Sunday, October 02, 2005

Venezuelan Jews Flee Chavez

Chavezkaffiyeh True to their history, the Jew is inescapably the canary in the coal mine. Always the first to succumb to evil, never last. Evil is never satiated and always needs the next "scapegoat"

And for some heinous reason the Jew has always been fair game in Evil's historical malevolent pursuit of power, control, tyranny, despotism....................yes. And if history repeats itself, it is certainly stuttering in Venezuela as Jews flee Chavez.

"We came here on vacation, not intending to stay. But we couldn't return because there was a strike, and one of our neighbors was a leading opposition figure," she told JTA. "It's a shame what's happened in Venezuela.

The Goshens, who speak Spanish and Hebrew at home, first rented an apartment in Hallandale, eventually settling in nearby Weston Hills.Chavez

I didn't have the money to put my kids in private schools," she said, explaining that her children had always attended private Jewish schools back in Venezuela.

Like Goshen, Lapco said she and her husband, Leon, a doctor, left Venezuela last year because the situation under Chavez was becoming too unstable.

Photo: BBC Homepage

Mr Chavez (right) has been building links to the Arab world
BBC News

Saturday, October 01, 2005

1948 Hebrew Poster Appealing Arabs Not to Leave Haifa

What It's About...

In response to Arab flight from Haifa following the UN's approval of theHebrew_plea_1948_1 partition of what remained of the Palestine Mandate territory (Britain having used most of the original territory to create the Palestinian state known today as Jordan), the Haifa Workers' Council, a Jewish organization, issued a plea in Arabic and Hebrew. This was on 28 April 1948, just before the invasion by Arab armies. During the six months prior to the outright invasion, fascist Arab forces, secretly backed by Britain, a) infiltrated Arab troops into the future Israel to terrorize Jews and friendship-minded Arabs and b) tried to persuade/intimidate Arabs into evacuating the area, thus limiting possible Arab-Jewish unity opposed to the invaders, avoiding the politically harmful spectacle of Arab armies unwittingly slaughtering Arabs, and facilitating the slaughter of the Jews. 

To read The Nation magazine's memorandum, produced in 1948, which cites British intelligence documents proving that the British  sponsored the Arab fascist attempt to prevent the birth of Israel, even before the actual invasion by Arab armies, go here.

The English translation of the poster is below. The original poster (and the translation) appear in M.S. Arnoni's book, Rights and Wrongs in the Arab-Israeli Conflict.  You can view the jpeg  of the poster at  here.

Jared Israel's site is an amazing historical archive refuting every tenet of Palestinian mythology. Palestinian Arab leaders derive legitimacy from the accepted view that in 1948 their predecessors fought a National Liberation war against British-backed Jewish colonists. A 1948 Nation magazine study proves the opposite happened.

Hat tip to Tom P for turning me onto this site

Friday, September 30, 2005

Anti-War Jews Worry About Anti-Israel Left

I sent the following lettter to the editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times in response to the article:
Anti-War Jews Worry About Anti-Israel Left

It's a dilemma that the national Jewish leadership may soon face as support for the war falls. In surveys last year, U.S. Jews opposed the war in even greater numbers than non-Jews, while recent surveys show that a majority of Americans oppose how the Bush administration is handling the situation.

Jewish officials say privately that they're seeking an outlet for burgeoning anti-war sentiment at the grassroots level, but the problem is that some of the war's leading opponents -- such as Cindy Sheehan, a mother whose son died in the war -- equate the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq with Israel's occupation of the West Bank.

To the Editor,

Re: The article: Click here: National News, Anti-War Jews Worry About Anti-Israel Left
Please be so kind as to advise Mr. Waskow who pined;
I'm deeply disappointed at the silence of the larger Jewish organizations about the war. They've wasted a hunk of next generations of Jews, and wasted a connection with decent parts of the anti-war movement."
how deeply disappointed I am in him and the message he is attempting to impart to American Jewish youth. Fighting despotism, jihadism, rape, torture, and abetters to terror is an affront to our mission of  "tikun olam".

Waskow supports and enables Jew Haters. Know this.

I was at the debate in NYC between Hitchens and Galloway.
When I jeered at Galloway for calling Sharon a butcher and a war criminal, the anti-war audience screamed "ZIONIST" at me in the same tone as one would spew "dirty jew" (yes, this in New York City no less, host to 9/11). And when I stood up and said yes, I am a zionist repeatedly, I was jeered and nearly removed from the theater.Iraq_israel
The anti-war movement is virulently antisemetic.
The war in Iraq is part of the War on Jihadism. Israel's mortal enemy Jihadism. Top U.S. military intelligence officer in Iraq, Maj.-Gen. Richard Zahner, said Abu Musab Zarqawi and his foreign and Iraqi associates have commandeered the insurgency, becoming the dominant opposition force and the greatest immediate threat to U.S. objectives in the country. U.S. military leaders say they now see Zarqawi's group, known as al-Qaeda in Iraq,as the insurgency's driving element.  Zarqawi's network is said to be behind a disproportionately large share of the violence.
The Jews that prop up the anti-war movement are as much Israel's enemy as Islamic Jihad.

As I kid I never understood how six million Jews could be murdered. I never understood it. I never understood how the world would let such a heinous crime against humanity happen.
I understand now. And I understand that the Jew can be complicit in the extermination of her homeland. Shame Shame Shame on Waskow and his well intentioned minions.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.......................
Think about it,

Sunday, September 25, 2005

That Explains Alot.........Saudis, home of Wahhabism, Buying Fox News

Charles over at Little Green Footballs reports;Dead_fox

Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who offered Rudy Giuliani $10 million after the 9/11 attacks but tried to tie it to an anti-American statement, has bought a large piece of Fox News.

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has purchased 5.46 percent of the Fox corporation, according to Gulf Daily News, raising concern that the conservative Fox News may soften its anti-terror stance due to the views of the new shareholder.

in a word.........oy

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hamas Launches Strikes Against Israel..........Fisking the Mainstream Media

Before reading the folllowing fisk, please  Download israeli-children.pps this file and view, for a moment of reflection and pain before continuing on. This was sent to me from the HR mission at Honest Reporting.

Yup, Hamas is attacking Israel, this after the Palestinian rockets hit Israel. Nothing new I know. Noteworthy is how the Mainstream Media is twisting the story - Israel as the aggressor. I fisk in lilac italics;

Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Hamas
AP via Yahoo! News Sat, 24 Sep 2005 2:01 PM PDT
Israel launched a "crushing" [note the word - "crushing" - have you ever seen them use that word when describing attacks against Israel?- Atlas] retaliation Saturday against Hamas in Gaza with deadly airstrikes, troops massed at the border and a planned ground incursion after militants fired 35 rockets [sounds pretty "crushing" to me - and actually it was 39 (but who's counting right?) UNPROVOKED rockets, this just after Gaza withdrawal mind you - Atlas] at Israeli towns in  their first [uh excuuuuuuuse me, FIRST? This after  numerous attacks on Israel - Atlas]  major attack since the Gaza pullout. [Good Ole Jew hating AP -Atlas]

Israel to resume targeted assassinations-source
Reuters via Yahoo! News Sat, 24 Sep 2005 1:39 PM PDT
Israel will resume targeted assassinations of Palestinian militants, an emergency meeting of ministers decided on Saturday, according to a source who took part in the meeting. [WTF? Reuters making up stories now? What source? Am I to believe a high level Israeli insider is trusting Reuters? Believe that and I have some coastline I'd like to sell you in New Orleans - Atlas]

Israel launches strikes on Gaza Strip following Palestinian attacks
Knight Ridder via Yahoo! News Sat, 24 Sep 2005 1:09 PM PDT
JERUSALEM - Israel launched a series of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Saturday in response to renewed rocket attacks by Palestinian militants on nearby Israeli communities.
[This is a fair description, mental note - write Knight Ridder and thank them - Atlas]

Hamas and Israel Clash, Raising Tensions in Gaza
New York Times Sat, 24 Sep 2005 7:54 AM PDT
JERUSALEM, Sept. 24 - Israeli ground forces gathered near the border of the Gaza Strip on Saturday, and Israel's defense minister threatened a forceful response after an overnight rocket barrage by the Islamic faction Hamas. [What CLASH? Hamas attacked Israel! What CLASH?- Atlas]


Israel Vows 'Crushing' Response to Attacks
AP via Yahoo! News Sat, 24 Sep 2005 5:56 AM PDT
Israel ordered ground forces to the Gaza border Saturday and threatened a "crushing" response after Israeli towns were hit by the first major Hamas rocket barrage from the coastal territory since Israel's pullout two weeks earlier
. [Note the headline - "vows crushing" - the story is Hamas attacked Israel with 39 rockets but the headline is about what Israel may or may not do. The headline hasn't even happened. - Atlas]


Israel launches further air strike near north Gaza
Reuters via Yahoo! News Sat, 24 Sep 2005 2:43 AM PDT
The Israeli air force launched a further air strike on Saturday near the northern Gaza Strip on an open field used by militants to fire rockets into Israel, the army said
.[Note the word "further" from our friends at Al Jizz Rooters. Further? The actual story is Israel finally responded to numerous unprovoked attacks after disengaging. What further?- Atlas]

Israel fires missiles on Gaza following rocket attacks
AFP via Yahoo! News Sat, 24 Sep 2005 2:17 AM PDT
Israel launched its first air strikes on the Gaza Strip since its historic pullout from the territory following a deluge of militant rocket attacks endangering hopes of a new era in Middle East peace. [Fair account - shocking considering this is from the French state run (practically) news agency, I think this is a first. Although I would be derelict if I did not mention the sardonic "new era of Peace", when the Palis/Jihadists have done NOTHING to bring about a new era of anything but death to Israel - Atlas]

Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Hamas
ABC News Sat, 24 Sep 2005 1:52 PM PDT
Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Hamas in Gaza Strip After Militants Fire at Israeli Towns
  [good ole ABC News - home of the long biased Peter Jennings school of anti-semitism. This headline says it all. How dishonest and disgusting - Atlas]

Israel, Hamas On Verge Of Battle
CBS News Sat, 24 Sep 2005 10:30 AM PDT
Hamas is calling for its militants to attack Israel to avenge Israel's killing of at least two Hamas militants in a missile strike. That came after a 39-rocket barrage on Israeli towns.
[Once again SeeBullShit News? "On verge of battle". Uh Uh......Israel was attacked numerous times. What would you have them do - die? Uh, don't answer that - Atlas]

Why is this so important? Because this is where all the news outlets the world over get their news  (from your locals newspapers and TV stations all the way up the media food chain).

To the antisemitic Mainstream media I say Shame on you, don't ask for  whom the bell tolls............


Israel arrests 206 terror suspects in West Bank Sun, 25 Sep 2005 7:59 AM PDT
In raids across the West Bank overnight, Israel Defense Forces arrested at least 206 "wanted Palestinians," an IDF spokeswoman told CNN on Sunday
[This is good news, in my mind's eye, but notice how CNN puts wanted Palestinians in quotes? Insinuating what? That the Israelis arrested  law abiding citizens for no reason? I notice they don't put "crushing" in quotes when referring to potential Israeli retaliation. Why then "wanted terrorists"? Israel has never been guilty of arresting innocents as opposed to say Syria, Iran, etc. More bias..........Atlas] 

and another headline we love to hate............what up with the "selling out"?

Recognizing Israel: Or Selling Out

UPDATE 8:50 pm

Meanwhile, under the rain of rockets tikun olam (repair the world) continues apace. Why is it you never read about these things?

Israel Developing Technology to Reduce Hurricane Damage

Israeli-US initiative provides one-stop shop for gene exploration   
A US-Israeli start-up is enabling biotechnology companies to bring new life-saving drugs and treatments to market more quickly. Through an innovative data mining tool called GeneCards developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Xennex is speeding up the process of gene research.  More...

Health | Kibbutz company sends natural pharmaceuticals far and wide   
What do sexually anxious Nigerian tribal chiefs, follicly-challenged men from Singapore, and psoriasis sufferers in Thailand have in common? They're all being helped by medications produced by an Israeli company - Trima - which specializes in exports to countries in Africa and across the Far East. The North American and European markets may not be far behind. More...

Health | Israeli researchers find connection between brain and bone density   
What happens in the bones can begin in the brain, an Israeli study has determined. A protein in the brain that regulates bone density may hold the key for future treatment of osteoporosis, the most widespread, degenerative disease in the Western which more than one in ten Americans is likely to face at some point in their lives. More...

Global Democracy |
When Israeli venture capital meets social ventures   
In a 'win-win' way to help organizations in the areas of youth and education, the Israel high tech community is galvanizing behind Tmura - and its model which enables start-ups to give back to the community, through pledging grants of stocks. When the company does well, the charities get the money. More...

More at 21C


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pallywood or The Palios go Hollywood, an organization directed by BU Professor Richard Landes, has produced a very interesting short documentary (approx 20 minutes) entitled "Pallywood," exposing Palestinians staging war scenes with fake victims and other carefully arranged fabrications.  The Palestinians appear to be staging photo-op scenes for the purpose of disseminating bogus news videos that are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.
In one segment, the Palestinians are shown staging a funeral.  They accidentally dump the body off of its stretcher and the "corpse" gets up off the ground and places himself back on the stretcher.  In another eye-opening segment, a Palestinian doctor in a hospital is shown instructing a patient and her husband how to lie about their baby's birth, to help their "Palestinian brother," the reporter.  Even though the doctor himself delivered the woman's baby in the hospital, he instructs the husband how to convincingly relate the false tale that because of supposed delays imposed by the Israelis, the father had to deliver the baby in their car, while he was driving. It is apparent that the couple and doctor feel that it is their patriotic duty to lie for the "cause."
In another segment, Palestinians are seen at a Gaza junction, apparently staging fake "war scenes." Civilians are seen directing the movements of the gunmen and crowds. Palestinians are shown running, supposedly under Israeli gunfire, faking injuries, while bystanders watch or wander around in the open, just a few feet away, not appearing to be in any fear of the supposed Israeli gunfire.
Ambulances arrive, as if on cue, a few seconds later to take the "wounded" away.  Gunmen are shown firing, supposedly at the Israelis, but when examined closer, we realize that they are simply firing into an empty building, just for show, to make it appear that they are in a firefight with the Israelis.
Anyone watching the raw footage or the actual filming of these scenes clearly must know that staged, bogus scenes are being filmed.  The faking of scenes for the news cameras is an open "secret" among the Palestinians.  So why does the Western media continue to show video clips from such suspect sources?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Inculcate them Young, Globally, World Domination

It worked in the Middle East didn't it?Palchildabuse15_child_bomber

Al Jazeera is launching a pan-Arabic, free-to-air children's channel with plans to distribute it to Europe and the Arab world through its sister company Legarde Networks International. Great, now we have to be afraid of 10-year-olds too.

Al Jazeera is launching a pan-Arabic, free-to-air children's channel with plans to distribute it to Europe and the Arab world through its sister company Legarde Networks International. Great, now we have to be afraid of 10-year-olds too.

THEN, PLACE YOUR BACKPACK IN The Most Crowded Car Al Jazeera is launching a pan-Arabic, free-to-air children's channel with plans to distribute it to Europe and the Arab world through its sister company Legarde Networks International. Great, now we have to be afraid of 10-year-olds too.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Israeli General Near Arrest In Britain While Jihadi Terrorists Run Wild and Live on the Dole

Hold your hats!  This one will blow you away.

Our limey friends, who dole out rent/ food money, legal protection and housing to the very  radical jihadists that blowup their underground tube systems and make nefarious plans to take the government down, tried to arrest an Israeli ex-General. I KID YOU NOT! London terrorists live free off tapayer money but the authorities are attempting to arrest those brave enough to fight head head on..................

Israel wants Britain to tighten law on war crimes suits

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Reeling from the near-arrest in London of one of its ex-army generals, Israel will press Britain to tighten up laws allowing private war crimes suits to be filed against foreigners, Israeli officials said on Sunday.

Doron Almog, former commander of Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, decided against disembarking from a flight to London last week after being tipped off by the Israeli embassy that Palestinians had secured a warrant for his arrest from a British magistrate.

The case marked an escalation in efforts to invoke international law against Israel's handling of a 5-year-old Palestinian revolt, and sent shockwaves through the judiciary, military and intelligence services of the Jewish state.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni convened top jurists on Sunday to formulate a response to Almog's case, which Israel believes may presage other attempts to prosecute its top brass in Britain on allegations of war crimes in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

Israeli troops withdrew from Gaza last week after a 38-year occupation under a plan to "disengage" from 1.4 million Palestinians who live in the coastal strip.

"It is unconscionable that an Israeli who served as a soldier must fear to set foot in a friendly nation," Livni said.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Palis Loot Their Future- Now it's Land for War, not Peace

"These greenhouses are for the Palestinian people," he said. "We don't want anyone to touch or harm anything that can be useful for our people." His plea did little good. Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia implored Palestinians to leave the structures intact, even as people scavenged through debris elsewhere in the settlement.


American Jewish donors had bought more than 3,000 greenhouses from Israeli settlers in Gaza for $14 million last month, and transferred them to the Palestinian Authority. Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, who brokered the deal, put up $500,000 of his own cash. More

And for what? For Peace? To destroy? To what end.............only the Devil knows

Palestinians Truly Enjoyed Looting and Desecration

While the Jihad will continue it's "campaign" against Israel,  THE ONLY GOOD THING  THAT WILL  COME OUT OF THIS;


Make no mistake about it. Read this very carefully, it was what the disengagement was all about.

If Oslo, which I vehemently opposed  (rewarding terror?), was Land for Peace,  Gaza may essentially be LAND FOR WAR.

UPDATE: September 15

The notoriously anti-American, anti-semetic and grossly inaccurate depcted the looting as follows; The BBC reports:

the Israeli pullout is proof of one thing - that the militants are the best hope of getting a state, that violence succeeds where politics fails.

And the future here will not be written without the involvement of the gunmen.


After 38 years of occupation, Palestinians were taking what they could from the wreckage of the settlements. A Palestinian colleague looked on, without surprise.

"We just got our land back," he said, "What else can anyone expect?"

But a well-dressed passer-by beseeched us - in perfect English - to stop filming.

Palestinians can still see the limits of their freedom.

It stops at the glittering edge of the Mediterranean Sea


And Tom P. points out

Why is U.S. doubling aid to Palestinians?

A most urgent question, especially in light of this and this. From Les Kinsolving in WND, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist:

The following are reported plans to finance a potential Palestinian state:

From the United States: Doubling the present $275 million to $550 million – this after Palestinians have already received $1.5 billion (and how much of that was stolen by the late Yasser Arafat?)

In May, President Bush pledged $50 million in direct U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority to build housing and other infrastructure in Gaza once Israel completes its disengagement.....


The Fifth Column Empowers, Emboldens, Joins our Enemy, Radical Islam

A self described "Blue State Democrat", yes, an  American, writes the following article  for Al-Jazeera: Genocide in New Orleans

The word "Eugenics" comes to mind.  Or those old 1930s experiments on Negro syphilis patients -- African-American men who were allowed to die of this horrible yet curable disease so that government officials could "study" them.

Is what happened in New Orleans the wave of the future in America as well as in such far-away places as Darfur and Iraq -- where genocide is not only feasible but is actually happening?

Iranian TV, IRAN

<<Video of Iranian Pundit: Katrina Response  Indicative of Racism>>

Dr. Shahram Mohammadnejad

Via MEMRI, 00:03:45, Sept. 4
“There are some interesting and heart-wrenching stories about this race, which they call 'Negro.'”

Katrina: U.S. super power status shattered

Katrina showed U.S. could be turned into “war zone”

“The mismanagement and the mishandling of the acute psychological problems brought about by Hurricane Katrina clearly showed that others can, at any given time, create a devastated war-zone in any part of the U.S.”, said Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri, the official spokesman of the IRGC, a top official of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.


After 10 days of often uncertain responses to the Bush administration's management of Hurricane Katrina, Democratic leaders unleashed a burst of attacks on the White House on Wednesday, ... From Democratic leaders on the floor of Congress, to a speech by the Democratic National Committee chairman at a meeting of the National Baptist Convention in Miami, to four morning television interviews by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrats offered what was shaping up as the most concerted attack that they had mounted on the White House in the five years of the Bush presidency.

Speaking of aiding and abetting our enemies, the Chinese get a free pass from the left on everything;

China, or more accurately it's Chinese Communist Party dictatorship and the environment it cultivates, is a Moral Adversary.

Skin of Executed Prisoners Harvested for Cosmetics Exports

A Chinese cosmetics company is using skin harvested fromChina_time__1_2 the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe, an investigation by the Guardian has discovered.

China_century_11_4Agents for the firm have told would-be customers it is developing collagen for lip and wrinkle treatments from skin taken from prisoners after they have been shot. The agents say some of the company's products have been exported to the UK, and that the use of skin from condemned convicts is "traditional" and nothing to "make such a big fuss about".

hat tip: Tom P
Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler via Blue State Conservative

The left glorifying the worst abuser of human rights, the prop master and financier of the most heinous muslim government Sudan, yes Evil China Secretly FUNDS Massive Slaughter and Slavery in Sudan
China lover to Iran, North Korea, Pakistan.........oh where to begin?

UPDATE: September 14, 9:15

Meanwhile, IRAN IS PLANNING TO TAKE OVER IRAQ , more on Iran's strategy here.
Add to this cauldron of impending doom, Ex-Hostages Demand CIA Release Its Report on Iranian President. Demanding that the CIA turn over a classified report that they say wrongly cleared Iran's new president of his role in interrogating them during the 444-day hostage crisis in Iran that began on November 4,1979. More here

Colonel Roeder was livid last month when he read in the Washington Post that a classified CIA assessment concluded that Mr. Ahmadinejad did not play a majorIranian_pres_hostage_1 role in the hostage crisis, particularly since he said the report was leaked as the State Department's Iran desk officer had just started interviews with the former hostages.

"I am upset with the CIA that they leaked a classified document calling me a liar," he said. "If someone is going to tell me I'm wrong and I know I'm not, I would bet my life on it, I should at least have access to the data that led them to that conclusion."



Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Reduced to Ashes.......Gaza

I defy anyone to look at this picture with a cool objective eye and not say unequivocally who the enemy is.

Reduced to Ashes: Palestinians wave flags as they burn the synagogue in Gaza yesterday. Thousands of triumphant Palestinians poured into the abandoned Jewish settlements setting buildings of fit, ripping out window frames, and shooting in the air.
New York Sun

Muhammad al-Najar, 21, a student from Khan Yunis, said he and his companions had walked nearly six miles to get to Neve Dekalim. He said they had "seen places we've never seen before ..." Asked what surprised him the most, he said: "The clean streets and all the trees."
New York Times


Mere hours after Israel completed its historic withdrawal from Gaza on Sunday (Sept. 11), Palestinian mobs descended on former Jewish settlements, desecrating their synagogues by burning them to the ground and looting anything left.

While observers the world over were saddened and outraged, some media outlets tried to justify the sacrilege, or even blame it on Israel:

●  The BBC TV report justified the arson mobs in this manner:

Palestinians came streaming to the settlements that caused them so much pain, to sightsee and to loot. Israel stole thirty-eight years from them; today, many were ready to take back anything they could.

This is a clear example of BBC bias ― the reporter states as 'fact' that Palestinians in Gaza had their lives somehow 'stolen' by Israeli since 1967, a claim the BBC uses to rationalize the Palestinian mob violence.

Comments to BBC News: click here

A Knight Ridder story, euphemistically entitled 'Palestinians besiege buildings hours after Israelis leave Gaza', included this 'explanatory' quote at the top of the article:

"I want to destroy everything here as they did the Al Aqsa mosque," said Mahmoud Malahi... It's a symbol of occupation. Destroying it is a symbol of Islam."

Israel is well-known to protect Muslim places of worship under its control. The very site mentioned ― the Al Aqsa mosque is an outstanding example of this policy, for it has never been touched by Israel, and remains in perfect shape and in active use atop the Temple Mount [view picture]. In contradistinction to the status of Jerusalem under Muslim rule, Israel guarantees freedom of religion and makes holy places accessible to peoples of all faiths.

Why did the Knight Ridder reporter and editor allow this libelous statement to appear unchallenged?

The Philadelphia Inquirer printed the story, but deleted the reference to the Al Aqsa mosque.

If your local paper is a Knight Ridder affiliate, check to ensure the erroneous statement did not appear; if it did, write a letter to the editor, noting the error and the larger issue of Israeli vs. Palestinian treatment of other faiths' holy places.

The Scotsman effectively blamed Israel for the desecrations before they even occurred:

Any hopes of a better and more peaceful era for the region were dampened by sharp disputes between Israel and the Palestinians over control of border crossings, and the Israeli cabinet's decision to leave intact 19 buildings that housed synagogues in the vacated settlements.

A decision to leave synagogues in place 'dampened any hopes for a more peaceful era'? One would think the desecrations did that, not the (hopeful) act of leaving the synagogues intact.

Comments to The Scotsman: click here

Hat tip: Honest Reporting and Soccer Dad


Monday, September 12, 2005

No Media Bias Here........

No, No,  media bias here folks...........nothing to see............keep it moving

DOES MY ROCK look big on this?                                 hat tip Tom P Barcepundit


So said an American speaking member of Al Qaeda on a just released video and

Hamas Celebrates Victory of the Bomb
"We are celebrating the victory of the bomb," declares a Hamas poster with a picture of an armed masked man superimposed to look as if he is crushing settler homes and Israeli soldiers with his feet. "The first Palestinian victory, the first Israeli defeat," says another. "It's the first time the resistance has won. Gaza is the beginning of the road to the liberation of Jerusalem," said Diyab Hassan Ouda.

So this is how  Hamas, supported by the largest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran (THE ENEMY) is choosing to interpret the lockdown of the state of Israel. That is their choice.

Iran warns of 'consequences' if referred to U.N. Security Council 
Iran warned Sunday that there will be "certain consequences" if it is referred to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions over its nuclear activities. The country also said it has plans to build two more nuclear power plants.

I choose to go down for America, for the Bush Doctrine. I'll be damned if I am going to wait for their next attack. BA DAH BING BA DAH BOOM. I say we take them out. Iran is on the move and they intend to take Iraq.

The left may want to play fast and loose with America, my kids and me but they lost the election. They have done great harm to this country.........and this is the Really Big Sho . And if anyone goes nuclear it has to be us...........IT HAS TO BE US.

Let's roll.........................

Friday, September 09, 2005

"Islamic Mafia" Killing Christians

They will not be satisfied until every Christian, every Jew, every Dhimmi is dead. And in America they have the Fifth Column aiding and abetting

"Islamic Mafia" Accused of Persecuting Holy Land Christians - Harry de Quetteville
Christians in the Holy Land have handed a dossier detailing incidents of violence and intimidation by Muslim extremists to church leaders in Jerusalem, one of whom said it was time for Christians to "raise our voices" against the sectarian violence. The dossier includes 93 alleged incidents of abuse by an "Islamic fundamentalist mafia" against Palestinian Christians, who accused the PA of doing nothing to stop the attacks. The dossier also includes a list of 140 cases of apparent land theft, in which Christians in the West Bank were allegedly forced off their land by gangs backed by corrupt judicial officials.
    A spokesman for the Apostolic Delegate, the Pope's envoy to Jerusalem, said nothing had been done to tackle the problem despite repeated appeals to the PA to rein in Muslim gangs. The dossier currently in church hands details far worse allegations of violence, notably the torture and murder of two Christian girls in 2003. (Telegraph-UK)

more here............and if you still think we shouldn't have gone into Iraq I got some land in NO I wanna sell you;

  • Israel Charges Palestinian with Al-Qaeda Link
    In an indictment filed at Judea Military Court Thursday, IDF prosecutors charged Palestinian Mahmoud Waridat, 26, with undergoing training at an al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan. Waridat, who was arrested in July, received training in small-arms and bomb-making at "al-Farouq," an al-Qaeda camp outside Kandahar, in the summer of 2001. (Reuters)
  • Al-Qaeda Man Indicted in Bush Assassination Plot - Matthew Barakat
    A man accused of plotting to assassinate President Bush was indicted Thursday on additional charges; prosecutors now say he also planned to establish an al-Qaeda cell in the U.S. Prosecutors say Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, 24, of Falls Church, Va., joined al-Qaeda in 2002 while studying in Saudi Arabia and that he discussed possible terrorist operations, including a plot to kill Bush either by shooting or by a suicide bombing.
  • UPDATE 9/9 6:20 pm

    Christians living in the Palestinian Authority areas are beginning to raise their voices to alert the world to the years of intimidation, violence and land theft that have been perpetrated against them by Palestinian Muslims.  As a September 9 Daily Telegraph article states, the "self-imposed silence now appears to be crumbling."

    Too many churches (e.g. the Presbyterian Church USA, United Church of Christ, Anglican Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) have leveled harsh and distorted denunciations of  Israel, moving toward divestment action and/or condemning construction of the security fence, while at the same time ignoring the very real and serious problem of violence and harrassment directed against Palestinian Christians by Palestinian Muslims. 
    * Urge church leaders and the editors of Christian media to publicize and condemn the persecution of Palestinian Christians by Palestinian Muslims. Contact info for Christian publications and leaders is below.  Keep in mind that  listed is a wide variety of Christian publications and organizations, some that have been unfairly hostile to Israel, and others that have been very supportive and fair to Israel, so please be conscious of this if you write only one letter to all the church publications. 
    * Thank the Daily Telegraph for its informative article.  Encourage them to continue to report on this topic.

    Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    WE Must Save the Kurds, Anything less is Unconscionable

    Kurdlynching1_1Turkish nationalists lynch Kurdish demonstrators, Turkish police watch

    Tensions began on Sunday morning when Kurdish demonstrators in Istanbul threw stones and firebombs during a rally to protest the solitary confinement of imprisoned Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan.

    Later, paramilitary police blocked thousands of other pro-Kurdish demonstrators from reaching the northwestern port town of Gemlik to stage an unauthorised demonstration. The port is used by Ocalan's lawyers to travel to the prison island of Imrali, where the rebel leader is the only inmate.

    Paramilitary troops stopped dozens of buses packed with demonstrators before they could reach Gemlik, in the western province of Bursa.

    Turkish police stopped and turned back tens of thousands of Kurds heading with buses towards Gemlik in western Turkey to carry out a gigantic peaceful demonstration in support of the Kurdish national leader Abdullah Ocalan.

    the story gets Worse.....................

    Turkish and Iranian forces have bombarded a number of border villages in the region between the north of Iraq, and Iran and Turkey. [Kurdistan]


    The weekly Hawlati newspaper (Independent Kurdish Newspaper) stated that the Turkish-Iranian bombarding of these villages has led to severe physical damages in them.

    The newspaper pointed out that the Turkish bombarding of Bishon village, which is affiliated to Bairan in the north of Iraq [Kurdistan], which took place the day before yesterday, has led to the eruption of a great fire in the forests in the region.

    On the other hand, the Iranian bombarding of Nazadagh region, near Khwakork Mountain has led to severe physical damages in the village and the death of a great number of cattle that the villagers are raising.

    This is the deliberate targeting of a civilian village.  Let's not kid ourselves into thinking that the Iranians have real precise weaponry.  Even if they were targeting specific terrorists holed up in a village, they have to know that they are going to create a whole lot of collateral damage.  But Americans didn't do it so the terror nation gets a free pass.  The blogosphere needs to wake up on this.
    As I have said before, I will not give a free pass to the PKK guys who run around and plant bombs where civilians could easily be killed.  Terrorism is terrorism.  It isn't noble.  It isn't moral.  It is never justified.  Perhaps the Turks and Iranians have good reason to clamp down on some elements who are committing acts of violence against the citizenry.  But let's always remember who these governments are and what they stand for.  They don't use violence to protect freedoms.  They use violence to oppress people and stop freedom.
    If this report is true, where are the TV cameras?  A people of 30 million are being targeted and held back from freedom.  Yet the Palestinian terror state gets all the media.  This is just wrong.  The Bush Administration should be pushed to comment on this report.  And I mean PUSHED.  The same country that is interfering with the formation of a legitimate government in Iraq is bombing villages.  The same country that has sponsored the killing of US servicemen in Iraq is bombing a village.  The same country that is building secret nuclear programs and is backed by Russia and Germany in the UN is bombing a village.  And the Turks want to join the EU.  How many EU member states bombed a village today?  People need to be held to account.
    This is why the Kurds should have independence.  They deserve the right to defend themselves.  With those rights, come responsibilities.  It will be up to the Kurds to show the world they can handle those responsibilities.  The unelected Iranian Mullahs have shown the world they can't.

    and WTF is the kidnapped Dr. Roya Toloui...............where are the feminazis when you really need them?

    Jailed Women's Rights Activist Needs Your Help

    Dr Roya Tolui
    Dr. Roya Toloui, a champion of the rights of Iran's Kurdish minority and of women was detained from her home in Sanandaj on August 2. She is reported to be facing charges of "disturbing the peace" and "acting against national security." 'Human Rights First' is calling for her immediate and unconditional release from detention.

    In Memorium September 5, 1972

    The Munich Massacre

    By Mitchell Bard

    It was 4:30 in the morning on Sept. 5, 1972, when five Arab terrorists wearing track sweat suitsMunich_1972 climbed the six-foot six-inch fence surrounding the Olympic Village. Although they were seen by several people, no one thought anything was unusual since athletes routinely hopped the fence; moreover, the terrorists' weapons were hidden in athletic bags. These five were met by three more men who are presumed to have obtained credentials to enter the village.

    Just before 5, the Arabs knocked on the door of Israeli wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg. When Weinberg opened the door he realized something was wrong and shouted a warning to his comrades. He and weightlifter Joseph Romano attempted to block the door while other Israelis escaped, but they were killed by the terrorists. The Arabs then succeeded in rounding up nine Israelis to hold as hostages.

    At 9:30, the terrorists announced that they were Palestinians and demanded that Israel release 200 Arab prisoners and that the terrorists be given safe passage out of Germany.

    After hours of tense negotiations, the Palestinians, who it was later learned belonged to a PLO faction called Black September, agreed to a plan whereby they were to be taken by helicopter to the NATO air base at Firstenfeldbruck where they would be given an airplane to fly them and their hostages to Cairo. The Israelis were then taken by bus to the helicopters and flown to the airfield. In the course of the transfer, the Germans discovered that there were eight terrorists instead of the five they expected and realized that they had not assigned enough marksmen to carry out the plan to kill the terrorists at the airport.

    After the helicopters landed at the air base around 10:30 p.m., the German sharpshooters Munich_massacre_1attempted to kill the terrorists and a bloody firefight ensued. At 11, the media was mistakenly informed that the hostages had been saved and the news was announced to a relieved Israeli public. Almost an hour later, however, new fighting broke out and one of the helicopters holding the Israelis was blown up by a terrorist grenade. The remaining hostages in the second helicopter were shot to death by one of the surviving terrorists.

    At 3 a.m., a drawn and teary-eyed Jim McKay, who had been reporting the drama throughout the day as part of ABC's Olympic coverage, announced: "They're all gone."

    Five of the terrorists were killed along with one policeman, and three were captured. A little over a month later, on Oct. 29, a Lufthansa jet was hijacked by terrorists demanding that the Munich killers be released.

    The Germans capitulated and the terrorists were let go, but an Israeli assassination squad was assigned to track them down along with those responsible for planning the massacre. According to George Jonas in Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team, eight of the 11 men targeted for death were killed. Of the remaining three, one died of natural causes and the other two were assassinated, but it is not known for sure if they were killed by Israeli agents.

    Meanwhile, the mastermind of the massacre remains at large. In fact, in 1999, Abu Daoud admitted his role in his autobiography, Memoirs of a Palestinian Terrorist. He claims his commandos never intended to harm the athletes and blamed their deaths on the German police and the stubbornness of then-Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (JTA, May 4, 1999).

    The massacre of 11 Israeli athletes was not considered sufficiently serious to merit canceling or postponing the Olympics. "Incredibly, they're going on with it," Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times wrote at the time. "It's almost like having a dance at Dachau."

    And now for some GREAT (unmanufactured) NEWS but then again it's not all good

    Dispatch from the Front Line - Martin Peretz
    The decline in terrorist acts can be traced to the checkpoints, the fence, and theRejoice2800x600 information provided by collaborators. The checkpoints inside the territories impede the movement of terrorists. The fence precludes them from entering Israeli territory. The collaborators provide information on who is planning what and when. The number of suicide bombings prevented by the Shin Bet, the Israeli domestic security service, or the IDF thanks to information provided by paid or afraid collaborators goes into the hundreds. Thousands of Israeli lives have thus been saved.
    the downside;
    From the standpoint of Israel's security, any piece of territory awarded to the PA is a forfeiture of significant military intelligence about the planned death of Israelis. (New Republic)

    Monday, September 05, 2005

    Iran's Leader Calls for Jihad Against Israel aka The Free World

    Iran's Leader Calls for Jihad Against Israel
    Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hailed Palestinian militants for "expelling the Zionist regime from Gaza" and said "the only way to confront the Zionist enemy is the continuation and fortification of resistance and jihad." Speaking Saturday in a meeting with Islamic Jihad's secretary general Ramazan Abdullah, he added that "with the cooperation of jihadi groups," further "success is also possible in other parts of the occupied territories." (AFP/Yahoo)

    My question is how much more proof do we need that we are indeed in the throes of World War IV. The Iranians back the Palis, the Syrians, Hizbollah, Hamas and even the diabolical UN: says Iran Produced Enough Stock for Nuclear Weapon - George Jahn
    Iran has produced about 7 tons of the gas it needs for uranium enrichment since it restarted the process last month, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported Friday. A former UN nuclear inspector said that would be enough for an atomic weapon. (AP/Chicago Tribune)

    The global chessboard continues to strengthen it's axis of evil as Russia Opposes Reporting Iran to Security Council. WTF??"Moscow sees no reason why the question of Iran's nuclearChessboard20animation_global program should be sent to the UN (Security Council)," Alexander Yakovenko, a Russian deputy foreign minister, said Monday. (Reuters)

    Mind you it was only last week that China and Russia were making love and military exercises togerther but only after Iran, China Eye Military Cooperation

    Here we have China sending a "military delegation from China" to discusss their "mutual enemies"  

    Iran received a military delegation from China, paving the way for cooperation in the defense field, Iran's Mehr News agency reported, citing Brigadier General Nasser Mohammadi Far, the commander of the Iranian army's ground forces.

    Ok ok, lets see if we can tie this baby together.

    First off we have the Financial Times reporting China and Russia joint exercises to strengthen ties.Nearly 10,000 troops are to take part in unprecedented joint military exercises by China and Russia this month aimed at strengthening ties between the armed forces of two powers that were once bitter foes. And.................

