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Her parents are so full of you-know-what. I never will understand why parents can't seem to understand that their own children can absolutely be capable of incredible evil. Their daughter was involved in her "jihad-jane" attitude for quite awhile - this didn't just happen overnight. I know the area of town and the church VERY well, that Shannon set her sights on. (Pamela and Robert Spencer even spoke at that church a couple of years ago.) Shannon spent months there at the church, making people feel very uncomfortable. But, I guess her parents conveniently forgot that part. And I guess they thought it was a-okay when she went off on an FBI agent noting how she hated the people at the church because of their support for Israel. And I guess her parents thought she was just 'a kid being a kid', when she told the FBI agent that, "if they think I'm a terrorist, I'll give them something to think I am."

Arvada is a wonderful, family-oriented, suburban community to Denver. It's really easy to think that everything is perfect and wonderful there - things like this don't often happen here. And I get it that her parents are probably very embarrassed, and want to; 1) rid themselves of the embarrassment, and 2) want to think the best for their daughter. But excusing her actions won't make things better. 4 years isn't enough as far as I'm concerned. I think it should have been at LEAST 10 year.


I discuss the news on Atlas Shrugs with both of my children regularly. They were both disappointed when the site went down, and are glad to have it back. I am pleased to say that my children recognize good and evil, and that they practice the kind of critical thinking that keeps them immunized from mental viruses like islam.


The hero's in this whole sad story are the FBI. Both she and the clueless parents owe the FBI a big debt of gratitude. 4 years in jail is a gift in comparison for what was in store for her with ISIS.


You have to teach your children that Islam is false and Muhammad was a false prophet, but like many on the Left they probably taught her that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and that it is all the USA's fault.

That is how you get these young idiots who join ISIS and Islam, by not telling your children the truth about Islam and Muhammad.


I tell everyone I know, using Islamic sources, how Muhammad was a false prophet, like how me married a 6 yr, and had sex with her when she 9. How he attacked villages, robbed caravans, kidnapped women, and raped them. How he had sex slaves and owned slaves. How he was possessed by Satan and later by black magic. How he dressed in his wives' clothes to get his later revelations and urinated sitting down, and drank wine for four days straight, and could not do any miracles. How he tortured a man for his treasure and how he said it is OK to beat your wife and he said that the majority of people in hell are women.

Once they hear that...they know Muhammad was not a propeht, but a fraud.


Is this young woman really all there? My niece is sort of like her...she can not live on her own (she's 40 years old); she's not exactly mentally retarded, but there are other issues. Every picture I've seen of Shannon is off. She looks vacantly at the camera...

While it's true she might - if wholly in her right mind - deserve ten years in federal prison for her crime, I still have this feeling she really truly didn't know what the hell she was doing.


Jihad Jane or whatever her name is such and IDIOTIC for converting to islam!!

Am Yisrael Chai, Yeshua Adonai FOREVERMORE!!

Love and Shalom Everyone, YSIC \o/



"Conley pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization."
As we ARE in a "declared war" on terrorism, so to speak...she should have lost her citizenship and more time.

Tegan King

I am worried that UK, my country is full of thousands of mosques and they ar still building.

JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

The liberal? mentality of these cause-seekers never changes, from the beginning of time there have always been those who choose to rationalize good and evil. Recently from the 1960's through today the Leftist cause seekers have become increasingly destructive in their plan of communist(and now Islamist) takeover of America. It is easily discerned if one opens their eyes. It's like people go through life with their EYES WIDE SHUT. All these terror,communoislamist groups do is lure and enthrall until it's too late to realize fact from fiction,good from evil,right from wrong. This perception of an evil reality(endorsed by Obama) is what has "transformed America". Chilling.

Drew the Inifdel

Notice there is no mention of privation or other lack of opportunities in life that the left uses to explain away the idiotic notion of those being the reasons the imbalanced among us turn to jihad.

Ami Adii

Typical parents of today. Their child can NEVER do anything wrong. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault. The only thing the terrorists have won was their daughter. Naturally she "regrets" her decision, especially since she got caught. Like someone else said, she should do a MINIMUM of ten years. By then maybe she'll be a grownup.

Jack Hamilton

The parents are making excuses for their failures.


That is exactly how treason, or attempted treason, should be dealt with. Ted Cruz has a current Bill out that says, "if you go overseas to help terrorists in their fight against us, you will not be allowed back into the U.S., ever"

Terry Christlieb

She is far better off doing 4 years in Federal Prison system than she would be doing 1 year in the ISIS "Caliphate"

Peter Masco

Now I understand why Shannon ended up a Jihadist. Her parents are morons. Shannon is looking for someone strong to take the place of her mealy-mouthed parents AND SHE FOUND THEM IN THE SAVAGE MUSLIMS.

Hans Solo

If this girl faces four years in jail for giving aid and comfort to the enemy, why is the OB-One still prancing around free?

Jerry Sanford

Why is it that Islamic women have to look like masked criminals in inverted black bags?

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