Thursday, August 04, 2005

Down Under Speaks!

great email from our buds down under:Mail_7

G' Day Grrrlll Blogger,
                                   I saw your articles on the UN and it's shameful record regarding child abuse and Rape wherever it's dark Socialist shadow is cast.
I had this story posted on another site I had at the time of the story been published in The Australian newspaper, I have reposted it along with your post at.
Yours faithfully,
Australian Soldiers draw arms on Jordanian "Peace Keepers"

By Mark Dodd
March 21, 2005

The Australian (No longer stored)

AUSTRALIAN soldiers drew arms to protect themselves from Jordanian peacekeepers after a Digger blew the whistle on other Jordanian soldiers' sexual abuse of East Timorese boys.

Corporal Andrew Wratten had to be evacuated and Australian commandos sent to protect Diggers in Oecussi, an East Timorese province in Indonesian West Timor, after he told the UN of the pedophilia that occurred in May 2001.
The Australians drew their Steyr assault rifles after being confronted by Jordanians armed with M-16s, in an escalation of verbal threats triggered by the betrayal of Corporal Wratten by a Jordanian officer in the Dili headquarters of the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor.
Corporal Wratten, who was working at a fuel dump in the enclave, was told by a group of children that Jordanian soldiers had offered food and money in exchange for oral sex and intercourse.
The allegations involved East Timorese minors, all boys, the youngest of them just 12 years old.
"Wratten informed PKF (peacekeeping force) that he had been receiving complaints from local children about Jorbatt (Jordan Battalion) abuse," said a senior UN official who was based in Oecussi at the time.
"A Jordanian officer in HQ informed Jorbatt that he had ratted on them. Wratten and his guys manning the helo (helicopter) refuelling pad in Oecussi town started getting threatened.
"There was one occasion where Aussie Steyrs were pointed at Jorbatt and Jorbatt M-16s pointed at Aussies."

A secret report into the abuse, obtained by The Australian, led to the expulsion of two Jordanian peacekeepers after an investigation ordered by then UNTAET chief, the late Sergio Vieira de Mello, in July 2001.
East Timorese human rights workers have confirmed the story. However, retired Australian major-general Roger Powell, the deputy UN force commander at the time, did not return The Australian's calls.
"As far as I understand, De Mello was very sensitive at the time to the harm such reports would have on the reputation of UNTAET, PKF - and by default himself," said one Western security analyst, based in East Timor in 2001.
Jordan's key role in Middle East peace negotiations added extra sensitivity.
In July 2001, a UN police specialist child interview team flew to Oecussi and spoke to 10 witnesses, including seven minors and three adults.
"The unacceptable sexual conduct alleged was that a minor had sperm around his mouth," the resulting report says.
The board of inquiry found in its report that Jordanian troops regularly offered food and money in exchange for sexual favours from women and boys, including the procuring of prostitutes from across the border in West Timor.

It found it was highly probable that widespread sexual misconduct had occurred after the Jordanians took over from the highly regarded Australian paratroop battalion in early 2000.

Australian Diggers in East Timor 

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

China, Russia, Iran, ordinary axis

Lets tie this baby together, shall we?China_russia_2
First off we have the Financial Times reporting China and Russia joint exercises to strengthen ties.Nearly 10,000 troops are to take part in unprecedented joint military exercises by China and Russia this month aimed at strengthening ties between the armed forces of two powers that were once bitter foes. And.................

Russia_nuclear_1Russia will help Iran despite nuclear moves Russia will maintain support for Iran's nuclear program despite Tehran's decision to restart the enrichment of uranium, Russian news agencies quoted sources in Russia's atomic agency, Rosatom, as saying on Tuesday.


U.S. Opposition to Unocal Bid May Push China Toward Iran, Sudan Listen Chinairan_1
An outcry by U.S. lawmakers that forced Cnooc Ltd., the third-largest Chinese oil company, to drop its bid for Unocal Corp. may encourage China to do more deals in countries such as Iran or Sudan, energy policy analysts said.

Is that a not so veiled threat? Like - "we are going to hurt you for not selling Chrevon to us along with its strategic assets". There was a reason the notoriously thrifty Chinese were wildly overpaying for that company.

Even if you have never played chess, it is not difficult to see the teutonic shifts in malevolent alliances...............whether oil is the the need, motivator, or cover story. This is an axis of evil that means to win.
We, the free world, must remove these silly blinders of kumbaya and start readying ourselves for the battle of our lives. Seriously folks

Sunday, July 31, 2005

They Should Drop Dead............Sick of UN Impotence in everything except in commiting Rape Crimes

UN attacks Sudan for breaking rape pledge

SUDANESE police and soldiers continue to rape helpless civilians Unsudan_4 in Darfur despite government promises to stop them and punish those responsible, according to a UN report.

DEMMIES Get outta the way


UN nominee derided by Democrats as 'damaged goods'
Reuters via Yahoo! News
Sun, 31 Jul 2005 10:51 AM PDT
Top Senate Democrats on Sunday derided President Bush's embattled nominee for U.N. ambassador, John Bolton, as "damaged goods" and warned that his expected appointment without Senate confirmation cast doubt on U.S. credibility.

The Democrats credo: We Love ideas, not people.

Friday, July 29, 2005


The UN is useless, but worse than that ineffectual, corrupt, and guilty of sexual crimes as well. This is the same UN (and co-conspirators) that recently said things were going swimmingly in the Sudan Darfur region. Meanwhile they are moving their child raping UN peacekeepers all around the globe.
Condi must put the heat on.

Diplomacy takes a hit in Sudan

It's not every day you hear a U.S. secretary of state say: "I am about the only person they did not rough up." Condoleezza Rice got a glimpse of the dysfunctional, anti-democratic government of Sudan last week. 

UN official: Darfur authorities bully rape victims

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Gang rapes in Sudan's Darfur region, especially by soldiers andDarfur1rape_2 police, often go unpunished with authorities more willing to arrest the victims than the perpetrators, a U.N. official said on Thursday.

Louise Arbour, the Geneva-based high commissioner for human rights, told the U.N. Security Council that complaints against military and other law enforcement personnel were delayed indefinitely or dismissed outright.

"When rape is not established by the courts, rape victims risk facing criminal charges themselves," she told the council in a closed session before releasing her briefing notes.

Arbour, who intends to release a report on Friday on access to justice for Darfur rape victims, said "rape and gang rapes continue to be perpetrated by armed elements in Darfur, some of whom are members of law enforcement agencies and the armed forces."

"The government appears either unable or unwilling to hold them consistently accountable," Arbour said.

Victims and witnesses had faced arrest for "providing false information" after reporting sexual violence, she said

Monday, July 25, 2005

The UN continues it's "Good Work"

Soldiers jailed
The Scotsman
SIX Nepalese soldiers were jailed yesterday for sexual abuse against local women in Congo, where they were serving as United Nations peacekeepers.

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Road to Hell is Paved with Live 8

"We Africans know what the problem is, and no one else should speak in our name. Africa has men of letters and science, great thinkers and stifled geniuses who at the risk of torture rise up to declare the truth and demand liberty."

Please read this editorial in the New York Slime Times no less

All Rock, No Action

Live8, the personification of the left, THEY LOVE IDEAS BUT HATE PEOPLE. Seriously. think about it.

Don't insult Africa, this continent so rich yet so badly led. Instead, insult its leaders,Sudan_violence_1 who have ruined everything. Our anger is all the greater because despite all the presidents for life, despite all the evidence of genocide, we didn't hear anyone at Live 8 raise a cry for democracy in Africa.