    Russia will help Iran despite nuclear moves Russia will maintain support for Iran's nuclear program despite Tehran's decision to restart the enrichment of uranium, Russian news agencies quoted sources in Russia's atomic agency, Rosatom.Russia_nuclear_1_1

    These are dangerous developments of the gravest of consequences. And if the Left in Amerca doesn't stop smoking the crack cocaine that is making their brains into mush, this long drawn out World War will be bloodier, deadlier, beyond our wildest nightmares.

    A is A. What's with the playing nice? We have a world crisis on our hands. We are a hyperpower, why are we so afraid to use it. REMAKE IRAQ. Give the KURDS A HOMELAND. Take out Iran's Nukes. Prop up our Eastern European friends.

    Let's play Chess for G-d's sake, the game has already begun
    Here in America the terrorst organization CAIR continues to chip away at the very foundation of this country.

    Muslims aim to challenge critics in America

    ROSEMONT, Ill. -- In the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, many American Muslims were fearful about leaving their homes. Months later, many remained reluctant to respond to critics who made derogatory comments about Islam or Muslim communities.
    Now, almost four years after the attacks, American Muslims are being urged by their leaders to answer back.

    As the Plainfield-based Islamic Society of North America hosts nearly 40,000 Muslims this weekend near Chicago at its 42nd annual convention, there is plenty of talk here about how Muslims must answer their critics and, if need be, get tough with them.

    At a Saturday morning seminar attended by more than 200 people, the discussion included how to apply pressure on politicians who smear the faith, the benefits of corporate boycotts and what constitutes legal grounds for defamation suits.

    "The key," Corey P. Saylor, government affairs director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations told the audience, "is to not just sit back and take it."[take what for G-d's sake?- Atlas]

    Already fighting on behalf of American Muslims is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, as it is commonly known. The organization, playing a prominent role at ISNA's convention, has developed a reputation for being something of a pit bull in protecting the civil rights of Muslims.

    CAIR, for example, sued a North Carolina congressman after he accused the organization of acting as a fundraising arm for Hezbollah, a militant Palestinian group. The council also organized a boycott against a radio station until it fired a disc jockey who called Islam a terrorist organization. CAIR also brought considerable pressure on a Colorado lawmaker who asserted that America should take out Islam's holy sites in the event of another terrorist attack.

    Arsalan T. Iftikhar, the national legal director for CAIR, said Saturday it was time for everyday Muslims to "defend the image and reputation of the community and Islam in general."

    "I am here to teach you how the American Muslim community can legally empower itself to protect itself in the American courts," he said, as he went into the nuances of the limits of the First Amendment.


    Sayyid Syeed, the secretary general of ISNA, a group generally less vocal than CAIR, earlier in the weekend said his organization is considering filing defamation lawsuits against some of its sharpest critics.
    Although he declined to name the potential targets of such suits,
    one of the critics most often cited by Muslim leaders is Steven Emerson.

     Emerson's 1994 documentary, "Jihad in America," about radical Islamic groups operating in the United States, won a prestigious journalism award. But his credibility suffered after his on-air commentary about the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. He was among the first pundits to say the bombing had the earmarks of Middle Eastern terrorism. It turned out to be the product of homegrown terrorists.

    Via phone Saturday, Emerson said ISNA's interest in using defamation law amount to an effort to stifle free speech. "They are apologists for militant Islam," he said.

    Iftikhar said such comments are exactly the reason Muslim groups are becoming more vigilant in responding to their critics. "That's his mantra," he said of Emerson. "He used innuendo, conjecture and defamation."

    hat tip Brigitte Gabriel

    while at the very same time;  Muslims ransack Christian village

    Efforts were under way on Sunday to calm the situation in this Christian village east of Ramallah after an attack by hundreds of Muslim men from nearby villages left many houses and vehicles torched.Radical_islam

    The incident began on Saturday night and lasted until early Sunday, when Palestinian Authority security forces interfered to disperse the attackers. Residents said several houses were looted and many families were forced to flee to Ramallah and other Christian villages, although no one was injured.

    The attack on the village of 1,500 was triggered by the murder of a Muslim woman from the nearby village of Deir Jarir earlier this week. The 30-year-old woman, according to PA security sources, was apparently murdered by members of her family for having had a romance with a Christian man from Taiba.

    "When her family discovered that she had been involved in a forbidden relationship with a Christian, they apparently forced her to drink poison," said one source. "Then they buried her without reporting her death to the relevant authorities."

    When the PA security forces decided to launch an investigation into the woman's death, her family protested for fear that the relationship would be exposed. The family was further infuriated by the decision to exhume the body for autopsy.

    The attack is one of the worst against Christians in the West Bank in many years. Residents said it took the PA security forces several hours to reach Taiba. Others complained that the IDF, which is in charge of overall security in the area, did not answer their desperate calls for immediate help.


    "More than 500 Muslim men, chanting Allahu akbar [God is great], attacked us at night," said a Taiba resident. "They poured kerosene on many buildings and set them on fire. Many of the attackers broke into houses and stole furniture, jewelry and electrical appliances."

    With the exception of large numbers of PA policemen, the streets of Taiba were completely deserted on Sunday as the residents remained indoors. Many torched cars littered the streets. At least 16 houses had been gutted by fire and the assailants also destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary.


    "It was like a war, they arrived in groups, and many of them were holding clubs," said another resident.

    "Some people saw them carrying weapons. They first attacked houses belonging to the Khoury family [looking for the man who had the affair with the women, not realizing he had already fled the village.] Then they went to their relatives. They entered the houses and destroyed everything there. Then they tried to enter the local beer factory, but were repelled by PA security agents.

    The fire engine arrived five hours later."
    Col. Tayseer Mansour, commander of the PA police in the Ramallah area, said his men arrived late because of the need to coordinate their movements with the IDF. "The delay resulted in the torching of a number of houses and cars in the village," he said.


    Taiba, the only West Bank village that is completely inhabited by Christians, is famous for its Taiba Beer factory, which was established by the Khoury family in 1994.

    The residents are Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox or Greek Catholic. The village was originally called Ephraim, and is thought to be the city to which Jesus came with his disciples before his crucifixion: "Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews; but went thence unto a country near the wilderness, into a city called Ephraim" (John 11:54).

    According to some accounts, Salah a-Din, who led the war against the Crusaders, was responsible for the name change. He is said to have found the villagers there to be nice and kind - in Arabic, taybeen - and the name stuck, to become Taiba.


    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    This Week in IRAN vs. This Week in ISRAEL


    Regime's disciplinary forces set to confront celebrants

    IRNA, the regime's news agency reports that the disciplinary forces of the regime's central intelligence issued a statement today, stating that: "As of Monday, these forces will meet very forcefully with wedding parties or any sort of celebration, that is disturbing and impinging on society's order and calm." The bulletin also read: "Certain people in their celebrations, immorally and degenerately block traffic (wedding processions) and disturb the peace of our compatriots; these people will be strongly dealt with.”

    Khamnei: "These 'goods' will have to remain in their wrapping"

    Mullah Khamnei specified, in a speech broadcast by ILNA, one of the regime's many media outlets, that men are superior to women. While referring to women as "goods" or "commodities", he stated: "Women's hijab must be much more severe than those of men's. Why? Because nature and women’s softness was at the core of 'creation' and IF we do not want society to lead to corruption and degenerate, we must keep these "goods" in their wrapping."

    Khamnei continued: "Women are inadequate and excitable creatures; not that women have no rights but women are problematic. They go through child-birth, breast-feeding and then there's their delicate physique and feeble spirits; they cannot enter into every arena because they simply are not capable of dealing with conflict."

    The Islamic regime's agents involved in drug smuggling

    ILNA reports that one of the representatives of the Social Commission of the Islamic Assembly has confessed that dozens of people, who are directly related to the regime, are caught everyday on charges of drug smuggling. Said representative stated that under the circumstances and without a shadow of a doubt, due to the rampancy of the "deals," it is impossible to continue such activities had the perpetrators not had the blessing of the regime's authorities.

    Mohammad Abbasspour said that based on research, 20 to 30 people who are regime insiders, are identified on a daily basis for importing and distribution inside the country. He added that the disciplinary forces, prison affairs and quarantine type jobs, as well as the Narcotics trafficking squad, are, for example, areas that can be influenced and infiltrated and it is mainly within those groups where the traffickers are generally identified.

    Abbasspour stated that: "the addiction rate of prisoners and huge drug racket inside prisons is not in any shape or form conducted either by the prisoners themselves or their families (!), therefore it has become clear that the culprits are none other than the influential people within the regime who are key, here. For instance, how can passangers importing psychotropic drugs from The Netherlands or Denmark, get away with it, without the direct involvement of 'authorities' who are influential in the management of airline companies?"

    60% of 30 to 49 year olds in Iran live in total poverty

    The World Bank announced in a report that under the rule of the Mullahs, 60% of Iranians between the ages of 30 and 49 live in total poverty. Based on this report, in Iran, more than 1.3 million people earn less than $1 a day.

    Pharmaceutics mafia inside the regime's Ministry of Health

    The Executive Director of the Islamic regime’s society for the protection of Kidney disease patients said that a pharmaceutics drug mafia ring has been formed within the regime's Ministry of Health; these are people who are in the higher management and executive divisions of the Ministry who are conspiring with elements outside the Ministry.

    Mustafa Qassemi said: "Unfortunately at present the pharmaceutical drugs that are being imported are generally and often, the lowest of quality and have even been discarded by the countries producing these."

    The abundant oil revenues of the corrupt circles of the Regime

    Transparency International ( has warned oil-exporting countries that the abundance of their last two years of oil revenues can lead to economic corruption in their respective countries. This organization also declared that the increase in said revenues could make it difficult to transparently determine the overheads and income from oil and energy industries of such countries.

    Based on this report, while the abundant oil revenues has lead to uncontrollable economic corruption, the unprecedented worldwide increase in the price of crude oil in the recent months will have also undoubtedly increased the already rampant malfeasance and embezzlement. This report also states that the steady daily price increase of crude oil in the world market has raised the level of excess in greedy and avaricious characters (i.e. The Mullahs) with access to such gains.

    Missiles launched from Southern Lebanon into Israel were made by the Islamic Republic of Iran

    Based on reports from news sources in Lebanon, the missiles that were launched on Friday (Aug. 26th) from Southern Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist factions into Israel, were the FAJR 3 rockets that are built specifically by the Islamic Republic of Iran. These 240-millimeter caliber missiles that are 5 meters in length and weigh 400 kilograms covers a 43-kilometer range. Launched from the Lebanese border, they can easily reach the city of Haifa in Northern Israel.

    This Hezbollah terrorist splinter group, which is entirely under the command of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is in possession of 13000 long-range rockets and missiles.

    hat tip:Busy bee


    Intel's new chip design developed in Israel   
    Get ready for even faster computers. Intel has unveiled its next generation micro-architecture, a multi-core processor which was completely developed at its facilities in Israel. According to top analysts, the Israeli design approach is sweeping through Intel, making them the company's pre-eminent architects. More...
    Global Democracy | US and Israel celebrate 20 years of free trade   
    Twenty years and nearly $400 billion later, the US-Israel free trade pact is flourishing. Thanks to the bilateral trade agreement, Jaffa oranges have been replaced by other Israeli exports like computer chips and life-saving diagnostic tools that benefit the health and welfare of Americans. More...
    Health | Israeli biotech leader asked by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to develop treatment   
    The Israeli biotechnology company Predix is already working on novel drugs for depression and Alzheimer's in the pipeline. Now the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has turned to them to develop potential treatments for this debilitating genetic disease that affects 30,000 Americans. More...
    Technology | Predicting how you're going to shop online   
    A researcher at IBM Israel has combined algorithms from the field of data mining, operations research and artificial intelligence with economics in order to predict how online shoppers will behave over time. The results will enable companies to offer better service and reap even more revenue. More...
    Profiles | A graceful bender of metal    
    Through her uniquely metal sculptures, Orna Ben-Ami tries to tell the story of Israel, the Jewish people and the experience being of an Israeli woman. Her work is currently on display at UN headquarters, where it is representing Israel at an exhibit to mark the organization's 60th anniversary. More...

    Israeli success in curbing Hepatitis A to be model for other countries

    Israel's 'Accordion Pill' unfolds according to plan -

    Using the secrets of the brain to promote scientific cooperation

    Israeli breakthrough - Frozen ovarian tissue transplant reverses infertility

    Israeli researchers bring nanotechnologies to life

    Israeli researchers coax liver cells to produce insulin

    Israeli breakthrough: Cholesterol drugs reduce risk of cancer -

    Israeli technology unmasks Internet scam artists

    Israeli device goes straight to the bone

    Investors converge on Israel for bio-technology meet -

    California VCs look to Israel for the next big thing

    Israeli 'baseball' camera spies out terrorists

    Israel lauded for pioneering work in VoIP

    Israeli discovers way to breathe underwater without oxygen tanks

    and thats just a few of the contributions Israel has made to humanity over the past couple of months

    Saturday, August 27, 2005

    Billions for Palestinian Murderers, Circle Jerk for Israel

    Israel’s acting finance minister Ehud Olmert ends Washington talks without  US commitment on Israel's $2.1bn aid request for disengagement costs. Can you believe that?

    “It would be strange,” Olmert said after meeting secretary of state Condoleezza Rice Wednesday “If America withheld the grant,” which Israel has sought to help defray the costs of relocating Gaza communities and army infrastructure.

    Strange? Talk about would be perverse, depraved.Gaza_family

    DEBKAfiles Washington sources note that, while heaping praise on Ariel Sharon for his courage in going through with the dismantling of 25 Israeli communities, the Bush administration will hold back financial assistance until he makes good on the “understood” position. This means that the West Bank security fence must exclude Maale Adumim, Gush Etzion, the Binyamin bloc near Ramallah, Ariel and the Beit Arieh region commanding Israel’s international airport. Israel will also be asked to continue pulling back from West Bank territory.

    Are they kidding? They must be kidding. Billions to those dancing in the streets on 9/11.

    Caroline Glick writes eloquently and sorrowfully of the disengagement;

    And so, even as our souls cry out in pain as we stare wild-eyed at the sight of 8,000 Gaza_mother_evictedJewish patriots, transformed in a moment into homeless, wandering Jews in the Land of Israel, our duty is to soldier on and work to preempt further destruction.

    The foundational myth of the Left is that Jewish extremism, not Palestinian terrorism, is the cause of Israel's present security woes and the source of the constant wars that have plagued us since the dawn of modern Zionism. What we saw this week was that these people – whom one British reporter standing outside the synagogue in the now-ruined city of Neveh Dekalim ever so eloquently referred to last Thursday as "the hardest of the hard-line settlers" – are anything but extreme.

    The expelled residents of Gush Katif – from the farmers of Atzmona,Gaza_nursery Katif, Netzarim, Netzer Hazani and Kfar Darom, the surfers and fishermen of Shirat Hayam, the Torah scholars of Neveh Dekalim and the mothers of Gadid – are not "hard-line" or "extremists." They are the finest sons and daughters of Israel. They are the bravest soldiers in the Israeli military and the most patriotic citizens that Israel has produced.

    The heroism the Jews of Gaza and northern Samaria displayed in the face of their own destruction is of another order altogether. Standing before their own army, on the surface, they were faced with a terrible choice. Do they fight their countrymen to maintain their communities, or do they accept their cruel and inexplicable fate?

    photo essay

    and the US is playing hardball with assistance? Look at what Israel contributes to the world and to the greater good. And what have the Palestinians done? Taught the world to mercilessly murder to get anything you want. Is this what we, a free people, are advocating?

    Palestinian aid boost backed, 3 BillionG8_3

    The leaders of the Group of Eight gave strong support Friday to a new initiative to give $3bn a year in aid to the Palestinian authority once Israel withdraws from the Gaza Strip this year.

    No firm decisions on the aid package were taken at the G8 summit in Gleneagles. But diplomats from some non-UK countries suggested that significant momentum had built up among the leaders to agree a package this year.

    This is on top of the 350 million Bush just gave the Palis back in February

    WASHINGTON  — Eager to help Middle East peacemaking and combat911_celebration Palestinian poverty, President Bush said Wednesday he would seek $350 million to support the Palestinians.

    "The beginnings of reform and democracy in the Palestinian territories are showing the power of freedom to break old patterns of violence and failure," the president said, noting that he is sending Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the region early next week.

    He said the money would go toward political, economic and social reforms for the Palestinians. (photo: Palestinians dancing in the streets on 9/11)

    I am sure President Bush would like very much to see these funds go toward political, economic and social reforms for the Palestinians, "ending poverty". But that is  self deluding. Keeping the Palis in abject poverty is the objective of Islamic Jihad as it provides a priceless marketing tool in the war against the existence of Israel.

    The Arab states have done nothing, nothing to alleviate Palestinian "suffering". To the contrary they have gone out of their way to keep the Palestinians in refugee camps, in squalor,  for all these decades.

    I think it is disgusting that we are playing possum with Israel. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

    Israeli success in curbing Hepatitis A to be model for other countries

    Israel's 'Accordion Pill' unfolds according to plan -

    Using the secrets of the brain to promote scientific cooperation

    Israeli breakthrough - Frozen ovarian tissue transplant reverses infertility

    Israeli researchers bring nanotechnologies to life

    Israeli researchers coax liver cells to produce insulin

    Israeli breakthrough: Cholesterol drugs reduce risk of cancer -

    Israeli technology unmasks Internet scam artists

    Israeli device goes straight to the bone

    Investors converge on Israel for bio-technology meet -

    California VCs look to Israel for the next big thing

    Israeli 'baseball' camera spies out terrorists

    Israel lauded for pioneering work in VoIP

    Israeli discovers way to breathe underwater without oxygen tanks

    and thats just a few of the contributions Israel has made to humanity over the past couple of months. Who can the Palestinians rely on for their economy and healthcare if not Israel? Terrorist organizations like Islamic Jihad? Hamas? Hizbollah? Is that what the money is for?

    Think about it.

    Friday, August 26, 2005


    Stoning_2Wake up man....................what's it gonna take a nuclear sock in the head?
    The Islamic Faith is not seen as the only strike  against democracy emerging in the Middle  East.


    The Video of of an actual stoning  "Stoning to Death", Islam in Action is not for children or the faint of heart but it is for those that romanticize Radical Islam or diminish the gravity of the threat they present.

    *Two scholars write; "THE REAL FAULT LINE THAT DIVIDES THE WEST AND THE MUSLIM WORLD IS ATTITUDES TOWARD WOMEN. [Where are those feminazis when you really need them?]


    It's the end of the world as we know it....................

  • U.S.: Syria Thwarting UN Inquiry - Warren Hoge

  • Fear of Assassination Grips Lebanese Politicians - Kim Ghattas and Roula Khalaf

  • Two Egyptian Policemen Killed in Search for Sinai Militants - Mariam Fam
  • Palestinian Stabs Border Policeman in Hebron -
  • Palestinians Fire Two Rockets at Israeli Town of Sderot - Margot Dudkevitch

        See also Two Shooting Attacks on IDF Posts - Margot DudkevitchFrance_4
  • EU in impasse over Iran nuclear negotiations
  •  Europeans still want Iran nuclear talks -France
  • Israeli hawks circle Iran's

    Ever since its 1979 Islamic revolution the only fate Iran has had in mind for Israel has been simple: its destruction. Now that Teheran seems to be moving towards acquiring its own nuclear arsenal, its plans for its great enemy threaten to be both fiery and radioactive.

    Sometimes Iran's stated policy towards Israel is couched in inflammatory rhetoric, like that on a 40ft banner that used to hang outside the entrance of the foreign ministry in Teheran bearing the message: "Israel Must Burn".

    Sometimes the language is tamer, such as the "Down With Israel" chants of students who march after Friday prayers in Teheran week in, week out.

    But whatever the tone, the message remains the same. The Jewish state has survived wars, internal upheaval, intifadas and bloody entanglements in the internal affairs of its neighbours. But now a major enemy, one committed to its annihilation, appears close to deploying the most destructive force known to Man.


    "Having the ayatollah regime armed with nuclear weapons is an existential threat to the state of Israel," Mark Regev, senior spokeman at its foreign ministry, admitted grimly. "We take the issue extremely seriously.''

    But while the danger Israel faces is clear, what it should do about the threat poses much more of a quandary.

    Some Israelis cite the precedent of the 1981 unilateral Israeli airstrike on Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor. Israel, they argue, should do the same again and launch pre-emptive military attacks on Iran's growing nuclear infrastructure.

    But Iran has developed its nuclear programme with such a scenario in mind. It has deliberately spread its facilities far and wide, using nine locations, according to one intelligence source.

    And each facility is buried under tons of reinforced concrete, making it more difficult to destroy, even with the help of the BLU-109 "bunker-buster" bombs the US is selling its closest Middle Eastern ally.

    Iran, moreover, is further away from Israel than Iraq, raising even greater doubts about the ability of the F15 and F16 planes Israel would use in any air raids to reach their target and then make it home without being refuelled.

    And there is also the question of how the aircraft would get close enough to hit their targets. The US controls Iraqi airspace but it seems inconceivable that Washington would open it up to Israeli combat jets and tankers.

    While the problems facing air strikes are significant, Israel's military nevertheless believes it has the means to cause serious damage to the Iranian nuclear capability.

    Israel's cruise missiles, launched from planes or submarines, give the country a capability that it did not have in 1981 when it attacked the Iraqi reactor with a conventional bombing sortie.

    "It's a bit more challenging in Iran but the military option remains a real one," said David Ivri, a retired Israeli air force officer who commanded Operation Opera, the attack on Iraq's reactor.

    "After all, the aim would not be to neutralise the Iranian nuclear programme. That would be impossible. But what we could do is delay it considerably.

    "That was our aim in Iraq and that is what we achieved - a very long delay.''

    The calculation Israel must make is a simple one: when will Iran become a nuclear power?

    The Iraq attack was launched only when Israel's intelligence concluded that Saddam Hussein's regime was within a year of producing its own nuclear weapons.

    It also followed a lengthy diplomatic campaign by Israel to dissuade France from selling nuclear technology to Iraq. When that failed, Mossad agents blew up components due to be shipped to Iraq at a warehouse in France.

    Only when it was clear that Iraq's nuclear programme continued did Operation Opera get the green light.

    According to a senior figure in the Israeli Defence Force quoted in the Jerusalem Post, Iran will not be able to produce a nuclear bomb until 2008 at the earliest; 2012 is a more realistic date and experts believe that the current situation is insufficiently acute to warrant military action.

    hat tip: Brigitte Gabriel


    Thursday, August 25, 2005

    UN Praises Sharon

    to which I say to those Jewhaters (and America Haters)............Fuck you

    Antisem2_1UN praises Sharon 
    A special United Nations session on the situation in the Middle East saw UN Under Secretary for Diplomatic Affairs Ibrahim Gambari praise Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, following the disengagement from Gaza and the northern West Bank.

    U.N Funds Palistinian Campaign
    "Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem."

    .............. Bolton puts his foot down

    Bolton Receives UNDP Chief's Promise That Propaganda Won't Be Financed

    The United Nations Development Program's chief, Kemal Dervis, promised the American and Israeli ambassadors yesterday that his agency will work to avoid financing one-sided political campaigns as it did recently in Gaza, where T-shirts and posters distributed by Palestinian Arabs and urging future Israeli concessions bore the U.N. agency's logo.

    The UNDP-financed Gaza campaign, in which a number of materials displayed the slogan "Today Gaza, Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem," was criticized by Washington lawmakers of both parties. It was also harshly rebuked by America's U.N. ambassador, John Bolton,

    The response from the UNDP was not sufficient, Mr. Bolton said yesterday. "Funding this kind of activity is inappropriate and unacceptable. We plan to raise the issue with UNDP and with others," he said in a statement to The New York Sun. In effect, Mr. Bolton expressed to the UNDP that the most serious problem for his office was not the logo, but the fact that the agency supported that message with its checkbook.

    what else are they funding that we know nothing about? oil-for-food? helloooooooo.......what don't we know about?

    and Charles over at Little Green Footballs cracks the nut wide open on his thread
    Palestinians [to Israelis]: We Hate You, Now Give Us Jobs and Hospitals

    like i said..............fuck you

    UPDATE: Speaking of the Hate America Crowd

    PigAnti-War Protests Target Wounded at Army Hospital

    The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., the current home of hundreds of wounded veterans from the war in Iraq, has been the target of weekly anti-war demonstrations since March. The protesters hold signs that read "Maimed for Lies" and "Enlist here and die for Halliburton."

    >> Read full story

    These people really are animals, treasonous animals

    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    Zero hour approaches



    and the Europeans think these guys are their friends?

    On Tuesday several of the Revolutionary Guard and young Basijis (who are a mobilization force created by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini; they are extremely Radical and supported by the Supreme leader Ali Khamnei, who is now trying to pass them off as a part of the "student" movement in order to confuse westerners) gathered in front of the French, British and German embassies in Tehran to protest the most recent European resolution against Iran's nuclear pursuits. These demonstrators set the flags of these three countries and the U.S. and Israel on fire.
    Iran_down_wuk_2During this regime-orchestrated demonstration slogans such as: "Death to Britain", "Death to France", "Death to Germany" and finally "Death to America" were chanted and the ragtag protestors who were no more than 300 (usually due to the desperate poverty in Iran,  these "demonstrators" are paid a small fee and a free lunch and told what to do), demanded that the Uranium enrichment plant of Natanz be allowed to begin operation once again. ht: onebusygirl

    Meanwhile on the nuclear front

    Iran's Leader Raps Europeans Over Nuke Talks 
    Iran's hard-line president scolded Europeans on Sunday, accusing them of being willing to sell their goods to Iranians while at the same time trying to strangle Tehran's nuclear program.

    Iran's Resumption of Its Nuclear Program 
    According to news reports, Iran has resumed a process of converting yellowcake uranium that could eventually lead either to the production of energy for peaceful purposes or to the production of nuclear weapons.[1] The Iranian government asserts that its program is for peaceful purposes.

    and the band plays on- Atlas

    Iran_cabinet_1If you haven't seen the malevolent cast pf clown that makes up the new Iranian cabinetm please click here for all the gory details;

    Iranian President Ahmadi Nejad has been busy putting together a cabinet for the Islamic republic. While all real power remains firmly in the clammy hands of Supreme Leader Khamenei, it's worth taking a look at some of the new ministers, if only because it tells us two important things:

    (1) The face the regime wishes to show to the world at large, and (2) the policies the regime intends to unleash on the long-suffering Iranian people

    Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    Antisemitism Under Every Mendacious Media Elite Rock........TAKE DOWN THE DINOSAUR

    To the vile and disgusting antisemitic International Herald Tribune that depicts Israel'sAl_dura disengagement as "drama" - yeah that's what they called it "drama" (well it is owned by The New York Slime Times and the Washington Post*) to wit I submit the following question-
    Who is is the real inciter of violence?
    Whos is really aiding and abetting the terrorists? 
    The fifth column.

    Read the following from the IHT story;

    Of course, Palestinians didn't miss the context. Talk in our living rooms and over Turkish coffee at the office has been mixed:
    "Do you think they were acting?"

    or this gem

    Another network countered such images with an interview with the parents of Muhammad al-Dura, the 12-year-old boy who was photographed dying in his father's arms in 2000 and whose image has become a symbol of the intifada. But for the most part, the language on the broadcasts has been accurate and straightforward

    accurate and straightforward you say ?the Palis killed him!- Atlas

    Mind you NO MENTION IS MADE IN THE TRIBUNE THAT THE AL DURA CHARADE WAS ALL A SET UP, A HOAX . The case involved the alleged Israeli killing of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy and the severe wounding of his father at Gaza's Netzarim Junction in September 2000.Never mentioning that it was a staged event.Proved to subsequently be a hoax.   
    Killed by his own people................

    To all this I counter with the following:

    The mother of a child who had been killed by terrorists had locked herself in his room, together with gasoline tanks that she threatened to ignite. Another family whose son, an Israeli naval commando, had fallen in Lebanon, was also hesitating to leave.

    • The severest test of one battalion's fortitude - and humaneness - occurred in Badolah's synagogue, where the settlers were afforded an hour of parting prayer. But after two hours waiting in the blistering sun, the soldiers decided to enter. The scene that greeted them was shocking: settlers clutching the pews, the Ark and the Torah scrolls, or writhing on the floor. The troops tried to comfort them, only to break down themselves, and soon soldiers and settlers were embracing in mutual sorrow and consolation.
    • Ultimately, the settlers were either escorted or carried, sobbing, onto buses. But their rabbi, stressing the need for closure, requested permission to address the soldiers, and the battalion commander remarkably agreed. So it happened that 500 troops and 100 settlers stood at attention, with Israeli flags fluttering, while the rabbi spoke of the importance of channeling this sorrow into the creation of a more loving and ethical society. "We are all still one people, one state," he said. Together, the evicted and the evictors, then sang "Hatikvah," the national anthem - "The Hope."


    Naked Villian
    y makes this valid point:

    Only one little quibble with this. The Washington Post sold its share of the International Herald Tribune to the NY Times last year. So the WaPo no longer is affiliated with that paper.

    My bad (they owned it forever but no more, just slime owned now)

    Thursday, August 18, 2005

    In light of today's horrible events............

    I  am without a computer until tomorrow night (traveled with wrong power cord, don't ask).....................ack.

    I am running a post I did over at Trey Jackson's a few days ago. In light of today's most heart wrenching events this fisk is all the more sagacious and Cohen all the more despicable.

    For the first time in our history Jew against Jew

    saw this disgusting slanted terror loving piece in the International Herald Tribune (owned by the New York Slime Times and I had to fisk it; [fisking in lilac italics]

    Meanwhile, Israel grabs the rest of Jerusalem  [grabs? WTF are they talking about? -Atlas]

    Hind Khoury [no surprise here -]  International Herald Tribune

    THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 2005

    JERUSALEM After more than 38 years of its oppressive [oppressive? says who? you??!? I call babies, women, children, families getting blown to bits and stuck with nails, shrapnel, and glass in pizzerias, cafes ,and buses oppressive dickhead-Atlas] military occupation [one man's "occupation" is another man's "defense" -Atlas] of the Gaza Strip, Israel will soon begin evacuating the few thousand settlers[whaaaaaaaaaat see my GAZA FACTS BELOW!] who have been denying freedom [WHO IS DENYING WHO THE FREEDOM TO LIVE LIAR?] to more than a million Palestinians there. Israel has marketed [marketed? Are you reading this? Is this muslim unbelievable? Israel is tearing herself apart and this antisemite calls it a commercial] the Gaza withdrawal as yet another historic opportunity to jump-start the peace process. But Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem indicate that Israel's unilaterally imposed disengagement was never meant to start a peace process, but rather to end one [Really now. Is that how you see a unilateral disengagement of land? WTF have the Palis done to "jumpstart the Peace process"? *spit*]

    GAZA FACTS -Atlas

    21 Settlements
    The disengagement will remove 1,700 families from their homes, most against their will. Many families have lived in that region for three generations. In addition to the Gaza settlements, four Northern West Bank communities will also be removed.

    $1.7 Billion

    The disengagement will cost a total of $1.7 Billion, which represents a cost of approximately $260 for each Israeli citizen.

    $120 Million
    Produce and flowers exported by Israeli farmers in Gaza is a $120 Million per year business. Israeli farmers in Gaza produce 60% of cherry tomatoes, 60% of herbs, and 70% of all organic produce exports for the entire country. The move out of Gaza will virtually extinguish this economic resource.

    About 5,000 Palestinians worked in the Erez industrial zone and another 5,000 performed agricultural work in the Jewish settlements of Gush Katif. It is likely that these workers will now lose their jobs.


    In 1946 with the encouragement of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, Kfar Darom was established. It was evacuated in 1948 following an Egyptian siege, then resettled in 1970. A Jewish presence in Gaza dates back to biblical times.

    A January 2005 vote left Hamas in control of seven of the ten Gaza council seats. Hamas has perpetrated hundreds of terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians and is officially committed to the destruction of Israel.

    Jewish Law requires that the sanctity of a Synagogue be preserved once it has been dedicated as such. Any change of its use from a place of study and prayer is consider sacrilegious and an enormous sacrifice according to Jewish law.

    150 B.C.E.
    The first Jewish sovereignty in Gaza dates back to 150 B.C.E. during the times of the Maccabees (Hannukah story). The first Jewish settlement is recorded in Judges 1:18, and the story of Samson. The first Arab sovereignty occurred in 634 C.E., when Arab armies drove out what was then the largest area of Jewish settlement in Israel.

    5000 children

    All of these 5,000 school-age children will have to move away from their family homes and childhood friends. All of their schools will also be closed. In the Gaza Strip, this includes:
    • 36 kindergartens
    • 7 elementary schools
    • 3 high schools
    • 42 daycare centers

    As the world's attention is diverted [diverted? as opposed to what? focusing on terror attacks on jews - an act of peace is a diversion? This man is evil]by scenes of the removal of settlers who had no right to be in Gaza in the first place [oh you don't say! History says different..The first Jewish sovereignty in Gaza dates back to 150 B.C.E. during the times of the Maccabees], the real strategy behind disengagement is revealed by Israel's aggressive moves to consolidate its occupation of Jerusalem's eastern Palestinian sector.[translation - Israel attempts to secure it borders so that daily murders are no long possible]
    At stake is the very basis of peace between Palestinians and Israelis - a negotiated two-state solution. [two states takes two......get it?]Israel's plan is to use "concessions" [WHAT'S UP WITH THE QUOTES?] in Gaza to remove Jerusalem from the negotiation table. But without Jerusalem as a shared capital for Palestinians and Israelis, there is no two-state solution. [says you? pishhhhhhhhhhaw when was that decided? where? who?]
    In violation of President George W. Bush's May warning not to prejudice the status of Jerusalem [I have seen no evidence of Bush warning Israel of anything. Israel and the US have been staunch allies and it is because of the trust between Bush and Sharon that the disengagement is taking place] , the Israeli cabinet recently approved a decision to complete Israel's wall in East Jerusalem by the end of August, while the world's attention is on the Gaza disengagement. The wall, which Israel is using to redefine Jerusalem's borders, is being routed through occupied territory in such a way as to maximize the number of Palestinian Jerusalemites behind the wall, while maximizing the amount of Palestinian land on the "Israeli" side. About 55,000 Palestinian residents of Jerusalem will be effectively cut off from the their city, forced to access their schools, hospitals and even families through Israeli military gates which, as Palestinians know from experience, can be closed at a soldier's whim. [oh puhleeze, the Palis will destroy Jerusalem and all of the centuries old holy  sites, they have done it already in Bethlehem. Christians won't even make the pilgrimage there anymore. The Israelis are building SECURE BORDERS. SECURE BARRIERS. Get it? The open porous borders allowed the Pali terrorists and Islamic Jihadists to murder and attack Jews at will .BASTA!]
    These Palestinian Christians and Muslims will be denied free access to the holy sites in their own city. [oh and we know how much they respect holy sites. Remember when the Palis took the Church of the Nativity?  Stormed, took hostage, and urinated/defecated on it. Just one  example of their  assault on Manger Square. In the past, the terror-supporting Muslim Waqf organization, backed by a local Muslim rabble have been the main attackers of this most holy of places for Christianity. The Waqf has been trying for years to build a mosque right on top of the Place where billions believe Jesus was born, and only Israel has been preventing this religious piracy and defending Christianity's interests. At the same time, many Christian residents of the Palestinian territories are under constant attack and are victims of religious persecution at the hands of their Muslim neighbors]

    Well, you get the picture

    Honestly the vile spew goes on word after word, paragraph after paragraph, I couldn't take it anymore. But Let this serve as a careful warning. "venerable" media institutions are completely and utterly corrupted. They intend to brainwash you as well. PAY ATTENTION! Prick up your ears when you hear "why do they hate us?


    Why They Hate Us
    The Scotsman has an explanation for the murder in Iraq of journalist Steven Vincent. See if you can finish this sentence:

    An American journalist who was shot dead in Basra last week was executed by Shiite extremists who . . .

    . . . had been worn down by grinding poverty?

    . . . were angry over Israel's treatment of Palestinian Arabs?

    . . . resented the presence in their country of foreign troops?

    . . . sought to avenge the abuses at Abu Ghraib?

    If you said any of the above, you're wrong. Here's the full sentence:

    An American journalist who was shot dead in Basra last week was executed by Shiite extremists who knew he was intending to marry his Muslim interpreter, it has emerged.

    That's right, Steven Vincent was killed to prevent him from intermarrying. Those Westerners who side with the "Iraqi resistance" against America and its allies are defending the equivalent of the murder of Emmett Till.

    Hat tip: My favorite sagacious acerbic wit, James Taranto
    Opinion Journal

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    I know what the Bible means when it says "woe to those who call evil good and good, evil..."

  • Gaza_burningIsrael Closes Gaza Strip to Israelis as Disengagement Starts
    Israel's defense forces shut the Gaza Strip to Israelis at midnight Sunday as the government started the final phase of its withdrawal from the area, an army statement said. For the next two days, Israeli forces will go house-to-house and ask residents who have stayed past the deadline to evacuate peacefully. After that, the military and police will begin removing remaining settlers forcefully
  • Photo:  A house belonging to Yakov Mazaltarin, top, burns yesterday as he and another man prepare to leave their home near the Jewish settlement of Rafiah Yam in the southern Gaza Strip. Mazaltarin said he refused to see his property in the hands of Palestinian Arabs. David Guttenfelder / AP

  • Hamas Chiefs Insist Fight Goes OnHamas_heil
    Hamas leaders made a rare public appearance together Saturday in Gaza to assert the Palestinian militant group's right to continue its armed campaign against Israel. "Hamas confirms it is committed to armed resistance," Ismail Haniya said. The Hamas leaders positioned themselves in front of their green flag and draped themselves in the group's color, defying PA officials, who said on Friday that only the Palestinian flag should be used to celebrate Israel's withdrawal
  • Sunday, August 07, 2005

    Where for art thou BiBi?

    Netanyahu Resigns from Government

      By Hillel Fendel

    Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced his sudden resignation from the government this afternoon, citing the disengagement plan as dangerous and harmful to the State of Israel.

    "We have reached the moment of truth," Netanyahu informed the Cabinet in a letter he left on the Cabinet table after his dramatic announcement this afternoon. "There is a way of reaching peace and security, but unilateral withdrawal - under terrorist fire, and with nothing in return - is not the way to do this. Withdrawing from Gaza will turn that area into a terror base that will endanger the country.

