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the moslems can't stand the TRUTH and that goes for lib-progressives --so if there are that ilk lurking around it is the signal to start pushing back. Thank you Clint Eastwood for telling the TRUTH!

Ami Adii

Typical muslim stupidity and whinitude... Now Clint is supposed to decry his own film.

Guess what ISLAMISTS?? We in America would think you were a bunch of a**holes if Clint never MADE the film. You've done enough to destroy your own image... All by yourselves.

American Yeehawd

Visit ADC's site. Nowhere on there do you see any 'action alerts' or 'news' regarding them speaking out about radical islam and the hate it creates against 'moderate' muslims. You better police your own or get lumped in with the rest. Not speaking out against jihad is the same as accepting and promoting it in my book.

You reap what you sow.

Peter Masco

We have to remove citizenship from all Muslims and deport them back to the desert.

jerome henen

Why are there no demands from "moderate" muslims for their muslim brothers to stop committing atrocities all over the world?
It is so much easier safer and more convenient to attack American Sniper and Clint Eastwood instead.
It was a realistic movie , but the dialogue was hard to follow.
To say Kyle was a psychopath is nonsense, he felt regret and remorse for killing a chid necessarily but he did his duty excellently in protecting his comrades.
As for "ISLAMOPHOPBIA" - There is nothing phobic about fearing having your head chopped off or being blown up , it is a real fear, not a phobia. And muslims are the perpetrators , on other muslims of different sects and "infidels".



A must read. You'll learn things that could blow your mind.

Click my name for the piece.


For once it was great to see these radical muslim savages get what they deserved, after they have murdered millions of innocents. The coward Michael Moore and his swine kind are no longer relevant, made so by this wonderful movie. Most everyone I know breaks out in derisive laughter everytime they see a likelness of Michael Moore. Nobody in their right mind could take this cowardly pig seriously. The more he opens his dumbass mouth, the more his irrelevqance becomes apparent.


People you need to get OBAMA out! Before you find he has opened up all doors to the Islamic radicals. He's done a huge amount of damage already!!!! How blind can people be? He's going to bring your country down if he continues, and he's still got nearly 2 years? OMG! Do something now, before you find it's too late!!!!!


I agree totally with Headhoncho!!!!

Michael Perloff

Islamophobia? The problem is how to determine if a charge of Islamophobia is valid.

A phobia is an unwarranted, excessive, or irrational fear, hatred, or loathing of something. Therefore it can’t be objectively determined if a person exhibits clinical Islamophobia unless there is an evaluation regarding whether an alleged Islamophobic comment is based on evidence or is indeed unwarranted. There must first be an unbiased academic examination of the nature of Islam.

The irony is that it is unlikely such a study will be undertaken because of copious evidence that criticism of Muslim actions justified by references to their holy scriptures would result in deadly violence, violence to protest being called violent.

Who would be brave or foolish enough to expose themselves or their families to such danger? By any reasonable measure this would constitute a fully warranted and rational fear.

One should be suspicious of those who level a charge of Islamophobia. The tactic could come straight from a yet to be written book called How to Deflect Blame, Prevent Scrutiny, and Change the Subject.

Walter Sieruk

As stated before. The reality is that the people who are aware of the many dangers posed by Islam don't have "Islamophobia." What they do have is a case of Islamorealism.

S.B Ahmed

The God-given status of humanity forms the basis of the principle of human dignity in Islam, whether the person is Muslim or non-Muslim. Islam emphasizes the origin of all humanity is one; therefore all human beings have certain rights over one another. God says:

"O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (and not hate one another). Surely, the most honored of you in the sight of God is (he who) is the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)." (Quran 49:13)


Pi-- on these pos mooslimes. They need to be shipped out immediately and the mosques burned to the ground!!


If he were alive it would be

"Kyle For President"

This man killed our enemy.

The savages with drills to murder children are "offended"

Well I will give them an apology. We need to visit each and every one of them personally and repatriate them for this offense.


Martha - As an American Jew, I have no need nor any interest in converting to Christianity, but thanks anyhow. As to Islam, why should we defer in the slightest to a 7th-century death cult? When they want to join the 21st century (or at least the 19th or 20th), they may have a seat at the table with the grownups. Until then, Islam's practicioners need to be segregated from the civilized world, by any means necessary.


this is ugly and racist. please take context into account

Michael Cox

I am English and am proud of our way of life. I am fed up with Muslims never condemning what their compatriots are responsible for and whingeing all the time about how they are treated.

I couldn't care less about their prophet and their pathetic, so called, religion.

If they do not like living in a civilised democratic country they should scuttle off to Pakistan or wherever as long as it's not in our country,


Michael Tremnblay

I hope Mr. Eastwood tells them to go to hell. Islam is a virus and Muslims are social retards
End of Story!
Michael, Canada

Jerry Sanford

Look forward to seeing it.

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