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Nicola Timmerman

Saw shameful comments by Bill Mayer about the sniper being a psychopath. Also Robert O'Neill's description of rooftop shipping where the temperature reached 165degrees and there were days of shifts of for hours on four hours 'off'. Rob also said snipers had saved his life several times.

Nicola Timmerman

rooftop sniping


Yet the Muslims feel free to call the Jewish people all kind of names.

vox populi

mmmh, this article makes me think we need to compeltely change tactic against suprematist muslims. They have a too easy life in our democracies, we are too easy targets, exposed even more by the intrinsic democratic values of our civilization.
Islam cannot control its internal incoherences since centuries, the attack we see now to the West it's just their way to ease internal tensions. We should try to expose and use more their own contraddicitions instead of trying to defend ours, and hopefully the snake will start again to bite its won tail only. We should highlight more their internal struggles to keep them out of our culture, instead of weaken our. A good example are sites like :
We need more of those projects. We should defend ourselves throwing back at them their own contraddictions, their own history as examples. Among islam first rulers at least three died slaughtered. The first to boycott OLP were Jordanians. Most muslims follow contradditory rules of Quran. Ask every muslim to drop any western product they use etc. etc.
We should disunite and disperse them in sectarian struggles, not unite them in the hate for us ... religious wars in Europe ended also because evryone managed to unite forces against the ottoman caliphate impeding danger, we shall never forget that!

Gene Poole

It's time for the American people to see what happens in our War against Islamic Extremism. The thousands of innocent men, women and children that have been killed in the name of Islam is not a myth, nor should it be ignored due to some misguided political correctness being forced on the producer. If Muslims want to depict Islamic terror in a favorable way, they can make their own movies.

Gene Poole

Ever notice that liberals, democrats nor Muslims ever refer to the terrorists that have murdered, beheaded, or tortured thousands of people as psychotic, insane, war mongers or cowards?

vox populi

Another example of sunni divides with shia.
Interesting enough, they also use the term "satanic verses" to insult each other perception.
Next time some muslim suprematists publicly states and expresses such great tolerance versus homosexuals and generally western culture, let's make sure enough of their own radiclas are rendered well aware of those progressist positions ...

Allan L

Haha. I'm sure Eastwood is telling them to go "f" themselves.

nancy madson

True pic of islamists from all non fiction descriptions of suicide children a d women. Wake up America and thanks Eastwood and cooper for truth.


"Kyle, who called Muslims "savages" in his memoir." Well he had that right then didn't he. Musslimes most definitely are savages and whining savages at that. The Western world (perhaps even the entire world) urgently needs to be cleansed of these savages.

American Sniper Looks Great

American Sniper looks like an amazing movie and I look forward to seeing it especially with gorgeous Bradley Cooper!

The movie is realistic and Eastwood is great director.


If an infidel ate a chocolate chip cookie on a Thursday, in February, between the hours of noon, and three PM, some muslim brute some where would become offended. I can almost guarantee it.

And then there is the paragraph in the koran that encourages islamic bastards to bullshit the infidels in order to promote islam.

And lets not forget the muslims who think it is just peachy, and wonderful, and it makes them happy, when some savage islamic lunatic presses the barrel of a gun against the head of a towheaded, blue eyed, 10 year old Jewish girl, and blows her brains out.

Muslims hand out candy to muslim children when children of Jews, and other faiths are murdered just for the fun of it. They laugh, and dance around because they are so excited, and pleased, when events like this occur.

So as far as I am concerned, the ADC officials, and their members, and their followers can go screw themselves. Deep, and hard. If these people feel threatened living in America they should go to live in some hell hole African country like Somalia, or Nigeria.

The will be welcomed with open arms I am sure.

Martha Angel

I salute Eastwood and Bradley for showing the
World Exactly how the savages think. We do not
Want Islam in our country. Convert to Christianity
Or leave. Quit trying to Change America or get the
Hell out. I don't give a crap what the Moslems
Are Offended about. "They Offend Me". Take your Sharia
Savage laws and leave this country, go to


The muslim brotherhood in the USA is EVIL!!

The FALSE PAGAN moon god allah / satan is NOT a god at all!!

The FALSE prophet muhammad was a PEDOPHILE / RAPIST / CHILD MOLESTER / RACIST / MURDERER and the list goes on and on, muhammad is BURNING in hell RIGHT where he belongs!!

Am Yisrael Chai, Yeshua Adonai!!


Jack Schidt

Who gives a shit if the moslems are offended. We are offended by their 7th century thinking, absolutely no development into the 21st century.
your wives live in black garbage bags tied to the kitchen whilst your goat is tied to the bed.You don't work, just suck up welfare, rape children and pollute the world with your outdated ways. You Murder,rape, FGM, stoning, pushing people off buildings if they don't have the same opinion as you ban music and dance, murder dogs, behead non believers. The you think we should have a degree of respect for your cult and it's actions....Think again! The + you see here is your head in my rifle sights.

Ami Adii

Ditto Jack and Martha.

Dave NOT one of islam's strong fact...I don't think there are any stong points to islam.
"They" just got butthurt over the movie...just like anything else that sheds any light on islam and what it is about. Just like "Big Mo" got his feelings hurt over a few poets that made fun of him and his ways...they told the truth. By-the-way...he had them killed because "they have hurt the prophet". I would have said "butthurt", but...I think his butthurt...came from a different source...
Now they want to play the "victim"...again.


I DEMAND that moslems denounce the Koran and its Jewophobia, its Christophobia, its non-moslemophobia! And then that is just the beginning because the sunnah is even worse.

William Hey

Mohammed was the greatest gangster in history. He said the Angel gabriel appeared to me with a message.-- If you don't believe me, I will kill ypu.-- They believed him. He worshiped a genie named Allah.


While America has a Muslim President, nothing will change. Obama will pull out all stops to inflict as much damage as possible, in the time he has left.For God Sake America, Get rid of this Traitor, This Soldier of Allah!



EASTWOOD's using him STILL.

EASTWOOD's been delivering POST America demoralization ops
--disguised-- as americana.

He's also, obediently, 'OVERLOOKED" some 5 decades
of milestone anniversaries for the now 21st century avant garde,
----------------------KOREAN WAR--------------------

This thru the very heyday of GLOBALIST--RED CHINA handover

As ever, BEWARE this, and ALLLL franchise slum 'EYE--CON'--jobs.


Just like in World War II. These barbarians
are eight at your feet or at your throat.

Jack Hamilton

Hope Clint Tells them to shove the demand! When are these supporters of savages going to start demanding the terrorist muslims stop the insane murder.

Leo Harkins

Their charges are so ironic and the apogee of the ridiculous. So clearly stated, wouldn't it be better if they called upon imams uttering hate to stop. Wouldn't it be better if they demanded the ceasing of burning Christian churches and the hate-mongering towards Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. No, it's always about them and their sensibilities.


islam = more laws, more lawlessness; not much was said about islam until 9/11; that is just the tip of the iceberg for what they want to do to the non-believers and our country. the snakes are in every level of govt where they should not be allowed; hopefully the mb debacle can be turned around and the traitors removed permanently. ANY politician who supports the mb, cair, and all other terrorist groups should be exposed and never re-elected. Wake up Americans, the enemy is within everywhere; do not be blinded by their lies. they hate us and our way of life but have no problem using our freedoms against us and portray themselves as the victim. muslims can NEVER be trusted; it is in their dna no matter how much they tout 'multiculturism'; that is pure bullshit; to them the only way is their way and they will keep trying to force it on us so be awake and alert to your surroundings and those you support.

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