Don't the organizers of the concerts realize that Africa lives under the oppression of rulers like Yoweri Museveni (who just eliminated term limits in Uganda so he can be president indefinitely) and Omar Bongo (who has become immensely rich in his three decades of running Gabon)? Don't they know what is happening in Cameroon, Chad, Togo and the Central African Republic? Don't they understand that fighting poverty is fruitless if dictatorships remain in place?

Even more puzzling is why Youssou N'Dour and other Africans participated in this charade. Like us, they can't help but know that Africa's real problem is the lack of freedom of expression, the usurpation of power, the brutal oppression.

  • Neither debt relief nor huge amounts of food aid nor an invasion of experts will change anything. Those will merely prop up the continent's dictators. It's up to each nation to liberate itself and to help itself. When there is a problem in the United States, in Britain, in France, the citizens vote to change their leaders. And those times when it wasn't possible to freely vote to change those leaders, the people revolted.

hat tip: onebusybee
Islamic Nations Slaughter and Enslave Christians

......In Sudan, Christians are sold into slavery or murdered for no other crime than naming the Name of Christ. Over two million have been murdered, and 200,000 have been sold into slavery by their government. An organization named Christian Solidarity International (PLEASE visit C.S.I.'s website listed in Resources Section) has raised money to buy almost 60,000 slaves from their captors and free them. One 22-year-old Protestant girl, a virgin, was captured by government soldiers and raped repeatedly for five days as she was marched through the jungle tied to twenty other slaves. Many women and children died during this march. She was then used as a slave and forced to study Islam until bought out of slavery by C.S.I. You can read her complete story and those of other slaves on C.S.I.'s website.......
Christian family ambushed in Nigeria

Davou Bulle, his wife, and their 10 children each climbed into the van, exhausted from another full day of work on their family’s farm. He started to pull away but was soon jarred to attention by the sound of gunshots hitting the tires. They were being ambushed because of his faith!

The Muslim attackers soon aimed their weapons at the driver, in hopes to first kill the Christian “infidel” then kill his entire family. In an attempt to protect his father, son Gyan lunged at the bullets to shield him, but the bullets found their way to their intended target, killing Davou. Gyan trying to help his father took 14 bullets during the ambush. Davou’s wife Mary was hit in the eye during the attack.

TimMcD my bloodbro (actually I have no brothers but you get my meaning) has a proposal I fully support;
Africa_islam_andplacesneedingliberationMy simple plan to save the Sudanese from starvation.  See the attached maps.  One is of the spread of Islam in Africa with my changes made.  The other show where the oil fields are in Sudan and Nigeria.  This is where the war for freedom must be fought. 
This is not rocket science.  It will work as long as Ambassador Joe Wilson and his stupid wife don't get involved.  Where the oil is, that is where you allow new states to form based on basic human rights, democracy and capitalism.  Give everybody over age 12 shares in the oil revenues.  Before you know it, they will have significant educational and business opportunities because the citizens actually own the resources.  They'll pump oil like crazy, creating jobs, and will have the money and support to defend themselves.
 me? I think it's a great start. It's an answer..Throwing money at the despots, radical governments, murderers and dictators is the most ruthless and evil course we can take.

We know better now, we know what fails and what a word


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Too Lurid for Fiction: Tales of Horror from the Women Of Islam

As part of my ongoing coverage of the roiling tsunami power of Radical Islam, I think it important to give a weekly synopsis of status or should I say static Islamic life for the subjugated abused women. Let's keep our eyes on them, for it is in their power to dramatically alter Islamic life. CONTROL is the issue. Dare we hope?

WOMEN OF ISLAMHonor_killing

Female rights activist, daughter shot dead in Pakistan Unidentified gunmen shot dead a women's rights activist and her daughter in deeply conservative northwestern Pakistan, police said on July 5.
Women becoming new face of Aids in Asia Even after contracting HIV through no fault of her own and enduring discrimination, Periasamy Kousalya manages to stay cheerful as she relates the plight of Indian women like her.

Iraqi women seek protection of rights Women in Iraq, rising up to ensure their rights are enshrined in the new constitution, are asking for a 40 percent quota in the country's National Assembly

Bush unveils funding for women in Africa, malaria ahead of G8 meeting US President George W. Bush on June 30 announced a grant of $400 million for women's rights programs in Africa and fighting malaria

Saudis seek support of rights watchdog to end ban on women driving About 100 Saudis, more than half of them women, have petitioned the country's government-sanctioned human rights watchdog seeking support for an end to the ban on women driving, the panel's chief said on June 28.

Women's groups protest against order that rape victim separate from husband Indian women's groups were planning protests against a controversial ruling by a powerful Muslim body that a woman, allegedly raped by a relative, separate from her husband, a report said on June 28.

Pakistan supreme court orders rearrest of gang rape suspects Pakistan's supreme court on June 28 ordered the rearrest of 13 men linked to the internationally condemned gang rape of a woman, including members of a village council that sanctioned the assault.

Women in Darfur camps still prey to rape
Women in displaced persons' camps in Darfur remain prey to rape, a UN security report said on June 25, adding that two Sudanese aid agency staff had been kidnapped by ethnic minority rebels.

US official hails Kuwaiti women enfranchisement
A senior US official hailed in Kuwait City on June 25 the enfranchisement of Kuwaiti women as historic, saying that the oil-rich emirate has made clear progress in the right direction.

Eloping daughter prompts Indian family suicide An Indian couple and their three children committed suicide, unable to bear the humiliation caused when an older daughter eloped, a report said on June 25.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Moral Inversion, at it's worst

According to the website, The Religion of,
in the time that Natalee Holloway has been missing, there have been at least 110 acts of Islamic terrorism in 12 different countries.  At least 618 have been killed with at least 1171 injured.  All this in just a little over a month.  At this rate, Islamofascists are on a pace to slaughter another 6000 innocent people in the name of religion in just one 12-month period.  With over 13,000 injured.  And these are just publicly acknowledged and reported terrorist acts.  Sudan isn't even included.  Sudan is simply considered "acts of violence."

Sum Of Killed


Sum Of Injured




hattip TimMcD, formally know as the artist

Saturday, July 02, 2005

SHOCKA!Sudan Will Never Submit to War Crimes Inquiry

Is it possible that these folks are stalling on war crimes investigations?

Sudan stalling over war crimes inquiry, United Nations told
The Scotsman Wed, 29 Jun 2005 6:38 PM PDT
SUDAN is dragging its feet over co-operating with Darfur war crimes investigations, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) told the United Nations yesterday.

are the same folks recruting babies into the military, the worst kind of child abuse?
SUDAN: Southern forces still recruiting children
AlertNet Fri, 01 Jul 2005 4:56 AM PDT
NYAL, 1 July (IRIN) - Twelve-year old Riek Torgom, wearing an oversized army uniform and carrying a gun that appeared too heavy for him to lift, was among 50 child soldiers undergoing training at Majak military centre, western Upper Nile State in southern Sudan.

Unbelievable..........and whats the International Crimes Court doing? The circle jerk with Milosevic...........he was arrested in 2001 mind you, and he's a bloody animal

THE HAGUE, Monday: Disgraced former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic has brushed off against charges for war crimes against humanity and mass genocide. Milosevic_large

"Look, I'm not to blame. I only issued the orders. You should talk to the people who carried them out."

"If you follow the logic that I'm guilty of war crimes, then, hell, Hitler and Pol Pot would be liable as well."

