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I can see someone going over there and fighting for the Christians or the Jews, but to let these people back into our Country is a crime, and all those involved should be prosecuted. We at the Oath Keepers have been asking this question over and over to our politicians, and they lie through their teeth. My name is Johnny Richmond, I go by @OathKeeper101st on twitter.

Rene Torres

They are fighting against our principles of democracy given by our Constitutional fathers. Freedom of religion, speech, they already said that Jihadist don't believe on those freedoms. So they should never return to the U.S. Not even under any condition of family death or sickness. They made a choice, hate the United States of America and his people

Emil Sopkovich

Those on the side of terrorism need not have the right to be associated with the U S any longer. They should also lose the right yo capitalize on anyonies that r here



been a BIG Cruz fan for quite a while.

Byron York already declared him an eligible and qualified candidate despite his Canadian birth. If it's good enough for BY, it's good enough for the rest of us.


I would definitely give Ted Cruz my vote!


Ted Cruz will be the best American President. He has my vote and the votes of my family.

Drew the Inifdel

When a US citizen denounces or dishonors his citizenship we should make them permanently live with the consequences of their decision. Just think of the unalterable ways the course of history might have been changed had we not relented in the case of Lee Harvey Oswald.


Because bringing mass murderers back is a Kerry thing. He seems to like weakening America.

Rob Porter

Cheers for Ted Cruz. This is what is needed, not silly U.K.-like 'rehabilitation' programmes for returning Muslim murderers, programmes we have learned are non-events and nothing more than a facade to give the public the impression that Islams' murderers will be returned to the streets healed of their Islamic savagery.

Peter Masco

If any Islamic savage in the U.S. perpetrates a terrorist action, their citizenship should be revoked and they should be deported back to the Mid East desert, where they and their disgusting families came from.

Colonel Robert F Cunningham


If Cruz, Et Al, want to do something constructive for their constituents: THEY SHOULD CHARGE OBASTARD & KOMMRADES WITH TREASON and REMOVE that Illegal from Office - and I don't mean by some phony 'impeachment'!

I won't hold my breath .....

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Aku Press, LLC.
The Akurians

Ami Adii

Yay Ted Cruz! A voice of SANITY and COMMON SENSE!

Yeah yeah libotards..I hear ya..."uh.. Duh..what does that mean DUUUUDE????"

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