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They don't call it Redmonton for nothing. Ugly city too, and getting worse all the time.


Investigate the Muslims

Liza Jones

I live in this city and I don't agree that it is an ugly city or that it is falling into some kind of Sharia-compliant environment. There are no washing fountains for Muslims as there are in Ontario. It is somewhat redneck, but that is a function of its conservative business attitudes and government. It is not anti-Semitic in the way a European city like Malmo is. There are no Muslim enclaves and Muslims do not stand out as a noticeable ethnic group. The previous mayor of Edmonton, and currently a member of the Alberta legislature, Stephen Mandel, is Jewish and a previous provincial premier, the late Ralph Klein was also Jewish. The decision not to post the AFDI posters on buses is disturbing for me, but I believe the thinking behind it is avoidance of unpleasantness so as not to offend and not an anti-Semitic leaning. I could be wrong, but we will see. The media has never made an issue of this refusal so I am glad that a legal proceeding will bring it in to the open. I would be more than happy to write to the city expressing my dismay at their decision and adding from my own experience with Muslim women why I too believe there is a pressing need to make leaving Islam a safe option for Muslims. Can you let me know who to contact at the City, please and any other information that I should include? I will ask a few acquaintances to do the same.

P Dyer

The only people who should leave Canada are the evil muslim murder gangs.

Sweet Marmot

I used to live in Canada, Edmonton to be exact, in the late 80's and early 90's. It was a lovely, peaceful city back then. Hopefully, it will be again some day. No more ugly ethnic or anti- Semitic hatred.


NOUS NE SOMMES PAS FRANCE. Why don't the wretched scum who disgorge this graffiti from their putrid bowels get the hell out, or were they here first, too. The disgust they bring to everyone's neighbourhoods, schools, places of employment, courts, streets, public fora and simply, lives, qualifies them to be discarded like the human waste that winds up in sewage treatment plants or is incinerated. If they are caught, those who defend them, protect them and speak for them should receive the same damned fate. A pox on them and those who spawn and enable such odious detritus, young or old.


Given their penchant for bombs, AK47's, &c. Maybe these mentally challenged muzzles should not be allowed spray paint, either. The easiest and most effective thing to do would just be to throw their leeching, trouble-making asses out of all civilized nations. I'm thinking making them into food for the ummah before shipping them back to their prehistoric lands of origin might not be a bad idea, either.

jerome henen

Its just disgusting. As the muslim population grows there is a concomitant rise in anti semitism. The link is undeniable. And it is getting worse. With the downturn in the oil industry these thugs will be forced to go elsewhere and spread the hate. BC beware.

Rob Porter

No one should wonder why over the last two and a half years I have written to Canada's Ministers of Immigration, Jason Kenny and then Chris Alexander, P.M. Stephen Harper and Foreign Minister John Baird about Muslim immigration and the consequences of continued immigration from Muslim lands. Evidently no one is prepared to listen and the stupidity in Ottawa continues. They don't even possess the courtesy to respond. Am I to assume that idiotic devotion to 'multiculturalism' and 'diversity' trumps common sense and sanity?

Major Tom

I, too, have written the PM requesting that Islamic immigration must stop. No reply!
Perhaps because the crescent moon of Islam is now on the Canadian Forces Chaplain Branch badge........

Moshe Akiva

Liza Jones, which part of Edmonton do you live in? There is a section at North-Central called Castledowns. White Edmontonians call it Camelsdown for at least 10 years now for the majority of its inhabitants are Muslim.
About a week ago I found a strip mall at the North side in which two hallal stores are located. Every second corner has a hallal store and the number of mosques are growing. You can't walk 100 meters without running into at least one Muslim.

While I feel sorry for Muslim girls and young women who cannot leave Islam I was worried about the ad, which was removed. Could those who put up that ad have really given protection to hundreds or thousands of Muslim girls? I don't think so. Nothing stops a Muslim moron from honor-murder, not even the police. How could an armless private organization protect them?
The only solution to this problem is the complete Muslimization of Canada, which is now under way, thanx to those politicians who brought them into Canada during the last 20-25 years.


wherever islam is there is always trouble
whenever a muslim protests against a free democratic country this is islam cult jihad executed... stated in many sections of the Koran...

BAN islam in Canada
deport the muslim to Only islam cult mid east countries where the muslim belongs

Not wanted, welcomed, liked in Canada
wherever islam is there is always troble


You think that if they were going to go the trouble to paint anti-Semitic messages on a Synagogue that they would manage to get the swastika going the right way. I swear some people just don't give a rip about what they do anymore. Sad.

John Boston

There are only two solutions: the complete Islamization of Canada (and the rest of the world) or the elimination of Islam itself. I vote to eradicate Islam.

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