In other words, the international community is hopeless, and this is who sKerry, Killer Kerry, Putrid Pelosi, Wretched Reid would like us to subjugate ourselves to.......oy

Sunday, June 19, 2005

LIke Goebbels presiding over Nuremburg

Like Bill Clinton presiding over the Kobe Bryant rape trial....Goebbels_1
Like Boss Tweed presiding over the Torricelli ethics trial
Like the UN investigating Arthur Anderson

Special court for Darfur atrocities to begin hearings
Gulf News
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 10:34 PM PDT
Khartoum: Sudan’s court for atrocities committed during the Darfur conflict will begin its hearings today, the chief of the Special Criminal Court has told the official Sudan News Agency.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Saddle up.........Onward and Upward (or is that Downward) to the Sudan

US tells Sudan: disarm Darfur militiasBush_cowboy
AFP via Yahoo! News
Fri, 03 Jun 2005 12:42 PM PDT
US Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick issued a stern warning to Sudan to disarm the Arab militias accused of human rights abuses in Darfur, as he visited the shattered Sudanese region.

"We are certainly sending a very strong message to the government of Sudan that we want them to stop the militias. They have a responsibility ... and we also want them to move to disarm the militias," he told reporters in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state.

"The key is to get the police forces operating within the camps and so that is being expanded and we talked about 30 additional posts in the camps," he said.

Zoellick visited Kutum town in north Darfur state and walked through Kassab refugee camp, which houses about 20,000 people who fled their homes. Hundreds of children chanting "Welcome, welcome" crowded around him.

He met tribal leaders who told him they wanted more police and AU forces to protect their people.

"We will only go home when we are accompanied by international or American troops," tribal leader Adam Ahmed Ajain said.

Zoellick assured them that more AU forces would be coming.

Meanwhile, the International Committee of the Red Cross said it decided to boost efforts to bring much-needed food to residents in remote areas in Darfur where "food supplies continue to run critically low."

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bush Breaks with UN, Calls Sudan Genocide

Bush has said what no one in the international community, particularly the U N *spit* will saySudan_genocide_2

In Break With U.N., Bush Calls Sudan Killings Genocide
Washington Post
Wed, 01 Jun 2005 10:33 PM PDT
President Bush said yesterday that the killings in Sudan's Darfur region constitute genocide, breaking with the United Nations and some administration officials who in recent months have carefully avoided using the term to describe the violence and death in Darfur.

Bush decries genocide in Sudan
Seattle Times
Thu, 02 Jun 2005 0:20 AM PDT
President Bush said yesterday he was concerned about genocide in Sudan's troubled Darfur region but stopped short of offering military involvement.. >I believe this is the opening salve....................everyone in the world comunity must step up..................

and in an encouraging development: they released they Doctor Without Border aid workers (now what about the translator?)
Sudan 'drops aid worker charges'
BBC News
Wed, 01 Jun 2005 9:02 AM PDT
Charges are to be dropped against aid workers in Sudan accused of falsifying a report on rape, diplomats say.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Next they'll be exhuming Schweitzer and arresting him

To say the world has dropped the ball on Darfur and the Sudan is analogous to the world giving that bloodthirsty Jewhating murdering terrorist Ara*spit* the Nobel peace prize.

And If Bush thinks playing nice with these radical fundamentalists is going to help them see the error of their ways and want to join the human race, I have a few beheading videos I'd like to show him.Arafat_osama

That being said, after arresting the Chief of Doctors without Borders and one of his aides for reporting over 500 rapes in 4 months, yesterday they arrested  Kofi Annan's translator who
committed the heinous crime of actually translating what the people were saying.

Kofi Annan's Darfur translator arrested
Tue, 31 May 2005 11:06 AM PDT
KHARTOUM, Sudan (Reuters) -- A Sudanese translator who accompanied U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to hear rape victims in Darfur's largest refugee camp has been arrested, Sudan's top U.N. envoy said on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

UN Sanctioned Heinous Sex Crimes of UN Workers, Covered and Protected the RAPISTS KNOWINGLY!

Keep shoving the UN down our throats........yeah that's the ticket. These animals were raping and ravaging for years (and still even now) and THE UN KNEW AND DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!
BOLTON NOW! Stop kissing their disgusting asses.

UN told it ignored years of abuse by peacekeepers  ReutersBoar

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday condemned for the first time sexual abuse among peacekeepers after being told U.N. members ignored such exploitation for decades, fearing exposure of their own soldiers' wrongdoing.

The United Nations has accused peacekeepers and civilian staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo of rape, pedophilia, and enticing hungry children with food or money in exchange for sex. Sexual abuse on a smaller scale was discovered in other missions.

A U.S.-drafted statement read at a formal meeting urged all nations to adopt recent proposals by a U.N. inquiry to end and prevent sexual abuse. But it says the countries contributing troops have primary responsibility for the conduct of their soldiers. [HA! sooooooooooo not funny Atlas]

The UN is sooooooo busy with more important matters ie:

UN Group Meets To Promote Sports For Peace And Development

Tue, 31 May 2005 0:54 AM PDT
A consortium of athletes, United Nations officials, government leaders and sports federations met this week at UN Headquarters in New York to adopt a policy declaration aimed at national governments around the world, in an effort to combine sport and play programmes worldwide with development policy.

BOLTON NOW! Just read Margaret Thatcher's "Iron Lady" Letter Extolling His Virtues:


Monday, May 30, 2005

In Darfur, they Rape, Murder, Enslave and ARREST THE MESSENGER

UPDATE  MAY 31: Second MSF ( DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS) aid worker arrested in Sudan !!!
Peguillan said Dutch aid worker Vincent Hoedt, who is the Doctors without Borders regional coordinator in Darfur,Sudan_dr was detained by Sudanese authorities. Although the Sudanese judiciary declined to justify the earlier arrest of Paul Foreman, MSF believes the warrant was issued after he refused to hand over evidence he used in a damning report about rape in Darfur. (Right photo: AFP/File Photo: Sudanese men wait to see doctors in the Abu Shouk camp near El-Fasher, Sudan)

Darfurr_rape_2How about this? Imagine this, the head of an aid agency reporting on the notorious rapes of Darfur and Sudan is arrested  for reporting said rapes............and where is th UN? Amnesty International? Blaming the US and Israel for war crimes. And  Amnesty calling Gitmo the GULAG of our time? *projectile spit*

MSF chief arrested for Darfur reportDarfur_rape_3_1

30 May 2005 18:00 

The country head of a Dutch branch of an international aid agency has been arrested by Sudanese authorities over the publication of a report detailing hundreds of rapes in Darfur.

Sudanese security forces detained Paul Foreman of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), for failing to hand over evidence on which the report was based.            

It was the first such action taken against an aid agency chief since the start of Sudan's Darfur conflict in early 2003.
Sudan's attorney-general, Mohamed Farid, told reporters that authorities had opened a criminal case over MSF Holland's report in March detailing 500 rapes over four and a half months in Darfur. (Photo: Ages 8 to 80 have been raped)

Sudan detains aid agency chief over rape report 

ABC News Sudanese security have detained the country head of an international aid agency after authorities issued a warrant for his arrest over a report on hundreds of rapes in the Darfur region.
Sudan's Attorney-General, Mohamed Farid, told Reuters authorities had opened a criminal case over MSF Holland's report in March detailing 500 rapes over four-and-a-half months in Darfur.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The UN says Darfur is the World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis but Amnesty International WANTS USA INVESTIGATED FOR WAR CRIMES AND SLAMS ISRAEL 'WAR CRIMES'' *spit*

Moslem's are  getting killed  in Darfur, but Moslems of a  non-fundamentalist stripe.
They get permission to kill fellow Moslems from their religious  authorities because the Darfurians are not Sunni, and not fundamentalist - like Wahhabists - so the  religious authorities categorize them "heretics", so permissible to kill, religiously speaking.

