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Texas Tea

Who is supplying Boko Haram's firepower?




Boko Harem is dangerous, their current leader is not stupid, he was educated at a British university.
Obama has had many, many opportunities to do something about them but has rather put pressure on the Nigerian Government to : "Use Restraint and recognise their legitimate grievances", were his words.
He also blocked the sale of attack helicopters from Israel to the Nigerian Gove.


Please PG ullulating and chants of Alluha Akbar are quite different things. Take more care to be precise.
On the other hand murdering innocent Christians is not a way of expressing legitimate grievances

tapash ghosh

Endless news about death every day. Could not understand how the world population are digesting wrong doing of some brain washed people. So much killing in name of Allah! Are we moving towards destruction of our civilisation.

Rob Porter

For his refusal to admit the truth about Islam John Kerry is guilty of criminal negligence! No one should expect this morals destitute man to tell the truth. His fabricated Vietnam War experiences and utterly bizarre post-Vietnam War conduct - laced with lies and fabricated events - has more than a suggestion of 'a screw loose', yet Kerry is the U.S. Secretary of State. It explains why he would be so completely gormless as to take to Paris the aging singer, James Taylor, to sing, pathetically, "You've got a friend". My skin just about crawled in embarrassment. No doubt the French were so disgusted they could not even wet themselves laughing.


I do not care what they think. If they arekilling us and or our allies, they must be stopped. In order to do this, we will have to violate some of our sensabilities. The only way to eliminate them is to ELIMINATE them, and anyone with them, anyone near them, and not concern ourselves about collateral damage. Look at how they end a conflict. That's whay they kill everyone who won't join them. Once we adopt this stratigey, people will be much more hesitant to engage US forces in combat.


Obama stopped the transfer of arms from Israel to Nigeria.

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