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I am not surprised. Obama needs to be arrested! We The People NEED to clean house! The White House to be PERFECTLY CLEAR!


Dangerous stuff, if true ?


Arrest Obama and his Cohorts now. If this isn't grounds for Impeachment, Then what the Hell is?

Jack Hamilton

No doubt in my mind Obuzzard is a supporter of Iran.


If this is genuine how can anyone take This administration seriously


Have we reached the tipping point where no person of character will ever want to be a slimy politician? And how long can so many pretend not to know what is happening?

Rob Porter

As well we know after the Benghazi fiasco, lies and cover-ups, his poor treatment of the al-Sisi government in Egypt and support for the criminal Muslim Brotherhood, his on-going shabby treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel, Barack Obama runs not just a rogue but criminal administration. This is now just so evident, yet the Republican opposition is utterly impotent in doing anything about removing this wretched man from office. As Pamela wrote,"G-d help us all". With increasing transparency this man embraces pretty much everything that decent, civilized, thoughtful human beings reject.

jerome henen

Obama is a traitor , he should be arrested immediately for aiding and abetting anti american interests. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of intestinal fortitude in america so this horrific farce of his will just continue. Problem is that the administration and american policy has been severely infiltrated and those implants will carry on obama's legacy long after he has gone.


I'm a 100% strong supporter, Pamela. You know that siting unnamed sources, i.e., Western diplomatic sources, causes the heavily biased media to focus not on the concern raised in this story, but on ridiculing the messenger for an unsubstantiated accusation. I'm glad you republished, but wonder what we can do. Obeyme Obomber is rampaging through the china shop that is now America. Regardless of how many times he commits high crimes & treason, nothing seems to be able to stop him. Maybe Moishiach is the only one who can.


Ahhh, I wrote siting instead of citing! And, there's no delete or edit button!

Colonel Robert F Cunningham

"Impeachment" won't work! The FULL PARDON has already been signatured by Kommrade Biden and awaits only a date stamp. Evidently SOME people didn't learn a damned thing from the FORD BAILS NIXON fiasco ....

Kommrade Obastard & Kompany are TRAITORS and guilty of massive accounts of of HIGH TREASON! The Muslim Brotherhood DECLARED WAR on the United States and Kommrade Obastard took the organization OFF the reputed 'terrorist organization' list! Is THAT aid and comfort to a sworn enemy?

And NOW Kommrade Oblivit is neck-deep in a wholesale murder to 'protect' fellow Muslims? The fact the situation is in Argentina is beside the point.

WE, THE SOVEREIGNS OF THESE UNITED STATES, NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE ..... STARTING WITH THAT WHITE ONE AT 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASHINGTON D.C.! And while we're at it, BOTH Houses of Congress and the Supreme SOCIALIST Court are in equally grave need of the same scrubbing down.

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Aku Press, LLC.
The Akurians


Islam is gaining momentum and much ground in South America

Prosecutor Nisman was a Hero

I agree with Rob Porter 100% Obama's administration is criminal. Obama will be out of office soon.

Prosecutor Nisman was obviously murdered. He was brave to accept this case but as he predicted this one got him killed by scumbags who didn't want the truth to get out but the truth will come out.

Linda Rivera

When Obama was elected President, America and the Free World lost their leader.

On the first day Obama came into power, Obama became one of the most important, and possibly the most powerful leader of the entire Muslim world. And no one does anything about the coupe that has taken place in the once great nation of America.

Linda Rivera

The Muslim who occupies the White House and Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman have cursed Argentina.

Rest in eternal peace with the angels, brave HERO, Argentian prosecutor Alberto Nisman. May God avenge your death.


Obama will not be out of office soon. He will find some crisis, some pretext, to "tenpirarily delay" elections, I promise you. You heard it here first.


Excuse phone typos


Well,well, well, Mr. Ob, why where you looking for Iran's approval in the fist place? Could it be oil, oil,oil but then again doesn't Argentina have plenty?

Always On Watch

Why isn't the Left objecting to the Obama administration's intervening in governmental processes in a foreign nation? The Left often objects to such things.


I do not here see any evidence for Obama being involved. Show us where it is made clear that his office did intefere.
If Obama did help squelch, is it any worse than Bush allowing a plane load of Saudis to leave the US on 9/11 when he had ordered a no fly directive? or that his office has censored ten pages of the 9/11 Commission report

J Baustian

I've been following this story because it fits in with Obama's coziness toward the regime in Teheran. But so far no other reports except the story which has no named sources, and the unnamed sources are in Argentina it seems.

So I have to conclude that it's bogus, but if it's real then I won't be surprised.


Rasulullah Obama is a stealth jihadist and the WH is his mosque...No one believes me except other anti-jihadists...

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