The Christians and animists living in the south were killed during  other recent massacres.

And China and France aren't interested in changing the status quo,  because they have oil interests in Sudan.

Oil rich countries want the killing to continue - in the interests of peace. Believe it

The Arab League has rejected any sanctions or international military intervention as a response to the crisis in Sudan's Darfur region.

Arab foreign ministers at an emergency session in Cairo backed Khartoum's measures to disarm Arab militias and punish human rights violators.

They called on the UN to give Sudan more time to resolve the conflict.

Al Qaeda has worked with the Sudanese government. In
some cases, they are the Sudanese government.

But Amnesty International wants U.S. investigated! Amnesty International USA urged foreign governments Wednesday to use international law to investigate Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and other alleged American "architects of torture" at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and other prisons where detainees suspected of ties to terrorist groups have been interrogated.

The Sudanese Janjaweed don’t just share the same philosophy as the folks who are responsible for 9/11. In many ways, they are the same people who are responsible for 9/11. 

the situation in Darfur and al-Qaeda's considerable involvement with the Sudanese government. I also know that some readers are going to bristle at my characterization of the Janjaweed death squads as al-Qaeda, so allow me to explain myself on this one.

It is quite true that warfare between Sudan's abbala (camel) and baggara (cattle) Arab tribes and members of the native African Fur, Zaghawa, Berti, Toubou, and Messalit tribes has been going on for decades now. All of this is quite true and while there are both abbala and baggara Arab tribesmen in the Janjaweed, they aren't the ones perpetrating most of the massacres that we read so much about. The Sudanese military, just as back in the 1990s or the Taliban in Afghanistan against the Northern Alliance, relies on al-Qaeda to help them massacre and otherwise oppress the locals and this suits the network just fine, as it provides a fresh opportunity to "bleed" new recruits to the Cause(TM).

I also have a new post up at Winds of Change (hyperlink isn't working for some reason) entitled "No Shame" in which I pretty much opened up on New York Times columnist Paul Krugman for taking a cheap shot at Simone Ledeen, who just returned from Iraq, in order to get at her father and the neocon movement in general. If you have a problem with Michael Ledeen, take it up with him, but for the love of God leave his family out of it.

Database is still coming along, though I've already done bin Laden, al-Zawahiri, Jemaah Islamiyyah, all of the smaller Gulf states, Iraq, Iran, the Caucasus republics, Uzbekistan, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, ect., so work on that front is coming along nicely. I'm going to use the e-mail addresses listing in the earlier blog when I start e-mail out copies of this database, so keep dropping me a line there if you want a copy.

hat tip: Mara

Amnesty slams Israel 'war crimes'
Amnesty International has accused Israel of committing war crimes in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Can you imagine this? Israel, who refused to use air support during Jenin to minimize Pali casualties (and was accused of a massacre there, where there was none but Israel lost 22 soldiers), this from a country that sent med supplies and blood into the Palistinian territories but were refused because it was "jewish blood", this from a Palistinian authority thats shoots suspected Palistinians of collaborating with Israel, shoots them in  the head in the street without a trial, I could go on and on but Amnesty is accusing US and Israel of war crimes OCCAMS RAZOR!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Help Save Darfur, Help Save Sudan

Jewish Community Day of Learning: Save Darfur, SudanSudan_2
Sunday, June 26
Please join the New York City Jewish community in an afternoon dedicated to raising funds for Emergency Relief in Darfur, Sudan, discussing strategies for activism, and reflecting on Jewish issues raised by the ongoing crisis. All funds raised will benefit the American Jewish World Service's Sudan Emergency Appeal. The initiating sponsors of the event are the American Jewish World Service, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, and Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.Additional details will follow.Inquiries about volunteer and co-sponsorship opportunities should be directed to Barak Epstein at <>

Friday, May 13, 2005

Let's talk about all the Good the UN Does, Shall we? BOLTON NOW!

Aren't these the same folks that just said it's all good in the Sudan Darfur region? Said this the day before  yesterday?
Give them more money money to hire sex offenders to watch the sex offenders (offend?)
I am offended..............But Coffee Enema is getting tough on Israel

United Nations says its resolutions have stoked tensions in Darfur

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - UN resolutions authorizing sanctions and prosecutions against perpetrators of violence in Sudan's conflict-wracked Darfur region have led to protests and increasingly dangerous tensions in the region, a UN official said Thursday.

Assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Hedi Annabi said the two resolutions adopted by the Security Council in late March could provoke violence against UN staffers, noting an increase in rapes, kidnappings and attacks on civilians in Darfur last month

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

UN Needs More $ to Hire Rapists to Watch the Rapists

Have these pigs got it made or what? The UN needs money to hire workers to investigate the sex offenders that they do not dismiss but move around the globe. How low can the underbelly of humanity sink? Blame Israel!  BOLTON! BOLTON! BOLTON! BOLTON! BOLTON!

GLOBAL: UN deals with sexual abuse allegations against peacekeepersKofi_saddam
AlertNet Wed, 11 May 2005 11:11 AM PDT
JOHANNESBURG, 11 May (IRIN) - The United Nations has requested funds for hiring additional staff to beef up preventative measures aimed at tackling allegations of sexual abuse perpetrated by some UN peacekeepers.

Oh My G-d! The Lunatics Really Are Running the Asylum

Imagine this! [if thats at all possible] The UN says is all good.....child rape, ass murder, Arab on Arab murder, sex slavery..............VOILA! Problem solved..........or so says the UN. This has Coffee Enema's (kofi) paws all over it......he is busy with blaming Israel for a change

UN envoy sees return of stability in DarfurLunatic_3
AFP via Yahoo! News Wed, 11 May 2005 10:35 AM PDT
The UN special envoy for Sudan said that stability has returned to the troubled western region of Darfur which has been hit by civil war since February 2003.

"We have very good news today, there is now stability in Darfur as far as the government and rebels are concerned," Jan Pronk told a news conference in the Sudanese capital.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kofi's Biggest Problem - What an Antisemetic Putz

Let me understand this, millions murdered in Darfur, Sudan, Moratania, the biggest rip off in world history--Oil for Food, child sex slavery in Southest Asia, French UN peackeepers raping little girls in the Congo, the killing in Uganda -- and using kids to kill other kids, Castro and Chavez - a new love affair with two depraved despots and human right violators, honor killings of young girls in muslim countries, public beheadings in the town square (chop chop square), Palistinians targeting school buses filled with Jewish children,and killing  Palistinians suspected of  collaborating with Israel, shooting them  in the street (sans trial) I could go on and on and this is what Coffee Enema is most concerned with........

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - UN Secretary General

Kofi Annan asked Israel to respect Lebanese air space by ending military overflights.Kofi_face

The secretary general is concerned about today's Israeli overflights into Lebanese airspace," spokesman Fred Eckhard said in a statement.

"The situation in Lebanon and in the wider region is fragile. The secretary general reiterates his call on the Israeli authorities to end these overflights. He urges all parties to fully respect the Blue Line and reminds them that one violation of the Blue Line cannot justify another," the spokesman said in a statement.

OH! and this just in..........what fresh hell awaits these poor souls?

