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Paula Boddington

Well, in that case, they could start with any text which claims that Jesus was not actually crucified, as that would be pretty contemptuous of Christianity, and pretty contemptuous of Jesus, wouldn't it. And maybe any text which says that the holy books of the Jews and the Christians have been corrupted. And ... etc etc etc - need I continue. Oh hang on, they'd have to ban the Koran, wouldn't they. That must be what they are trying to tell us!


How will Islamic nations avoid being convicted by this? There is no religious freedom, even tolerance, in Islamic countries. This is hardly a secret.


Gloriabundance - Great point, but I don't think it is worth sacrificing our freedom of speech to find out. Somehow I think the UN would find a way to selectively enforce such a law against everyone but Muslims.


Muslim scholars? What an oxymoron!

I didn't know goatphilia, pedophilia and bigamy (or is it quadrigamy?) were accredited courses of study.


So what can we do? Our own govt, our own president is bowing down to this. Oklahoma judge has overruled her ppl and has adopted this. BTW she was appointed by the president. how can we fight this if our own leaders don't fight this?


Contempt? How about ::
Contempt for women
Contempt for women's rights
Contempt for free speech
Contempt for other beliefs
Contempt for work
Contempt for play
Contempt for pleasure
Contempt for knowledge
Contempt for science
Contempt for advancement
Contempt for fellow man
Contempt for Jesus Christ
Contempt for peace
Contempt for innocent children
Contempt for life
Contempt for liberty
Contempt for the pursuit of happiness
Contempt for the US constitution
Contempt for Western society
Contempt for history
Contempt for the modern world
Contempt for education
Contempt for freedom of the press
Contempt for the arts
Contempt for beauty
Contempt for animals

is there anything Islam does not have an issue with??????????????????????????????????????

Help me complete my list.

Free Speech

Oh, the Muslim butt hurt! When will it ever end?Line up, Muslims, the Mayor of Paris is coating her tongue with Preparation H to ease your pain.


The UN had better ignore it as it is us EVERYBODY who is not Muslim who are under threat, attack,death and the threat of extinction of our free speech and cultures, which foolishly took these people in and now look at the problem has with them wherever they are! Islam is a religeon of force and should be stopped! No more mosques, special rights, imams who preach hate while pretending to our faces they are peaceful!

Keith Parsels

Good Idea, All religions. Christian, Hindu, Sikh, islam, Buddhism. Any government that persecutes religious minorities is dissolved and declared a non-state and removed from the UN.

Beast of Buda

If anything as crazy as this were to pass then a holy war will result and this religion of peace will face the wrath of ALL other peaceful religions and people.


They do not have Contempt for those that are hard core Islam believers of Islam, anything else can be added to your list, even Islam's that don't believe.

Fai Rdinkum

Wow I hope this gets up .... no more calls to pray, half the koran has to get pulped, friday sermons in the cess pits called mosques will be cut to about 4 minutes as ISLAM HAS TO REMOVE ALL CONTEMPT FOR ALL OTHER RELIGIONS from its' texts and practices

Darren Lewis

. It also called for the West "to protect Muslim communities from attacks, whether they are citizens or residents or visitors". ....Are they kidding?? Almost 25000 islamist terror attacks since 9/11, Daesha murdering thousands in the Middle East, and they want to protect muslims from attacks???

Xavier Romero-Frias

In order to promote goodwill among humans, these Muslim scholars should start by Islam first and outlaw the use of the word "Kafir" among Muslims to refer to all other humans who are not Muslim. The designation "Kafir" is loaded with contempt and even hatred and it does not allow Muslims to have good relationships with other peoples on Earth.

Susan Hill

Let us learn the meaning of taqiyyya. The right to lie your ass of for the advancement of Islam. Then dhimmis, and jhizyah, and all the important Muslim words.

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