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steven mayro

Really guys hanging out in a pub with machetes.......BULLSHIT

Samuel Anders

I just seen this now after my dinner & I feel F*****g Sick!, This could have happened to my Sons, so My Deepest Sympathy and Thoughts go out to this Lad's Parents & Family. The shivers running down my spine right now are No match for my Anger, all I can say about this at the moment is that; As the so called "British Government" are not Fulfilling their Duties to Our Nation, I Stand to Call ALL Brits to Fight, whether as a Tight Group or Alone, Until WE get the Message Across to Islam & Our Govt. that WE Will Not Bow Down to, or Tolerate any more of the Tyranny from Islam or the Politicians that support & Protect these Monsters who don't Belong Here in Our Country, ONCE & FOR ALL.....!!!

Samuel Anders



man charged with this killing: Ewan Anthony Reynolds. So non-muslim kills a non-muslim. Brilliant journalism...


If Barry Sotero had a son, he would look just like Zac Evans! Oh wait, sorry.


Making stuff up again?

Best Alone

Inflammatory BS no one waits for the facts. On top of this, and I am gentile, even I know that verse none-five (9-5) of the Quran concerns polytheists in Arab. Look up polytheists, those worshipping multiple gods. It does not apply to any others. But it was the one they found with the words "..kill the disbelievers..." I do not in the least support terrorism and I really do not think much of organized religion on the whole. But hey if you wanna use a book of words to destroy one another at least get the meaning of the words right.


Arrested man is 44 Y/O Mr Ewen Anthony Reynolds... a good Muslim name (not really huh)!

Nothing to do with racism, so all you sad, sick idiots can wind your necks in and go stir up your pathetic racist hate campaigns elsewhere...

Leave these poor people to grieve in peace.


hmmm. more crimes without releasing names. car jihads, machete jihads, bin-lorry jihads. why not release the names? oh, sorry it's an election year in dhimmi #FlyFlagAtHalfMastForSaudiPigs United Kingdom.

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