Fear hits harvest in fresh threat to Darfur
Scotsman International
TWO million people who have fled their homes in the Darfur region of Sudan to escape the genocide there face a new crisis next year because they have been too scared to return to plant crops, aid workers warned yesterday.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Stop the Goddamn Killing in the Sudan

They dont stop killing! Where is the f'n UN.....? This is what they are supposed to be doing, this isSudan_nose_cut_5 the UN MISSION ........not stealing money off the backs of the Iraqi poor in the oil-for-food scandal or Kyoto treaty rip  offs . What do they do? Stand at the border and count the people fleeing. Sick to my stomach I am................... 
This is Today's Monitor

4000 flee LRA raids in southern Sudan
By Frank Nyakairu
GULU - Thousands of villagers have fled their homes to escape attacks by the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in southern Sudan.
In the last one week thousands of sudanese have been forced to cross to Kitgum inside Uganda following stepped up attacks by LRA in different parts of the war ravaged south.

The United Nations estimates, "more than 4,000 people have arrived at the refugee transit centre at Palorinya in northern Uganda seeking protection," UN spokeswoman Radhia Achouri said.

Many of the refugees said they had seen LRA rebels hacking people to death, cutting their lips off and burning homes, Achouri said.
Most of the refugees were in bad health on arrival, she said.

Meanwhile, several civilians were hacked to death on Thursday in Koch Goma outside Gulu town by suspected LRA rebels.
"They killed nine civilians and wounded 14 in Koch Doma," the military spokesman based in Gulu, Lt. Tabaro Kiconco, said.
He said the LRA leadership was worried that the UPDF was weakening them drastically

in another developing story:

SUDAN: Journalist charged, threatened after story on prophet—The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned about official harassment and threats against Sudanese editor Mohamed Taha Mohamed Ahmed.

Ahmed is being tried this month on criminal charges of insulting the Prophet Mohammed after publishing an April 21 article in the daily Al-Wifaq. The article, by the well-known Muslim historian Al-Maqrizi, called into question the Prophet Mohammed's lineage, according to a local source and press reports. Ahmed, himself an Islamist, claims he published the historian's account in order to rebut it, according to the BBC and a CPJ source.

Newspapers and religious leaders attacked Ahmed following the publication of the article. The National Press Council, Sudan's official press regulator, imposed a three-day suspension on the paper, and the state prosecutor brought charges against Ahmed.

The exact charges against Ahmed are unclear, although press reports said that Ahmed could face the death penalty if he is found guilty of apostasy. Press reports said that mobs of angry people called for Ahmed's death on Wednesday and clashed with police outside the courtroom.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Let's Talk About Sex

The vast majority of allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation - 105 of the total 121 - were levelled at UN peacekeepers.
RG makes a great observation on the Holocaust thread "If the UN person was behind the bombing of NY, THIS should break the deadlock on getting tough guy Bolton in to represent the US..." Hey RG we live in hope and the rest of the world lives in fear that the "UN PEACEKEPPERS" are coming to town. LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS!
Allegations of abuse by UN staff double

UNITED NATIONS, May 5 AP- Allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by UN staff more than doubled last year, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has said in a report.Congo_woman300

There were 121 allegations in 2004 compared to the 53 in 2003, Annan said in a report to the UN general assembly.

"The increase in allegations is deeply troubling," Annan said in the report. He said the rise in allegations could be partly due to new measures put in place by the UN to encourage alleged victims to come forward.

He added that the figures collected for last year may not reflect the extent of the abuse because some victims may still be unwilling to file complaints or because some UN bodies still lack the resources to bolster their efforts to stop the abuse.

Annan said he expected the number of allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against UN staff to rise as the United Nations stepped up its efforts against sexual misconduct.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Demand Action on DARFUR

Not Now Not Ever organization is holding a rally this Sunday at 1630 in CentralSudan_1 Park. It's going to be a big rally that is protesting the genocide in Sudan.
Can you believe it! A large rally that is against terrorism and tyranny.
Meet up at 1600 on the corner of Central Park West and 72nd street on Sunday afternoon.I encourage you to look at their website for more information on their cause.

Those of you that have PW shirts please wear them so we can show them who we are. This should be different. You all have been asking me to do things like this and I hope this will be the first of many pro-American type rallies that we will show mass support of. Hattip: Hawks

Check out

Religious leaders demand action on Darfur


Rabbi Reuben Poupko recently blasted the Canadian media for giving so much space to the federal government sponsorship inquiry and virtually ignoring the continuing “genocide” in the Darfur province of Sudan.

“Why is the media expending huge amounts of time and money covering a two-bit scandal that will mean nothing ultimately in history while people are being murdered en masse in Darfur? Will we be asking 10 years from now why this genocide was not on page 1?” Rabbi Poupko said at a demonstration held outside the downtown headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a United Nations agency.

He said the European Union must commit troops on the ground in Sudan,and singled out France for its reluctance to get involved, despite “not hestitating to use its military to intervene around the world when its own interests are at stake.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Evil China Secretly FUNDS Massive Slaughter and Slavery in Sudan

Oil-hungry China funds Sudan junta

China relies on Sudan for 7 percent of all its oil imports and has gone to great efforts to protect President Omar al-Bashir.XINHUA

A metallic maze of chimneys, pipes and vents glitters on the horizon in the desert outside Khartoum, dominating the landscape for kilometers.

This new oil refinery is the jewel in the crown of Sudan's military regime. It forms the vital artery of a thriving oil industry that pumped 1 billion pounds (HK$14.92 billion) into government coffers last year.

Without this windfall gain - likely to be far larger this year - President Omar al-Bashir could notSudan_presidrent_omar maintain his military machine, let alone wage war against rebels in the western region of Darfur. Nor could he hope to withstand the international pressure his bloody campaign in Darfur has brought upon him.

Moreover, the oil that started to flow as recently as 1999 has given Bashir an indispensable international ally.

Almost unnoticed by the outside world, China has become the key player in Sudan's oil industry.

Beijing has invested 8 billion in Sudanese oil through the China National Petroleum Company, a state-owned monolith.

The cost of Khartoum's new refinery alone was about 350 million.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Oh and BTW........China is the Devil

Look under every evil rock and there you'll find China....................Tiananmensquareshootingstudents7jun89_ic

Oil-hungry China takes Sudan under its wing Fri, 22 Apr 2005 5:37 PM PDT
The oil that started to flow as recently as 1999 has given President Bashir an indispensable international ally. Almost unnoticed by the outside world, China has become the key player in Sudan's oil industry.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Could France be more Diabolical, Malevolent? REPUDIATING USA FOR ASSISTING DARFUR

Check this out,  France trying to put the brakes on helpIng out those poor souls in Darfur, innocent victims of genocide and slavery. What is with these dogs? Israel is always the object of french scorn and derision (as that French Ambassador referred to Israel at a dinner party inFrench_betrayl_of_usa England  as "that shitty little county"). That "shitty little country" that puts its own boys in harms way to minimize civilian deaths (Jenin...hellllooooooooo), who expends blood and treasure to merely existon a tiny strip of land surrounded by GIANT Arab lands, and spreads medicne, science, and charity (remember Somalia turning away the Israeli Aid when the tsunami struck- ugh) but this latest can can of the French is inconceivable and depraved
"WE ARE NOT THE WORLD"S GENDARMES" - oh really, why not? Why shouldn't we save the exploited, the murdered, the enslaved? It's OK for EU and Franceto support and fund terror but not ok for the US to free peoples of the world?
The French are not our friends................who would want a friend like that anyway?


U.S. at Odds with France on NATO Role in Darfur

VILNIUS (Reuters) - The United States urged NATO Thursday to respond quickly to any request for help in the Darfur conflict, but France insisted the alliance could not be the "gendarme of the world."