    Less than a half-hour after the surprise announcement, the Cabinet voted by a 17-5 margin to approve the first stage of the disengagement. The three communities that are to be destroyed, according to the decision, are Kfar Darom, Netzarim and Morag.

    Not good, Not good at all. The Sharansky resignation was bad enough.........and many of my readers are wildly divided on this issue as am I. But I honestly believe those borders and those bands of settlers are too hard to defend (militarily and $$$$$$$$$$).

    Believe me the thought of that tiny country getting any smaller leaves me cold, dead cold. And I was dead set against Oslo. But this is different...........
    this is not land for peace.

    I don't see it as land for peace, I see it as strategy for war................they must protect Israel first and foremost and on this I see eye to eye with Elliot Jager

    And I think Bibi's timing is most unfortunate.....................I mean really. I know he wants to be Prime Minister, but not this way. This is not the time to play politics. And I expect much railing at me from my readers.

    Disengagement Blues - Elliot Jager
    With a heavy heart, I embrace Prime Minister Sharon's argument that the Jewish state must not rule over Gaza's 1 million hostile Palestinian Arabs in perpetuity; that Gush Katif is no longer a military asset; and that to salvage as much of Judea, Samaria - and Jerusalem - as possible, precious communities must be uprooted. Sharon claims that once the Gaza withdrawal is behind us there will be no "gestures" and no "progress" on the road map until the terrorism infrastructure is dismantled. If he holds firm, if the U.S. pro-Israel community unites behind this stance, Israel will be diplomatically better off than it is today. Disengagement allows Israel to consolidate its defensive lines. It demonstrates understanding of international public opinion, and stabilizes the home front. (Jerusalem Post)

    And the man in the arena?
    "Israel is a Peace Seeking Country"

    you may hate it, but it's a plan...........a defensible plan

    Sharon, I believe he  is going against everything he ever held dear,everything he has ever believed to make Israel safe. At the end of the day, this is his objective.I know at first (second, third) glance the disengagement is hideous, but it is a boots on the ground plan. It is a REALITY plan. Close ranks, close borders, and keep the Palis out - end of story. DEVELOP ALL THAT DESERT, the Negev. If not the Jews, then who?


    Look this is just my opinion..............

    Friday, August 05, 2005

    Even when they are Right they are Wrong

    They being the LLL mainstream media.

    By that I mean yesterday's media coverage of the killing spree by a Jewish Settler.Israeli_shooting
    It was horrific, wrong, terrible.


    But what strikes me is the scant attention the media has made of the shooter's immediate lynching, murder by the mob. Natan-Zada was stoned and beaten to death. The mob also attacked two Arab men, apparently believing they were trying to protect the shooter.

    No matter what...........that is wild. That is world news and if it happened to a Pali in Israel, we'dIsraeli_shooting_3 be wringing our hands until the next holocaust. The only paper giving it serious play is The New York Post (of course) - but that's expected. I am talking world media and America's media elites.

    Take the news story and exchange settler for Pali and Pali for settler. The difference? The difference is murdering a bunch of  Jews on a bus would get no world press, but the lynching would be .............well Jenin (and there was no story in Jenin, just Pali lies)

    Think about it.

    Just sayin........

    P.S. Charles over at Little Green Football,(my blogdaddy) coined the term car swarm, is this its natural progression - bus swarm - Atlas?

    Thursday, August 04, 2005

    "UN Experts"? My Favorite New Oxymoron.

    West Bank barrier a violation of Israel's rights obligations: UN experts [WTF? there is no such thing - Atlas]
    Thu, 04 Aug 2005

    GENEVA (AP) - The barrier Israel is building to seal off the West Bank is a violation of Israel's human rights obligations, a group of UN experts said Thursday.

    Where to begin with these oxymorons? The UN is a Human Rights violation. China, Russia, Sudan Darfur, Niger, Sharia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, et al are all Human Rights Violators.

    The security fence SAVES JEWISH LIVES.  Saving jewish lives is a violation of human rights?


    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    A week in the Life of Israel vs A Week in the Death of Iran

    Let' s take a look see (as we did last week) at  the contribution Iran makes to humanity vs. Israel
    It's devastating considering Europeans consider Israel the number one threat to world peace.

    First we'll look at Iran, shall we?Head

    The NY Sun:

    Defying warnings from the Iranian regime ordering her not to talk to foreign reporters, the wife of dissident journalist Akbar Ganji yesterday told The New York Sun that she has had no choice but to appeal to the international community to save the life of her husband, who today enters Day 53 of a hunger strike. Meanwhile in New York, a spokesman for Secretary-General Annan says his boss has personally intervened with the mullahs on Mr. Ganji's behalf.

    In an exclusive telephone interview yesterday, Massoumeh Shafieh said: "We are appealing to the United Nations, human rights groups, and other nations to pressure our government to release my husband. Our struggle must reach out past the borders of Iran now. Our leaders will not listen to their people, they will only respond to external pressure."
     reported on the scattered clashes which took place, today, in the northwestern City of Sannandaj located in the Iranian province of Kurdistan.

    Kenneth R. Timmerman,
    published a transcript of Ken Timmerman's speech at David Horwitz's Wednesday Morning Club entitled: Iran: The Threat We Cannot Neglect.

    discussed Debkafile's report that al-Qaida is shifting more than 1,000 of its operatives to Europe for terror offensives.

    Mosnews reported that Israel has asked Ukraine to demand that Iran return 12 long-range cruise missiles purchased during the tenure of the previous Ukrainian government. 

    Michael Ledeen, National Review discussed, can an atom bomb save the Iranian mullahs from democracy?

    Roozonline reported that while there is only a week left from the inauguration of the new Iranian president, there are plenty of events heralding the advent of policies that were forewarned by political observers and activists.

    Reuters reported that Iran said on Monday it had extended by one day its deadline for the European Union to submit proposals to solve a diplomatic impasse over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

    Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran will deliver a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency informing the UN watchdog about its partial resumption of peaceful nuclear work in Isfahan center.

    Business Finance News reported that Germany urged Iran not to take any "unilateral steps" on uranium enrichment.

    • hat tip:onebusybee

    and it's a different kind of busy week in Israel

    Israeli device goes straight to the bone   
    American emergency personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have come to rely on a novel Israeli-made device - WaisMed's Bone Injection Gun (BIG) - which enables a medic to bypass the veins and penetrate the tibia within seconds to inject saline or medication. More...
    Global Democracy | Peace of mind for special needs families   
    A unique award-winning Jerusalem center not only helps special needs children develop, it also provides support for their families. The warm atmosphere is due in no small part to the fact that its founder, Malki Samuels, is herself the mother of a child with special needs. More...
    Health | Israeli and US doctors team up to help emphysema patients breathe easier   
    Over 3.1 million Americans suffering from emphysema may soon have a way to relieve their discomfort without resorting to risky lung surgery. A new technique which treats the damaged portions of the lung with a "biological glue" is now undergoing clinical tests in Boston and Tel Aviv.  More...
    Culture | Jewish and Arab children learn cooperation in the Galilee circus   
    The Galilee Circus, a project of The Galilee Foundation for Value Education, is breaking down boundaries between Jewish and Arab children through acrobatics, juggling, tumbling, and walking on stilts.  More...
    Profiles | Israel's real-life CSI sleuth

    Global Democracy | A new ER for Israel's wildlife

    Health | Israeli success in curbing Hepatitis A to be model for other countries

    Culture | Israeli project connects the performing and the video arts

    Technology | Solving a problem in the blink of an eye

    Global Democracy | A Rocky Mountain high for Israeli rescue unit

    Profiles | Israeli research shows it's the voice - not the eyes - that is the window to the soul

    Best site: Israel21C

    Palis fire on Israeli Protesters, Kill Palistinian toddler

    and they killed their own reap what you sow

    My Way reports:Annan_arafat_2

    SDEROT, Israel (AP) - Palestinians fired rockets Tuesday at a gathering of thousands of Israeli settlers protesting the upcoming Gaza withdrawal, but missed, killing instead a 3-year-old Palestinian boy and wounding nine other Palestinians in Gaza.

    Among the wounded were five children, aged 4 to 11, including four children of Hisham Abdel Razek, a senior official in the ruling Fatah party and a former Palestinian Cabinet minister. Abdel Razek's wife was also injured.

    The dead boy was identified as Yasser Adnan Ashkar, who was killed when one of the stray rockets hit his family's home in Beit Hanoun, northeast of Gaza City. His 11-year-old brother was in critical condition. Abdel Razek's family was visiting at the time, witnesses said.

    Now keep telling me it's about the Palis wanting their own land and not about the elimination of Israel.

    Conflicts of Interest - Martin Peretz
    Given the world's being so enthusiastically taken in by Arafat, given the forked tongues of the present Palestinian leadership, one issue for Israel is: Can the Palestinians be trusted? Frankly, it's hard to find many people who'd answer in the affirmative. News has trickled out about details of Condoleezza Rice's demands on Israel, which apparently include that it supply the PA with weapons and ammunition. And who exactly will guarantee that these will not fall into the hands of the legions of habitual terrorists who nestle in the PA's militias or that they won't simply be passed on to the pious murderers of Hamas and Islamic Jihad?
        The PA has so many times obliged itself to Bill Clinton, George Bush, and the Israelis to stop official incitement against Jews and Israel. But the most grotesque and genocide-provoking hatred for the Jewish people and their state continues to flood the official marketplace of what you might not want to call ideas. I've known this for years, and American journalists have known it for years, but it has gone largely unreported. It's not their kind of story because it ruins the story of Palestinian moderation, to which so many reporters, columnists, and editorialists are wed. (New Republic)

    Read more about the Palis over at Garbanzo Toons................he's good

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    An American Hiroshima?

    You Must Read FrontPageMag's interview with  Joseph Farah, the founder, editor and chief executive officer of WND

    Farah:  Several reporters and top intelligence analysts -- people including me, YossefAmerica_hiroshima Bodansky, the former terrorism guru to the U.S. Congress, Paul Williams, author of the upcoming book, "The Al Qaeda Connection," and others -- have been working quietly and independently for years on this issue of al-Qaida's acquisition and plans for nuclear weapons. What's happening is that this independent work has led to surprisingly similar conclusions -- that al-Qaida has nuclear weapons, probably many of them, and that some of them, according to a variety of sources, have already been smuggled into this country using our porous borders and with the help of criminal enterprises like the MS-13 gang.

     There is no question, based on captured documents and captured al-Qaida leaders that Osama bin Laden has been planning his "American Hiroshima" for many years -- long before Sept. 11, 2001. When you hear U.S. officials -- from President Bush, to Vice President Dick Cheney, to the head of the FBI and Homeland Security all telling us about the "inevitability" of a terrorist attack on the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction, this is what they are talking about. They haven't come right out and made the announcements about what they know is the threat because they have determined it might create a panic. We're not reporting anything the White House doesn't know. We're not reporting anything the CIA doesn't know. We're not reporting anything the FBI doesn't know. We're just reporting what the American people don't know. And since the government is doing next to nothing to protect the American people, it seems appropriate to let them in on the dirty little secret.

    There is a major threat to the U.S. civilian population from al-Qaida's existing nuclear arsenal -- and, based on the evidence, I believe some of that arsenal has already been delivered to this country.


    Youth wing of UK Muslim group calls for jihad

    New Zealand Herald reports

    Children as young as 11 are being targeted by radical Muslims who appear to haveHamas_child_2_3 infiltrated a mainstream Muslim website.
    Literature aimed at children between 11 and 18 on the youth section of the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) website calls on them to "boycott those who openly wage war against Allah".

    The article containing that quote, entitled "Imam Hassan al-Banna on jihad", goes on to say: "Jihad is a powerful invigorating yearning for Islam's might and glory ... which makes you cry when looking at the weakness of Muslims today and the humiliating tragedies crushing him to death everywhere. "

    This Is Progress? Iraq, Shame on You

    How depressing, the more things change, the more they stay the same (or get worse)

    A draft of the “Bill of Rights” in the forthcoming Constitution of Iraq, as of July 20,Antisemitism2 2005, tells Jews who fled Iraq: you are not welcome to return. Jews from Iraq who fled before 1968 are not eligible to obtain Iraqi nationality and citizenship.

    An earlier draft published in June 30 stated, “Any individual with another nationality (except for Israel) may obtain Iraqi nationality after a period of residency inside the borders of Iraq of not less than ten years for an Arab or twenty years for any other nationality.” The July 20 draft states that Iraqis who lost citizenship after 1968 may regain it, thus still excluding almost all Iraqi Jews, but at least not exclusively.

    Before Israel become an independent state in 1948, there were 150,000 Jewish citizens in Iraq. Israelites have lived in Iraq for over 2500 years. In 586 B.C.E., Babylon conquered Judea and brought many Jews to what is now Iraq. Baghdad later became a major center of Jewish thought. During the 1930s and 1940s, Nazi ideology infected the Arab region. In 1941, led by a mufti allied with Nazi Germany, there was a pro-Nazi coup, followed by killing, raping, and looting of Jews. Iraqi Jews call this the “Farhud,” or “violent dispossession.” The British army then came in and squashed the pogrom.

    Read it all

    Sunday, July 31, 2005

    Sobbing as I read this...........

    Hamas Calls Gaza Withdrawal Plan A "National Achievement" Hamas_child_1

    New York – A senior leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, Ismail Haneya, has described the upcoming Israeli withdrawal/expulsion of 10,000 Jews from their homes, schools, synagogues, farms and businesses in Gaza and Northern Samaria as "a national achievement." In an interview, Haneya was quoted as saying, "Hamas sees in the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip a national achievement by the Palestinian people. It is the fruit of the resistance and steadfastness of the Palestinian people. That is why Hamas is interested to see a full withdrawal from the Gaza Strip so the Palestinian people can enjoy freedom as a first stage on the path of liberating the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories" (, July 25).

    Friday, July 29, 2005


    The UN is useless, but worse than that ineffectual, corrupt, and guilty of sexual crimes as well. This is the same UN (and co-conspirators) that recently said things were going swimmingly in the Sudan Darfur region. Meanwhile they are moving their child raping UN peacekeepers all around the globe.
    Condi must put the heat on.

    Diplomacy takes a hit in Sudan

    It's not every day you hear a U.S. secretary of state say: "I am about the only person they did not rough up." Condoleezza Rice got a glimpse of the dysfunctional, anti-democratic government of Sudan last week. 

    UN official: Darfur authorities bully rape victims

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Gang rapes in Sudan's Darfur region, especially by soldiers andDarfur1rape_2 police, often go unpunished with authorities more willing to arrest the victims than the perpetrators, a U.N. official said on Thursday.

    Louise Arbour, the Geneva-based high commissioner for human rights, told the U.N. Security Council that complaints against military and other law enforcement personnel were delayed indefinitely or dismissed outright.

    "When rape is not established by the courts, rape victims risk facing criminal charges themselves," she told the council in a closed session before releasing her briefing notes.

    Arbour, who intends to release a report on Friday on access to justice for Darfur rape victims, said "rape and gang rapes continue to be perpetrated by armed elements in Darfur, some of whom are members of law enforcement agencies and the armed forces."

    "The government appears either unable or unwilling to hold them consistently accountable," Arbour said.

    Victims and witnesses had faced arrest for "providing false information" after reporting sexual violence, she said

    Pope Benedict Arnold

    Look, this equivocation makes me sick. Coming from the Pope no less. What is wrong with the neurocircuitry of rational people? Yeah yeah maybe they ain't rational or maybe Jew hating obliterates rational thought..

    The problem with asshat statements like these is THEY EMBOLDEN THE TERRORISTS.

    Vatican Denounces Israel

    VATICAN CITY - The Vatican on Thursday denounced some IsraeliPope_1 retaliations against past terrorism as a violation of international law in an ongoing spat over Pope Benedict XVI's failure to specifically condemn terror against Israel in recent remarks.


    The Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned the Vatican envoy to Israel on Monday and complained that Benedict "deliberately" didn't mention a July 12 suicide bombing in Netanya while referring to recent terror strikes in Egypt, Britain, Turkey and Iran

    "It's not always possible to immediately follow every attack against Israel with a public statement of condemnation," a statement from the Vatican press office said Thursday night, [uh...........why not? that's your job isn't it?- Atlas] "and (that is) for various reasons, among them the fact that the attacks against Israel sometimes were followed by immediate Israeli reactions not always compatible with the rules of international law."

    "It would thus be impossible to condemn the first (the terror strikes) and let the second (Israeli retaliation) pass in silence," said the statement, which had an unusually blistering tone for the Holy See.

    So Pope Benedict Arnold, what is it you are suggesting? Attacks against Israel should be followed up with bouquets of roses and billions in aid (which of course invariably goes right into the bloody terrorists bomb making hands?

    Israel takes the dangerously strategic of only going after the bloody assassins of innocent men, women and children. They got bomb pizza parlors, nightclubs, and religious gatherings. They go after and  Kill the Killer.

    I just dont get it............even with the Vatican's notorioulsy anti-semetic history.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    They are F*cking Kidding right?

    Israel Is Still Blocking the Road to Peace from the Jewhaters at the International Herald Tribune (owned by SHOCKA! The New York Times)

    "..........the failure of Israel to coordinate its imminent withdrawal from Gaza withJew_hate_3 Palestinian leadership. With less than four weeks to go, not one of the issues that will determine whether the pullout will be a success or a disaster has been resolved.

    But as important as it is for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to coordinate the disengagement with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and for Abbas to finally confront Palestinian rejectionist groups, there is an even more important problem. That problem is Sharon's determination to use the withdrawal not as a precedent for a comprehensive land-for-peace accord but to make such an accord impossible.

    That, my dear friends and readers, is blatant antisemitism. Israel is tearing herself apart for this stinkin disengagement with no guarantees. The terror has not stopped. The security fence has impeded the animals ability to kill innocent jews, but other than that the attacks continue unabated - Atlas


    EXCLUSIVE TO THE NEW YORK POST (also a great New York Newspaper)
    Osama bin Laden tried to buy a massive amount of cocaine, spike it with poison and sell it in the United States, hoping to kill thousands of Americans one year after the 9/11 attacks, The Post has learned.Osama_coke_post_1

    Sources said the feds were told that bin Laden personally met with leaders of a Colombian drug cartel.

    The evil plot failed when the Colombian drug lords bin Laden approached decided it would be bad for their business - and, possibly, for their own health, according to law-enforcement sources familiar with the Drug Enforcement Administration's probe of the aborted transaction. The feds were told of the scheme earlier this year, but its existence had never been made public. The Post has reviewed a document detailing the DEA's findings in the matter, in addition to interviewing sources familiar with the case.

    Sources said the feds were told that bin Laden personally met with leaders of a Colombian drug cartel to in 2002 to negotiate the purchase of tons of cocaine, saying that he was willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to finance the deal.

    Monday, July 25, 2005

    What is Iran up today? Murdering Gay Teens, Journalists while Israel works for Mankind

    While the world condemns Israel, let's see what Iran was up to this week.................

    Iran's Ebadi says reporter was deliberately killed
    Reuters via Yahoo! News Mon, 25 Jul 2005 8:26 AM PDT
    Lawyers representing the family of a Canadian photographer who died in custody in Iran said on Monday she was deliberately killed and demanded an impartial court retry the case.

    Iran reports torture, rights abuses in its prisonsIran_killing2_1
    USA Today Sun, 24 Jul 2005 2:48 PM PDT
    An unprecedented report resulting from a judicial investigation found widespread human rights violations and torture in Iran's prisons, the state-run media reported Sunday. Iran's constitution forbids torture and the nation has previously denied its use.

    Iran not to extend Afghan repatriation plan
    Payvand Iran News Mon, 25 Jul 2005 8:02 AM PDT
    Director General of the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs (BAFIA) Ahmad Hosseini said in Tehran on Monday that Iran does not intend to extend the Afghan repatriation plan. Speaking to reporters, he added that according to the Geneva agreement, by the end of current Iranian year (March 20) the residence permit of Afghan refugees residing in Iran will have expired. 

     IRAN: Activists condemn execution of gay teens
    IRIN Mon, 25 Jul 2005 7:04 AM PDT
    ANKARA, 25 Jul 2005 (IRIN) - Human rights groups the world over have strongly condemned the recent execution of two gay teenagers in northeastern Iran.

    vs. what Israel was up to this week;^l1047&enZone=ProfilesIsrael's real-life CSI sleuth
    At the forefront of the worldwide fight against criminal and terrorist activity is Professor Yossi Almog, an Israeli scientist who has collaborated extensively with the US Secret Service and the FBI. He is now about to receive the top international forensic award for his outstanding achievements.^l1048&enZone=HealthIsraeli success in curbing Hepatitis A to be model for other countries
    Israel's decision to be the first nation in the world to offer Hepatitis A vaccinations to all of its toddlers has paid off tremendously, with a stunning drop in the incidence of the disease. The unique program is quickly becoming a model for other countries interested in eliminating the disease.^l1049&enZone=TechnologySolving a problem in the blink of an eye
    Children with 'lazy eye' can say goodbye to uncomfortable patches. OphthoCare has developed unique eyeglasses which function like an electronic shutter. Approved by the FDA, the glasses are likely to revolutionize the treatment of amblyopia, a condition which affects about 5% of American children.^l1050&enZone=CultureIsraeli project connects the performing and the video arts
    A one-of-a-kind philanthropic project called the Jerusalem Center for Performing Arts marries the arts, business and technology for the benefit of all by stimulating actors, directors and computer programmers into creating a unique theater experience.^l1051&enZone=DemocracyA new ER for Israel's wildlife
    Israel's first hospital for non-domestic animals has opened its doors at the Ramat Gan Safari. According to its director, Dr. Igal Horowitz, the primary goal of the facility is to bring the wounded animals back to their natural habitat.^l1043&enZone=DemocracyA Rocky Mountain high for Israeli rescue unit
    Israel's Negev Highlands Rescue Team provided a breath of desert air to Colorado's Front Range Rescue Team during recent joint rescue and search exercises in the Rocky Mountains, in which the two units exchanged ideas, shared techniques, and developed a mutual admiration society.^l1044&enZone=ProfilesIsraeli research shows it's the voice - not the eyes - that is the window to the soul
    Using a unique tool for analyzing the human voice, Israeli researchers Dr. Yoram Levanon and Dr. Lan Lossos are able to outline the speaker's basic personality, likes and dislikes. Its potential for everything from disease diagnosis to telemarketing aids is just beginning to be explored.

    A "SETTLER" from Jerusalem? Is all of Israel "Occupied?"

    Jerusalem resident Brian Blum had an up-close-and-personal experience with media bias this weekend. HonestReporting asked Brian to share his story in this exclusive:

    Brian Blum

    For the past three years, I have been writing a decidedly non-political weblog called 'This Normal Life'. My goal has been to present slices of what passes for 'normal life' in today's troubled Israel.

    I have very deliberately avoided presenting any particular political or religious point of view, and have turned down a number of offers for interviews with the international media, always afraid that my neutrality as an author would be compromised.

    So it was with no small amount of trepidation that I agreed to be profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle. The reporter actually found me through my blog, and said he was writing a series of articles about the real people behind the headlines living their normal lives in the Middle East. As a former San Franciscan, I would be perfect, he assured me.

    With a pickup line like that, how could I say no?

    Imagine then my shock when I read the headline of the article about me that appeared in Sunday's SF Chronicle (July 24): 'Settler Hopes for Peace to Take Root.'


    The last time I checked, we residents of western Jerusalem were not considered 'settlers'. I wondered: Had the western media, which already dehumanized Israeli residents of the West Bank and Gaza as problematic 'settlers' and interlopers, come to consider all of Israel a controversial 'settlement'?!

    As a writer and a reporter, I know what happens in the editing process, and I know that the reporter who interviewed me, Matt Stannard, was not responsible for the headline. Indeed, Stannard sent me an apologetic e-mail shortly after the article came out, expressing how he feels 'terrible' and 'sabotaged' by whoever made what he said was a last minute overnight change.

    Still, it highlights a general problem with 'balance' when it comes to media reporting in this part of the world.


    When I first started writing 'This Normal Life', I approached the Chronicle, my hometown paper, and suggested that they print my blog as a weekly column. The editor I spoke with said the only way they could do that is if they gave equal time and space to a contrasting Palestinian viewpoint.

    I argued, to no avail, that my writing was not political; it was just charming little stories about daily life from an expatriate San Franciscan.

    So now, when I see a headline describing me as a settler, I have to wonder ― was that the result of a complete lack of awareness by the headline writer as to what the term 'settler' connotes? A deliberate attempt to spice up the story ― to say 'look, here's a real settler who supports peace, isn't that special?'

    Or was it something even worse ― a not-so-hidden political agenda to radicalize a simple Israeli?

    Whatever the intention, the words are loaded and the result tarnishes Stannard's mostly-accurate portrayal of my life. But then, I had no illusions that the article would avoid a political point of view in the end. Stannard told me up front that he was planning on 'twinning' me with a similarly 'normal' Palestinian from Ramallah, and indeed, the cover of the Sunday Chronicle has both of us in full color.


    After the article appeared, Stannard intervened and ensured that the headline of the article was changed ― several times in fact. Within hours of its original appearance on the web, 'Settler' changed to 'Resident' before settling (no pun intended) on 'Man from Berkeley hopes for peace'.

    But the newspaper that hundreds of thousands of San Francisco Bay Area readers opened with their morning coffee this Sunday had already gone to print ― with me cast as 'settler'.

    Looks like I'll be avoiding the press for a little while longer.

    Brian Blum is a journalist and entrepreneur. His latest startup Bloggerce offers publishing services to budding bloggers. He lives in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem with his wife and three children.

    Hat tip: Honest Reporting

    Sunday, July 24, 2005

    My question to the Left: Is it War Yet?

    Having been away this past weekend to bucolic Maine and upstate New York (visiting day for sleep away), the terror homicide bombings continue unabated.

    Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt was hit bad (80 dead and  the seriously wounded American girl vacationing with her beau has died) and this justSuicidebomberpolicetape after the London terror attacks, not to mention Hamas and Islamic Jihad continuing its war against Israel and the explosion in a Christian part of Lebanon. The back to back  nature of the deadly attacks in Egypt and London, as well as similarities in the methods used, suggests that the al Qaeda leadership have given the orders for both operations and is a clear sign that Osama bin Laden and his deputies may very well  remain in control of the network. And still we  do "random searches" vs  Israel  profiling.Israel_murdered_couple

    My question to the left is  - At what point do they recognize WE ARE AT WAR. The world is at war. RADICAL ISLAM has declared war on Western Civilization. When does the left stop aiding the enemy and fight the great fight?

    And still I turn on the networks (FOX included) and they are still doing the Plame circle jerk.

    WTF is it going to take?
      (photo right : Dov and Rachel Kol, murdered in Israel Sunday night)

    (photo left: homicide bomber)


    PA Broadcasts Refer to Couple´s Murderers as ´Holy Martyrs´
    By IsraelNationalNews Staff

    Official Palestinian Authority (PA) broadcasts lauded the murder of grandparents David and Rachel Kol Sunday, saying the terror attack was one of resistance and holy martyrdom.

    “Voice of Palestine radio and Palestinian state television applauded Sunday morning the murder of two Israeli civilians in Gaza Saturday,” reports PA media expert Dr. Michael Widlanski. “Calling it an act of 'resistance' [muqawwima] and 'holy martyrdom' [istish-haad], [the broadcasts hinted] that the murderers were carrying out their civic duty.”

    Wednesday, July 20, 2005

    What We Can Do Instead Of Bombing Mecca


    Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald offers some suggestions of what we can do to defend human rights and resist the jihad threat, in the wake of Congressman Tancredo's remarks:

    It would have been better to make the following point: during the Cold War, the Soviet rulers knew that if they did certain things, certain things would be done by NATO or the American government. And the knowledge of what might be done, would be done, in return, helped prevent the Soviet rulers from doing what they might otherwise have done.

    So it would be helpful to make suggestions as to what would constitute deterrence.Target_1 These might include, not destroying Mecca, which would cause maddened Muslims everywhere to attack and kill Infidels -- and the problem with Islam is that it contains many elements of a violent cult that cannot be wished away, or hidden any longer. Are maddened millions or tens of millions or hundreds of millions of inconsolable Muslims, for whom Mecca no longer exists, and so with nothing further to lose, what we wish to bring into being? No. But the idea of discussing possible means of deterrence, not of the determined suicide-bomber, but of all those who have helped to fund mosques and madrasas, or to supply the emotional and financial and intellectual support system (including the continued smooth practitioners of taqiyya-and-kitman in the West), and who can be threatened in all sorts of ways.

    More sober discussion of how, for example, points of entry and exit into Mecca, could systematically be reduced in number, or airfields used by pilgrims made unusable, is a different suggestion, one that has many advantages, in that it is an incremental response: first this quadrant is closed off, and now this one, and so on.

    It is now clear to Muslims in the West, or to some of them, that their assumption about continued Western appeasement, based on continued misunderstanding of Islam by Infidels was wrong. The EU's foreign policy is still in place, but Bat Ye'or's "Eurabia" is circulating -- even at the highest levels of the Pentagon. Eventually, terror, used as an instrument of Jihad, will alert enough Infidels to the permanent problem of Jihad, of all the instruments of Jihad, including that of demographic conquest and Da'wa, and lead inexorably to an understanding that the Muslims in their midst, allowed in by political elites who were either indifferent, or mesmerized by the Idols of the Age, those unexamined assumptions about how Everyone Wants the Same Thing and All Religions Are Alike. Those Muslims may be "moderate" or "immoderate," and the "moderation" may be real, or feigned, permanent or temporary, immune to, or susceptible to, being jettisoned whenever setbacks or depressive fits or any of the ills that flesh and spirit are heir to, may cause a "moderate" Muslim, or even a "Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only" Muslim, to throw off that "moderation" and morph in Jekyll-into-Hyde fashion, into someone ready to blame the Infidels. There have been quite a few examples of such outwardly "moderate" people changing their beliefs and hence their behavior, as a response not so much to political or geopolitical events, but to personal setbacks, emotional disarray. When the universe is viewed through the prism of Islam, it is the Infidels who always wear black.

    Discussion of measures that might truly curb, for example, the Saudi money that pours into the Western world, and funds mosques everywhere, all over that world, and madrasas all over the dar al-Islam, and that is furthermore used to buy an army of hirelings, non-Muslim apologists for islam, should be undertaken - out in the open so that Infidel publics can be made aware of the size of the problem.

    Deterrent measures, that could be undertaken without waiting in some cases for any further attacks (but further attacks will help to justify the more far-reaching among them) might include, but not be limited to:


    1) Seizure of Saudi-owned assets in the West, and sale of such assets to pay for the economic damage, including the cost of surveillance and other security measures, that are attributable to Saudi-funded mosques, madrasas, and propaganda all over the world.

    2) Seizure of other Arab-owned or Muslim-owned assets in the West, for the same reasons. There need not be any distinction made between property owned by governments and those who are deemed to be enemy nationals -- no such distinction was made during World War II.

    3) A complete ban on Muslim migration to the Western world (which needs to be undertaken in any case), and limits put on any contact between Muslims living in the West, who may already have obtained ciizenship and -- unless they are native-born converts -- their countries of origin.

    4) Careful review of how citizenship is obtained, and what oaths of loyalty are administered, and if those oaths can possibly have been meant by those whose sole loyalty, by the very tenets of their belief-system, can only be to Islam and the Community of Believers, the umma al-islamiyya.

    5) Government-sponsored centers to teach people about Islam outside of universities, which all over the Western world have been infiltrated, or rather captured by, apologists for Islam both Muslim and non-Muslim.

    The study of Arabic under teachers whom the Infidel governments will deliberately find among Arabic-speaking non-Muslims, chiefly from those populations most likely not to supply subtle apologists for Islam - Maronites, Copts, disaffected Berbers, Arabic-speaking Jews. A knowledge of Arabic is not required for an understanding of Islam 80% of the world's Muslims do not speak or read Arabic but have no difficulty knowing what Islam is all about. But it can be of help in studying the history of Jihad-conquest, and certainly it can be of help in debates with Muslims who accuse one of "not understanding Islam without a knowledge of Arabic." Nonsense, of course, but nonsense more convincingly refused if someone has studied Arabic.

    6) War-footing (i.e., Manhattan Project support) for solar and wind and nuclear energy projects, for conservation, and for mass transit, including that such as Amtrak which loses money, but should be cheerfully subsidized by an intelligent government bent, even hellbent, on diminishing OPEC oil revenues.

    7) An end to all outward and visible signs of rhetorical "respect" for Islam, including the studied refusal to mention "Islmaic terrorism" or "Muslim terrorism" which has gone on for too long. Use these adjectives; never let them go. Use the word "jihad." Stop all attempts at verbal escamotage, where the listener is left, puzzled, dissatisfied with the deliberate vagueness.


    8) End all access to Western education, not only for those Arabs and Muslims studying any kind of science, but in every area. Attempting the hopeless project of "educating them" out of their belief-system will not work. Many terrorists have lived in the West, seen the West, studied in the West, taught in the West. Dr. A. Q. Khan did "research" in the West - and we know the results of that research. Muslims in Western universities are dangerous to Infidel wellbeing, not only because of the women they marry and cause to convert (to the subsequent sorrow of many), but because they are, with the odd exception, likely to conduct Da'wa and promote the geopolitics of Islam. Past masters at taqiyya-and-kitman, they should be regarded as akin to enemy agents, promoting a belief-system that means Infidel political and social arrangements and assumptions no good.

    Condemning them to the solitary confinement of dar al-Islam will cause a concentration of minds.

    9) End all access to the Western world for the children of the ruling elites all over the Muslim world. Without this escape hatch, those rulers will have to begin to consider how to ameliorate things in their own countries.

    10) End the jizyah of Infidel aid to Muslim states, such as Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, and whatever the latest political instrument of the shock troops of the Jihad against Israel, the "Palestinians," may be called. Call attention to the $10 trillion that has already been recdeived by the Muslim members of OPEC in the last 1/3 century, and continue to advise those Pakistanis, Egyptians, Jordanians and "Palestinians" to ask for that aid no longer from the Infidels, who suddenly have to pay higher prices for oil and hundreds of billions more for security all over the Western world, but to those Arab and Muslim states that, not coincidentally, are receiving those hundreds of billions more in oil revenues each year.

    11) Keep the focus clearly on the belief-system of Islam and on Jihad. And after the next small terrorist attack on Infidels -- say, 10 killed - begin to legislate to make sure that some of the measures suggested above become not merely ideas but the law.

    12) Clean out the taxpayer-funded government radio and television stations of those who have so misled us about Islam over the past 20-30 years. Begin, possibly, by firing John Simpson, the deeply, even conspiratorially, anti-Israel and islamophilic head of the BBC World Affairs broadcasting, the same John Simpson (a close friend of Peter Hounam, whose conspiracy book about Israel is the kind of thing that antisemites love to flog) who described the Muslim bombers in London as "misguided criminals." That should have been enough to cause his discharge. Why wasn't it? What will it take for the long-suffering British license-payers to demand a change in the BBC coverage and, even before that, iin the personnel in charge of reporting on the Middle East and Islam? This domestic Lord Haw-Haw and Tokyo Rose business, where one need not even bother to turn the dial to Radio Berlin or Radio Tokyo to hear the sly propaganda, has to stop.

    These are things that can be done, should be done, long before suggestions about "bombing Mecca" need to be bruited about.

    Talk of attacking Mecca, instead of concentrating on more plausible suggestions (which do include limiting easy access to Mecca, something which the Saudis already do in limiting the number of visitors), is not likely to be helpful.

    Monday, July 18, 2005

    Don't even think of comparing the two, or three for that matter!

    And so we were advised...............don't you dare compare London to Israel.

    G-d, they really think we are morons, or maybe they are the morons? nah.........I vote evil not anti-idiotarian

    London Bomber Helped British Tel Aviv Suicide Bombers
    One of the suspects in the London bombings visited Israel in 2003 and is believed to have helped plan a suicide bombing by two British Muslims in Tel Aviv, the Israeli newspaper Maariv said on Sunday. According to Israeli security sources, Mohammed Sidique Khan, who blew himself up at Edgware Road on July 7, traveled to Israel two years ago to help two fellow Britons of Pakistani descent, Asif Hanif and Omar Sharif, carry out a suicide bombing at a Tel Aviv beachfront bar on April 30, 2003, that killed three Israelis. (Reuters)

    if A=B and B=C then A=C, tah dah!

    More Links Between British Bombing and al-Qaeda - Francis Elliott
    Mohammed Junaid Babar, 29, a Pakistani-American computer expert arrested on his return to the U.S. from an al-Qaeda summit in Pakistan last year, is reported to have picked out Mohammed Sidique Khan, who triggered a bomb at Edgware Road station, after being shown photographs of the four suicide bombers. (Independent-UK)

    But there are many that get it............

    Friday, July 15, 2005

    POOtin calling Bush=Hitler, MORAL INVERSION!

    And puleeze don't tell me POOtin was not behind this rally. Hardly brain dead.

    Tim points out this  excellent  blog entry from Registan:Bush_georgia_2

    MosNews reports that youth in St. Petersburg held a rally comparing Bush with Hitler. It was not, however, for the reasons that courageous Western youths often make the comparison–the stifling authoritarianism in the US that requires me to submit all I write to my GOP overlords for approval at risk of joining Democrats in the reeducation camps that dot the landscape, for example.

    No, instead…

    The protestors, members of a local branch of the United Socialistic Party of Russia and Congress of Socialist Youth, accuse the U.S. of supporting the so-called velvet revolutions in former Soviet republics.

    They displayed journalists a portrait of the U.S. President George W. Bush with orange toilet paper tied to it. “It expresses our attitude towards the American president and his initiatives,” Vitaly Chernov, leader of the Congress of Socialist Youth, said.

    “We express our protest against U.S. interference in Russian and CIS countries’ internal affairs and dispute ’pre-paid’ revolutions and encroachment on our country’s freedom,” Chernov went on.

    I guess I understand the position. After all, this and this look exactly like this.

    Check out PubliusPundit  his sagacious insight on this and the pressing issues of the day...........

    Wednesday, July 13, 2005



    Bush to Ganji: 'America Stands With You'

    Whle FOX can't shut up about the launch that didn't launch,
      goes virtually ignored.

    But not by America's Brightest, Smartest, and Oft Ignored Newspaper, The New York Sun.

    One of my favorite writers Eli Lake writes of the the bloody cry for freedom in Iran

    WASHINGTON - As Tehran University students clashed with police in Iran yesterday during demonstrations demanding the release of political prisoners, President Bush, from Washington, joined the growing movement calling for the release of dissident journalist Akbar Ganji.

