comment David R. Genocide has been happening to Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, and nothing is said or done.

Who should we invite to speak to us, but our allies! It is really disgraceful the way Israel and France have been treated. I think that David R. cited the reasons well.


America will pay a terrible price for having elected oobama. that price will be far worse than any in the history of America.


I find it amazing that so many Americans hang on Obama's every word and continue support him. The damage he has done to your great country - and, indeed, to the west in general - is incalculable.

It's ofter said that a nation gets the leadership it deserves. What on earth have the American people done to deserve him?

We come to the USA a couple of times a year (business combined with pleasure because we love being there)and I like to engage people in conversation. I have yet to meet an American who admits to voting for Obama or who supports his policies.

The man is a peasant with a peasant's mentality.


THE LITTLE o CAN'T STAND THE THOUGHT THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL STAND WITH ISRAEL AND BIBI. knowing some that stood with THE LITTLE o. in the beginning are no longer standing with him. THE LITTLE o had his chance and he blew it. but of course he is blaming his failures on some one Bush. he is the ring leader in all that is taking place across the world. the killings, fighting, all the wars in all the other country's across the globe. I will always blame THE LITTLE o he always takes the side of the enemy. never the Christians and the good people they just want to live their lives and be left alone bbbuutt NO THE LITTLE o can't be having none of that now can he?

Dr, Khalaifa al-Sharif

People are forgetting during the earliest days of the Obamanation dictatorship our liar in-chief returned a sculpture of Winston Churchill to England. And don't forget that incompetent cretin left Netanyahu waiting while he went to have dinner. Both incidents a clear handwriting on the wall for what this man had in store for us. It is time for a change!
Dr. Khalifa al-Sharif


I don't understand. Obola spits in our face ALL the time. Feet on the desk is a sign of islamic superiority, sending the great Churchill's bust back without the senate or congress discussions; Freeing mass murderers from Gitmo, moving nukes across America illegally, firing more than 200 generals. Why would they care what he thinks about anything?

Rob Porter

Dear President Obama,
I wish to say how amazingly delighted I was when reading that you consider Benjamin Netanyahu to have 'spat' in your face. In all candor I wouldn't just spit in your face, I'd flatten you nose and then take pleasure in doing other damage.

Meanwhile let me say how incredibly pleased I am that you, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Valery Jarrett and other contemptible liars with whom you have surrounded yourself are frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs over Benjamin Netanyahu visiting the U.S. without you being consulted, and that he will address Congress. Be assured that I will be watching his speech on television in anticipation and with pleasure. My bet is that he will not need a teleprompter in order to say something intelligent
Best wishes
Robert J.


Since when does any world leader have to say mama may I to judasbama and his Nazi administration? I would not only spit in judasbamas face but would do my best to remove him from the land of the breathing. Same goes for valarie Jarrett, earnest, and the other traitors in the judasbama administration.

Sheryl D

Counting the days, when this JihadMoslismobama & his Moslim Administration is gone.
FYI: Congress doesn't need your permission to have a quest speaker..Get over it Moron...
With any won't make it back from Saudi..

Colonel Robert F Cunningham

"Netanyahu ‘spat in our face'" .....

Was he chewing PORK RINDS when he did that? If not, he missed one hell of a good chance ....

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Aku Press, LLC.
The Akurians


Hobama has spit in the face of the Framers of the Constitution and the rest of our Government and people too many times.

He is despicable.

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