AFP Photo
Slideshow Slideshow: Sudan's Darfur Conflict

Despite NATO hints it would be ready to help a 2,000-strong African Union mission struggling to monitor a shaky cease-fire in the region, the AU has so far not made any request for support.


But Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who raised the conflict at wide-ranging NATO talks in Lithuania, said it should be ready to offer help with logistics and planning if asked.


"If there is a request, I would hope NATO would activate quickly ... We all have a responsibility to do what we can to alleviate the suffering in Darfur," she said.


However French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier disagreed that there was a role for NATO in DarfurArafatchirac4_1 and stressed that Africans should retain the lead in peace efforts.


"NATO does not have a calling to be the gendarme of the world," he told a news conference at the same meeting

Tens of thousands have been killed and more than 2 million uprooted by two years of fighting between non-Arab rebels and the Arab-dominated government. Khartoum denies accusations it is backing militias known as Janjaweed.



Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Australia-G-d love 'um- Deploys Troops to Sudan, China on the Other Hand

I do love those Aussies............they are always spot on, johnny on the spot, bellying up to the bar. It was a great moment when John Howard won by a large majority, a stunning victory for the US/AUSTRALIA alliance..........

.... but scroll down and see what side CHINA IS WORKING

Defence Minister Robert Hill today gave the go-ahead for an initial deployment of 15 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel to the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), but warned the number would likely increase.
Australia agreed to an initial 12-month stay in the African country but Senator Hill indicated that was likely to be extended.
Australia's contribution to the 10,000-member UN mission would include logistics and air-movement specialists and military observers, he said.

"I am actually expecting the first of them to go within a matter of days rather than weeks," Senator Hill said.

"It is likely that we will be requested to stay longer.

"We may well be requested to provide different specialised elements during the course of the UN program

In other Sudan related develpoments; kinda scary CHINA investing all this money in ARAB TERRORIST Theocracies guilty of genocide and slavery, essentially empowering them these murders. Then China turns around and accuses US (THE USA) of slavery
Read and shke your head in bewilderment.............

China Invests Heavily In Sudan's Oil Industry - Washington Post 12.23.2004
For years, the rebels have attacked oil installations, seeking to deprive the Sudan government of the wherewithal to pursue a civil war that has killed more than 2 million people and displaced 4 million from their homes over the past two decades. But the Chinese laborers are protected: They work under the vigilant gaze of Sudanese government troops armed largely with Chinese-made weapons -- a partnership of the world's fastest-growing oil consumer with a pariah state accused of fostering genocide in its western Darfur region.

China labor leader slams U.S. firms for 'slavery' - Japan Today 4.18.2005
A Chinese labor rights leader told a U.S. congressional committee that foreign firms, including U.S. companies, are treating workers in China in conditions similar to "slavery," he said in a statement released Monday.

Oh, God this is funny!
bub Click here to see all messages by bub (Apr 18 2005 - 17:20)

The PRC government wants all the benefits of running a slave state PLUS this halo of moral posturing.

It's up to the local government to reign in capitalist excess, you can't expect global corporations to willingly cripple themselves vis the competition.

China labor leader slams U.S. firms for 'slavery'
mad_god Click here to see all messages by mad_god (Apr 18 2005 - 17:24)

"that foreign firms, including U.S. companies, are treating workers in China in conditions similar to "slavery," "
Pathetic. Does he know how Chinese are being treated in Chinese companies?
Of course he knows. That's just another move of Chinese propaganda trying to divert the attention of their own problems (lack of human rights) to the others' tails.
Ask anyone looking for a job if they want to work in foreigner companies or Chinese ones. You guess the answer...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

UH DUH! Annan says Sudan continues attacks in Darfur

So Do SOMETHING you blackheart!  Get off the graft and corruption dole for 2 minutes and save lives !Where is the "SECURITY COUNCIL?" Is this just sickening or what? WTF is with the UN? Isn't this thier MBO? How many innocent men, women and children have to die or be forced into slavery? These are ARAB GOVERMENTS terrorizing their muslim populations, their dhimmis, their Christians, this is GENOCIDE.........but Coffee Enema knows the truth! It'a All Israel's fault!Annan_arafat

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The government of Sudan is still battling rebel groups in Sudan's Darfur region despite numerous agreements to stop the fighting, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a report released Monday.

According to Annan, attacks on civilians declined, but violence against international personnel rose and the region saw more military activity by the government and its Janjaweed militia allies, as well as rebel groups.

The monthly report to the U.N. Security Council said March saw a rise in "banditry, looting and hijacking of vehicles." Three attacks in particular were troublesome, including one on March 22 that seriously wounded a U.S. foreign aid worker, Annan said.

In mid-March, the United Nations pulled staff from four western areas of Sudan's Darfur region because of threats.

An estimated 180,000 people have died in the conflict since February 2003, when two non-Arab rebel groups took up arms against the Arab-dominated government to win more political and economic rights for Darfur's African tribes.

In January, a U.N. commission said crimes against humanity -- but not genocide -- probably occurred in Darfur and recommended cases be referred to the International Criminal Court. It drew up a sealed list of 51 alleged perpetrators, including high-level Sudanese officials, rebels and Arab Janjaweed militiamen.

MILLIONS DEAD AND IT'S NOT GENOCIDE? READ MY PREVIOUS POSTS ON THIS HELL (click on Sudan under the Categories on left side bar)
PS UN definiton of genocide? Every breath Israel takes

Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Rape and sexual violence have been used to terrorize and uproot rural communities in Darfur"

Secretary General Coffee Enema sits on his bloody hands as genocide, slavery and child rape continue apace in the Sudan, Darfur, Moratania etc. These Arab governments perpertrate the foulest of crimes against their non islamic populations and the world looks away. Last count was another 200,000 in Darfur over the past 9 months. Click on my Sudan Darfur Category Icon and get a mindful..........look at the women of Darfur. "Rape and sexual violence have been used to terrorize and uproot rural communities in Darfur," said Peter Takirambudde, Africa director of Human Rights Watch.

Darfur: Women Raped After Seeking Refuge

Sexual violence has been a prominent feature of the "ethnic cleansing" campaign by the government.

Darfur: Women Raped After Seeking RefugeDarfur_women_1
Sexual violence has been a prominent feature of the "ethnic cleansing" campaign by the government.

(HRW) Women and girls who have fled ethnic cleansing in Darfur are being raped and subjected to sexual violence around the camps where they have sought refuge, Human Rights Watch said in a briefing.

Donors meeting in Oslo April 11-12 to discuss aid for Sudan say they must provide more support to protect victims of sexual violence in Darfur and the refugee camps in Chad.

"Rape and sexual violence have been used to terrorize and uproot rural communities in Darfur," said Peter Takirambudde, Africa director of Human Rights Watch. "Donors urgently need to set up programs to protect women and girls from sexual violence and address the needs of those who have been raped."

The Human Rights Watch briefing paper documents how the Sudanese security forces, including police deployed to protect displaced persons, and allied Janjaweed militias continue to commit rape and sexual violence on a daily basis. Even as refugees in Chad, women and girls fleeing the violence in Darfur continue to face the risk of rape and assault by civilians or militia members when collecting water, fuel or animal fodder near the border. Human Rights Watch interviewed many victims of sexual violence in camps in Chad and Darfur during two research missions to these areas in February.

