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Well the Manchurian Candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Oval Office wouldn't go to Paris either for the same reason: He supports the jihadis.

Netanyahu is to Obama what a Cross is to Dracula.

No Quarter

Oh really? I thought the reason oslama will not meet with Netanyahu was because oslama is a muzzie and Mr. Netanyahu is a Jew. Thanks for telling me (ms meehan) the real reason, that it is too close to an election, my mistake! Kudos to Mr. Boehner for not asking obossa for permission. Not everyone in our government kisses o ass. It will seem like forever waiting for oslama to vacate "our white house".


This Abomination BHO HATES Israel-Yisrael and the Jews and Christians, he even HATES the USA!!

BHO is the WORST president in USA HISTORY!! I NEVER voted for the Sunni muslim BHO!!

OUR GOD that Jews and Christian have will Protect Israel-Yisrael ( Genesis 12:2-3 )!!

Am Yisrael Chai, Yeshua Adonai Forevermore!!

Love and Shalom, YSIC \o/



In ten minutes the President will be speaking with three leading Youtube content creators about issues of importance to them and their followers. Really important stuff here. Can't wait.


We all know where Obama's loyalties
"Lie". Obama is this biggest disgrace this County has EVER seen! He is a traitor! The only reason that he has not been impeached, imprisoned, and\or deported is because he is protected by a lower power (Satan). They man is evil, he is the enemy!


This big eared narcissistic piece of crap we have in the White House is so predictable that anyone paying a modicum of attention could have seen this coming a mile away.

And here is another thing. I believe this islamic ass smoocher mentioned himself about seventy-five times in his stupid speech the other day.


The Not So Grand Mufti of Washington can't even be bothered to put on a show of support for Israel anymore... careful IslamObama, you're jihad is showing. Is it time to play cowboys and muslimes yet?


A president gets the friends he deserves and that speaks volumes about this mans denial about the dangers of Islam.


Walks like a duck is always a assured way of determining a person's loyalties. Marx & Mufti is ObaPutin's gate !!


I doubt that Nethanuahu wants to meet with BHO.
That would confer leadership on BHO - something he does not have. Bibi will meet with Republican leaders, since they are in our future. Ego-maniacal Obama thinks their meeting would help Bibi get re-elected. No way..Why should Bibi waste time on that Islamo-lover?


Obama is a phony and a hypocrite. He is a very evil president.

Drew the Inifdel

Obhammud cannot get anything right. Remember how he campaigned fiercely for four Dems in the 2010 mid-terms and they all lost and NO ONE wanted him around them in the 2014 mid-terms? Or his statement that Yemen was a success story and it is now a failed state? Bibi keeping his distance from this walking abortion in the WH is a wise move.

clem snide

Obama is now focussing his administration on the forthcoming Conference on Anti-Extremism. it will be a butchers-paper-fest, an army of community organisers and DOJ pod-people worrying themselves into a state of near exhaustion over what to do about nasty types like Geller, Spencer, Wilders, Farage at al.... Mr Netenyahu has nothing to contribute to that, ahem, narrative. Netanyahu is in the unfortunate position of being the leader of the only country in
the Middle East where the people get up go to work , attend school, create intellectual and capital wealth and have a view to building a civilisation. This is inimical to to the post modern critical race theory driven programme at the heart of Obama's Administration.


Stop blaming the O-Man for everything!!! He has kept his campaign promise to change our country "fundamentally" ... He has been "extreme" in his transparency... he has excelled in his endeavor to complete HIS agenda!! He's been great for the dumb ass constituency he represents!!! Blame the fate of the country on one group of people... No NOT Muslim extremists, jihadists or terrorists!! Blame it on the 3 million republican voters who stayed home two years ago because they couldn't vote for a smart decent man who might have been a bit too close to the middle-right in his ideology!! "You can't always get (exactly) what you want... But if you try sometimes, you get what you NEED!"... We needed Romney... None of this would be going on right now... Every "screw up" in the Middle East would have never happened... Our economy would have started improving upon his inauguration and Iran would have been stopped in it's tracks.. (Not to mention he warned us about Russia as well)... So don't blame the O-Man!!! He got the job done!!! Now let's just hope we still have a country left when you idiots get another chance to vote for the "right" party!! God bless the Republican Party ... They are all we have left!! Not perfect, but if you're out there bustin your ass every day, they are the only choice for YOU!!


That will save PM Netanyahu's some precious time to be spent more effectively elsewhere.



In refusing to do so Barack Obama is possibly doing Bibi a political favor as he probably doesn't want to meet with him anyway. Why? I'll answer the question with a question: Why would Netanyahu just prior to an election want to meet with a US pres who's perceived by most Israelis as the most anti-Israel, pro-Arab, Islamophilic in history, and is utterly loathed by them? Most Israelis probably cringe when they see their great PM together with our despicable pres-a moral and mental dwarf by comparison. In fact, Obama understanding his unpopularity in Israel will not even attempt to do what the very popular George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton did in the 1990s: help the Labor candidates defeat the incumbent Likud PM-which proved in both cases to be a disaster for Israelis and Palestinians as it caused the Second Intifada. If the highly radioactive Obama tried this today he'd probably hand Bibi a resounding landslide victory. Besides why on just moral grounds would the Lion of Judah and Freedom (the Jewish Reagan and Churchill) want to meet with our Mickey Mouse prez-a man lacking in courage and wisdom who no world leader respects, fears or trusts? Obama doesn't deserve to share the same stage with Bibi. In snubbing Bibi Obama is doing him an unintended favor.


Obama, a muslim is the last person Bibi would want to see. Obola looks more at home opening Auschwitz for Bibi.

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