    "The President calls on all supporters of human rights and freedom, and the United Nations, to take up Ganji's case and the overall human rights situation in Iran," a statement released by the White House yesterday read. Calls for comment to U.N. spokesmen were unreturned at press time last night. [surprise, surprise surprise.............those dogs -  Atlas]

    This is HUGE! We must back up those dying for freedom. This is very much part of the WAR ON RADICAL ISLAM (I hereby refuse to call it the War on Terror).


    This should be the national dialogue, this should be wall to wall coverage on the MSM, the alphabets and all the LLL media.


    And yeah, I love George W for his testicular fortitude (Taranto?)

    Great Editorial on this uprising at the New York Sun, Standing With Ganji.

    See also Rumsfeld: Iran Could Be Behind Israel Bomb Blast
    Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday: "With respect to attacks in Israel, we know that Iran has been on the terrorist list. We know that Iran has been assisting Hizballah and other organizations and moving equipment and people down through Damascus into Beirut and down into positions where they can attack Israel for years and years....Clearly that's been one of the stated and continuous purposes of Iran, is to harm Israel." (Defense Department)

    Monday, July 11, 2005

    Isolate from who? Their intended Murder Victims????

    Israeli Cabinet OKs Jerusalem Barrier
    AP via Yahoo! News Sun, 10 Jul 2005 7:38 AM PDT
    Israel's Cabinet on Sunday gave final approval to a Jerusalem separation barrier meant to stop suicide bombers, over strident Palestinian objections and U.S. misgivings because it will isolate thousands of Palestinians.

    Thursday, July 07, 2005

    Save This Man's Life

    Go over to Incognito Blog..........

    The petition we made for the Yemeni editor al-Khaiwanii got him amnesty in March.  Its been three months and they took his newspaper away Monday. Next they are going to kill him.Seriously. There's an explanation here
    you can link to and also al-Khaiwani's first letter is posted again. He hates the Jihaddis as much as we do, but they hate him back. There's also some emails posted that I got from Yemeni people.

    This is the plan: click here

    And then write in the subject line "In support of al-Khaiwanii and al-Shoura"
    or "in support of a Free Press in Yemen"

    or if you really want to annoy them write "regarding my cousin al-Khaiwanii"
    maybe "Waiting for the next issue of al-Shoura"
    and then send it. (No content in the body necessary.)

    if you want to copy it, here's the code: Bracket a href="mailto:(,,,,,,,"Bracket click here bracket slash a bracket

    Tuesday, July 05, 2005

    Too Lurid for Fiction: Tales of Horror from the Women Of Islam

    As part of my ongoing coverage of the roiling tsunami power of Radical Islam, I think it important to give a weekly synopsis of status or should I say static Islamic life for the subjugated abused women. Let's keep our eyes on them, for it is in their power to dramatically alter Islamic life. CONTROL is the issue. Dare we hope?

    WOMEN OF ISLAMHonor_killing

    Female rights activist, daughter shot dead in Pakistan Unidentified gunmen shot dead a women's rights activist and her daughter in deeply conservative northwestern Pakistan, police said on July 5.
    Women becoming new face of Aids in Asia Even after contracting HIV through no fault of her own and enduring discrimination, Periasamy Kousalya manages to stay cheerful as she relates the plight of Indian women like her.

    Iraqi women seek protection of rights Women in Iraq, rising up to ensure their rights are enshrined in the new constitution, are asking for a 40 percent quota in the country's National Assembly

    Bush unveils funding for women in Africa, malaria ahead of G8 meeting US President George W. Bush on June 30 announced a grant of $400 million for women's rights programs in Africa and fighting malaria

    Saudis seek support of rights watchdog to end ban on women driving About 100 Saudis, more than half of them women, have petitioned the country's government-sanctioned human rights watchdog seeking support for an end to the ban on women driving, the panel's chief said on June 28.

    Women's groups protest against order that rape victim separate from husband Indian women's groups were planning protests against a controversial ruling by a powerful Muslim body that a woman, allegedly raped by a relative, separate from her husband, a report said on June 28.

    Pakistan supreme court orders rearrest of gang rape suspects Pakistan's supreme court on June 28 ordered the rearrest of 13 men linked to the internationally condemned gang rape of a woman, including members of a village council that sanctioned the assault.

    Women in Darfur camps still prey to rape
    Women in displaced persons' camps in Darfur remain prey to rape, a UN security report said on June 25, adding that two Sudanese aid agency staff had been kidnapped by ethnic minority rebels.

    US official hails Kuwaiti women enfranchisement
    A senior US official hailed in Kuwait City on June 25 the enfranchisement of Kuwaiti women as historic, saying that the oil-rich emirate has made clear progress in the right direction.

    Eloping daughter prompts Indian family suicide An Indian couple and their three children committed suicide, unable to bear the humiliation caused when an older daughter eloped, a report said on June 25.

    "The Sheikh of the Slaughterers": Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the al-Qaeda Connection

    Critical Background data on those of you following World war IV:
    Jordan Frees Spiritual Mentor of Qaeda's Zarqawi
    - Suleiman al-Khalidi
    A Muslim cleric who molded the militant Islamic views of al-Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, sworn foe of U.S. forces in Iraq, has been freed from prison in Jordan, Islamist and security sources said Monday. Issam al-Barqawi, better known as Sheikh Abu Mohammad al-Maqdisi, 43, was released on June 28 after a six-month detention following his acquittal at a trial of Jordanian and Saudi sympathizers of al-Qaeda. "Maqdisi now has an ability to move more freely and reach out to his followers. This could pose a security risk and galvanize fundamentalists, especially since Zarqawi remains at large," said one official. Both Maqdisi and Zarqawi were freed by the Jordanians in 1999 under a general amnesty issued by King Abdullah. (Reuters) [it is Atlas' fervent prayer that they murder this sumabitch upon release - but hey that's just me - Atlas]

        See also "The Sheikh of the Slaughterers": Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the al-Qaeda Connection - Nimrod Raphaeli
    Following the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, the Kuwaiti government expelled 250,000 Palestinians who had Jordanian citizenship, many of them teachers and other professionals. Among the returnees were also some who belonged to the Jihad movement, headed by Issam al-Barqawi, who acquired the name of Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi and became the spiritual teacher of this movement in Jordan.
        One of the most prominent clandestine organizations established in Jordan was Tawheed (Monotheism), later renamed Bay'at al-Imam. It was founded by al-Maqdisi in 1992 and joined by al-Zarqawi in 1993. In 1994, Jordanian security services uncovered weapons in the possession of these two men. Al-Zarqawi adheres to the strictest version of Islam - Saudi Arabia's Wahhabism. (MEMRI)

    Saturday, June 25, 2005

    Chickens Come Home to Roost

    In a disturbing but not unsurprising new survey, antisemitism is on the rise among graduate students at the nation's elite universities.

    U.S. Grad Students Seen Hostile To Israel

    A new survey of attitudes toward Israel among graduate students at top U.S. universities offers a disturbing, if not frightening, picture of increasing sympathy for the Palestinian cause and blame on the Jewish state for the lack of peace.

    The report being issued this week by The Israel Project, a Washington, D.C.-based group seeking to strengthen Israel’s image, finds that “tomorrow’s leaders … are hostile to the Jewish state,” a growing trend that could jeopardize American foreign policy toward Israel in the near future.

    I say not surprising because as I have railed against for months there is a complete lack of academic integrity as tenured lefty professors en masse hijack our nation's universities.

    Just last week the Wall Street Journal called Academic Integrity RIP. For those of you who are not concerned with Israel or antisemitism or thinks it doesn't effect you ---- let me say this, you are dead wrong. Siding with terrorists and murderers does not bode well for you or America.

    There but for the grace of Eurabia go I.................................

    oh! And while you are cruising through the Sphere, you MUST read my OpEd piece over at my bloghubby Jackson's Junction -

    The Fox Declawed is UNWATCHABLE; Long Live the Blogosphere

    Friday, June 24, 2005

    Turds of a Feather, Mock together

    You have come to know what China is planning by the very facts on the ground. More empirical evidence of continued alignment of our enemies:Syria_china

    Syria underlines China's role as a great power at UN
    Syria-China, Politics, 6/24/2005

    Syria on Thursday underlined the important role played by China as a great state and permanent member to the UN Security Council.

    President Bashar al-Assad hailed during his meeting with China's Foreign Minister Li Zhao Xing, China's positions Syriairanfrontsupporting the just Arab causes noting at the same time to "China's significant role as a great power and permanent member to the UN Security Council."

    There was a stress during the meeting on the "nonstop of consultation and coordination between the two countries over issues of common interest." For his part, Chinese FM highlighted the development of ties between the two countries since the latest visit of President Assad to China last year pointing out at the, "positive role that Syria is playing in the Middle East."

    Previous Stories:
      Syria welcomes visit of China's fm next month   (5/25/2005)
      Chinese senior official: Syria has key role in ME peace   (4/14/2005)
      Official Source: Syria supports China on Taiwan issue   (3/17/2005)

    If this doesn't provoke a resurrection............

    After the desecration of the churches in Bethelem and the latest reports of atrocities committedJesus_weeping against the Christians of Bethlehem, this news items sickens me....................

    Bethlehem to be Handed Over to PA Next Week - Margot Dudkevitch
    Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz on Thursday ordered the army to prepare to hand over to Palestinian security control the West Bank cities of Bethlehem next week and Kalkilya the week after. Mofaz stressed the need for the Palestinians to disarm all fugitives and ensure they sign a pledge to refrain from terrorist activities.
        Palestinian officials said on Thursday that hundreds of Nablus gunmen would move into the Palestinian police forces as a way of bringing them under control. The officials said that under the tentative agreement, 700 gunmen would be absorbed into the security services. However, Palestinians admitted that even with the Nablus accord, large-scale collection of weapons is not on the horizon. (Jerusalem Post)

    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same and Abused Children become Bloody Murderers

    Pali_childabuse1970_3 Yesterday June 1970

    Today June 2005

    PA Television Continues to Teach Children to Become "Martyrs" Arab Press

    The Palestinian Authority continues to promote “martyrdom” in its state-produced children’s television programs, according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

    Shahada, or death for Allah, has been the backbone of the Palestinian Authority's messages to its children since the start of the terror war in September 2000," states the Wednesday report. "Although the number of these messages has been reduced in recent months, the promotion and glorification of child Shahada continues nonetheless, as seen this week on PA TV.”

    The report cites a broadcast of a PA TV series named “The Palestinian Diaspora.” The series is presented daily as a factual portrayal of history. Though throughout the series, Israel's creation and ongoing existence have been presented as injustices that must be fought, this past week’s episode honed in on the issue of child martyrdom.

    Click here to view the clip from the show

    This week’s episode, set in 1956, shows Arabs mourning Israel's existence. A 12-year-old refugee is shown reading his uncle a story he wrote.

    “The scene has two explicit messages,” write PMW’s Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook. “[They are:] A child should be willing and anxious to fight and die in order to destroy Israel, [and that] Arab 'refugees' can never resettle, but must 'return' to Israel.”

    An excerpt from the clip, broadcast on PA TV on June 16:

    [The scene opens with the 12-year-old boy's friend writing, "I shall return" over a map he drew of “Palestine,” covering all of Israel]

    12-year-old Arab Boy: "His mother cried and said, 'My son! Swear to me! Don't leave me alone…! I'm afraid you will be killed.'

    "Her son said to her, 'Don't cry, my mother! Let me go and fight for the sake of the homeland. The enemy stole our beautiful land… We all must fight in order to redeem the lost paradise… We lived in joy and happiness, until the foreign enemy [Israel] came and expelled us from our land, and we became refugees in tents. But we will return, by Allah's will!'

    "His mother told him, 'Farewell, my son. Allah be with you.' He kissed her and left to fight, and fought until he became a Shahid [martyr for Allah]."

    The Boy’s Uncle: "...Let me ask you, if they come and tell you, ‘we will give you a very big house, a car, land and money, just resettle!’ Would you agree?"

    Boy: "No!"

    Uncle: "...the homeland is greater than individual possessions."

    The Back Story should be the FRONT story: Palestinians Attempt to Exploit Those in Need of Medical Treatment

    Aryeh sends me this link (excellent blog  btw, on why Abu Mazzan should be arrested).
    and then Aryeh assumes correctly:

    I assume that you've  heard, but in case you haven't, a 21 year old youngFailed_bomber Palestinian woman who was being admitted to Israel so that Israeli doctors could treat her for serious burns all over her body (as a result of a home accident), decided to repay their generosity by bringing the Israeli army 20 pounds of ammunition. She strapped this gift to her body and intended to blow herself up with as many civilians as she could.

    Now she's under arrest which is a shame for her becuase if she had succeeded in blowing herself up there'd no doubt be a street sign bearing her name andmaybe even a soccer team named after her.  By now Amnesty International would be condemning the barbaric Israelis who could allow a young woman to be driven tothis ghoulish behavior.  After all, it is our fault,right

    Female Palestinian Suicide Bomber Planned to Blow Up Israeli Hospital

  • Wafa al-Bas, 21, arrested on Monday at a Gaza checkpoint, planned to blow herself up in an Israeli hospital. Israeli officials said Bas was burned in a cooking accident five months ago and had received treatment on humanitarian grounds at Beersheba hospital. She was making another trip for follow-up treatment but planned to blow herself up instead. In an interview shown on Israeli television, Bas said her "dream was to be a martyr." She said she was recruited by the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades - an off-shoot of Palestinian leader Abbas' Fatah faction. Later, she pleaded for mercy because she "didn't kill anyone."  (BBC)
        The Shin Bet received a tip that Fatah was planning to send Bas on a suicide mission via one of the Gaza Strip crossings. Israel gave the PA and Chairman Mahmoud Abbas detailed information of the plan, but the PA did nothing. (Ha'aretz)
        Security forces were alerted when the biometric screener at the terminal crossing revealed that Bas was wearing 10 kilograms of explosives. She then attempted several times to detonate the explosives but failed. She said she had intended to blow up in a "crowded area in the hospital." A senior Israeli security official pointed out that human rights groups have criticized Israel in the past for carrying out inspections on Palestinians requiring medical treatment in Israel. (Jerusalem Post)
        See also Palestinians Attempt to Exploit Those in Need of Medical Treatment (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • This is the real news. The ignored, swept under the bloody rug news. The Amnesty International, UN, Eyrabia, calling Israelis Nazis, news. The real story for you isPalestinians Attempt to Exploit Those in Need of Medical Treatment.

    Please for a moment..............sit back, close your eyes inhale through your nostrils and think about this  irrefutable truth. And then think about what you read in the papers and see on the alphabets (abc,cBS, commienewsnetwork etc.)


    He Must Be Doing Something Right If They are Trying to Kill Him, eh?

    Palestinian Gunman Fires on Palestinian Prime Minister - Eric SilverAbbas20harry_1
    A Palestinian gunman opened fire for two minutes Wednesday with an M-16 automatic rifle on a sports club in Balata near the West Bank town of Nablus where Ahmad Qurei, the Palestinian prime minister, was holding a meeting. As Qurei was beating a hasty retreat in his official car, an explosion was heard about 300 meters away. The prime minister had come to appeal for a return to law and order.
        The gunman, Mahmoud Hatib, a 21-year-old member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, affiliated with the mainstream al-Fatah movement, was recently released from an Israeli jail.

    Tuesday, June 21, 2005

    Hard Work Hard Work Hard Word Hard Work Hard Work...........Work Hard

    McCain joins the choir of voices on Meet the Press about Bush:

    What the American people should have been told, and should be told, and I believe the president is going to tell them, I think he's focusing back on Iraq, I think it's long, it's hard, it's tough. It's very tough.

    Am I crazy but I can distinctly recall Bush being excoriated by the LLL and world press after the first debate for saying the words hard work in regards to Iraq TOO MANY TIMES!

    Remember how everyone was making fun of the "big vocabulary challenged" President because he said hard work TOO MANY TIMES? VIDEOLaughing20chimps

    Keep telling me how they are not out to destroy this man. Much the way they wanted to destroy Reagan (they were more subtle about it then............but there were no blogs then)


    Monday, June 20, 2005

    How many Dead German Jews were LLL?

    It begs the question. If the secular Jews  that voted for Kerry (and it is the majority) remain staunch supporters of the Democratic party (as they have been for decades), they may very well find themselves on the wrong side of a jihadists beheading sword.

    Think about it. Eurapia appeased and it's descent into dhimmitude continues apace.  Europe is a doomed is only a matter of time. The American left can't kiss Eurabia's ass deeply enough. And to what end?


    If you follow the line of thinking against the war of Iraq, all roads lead to the death of western I have often said the Jews aka Israel are history's canary in the coal mine.

    It seems once again that Eli Lake of  THE NEW YORK SUN, New York's Great Best and most Accurate Newspaper,and I are psychic twins........ Eli, what am I thinking now?

    Nadler: Questions About War in Iraq Cannot 'Fairly Involve Israel'

    WASHINGTON - A New York lawmaker has distanced himself from remarks made by a former CIA analyst at a Democratic-only hearing to examine a set of British documents that suggest members of Prime Minister Blair's government had reservations about the Bush administration's case for war.

    In a press release sent out Friday, Rep. Jerold Nadler, a Democrat from New York, said: "There are serious questions to be answered about the decision to go to war in Iraq - and Congress is right to be asking them - but none of those questions fairly involve Israel. There is no place in this debate for maligning Israel and defaming our support of her ongoing struggle for security and peace."
    [too late Jerry, you'e screwed, blued and tatooed - Atlas]

    Mr. Nadler was referring to remarks made by a former CIA agent, Ray McGovern, at Thursday's hearing at a Capitol Hill basement on what have become known as the "Downing Street Memos."

    At the hearing, which purported to delve into the reasons behind President Bush's toppling of Saddam Hussein, Mr. McGovern said America went to war so that America and Israel could "dominate the Middle East." When asked what those reasons were, he used the acronym O.I.L.: "O for oil, I for Israel, and L for leveraging our land bases," he said.

    The Democratic National Committee chairman, Howard Dean, posted a statement on the committee's Web site Friday that said, "As for any inferences that the United States went to war so Israel could 'dominate' the Middle East or that Israel was in any way behind the horrific September 11 attacks on America, let me say unequivocally that such statements are nothing but vile, anti-Semitic rhetoric."

    The former Vermont governor was referring to literature passed out at his party's headquarters to supporters watching the Downing Street memo hearings there. Space was limited at the basement hearing.

    Hey JOOOOOS, be careful what you wish for. The slippery slope slides straight to hell. Now children open your History 101 texts to chapter I.

    It doesn't start with gassing 6 million, it ends there.

    Saturday, June 18, 2005

    SHOCKA! Sainthood Suspended for French Priest Jewhater

    The New Pope aint half bad eh?Flag_nazi_france20220copy

    Vatican Suspends Priest's Beatification
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Fri, 17 Jun 2005 11:18 AM PDT
    In a highly unusual move, Pope Benedict XVI has suspended the planned beatification of a French priest while the Vatican investigates allegations of anti-Semitism in his writings, including one that called the Jewish holy book the "manual of the bandit, corruptor, social destroyer."

    The question is, how is it possible that this evil man was considered for beautification in the first place? Was is because he wasn't a pedophile?

    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    EURABIA strikes again!

    Are these dhimmis for real. EURABIA meeting with Hamas? What next Osama to dinner. They gave away Europe, do they really think they can give away Israel? And then what America? We know about the jihad infiltrating South America and Mexico.Eurabia2_1

    Hamas discloses EU contacts; Israel reacts sharply
    Reuters via Yahoo! News
    Thu, 16 Jun 2005 2:03 PM PDT
    The Palestinian militant group Hamas disclosed on Thursday that European Union diplomats had held talks with some of its members, an apparent shift in EU policy that drew sharp criticism from Israel.

    The Invasion of the Body Snatchers......beware!

    Who is going to tell the EU that they have been voted down? Oh thats right in Europe it doesn't matter what the people want......VIVA LA ELITES!

    Next up for the EU? Exhuming whatever peices are left of  Hitler for cloning.........

    Speaking out in Yemen

    Remember my Yemen cabdriver (married at 13) on my way to Walter Read Hospital.................

    What was most interesting was the conversation I had with the female cab driverYemen who took us over to Walter Reed from Reagan airport. She was afraid to say her religion when i inquired (Muslum) but "nothing now" . Lives in the states 26 years, from Yemen. Married at 13, had three children, oldest 26.........husband left her during her 3 rd pregnancy. A horrid marriage, Looking back, his leaving her on her own was a gift. Took her years to take off her face covering. She went to school, she learned English, she made a life. She loves America. Her thoughts on Iraq were different then what I imagined. She believes these countries can't change, too scared. They have been brainwashed from birth, its ingrained. Feels our boys should come home. Why, I said, what good would that do? Once the Iraqis see we are there and will protect them they will be less fearful, and slowly but surely will come to live the new reality. We bolted in '91 and so of course they are scared.
    When I explained to her what was going on  across University campuses across America, she was shocked!" I haven't seen this in the news why?" I explained the MSM decides what you will hear and how you will hear it. She seemed really frightened by this information.

    Even more interesting when I was talking to the wounded they said it took a long time but slowly the women were taking off the burkas and that their faces were wild, pure. Beautiful in an ethereal way, they faces never having been touched by sunlight, they looked otherwordly, the most beautiful eyes.
    They also said all the fighting was foreign fighters now, and it was the Iraqis getting whacked left and right.

    When I told Nuura (the taxidriver) about the rally (which BTW was poorly attended) she was upset she didn't know about it  and she asked me who was arranging it. She looked at me and said whoever is behind Free Muslims Against Terror will be killed. "They will not let him live."

    Cotillion sister Armies of Liberation posts an extraordinary piece from a a very brave woman in Yemen. Yemen is an oppresive place (wild understatement)

    Nadia is the first female editor in chief in the Middle East. I am not surprised that it is the Yemen Times that made this break through. I was reading the Human Development report and Yemen has the most inequality between men and women. (The govt steals the money and spends it on weapons and terrorists instead of schools.) So Nadia is a real role model. (hmmm so I guess the next article I should tell the US editors about the couragous Nadia too. See post immediately below. But Im sure my friends at the Conservative Woman’s Cotillion with their 30 large websites would all howl with me if the Yemeni govt bothered Miss Nadia. Thirty howling female bloggers, half a million readers, that scares even me. )

    Nadia's editorual today:

    History reveals that any acts of violence, especially from the state against citizens who were seen as normal people in the recent past, have lead to greater violence and dismay among the public….

    Not everything is politically oriented or at least as seen by the normal people. Unless the state gives a valid explanation as to why such schools that the people have been going to and depending on as means for educating their children, are being termed as harbors for terrorism and consequently closed down, they would see this as an attack against the local communities and their inherited right to believe.

    What’s worse is that the Yemeni security forces are very tactless and lack professionalism. In the West, cops are always associated with doughnuts and idiotic dialogues, in the east- such as in Yemen, police are associated with corruption, bullying, idiocy and violence. A recent incident was reported last week in Wisab al-Aali near Ibb governorate when a man accused of murdering his wife and son. Since they could not catch the murderer, the security forces arrested his bull instead. I don’t know if bull is being interrogated as we speak now, but I sure feel sorry for the poor animal.

    What happens if people lose confidence in their protectors? A well known proverb says “hamiha haramiha” indicating that the one who protects is the one who robs. Being in the security force means more than just bullying people and attacking those who are not wearing the uniform.

    G-d protect her. Got over to Amrnies of liberation and read it all.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    It was only a matter of time...blame the Jooos

    It had to happen right?
    from my peops over at Honest reporting:

    In the wake of Newsweek's now-retracted Guantanamo Bay Koran toilet abuse story, Palestinian prisoners have floated their own version to the western press.

    On June 7, The Scotsman headlined: 'Israeli Soldiers 'Desecrated Koran During Riot''. Reports on this unfounded claim from Israel's Megiddo prison (including these Associated Press and Reuters versions) included a refutation from the Israeli Prisons Authority, but the media-fueled rumors were enough to spark violent protests and public burnings of American and Israeli flags in faraway Muslim communities.

    And now, this:


    This rehashing of an ancient anti-Semitic blood libel appeared prominently on GoogleNews.

    Throughout the Arafat years, Palestinian spokespersons fed similar items to the western press, such as claims Israel deployed radioactive uranium against Palestinian protestors, and Suha Arafat's accusation in the presence of Hillary Clinton (pictured) that the IDF made 'extensive use of poisonous gas... which has led to an increase in cancer cases among women and children.'

    A senior Israeli official said the cancer juice case reminds him of 'the same types of lies Yasser Arafat used to spread.' As documented in a JCPA report, those included accusations that Israel disseminated bubble gum that sterilized Palestinian girls and sent AIDS-infected prostitutes to infect Palestinian men.

    We understand that Google uses an automated algorithm to filter news search results, but as HR has repeatedly indicated, this system is deeply flawed and lends itself to promulgating such absurd propaganda.

    Comments to GoogleNews:

    this is only the beginning, believe me. Once they saw how successful the left wing media in America and worldwide aided and abetted the enemy, nothing will stop this.

    Crossposted at blog brother Lance over at RedStateRant.... a Cotillion afficionado

    Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    Finally its OFFICIAL, The International RED CROSS IS EVIL

    I have hated the International Red Cross for sometime now and when I would say it people would look at me like I had two heads. And I would look at them like they had three...........any organization that won't carry "Jewish Blood" deserves my contempt and alienation from the world (on the latter I will not hold my breath).
    In today's New York Sun, New York's Great newspaper - Josh Gersten writes Red_cross_int

    WASHINGTON - A new study conducted for Republican senators alleges that the International Committee for the Red Cross has "lost its way" by abandoning its guiding principle of impartiality and is now working in "direct opposition to the advancement of U.S. interests."

    The stinging report, issued yesterday by the Republican Policy Committee, also urges Congress to launch an investigation into the finances of the international humanitarian organization, which has been sharply critical of the treatment of prisoners at American-run detention centers in Guantanamo Bay and in Iraq. The American government is the largest donor to the International Red Cross, contributing $1.5 billion over the past 15 years, the study says.

    The report attributes the international organization's recent actions to "a conscious decision by its current leadership to move the ICRC away from its founding principles of neutrality and impartiality." The study panel asserts that the International Red Cross is gradually becoming an advocacy group, intent on reinterpreting international law and crusading against land mines, cluster bombs, and tear gas.

    "During recent years, the ICRC has undergone a significant and accelerating change whereby it has become more responsive to the preferences of the liberal and frequently anti-American international nongovernmental organization community," the report says. "The ICRC effectively no longer serves as the guardian of obligations that have been accepted under a ratified treaty or treaties. Rather, it has become an aggressive advocate - like Amnesty International - for enforcing a broader set of obligations."

    I say NOT ANOTHER DIME! ARE WE CRAZY OR WHAT? It's time to start righting the wrongs.

    from The Wall Street Journal
    The Red Cross and Congress
    The International Committee of the Red Cross has waged a propaganda war against the U.S.

    Jun 15 2005

    Monday, June 13, 2005

    ISRAEL STOP ARMING CHINA.......but thats just my opinion

    The ripple effect of Israel's decades long military, technology and arms sales to China is comingChinaisrael_1 home to roost. The Harpy unmanned aerial vehicles which Israel sold the Chinese in 1999 (after receiving a green light from the oddly pro-Chinese Clinton administration) and is reportedly now upgrading, can loiter in the air for hours and then attack radar used to guide air and missile defense systems.The system that Israel has sold China, can be used against US forces sent to the China Sea to defend Taiwan against Chinese attack. Not only has it hurt Israel's relationship with their number one friend, but it has frozen Israel out of many US military opportunities.

    The Chinese played a major role in Iran's development of the Shihab-3 ballistic missile, which is capable of hitting Israel. And, as Blumenthal notes, the Chinese assisted the Iranian nuclear weapons program by supplying Teheran with a uranium conversion facility and nuclear power reactors.

    The Saudis have received Chinese intermediate range ballistic missiles with a range of 3,000 km. After the US vacated its bases in Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2003, Chinese military personnel reportedly quietly moved in.

    Great piece by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post

    ChinairanOVER THE past few years, Israeli defense officials have defended Israeli military sales to China in various ways. The most convincing justification is that export markets are necessary to ensure the economic viability of the Israeli military industries. These industries are vital to ensure Israel's qualitative edge over the Arab armies. And this qualitative edge is eroded by the massive US military sales to the Arabs. In short, the Israeli excuse is that the Americans reap what they sow.

    The problem is that the Americans aren't the only ones who reap the whirlwind. Our reckless bureaucrats in the Defense Ministry, who insist on continuing to allow Israeli military exports to China, are harming Israel's national security twice. First, they are advancing the military fortunes of China, which, by selling missile and nuclear technologies to our enemies, is contributing to the largest looming existential threat to the country. Second, by arming China, Israel is systematically eroding its strategic partnership with America.

    Jin Liangxiang, a research fellow at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies, also writing in the Spring issue of The Middle East Quarterly, threatens that if Israel buckles under US pressure and cancels its deal to upgrade the Harpy UAVs, the Chinese will likely respond by "launch[ing] sanctions on Israeli enterprises not only on the Chinese mainland, but also in Hong Kong."China20_terrorist_6

    The time has come for Israel to conduct its own cost-benefit analysis. What is more important, our business relationship with the state that is arming our sworn enemies with nuclear weapons and delivery systems, or our strategic relationship with the country that is working to deny them both?

    and so now Israel has been punished. the US is suspending cooperation with Israel on the Arrow-2 missile defense system. If accurate, as the Middle East Newsline report noted, this will be the latest in a series of recent blows to US-Israel military cooperation, following the US decision not to fund the joint Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser project. That project, geared toward shooting down short-range rockets, missiles and mortars, is of utmost importance to Israel in light of the 10,000 rockets that Hizbullah has amassed in Lebanon and the ever-increasing Palestinian rocket and mortar capabilities

    You guys know how I feel about China.
    Israel ought to know better despite US arm sales to Arab nations.........China means to usurp America as hyperpower and it will not be pretty for Israel when China needs her no more.

    from The Wall Street Journal
    Microsoft's Kowtow
    "Freedom" and "democracy" are dirty words online in China.

    Jun 15 2005 

    Sunday, June 12, 2005

    Cover my Back Guys...They are coming after Publicizers of the Muslim US FLAG desecraters! Bwahahahhaha..........

    Here's an interesting update on my post of June 7th on the  Muslim video desecrating the flag from World Net Daily. If I don't believe in Allah then I must be safe, meantime watch my back fellas (from anyone that thinks he is Allah).

    Flag desecrators issue threat

    Urge Allah to 'give painful torment' to publicizers of video

    New York-based Muslims who desecrated the U.S. flag on a street corner issued aFlagdesecration_1 threat against Islam scholar Robert Spencer for publicizing their video of the event along with accusations of ties to foreign jihadists.

    As WorldNetDaily reported, the video shows members of the Islamic Thinkers Society declaring Islam's dominance over America as they tread on a U.S. flag and then rip it apart.

    The group, with alleged links to the British jihadist organization Al-Muhajiroun, said the demonstration was "in response to the desecration of the holy Quran by the Crusaders & Zionists at Guantanamo Bay," an allegation based on a retracted Newsweek story.

    A posting on the Islamic Thinkers Society website says:     May Allah s.w.t. help those who expose the Crusaders & Zionists and their dirty schemes. And may Allah s.w.t. continue to humiliate the enemies of Islam & Muslims. May Allah s.w.t. give painful torment to Robert Spencer and Grayson Levy who are waging an e-Crusade on us by publishing false information about us."

    Palis Won't Disarm and AID IRAQI TERRORISTS! So let's give them $350 million!


    APPEASERS! That's what they take us for!
    It is an insult that they continue to purport the same tired lies and expect us to feed at the trough of mendacity (did I just say that?)
    Kidwa, mishpacha to Yasser Arafat, said the Palestinian groups had the right to keep their weapons as long as the occupation must be so empowering to say what you what, kill who you want, answer to no one, break any and all rules of any agreements, terrorize innocent Jews, fund and train Iraqi terrorists and GET RESPECT, EMPATHY AND LAND........I know I know, we take the moral high ground *SPIT*.

    Their problem is they mistake our kindness for schmuckiness............that too will come to an end.

    Palestinian Authority "Won't Disarm Gunmen until Occupation Ends" by Khaled Abu Toameh
    Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Nasser al-Kidwa (pictured, right) declared on Saturday that the PA had no intention of disarming Palestinian militias as demanded by the road map. Kidwa, a nephew of Yasser Arafat, said the Palestinian groups had the right to keep their weapons as long as the occupation continued. "Using arms under occupation is legal," he explained. Kidwa's statements stand in sharp contrast to promises made by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to confiscate "illegal" weapons from Palestinian groups and individuals. (Jerusalem Post)

    tell me why we are sending the Palis 350 million? to kill our boys?

    Palestinians aid Iraqi terrorists

    Rockets, explosives improvements shared with U.S. enemy

    Israeli military intelligence is collecting new information on the development of Palestinian weapon systems dubbed "the new age of Qassam rockets."

    Various Palestinian groups, including the Fatah's Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, the Islamic Jihad, The Islamic Movement – Hamas and the Tanzim, have improved the range of their Qassam surface-to-surface rockets and have developed special anti-armor explosive charges.

    Information about these developments was caught on the Internet including messages sent to jihadists in Iraq on how to destroy Abrams tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles and other U.S.-made armored personnel carriers.

    Some of the information comes from jihad supporters in Europe, predominantly in the U.K., but also from Islamic blog operators in North America.


    Saturday, June 11, 2005


    So this is what we have to do to make peace with the Palis? Please someone pinch me really hard because thisTerroristwhand_1 has got to be a nightmare. Can someone look as this and actually make sense of it?  WTF has really changed?

    Palestinians Release Two Islamic Militants
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Sat, 11 Jun 2005 2:55 AM PDT
    The Palestinian Authority released two militants jailed in connection with a Tel Aviv suicide bombing, making a conciliatory gesture intended to ensure the Islamic Jihad militant group abides by the truce with Israel, Palestinian officials said Friday.

    Friday, June 10, 2005

    When is Al Qaeda not a Terrorist Org? When they are killing Jews of course!

    Israel deplores acquittal of suspects in Al-Qaeda-linked Kenya hotel bombing

    NAIROBI (AFP) - Israel has deplored a Kenyan court decision to acquit four Muslim men accused of murder in the 2002 Al-Qaeda-linked bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel.

    Omar Said Omar, a suspect in the 2002 Al-Qaeda-linked bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel near the southern city of Mombasa, pumps his fist after a Kenyan judge dismissed murder charges against four Kenyan men accused of the bombing

    Nairobi high court justice John Osiemo on Thursday said prosecutors had not proven the four were involved in the November 28, 2002 bombing of the Mombasa Paradise Hotel in which 18 people, including three Israeli tourists, 12 Kenyans and three suicide car bombers, were killed.

    Police immediately re-arrested one suspect whom the United States has expressed interest in questioning.

    Thursday, June 09, 2005

    GEORGE! Stop Selling Advanced Weaponry to the Arabs

    Hey George, I love you but your kidding on this one right? I mean really! Must we speed up the inevitable? Stop the mob delusion......enough already
    Israel to U.S. Stop Selling Advanced Weaponry to the Arabs

    Maj.-Gen. Eliezer Shkaidi, commander of the Israeli Air Force,
    returned to Israel last week from an official visit to the U.S. where he
    told his American colleagues, "we are worried about the damage caused to
    Israel's qualitative military edge as a result of the newest arms sales to
    the Arabs.
    " Shkaidi also raised the deployment of Saudi F-15 warplanes at
    Tabuk Air Base (in northern Saudi Arabia) and said it constituted a threat
    to Israel. In speaking to the Americans, Shkaidi drew a distinction between
    the supply of offensive weaponry that represents a special threat, and
    defensive weaponry that is less problematic. Shkaidi argued that "advanced
    weapons systems allow a mediocre pilot with a mediocre platform to become a
    very effective threat."

    But but but.............they want PEACE, Religion of Peace

    It seems we (the free world) have given the jihadists enough time to rearm, demilitarize, resupply their splodydopes and are ready for the battle. BUILD THAT WALL ISRAEL O'ISRAEL! Lockdown and let the carpet bombing begin, do the world's dirty work. Bush and Condi, cannot, must not equivocate on this..............hey there's the  ticket for '08, Condi, Bush - anybody out there know if a President can run as Vice-President (bet he can't).

    Jihad Leader: "Calm" is Over - Khaled Abu Toameh and Arieh O'Sullivan
    The period of calm is over and the Palestinians should be prepared to resume their attacks on Israel, senior Gaza Islamic Jihad leader Khaled al-Batsh said Tuesday. Islamic Jihad was one of the few Palestinian groups that had refused to accept the tahdiah (calm) agreement that was reached in Cairo in February. (Jerusalem Post)

    Why haven't we extracted this shitty little dentist?

    Syrians Sustaining and Replenishing Hardest Core of Iraq Insurgency - Ghaith Abdul-Ahad
    A stream of fighters from Syria - most of them Syrians, but lately many of them Saudis - has sustained and replenished the hardest core of the Iraq insurgency, and supplied many of its suicide bombers. Nurtured by a militant interpretation of Islam, they insist they are fighting for their vision of their faith. Syrian smuggler Abu Ibrahim, who worked in Saudi Arabia for seven years, calls 9/11 "a great day. America was defeated."
        In Saudi Arabia, Abu Ibrahim heard about Abu Qaqaa, a charismatic Syrian religious sheikh who preached a radical version of Islam in Aleppo. "We were Wahhabis. Abu Qaqaa was preaching what we believed in." Returning to Aleppo, he became Abu Qaqaa's right-hand man. Two weeks after the attacks in New York and at the Pentagon, his group celebrated in public with a "festival," featuring video of hand-to-hand combat and training montages of guerrillas leaping from high walls. They called it "the Festival of America the Wounded Wolf." By 2002 the anti-American festivals were running twice weekly. Jihad was being allowed into the open. Abu Ibrahim said Syrian security officials and presidential advisers attended festivals, one of which was called "The People of Sham [an ancient name for the region] Will Now Defeat the Jews and Kill Them All." Money poured in from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.
        Abu Ibrahim credited Abu Musab Zarqawi with revitalizing the insurgency, especially since October, when he pledged fealty to Osama bin Laden. "Six months ago, Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden were different," he said. "Osama did not consider the killing of Shiites as legitimate. Zarqawi did that. Anyone - Christian, Jew, Sunni, Shiites - whoever cooperates with the Americans can be killed. It's a holy war." Recently, he said, his contacts in Iraq have said they were not in need of fighters, but money. He said he personally carried cash, provided by sympathetic Saudis, between Saudi Arabia and Syria. "Our brothers in Iraq are asking for Saudis," he said. "The Saudis go with enough money to support themselves and their Iraqi brothers." (Washington Post/Guardian-UK)

    Iran Sharpens it's Claws

    Iran is redoubling its malevolent efforts. You cannot tell me these bastards do not have  a plan to take over the Middle East (the world?) Kidnapping dissidents and  doubling uranium capacity...uh, helllooooooooooooo. Iran_ballistic_missiles

    In today's delicious, delectable New York Sun , New York's Next Great Iconic newspaper:

    1. Iranian Dissident Goes Missing After Tehran Warrant - June 9, 2005 - NY Newspaper

    2. Iran To Double Capacity for Uranium - June 9, 2005 - NY Newspaper
      ... uranium for nuclear reactors to high levels for weapons, either secretly or after withdrawing from the nonproliferation treaty. Iranian officials pledged Sunday to extend the voluntary suspension of enrichment until the end of July as part of negotiations with Germany, ...