Some women living in the refugee camps in Chad had been imprisoned by the Chadian authorities for trying to collect firewood outside the camps, only to be raped by Chadian inmates while in jail. Human Rights Watch documented 10 cases of women and girls from Farchana camp who were imprisoned in such circumstances in January.

Rape and sexual violence against women and girls has been a prominent feature of the "ethnic cleansing" campaign carried out by government forces and its Janjaweed militias, both during and following the displacement of civilians from Darfur. As recently as last month, Human Rights Watch has documented scores of cases of rape of women and girls while traveling along rural roads in Darfur.

The response of Sudanese authorities has exacerbated an already appalling situation. Human Rights Watch documented how authorities in Bindisi, West Darfur, harassed and detained pregnant girls and women, many of whom had become pregnant as a result of rape. The authorities threatened them with charges of fornication if they did not pay a fine. In some refugee camps in Chad, police and male residents have coerced women and girls to provide "sexual services" in exchange for "protection," Human Rights Watch said.

"The U.N. and humanitarian agencies should address the specific needs of women and girls who continue to suffer the consequences of sexual violence," said Takirambudde.

Monday, April 11, 2005


If you are unfamiliar with the genocide and slavery going on in the Sudan, Darfur and Moratania please take a moment and read my previous posts. This is REAL NEWS and not the tripe that is spoon fed to Americans like pigs at the trough. Jan Egeland, [*spit*, Atlas] the United Nations emergency relief coordinator,  estimates that more than 180,000 people have died there in the last 18 months  from hunger and disease alone -- twice as many as he previously estimated.
Zoellick warns on Darfur killings
By Guy Dinmore
Published: April 12 2005 03:00 | Last updated: April 12 2005 03:00

Robert Zoellick, US deputy secretary of state, yesterday warned Sudan it had to stop the killings and burning of villages in its western region of Darfur in order to benefit from an international donors' conference in Norway, called to support a peace accord that ended the separate north-south conflict. [thats the action? they won't benefit from a goddamn  donor's  conference? Is this some parallel universe we are living in? A UN obsessed with the most benevolent  society in the free world, Israel, but Secretary General Coffee Enema sees no evil in the Sudan, Darfur, Mortania? THESE ARE  TERRIBLE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! Please write your congressman, representative , Senator, President..........Atlas]Darfur0404

Mr Zoellick, speaking on the way to the conference, warned that the government in Khartoum stood at "a point of fundamental choice between an upward or downward spiral" that risked breaking Africa's largest country apart.

The US - the largest donor to Sudan - Europe and other donors would not be able to continue working with the government if the situation did not improve in Darfur, he said. Guy Dinmore, Oslo [Why are we still the largest donor to Sudan? The heinous crimes of that Arab government against their people defy mere words. Genocide, Child rape and slavery ........... G-d save these people - Atlas.]

U.S. to Promise $1.7B in Aid for Sudan

OSLO, Norway - Hoping to invigorate Sudan's peace process, the United States will promise more than $1.7 billion in humanitarian and reconstruction aid for the war-ravaged African country, the No. 2 State Department official said Monday.

AP Photo

AFP Photo

Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick is attending an international conference for donors to Sudan this week, where he will formally announce the pledge, press for progress in the western region of Darfur and rally other countries to do the same.


Zoellick said Monday that Sudan, Africa's largest country, is at a crossroads. It can move toward peaceful reconciliation by stopping violence in Darfur and implementing the agreement the warring North and South reached in January to end a 22-year civil war that has taken more than 2 million lives, he said.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Murderers and Child Rapists Fear Nothing From a UN that Can't Bring Itself to Call the Slaughter in Darfur Genocide, Let Alone Impose Sanctions

The Killing Fields in Darfur are multiplying apace. G-d help them and help us for sitting idly by while murder and slavery are the order of the day.
And who do I blame? - the UN. The bloodthirsty, corrupt, twisted, perverted UN. I blame the UN that slams Israel, the most benevolent of all modern societies yet holds the hands of dictators, employs child rapists and moves them from one global playground to the next. This piece is the Opinion Journal outlines whats happening:

UNsafe in Sudan

Sudan may have disappeared from the front pages of the  international press, but the suffering in Darfur is only getting worse.

Jan Egeland, [*spit*, Atlas] the United Nations emergency relief coordinator,  estimates that more than 180,000 people have died there in the last 18 months  from hunger and disease alone -- twice as many as he previously estimated. And  that's not counting the many more Darfurians actually murdered by the Sudanese  army and Khartoum-backed Arab militias.


The situation is not only getting more perilous for the black Muslim tribes in Darfur. Those coming to their aid are now under attack as well. "There are threats by the Janjaweed militia against international staff, against foreigners and people in the service of nongovernmental organizations," the U.N. envoy to Sudan, Jan Pronk, told the BBC. As a result, some 30 foreign U.N. staff have been withdrawn to western Darfur.


That the regime would feel so emboldened as to allow its militia to threaten U.N. officials should come as no surprise. What is there to fear from an organization that couldn't even bring itself to call the slaughter in Darfur genocide, let alone impose sanctions on the regime? The U.N. Security Council continues to be paralyzed as China and Russia refuse to get tough with their business partners in Khartoum. Moral weakness, like military weakness, invites aggression.


That's why the U.S. Senate's confirmation of John Bolton (of "I  don't do carrots" fame) [eeeeha, sic 'um Bolton!] as the new U.S. ambassador to the U.N. cannot come quickly enough. Khartoum, after all, has proven quite responsive to sticks in the past. Sudan quickly abandoned its terror-sponsoring program in the 1990s when the international community briefly showed some teeth.


It is time for Washington to consider some real action against Sudan. Earlier this month, Sens. Sam Brownback and Jon Corzine introduced the Darfur Accountability Act, which calls for a military no-fly zone, a tight arms embargo and sanctions against members of the regime, including travel bans and asset freezes.

Read My Previous Posts on this horror........ You must know what is happening!
World Silence Deafening of Darfur Genocide(click here)
Slaves Denied their Freedom because They Don't Exist
Landmark Event
French UN worker accused of child rape in Congo says there is an  organized network of Pedophiles

Monday, March 14, 2005


Why, in G-d's name is no one listening? The world only sees Israel, the most benevolent of societies, as the great evil. They are exterminating the Africans in Darfur.............the slavery, the murder, the illness,where is our humanity? And dont forget last week's post on SLAVERY IN NIGER (CLICK)..........

UN's Darfur death estimate soars
Refugees in Darfur 
Many refugees have died from preventable  causes
At least 180,000 people may have died in Sudan's Darfur region over the past 18 months, according to the United Nations' top emergency relief official. 

Jan Egeland said the figure refers to victims of illness and malnutrition and excludes those who have been killed in the ethnic violence.

The UN previously gave an estimate of 70,000 non-conflict deaths. 

Pro-government militia are accused of killing and raping villagers and  driving two million from their homes. 

The UN has not put a figure on violent deaths in the region. [of course not might call attention to their massive failure]

Attacks 'continuing' 

An average of 10,000 people have died each month over the past year-and-a-half from disease and other preventable causes, the emergency relief chief said.

"It could be just as well more than 200,000 [over 18 months] but I think 10,000 a month... is a reasonable figure," Mr Egeland told AFP news agency.

Last year, the World Health Organisation said it believed 10,0000 people had died each month from March to October, mostly from disease and some from random violence in camps.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Slaves Denied their Freedom Because they Don't Exist

From WSJ Interactive:
Quote of the Day
"We are pretty depressed," David Ould, deputy  director of Anti-Slavery International, told the Economist, after the government  of Niger, which had blessed the  release of 7,000 slaves scheduled for last week, changed its mind, denied  that there were any slaves on its territory and intimidated the slave-owners  into parroting this denial. No slaves were freed.

