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The UK and USA NEEDS to WAKE-UP NOW!! The muslim brotherhood is evil / satanic / demonic PERIOD!!

"United We Stand with Israel-Yisrael and the USA, DIVIDED WE FALL"!!

"If we forget we are "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" then we will be one nation gone under!!" ( Ronald Reagan )!!

Am Yisrael Chai, Yeshua Adonai!!

Shalom Everyone, YSIC \o/



I know this does not belong here. But I need a break. And I thought some of you would like to see this.

It's for all of the dads who love their children, and all of the children who love their dad.

Eric Jelinski

absolutely disgusting that the media even call themselves media when they ignore breaking news. This was predicted much earlier, If you are any of thr media reading my messsa
ge, then I have some very selected and choice words for you jointly and severally,

Blossom Sanders

I don't agree with the comments about immigrants. Here in Canada we have young men whose families have been in Canada since the 1700's amd yet they have fallen for the rhetoric of militant Islam.
The problem is Islam and we sre struggling to understand why it has such a pull on these youngsters and what can be done to keep them safe. If that is even possible.


Who did it?


Your politicians should be held guilty for this murder.

They have imported the most racist people on your soil from this planet.

When are you people going to hold accountable your politicians for their actions??


Well blossom you are going to have to make some tough decisions because most of the immigrants are Muslims, and most Muslims, despite what they say in public, have sympathies towards Sharia Law, are against Israel, and wouldn't stand up to their peers
over the replacement of a Democratic Republic with a Sharia compliant Caliphate.

nancy madson

Islam must be destroyed there before we have to destroy the evil here. America WAKE UP TO THESE HORRORS! !!

Sophia Carmichael

This is a horrific act but we should wait until the facts are known. It is important to our cause that we remain credible and responsible.


I think you are posting things in a hurry. Who knows if this guy was murdered by an Islamic extremist or due to domestic or factional quarrels? Better to wait and see, as things unfold in the investigation. You can only demand impartial, expeditious investigation.


I agree with Sophia

Only the facts should be reported. However the attack has all the hallmarks of the cult is peace and harmony.

Machetes are commonly used in Africa to terrorise people. It's not a weapon of choice for a deranged Brit.

However all that remains to say is RIP Zac and a Nations thoughts are with your family and friends.

Ami Adii

Yeah...gee..that's right... Let's be "factual" and "responsible". Maybe the poor kid was killed by an Anglican who just wanted to do a copycat killing to get some poor little misunderstood Somali muslims in trouble.

Ann Johnstone

I'm sure I've seen a photo of this boy before. And I live in Australia. #NeverForgetaFace


I think you should hold off on these reports and comments until you have actual evidence that it is jihad related. This kind of guesswork weakens your authority


The police and security services have admitted that the threat of attack is so great that they can't protect us from these thugs. If they can't protect us we need to be armed and not with machetes either.

Lindsay Nicholls

I live in Gloucester and have not heard anything other than poor lad was killed while trying to defend some girls, one of his mates had serious injuries but is now stable the other not so bad injuries, a man in his 40s arrested, no word of his nationality,people shouldnt start saying things we are all fed up of the problems with muslims but until its revealed considered his familys feelings and dont speculate, just because of how he died


We're going to see a lot more of this, and soon. { Hi Pam, cant wait to see you again!- plz come back down under soon.}


Police given more time to question a 44-year old suspect which expires at 7.30pm today Monday 26th. So they either have to charge the man being held or release him.The other guy who was wounded in the attack is recovering in hospital.

Ed Price

I am from Gloucester, in fact live about a 10 minute walk from the pub in question. The original blog that has spread around social media is sooo far from the mark it is incredible. Firstly the Police have actually announced that this has no links to terrorism or Jihadists or anything like that, it appears to have been a disagreement between local people in a Family friendly pub - which then escalated out of control.

Secondly the blog states that Gloucester has a 'large' muslim population. I assume that 4% counts as 'large' then??? The facts aren't important when it comes to islamiphobia and stirring up racial hatred though. Are you going to issue an apology to the city of Gloucester, when it is confirmed that the individual who commited this act has nothing to do with Islam - most likely it will be a White bloke in his mid 40's with either a screw loose or is a drug dealer.

M.  okyet

Islam creed totally abhore killing humankind muslim or non muslim.

priest mcbryde

Bunch of twats who writes this utter garbage. Clearly you have no respect for the dead or the grieving. This has just been made up with no basis in fact. Should be a shamed of yourselves.


Instead of arming muzzies like Iraqi's. Let's arm the British,
French, Australians, and anybody else who wants to rid their countries of the trouble-making parasites.

Peter Masco

If you see a Muslim attacking anyone, be prepared to kill the Islamic savage. Nothing else works as well.

Jon Darbyshire

You disgusting disgusting people. .There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE this was a Muslim attack. Zachary was trying to stop two WHITE guys harassing a girl in the pub. You are a fucking disgrace to humanity.

steven mayro

see this does not happen in the US because the people have the right to arm themselves and the cowardly muslim only go for easy targets old people and unarmed populace we may have probloms in the US but i feel a WHOLE lot better knowing i can kill one of those goat rapers if somthing happens

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