    Iran Moves to Speed Up Nuclear Work
    Intelligence officials and a nuclear expert say Iran is planning to manufacture tens of thousands of advanced centrifuges, machines that can enrich uranium for use in an atomic bomb, The Los Angeles Times reported.
    The machines would enable Iran to enrich uranium almost twice as fast as anticipated, the officials say. Iran has pursued nuclear weapons for more than two decades in defiance of the international community. It is now locked in negotiations with three European nations that are offering it economic benefits to permanently dismantle its nuclear programs. However, Iran has repeatedly said that no incentives could convince it to give up its atomic work.

    The cheerless creatures who rule the Islamic republic of Iran have developed a particularly wicked use of torture. Not only do they use the full panoply of physical and psychological horrors on their captives, but they then send the victims back into their homes and neighborhoods for brief periods of "parole" or "medical leave," so that their friends and families can see with their own eyes the brutal effects of the torture. The clear intent of this practice is to intimidate the population at large, to break the will of would-be dissenters and opponents, and to maximize the effects of the victims themselves, for the brief respite from the pain of the prisons is mercilessly accompanied by the certainty that the agony will soon resume.

    Eurabia continues to play pattycake for months (years) now.............leaving a dumpster of radioactive sh*t for America or Israel  to handle (SHOCKA!)

    Meanwhile update on the GOOD GUYS and  the "dying to be Free Iranian Landscape",   Hossein Khorram of the Iranian Constitutionalists Party of Iran emails me that Prince Reza Pahlavi is joining the Iranian political prisoners hunger strike. Prince Reza Pahlavi, has his support as the future leader of Iran at the capacity Iranian citizens see fit.

    Reza Pahlavi of Iran Announces Hunger Strike in Support of Iranian Political Prisoners

    June 08, 2005 Iran_prince
    Secretariet of Reza Pahlavi

    FAIRFAX, Va. -- Reza Pahlavi of Iran, in response to a direct invitation by political prisoners in Iran, pledged his solidarity and announced his plans to go on a three day hunger strike starting Friday, June 10.

    "Solidarity with political prisoners of Iran and support for the legitimate quest for freedom, human rights and economic opportunity in Iran transcends all political boundaries and ideologies," said Reza Pahlavi, opposition leader to the clerical regime of Iran.

    Yesterday, in a communique, signed by numerous political prisoners, in Iran, the June 17 presidential elections were rejected as "sham and undemocratic." Calling for a boycott of the elections, the communique also cited the regime's abhorrent violations of human rights in Iran and announced the collective plan of the prisoners to go on a hunger strike as an act of nonviolent defiance of the regime.

    Highlighting the demands of the communique, Reza Pahlavi said, "Iranians of all walks of life demand: freedom of speech; the unequivocal observance of human rights, by the regime; the immediate release of all political prisoners.

    Just last week, during a press conference in Paris, the 44 year old leader called for a national boycott of the scheduled June 17th presidential election, calling it nothing short of political theatre by the regime.

    Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    The Women of Islam are our Best Shot

    You cannot read the following stories and believe that the Women of Islam are going to continue to stand for these outrageous violent crimes. THEY WILL RISE UP. They have begun to rise.
    I tell you those women need our help, they are afraid of their own shadows, but the longer we stay in  lraq the more the women of Islam see their fellow Iraqi neighbors removing their burkas and living free.  It tears at them like nothing else. They have not forgotton the first Gulf war and all those innocentsEgyptian_women murdered by Saddam after we left.

    OUTRAGED: Egyptian women activists demonstrate in front of the Syndicate of Journalists building in Cairo on June 1. The words on the photograph of the state security chief held by the protestor read 'trial him'.(REUTERS)

    European rights court condemns Turkey over police torture of woman The European Court of Human Rights condemned Turkey on June 7 for the torture of a woman by police while in custody.

    In landmark move, Kuwait appoints two women to local council The government of Kuwait on June 5 named two women to join its municipal council, in an historic move for the oil-rich Gulf emirate, which only last month agreed to grant women full political rights.

    Saudi women hope to follow Kuwaiti counterparts on local councils Saudi women said on June 5 that they hoped to follow in the footsteps of counterparts in neighboring Kuwait, who have just been awarded two appointed seats on the Gulf country's local council.

    Trial of Bahraini women's rights activist opens The trial began on June 4 of a Bahraini women's rights activist accused of defaming Sharia (Islamic) law and insulting an Islamic judge.

    Egyptian women's groups outraged by attacks against women on Referendum dayEgyptian reform and women's groups have sharply criticized the official response to the physical and sexual assaults by security men against women during the May 25 referendum.

    >Indonesia to forbid medics from conducting female circumcisions Indonesian health authorities are to issue a ban on doctors and paramedics performing female circumcisions, a form of which is widely practiced in the mainly Muslim country, an official said on June 2.

    Police question Jordanian who killed sister for 'honor' Jordanian police are questioning a man who claimed that he stabbed his sister to death in a so-called 'honor crime', the second such killing in a week, the 'Jordan Times' reported on June 3.

    Call to allow women drivers stirs wasps nest in Saudi Arabia It took just a simple proposal from a member of Saudi Arabia's consultative council for the lifting of a ban on women drivers to stir a heated debate on a taboo subject in the ultraconservative kingdom.

    Two-thirds of Nigerian women abused in the home Most Nigerian women suffer domestic violence and sexual assault in the home and can expect no protection from the authorities, said a study into life in Lagos released by Amnesty International on May 31.

    Egyptian women protest against sexual harassment on voting day Hundreds of black-clad men and women wearing white ribbons on their lapels gathered outside Cairo's Press Syndicate on June 1 to protest against the assault of several women during last week's referendum.

    Relatives quizzed over Jordan 'honor' killing The Jordanian authorities are questioning the relatives of a woman murdered by one of her siblings in a so-called 'honor crime', the 'Jordan Times' reported on May 31.

    Afghan women still brutalized by family, system Women in Afghanistan continue to suffer widespread abuse at the hands of male family members, militias and institutions such as the police and judiciary, rights group Amnesty International said on May 30.

    First Kuwaiti female parliamentary candidate starts campaign Two years before voting begins, Aisha Al Rasheed, on May 28 began her parliamentary election campaign, promising as the first Kuwaiti woman candidate to focus on improving conditions for women

    Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    and here I thought Kofi Enema loved terrorism, ah only if it kills Joooos!

    aw.........isn't that special? Coffee Enema finds the terror bombing in Nepal "utterlyBoar_1 reprehensible" but totally ok for the past 57 years if its Jewish, men, women, and kinder in Israel?
    Annan is an animal................ a gavone

    UN to probe Nepal blast
    India Daily
    Tue, 07 Jun 2005 11:16 AM PDT
    The UN on Tuesday said it would probe the bus blast in southern Nepal that killed 41 people, an act that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan condemned as "senseless" and "utterly reprehensible".

    Monday, June 06, 2005

    Egyptian Government downplayed as "Emotional Tension" the Beating and Sexual Groping of Women on Voting Day *SPIT*

    Mubarak will not go quietly into the night............he thinks he is going to live forever despite hisWhite_ribbon old age.
    How is this for one of the  anti-democracy tactics in his Pandoras box of harassment and intimidation? Sexual harassment of women on voting day.........

    And yet I have faith in the women. I believe the women hold the key to busting the Middle East out of the dark ages. I know I know, "the plumbing doesn't matter" or so I have been told by "experts" (men). But being a woman, I don't believe that.

    Afraid? yes they are..............but freedom is a drug and once tasted,  a woman (a human)  is addicted

    Oh yeah and where was Amnesty International on this one? Blaming the US and Israel for war crimes of course!

    Egyptian women protest against sexual harassment on voting day

    CAIRO -- Hundreds of black-clad men and women wearing white ribbons on their lapels gathered outside Cairo's Press Syndicate on Wednesday to protest against the assault of several women during last week's referendum.

    They were waving banners asking for the resignation of interior minister Habib Al Adli and Cairo's head of security Nabil Al Ezabi, whom they hold responsible for the violence.

    "Violating the dignity of women is like violating that of our country," and "our colleagues' dignity is part of the country's dignity", other banners read.

    The "White Ribbon national apology campaign" was launched following the molestation last week, while other women called on people to wear black to protest against "police brutality, beating and sexual harassment".

    One man was calling Mubarak's name and the crowd answered in unison "illegitimate".

    He then moved on to the president's son, Gamal, widely believed to be groomed by his father to succeed him, and marchers also said "illegitimate".

    Some in Egypt's opposition ask that the 77-year-old Egyptian leader step down after 24 years in office.

    Another man was kicking a picture of Adli with his shoe.

    Thousands of policemen had deployed around the building, where last week's incident took place, and on adjacent streets to prevent the protestors from marching in the capital.

    Some 500 marchers were gathered on the syndicate's steps and another 500 inside the building.

    Street demonstrations are banned under Egypt's emergency laws imposed after the assassination of President Hosni Mubarak's predecessor.

    The head of the Press Syndicate said the molestation was "a black page in Egypt's history".

    "It was not about an aggression against one individual but an aggression against the country," said Galal Aref.

    "We're determined to take to justice all those that participated in this crime."


    *SPIT* These stories make me sick.......and the lucid, pragmatic manner in which the media delivers them is even more perverse As opposed to the deafening shrill ravings of an unhinged media reporting on Israel (remember Jenin, 23 soldiers dead, 53 Palis and the Israelis would not use air cover so that they might avoid civilian casualites -ugh) Taking the moral highground is one thing, sacrificing even one Jewish life is too much (particularly when it's all pali propaganda anyway).

    Temple Mount: Arabs stone police, JewsStoning2

    In a new burst of violence, several hundred Arabs pelted police and Jewish visitors with stones on the Temple Mount Monday, lightly injuring two Jewish visitors and a police officer, as the nation marked Jerusalem Day and the reunification of the capital thirty-eight years ago.

    The violence broke out at 9:15 a.m. as a small group of Jewish visitors who were touring the ancient compound accompanied by police came under a hail of stones.

    and Bush is making nice with Hamas? Please tell me its an end run tactic, please tell me it is part of some grand strategy to take Hamas and Hizbollah down...........anything else is incomprehensible
    Reluctant U.S. Shows Signs of Shift on Hamas - Adam Entous
    The Bush administration is showing signs of easing its hard-line approach toward Hamas, in response to the militant group's rising political clout in the Palestinian territories and appeals for flexibility from European allies, officials and diplomats said. The White House acceded to Hamas running candidates in Palestinian elections, even though the group has refused to disarm and Washington lists it as a major terrorist organization. Senior administration officials said they may be open to contacts with some of Hamas's political affiliates, and would not rule out dealings with the group if it gave up its weapons and ended violence.
        The White House said President Bush has not changed his view that Hamas is a terrorist group that must be disarmed. "We're not acquiescing," a senior administration official said. "We do not deal with...terrorists." But the official added: "How do you pursue this without limiting democratic choices?" Another senior official called it a shift in emphasis, not policy. It could be reversed if Hamas-sponsored violence escalated, experts said. (Reuters) we bother to call Amnesty International?

    How about Amnesty saves some lives?
    Oh nooooooooooooo they can't! They are too busy calling Gitmo a Gulag despite the three squares, religious freedom and taxpayer funded free Korans provided for all.
    And they must be swamped with Israeli War crimes, they can't be bothered with the little things...........
    Don't the Palis just take these poor guys and shoot them in the street to "send a message"?

    Israel Works to Prevent PA Execution of 50 Collaborators - Yuval Yoaz
    Israel has gone to great lengths to prevent the PA from executing approximately 50 Palestinians convicted of collaborating with Israel. Israel approached U.S. Ambassador Dan Kurtzer on the matter, and went ahead with the release of Palestinian security prisoners last Thursday only after the PA said it did not intend to carry out the sentences. (Ha'aretz)

    Saturday, June 04, 2005

    Saddle up.........Onward and Upward (or is that Downward) to the Sudan

    US tells Sudan: disarm Darfur militiasBush_cowboy
    AFP via Yahoo! News
    Fri, 03 Jun 2005 12:42 PM PDT
    US Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick issued a stern warning to Sudan to disarm the Arab militias accused of human rights abuses in Darfur, as he visited the shattered Sudanese region.

    "We are certainly sending a very strong message to the government of Sudan that we want them to stop the militias. They have a responsibility ... and we also want them to move to disarm the militias," he told reporters in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state.

    "The key is to get the police forces operating within the camps and so that is being expanded and we talked about 30 additional posts in the camps," he said.

    Zoellick visited Kutum town in north Darfur state and walked through Kassab refugee camp, which houses about 20,000 people who fled their homes. Hundreds of children chanting "Welcome, welcome" crowded around him.

    He met tribal leaders who told him they wanted more police and AU forces to protect their people.

    "We will only go home when we are accompanied by international or American troops," tribal leader Adam Ahmed Ajain said.

    Zoellick assured them that more AU forces would be coming.

    Meanwhile, the International Committee of the Red Cross said it decided to boost efforts to bring much-needed food to residents in remote areas in Darfur where "food supplies continue to run critically low."

    Friday, June 03, 2005

    We Have Eyes, But Will Not See

    I smell war
    I smell terror
    I know I know, I am such a KILLJOY. Everyone is chit chatting PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE like chickens in a chicken coop but so many developments point to just the opposite:

    Syria Tests Scud Missiles

    "Syria test-fired three Scud missiles last Friday, including one that broke up over Turkish territory and showered missile parts down onto unsuspecting Turkish farmers, Israeli military officials revealed Thursday. Syria test-fired three Scud missiles  late last week, reinforcing Israeli worries about Damascus' ability to deliver a missile-borne chemical attack against Israeli civilian targets, Israeli military officials said Friday. " The New York Times reports. In the Cato Policy Analysis "The Syria Accountability Act: Taking the Wrong Road to Damascus," United Press International foreign editor Claude Salhani writes: "The Syria Accountability Act leads in the wrong direction in the fight against anti-American terrorists by escalating an unnecessary conflict in the Middle East that will only strengthen those who wish us harm.

  • Israeli military officials said they interpreted the launchings as a gesture of defiance to the U.S. and UN by Syrian president Bashir al-Assad. "This is really putting your fingers in the eyes of the Americans, saying, 'I'm not dancing to your flute,'" a senior Israeli military official said. "The tests are probably needed for the missile project, but this is Bashir taking a risk here and sending a message."
        Syria harbors the leadership of the Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad and helps them, as well as the Iranian-sponsored Hizballah, with money, arms, and sponsorship. "The message from Syria to the Palestinians is not to stop shooting," a senior Israeli official said. (New York Times)
  • Kurdish Cleric Murdered in Syria a Moderate Voice of Change - Paul Koring
    The lifeless body of outspoken Kurdish cleric Sheik Machouk Alkhaznawi was returned to his family in Syria on Wednesday, three weeks after he went missing. Amnesty International and members of the Kurdish Democratic Party said he was killed by authorities, citing evidence of torture on the body. Days before his disappearance, Globe and Mail correspondent Paul Koring interviewed Alkhaznawi in Damascus for a story about Syria's newly emboldened political dissidents. "Either the regime will change, or the regime must go," he said in the interview. Engaging, passionate, inspiring, and funny, Alkhaznawi was every despot's worst nightmare. He was a champion of tolerance, respect between Arabs and Kurds, and the compatibility of democracy and Islam. (Globe and Mail-Canada)
  • U.S. Calls Killing of Anti-Syrian Lebanese Journalist "Heinous"
    The U.S. condemned the killing of a prominent anti-Syrian Lebanese journalist in a bombing Thursday in Beirut. "It's a heinous act," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said of the killing of Samir Kassir, 45, an editorial writer for the Lebanese An-Nahar newspaper and a frequent commentator on Alhurra, the U.S.-funded, Arabic-language satellite television channel. Kassir helped found Lebanon's Democratic Left movement, a main force behind the protests that led to Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon. (Bloomberg)
        See also Lebanese Enraged by Kassir Murder Point Fingers at Syria - Jessy Chahine
    At the scene of Samir Kassir's assassination, angry crowds accused Lebanon's pro-Syrian regime of murdering opposition journalist Samir Kassir. "Assassins! Agents of Syrian corruption! Who will be the next victim?" they yelled. Kassir, who had an eloquent way with words that made him one of the widest-read writers in Lebanon, authored countless fiery editorials against Syria's tutelage over Lebanon during his lifetime. (Daily Star-Lebanon)
  • According to 'The Oslo Syndrome'
    By Center for Security Policy
    Terrorist organizations are not being dismantled by Abbas. Instead, groups like Hamas with the avowed mission of destroying Israel are ascendant. They are winning local elections and taking full advantage of the "hudna" (temporary suspension of hostilities) to rebuild their offensive capabilities against Israel.

    Hamas and other terrorists are being integrated into Palestinian security forces, receiving valuable training and even arms from American and European personnel. In addition, burgeoning quantities of ever-more powerful weapons are being smuggled into Gaza from Egypt.

    Meanwhile, Palestinians are being encouraged by official imams whose sermons are broadcast on Abbas-controlled media to kill Jews and destroy America. For example, less than two weeks before Mr. Bush welcomed Abu Mazen to the White House, Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris claimed on Palestinian Authority TV that history showed the torture, exile and murder of Jews to be legitimate and the Muslim conquest of the United States inevitable.

    If the evidence is so clear that the Palestinian state Abu Mazen is a-building will be but a new state-sponsor of terror, how could President Bush - who in June 2002 rejected that prospect and has devoted his presidency to eliminating such sponsors - possibly be turning a blind eye to the facts on the ground? How could he be insisting that Israel make still further territorial and political concessions, including over Jerusalem, let alone be handing over directly to the Palestinian Authority $50 million in U.S. taxpayers' funds?

    I have seen Moishe the Beetle, he is me

    Student: "Professor Wiesel, in your book, Night, you have a character, Moishe the Beetle, who comes back to warn the people. Do you see yourself now as you saw Moishe the Beetle, as a kind of messenger with a warning for all of us to listen to?"

    Elie Wiesel: "In a way, yes. But not only I, really. I think all those who went through that experience could say that they are messengers. We are all messengers to each other. If not, there would be no possibility for human beings to speak; there would be no possibility to hope. It would be impossible for any one of us to think of tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the year 2000. When I think of that year, I’m seized with anguish. What will happen then to our memories? What will happen when the last messenger will have given his or her message and will no longer be here? That is where you come into the picture, you young people. We have a tremendous faith in you—justified".


    What's next? A  seat on the UN security council? I kid you not ...............

    NATO gives Palestinians observer status

    Officials in Jerusalem acted coolly to the announcement by NATO that it was granting observer status to the Palestinians. [cooly? they ought to be frothing at the mouth- Atlas]

    NATO made the announcement on Tuesday during a meeting of the Parliamentary assembly in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    This is a very important decision as for many years European countries have only heard the Israeli voice in these groupings. [oh really, since when did Eurabia give a rat's ass about "what Israel has been saying"? They have only taken the Pali side, antisemeitism anyone?-Atlas]For peace to become a reality and agreements to be fully implemented, we need to be able to tell our side of the story too," said Hassan Khreisheh, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian body and one of the two Palestinian delegates. [Moral Inversion!-Atlas]

    According to a NATO press release, MK Joseph Paritzky welcomed the involvement of the Palestinians and other Arab states in the work of the Assembly, which is made up of 248 delegates from 26 member countries.

    "This shows that we belong to the parliament of the most important and biggest defense union of the world, and the decision is highly appreciated," Paritzky was quoted as saying.

    What rich beautific rewards for Jewkilling.............

    Tuesday, May 31, 2005


    Honest Reporting - G-d love' em - five years old and their mission now even more monumental, exposing radical islamic,  antisemetic lies worldwide. They work 24/7/365 tirelessly, relentlessly, thanklessly.
    Watch the video, it's just two minutes, you can spare it puhleeze, click on the photo:

    Thursday, May 26, 2005

    The UN says Darfur is the World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis but Amnesty International WANTS USA INVESTIGATED FOR WAR CRIMES AND SLAMS ISRAEL 'WAR CRIMES'' *spit*

    Moslem's are  getting killed  in Darfur, but Moslems of a  non-fundamentalist stripe.
    They get permission to kill fellow Moslems from their religious  authorities because the Darfurians are not Sunni, and not fundamentalist - like Wahhabists - so the  religious authorities categorize them "heretics", so permissible to kill, religiously speaking.

    The Christians and animists living in the south were killed during  other recent massacres.

    And China and France aren't interested in changing the status quo,  because they have oil interests in Sudan.

    Oil rich countries want the killing to continue - in the interests of peace. Believe it

    The Arab League has rejected any sanctions or international military intervention as a response to the crisis in Sudan's Darfur region.

    Arab foreign ministers at an emergency session in Cairo backed Khartoum's measures to disarm Arab militias and punish human rights violators.

    They called on the UN to give Sudan more time to resolve the conflict.

    Al Qaeda has worked with the Sudanese government. In
    some cases, they are the Sudanese government.

    But Amnesty International wants U.S. investigated! Amnesty International USA urged foreign governments Wednesday to use international law to investigate Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and other alleged American "architects of torture" at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and other prisons where detainees suspected of ties to terrorist groups have been interrogated.

    The Sudanese Janjaweed don’t just share the same philosophy as the folks who are responsible for 9/11. In many ways, they are the same people who are responsible for 9/11. 

    the situation in Darfur and al-Qaeda's considerable involvement with the Sudanese government. I also know that some readers are going to bristle at my characterization of the Janjaweed death squads as al-Qaeda, so allow me to explain myself on this one.

    It is quite true that warfare between Sudan's abbala (camel) and baggara (cattle) Arab tribes and members of the native African Fur, Zaghawa, Berti, Toubou, and Messalit tribes has been going on for decades now. All of this is quite true and while there are both abbala and baggara Arab tribesmen in the Janjaweed, they aren't the ones perpetrating most of the massacres that we read so much about. The Sudanese military, just as back in the 1990s or the Taliban in Afghanistan against the Northern Alliance, relies on al-Qaeda to help them massacre and otherwise oppress the locals and this suits the network just fine, as it provides a fresh opportunity to "bleed" new recruits to the Cause(TM).

    I also have a new post up at Winds of Change (hyperlink isn't working for some reason) entitled "No Shame" in which I pretty much opened up on New York Times columnist Paul Krugman for taking a cheap shot at Simone Ledeen, who just returned from Iraq, in order to get at her father and the neocon movement in general. If you have a problem with Michael Ledeen, take it up with him, but for the love of God leave his family out of it.

    Database is still coming along, though I've already done bin Laden, al-Zawahiri, Jemaah Islamiyyah, all of the smaller Gulf states, Iraq, Iran, the Caucasus republics, Uzbekistan, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, ect., so work on that front is coming along nicely. I'm going to use the e-mail addresses listing in the earlier blog when I start e-mail out copies of this database, so keep dropping me a line there if you want a copy.

    hat tip: Mara

    Amnesty slams Israel 'war crimes'
    Amnesty International has accused Israel of committing war crimes in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    Can you imagine this? Israel, who refused to use air support during Jenin to minimize Pali casualties (and was accused of a massacre there, where there was none but Israel lost 22 soldiers), this from a country that sent med supplies and blood into the Palistinian territories but were refused because it was "jewish blood", this from a Palistinian authority thats shoots suspected Palistinians of collaborating with Israel, shoots them in  the head in the street without a trial, I could go on and on but Amnesty is accusing US and Israel of war crimes OCCAMS RAZOR!

    Hizbollah aka IRAN, 12,000 ROCKETS, What in G-d's Name are We Waiting for? NUKES?

    Hizballah: All of Northern Israel is in Range of Our Rockets
    Hizballah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah Wednesday acknowledged that his group has more than 12,000 rockets and that all of northern Israel is within their reach. "All of the north of occupied Palestine, its settlements, airports, seaports, fields, factories, and farms is under the feet and hands of the Islamic resistance," Nasrallah said. (Ha'aretz)

    12,000 rockets?  So what exactly do they have in mind?         /sarc
    12,000 rockets, 12,000 rockets, 12,000 rcokets.............................

    and in the other evil sandbox

    Hamas: Fatah Buying Votes in Upcoming Revote in Gaza - Arnon RegularCartercrop
    Mashaal told Al-Jazeera that Fatah is distributing $200 to voters slated to take part in the upcoming revote in the Gaza Strip, scheduled to take place in a number of municipalities on June 1. (Ha'aretz)

    Where is that tough fair serious election monitor Jimmuh Carter when you need him       /sarc

    Saturday, May 21, 2005

    Today's Daily Diet of AntiSemitism Carefully Prepared by Al-Jizz

    How is this considered a "news organization"? Every story, every word for that matter, is dripping with jewhatred. They are channeling Goebbels. Imagine a daily diet of such vitriole, day in, day out, week in week out, year in year out.  They do the same thing with America, not because of Israel but because of everything America is  and represents.
    Israel  suffers from the same hate-America crowd.  Being America's close ally comes with a price.
    But do not for one moment misunderstand the enemy. With or without the Jews, we are all infidels which is why the Arab radical islamic government is killing muslims in Sudan (the moderates are being slaughtered), the Chistians and anyone that does not subjugate themselves to radical islam. And there is no color barrier, black on black, Arab on Arab............Israel is the canary in the coalmine
    From Al-Jazeera online today:

    More on Palestine...


    oh and lest we not forget they also make sure to  rally up the jewhaters to march on DC for our conference today through Tuesday...........

    Activists to protest pro-Israel conference

    A coalition of U.S. and international groups plan a peaceful demonstration against Israel next week when a pro-Israeli group holds its annual conference in Washington.

    The coalition includes prominent congressmen such as Republican Paul Findley who’s said that Washington’s strategic relations with Israel discredits the U.S.’ image and would drag it into unnecessary wars with Iran and Syria.

    Among the groups supporting the May 23 protest is the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee and the Middle East Crisis Committee and Council for the National Interest.

    Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Iran ignores U.S. pleas not to make nuclear fuel, the United States lacks support from China in the U.N. Security Council to punish Iran, a State Department official said Thursday. China, which has a veto on the Security Council, has growing economic ties with Iran.
    U.S. doesn't have needed support in U.N. to punish Iran, official says

    and remember this from CNN in 2000 (!)
    Pentagon fears Russia, China helping Iran build ballistic missile
    July 19, 2000

    Pentagon officials have expressed serious concern that Russia and China are helping Iran in its development of longer-range, ballistic missiles.

    Their reaction follows a successful test launch Saturday by Iran of the Shahab-3 missile.

    All this dicking around is making me nervous. There is an axiz of evil and the situation is  fluid. Time is not on our side.

    Jack Wheeler 's To the Point hosts guest author Ariel Cohen who writes precisely and brilliantlyRussia_nuclear  of where America a is and should be on the War on Muslim Terror. I am running it all, it is that important (footnotes too) and if Jack gets mad at me, I look forward to the tussle.......

    PREVENTING THE NIGHTMARE: Terrorists Attacking America with Russian Nukes
    Guest Author
    By Ariel Cohen

    Ever since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Americans have been lucky that there have not been more atrocities on U.S. soil. However, the enemy, while weakened, is far from destroyed. Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri continue to issue threats against America from their hideouts. Their strength and support base, while diminished, is not eliminated.

    Other terrorist organizations inspired by radical Islamist ideology are still at large in Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and presumably in the Americas. Some of them are willing to use weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to bring America down.

    Recent reports about intelligence failures before 9/11 and the Iraq war indicate that there are numerous issues regarding U.S. strategic adversaries that the intelligence community did not handle adequately. Under the new leadership of Directors John Negroponte and Porter Goss, the intelligence community must address these issues with the innovation and creativity that the issues deserve.

    Court proceedings and intelligence debriefings have indicated that al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations planned their operations for up to six years before execution. Several attacks using chemical weapons in Great Britain, France, and Jordan were disrupted just before execution. The current hiatus in attacks against the U.S. homeland may be caused by preparation for massive attacks, possibly involving weapons of mass destruction.

    Radical Islam's "Religious Duty"
    Al-Qaeda is an organization that is religiously and ideologically committed to the destruction of the United States and Israel, the subjugation of the West, and the overthrow of existing Moslem and Arab regimes throughout the Greater Middle East and beyond -- from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. Its proclaimed goal is establishment of a Califate (Khilafa) -- a militarized dictatorship based on the Shari'a (holy law) dedicated to conquest of the non-Moslem world (Dar al-Harb, literally "Land of the Sword").

    Osama bin Laden called using weapons of mass destruction against the U.S. a "religious duty." He also declared that undermining America's economic power is his strategic objective. Bin Laden portrays himself as a pious Moslem who protects and defends other Moslems and wages a jihad (holy war) in their name.(1)

    In 2003, Sheikh Nasir bin Hamid al-Fahd, a prominent Saudi cleric close to al-Qaeda, provided a comprehensive religious opinion (fatwa) justifying the use of nuclear weapons against the United States, even it killed up to 10 million Americans, under the pretext that the U.S. is to blame for the deaths of 10 million Moslems.(2)

    There should be little doubt that Al Qaeda terrorists are:

    Willing to inflict massive American casualties using WMD;
    Capable of doing so despite the technical difficulties of executing such an attack;
    Capable of either stealing or building a nuclear bomb;
    Capable of either stealing or purchasing nuclear materials to construct RDDs, radiation dispersion devices or “dirty bombs” powered by conventional explosives;

    The Russian Problem
    As sources of unsecured nuclear weapons and material, Russia and the other former Soviet republics remain major proliferation concerns for a number of reasons.

    First, the Soviet Union was an empire with a strong external perimeter and weak internal safeguards. While the Soviet regime tightly controlled everything that moved across its borders until the late 1980s, internal safety, security measures, and bureaucratic culture were inadequate. This was demonstrated by a series of technological catastrophes in the 1980s and 1990s, the most famous and dangerous of which was the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine.

    Nuclear, chemical, and biological material storage facilities often were --and still are -- protected by nothing more than a padlock, an impoverished conscript, or a retirement-age guard. Moreover, corruption among general officers, mid-rank officers, and officials is still rampant, and law enforcement is highly selective.

    There is a pervasive sense in the Russian military and security services that nobody is responsible for anything and that justice, accountability, and responsibility are not a part of the bureaucratic culture.

    Corruption is pervasive. Russian officers and officials have been accused of selling weapons to Chechen militants, allowing armed Chechen to pass unmolested through road-blocs en route to terrorist attacks, attempting to sell nuclear materials from decommissioned submarine reactors in the Northern Fleet, selling vital components of military systems and vehicles, and illegally selling food rations and supplies, leading to malnutrition among the ranks.

    In such an environment, the sale of nuclear equipment and material or of even working individual weapons is undeniably feasible.

    Three contributing factors may facilitate the purchase of nuclear weapons, material, and components in Russia: anti-Americanism, the growing Wahhabi/Salafi influence, and organized crime.

    Anti-Americanism pervades the Russian elite from the top down and is escalating in the media. Every international event, from the bombing of Serb forces in Kosovo to NATO enlargement to granting asylum to Chechen militant leaders in the U.S. and U.K. is interpreted as directed against Russia and aimed at undermining its power.

    Most recently, the Russian leadership and media have characterized U.S. support of bloodless revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine as attempts to push Russia out of its sphere of influence in the Commonwealth of Independence States and to install pro-American regimes in these former Soviet republics. A former senior Russian officials stated that "U.S. behavior [vis-à-vis Russia] is not that of a friend, but of an adversary... While we need to talk to the U.S., we need to keep in mind that it is an enemy."(3)

    This attitude is echoed in an incessant stream of media commentary and biased reporting, which translate into the results of numerous opinion polls in which the U.S. consistently comes out as Russia's primary adversary.

    The Russian military forces' posture, new weapons system development (including nuclear and missile modernization), military maneuvers, and foreign alliances (especially with China and Iran) all indicate that Russia views the United States as an unfriendly power. Such anti-Americanism may facilitate illicit transactions involving nuclear weapons or components in which the Russian seller or thief understands that the U.S. is the likely target.

    Over 20 million Moslems – 7% of the total population – live in Russia today. The increasing influence of Salafi/Wahhabi Islam among them may facilitate penetration of the Russian military-industrial complex by collaborators and sympathizers of terrorist organizations.

    Pro-Salafi organizations and preachers in Russia operate with few restrictions. Leading Russian experts on Islam have stated that Saudi Arabian funding sources expend large amounts of hard currency in Russia to buy political influence among politicians, journalists, and other members of the Russian elite. (4)

    Finally, the influence of organized crime remains pervasive. Russian and post-Soviet organized criminal enterprises are more sophisticated and command more educated personnel than almost any other country’s organized crime structures. Recently, the Prosecutor General of Russia stated that 500 large enterprises are controlled by organized crime, including major oil and gas supply and transportation ventures generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

    In many cases, organized crime has merged with legal business and has access to state enterprises, government officials, and a broad range of international contacts. Russian organized crime may be the conduit through which terrorists acquire and ship nuclear components or weapons to their final destinations.

    The Challenges of Non-Proliferation
    To diminish proliferation threats from Russia and post-Soviet space, Presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush undertook a number of steps to secure Soviet/Russian WMD, including the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program and pursuing non-proliferation projects with the Yeltsin and Putin governments. This cooperation seems to be working to some degree.

    Nonetheless, the Russian stockpile of thousands of nuclear weapons and hundreds of tons of weapons grade material suffers from a number of security issues that need to be addressed, including:

    The lack of reliable accounting and electronically updated (and up-to-date) databases that cover all weapons systems, including tactical nuclear arms, shells, and warheads;

    The mystery surrounding so-called suitcase bombs;(5)

    Poor security of some nuclear weapons systems, especially tactical and stored/decommissioned charges;

    The lack of modern means of monitoring, such as closed-circuit TV and motion sensors linked to a computerized monitoring system;

    Poor security of highly enriched uranium and plutonium stockpiles; and

    Insufficient security of radioactive materials used for research, medical, and industrial purposes.

    In terms of probability, a RDD attack is easier to execute than a full-scale nuclear fission explosion. As far as construction of a nuclear device, a HEU (highly enriched uranium) bomb is easier to manufacture than a plutonium bomb, and a crude improvised bomb is easier to build than a military-grade weapon. Having said that, there is more than a theoretical possibility that terrorists could buy a working Russian warhead and deliver it to the U.S. in one of the millions of shipping containers that enter the country without examination by U.S. Customs. Far easier would be smuggling in Russian radioactive material for assembly and detonation of a RDD in the United States.

    What the U.S. Should Do
    In order to stem the growing nuclear threat facing the U.S., it is imperative that policymakers:

    Develop a comprehensive global intelligence network from the current cooperative bilateral arrangements with European, Middle Eastern, South Asia, and East Asian states. Such a network should mesh intelligence gathering, counter-proliferation measures, and special operations to thwart proliferation.

    It would provide ample warnings to neutralize terrorist organizations at the early planning stages of a WMD attack. U.S. intelligence community should boost cooperation with law enforcement and foreign intelligence communities to include joint counterterrorist operations. Such operations would include deep, on-site, and long-term penetration of terrorist organizations and neutralizing those involved in WMD terrorist operations through covert action.

    Task the Pentagon with developing deterrence against high-value and symbolic targets that terrorists and their sponsors value.

    Provide ample funding for joint non-proliferation programs, such as the Proliferation Security Initiative.

    Cooperate with Russia and the other former Soviet republics by expanding the Nunn-Lugar funding while boosting the accountability and transparency of these programs.

    Design a supporting public affairs component of the U.S. anti-terrorism policy through the State Department Public Diplomacy structure, through the Board of International Broadcasting, and through the non-profit sector to explain the importance of joint anti-terrorism actions to the Russian elites, media, and general public.

    Launch a political warfare component via the intelligence community to encourage moderate Moslem clerics to issue fatwas forbidding terrorism in general and attacks using WMD in particular. This component should be expended to include Moslem media in major markets, such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

    Consider a program instituting monetary rewards for interception of proliferation operations and nuclear terrorist activities through the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence organizations, without creating a prize for unscrupulous foreign officials to simulate such activities.

    Fighting against WMD-armed terrorist groups is possibly more challenging than any Cold War task. During the Cold War, there were only two blocs -- NATO and the Warsaw Pact -- led by strong nation-states with strong chains of command. Now there are multiple players, including transnational movements and other diffuse non-state entities driven by ideology, religious interpretation, and language, which many Americans do not comprehend.

    However, the United States and its allies have no alternative but to combat and destroy these evildoers while preventing them from obtaining and using weapons of mass destruction.

    1. Kelly Uphoff, "Osama bin Laden's Mandate for Nuclear Terror," Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, December 10, 2004, at,2360,655,1701,2762 (April 13, 2005).
    2. Nasir bin Hamid Al-Fahd, "A Treatise on the Legal Status of Using Weapons of Mass Destruction Against Infidels," May 2003, at (April 13, 2005).
    3. Former Russian official, interview with author, Moscow, March 2005.
    4. Interviews with author, March 2005.
    5. Two senior Russian officials -- the late General Alexander Lebed, President Yeltsin's Secretary of Russia's National Security Council, and Yeltsin's science advisor, Professor Alexei Yablokov -- said publicly and testified that such devices were commissioned by the Soviet KGB (Committee for State Security), but their fate is unclear due to the limited time span of such weapons.

