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Kick the muslim brotherhood OUT of our JUDEO-CHRISTIAN Nation USA NOW!!

BHO is a Sunni muslim and muslim brotherhood member and Sympathizer!!

The Sunni muslim Barack Hussein Obama is anti-Israel / anti-Christian / anti-USA Everything!!

Hypothesis: Obama is Sunni muslim!!


1. His biological father is Sunni ( the majority of Kenyan’s are Sunni )
2. His mom converted to Sunni
3. His biological brother Malik says he was raised Sunni
4. His grandmother is Sunni
5. His second dad, the indonesian oil exec, was Sunni
6. He employs Sunnis to work directly for him in Washington D.C.

Source: Cia Factbook, Wikipedia, encyclopedias and the DC intern!!

Shabbat Shalom!! YSIC \o/


Drew the Inifdel

Those rural training camps mentioned were also highlighted in "Willful Blindness" by Andrew McCarthy, the lead prosecutor in the '93 WTC bombing case. We had two muslime immigrants try to assimilate once by attending the Boston Marathon, an assimilation we can well do without.

Leo Harkins

Jindal is correct in his assessment. How these rural training camps can exist, when their purpose is clear, is beyond me? When we will have an increased muslim pop., we will see more "no go" areas or as the French say "urbaines sensibles." They are self-governing, autonomous areas which refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the land in which they are in. islam's purpose is to place all the kuffr under its dominion.


Do you know your "some point"?


oops..."When Enough is ENOUGH!"


what I don't understand is. alright they have these training camps here in AMERICA RIGHT. when it comes time to take our guns are they going into these training camps and taking their guns? and if not why not? it is because they are muslim training camps that is why not. google training camps in AMERICA and you get a map showing the states these camps are located in.


nogo zones are already here.

Colonel Robert F Cunningham

"NO-GO zones for towelheads only?"

CURE: (1) Armed caravan (2) chunked bacon (3) applied liberally ......

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Aku Press, LLC.
The Akurians


"Expert" is just testing the waters with a threat. It's a fruit of the looming. Don't believe it. In 2016, if we have a republican president, this issue will become moot.

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