Write your goddamn Congressman, Senators, and the White House - NOW!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Bloggers notebook Part II, a "Landmark Event"

I am ashamed to say I was unfamilar with Phyllis Chesler's work before this conference but she was one of the most powerful speakers there. WOW. Author and feminist, Ms Chesler is Emerita Professor of Psychology and Wome' Studies and I've posted her website on my sidebar. Familiarize yourself with her work.
Chesler details the whole of the propaganda campaign. She explains how the Islamists have "hijacked the Jihad". When describing the impossible standards to which the Israelis hold themselves and the extremes to which the Israeli soldiers go to so as not to endanger Palistinian civilians (going without air cover in Jenin and losing 24 Israeli boys), Chesler is heckled by Pro-Palistinian inciters in the room. Inciters? Yes, these fools had the temerity to have their phones play music and walkie talkies go off (electronic white noise particularly when the spokesmen from Sudan, Dafur, Moratania spoke of the atrocities in their countries, but we'll get to that later). Anyway, this really big fool (true) starts heckling Chelser and the guy behind me gets up and starts making threats, I tell him not to feed this putz, that that ist exactly what this shmendrick wants but the tough guy behind me wants to beat him up (oy). I implore him to calm down, other people start hammering and they call the cops in........."anyone heckling or disrupting will be forced to leave". Things calm down and the guy behind hands me his card, East Coast Director, Connecticut State chairman of the Jewish Defense League (oy!) but he was strong and tough and I cannot lie I felt better with him sitting behind me.
Back to Chesler, a noted feminist and liberal, she has written several books but after she wrote the book that questioned the left's position on Israel and muslim women etc, her circuit froze her out. Shows and radio appearances she had made for 35 years refused her. She could not get her book reviewed.. Chesler explains passionately "the leading offender of "APARTHEID IS ISLAM" (wild applause). "Humilation of Palistinians at checkpoints? Not nearly as bad as killing a daughter for wanting to go to college, honor killings, and gential mutilation". What is happening is 'GENDER CLEANSING"..............Go to her site!

After is impassioned Chesler, the brilliant erudite Dr. Martin Kramer spoke via live feed. He called this a "landmark gathering". The author of Ivory Towers on Sand:the Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America, Kramer was really the first to bring the crushing reality of academic perversion inot the light of day. He spoke of the "impact the Columbia crisis has had outside the campus". "Scholarship has taken a backseat to Advocacy". "Dissenting views are THOUGHT CRIMES". Kramer thought the great awakening on campuses would surely come after 9/11. But not so...........even after 9/11, the Higher Funding Act was passed with most of thos funds going to Middle Eastern studies.
Title VI attempted reform (to right the wrong as it were) of the Higher Education Funding Act by instituting a reviewboard/ passed handily in the House, it languished and expired in the Senate due to opposition from Hillary Clinton [giant surprise, ugh] and Christopher Dodd [another shocker]. We must pass Title Vl. I (Atlas) urge all in the Blogoshere to do your homework and write your congressman urging passage. Back to Kramer, the change on campuses will take a "turnover in generations" because of tenure and how ingrained the mindset has become. It took years for this happen, it will take years to unravel it. KRAMER SAYS "BE POLITICALLY ACTIVE".

Charles Jacobs spoke. I think Jacobs is a very special, really one-o- a-kind man. Rand's ideal man as it were. He is the Founder of the American Anti-Slavery Group and the David Project. He is attempting to reform Middle East Studies and the Blackout of Oppressed Minorities. When everyone (and I mean everyone) turned Rachel Fishdown, Jacobs supported her, backed her, sponsored her (which is why Fish now works for the David Project). Jacobs is a human rights activist, helped found CAMERA, and underwrote COLUMBIA UNBECOMING. Need I say more? Jacobs says the "code of silence [on college campuses] is their omerta". It is "a campus of thought police" .............. and its not just a Jewish issue. Islamic arab governments oppress their non-muslim populations worldwide. Mr. Jacobs brought with him four elegant, gentlemen made of steel. Simon Dang, enslaved by Arabs in the Sudan, Farhoud Saleh from the Darfur region and two other gentlemen one from Moratania whose name I did not catch

Charles Jacobs with the contingency from "other Middle East"

Listening to their histories was harrowing. Simon Dang, enslaved by Arabs in the Sudan is a persecutated Christian. Slavery is commonplace among non-muslims. The Arab government
"declared JIHAD on Infidels. In my country BEING BLACK IS BEING A SLAVE. Sudan is an arab country, member of the Arab league. where hundreds of thousands of people are enslaved today. We are part of the Middle East even if geographicvally we are in Africa. Bin Laden established his terrorist network in the Sudan." Is it any surprise?
The man from Darfur was just as bare and stark. "In Darfur, 900,000 people have been slaughtered by genocide (since the onslaught in 1994)". The only people to come to our aid is the "jewish people. They have been the only ones, and they do all they can".

It was, for me, the moment - the moment will replay in my head again and again. I cannot forget those men, their stories, their faces. When I ran to grab a salad in a small commisary (inbetween speakers), Simon Dang came in. He had this incredible (giant) scar running across his forehead and I grabbed his hand and we both thanked each other(having never met) and we started to hug and I couldn't help but kiss his face again and again

I am gong to bed, well after 1 am NY time, we'll finish tomorrow with Dershowitz, Rachel Fish , Brigitte Gabriel et al.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Few and the Brave

Ex Slaves, Simon Dang and Fahoud Saleh (from Sudan and Dafur respectively), speak of the horrors and atrocities foisted upon all of non-muslims that refuse to "islamify"in those nations

Students in the film, COLUMBIA UNBECOMING, speak to us . Their "coming out" took incredible courage............

Sunday, February 13, 2005

French UN worker accused of child rape in Congo says there is an organized network of Pedophiles

Thank G-d for Charles. Little Green Footballs reports on a LA Times piece on United Nations: A Network of Pedophiles 

A French UN worker accused of child rape in Congo says there is an organized network of pedophiles at the UN mission: Explicit Photos Fan U.N. Sex Scandal. UNITED NATIONS — A scandal about the sexual abuse of Congolese women and children by U.N. officials and peacekeepers intensified Friday with the broadcast of explicit pictures of a French U.N. worker and Congolese girls and his claim that there was a network of pedophiles at the U.N. mission in Congo.

ABC News' "20/20" program showed pictures taken from the computer of a French U.N. transport worker. The hard drive reportedly contained thousands of photos of him with hundreds of girls. In one frame, a tear can be seen rolling down the cheek of a victim..

Read Michelle Malkis piece at Townhall, click here. Nothing short of Devastating!
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This is the moral compass of the world?..............These atrocities are beyond all measure of "spin"...depraved, degenerate lowlifes
Its time for revolution, not evolution...........the UN is a pox on world history

What is happening here? I am screaming into a void. This is barbarism, thuggery, depraved crimes against humanity.

If we can joke about this, if we are so inured to the evil, then we too are accessories.

Call WASHINGTON, YOUR CONGRESSMEN, YOUR SENATORS and laugh and cry in a single sound.
Get these clowns off their taxpayer funded asses and have them do something. What are they there for? To fine me for smoking and not wearing a seatbelt? To put a gun to my head to rob me of my hard earned pay.

BASTA! Where the f*ck is the left? Where is FOX? Where is the mercy? Where are we in this cesspool of moral equivocation?

Oh the humanity................................

she weeps