    Friday, May 20, 2005

    G-d Save the Christians of Bethlehem

    If history is any indication, the Christians of Bethlehem have no chance. Radical Islam is like theBlob Blob, it eats countries (ie wasn't Persia aka Iran once Christian, all of the Middle East by and large was  once Christian. Wasn't Eurabia once Europe?)............. channeling  Steve McQueen

    Bethlehem Christians Worry About Islamic Takeover - Julie Stahl
    Christians in Bethlehem are concerned that their city may slowly become an Islamic stronghold following recent municipal elections in which members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, both on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations, took a number of seats. "Slowly, slowly they will take over [and] have Palestine as an Islamic state," said one Christian leader in Bethlehem. Thirty years ago no one had ever heard of Hamas; now more than 30% of the city is Hamas and it's growing every year, he said. More than 5,000 Christians have left the city during the last few years, primarily for economic reasons, while the so-called Christian countries in the West gave all their money to the PA, which was like giving it to the mafia, said the Bethlehem Christian. (CNSNews)

    Thursday, May 19, 2005

    Can this Be? 1/3 Israel's Labor Party is ARAB

    Are they crazy over there or what? Stop drinking that holy water, it's making you masochistic

    This is one for the books, 1/3 Labor Party is Arab Israeli .....and the Israelis want to keep it quiet so as not to appear racist. But appearing Suidical? Thats OK!
    Aruta Sheva reports:
    4. One of Every Three Labor Members is Arab Economy/Society
    Five candidates vying for Labor Party leadership submitted their candidacy at the party's Tel Aviv headquarters. Party leaders are in shock at the fact that Arabs comprise 1/3 of its membership.

    The five men who feel they are worthy to lead the party, and whoArabisraelexplosion_1 filled in and submitted the relevant forms today, are: current temporary leader and former Prime Minister Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak (pictured), Histadrut Labor Union chief Amir Peretz, former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Matan Vilnai, and former Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer.

    It has been learned that 30,000 of the newly-revamped party membership are Israeli-Arabs. Investigative journalist Yoav Yitzchak writes, "The significance of this is that they will be able to place Israeli-Arabs in one-third of the party's Knesset seats, and in effect, because of the in-fighting in the party, take control of the party's path."

    Most of the Arabs were registered in the "camps" of Ben-Eliezer, Peretz and Vilnai, and some in Peres' camp as well. Yitzchak writes that party leaders are concerned about this development, but are keeping quiet so as not to be accused of racism.

    The shock is particularly acute because the Labor Party is the continuation of the movement that largely founded and built the State of Israel.

    The party is undergoing another crisis regarding "irregularities" in its just-ended registration drive. It was announced originally that 130,000 members had signed up. However, some 35-40,000 forms were found to be illegal, duplicates or otherwise disqualified.

    In the previous Labor membership drive, which took place a number of years ago, some 80,000 members signed up, of which 11,746 were Israeli-Arabs.

    THE REAL WAR: Seeing Past the Fog of the Press Propaganda

    Just for knowing......this is the REAL ENEMY and why we went to Iraq. For all you WMD fans, get yer eye on the ball...BETTTER HERE THEN THERE
    and for ALL YOU SKEPTICS that believe we are "creating terrorists", see this first, then decide
    U.S.: Syria Main Conduit for Zarqawi in Iraq
    Syria is the main conduit for foreign militants fighting for al-Qaeda-ally Abu Musab al-ZarqawiEye_allseeingeye in Iraq, a senior U.S. administration official said on Wednesday. "We're concerned that Zarqawi is supported by a foreign fighter network that gets foreign fighters largely through Syria," the official said. "There are locations in Syria where foreign fighters and money and logistics come together and then transit to Iraq, and those foreign fighters and money come from elsewhere in the Muslim world." Syria has taken "some cosmetic steps," but "not nearly what they ought to be doing," the official said.
        "They are a major disruptive force, they are disruptive in Iraq, they are disruptive of the efforts between Palestinians and Israelis to come up with a Middle East peace," he said. "Syria in some sense has been a source of instability in the region," the official said. (Reuters)

    Indiana Jones and the Holy Ark

    Could you imagine if they found the Holy Ark? The Palis would probably claim it as theirs but even so......
    Exclusive to Arutz Sheva

    Exclusive: Kabbalist Blesses Jones to Uncover Holy Lost Ark

    Ark1An unnamed Kabbalist has granted blessing to famed archeologist Dr. Vendyl Jones, to uncover the Holy Ark of the Covenant. Jones plans to excavate the Lost Ark by the Tisha B’Av Fast this summer.

    The famed archaeologist, who is the inspiration for the “Indiana Jones” series, has spent most of his life searching for the Ark of the Covenant. The ark was the resting place of the Ten Commandments written by Moshe (Moses) on Mount Sinai, and was hidden just before the destruction of the First Temple.

    The Talmud says the Ark is hidden in a secret passage under the Temple Mount. Jones says that in fact, the Ark was brought through a secret passage beneath the mount – and that same natural tunnel in fact continues 18 miles into the Judean Desert.

    Throughout the many years of his quest, Jones has been in close contact and under the tutelage of numerous Rabbis and Kabbalists. Jones, who is extremely knowledgeable in Torah, Talmud and Kabbalah, has now received permission from both known and hidden Kabbalists to finally uncover the lost ark.

    Dr. Jones, who divides his time between Texas and Israel, has been here since March 9th ready to finally reveal the Ark. However, Jones has been waiting for permission from a mysterious Kabbalist, as well as for project funding to come through.

    Jones’s daughter Sarah converted to Judaism many years ago and currently lives in the Shomron. She has been in touch with a great unnamed Kabbalist from whom she requested a blessing on behalf of her father to merit finding the ark.

    As recently as last month, the rabbi, who only communicates via messenger, told Jones that the time was not yet right to discover the Temple vessels.

    Last Thursday, Dr. Jones received a communication from the rabbi reading, “The time is right.”

    Noahide guru Jones, who predicted the Six Day War, says that the State of Israel is passing through the same biblical straights as the generation that entered Israel for the first time after the exodus from Egypt. “If history repeats itself, the history itself is prophecy,” Jones says.

    “Israel is different from all other nations in a lot of ways, but more than anything else, Israel is the only nation whose history was written before it happened.”

    Once a Christian pastor, Jones left his post to become a leader of the growing Noahide movement. Noahides are G-d fearing non-Jews who observe the seven laws of Noah, which are obligatory upon all of humanity.

    The explorer and teacher, published a book in 1959 predicting the precise outbreak of the Six Day War, based on his analysis of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt up until the First Temple Period. He says that employing biblical analysis to modern times points to major events that will “turn the world right-side-up.”

    Jones calculated the war in 1967 by analyzing the sequence of events in the First Temple Period and transposing them onto “the Third Temple Period” – the period beginning with the Jews’ foundation of an independent State in the Land of Israel in 1948.

    “It fits just like tongue in groove,” he says.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2005

    Dramatic Change Needed in Make-Up of Security Council NOW!

    This is the real story and where we can make meaningful change to the UN.  Lets get those coldblooded avaricious murdering terrorists  off the security council and more democracies on Now there's an idea whose time has come.
    EXPECT A GI-NORMOUS FIGHT! But it's one worth having

    Japanese envoy says China's real concern is UN bid, not historyDemocracy
    AFP via Yahoo! News
    Tue, 17 May 2005 9:36 PM PDT
    Japan's envoy to China says Beijing's real concern with Tokyo was to block its bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, not history issues about which it often vents anger.

    Qatar seeks Israeli help for UN seat
    AFP via Yahoo! News Tue, 17 May 2005 1:14 PM PDT
    Israel will respond in the coming days to an unprecedented request from Qatar to support Doha's candidacy for a rotating seat on the UN Security Council, the Israeli foreign ministry said.

    Singapore supports Japan's bid for permanent UN Security Council seat
    Channel NewsAsia via Yahoo! Singapore News
    Wed, 18 May 2005 9:17 AM PDT
    SINGAPORE : Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singapore supported Japan's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council

    US Reportedly Opposed to Berlin's UN Bid
    Deutsche Welle
    Wed, 18 May 2005 11:46 AM PDT
    US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reportedly is opposed to Germany's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. But Berlin remains confident it will eventually garner Washington's support.

    Oh and btw................CONFIRM BOLTON NOW!

    Young and in Love: What Fresh Hell have the Palistinians aka Radical Islam brought to market today? be young and in love in "Palestine".........../sarc
    Blood boiling

    Bethlehem: Violence Erupts After Christian Girl Runs Off with Muslim Man - Matthew Kalman
    At least 15 Christians were injured when Palestinian police opened fire on a crowd in Bethlehem in the wake of the elopement of a Christian girl and a Muslim man.

    Shin Bet Head Warns: "World Jihad Targeting Israeli Planes"

    and I havent even had my java yet........sheesh    Coffee2_6

    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Can Columbia University be brought up on charges of Sedition?

    With all my endless posting about the hijacking of the MEALAC Dept at Columbia University,Americabunting this should not shock me, but it does.
    The New York Sun (New York's next Great Newspaper), reports Columbia is opposed to the return of ROTC program ..........the Reserve Officers Training Corp.
    So our best and brightest can be indoctrinated in a vile, antisemetic, anti-American, grotesquely inaccurate Middle Eastern Studies program, but they can't be exposed to an opportunity to join the force that protects this nation and our precious freedom?
    UGH! The good news? Yes there is a silver lining, they may lose precious federal funding over this dangerous hubris
    Hallivay! Sic 'um Gonzalez!

    Americabunting_1Fossella: Federal Money at Risk For Columbia

    my man
    JACOB GERSHMAN - Staff Reporter of the Sun

    Columbia University left itself vulnerable to losing federal grants when a policy-making body of the school opposed this spring the return of a Reserve Officers' Training Corps program to campus, according to a congressman from New York City.

    Vito Fossella, Republican of Staten Island, told The New York Sun yesterday that Columbia hasAmericabunting_2 opened itself up "to being suspended from receiving federal grant money" after the university's senate rejected a resolution calling for the return of an ROTC detachment to Morningside Heights as soon as possible.

    Columbia University's president, Lee Bollinger, joined 52 other members of the university senate in voting down the resolution. The vote was the culmination of a year-long debate on campus on whether the university ought to invite ROTC back 36 years after expelling a Navy unit during the height of the Vietnam War. Ten members of the senate, which consists of students, faculty members, and administrators, voted for the resolution. The university's provost, Alan Brinkley, abstained but encouraged members to oppose the resolution in a speech before the vote.

    Americabunting_3The vote of the university senate is "almost a contemptuous position taken by an institution that espouses every type of freedom imaginable, which I support, but doesn't recognize sufficiently that those freedoms are preserved by the men and women who wear our nation's uniforms," Mr. Fossella said.

    He accused Columbia of taking "money from the federal treasury without the willingness to participate in what is essential to the process.

    Hamas' Malevolence is Brilliant, Intent is Obvious

    I know we are supposed to be all happy about this but frankly it scares the begeezus outta me. I know exactly what Hamas is doing, gaining a firm foothold on the people and land of Gaza and the territories. No I do not believe for a nanosecond that their intentions are honorable.
    Just the opposite..............Hamas intends to take over "Palestine" (*spit*) and launch a terrible war against Israel, stupid they are not. Israel, providing them with those very tools, on the other hand....................

  • Local Hamas Officials in Contact with IDF
    Hamas officials recently elected in PA municipal council elections are holding regularHamas_child_2_2 contacts with IDF liaison and coordination officers, a senior military official told Israel Radio Monday. The contacts are confined to local issues such as commerce, electricity, water and sewage, and do not deal with diplomatic issues, the radio said. West Bank Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yusif confirmed the talks, saying, "There is no alternative to being in contact with the Israelis when we are speaking of ongoing civilian affairs for the sake of the welfare of the inhabitants." (Ha'aretz)
        See also In Gaza, New Hamas-Dominated Council Attends to Basics - Molly Moore
    Voters in the West Bank and Gaza are handing a sizable share of power to a group that many U.S. and Israeli leaders associate more closely with terrorism than with political reform. Yet in communities across Gaza and the West Bank, Islamic politicians are earning wide support using old-fashioned tactics valued the world over: fixing potholes, picking up garbage, and turning on streetlights. (Washington Post)
        See also Observations: Hamas Victorious - Barry Rubin (Jerusalem Post)
  • Let's not mince words: The Hamas landslide victory in the recent Palestinian local elections is a disaster for the Palestinians' hopes for peace, and for Israel. It is a historical turning point.......................
  • Fighting the Real Enemy in Iraq: Radical Islam

    Interesting that the mainstream media finally says what our boys fighting in Iraq have been saying all's not the Iraqis we are fighting in Iraq, its the foreign fighters.  And isn't that the point? Stop and think. Isn't that what we should be doing, taking out the terrorists over there, not in downtown Manhattan.
    Each radical fundamentalist must be taken out, every cockroach killed.......a long and tedious process.But that is very much our objective.
    And if we can do it without declaring war on these "foreign nations"  ( i.e.  Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria) all the better. Keep the sinister UN out of it.

    I don't know that "mostly" is correct (and neither do they) in this Washington Post headline but the point is clear.

    'Martyrs' In Iraq Mostly SaudisWtc_burning_2

    By Susan B. Glasser, Washington Post Staff Writer

    Before Hadi bin Mubarak Qahtani exploded himself into an anonymous fireball, he was young and interested only in "fooling around."
    Like many Saudis, he was said to have experienced a religious awakening after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and dedicated himself to Allah, inspired by "the holy attack that demolished the foolish infidel Americans and caused many young men to awaken from their deep sleep," according to a posting on a jihadist Web site.

    Like many Saudis, he was said to have experienced a religious awakening after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and dedicated himself to Allah, inspired by "the holy attack that demolished the foolish infidel Americans and caused many young men to awaken from their deep sleep," according to a posting on a jihadist Web site.

    On April 11, he died as a suicide bomber, part of a coordinated insurgent attack on a U.S. Marine base in the western

    Iraq city of Qaim. Just two days later, "the Martyrdom" of Hadi bin Mubarak Qahtani was announced on the Internet, the latest requiem for a young Saudi man who had clamored to follow "those 19 heroes" of Sept. 11 and had found in Iraq an accessible way to die.

    Hundreds of similar accounts of suicide bombers are featured on the rapidly proliferating array of Web sites run by radical Islamists, online celebrations of death that offer a wealth of information about an otherwise shadowy foe at a time when U.S. military officials say that foreign fighters constitute a growing and particularly deadly percentage of the Iraqi insurgency.

    The account of Qahtani's death, like many other individual entries on the Web sites, cannot be verified. But independent experts and former government terrorism analysts who monitor the sites believe they are genuine mouthpieces for the al Qaeda-affiliated radicals who have made Iraq "a melting pot for jihadists from around the world, a training group and an indoctrination center," as a recent State Department report put it. The sites hail death in Iraq as the inspiration for a new generation of terrorists in much the same way that

    Afghanistan attracted Muslims eager to fight against the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

    Who are the suicide bombers of Iraq? By the radicals' account, they are an internationalist brigade of Arabs, with the largest share in the online lists from Saudi Arabia and a significant minority from other countries on Iraq's borders, such as Syria and Kuwait.

    SHOCKA! More dirt on POOtin!

    You are not still wondering why Russia was against the U.S. invasion of Iraq are you? Not that you needed more disgusting details of the animals sucking the blood of the Iraqi poor but just is case there was a shadow of a doubt;

    US report says Russia gained hefty stake of oil sales under SaddamChirac_putin_schroeder
    AFP via Yahoo! News
    Mon, 16 May 2005 9:01 AM PDT
    Almost one third of the oil allocations granted under the United Nations' 1996 to 2003 Iraqi Oil-for-Food program went to Russian parties or individuals, according to a US Senate report detailing alleged misuse of the program.

    U.S. report links Russians to oil-for-food scandal
    International Herald Tribune
    Mon, 16 May 2005 7:04 AM PDT
    Russian leaders received millions of dollars in Iraqi oil allocations from top representatives in Saddam Hussein's former government, which hoped to end United Nations penalties against Iraq, U.S. Senate investigators were told.

    Iraq Rewarded Putin Advisers for UN Help, Probe Says (Update2)
    Mon, 16 May 2005 1:44 PM PDT
    May 16 (Bloomberg) -- Saddam Hussein gave advisers to Russian President Vladimir Putin allocations for more than 90 million barrels of Iraqi oil as thanks for Russia's support in the United Nations, a U.S. Senate investigative panel said today.

    Monday, May 16, 2005

    Does al-Qaida have Nukes?

    WND g2 Does al-Qaida have a nuclear weapon?

    By LTC Joseph C. Myers

    With all of our pressing focus on events in the War on Terror overseas, that is the mostLaden_monster_3 important question here at home. Historically the pattern of WMD proliferation in the world has been principally state to state: China to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and possibly North Korea; or North Korea to Pakistan, and maybe a former Soviet Republic to North Korea. I would have assessed it as a “low probability” that al-Qaida has a nuclear weapon, but potentially “high impact” if they do. With that probability assessment, however, I also would have low confidence in given the intelligence gaps and demonstrated U.S. intelligence shortfalls that have been publicly and exhaustively examined with respect to Iraq.

    But the intelligence shortcomings detailed in the report released on March 30 by the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction not only indicates that the state of our knowledge is worse than previously understood; but reading the commission’s own evaluation of the intelligence analysis, information and circumstances in Afghanistan pre- and post invasion actually leads me to raise the probability that al-Qaida has a nuclear weapon from low to a moderate probability [50-50]. Far from allaying my fears, it heightened them.

    1. Al-Qaida has the desire to acquire nuclear weapons, as already publicly stated by Osama bin Laden
    2. It is moderate probability that they may possess one or more nuclear weapons, as already publicly stated by Laden
    3. It has a fatwa that grants religious approval and authority for the weapon’s employment against the United States
    4. It has access to sympathizers within the nuclear development structures of emergent nuclear states
    5. It has the funds to purchase finished weapons and hire sympathetic experts to train them on the handling and employment of the weapons
    6. The intelligence community cannot fully assess with a high degree of confidence the availability of nuclear weapons to al-Qaida via criminal or deliberate proliferation activities



    HALIVAY! Bush is drawing the line in the stand. Hezbollah and the Syrians using those Palestinian training camps in Lebanon have been shelling Israel's northern border.  Bush Speaks;

    UN, US express concern over Israel-Lebanon border flare-up
    AFP via Yahoo! News
    Sat, 14 May 2005 0:36 AM PDT
    The United Nations and the United States have expressed concern over the flare-up of violence on the border between Israel and Lebanon, with
    Washington calling for Lebanon's powerful Hezbollah militia to be disarmed.

    Call me crazy but I read alot into this sentence. It tells me that Washington will not allow this for much longer, it tells me they will support Israeli counteroffensives of the most effective kind. It tells me that maybe, just maybe, we are going to get our heads out of the sand and take a stand in this unambiguous conflict. Cease the Moral Equivalency.........I live in hope

    Heeeeeere's China! Brought to you by the Left Lunatic Liberal Mainstream Media. They DARE CALL THE BLOGOSPHERE IRRESPONSIBLE, MILLIONS OF FACTCHECKERS!

    According to the murderers over at Newsweek, China is oh so fabi! And they strongly encourage China's  emergence as the world's number one superpower. Can you smell agenda, mendacity, conspiracy maybe? It Wreaks of it!

    China_centuryIn the May 9 issue of Newsweek (on newsstands Monday, May 2): "China's Century." This report examines all aspects of China's rise as a powerful global force and how it may challenge U.S. pre-eminence. This is the first of a series of special reports on the next superpower that will continue through the 2008 Olympics. Newsweek also reports on the preparations for the Olympics, where planners are already nervous about mass demonstrations. Plus: challenging the food pyramid and summer movies.(PRNewsFoto)

    aw isn't that special?


    The following news report is from the UN (!) and we know how easy those boys are on the malevolent global forces. China has the a most horrific human rights record. Despicable..........which is probably why they saddle up with all those monsters in the graph below.............

    First UN rights probe in China blasts widespread violations AFP via Yahoo! News Fri, 13 May 2005 12:27 PM PDT China struggled through its first ever examination by a UN human rights committee after a panel reviewed evidence of forced labour, forced abortions, exploitation of children, evictions, discrimination against internal migrants, low wages and other violations.


    Ok so let me understand this now. Newsweek says China is a good force (forced abortions, forced child labour, no free speech, list too long) and Newsweek will make up stories about the poor treatment the U.S. gives the  very enemies that tried to kill our boys,  MAKE UP STORIES, get people across the globe killed to  do what? Say America Bad? America is helping free all  peoples in all different colors..............."In recent months, the world has marveled at the hopeful changes taking place from Baghdad to Beirut to Bishkek. But before there was a Purple Revolution in Iraq, or an Orange Revolution in Ukraine, or a Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, there was the Rose Revolution in Georgia. (Applause.) Your courage is inspiring democratic reformers and sending a message that echos across the world: Freedom will be the future of every nation and every people on Earth." (my man Bush in Soviet Georgia)

    Hydra's Latest Addition: The South America- Arab Summit

    UPDATE May 17 '05:  MYSTERY ACHIEVEMENT has an excellent post  on the highlights and exactly what went on at this disgusting event, THE WAR COUNCIL HAS ADJOURNED.

    As if America didn't have enough on her plate in the battle against evil. Chavez is a problem, a despot with dellusions of world domination. He  sees an historical opening into the fight and he intends to seize it. Another hot point that must be monitored closely in our hemisphere and in the case of Castro, right near our sphincters. Castro has been waiting for this since the fall of his propmaster, the Soviet Union

    The South America-Arab Summit
    by Heitor De Paola on May, 13, 2005

    Brief: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, an irate critic of the  U.S., in addressing the gathering, called for the creation of an Arab- Latin American Front to "challenge the Empire". 

     It would not be democratic if we attempted, in a plural document such as this Declaration, to conceptualize democracy the way we understand it without considering other cultures’ meanings of the term.   Brazilian President Lula da Silva 


    A threat to democracies and to the fight against terrorism Castrochavez2_2

    This week the Brazilian Capital was the stage for an unprecedent summit between Arab and South American states. Seven of 22 Arab heads of state and eight of the 12 South American leaders attended the meeting. The most prominent absentees were Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria.  The summit has ended with confused definitions of terrorism, with expressions of support for the Palestinians, backing for the right of people of any country to fight against "foreign occupation," - a clear reference to the Palestinian group Hamas and Lebanon's HizbAllah - and even more disturbing concepts of democracy, as the above declaration of the Brazilian President. Also, Brazil's Foreign Minister Celso Amorim, declared that “the declaration on terrorism is open to many interpretations”.

    Both are relativistic definitions that imply that Western concept of democracy is not an absolute and even that there are “good” as well as “bad” terrorism. As always happens with relativistic concepts, who defines what is good or evil? Probably bad terrorism is anything that targets many of the signers of the Declaration, as the defense measures of the State of Israel, and “good” terrorism is the practiced by them against the Western world. In a declaration released at the end of the meeting, participants called for Israel to withdraw from "occupied territories" and dismantle Jewish settlements, including those in East Jerusalem - a longstanding non-negotiable issue for Israeli governments, and criticized U.S. sanctions against the rogue dictatorship of Syria. Terrorism is a criminal act and if it is “open to many interpretations” it ceases to be a crime at all! We can infer that this is exactly the meaning of Amorim’s speech: to decriminalize terrorism, in total agreement with Venezuelan Chavez about the Colombia’s FARCs narco-terrorists as “freedom fighters”.

    Who defines what is a democratic government?  Again if any Country has the right to define it according to their rulers it turns into an empty and meaningless concept, as happened in last century’s communists “popular democratic Republics”, and even now it could be applied to the “electoral” process in Cuba and many Arab and African dictatorships.

    It has been repeated time and again, before and after de meeting, that Brazil's interests were to establish closer commercial ties with the oil producers and rich Countries of the Middle East in order to improve commercial profits. In my opinion, if the reason to these relativistic concepts is “business is business”, they are immoral and contrary to any acceptable ethical system. But there are reasons to believe that commerce was not the real motivation for the summit.

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, an irate critic of the U.S., in addressing the gathering, called for the creation of an Arab-Latin American Front to "challenge the Empire", according to Venezuelan media reports. Both regions had been the victims of imperialist aggression because of their oil wealth, he argued. The Venezuelan leader also was quoted as saying after a plenary session that although the summit was not intended as an anti-U.S. gathering, "deep inside, the summit was about the U.S., because when we talk about forming a pluralistic world, it collides with the U.S. plans to establish a unipolar world.” The Brazilian government, agreeing to his second best ally – the first is Castro - declined to accept the U.S. request to send an observer to the proceedings.

    Something that went unmentioned was that in the last Monday 9 the Brazilian Foreign Minister delayed for one hour Chavez arrival at the Presidential House of Granja do Torto to an announced dinner with Lula and Argentina’s President Kirchner.  The delay was necessary because the latter made it clear that he doesn’t want to participate of the secret Brasilia-Caracas-Buenos Aires axis – that more secretly involves Havana too – that his intelligence services detected. To Kirchner this is a dangerous and lunatic anti-American adventure and he wanted to express his concerns to Lula in a meeting between them alone.

    Many analysts wonder that the open summit served the real purpose of establishing an international support to Chavez in his struggle against America, and a Caracas-Brasilia- Buenos Aires axis as a substitute to the Tito-Sukarno covenant that originated the Non-Aligned Countries Movement of the 60’s. However, I think that it is not Chavez, who needs such support, but Castro. Castro needs desperately any support to remain in power until his death and to guarantee his crown prince Raul to succeed him in that devastated island. It is not to be forgotten that the Non-Aligned Movement included Cuba as one of the most prominent members – Cuba sponsored the Trilateral Conference and OLAS (Organization of Latin American Solidarity). And I believe the same is happening now! Both Jose Dirceu and the shadowy presidential foreign affairs advisory to Lula, Marco Aurelio Garcia, travel a lot among the three Countries since Lula was elected.

    Kirchner is no fool and he has other critic problems as a Jew in a Country in which terrorist bombings targeted the Israeli Embassy and a Jewish community center in the 1990s. Already the Simon Wiesenthal Center said in a letter to Brazil's foreign minister "the ambiguity of the language gives the opportunity for these terrorist organizations to claim that the South American community has endorsed their actions."

    This oil and money support to Castro involves three areas: communications, energy and military cooperation. One of Chavez's current initiatives is the formation of what is being promoted as Latin America's equivalent to the Arabic Al-Jazeera television channel, based on Castro’s experience of lying media. Chavez, who frequently accuses international news broadcasters of bias, is providing most of the funding for the new Spanish-language channel, TELESUR, which is due to begin transmitting in two months' time. In a near future it will be a bilingual broadcasting – Spanish and Portuguese! It wouldn’t be a surprise to many Brazilian observes if the most powerful Brazilian TV Network, Rede Glodo, should be involved in this project.

    Lastly, it must be stressed that some of the countries attending the summit are leading players in the world of oil and energy: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Algeria, Egypt, Qatar, Libya, Oman, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, Ecuador and Argentina. According to Al-Jazeera correspondent, Adam Porter, these Countries currently pump among them around 27.26 million barrels per day (mbpd) of the world's demand of 84 mbpd or around 32.5% of total production. Venezuelan PDEVESA and Brazilian PETROBRAS, both state owned oil companies, already have joint projects in Cuba and it is to be expected at least a joint venture – if not a total fusion – in an international oil company named PETROSUR. The idea of integrating Argentina in such project seems more difficult now.

    According to Porter, China has also figured prominently in South American oil infrastructure. It recently signed deals to build refinery projects in Venezuela and has made some possible exploration deals as well.

    Is it not a perfect anti-American, anti-Western, anti-democratic and anti-capitalistic axis?

    hat tip Ingo

    Sunday, May 15, 2005

    WTF is all this About? GET OVER IT!

    WTF is this?

    Palestinians Mark Founding of Israel
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Sun, 15 May 2005 8:55 AM PDT
    Angry protesters marched through the streets and sirens brought traffic to a halt throughout the West Bank and Gaza on Sunday as Palestinians mournfully commemorated the day Israel was created, calling it one of the darkest days in their history.

    Palestinians Lament Founding of Israel
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Sun, 15 May 2005 1:47 PM PDT
    With sirens and rallies, Palestinians on Sunday mournfully commemorated the anniversary of what they call "Al Nakba," or "the catastrophe" — the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of their people with the 1948 creation of the state of Israel

    Palestinians Mark Founding of Israel
    ABC News
    Sun, 15 May 2005 9:10 AM PDTCowards20bpali_terrorist_1
    Palestinian Rallies Mournfully Mark Day Israel Was Created 57 Years Ago

    I dont get it! 1948 was 57 years ago. ISRAEL EXISTS! RECOGNIZE IT! GET OVER IT!
    Get off our backs, get your teeth out of our necks. Get a life, get a job, build a road, collect your garbage, stopping slapping your wives upside the head, stop blaming Israel for your inate failures.

    Check  this out: Pipeline of Hate

    Friday, May 13, 2005


    and now a word from our German long before this guy is stabbed numerous times like poor Van Gogh?

    Germany: Israel Still Needs "Military Supremacy"
    German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said Wednesday that Israel still needs to have "military supremacy" over its neighbors. Fischer told Die Zeit the problem remained that Israel was "never really recognized" by its neighbors. "This requires military supremacy," he added. Fischer noted that in Israel there was "a lot of mistrust" of the Europeans when it came to security issues. (DPA/Expatica-Netherlands)


    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Episcopalian Jew Hating........Modern Argument to Age Old Hatred

    The Episcopals are at it again. Along with Harvard.

    What is this obsession with Israel, with the Jews? It is mirrored worldwide charaded in various disguises like the  World Council of  Churches Giving the  Nod to Israeli Divestment Proposal 

    My take on this? As Jesus said, "By their acts (words) ye shall know them" so we know them. Because Christians (or the English or the French or _____[fill in anyone that spews poison against Israel]) can champion downtrodden peoples all over the globe like those poor South African raped children, child sex slavery, the child rape by the French UN peacekeeping forces in the Congo,the multimillion modern slaves in the Sudan and elsewhere, the starving in North Korea, the Arab women suffering from severe sharia laws, but no, they focus on the Palestinians. Why? It's not about the Palestinians, it's about sticking it to who they hate or are jealous of, the Jews or Israel. Like American liberals like Michael it about the Jews or even the American downtrodden or sticking it to "daddy" the Republican administration or Israel. These people are transparent because where do you focus your limited energies?

    U.S. Anglicans eyeing divestment criticize IsraelEpiscopal20church

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - The U.S. Episcopal Church, considering a review of investments in companies that do business with Israel, said on Thursday a high-level fact-finding team came back deeply disturbed after visiting the West Bank and nearby areas

    "Israel has a right to defend itself. But it appears that, in the name of security, injustices are being done to the Palestinians that amount to collective punishment," said Jacqueline Scott, a member of the Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns.

    She was part of a delegation that also included members of the church's Social Responsibility in Investments committee and Phoebe Griswold, wife of Frank Griswold, presiding bishop of the 2.3 million-member church.

    An Israeli man sits in front of an 80 by 60 metres Israeli flag that rises above the main roadIsraeli_man from Tel Aviv to Haifa May 11, 2005.


    More from the blame the joooooooooooos crowd. How ridiculous. Focus on Israel's nukes. She's had them for over 30 years, has never used or even admitted to the capabilities. It's the only thing Israel has in the bank to stay alive and keep her arab enemy neighbors at arms length
    This beyond ridiculous.........The North Koreans are taunting the world with their 6 nuclear warheads, and Iran is thisclose..........but Mubarak (yes the same Mubarak the helped Saddam Hussein ake chemical weapons) is insisting on Israel's nuclear disarmament.

    UN nuclear talks break deadlock over Israeli arms

    UNITED NATIONS - More than 180 nations hoping to strengthen global protections against the spread of nuclear arms ended a week and a half of paralysis centering on Israel's presumed atomic arsenal on Wednesday and adopted an agenda enabling them to begin their work. The agreement came nearly halfway through a four-week conference reviewing the 1970 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which had been deadlocked over a demand by Egypt that the issue of nuclear weapons in the Middle East be on the agenda. A compromise worked out by conference president Sergio Duarte of Brazil added an asterisk to the proposed agenda referring to a separate piece of paper ensuring that the practice of previous NPT conferences, in which the Middle East had been discussed, would be "taken into account."

    And for key-ryst sake...................will someone have the cujones to go toe to toe with China on their manipulation of the global chessboard. They are really scary


    Happy 57th Birthday to Israel!

    Arutz: Independence Day celebrations were held across the country last night and today, beginning with an official ceremony at Mt. Herzl. The theme this year: "Covenant of Life: Bridging Hearts"

    Flag from the first anniversary of the State of Israel celebration in Pretoria, 1949

    Amidst the Birthday Fireworks, Katyusha Hits Shlomi, Damaging Bakery Defense/Security

    Independence Day festivities were marred Wednesday night when a rocket fired from Lebanon hit a bakery in the western Galilee town of Shlomi, causing severe damage. No injuries were reported.

    A few Israeli accomplishments (she burst just like a supernova)

    want more go over to Israel21C

    The Middle East has been growing date palms for centuries. The average tree is about 18-20 feet tall and yields about 38 pounds of dates a year. Israeli trees are now yielding 400 pounds/year and are short enough to be harvested from the ground or a short ladder.Israel, the 100th smallest country, with less than 1/1000th of the world's population, can lay claim to the following: The cell phone was developed in Israel by Israelis working in the Israelibranch of Motorola, which has its largest development center in Israel.Most of the Windows NT and XP operating systems were developed by Microsoft-Israel.The Pentium MMX Chip technology was designed in Israel at Intel. Both the Pentium-4 microprocessor and the Centrino processor were entirelydesigned, developed and produced in Israel. The Pentium microprocessor in your computer was most likely made in Israel.Voice mail technology was developed in Israel. Both Microsoft and Cisco built their only R&D facilities outside the US in Israel.The technology for the AOL Instant Messenger ICQ was developed in 1996 by four young Israelis. Israel has the fourth largest air force in the world (after the U.S, Russia and China). In addition to a large variety of other aircraft, Israel's Air Force has an aerial arsenal of over 250 F-16's. This is the largest fleet of F-16 aircraft outside of the U. S.According to industry officials, Israel designed the airline industry'smost impenetrable flight security. U. S. officials now look to Israel for advice on how to handle airborne security threats. Israel's $100 billion economy is larger than all of its immediate neighbors combined. Israel has the highest percentage in the world of home computers per capita.Israel has the highest ratio of university degrees to the population in the world.Israel produces more scientific papers per capita than any other nation by a large margin - 109 per 10,000 people --as well as one of the highest per capita rates of patents filed.In proportion to its population, Israel has the largest number of startup companies in the world. In absolute terms, Israel has the largest number of startup companies than any other country in the world, except the U.S.(3,500 companies mostly in hi-tech).With more than 3,000 high-tech companies and startups, Israel has thehighest concentration of hi-tech companies in the world -- apart from the Silicon Valley, U. S.Israel is ranked #2 in the world for venture capital funds right behind the U. S.Outside the United States and Canada, Israel has the largest number of NASDAQ listed companies.Israel has the highest average living standards in the Middle East. The per capita income in 2000 was over $17,500, exceeding that of the UK.On a per capita basis, Israel has the largest number of biotech startups.Twenty-four per cent of Israel's workforce holds university degrees,ranking third in the industrialized world, after the United States and Holland and 12 per cent hold advanced degrees.Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. In 1984 and 1991, Israel airlifted a total of 22,000 Ethiopian Jews at Risk in Ethiopia, to safety in Israel.When Golda Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel in 1969, she became the world's second elected female leader in modern times.When the U. S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya was bombed in 1998, Israeli rescue teams were on the scene within a day -- and saved three victimsfrom the rubble.Israel has the third highest rate of entrepreneurship -- and the highest rate among women and among people over 55 - in the world.Relative to its population, Israel is the largest immigrant-absorbing nation on earth. Immigrants come in search of democracy, religious freedom, and economic opportunity. Israel was the first nation in the world to adopt the Kimberly process,an international standard that certifies diamonds as "conflict free."Israel has the world's second highest per capita of new books. Israel is the only country in the world that entered the 21st century with a net gain in its number of trees, made more remarkable because this was achieved in an area considered mainly desert. Israel has more museums per capita than any other country. Medicine... Israeli scientists developed the first fully computerized, no-radiation, diagnostic instrumentation for breast cancer.An Israeli company developed a computerized system for ensuring proper administration of medications, thus removing human error from medical treatment. Every year in U. S. hospitals 7,000 patients die from treatment mistakes. Israel's Givun Imaging developed the first ingestible video camera, so small it fits inside a pill. Used to view the small intestine from the inside, the camera helps doctors diagnose cancer and digestive disorders.Researchers in Israel developed a new device that directly helps the heart pump blood, an innovation with the potential to save lives among those with heart failure.The new device is synchronized with the heart's mechanical operations through a sophisticated system of sensors. Israel leads the world in the number of scientists and technicians in the workforce, with 145 per 10,000, as opposed to 85 in the U. S., over 70 in Japan, and less than 60 in Germany. With over 25% of its work force employed in technical professions. Israel places first in this category as well. A new acne treatment developed in Israel, the ClearLight device, produces a high-intensity, ultraviolet-light-free, narrow-band blue light that causes acne bacteria to self-destruct -- all without damaging surrounding skin or tissue. An Israeli company was the first to develop and install a large-scale solar-powered and fully functional electricity generating plant, in southern California's Mojave desert. All the above while engaged in regular wars with an implacable enemy that seeks its destruction, and an economy continuously under strain by having to spend more per capita on its own protection than any other country on earth.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    And the Band plays on......Praying that Israel Has a Plan

    They have to drop one first right? It's got to be that way? Why..............? I am counting on the Israelis, the left in this country in cahoots with Eurabia and the UN do what they do best...........CJ!
    Defiant Iran Plans Nuclear Revival - Ewen MacAskill and Robert Tait

    The Iranian government Tuesday confirmed that it is to resume its suspended nuclear program. A British Foreign Office spokesman said such a move would automatically halt two years of negotiations between Tehran and the European trio - Britain, France, and Germany - and see immediate referral to the UN Security Council. The U.S., in a view shared by Europe and Israel, suspects Iran is covertly trying to secure a nuclear weapon. (Guardian-UK)


    Oh My G-d! The Lunatics Really Are Running the Asylum

    Imagine this! [if thats at all possible] The UN says is all good.....child rape, ass murder, Arab on Arab murder, sex slavery..............VOILA! Problem solved..........or so says the UN. This has Coffee Enema's (kofi) paws all over it......he is busy with blaming Israel for a change

    UN envoy sees return of stability in DarfurLunatic_3
    AFP via Yahoo! News Wed, 11 May 2005 10:35 AM PDT
    The UN special envoy for Sudan said that stability has returned to the troubled western region of Darfur which has been hit by civil war since February 2003.

    "We have very good news today, there is now stability in Darfur as far as the government and rebels are concerned," Jan Pronk told a news conference in the Sudanese capital.

