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Walter Sieruk

The extremely cruel,brutal,vicious and butchering act of Islamic custom which is F.G.M. is a heinous and malicious tradition the is the outcome of strong spirit of misogyny that is so powerful in this anti-female religion. Thomas Paine who in his book THE AGE OF REASON wrote that "Any system of religion that has anything in it that shocks the mind of a child, cannot be a true system."

Jan Morrissy

Note this pervy man's hand and finger motions when he's discussing clitorises. EWwwWWWW
Yet more proof (as if we need it) that isis is … a very very very bad group of homicidally insecure, gynophobic islamists.(and so much more...)

Does anyone else find this 'religion' sex obsession a bit overwhelming?
I feel like throwing up? *burp*


i hear castration is good for men like him it calms them down and helps them to keep their hands off of little girls private parts ... they are not living in the middle ages but are trying to ... he needs to be shot

Martha Angelica

Forgot that girls name from a few years back
Bobbit comes to mind. So how bout the ladies turn the
Tables ohhh yeah!!!.

jerome henen

This is an ongoing problem that the world chooses to turn a blind eye to.
These countries are so backward that one wonders if they will ever come out of the darkness.
To me the women are the ones who need to revolt en masse , along with those men still sane enough to realize the horror they are perpetuating by sticking to a belief system that is not only immensely cruel but out of line with modern society.
Sisi was 100% right to call for reform, unfortunately he is way ahead of the times and those extremists may never catch up.

Louise from Canada

Did these barbarians realize that if women die because of FGM, it will not be possible to give birth to future sadists of jihadists? Which unfortunately will be a good thing because living with these subhumans POS, it is better not to be of this earth. Where are those bitches of feminists???


Obama is responsible for this, The American military could have stopped ISIS 12 months ago.

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