    Tuesday, May 10, 2005

    Don't be fooled: Reports of Syria's Withdrawal are Greatly Exaggerated

    I know everyone is all happy and psyched that Syria  has pulled out of Lebanon. But don't letAssadlongneck that Ass-ad fool you. You are too smart for that! He can't let go of the very lifeblood that keeps his economy afloat. He can't let go of the direct proximity that Lebanon provides to direct attacks on Israel under the guise "hizbollah" aka Syria.
    So this is how the cockroaches are going about their business (from JINSA):
    Palestinian Military Bases: We have been pointing to the problem of Palestinian military bases in Lebanon. Now, Geostrategy Direct reports “Syria’s intelligence units have relocated to Palestinian refugee camps and military bases, which remain off limits to Lebanese authorities.” In 1982, the PFLP-GC established these bases for training and storage of Katyusha rockets, rocket-propelled grenades and light weapons. The UN has sent a team to verify Syria’s withdrawal but neither they nor Lebanese police or army units have been permitted to enter the bases. The PFLP-GC was founded and has been led, Geostrategy Direct notes, by Ahmed Jibril, a Syrian military officer.

    Kofi's Biggest Problem - What an Antisemetic Putz

    Let me understand this, millions murdered in Darfur, Sudan, Moratania, the biggest rip off in world history--Oil for Food, child sex slavery in Southest Asia, French UN peackeepers raping little girls in the Congo, the killing in Uganda -- and using kids to kill other kids, Castro and Chavez - a new love affair with two depraved despots and human right violators, honor killings of young girls in muslim countries, public beheadings in the town square (chop chop square), Palistinians targeting school buses filled with Jewish children,and killing  Palistinians suspected of  collaborating with Israel, shooting them  in the street (sans trial) I could go on and on and this is what Coffee Enema is most concerned with........

    UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - UN Secretary General

    Kofi Annan asked Israel to respect Lebanese air space by ending military overflights.Kofi_face

    The secretary general is concerned about today's Israeli overflights into Lebanese airspace," spokesman Fred Eckhard said in a statement.

    "The situation in Lebanon and in the wider region is fragile. The secretary general reiterates his call on the Israeli authorities to end these overflights. He urges all parties to fully respect the Blue Line and reminds them that one violation of the Blue Line cannot justify another," the spokesman said in a statement.

    OH! and this just in..........what fresh hell awaits these poor souls?

    Fear hits harvest in fresh threat to Darfur
    Scotsman International
    TWO million people who have fled their homes in the Darfur region of Sudan to escape the genocide there face a new crisis next year because they have been too scared to return to plant crops, aid workers warned yesterday.

    Monday, May 09, 2005

    Say it in BROKEN ENGLISH: What are we Waiting for?

    BaradeiUN nuclear chief says North Korea has close to six nukes AFP  Yahoo! News The International Atomic Energy Agency estimates that North Korea has close to six nuclear weapons, the UN nuclear watchdog's chief warned
    We knew they had the plutonium that could be converted into five or six North Korea weapons," Baradei said Sunday.


    The Emergence of the slightly damaged but MOST MALEVOLENT AXIS OF EVIL

    Putin_stalinAs I have railed on for weeks now, my fear takes the form of reality. Russia/POOtin is rearming old decrepid, Jewhating Arab theocracies in a feeble but dangerous attempt to regain world power, clout currency. I would hardly worry but the stakes are too high. Enriched Uranium, Bioterror, missile capabilities. I SAY, STOP HIM DEAD IN HIS TRACKS.


    Putin Leads Russia's Return to the Middle East
    and the Arab Embrace

    Michael Widlanski

    • Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to support Egypt's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and insisted that his country sell advanced missiles to Syria, while continuing to aid the nuclear development of Iran, particularly the Russian-built, 1,000-megawatt, Bushehr nuclear reactor.Putin_arafat_better_pic_1

    • The real reason for Putin's visit and for Palestinian enthusiasm seems to be an attempt to restore previous Russian or Soviet policies. "The Soviets were always keen on the Middle East. The region was practically their backyard," said Reda Shehata, a former Egyptian ambassador to Russia.

    • With former Soviet Central Asia today dotted with American air force bases, Putin's best option is to skip over this tier of American influence and re-engage the Arab world. The Middle East is the natural area for Russia to be active, if Moscow is to regain some of the influence that the Soviet Union once enjoyed. However, past Russian diplomacy, aid, and weapons offers have sometimes spurred wars and arms races, not peace.

    • Mubarak_putin_2Abbas is not very different from the Ba'ath party officials in Syria who believe in a Russian counterweight to U.S. policies. Abbas did his advanced university training in Moscow, speaks fluent Russian, and once served as the PLO ambassador to the Soviet Union.

    • The chosen instrument that both Russia and the PA hope to employ to neutralize American power is the Quartet, where a united front of Russia, the EU, and the UN can be depended upon to offset the position of the U.S. After Putin met Abbas in Ramallah, he called for strengthening the role of the Quartet.

    • The renewed Russian drive for influence in the Middle East raises serious questions about the entire idea of relying on a multilateral Quartet for peacemaking. Given Putin's harsh critique of U.S. support for Middle Eastern democracy, how can he be a partner for President Bush in the Middle East? Why empower those who oppose you?Putin_asad

    These now-budding lovefests mean only only thing, the destruction of America. Like our beloved President Bush said Saturday, Democracies are peaceful nations. The agenda of the axis of evil is diabolical and frightening consider all the missing enriched uranium. And while they may fight amongst themselves, they have one clear objective- get rid of America and her power - Atlas

    Saturday, May 07, 2005

    The MSM and Media Elite Twist Pervert and Spin and Destroy; The Enemy Within

    Do me a favor take a quick glimpse of how dishonest and twisted the media elites and the mainstream media are playing the Bush story. Here you have a great American President being lauded by new and emerging democracies while a wanna be despot (POOtin) is trying to regain the malevolent crown by jailing entrprenuers and cracking down on reform/reformers. President Bush is in Latvia, the first stop on his trip through Europe. There, he received the nation’s highest honor and read from the freedom monument.
    And our press is painting Bush as the bad guywith one giant stroke. This Great Statesman. Bush is the enemy and POOtin, realigning and rearming the axis of evil (Egypt, Syria and Iran), is the offended party.

    Take a look, from the always predictable   
    Bush Lectures Putin on the Joys of Democracy

                              BUSH'S TRIP RAISES RUSSIANS  IRE
                                ARE ICY RELATIONS HIS FAULT?

    Bush Walks Fine Line Between Russia and Baltic Agendas

    Creating tension with Russia, President Bush acknowledged the U.S. role in the tyranny that
    took over Eastern Europe at the end of World War II. NBC’s David Gregory reports.

    Bush Trip Brews Russian Tension

    Bush to POOtin: When I say Jump You Say How High Suh?!

    I LOVE THIS MAN! Bush is putting it out there and taking no prisoners. Not kissing up to Pootin. Telling how it really is and how it really was at Yalta (FDR surrounded by all those commies - and that was FDR's entourage - Read TREASON). Finally someone is calling FDR out on his massive blunders. Maybe he'll speak to the nightmare FDR created with "the New Deal" and social security not to mention leaving millions of Jews to to be murdered, gassed, cremated and not lifting a finger - but that for another day.
    I am thrilled that Bush is showing Pootin who is really boss and to stop the circle jerk. That he will play nicey nicey diplomatic boy until you cross G.W. Those Eastern European  new democratic countries want to be free and goddamn it they will be free. And if Pootin tries an end run with a new Arab Soviet Alliance - well just let him try it.
    Bush: U.S. Had Hand in European Divisions Bush_europe

    RIGA, Latvia - Second-guessing Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Bush said Saturday the United States played a role in Europe's painful division after World War II — a decision that helped cause "one of the greatest wrongs of history" when the Soviet Union imposed its harsh rule across Central and Eastern Europe

    Bush said the lessons of the past will not be forgotten as the United States tries to spread freedom in the Middle East.

    "We will not repeat the mistakes of other generations, appeasing or excusing tyranny, and sacrificing freedom in the vain pursuit of stability," the president said. "We have learned our lesson; no one's liberty is expendable. In the long run, our security and true stability depend on the freedom of others."

    Bush singled out the 1945 Yalta agreement signed by Roosevelt in a speech opening a four-day trip focused on Monday's celebration in Moscow of the 60th anniversary of Nazi Germany's defeat

    Cut and Paste and Send this letter to

    Dear Mr. President:Mail_quaint

    The PLO Authority, which you have provided over 1 billion dollars in aid
    during your administration, has repeatedly and publicly vowed not to lift
    a finger against the murderers they nurture.  They have kept their word.

    Shafik Aadel Mustafa A-Aani, the terrorist ringleader of the suicide
    bombing of the Stage Cafe on Feb. 25, was recently released by the PLO
    Authority, who then went on to kill a 20 year old Israeli this week.  Also
    this week, Arab terrorists carrying a Kassam rocket in the back seat of
    their car in Gaza, were initially arrested, and then released this by the
    PLO, leaving them free to launch their next terror attack (Reuters, May 3:
    "Palestinian Interior Ministry spokesman Toufiq Abu Khoussa said the three
    were in a car, en route to fire rockets and were let go on Tuesday
    following intervention by an Egyptian official in Gaza".)  Also this week,
    the Arab terrorist murderer of Minister Ze'evi was officially permitted by
    the PLO Authority to run for high political office in their upcoming
    elections (YNET news, May 1:  Ahmed Saadat, jailed in Jericho for role in
    murder of late Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi, says candidacy will
    underscore "right of prisoners to stand for office")

    Mr. President, in this troubled world with the USA facing increasingly
    dangerous threats from many quarters, including the growing nuclear threat
    from North Korea and Iran, it is both wrong and foolish to abandon our
    Israeli friends and to subsidize our Arab enemies.

    The PLO has not stopped their efforts to participate in the international
    Arab terror campaign, of which America's suffering on 9/11 was a part.  It
    is therefore long past time for you to end your financial and political
    support for the PLO Authority.  Instead please support Israel's moral,
    historical, strategic and Biblical rights for full sovereignty in Judea,
    Samaria, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Gaza.  That way the development
    of another Arab terrorist state that will threaten America will be

    The President's email:
    The Vice President's email:
    White House phone: 202-456-1111 Fax: 202-456-2461
    Senate and House switchboard:  202-224-3121
    Click on "Govt. Email Addresses" at for other officials.
    TO UNSUBSCRIBE:  Email  with
    "unsubscribe" in the body of the message.

    Mubarak goes on charm offensive

    Mubarak_putin_1Mubarak charming? Isn't that like Dean being calm, Stresiand being beautiful, sKerry being smart, Bush being indecisive, JLo being faithful, Tay-ray-zuh being benevolent, Soros being genuine, Mother Teresa being disingenuous, Barbara Boxical being thoughtful and earnest, Biden writing his own papers, Teddy Kennedy abstaining from  the hair of thr dog, the Pali's as peacemakers.Well, you catch my drift. If they reelect him, they deserve whatever it is they got coming to them:

    Mubarak mum on candidacy, goes on charm offensive
    Hassen Zenati

    April 29, 2005

    CAIRO-- Egypt's veteran President Hosni Mubarak kept Egypt guessing over whether he plans to stand again in elections this year but sought to present a softer image of himself in a marathon seven-hour television interview broadcast here this week

    Friday, May 06, 2005

    Holy Arafish! Fatah beats Hamas!

    Fatah_2 Fatah supporters celebrating after receiving unofficial election results in the Gaza Strip on Friday. (AP)

    Fatah beats out a strong Hamas in municipal elections
    By Arnon Regular, Haaretz

    Correspondent and Agencies Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' ruling Fatah movement narrowly fended off a strong challenge by the Islamic militant group Hamas in local elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Friday, with Fatah winning 56 percent and Hamas 33 percent of the vote. The corruption-tainted Fatah had feared defeat in Thursday's elections, but unofficial election results indicated the party won in 45 of 84 communities. However, Hamas established itself as a major political player, winning 23 of the contests, including in the three biggest towns - Qalqilyah, Rafah and Beit Lahia. Final official results are expected only Sunday but Qalqilyah's next mayor will likely be from Hamas.

    For me the most telling pull quote was the following;

    In the remaining 16 communities, neither side won a clear majority, with independents or smaller factions getting the most votes.

    obviously there is plenty of fear out there. Which to choose? Fatah, the corrupt violent party of Ararat or Cold  Blooded murders Hamas?........decisions, decisios..........

    VIVA THE BUSH DOCTRINE! Bush extends Sanctions against Syria

    In a letter to the House speaker and Senate majority leader, Bush said Syria poses a "continuing, unusual, and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States." He said the sanctions respond to that threat.
    U.S.-Syrian relations have only worsened since last year. The United States pulled its ambassador from Damascus in February in protest over the assassination of a leading Lebanese politician who often clashed with Syria.

    Bush Extends Sanctions Against Syria

    WASHINGTON -- President Bush on Thursday renewed economic sanctions on SyriaCheerleader implemented a year ago, saying its government still supports terrorism and is undermining efforts to stabilize Iraq.

    Bush originally banned all U.S. exports to Syria except for food and medicine on May 11, 2004. The measures also include a ban on flights to and from the United States; authorization to the Treasury Department to freeze assets of Syrian citizens and entities involved in terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, the occupation of Lebanon or terrorism in Iraq; and restrictions on banking relations between U.S. banks and the Syrian national bank.

    Syria Ignoring U.S. Requests on Terrorists
    Syria has ignored U.S. demands to stop foreign fighters from crossing the border into Iraq and "terrorists" operating from Syrian territory, a top U.S. commander said. "We have provided Syrians with very specific information and asked them to help in securing the Iraq-Syrian borders to stop foreign fighters from crossing into Iraq," Gen. John Abizaid, commander of the U.S. forces in the Gulf, told the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai Al-Aam. "More importantly, we asked them to cooperate with us in chasing terrorists operating out of Syria, in addition to Iraqi Baathists present in Syria who are trying to organize military operations inside Iraq." "We have been very specific and clear in our demands. Unfortunately, all these demands fell on Syrian deaf ears, and they did not respond to any of it." (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

    Columbia University's Rabid Antisemetism Prohibits Students from Advancing their Studies: THOUGHT CONTROL!

    Campus Watch sent me this.....I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. I dont't think you need me to tell you how important and vital the work the Middle East Forum does, but here is a short explanation of their mission: The Middle East Forum, a think tank, works to define and promote American interests in the Middle East. The Forum holds that the United States has vital interests in the region; it believes in strong ties with Israel, Turkey, and other democracies as they emerge; works for human rights in the region; seeks a stable supply and a low price of oil; and promotes the peaceful settlement of regional and international disputes.

    These radical  islamic bullies at  Columbia are trying to brainwash our finest minds so that they come back to roost in 10 years.
    File this in the "Truth is stranger than Fiction" file. And it keeps getting stranger and stranger......

    Columbia University Refuses to Send Middle East Forum Announcement

    Philadelphia, May 6, 2005 – Columbia University’s Middle East Institute has rejected an announcement for the Middle East Forum’s summer internship program.

    The Middle East Forum requested that it be sent out on April 22, 2005. Noting the announcement had not gone out, the Forum sent a follow-up inquiry on May 5. In reply, Astrid Benedek, MEI’s associate administrator, explained that she would not do so until the Forum made changes on its Campus Watch website. She also indicated she would not reply again to the MEF (“I think we best end our communication right here”).

    This refusal contradicts an earlier statement by Benedek about the institute’s policy of semi-automatically forwarding information for “countless other … outside organizations.”Rashidkhalidi_2

    The Middle East Institute is directed by former PLO advisor Rashid Khalidi.

    Although Columbia’s Middle East Institute receives taxpayer funding via the federal government’s International Studies in Higher Education Act, Title VI, it demonstrably shows a lack of impartiality. For example, while it turned down the MEF intern announcement, it on May 2, 2005 circulated an invitation for a study trip to Gaza sponsored by the Faculty For Israeli - Palestinian Peace, a group that blames “the occupation” for all the region’s problems.

    This latest development again confirms the depth of the problems in Middle East studies at Columbia University (on which see It also reconfirms that stakeholders in the university need to scrutinize its actions carefully.

    Thursday, May 05, 2005

    Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Memorial Day Today

    16:26 May 05, '05 / 26 Nisan 5765
    Israel came to a near-total standstill at 10:00 this morning when a two-minute siren sounded in commemoration of Holocaust Heroism Day. Holocaust201

    Holocauststargerm_3 Holocaust2
    Whether the scene was photographed at Sniatyn, Bochnia, Sniadowo, Lodz or Drohobycz - towns hundreds of miles apart, or in Latvia or the Soviet Union or somewhere else, and whether it was taken in 1939, 1941, 1943 or 1944, we do not know. So what does it tell us?

    In a sense, it says everything. That the Germans and their collaborators took photographs of their crimes to keep as mementoes and trophies. That brave resisters smuggled such images out of their occupied countries to provide evidence of Nazi atrocities. That the Holocaust has at times been promoted, at other times suppressed, as a central story of the second world war. That the death pit image has been made to serve the propaganda purposes variously of the Nazis, the resistance and the Warsaw pact. That curators, documentary makers and publishers have been remarkably promiscuous and cavalier in their appropriation of it as evidence for whatever story they intend.

    But in another sense, it tells us nothing. We have no certain knowledge of the perpetrators and the victims. Of the lives of the old man with the shoe and the young boy with the hat whose last moments we presume to witness, we will never know anything.

    in other Holocaust Memorial Day related news:


    Swastikas daubed on Yad Vashem on Holocaust memorial day
    JERUSALEM (AFP) - Swastikas were found daubed on the walls of the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem as Israel held ceremonies to remember Jewish victims of Nazi genocide during World War II.

    Wednesday, May 04, 2005


    Please click here :
    To:  British Association of University Teachers
    "We, the undersigned, are men and women from all walks of life, Jews and non-Jews, Israelis and non-Israelis, academics and non-academics, who feel deep concern about the AUT’s misbegotten boycott of Israeli universities. "

    Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege

    This book explains ALOT. Interesting review in Publishers Weekly:

    The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under  Siege

    Kenneth Levin. Smith and Kraus Global, $35 (600p)
    While the subject of this study is specific—“the delusional thinking  that underlayOslo_syndrome Israel’s attempt to achieve peace with its neighbors through the so-called Oslo process”—the author’s interests and conclusions are wide-ranging. 

    Levin, a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a  commentator on Israeli politics, attempts to analyze why many Israeli Jews chose  to believe in the peace negotiations of the early 1990s, even when Yasser Arafat  was refusing calls to publicly renounce terrorism. Levin analyzes this through  both historical and psychoanalytic lenses, mapping out how people who have lived  under siege are likely to internalize the hatred they encounter and become  “delusional” about their own self-interest. Levin also discusses European and  American anti-Semitism and its effect on Jewish identity, from the mid-19th  century to 1948, with some background material on the emergence of Zionism and  the British Mandate.

    Interesting observation from PRB, Liberal Hawk:
    To throw in another of my $.02: I was, indeed, referring to the Stockholm Syndrome, but in my defence, I am over 50 and word-finding and retrieval becomes an issue at these advanced ages. ;-) 
    OTOH, the book sounds like a description of the Stockholm Syndrome (named after a hostage situation in a failed bank robbery in Stockholm many years ago) with the Oslo Syndrome being used recently as an attempt to extend the Stockholm Syndrome to an entire country.In terms of the evolutionary basis and a neurological, or physical, substrate for the behavior, while there is certainly evidence for the existence of brain structures involved in defences, the field of Evolutionary Psychology is even more speculative than Psychoanalysis.  I can tell you that "identification with the aggressor" is a psychological mechanism which is involved in the Stockholm Syndrome (there was a fair amount of work done on this after the incident); furthermore, the defence is ubiquitous and usually a factor in any treatment situation which involves attaining insight.
    Most Psychiatrists/Psychoanalysts would expect behavior to be explained using multiple axes, including the psychological, neurophysiological, biochemical, genetic (both in terms of development from an analytic POV and from the biological POV), etc.  I would hesitate to privilege one point of view over another unless it had superior explanatory or treatment implications.

    and this from another Liberal Hawk, Ben -- also wildy interesting;
    I'm new to this group, but I thought I'd chime in on the subject of the
    "Stockholm Syndrome". 

    It is a very real thing.  I have also read up on it, and I also can't recall
    off hand the names of the books, but the most compelling explanation I've seen
    is that it isn't a psychological defense mechanism at all, it's a physical
    defense mechanism, and its there to prevent violent death.  This is the
    "Evolutionary Psychology" explanation, and it goes thusly:

    Along our millions of  years of pre-historic life in small, violently
    competing tribes, if our ancestors found themselves in with a tribe not their own,
    and clearly outmatched, the best chance of success in evolutionary terms would
    be to identify with and co-opt the structure of the new group, especially if
    the new group was violently opposed to the old group.  In other words, if you
    were pre-disposed genetically towards having a good case of Stockholm Syndrome
    when your tribe was all but exterminated, your chances of passing along those
    genes would be much higher than the chances of your sibling, who was
    pre-disposed to fight the newcomers to the bitter end.

    Bear in mind, on the evolutionary scale, the existence of very large tribes
    with commandoes and hostage negotiators is a very new thing- generally, if a
    new tribe killed off your immediate family and took you with them, there was no
    hope of going back.   Our genes haven't adapted to the new reality.

    This behaviour isn't only human.  Other intelligent, tribal creatures will
    adapt to and identify with a new social group- regardless of the violence the
    new group showed the old group.  Chimps do this, for example. 

    And like chimps, humans have a long history of mating via abduction.  (Raping
    an "unclaimed" woman is an acceptable method of gaining a wife in the Bible).
    A genetic predisposition towards Stockholm Syndrome behaviour is exactly
    what one would expect to see for a species to survive in this manner.

    And as Judith so clearly observes "Thus the preponderance of my fellow Jews who will bend over backwards to make excuses for tribes who want to exterminate us. it all makes
    sense now.

    Monday, May 02, 2005

    Woo Hoo I Made the "Best of Symphony Showcase, Marilyn Monroe"

    Wanna read some great vintage Atlas? Of course you do! My previous work is being showcased in "The Best of Me" Showcase Marilyn Monroe (whom is an adored icon since I was 5 and able to filter such images in an Atlas prism).....................Atlas Shrugs weighs in on the notion that invading Iraq was an illegitimate response to OBL's attacking the United States in The Case for War.

    Personally this article is my favorite and sent me careening down the the info highway to myPamela_voila_4 current state of blog-o-maniac. Geez, I owe it all the that is downright scary. Here's an excerpt

    Her loyalty to the Democratic party is admirable, but not when it's party before country. Her contention that our commander in chief is waging war in a foreign land naively defies logic. The war was waged here as thousands of our brothers and sisters vaporized into the very air we breathed on 9/11. President Bush took the war where it the heart of the Middle East. While many countries sponsored terrorism, Saddam's Iraq was the most flagrant. Twelve years flouting sanctions alone would have legitimized the war, but Saddam was paying off families of suicide bombers. He was bankrolling the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine through the UN oil-for-food program. The man was using our taxpayer money to bomb innocents! He gave Abu Nidal, infamous Palestinian terrorist responsible for the deaths of hundreds, safe harbor for decades protecting the grisly executioner of wheelchair-bound American Leon Klinghoffer. What in the world does she think was going on at Salmon Pac?
    Radical Islamist terrorist organizations are connected. Changing their names shouldn't get us off their stench. Iraq is precisely where the war should be taking place, not at La Grenouille. When I hear Democrats lamenting all the terrorists are flooding into Iraq, I say "Hallelujah!" Let's draw them out of their caves and spiderholes and kill them before they come after our kids here. We have a president who iced out the greatest terrorist of all, Yasser Arafat, who cut his teeth in 1972 with his bloodlust and murder of 11 Israeli athletes. When Bush stopped the ridiculous moral equivalency in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and backed Sharon and the security fence, terrorist attacks markedly decreased. Kerry doesn't have the conviction nor the will for such action. That's probably why 60% of Israelis want Bush elected and Arafat wants Kerry to win.The French and Germans want Kerry too, but it was their enormous payoffs via the oil-for-food program that fueled their refusal. They conspired against us so that they might continue to suck the blood of the Iraqi poor. They’re really not our friends nor that of the Iraqi people. Ms. Kreiss should take note: when terrorists, Arafat, the French, the Germans, those opposing us at the UN, and radical Islamist fascists the world over are all routing for Kerry, she should probably vote for the other candidate. I realize her loyalty to the Democratic party might be like religious fervor or a drug, but this one just might kill the organism.

    and a favorite quote:

    Also unimportant is the fact that Kerry has no appreciable record after twenty years in the Senate. Perhaps Ms. Kreiss isn't salvagable if she exchanges "flipflopping" with "intellectual growth". I would like to tell her that intellectual giants are often paralyzed into inaction and the spinally challenged Kerry is no one to trust with the current World War. The stakes are too's good vs. evil.

    and to the troll that slithers and writhes and follows me everwhere: no more pics in tanktops putz! And what are you doing reading quality stuff anyway? Get thee back to DU and Kos, you are not being promoted to the next grade (of intellect). You have been  left back, no child left behind never identified grown men acting like 2 year olds.

    Sunday, May 01, 2005

    Gluttonous French Fat on Daily Diet of Giant Lies

    The following piece is an article that is currently running in Le Figaro, France's leading newspaper. I have not changed a word with the exception of putting an emphasis on the editorial lies and misleading nuance with italicized red typeface [I have made my own editorial comments in the lilac typeface encased in brackets]. What is reported as fact isFfrance anti-American opinion and yet you know it is influencing all those that read it. This is exemplar of the World Press at large and I will from time to time, perform this exercise so that you see why the American public generally ignores world opinion and rightly so - Atlas

    Bush Struggles to Impose Bolton On the U.N.

    By Philippe Gelie, Le Figaro's correspondent in Washington

    It is, without a doubt, appropriate that the first political battle of George W. Bush's second term has the United Nations as its focus. But in choosing John Bolton as the next American ambassador to the U.N., the president has entered into an arm wrestling match with Congress, which is requiring him to reconsider his own strength [actually its just a couple of left wing lunatic senators, not the Congress-Atlas]

    The process is not lacking in audacity: John Bolton at the United Nations is a bit like a pyromaniac fireman.   This 56-year-old ultraconservative, who up to now has been the undersecretary of state for non-proliferation, has expressed only disdain for an international institution whose role, in his eyes, is limited to supporting American foreign policy [in his eyes? excuuuuse me but the UN is virulently anti-American let alone "limited in supporting America"- Atlas].  Certain statements, notably when he said that ten floors of the United Nations building in New York could be eliminated "without it making any difference," have inspired a particular vigilance among Democratic members [ many was that?- Atlas] of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, where the confirmation procedure is taking place. New damaging allegations [what new allegations, the lies from the plagerist, infamous anti-Bush supporter psycho Melody Townsel?-Atlas]  - have also surfaced, turning his nomination into a State affair.

    France_evil_1Under his graying mop [huh?-Atlas] and with his short mustache, Bolton has mostly distinguished himself for his intemperance [really, the man has decades of distinguised public service, confirmed four previous times by the Senate (for other positions), a resume unrivaled and matched by few-Atlas], as much in his work relationships as with interlocutors who don't agree with his point of view. On at least two occasions, on Cuba in 2002 and on Syria in 2003, this very ideological "hawk" has behaved violently toward CIA analysts who refused to back up his accusations of proliferation for lack of substantial proof. In numerous cases, he has tried to silence or fire those who have stood up to him [that whiner wasn't straight with Bolton, plain and simple, the man should be allowed to make decisions .... helllloooo-Atlas]. Testimony regarding his brutality toward colleagues is multiplying [oh puhleeeeze - this from the House of Vichy and Chirac], and even some of his superiors may not have been safe. In 1994, he is said to have [to who, said by who? pure hearsay.....aka bullshit]  chased a colleague in a hotel in Moscow, throwing objects and banging on her door.

    Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said in an interview last year with the Washington Times that on a scale of conservatism going from zero to one hundred, Bolton would be at "about 98."[so what?....better an LLL?-Atlas] Recently, he gave his opinion on Bolton's character "in private" [if it was "in private" hoes does this Fwench newspaper know about it?] to several senators who asked. That was enough to make four of the ten Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hesitate [like who? Voinovich? He wan't even there! I was there, I watched those embarassing hearings, he was not at the hearings. Voinovich is a RINO ba da bing!-Atlas]. In order to pursue the investigation [into Bolton], the vote has been moved to May 12. About twenty "interviews" have been scheduled so far, and a questionnaire is to be submitted to Bolton asking him to provide the content of e-mails and phone calls regarding his confrontations with the intelligence community. If proven, the intimidation of CIA agents and the manipulation of sensitive information could cost him the position. [What a joke! if if if if.....if Le Figaro had its way...let's talk about the French UN peacekeepers raping little girls in the Congo, shall we? -Atlas]

    Powell's intervention infuriated the White House, which has shown a united front.  George W. Bush hailed John Bolton as "the right man for this important position," and his vice president, Dick Cheney, to whom the shady diplomat is close, denounced the "unfounded accusations." [why the quotes? -Atlas] The big names in the Administration have taken up a campaign to pressure senators, the most reluctant of whom may be summoned for a briefing in the Oval Office [and who is telling Le Figaro this? the White House?-Atlas]. Steering clear of the candidate's personality, the Administration has turned the matter into a debate on the U.N. "There is clearly a lot to do at the United Nations," said Dick Cheney. "We are the host country and the biggest contributor and its success depends on American support."

    "A vote for Bolton is a vote for reform at the United Nations; a vote against him is for the status quo," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan. The formula aims to put those who are hesitant on the defensive, American public opinion being rather unfavorable toward the U.N., especially since the war in Iraq and the "oil for food" scandal.  But the real stakes remain domestic: "If this nomination fails, that will mean that there is a notable resistance from moderate Republicans to a unilateral foreign policy," said Richard Haas of the Council on Foreign Relations. Republican senators have started to count their votes to force Bolton's confirmation in a plenary session [the Republicans have a majority in both Houses...hellooooo-Atlas] "It would be a disturbing sign if the president didn't have his party's support," said a congressional assistant [who? who? who?-Atlas].

    In the meantime, the affair is a favorite topic for editorialists. One even suggested another post [for Bolton]: ambassador to France. [are they disgusting or what? Although G-d knows, Fwance could use a guy like Bolton just to instruct in veracity-Atlas]

    G-d I Really Hate POOtin

    Supply and Arm Syria, Iran and now Egypt....and Putin wants to host a PEACE conference sort of like Kirstie Alley leading a month long fast......This is bad news for Israel, bad news for freedom, bad news for America but in the long run? Suicidal news for Russia

    Russia Nears Deal To Sell Air Defense Systems to Egypt


    Russia is close to a deal to sell an air defense system to Egypt, the head
    of Russia's top arms exporter said in Cairo on April 27.

    "Negotiations on the sale of anti-aircraft defense systems are nearing their
    end," said Sergei Chemezov, head of the Rosoboronexport arms enterprise, who
    is accompanying Russian President Vladimir Putin on a trip to Egypt.
    Russia and Egypt are to develop their "traditional cooperation in the
    military and military-technical domains, given bilateral interests and
    international engagements," said a joint statement issued by Putin and
    Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

    Ahead of the visit, Putin advisor Sergei Prikhodko said Egypt was interested
    in buying aviation equipment and anti-aerial defense missiles.

    Prikhodko said Russia was having trouble breaking into the Egyptian market
    because it is controlled by the United States, adding that "Egypt needs
    these weapons."

    Russian FM: Putin's Proposal Was 'Misunderstood'
    Israel Refuses Moscow's Security Aid to PNA, Rebuffs Similar US Proposal
    30 April 2005

    Palestine Media Center - PMC [Official arm of the PA]

    Following a two-hour meeting in Ramallah Friday, Palestinian President
    Mahmoud Abbas said the conditions "are ripe" for convening of an
    international conference in Moscow in autumn, which President Vladimir Putin
    indicated it would not be "a summit but a meeting of high-level experts."

    "We welcome the convening of an international conference," Abbas told a
    joint news conference with Putin. "The conditions are ripe," he added on

    Putin proposed in Cairo Wednesday to host an international Middle East peace
    conference in Moscow in the fall, but the United States and Israel rejected
    the proposal as premature and the Russian foreign minister said in Israel
    next day that Putin's statement was "misunderstood" and Israeli and US media
    interpreted this as backtracking from Putin's Cairo announcement.

    Syria welcomes Putin's proposal for Middle East peace conference
    Haaretz Daily
    By The Associated Press

    DAMASCUS - Syria on Sunday welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin's proposal for a Middle East peace meeting in the fall and said the cool American and Israeli reception of the offer exposed their rejection of peace.

    The government-run Al-Thawra newspaper said the Russian proposal was an opportunity to distinguish between "those who are in the peace trench and those facing the opposite direction."

    The Bastion of Intellectual Growth is Void of a Moral Compass or Academic Intergrity.Meet HARVARD 2005

    How can wrong be right? Good be evil? Intellect be stupid? Looking for an answer.......apply to Harvard. Notice "Divestment Policy" (euphemism for Jew-hatred) representatives were given complete carte blanche and according to the Students for Israel President "the event was neither "a forum for dialogue, and those whose questions expressed dissenting opinions from the speakers were cut short". Waaaaay to go Harvard! When the time comes, if my kid gets into that intellectually bankrupt school he/she aint going. NEXT!

    Harvard: Israel Divestment Debate Reignited by Daniel J. Hemel
    Three representatives from the Presbyterian Church USA, which has announced plans to cut ties to firms that support Israeli soldiers and settlers on the West Bank and Gaza, outlined their denomination's controversial divestment policy before a crowd of 70 students and community members last week. Rami R. Sarafa '07, president of the Society of Arab Students, said that "at this time, we and our co-sponsoring organizations are not promoting divestment but are promoting discussion and debate about it." Harvard Students for Israel President Sunny Yudkoff '06 said afterwards that the event "was not a forum for dialogue, and those whose questions expressed dissenting opinions from the speakers were cut short." (Crimson)

    Friday, April 29, 2005

    Wheeler on Russia, No Apology hence There Can Be No Future


    The painting of the Surrealist Spanish artist Salvador Dali,  "Partial Hallucinations. Six Apparitions of Lenin on a Piano". The artist (or its protagonist) is  haunted by Lenin's image, as is the  whole world including this philosopher and politician.- Atlas


    Wheeler cuts to the heart (or lack thereof) of the Russia situation.
    I love the way Jack Wheeler thinks..............we are of one mind.And I'll say anything to get his signed copy of Atlas Shrugged that he "stole" off NB for $10 bucks..........
    Another speaker was a Moscow television news commentator well-known in Russia, Boris Notkin. He informed his audience about how humiliated Russians felt, losing their Empire and the Cold War, not winning many medals in the Olympics, and having their Mir space station go belly-up. He warned of a dangerous anti-Americanism emerging among Russians, who resentfully blamed America for their problems.

    A gray-haired gentleman with a Central European accent stood up and asked Boris a question: “In addition to their feelings of humiliation and resentment, do Russians have any feelings of remorse for inflicting Communism upon so many countries? After their defeat in World War II, the Germans apologized to the world for being Nazis and for the horrible atrocities Nazism committed. After their defeat in the Cold War, will the Russians ever apologize to the world for being Communists and the equally horrible atrocities Soviet Communism committed?”

    Boris looked straight at the man and coldly answered, “No. Russians feel no remorse. They will not apologize.”

    Columbia University appoints Rashid Khalidi to Israel Chair Committee

    So this is how Columbia University recompenses for its antisemetic, historically inaccurate, America hating MEALAC? Any jew that gives to this Israeli chair at Columbia deserves to be flogged in the public square..............sheesh
    hat tip: campus watach

    Searching for Israel in All the Wrong Places.
    by Martin Kramer

    Last month, Columbia University announced with much fanfare that it would establish a chair of Israel studies. Four generous trustees threw in $3 million to make it happen—and to help extricate the university from its crisis. Michael Stanislawski, a professor of Jewish history, will conduct the search. The New York Sun reported today that the search committee has been formed. When the reporter read me the names, I burst out laughing.

    The committee includes Ira Katznelson, chair of the ad hoc (a.k.a. "whitewash") committee that investigated student grievances; Dan Miron, a long-suffering Hebrew lit professor in the Middle East department; and Karen Barkey, an authority on the Ottoman empire. So far, reasonable.Rashidkhalidi_1 But then add this to the mix: Rashid Khalidi, the ubiquitous Edward Said Professor; and lesser-known Lila Abu-Lughod, a Palestinian American anthropologist and signer and supporter of Columbia's divestment petition. Abu-Lughod, who's writing a book on the Palestinian experience in 1948, has just published a longing letter to the departed Professor Said. "I sit here on the earthen terrace with the sunset warming the pharaonic temple across the field, wondering how to carry on your work. The first step, I know, is to keep talking about Palestine."

    The inclusion of Khalidi and Abu-Lughod on the search committee is perverse. Edward Said used to complain that the Palestinians needed "permission to narrate" their story. At Columbia, the situation is reversed: Israel can't be narrated without the permission of the great Palestinian mandarins. They must be appeased, satisfied, propitiated.


    We are financing terror.......plain and simple.Osama source: Israel National News An informative interview with Dr. Gal Luft on Israel National TV (Windows Media Player and a high speed connection recommended)

    hat tip:Brigitte Gabriel

    Thursday, April 28, 2005

    POOTIN Warns Against Freedom; Preaching to Converted aka Mubarak

    A leopard and a despot does not change his spots..........Putin warning Egypt's Mubarak against democracy? He is removing the mask once and for all. Freedom vs Fascism..........good vs evil. Pay Attention!

    Putin backs Mubarak on approach to democracy

    CAIRO — Russian President Vladimir Putin warned against exporting democracy yesterday, lendingMubarak_putin support to Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak, who is facing internal calls for political reform and plans multi-candidate presidential elections for the first time this year.

    Putin glowered when asked by a reporter from the Russian state news agency RIA-Novosti what he thought of democratisation in the Middle East.

    “The democratic system of government is the most effective. No one disputes that. But institutions and the principles of democracy cannot function in a country without respecting national traditions,” Putin said a the joint news conference with Mubarak.

    “Democracy cannot be exported from one country to another,” he said, adding that when that happens, “it becomes an instrument” to interfere in the internal affairs of another state.

    Putin himself has been shaken by a succession of popular uprisings in former Soviet republics, ushering in pro-Western leaders in Georgia and Ukraine who have moved to shake off Russian influence.

    The Kremlin suffered a humiliating setback late last year in Ukraine where its favored candidate lost the presidential election after weeks of mass protests over rigged polls.

    Hundreds of protesters denounce Egyptian president
    Wed, 27 Apr 2005 3:16 PM PDT
    CAIRO, Egypt - (KRT) - Hundreds of democracy protesters denounced President Hosni Mubarak at a rally Wednesday in Cairo while organizers said scores of activists were arrested in other cities.



    Evil moves a Pawn on the Global Chessboard

    Russia_putin_sphinxOnce again, step back and look at the whole picture. Russia is arming Syria and providing NUKE tools to Iran? To what end? To what end? All the manufactured confetti being thrown at the news consuming public aside (see previous entry and comments - that is a MANUFACTURED STORY TO DEMONIZE THE U.S.)..........we must look at what is actually happening. As Aristotle so succinctly put it.......A IS A. The trick to understanding world events is editing, learn to edit.

    Yahoo News
    - Russian President Vladimir Putin faced down Israeli criticism Thursday, saying that Russia's planned sale of anti-aircraft missiles to Syria and supply of nuclear components to

     does not threaten Israel's security [but it totally does.............hellllloooooooooo, atlas]Putin_and_iran_2

    Addressing Israeli fears that he's affecting the region's balance of power, Putin urged Iran to do more to show the world that it's not trying to build a nuclear weapon.

    He also pledged to tackle the growing problem of anti-Semitism in his country. [er, dont hold yer breath jews - Atlas]

    Putin spoke on the second day of his historic visit to Israel — the first trip here by a Kremlin leader. The trip was intended to cement Russia's rapprochement with the Jewish state and boost its profile in the international arena.

    Photo of Putin making love to Mohammad Khatami, the Iranian regime’s president (where is Barzini?)

    Wednesday, April 27, 2005

    Evil China Secretly FUNDS Massive Slaughter and Slavery in Sudan

    Oil-hungry China funds Sudan junta

    China relies on Sudan for 7 percent of all its oil imports and has gone to great efforts to protect President Omar al-Bashir.XINHUA

    A metallic maze of chimneys, pipes and vents glitters on the horizon in the desert outside Khartoum, dominating the landscape for kilometers.

    This new oil refinery is the jewel in the crown of Sudan's military regime. It forms the vital artery of a thriving oil industry that pumped 1 billion pounds (HK$14.92 billion) into government coffers last year.

    Without this windfall gain - likely to be far larger this year - President Omar al-Bashir could notSudan_presidrent_omar maintain his military machine, let alone wage war against rebels in the western region of Darfur. Nor could he hope to withstand the international pressure his bloody campaign in Darfur has brought upon him.

    Moreover, the oil that started to flow as recently as 1999 has given Bashir an indispensable international ally.

    Almost unnoticed by the outside world, China has become the key player in Sudan's oil industry.

    Beijing has invested 8 billion in Sudanese oil through the China National Petroleum Company, a state-owned monolith.

    The cost of Khartoum's new refinery alone was about 350 million.

    IRAN AND NUKES........Electromagnetics and Child Suicide Bombers, What a COMBO!

    Iran and its Nukes

    More than 400 men, women, and children gathered at a meeting in Tehran on Wednesday to pledge their commitment to carry out suicide bomb attacks against both Israelis and Americans in Iraq.

    (Check out the photo:An Iranian child wearing a headband with the inscription "There is no God but Allah" attends a suicide bomber registration meeting in Tehran (AP)

    "Some 440 volunteers, most of them women, signed up today," said Mohammad Ali Samadi,Irankid_art_0_1 spokesperson for the Headquarters for Commemorating Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement, which organized the meeting.

    According to Samadi, members of his group -- which has sought volunteers for attaks in Iraq and Israel since last June -- have already carried out suicide attacks inside Israel against Israeli military targets. He added that "a few" of his fighters had been killed in the attacks, but his claims could not be confirmed since the group is not among those which have claimed responsibility for suicide bombings inside Israel.

    He added that several thousand have already been selected for training.

    Each of the group's 400-plus new recruits -- some of whom donned headbands with the inscription 'there is no God but Allah' -- were confronted with a difficult choice: to train for suicide attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq; to train for suicide attacks against Israelis; or to assassinate British author Salman Rushdie, the author forced into hiding after the late Ayatollah Khomeini ordered Muslims to kill him.

    The ceremony, which included the showcase of video footage depicting Israeli soldiers being killed in suicide attacks, was attended by the distinguished Mahdi Rahimian, head of the Martyr's Foundation and the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, both quasi-governmental organizations run by hard-liners loyal to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    Iran's hard-line rulers have long called for the destruction of Israel. This may be one reason why Iranians are barred from traveling to Israel. "You can't travel there with an Iranian passport," said Samadi. "Our suicide bombers enter the occupied Palestine in other ways."

    Sharon says worried world accepting "nuclear" Iran

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon voiced concern on Thursday that the world was growing accustomed to the idea Iran would build a nuclear bomb but said the time was not ripe for military action to stop it.

    "Ultimately, I don't think there will be any alternative but to bring (Iran) to the U.N. Security Council and to take diplomatic and economic steps as pressure to stop this (nuclear effort)," Sharon told Israel Radio.

    "I am troubled by the fact -- we hear this perhaps more in Europe than in the United States -- that the world is beginning to grow accustomed to the idea that the day will come and Iran will be a member of the nuclear weapons club," he said.

    "This is particularly troubling, mainly because we are aware of Iran's threats against Israel. It is a country where even the so-called moderates speak of a national goal of destroying Israel and the Jewish people."

    Asked whether Israel would consider bombing


    Tuesday, April 26, 2005



    I cannot tell a lie, this picture makes me ill.........I know I know, diplomacy but give me a break
    Bush_hand_holding Please no french kissing President George W. Bush welcomes Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to his ranch Monday, April 25, 2005, in Crawford, Texas. The President told the media on hand he looked forward to "talking with him about a variety of subjects." White House photo by David Bohrer


    President George W. Bush is seen here with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz in 2003. Bush welcomed the Saudi Crown Prince to his Texas ranch, seeking help to bring down soaring gas prices and promote peace in the Middle East(AFP/File/Luke Frazza)

    Lets talk about WMD, Lets talk about You and Me, lets talk about all the Good Times That will be

    yeah yeah lets talk about WMD............fresh from the CIA
    Look no matter how you twist yourself into the wind, there were WMDs
    Ba da bing, ba dah boomWmd_web

    Addendum to Report on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction
    - Charles Duelfer (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)


    • Iraq Survey Group (ISG) formed a working group to investigate the possibility of the evacuation of WMD-related material from Iraq prior to the 2003 War. The investigation centered on the possibility that WMD materials were moved to Syria. Whether Syria received military items from Iraq for safekeeping or other reasons has yet to be determined.
    • There was evidence of a discussion of possible WMD collaboration initiated by a Syrian security officer, and ISG received information about the movement of material out of Iraq, including the possibility that WMD was involved. In the judgment of the working group, these reports were sufficiently credible to merit further investigation. ISG was unable to complete its investigation and is unable to rule out the possibility that WMD was evacuated to Syria before the war. Firm conclusions on actual WMD movements may not be possible.
    • Based on evidence available at present, ISG judged that it was unlikely that an official transfer of WMD material from Iraq to Syria took place. However, ISG was unable to rule out unofficial movement of limited WMD-related materials.
    • Detainee de-briefs allowed ISG to confirm the use of the chemical agent VX during the Iran-Iraq war and the use of nerve gas agent in Karbala during the Shia uprising following the 1991 war.
    • So far there is little evidence that either foreign jihadists operating in Iraq or Iraq insurgent groups are attracting experts from the former regime's WMD programs. There are multiple reports of Iraqis with general chemical or biological expertise helping insurgents to produce chemical or biological agents. Unidentified members of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) allegedly smuggled an Iraq rocket scientist into Iran at the request of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

    Monday, April 25, 2005


    Join the March Against Terror

    May 14, 2005

    By Kamal Nawash
    Free Muslims Coalition

    The Free Muslims Against Terrorism are proud to announce that on May 14th 2005, Muslims and Middle Easterners of all backgrounds will converge on our nation’s Capital for a rally against terrorism and to support freedom and democracy in the Middle East and the Muslim world. This will be the first rally of its kind in Washington DC that is led by Muslims and Middle Easterners.

    Join us in sending a message to radical Muslims and supporters of terrorism that we reject them and that we will do all we can to defeat them.

    We also want to send a message of hope to the people of the Muslim world and the Middle East who seek freedom, democracy and who reject radical Islam that we are with them and that we will do all we can to support them.

    This rally is NOT limited to Muslims and Middle Easterners. We request anyone and everyone who supports our message to join us at the rally. We want to send a message to the extremists and terrorists that American Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of all faiths are united against terrorism and extremism.

    We welcome all endorsers and we ask that you circulate and publish this message to as many groups and people as possible. Help us make history.

    To sponsor this rally, please send the name of your group to the Free Muslims Against Terrorism.

    Location of the rally:

    Freedom Plaza
    Neighborhood: Downtown
    Address: Pennsylvania Ave. between 13th & 14th Street, NW
    Metro: Federal Triangle
    Date & Time: Saturday, May 14th 2005 1-5 pm

    Free Muslims Against Terrorism

    GULAG, Tens of Millions Dead, who cares?

    Excellent review of  Anne Applebaum's  GULAG in this HAARETZ (a lefty rag I generally abhor) but the evil that men do transcends politics.........

    One hundred years of evil

    By Leona Toker
    Paradoxes of public opinion: People worry about the victims of the tsunami but forget about the victims in Darfur. The O.J. Simpson trial competed for ratings with the Rwandan genocide. The Holocaust is commemorated with due solemnity (important to all sides in this period ofGulag new anti-Semitism), but talk of "those gulags" is considered boring.

    Indeed, in the introduction to her Pulitzer Prize-winning book "Gulag: A History," Anne Applebaum registers her amazement on seeing how Western tourists purchase Soviet-era souvenirs in liberated Prague. The same tourists would never dream of parading Nazi symbols as keepsakes. In his book "Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million," English novelist Martin Amis attempts to reach an imaginative understanding of Stalin's era and of the accommodating attitudes of leftist intellectuals in England toward Soviet totalitarianism (the intellectual left in the United States, France and Israel has also had cause for remorse on this matter) - as well as of the reasons why the study of Soviet history often evokes a bitter laugh.

    It is pointless to debate whether it was the Nazi totalitarian regime or the Soviet one that caused more human suffering; one infinity is no greater than another. The comparison, however, is legitimate when one of the two systems can shed light on the other. Amis' bitter laughter while studying Soviet history is associated with the contrast between utopian hopes and the means of achieving them; between humanistic slogans and reality; between the idealist intentions of the Russian revolutionaries and the cynicism with which they forced their social experiment on hundreds of millions of people who may have had their own recipes for happiness. These contradictions were clearly reflected in the empire of concentration/forced labor camps, which was part of the Soviet Union throughout its history and which, in the wake of Aleksander Solzhenitsyn's "The Gulag Archipelago," has come to be widely known as the gulag. Concentration camps were neither a Russian invention nor a German one.

    They were first established in 1896 by Spaniards in Cuba, to keep the peasants from supporting local rebels. At that time, the camps supposedly served as a "humane" substitute for massacre. The word "concentration" in the name of this institution is short for "reconcentration" - the transfer of population centers in order to separate civilians from guerrilla combatants. Nevertheless, the age-old drive for genocide found expression here too: It manifested itself in the failure to create the infrastructure necessary for the transfer, in the non-provision (whether deliberate or negligent) of food and medicine, and in the day-to-day cruelty of the perpetrators. The routines of local civilization were shattered, the needs of the community were not addressed, and thousands of women, children and elderly people were left to die of malnutrition and disease without staining the soldiers' hands with their blood.

    A cheap alternative

    The history of the concentration camps is surveyed in Joel Kotek and Pierre Rigoulot's "Le siecle des camps: Detention, concentration, extermination; Cent ans de mal radical," on which Applebaum relies. She also draws on numerous studies about the concentration camps established in Russia in 1918 at Trotsky and Lenin's initiatives. The camps were then viewed as a temporary measure. The creation of a just socialist regime was supposed to eliminate the conditions that led to crime, and with them the need for penitentiaries. This belief, another cause for bitter laughter, impeded the building of new prisons; instead, "enemies of the people" and suspects arrested in great numbers were placed in temporary facilities. This solution ("humane" in comparison to swift executions, also fashionable at the time) was relatively cheap, a fact that caused it, paradoxically, to spread and endure, continuing to exist even today in countries such as North Korea and China.

    The camps served several purposes. The goal of the political police was to have suspected opponents of the regime isolated or vindictively punished, whereas the people's commissariat of justice sought to reeducate prisoners through labor. All the parties involved wanted the camps to be run as economically self-supporting enterprises, getting maximum yield at a minimal investment. During years when food was scarce throughout Russia, this minimum became a death sentence.

    The number of prisoners grew steadily, reaching millions by the late 1930s. They were put to work creating infrastructure in areas where survival was difficult, building roads, factories and entire cities, cutting timber in the forests of the north, working in mines, in agriculture and in industry. Marxist political economy recognizes that slave labor is ineffective due to the lack of incentive - but Stalin's henchmen created an incentive: they tied the size of the prisoners' food rations to their labor output. Those who met the "quotas" got more to eat, those who did not, got less. The system was gradually refined, so that eventually the ration scale came to include 17 different norms of nutrition - without, of course, taking into account the systematic theft of food supplies on the way to the mess.

    Varlam Shalamov (1907-1982; author of "Kolyma Tales") once said that the subject of the gulag was vast enough for 10 writers like Tolstoy and 100 writers like Solzhenitsyn. It is also vast enough for thousands of historians. The uniqueness of Applebaum's book lies in its combination of a comprehensive vision, accessible prose and a sufficiently penetrating understanding of the material. Among historians there are Holocaust deniers, and there is also a school that denies the dimensions of the Stalinist terror. The main argument of the latter concerns the numbers of people incarcerated in the gulags. After perestroika, historians first gained access to the archives of the gulag administration, and efficiently discovered documents quoting smaller numbers (for example, 2.5 million prisoners in the peak years, in contrast to the estimate of 7 million made by Robert Conquest, the classical historian of Stalinist Russia. Conquest's estimate is conservative in comparison with the insistence of many of the survivors that peak years saw about 10 million prisoners in Soviet camps).

    Anne Applebaum sidesteps this trap (although she cautiously leans toward the conservative statistics). Having spoken with survivors and read prisoner testimonies, she is well aware that numbers can be doctored, accounts falsified, and that statistics may fail to reflect a great many realities. She also knows how to read the reports of gulag inspectors, which strike her as surprisingly honest, about the conditions in the camps. As one survivor, author Lev Razgon, explains in his memoirs, only an initiated reader can understand the true meaning of a "shortage of drying facilities" noted in a report - i.e., that the following morning people would go to work wearing clothes that had not dried during the night and freeze to death in them.

    Applebaum's contribution to the study of the history of the gulag also involves her use of new archival research (conducted by herself and others) to authenticate stories previously regarded as folklore - for example, the case of the 6,114 peasants who were brought to an uninhabited island on the Ob River and left there without food or supplies. Some 4,000 of them died within four months; the survivors were sent to prison on charges of cannibalism.


    Poster from the documentary "Gulag," directed by Angus MacQueen.

    Beware of Diversionary Tactics: THIS IS THE REAL NEWS

    yes yes I have been railing for months on Iran's explosive (no pun intended) NUKES and the Bolton nomination as  they are inextricably connected (as is Israel, Eurabia, China, well you get the picture). Iran's nukes set up a punishing set of circumstances, as this ain't no dress rehearsal. These boys are bad to the bone and if America's cujones aren't big enough then it's the end of the world as we know.
    It was my fervent prayer that Bush and Sharon were strategizing this very thing while Bush was serving up them Star of David sugar cookies.

    Official: Iran to Resume Nuke Enrichment

    Iran Official Says It Will Resume Uranium Enrichment Despite Outcome of Talks With Europeans

    By ALI AKBAR DAREINI Associated Press Writer

    The Associated PressThe Associated Press

    TEHRAN, Iran Apr 24, 2005 — Iran will resume uranium enrichment regardless of the outcome of its negotiations with three European powers over its nuclear program, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Sunday.

    Speaking to reporters five days before Iran is to resume nuclear talks with France, Britain and Germany, Hamid Reza Asefi said the Europeans appeared to be serious in seeking an agreement with Iran. But he added that any settlement had to respect Iran's right, as a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, to enrich uranium.

    The Europeans have been offering economic incentives in the hope that Iran will turn its temporary suspension of uranium enrichment activities into a permanent freeze.

    Asefi said Iran would not continue its suspension of enrichment for long.

    "It is not a matter of a year, but months," he said of the suspension, which was imposed last year to boost confidence ahead of negotiations.

    "If Iran feels that the Europeans intend to waste time by prolonging the talks, Iran won't insist on continuing the talks."

    The United States, backed by Israel, believes Iran is using a civilian nuclear development program as a cover to make atomic weapons. It has threatened to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council, which can impose sanctions, but has held off pending the negotiations with the Europeans.

    The photo below is Iran's Uranium Conversion Facility, just outside the city of Isfahan, 410
    kilometers, south of capital Tehran, Iran, is shown in this March 30, 2005, file
    photo. The conversion facility in Isfahan reprocesses uranium ore concentrate,
    known as yellowcake, into uranium hexaflouride gas. The gas is then taken to
    another site at Natanz and fed into the centrifuges for enrichment. Iran's
    president escorted reporters on an unprecedented visit to the once-secret Natanz
    nuclear complex, giving a glimpse into the underground uranium enrichment plant
    that the United States and Europe demand be shut down. (AP Photo/Vahid

    Oh and BTW........China is the Devil

    Look under every evil rock and there you'll find China....................Tiananmensquareshootingstudents7jun89_ic

    Oil-hungry China takes Sudan under its wing Fri, 22 Apr 2005 5:37 PM PDT
    The oil that started to flow as recently as 1999 has given President Bashir an indispensable international ally. Almost unnoticed by the outside world, China has become the key player in Sudan's oil industry.

    Friday, April 22, 2005

    Boycotting Israel? Read Douglas Davis

    AUT (Association of University Teachers) members are not proposing to boycott universities in North Korea, Zimbabwe, or Sudan, where the government has been accused of perpetrating genocide against its own people. Supporters of boycotts often argue that Israel should be treated like apartheid South Africa. That is a controversial parallel which many Israelis see as delegitimating their state. (Guardian-UK)
    A controversial parallel - there goes the Guradian again twisting words like so much Play Doh. It is a MORAL INVERSION

    Boycotting Israel? Read this
    Douglas Davis, The Spectator

    Pay attention, British professors. If you support the boycott of Israel proposed by some of your fellow academics -- and if you are to remain intellectually honest -- prepare for a radical lifestyle change. Firstly, unplug your computers. Good. Now switch off your interactive digital television sets. Well done. And now throw away your mobile phones. Excellent.Boycottisrael_1

    You see, Professors, these machines are not only the engine of the globalized, capitalist world but they also depend on technologies that have been produced by Israeli academics in the Zionist entity. Also, I'm afraid you may not use the British Library because it has been computerized by Ex Libris, a Zionist company that was spawned by the odious Hebrew University of Jerusalem. And if, God forbid, you develop problems of the small intestine, you may not pop the Zionist-invented "video capsule," which passes naturally through your body as it monitors this delicate piece of your anatomy. You will, sadly, have to take it up your respective derrieres, Professors. As a matter of principle, of course. All this boycotting, you see, is the logical extension of academic sanctions against Israel proposed by some members of your Association of University Teachers (AUT) at their meeting in Eastbourne, England, this week. Just visit the Web site of Egyptian-born Mona Baker of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. She set the standard by firing two Israeli scholars from the boards of her translation journals as a matter of high academic principle. You will see that Ms. Baker's ambitions do not end with the academic boycott. Her Web site also includes a section entitled "Boycott Israeli Products & Services," which features dozens of global brands that, inconveniently, are not Israeli at all. The offenders presumably have earned their place in infamy by dealing with the Zionist entity, by being owned by Jews or by having Jews on their boards. They range from Coca-Cola and Nescafe to Johnson & Johnson and Estee Lauder, from Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren to Selfridges and Marks & Spencer, from Kleenex and Wonderbra to Lancome and -- all marked for boycott. Absent from Ms. Baker's list -- and here I think I can help -- is a set of global companies that are arguably even more culpable because they not only operate in Israel but also do most of their R&D there. IBM and Intel each have three R&D centres in Israel, Microsoft established its first non-American facility there and Cisco Systems has built its only non-American R&D centre in Israel. Then there is Motorola, which has its largest R&D site in Israel, and News Corp, whose company NDS develops those neat interactive technologies for digital television.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    Those Evil Ruskies are Getting Scary Again

    The Russians just can't help themselves........try as they might they revert back.  This is why  the hope that Russians would embrace freedom and democracy once liberated  from Communist  tyranny in 1991 was delusional. Their egos, so dependent  upon being imperialist  masters, collapsed once their colonial subjects  were free to stop taking their orders.
    And so little has changed in the Russian mentality. Still virulently antisemetic.....Putin's upcoming visit to the Middle East (Israel as well) is a "goodwill" masquerade for a summit of evil conspiring against good. 
    The Jerusalem Post reports:

    Russia offers choppers to PA

    Palestinians want the helicopters to transport vip's to and from the West Bank and Gaza.
    Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski

    Arafat's two transport helicopters were destroyed by the IAF
    Photo: Ariel Jerozolim

    Russia has reportedly offered to donate to the Palestinian Authority two Mi-17 transport helicopters for VIP use to replace the choppers Israel destroyed in 2001.

    According to the London-based Jane's Defence Weekly, the Russians have also offered to supply the Palestinians with 50 former BRDM-2 armored vehicles drawn down from the Russian Army.

    The offer was made following a visit to Moscow by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in late January. PA Ambassador to Moscow Khairi Naji al-Aweidi was quoted as saying the offer marked a "tangible show of support for Abbas and the PA from Moscow."

    The two Mi-17s are to be used to transport Abbas and other Palestinian VIPs between the Gaza Strip and West Bank, as well as to Jordan. The PA had also asked for Russian pilots and maintenance crew to support the aircraft, the weekly said.

    The BRDM-2s will be deployed with Palestinian security forces, mainly in the Gaza Strip but also in the West Bank. The Russians had donated to the Palestinian security forces 45 BRDM-2s, but the IDF destroyed nearly all of them after the initial outbreak of violence in 2000.



    Saudi_antisemistismSWC Protests Saudi State Publication of Nazi Jew-Rat Cartoon

    The Wiesenthal Center had criticized the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) report of Doudou Diene (its Special Rapporteur on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Forms of Intolerance) for its distinction between the campaign against antisemitism, on the one hand, and the danger of legitimizing anti-Zionism on the other.

    In a letter to Doudou Diene, the Center's Director for International Liaison, Dr Shimon Samuels, protested a cartoon in last week's ArabNews (billed as the first English-language Daily Newspaper in Saudi Arabia).  This depicted rats wearing Stars of David skullcaps, scurrying backwards and forwards through holes in the wall of an edifice bearing the poster "Palestine House" (see

    Samuels stated, "This imagery copies the scene of the Nazi film 'Jew Suess' that depicts Jews as vermin, to be eradicated by mass extermination.  That scene, replicated in cartoons in the Hitlerist media, would be legally actionable today in most European courts."


    FINALLY! Bush says what has needed to be said for decades..........G-d love him. Hamas Hizbollah FINITO. And let me say if Hamas wins out and beats Abbas in the oncoming Pali elections, that is a DECLARATION OF WAR. No ambiguity, no gray area........... it's time to fight the real war and put an end to all this appeasement and moral equivocation.

    ARUTZ: Bush Demands Syria Shut Down Hizbullah Defense/Security
    American President George W. Bush demanded Tuesday night that Syria not only withdraw from Lebanon but also shut down Hizbullah terrorist operations.

    Hizbullah "is a dangerous organization," the President said on a Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation broadcast. "There is a reason why we've put Hizbullah on a terrorist list. They've killed Americans in the past. We will continue to work with the international community to keep them on that list and we will continue to pressure this group... You can't have a free country if a group of people are like an armed militia."

    Bush also called for Syria to withdraw totally from Lebanon and to stop supporting Hizbullah: “The United States can join with the rest of the world... and say to Syria, get out -- not only get out with your military forces, but get out with your intelligence services, too; get completely out of Lebanon, so Lebanon can be free and the people can be free."

    Hizbullah has been increasing its strength over the past several years, ever since its attacks on Israeli soldiers succeeded in forcing then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak to withdraw IDF troops from the southern Lebanon "security zone." Israeli forces had been there since the 1982 "Peace for Galilee" War, and were withdrawn in April 2000. The withdrawal encouraged the Palestinian Authority to launch the Oslo War five months later.

    Since Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon, many of the Hizbullah tactics and weapons have found their way across the Syrian-controlled Lebanese border into Israel. They are largely found in the Jenin, Tul Karem and Shechem areas of Samaria. Both Israel and the United States have accused Syria of financing and encouraging the Hizbullah terrorists

    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    The Whole Pollard affair is Utterly Disgusting

    Jonathan Pollard, the canard in the coal mine,  is serving 20 years for spying (the longest serving spy sentence in  American history) and Alger Hiss made policy? This Pollard thing is a perverse  miscarriage of justice, and wreaks of punitive antisemitism. Hmm...let's see, American justice -  Durst is freed after  murdering and chopping up his neighbor, OJ  is playing golf, the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay are suing us for sexy military women (and lack of proper legal representation)..............and JONATHAN POLLARD IS STILL ROTTING IN JAIL (and frankly he didn't do anything)? If you want to be blown back by real spying in America, then read TREASON by Ann Coulter. NOW WAS SPYING WITH IN THE INTENTION OF CHANGING OUT CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC TO A SOCIALIST COLLECTIVIST GOVERNMENT!

    Israeli Envoy to Visit Pollard as Rumors of Release Circulate Politics/Gov´t
    A visit to Jonathan Pollard by Israel's U.S. Ambassador has been rumored as part of a deal between Sharon and Bush that would free Pollard after more Israeli withdrawals from Yesha.

    Prime Minister Sharon last Sunday night told American secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that he will order Ambassador Danny Ayalon to visit Pollard, who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for passing to Israel intelligence information.

    Sources in the Sharon's office have leaked to the media that U.S. President George W. Bush hinted to the Prime Minister that he might pardon Pollard if Sharon follows up with a withdrawal from most of Judea and Samaria following this summer's planned evacuation of Jews in Gaza and northern Samaria.

    It was not clear whether the leaks from Sharon's office were a publicity stunt to win sympathy from the Israel public for the evacuation or whether it is true that the planned visit of Ambassador Ayalon is linked to a Bush promise to free Pollard in return for further evacuations.

    Since his appointment, Ayalon has never visited Pollard. Recently, Ayalon came under sharp criticism for neglecting to visit Pollard on a recent trip that brought the ambassador within thirty miles of Pollard's cell in North Carolina.

    Pollard in the past has said he would refuse to leave prison as part of any political deal.

    A spokesman for the committee to free Pollard rejected the report as another attempt to use Pollard as a bargaining device. "We have no faith in these reports…and every time there is some miserable agreement that endangers the security of the people [of Israel] and the security of the prime minister's position, the public is exposed suddenly to promises to free Pollard," said spokesman Adi Greenberg. He added that the result will be as in the past, with Pollard remaining in jail.

    Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vehemently denied the report that the government plans a further withdrawal despite Olmert's own statement earlier this year that there will be "second disengagement."


    Pali's Firearm Hidden in His Younger Sister's Underwear


    Honest Reporting: This week, IDF soldiers searching for a wanted terrorist in a West Bank house discovered a girl hiding a gun in her underwear, YNet reports. The soldiers in the Balata refugee camp, a terrorist hotbed, found the gunman inside his home and ordered him to surrender his weapon. He refused, claiming he didn't have one. After questioning, they found the man's firearm was hidden in his younger sister's underwear.

    And earlier this week, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested near Nablus after being discovered wearing five pipe bombs strapped to his body. The boy aroused suspicions by wearing a heavy jacket on a hot day.

    HonestReporting has repeatedly critiqued the media's negligence in failing to report the indoctrination of Palestinian youngsters toward violence, and the growing culture of hate against Israel and the United States.

    Now, in a pro-active effort to challenge this human rights abuse, HonestReporting partnered in launching a new project that we're proud to introduce at this time ― Teach Kids Peace. Please take a moment to view the powerful 90-second introductory video by clicking on the graphic below, and visit for news updates and alerts for activists.

    As the momentum shifts toward a possible peace agreement in the Mideast, it is now more crucial than ever to ensure that children are educated toward building peace.

    Why do the Jews Hate Bush?

    There is a provocative piece in todays New York Sun, New York's Next Great Newspaper by Hillel Halkin titled "The Roots of Bush's Friendliness". In it he attempts to explain the American Jew's hatred for Bush, A great friend and ally to Israel. Bush has been the kind of President that would once have been considered an impossiblity. "given America's global interests, and its economic and political stake in the Arab Middle east , it has always been axiomatic that the best Jews could hope for from an American government was a balanced approach toward the Arab Israeli conflict."

    What is it with American Jews? Not that anyone expects them to become Republicans or to rejoice that George W. Bush is in the White House. But why do so many of them revile him so? I happened to be in America this past week, along with Ariel Sharon. That is, I wasn't actually with Mr. Sharon, who was at President Bush's Texas ranch. But while Israel's prime minister was as usual getting the warmest possible reception from the president, the American Jews I found myself talking to were as hostile to Mr. Bush as ever. Most of them simply couldn't abide the man. Indeed, they seemed less able to abide him now than they could when he was elected in 2000 or re-elected in 2004. "But why is that?" I said to one of them after another - all political liberals, many of them academics, all Jewishly knowledgeable and committed people. "You don't have to love Bush in order to see what he's done for Israel. He's the first American president to adopt the Israeli position that meaningful negotiations with the Palestinians cannot be held as long as Palestinian terror persists. He's the first president to agree with Israel that Palestinian democratization must be an integral part of the peace process and to prove he meant it by shunning Yasser Arafat. He's the first president to side with Israel on the question of its future borders by stating clearly that all areas of the West Bank in which Jewish settlers are heavily concentrated should be incorporated into Israel. "And needless to say," I went on, "Bush has also been the first president to order the military dismantling of an Arab dictatorship that was a strategic threat to Israel. The toppling of Saddam Hussein's regime, though this was not its primary intention, has contributed more to Israel's physical security than any other presidential act since the Nixon administration's arms airlift during the 1973 war." The fact is that, in regard to Israel, Mr. Bush has been the kind of president that one would once have considered an impossibility. Given America's global interests, and its economic and political stake in the Arab Middle East, it has always been axiomatic that the best Jews could hope for from an American government was a balanced approach toward the Arab-Israeli conflict. The optimum was a president who, like Lyndon Johnson or Ronald Reagan, had enough sympathy for Israel to keep from tilting toward the Arabs rather than a president like Dwight Eisenhower or Jimmy Carter who didn't. A president who was openly and unabashedly pro Israel was quite simply unimaginable. And yet, as I kept repeating to my Jewish interlocutors last week, this is exactly what George W. Bush has been. "But he's imposed a radical right-wing Christian agenda on America!" they retorted. "He's wrecked the economy to give tax breaks to the rich!" "He's out to destroy Social Security!" "He has the worst record on the environment ever!" "Let's say for the sake of the argument that you're right about every one of those things," I tried answering. "There's still Israel. Doesn't his stand on it mean anything to you?" "I don't believe it's real!" "He's just backing Sharon - and I don't trust Sharon either!" "Just wait and see: When the disengagement from Gaza is over, he'll show his true colors!" There was no arguing with them. The president just can't do anything right, not even when he backs Israel to the hilt. Where does this animus come from? It's clearly more than a matter of American Jews, economically paradoxical Democratic predilections, as summed up by Irving Kristol's famous quip that Jews earn like WASPs and vote like Puerto Ricans. Jews didn't vote for Nixon or Reagan either, but they never despised them. Nor is it just, even if Jews don't wear cowboy boots, George W. Bush's Texas accent - Lyndon Johnson had a heavier one. It's not merely the president's small-town folksiness, either; Bill Clinton came from Little Rock and could sound like an Ozark hick when he wanted to. It's not even just Mr. Bush's religious beliefs. Jimmy Carter, after all, was a born-again Christian, too, and though American Jews were never in love with him, neither did he ever give them nightmares.


    Thursday, April 14, 2005


    I have been ranting for months about the collusion of the media elite and the world press to further an antisemetic anti America agenda. Now see for yourself, Reuters, the news agency (that like AP - refuses to use the word  "terrorist" ) feeds all the major news outlets and newpapers of all sizes, ADMITS IN THEIR OWN INTERNAL MEMO of bias! They distributed this memo to thousands of Reuter employees instead of the senior staff it was intended for. OOOPS!  Thanks to Honest Reporting (send them a donation!)


    The Guardian reports today a public embarrassment for Reuters 'a senior editor's memo that outlined the media and information company's "terrible quality problems"':

    In a memo that has led to comparisons with former jeweler Gerald Ratner who famously described his own company's product as 'crap' Reuters' global managing editor David Schlesinger wrote: 'Our news is perceived as not having enough insight. Our data is perceived as having terrible quality problems'... The note [was] intended to be sent to 10 senior managers but [was] actually distributed to thousands of Reuters staff.

    HR subscribers will remember Schlesinger for another other candid admission that Reuters appeases Mideast terrorists through the news outlet's choice of language. Reuters, long criticized by HonestReporting for imbalanced coverage of the Mideast conflict, was the ignominious winner of the 2003 Dishonest Reporting 'Award'.


    The May 2005 edition of The Atlantic Monthly contains a lead article, 'Will Israel Live to 100?', that questions the viability of the Jewish state over the next few decades. Author Benjamin Schwartz, doubtful for any reconciliation between Israel and her Arab neighbors, feeds his cynical piece with a series of distortions and half-truths, reaching the conclusion that it's 'inevitable' that Palestinian 'expansionist energies will be directed to Israel' and possibly swallow Israel whole, peace deal or not.

    Schwartz can be forgiven his doom-and-gloom tone, but the article also dredges up the oft-repeated, outright lie that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in Schwartz's words, 'connived in the massacre of Palestinian refugees'. The reference (delivered prominently in the article's second sentence) is to the 1982 murder of Lebanese Palestinians by Lebanese Christian militiamen in the camps of Sabra and Shatilla. The IDF, under Sharon's command, controlled the region at that time. The term used in the article 'connived'   implies willful intent on Sharon's part.

    But in fact, a 1983 official Israeli inquiry (the Kahan Commission) determined that Sharon was not directly at fault for Sabra and Shatilla. Rather, the commission found Sharon negligent for merely 'having disregarded the danger' posed by the vengeful Christian Phalangists.

    The falsehood that Sharon 'massacred' Palestinians at Sabra and Shatilla is common fare in Arab propaganda, but it made its way into major American publications as well, even before The Atlantic. In 1985, a New York jury found that Time Magazine had defamed Sharon when Time made similar allegations that 1) Sharon had known in advance that the Phalangists would carry out a massacre, and 2) Sharon had granted the gunmen permission to do so. Though the jury found no 'willful malice' on Time's part, Time was forced to run a retraction.

    HonestReporting calls on The Atlantic Monthly to publish an immediate retraction for this similar libelous statement regarding Sharon, prominently printed in its current issue.

    Comments to The Atlantic Monthly: click here

    For other points of concern with the Atlantic Monthly article, please see HonestReporting's blog MediaBackspin. you for your ongoing involvement in the battle against media bias.


    Horrifying Hamas Victory in Gaza

    This sickens me. My worst fears realized. Rewarding for bloodlust and heinous terrorism.
    The absolute worst thing we could do.  You cannot negotiate a peace if the war has not been won. You have no leverage. Much like the US at the Paris peace talks with the Vietnamese enemy. We had basically war had that won on the ground but we negotiated too soon, before their surrender and so we lost our upper hand. And they played hardball. Those talks were difficult.
    This is far worse. Hamas are the worst of the worst. Animals, killers, and coldblooded homicde bombers.........this is a frontrunner in the next Pali's a cruel joke on my people.
    Hamas_2Hamas: Gaza Pullout is Hamas Victory - Stephen Farrell
    Mahmoud Zahar, 60, Hamas's senior leader in Gaza, told The Times that Hamas will not only challenge Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement in legislative elections in July, but also seek to topple it from leadership of the Palestinian parliament. He made clear that Hamas intends to claim Israel's withdrawal from Gaza as a retreat under fire and victory for its campaign of violence. Ominously, he refused to commit Hamas to peace in Gaza once Israel withdraws its 9,000 settlers. "Our goal keep the mood of the Palestinian people anti-occupation, to move towards a new strategy: co-operation with the Arabs, not co-operation with the Israelis," Zahar said. (Times-UK)

    Kill a Jew, get a Home!

    This is hard to imagine happening but it is happening. It is the policy of every Demcratic nation state that there be no negotiating,  no doing business with terrorists. Isn't that what Condi said yesterday  exactly to the word  regarding the American contractor kidnapped in Iraq? And yet it is the US pressuring Israel -- " under the auspices of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the World Bank indicated that it intends to assume the assets of those Jews whom the Israeli government intends to expel from teir homes and farms in Katif and Samaria" . The bank subsequently intends to hand over these assets to senior Palestinian Authority security official Muhammad Dahlan as reported in

    Kill a Jew, Get His House
    By David Bedein

    No democratic state should ever do business with terrorists, let alone those who would target aBlood_money_1 school buses. But Israel, under pressure from the United States, may be forced to do just that.

    In talks that took place this past week in Aspen, Colorado , under the auspices of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the World Bank indicated that it intends to assume the assets of those Jews whom the Israeli government intends to expel from their homes and farms in Katif and Samaria the banksubsequently intends to hand over these assets to senior Palestinian Authority security official Muhammad Dahlan. There is no requirement that Dahlan and others who receive these assets have no past involvement with terrorism.

    Yet this runs counter to the government of Israe’s decision of June 6 2004, in clause 7 of the plan put forward by Ariel Sharon. The clause states: in clause 7 of the plan put forward by Ariel Sharon. The clause states:

    The State of Israel will aspire to transfer other facilities, including industrial, commercial and agricultural ones, to a third, international party which will put them to use for the benefit of the Palestinian population that is not involved in terror.

    However, in a June 2004 monograph prepared by the World Bank for the government of Israel and the PLO, entitled “Disengagement, the Palestinian Economy and the settlements and issued by The World Bank,” and signed by then-World Bank president James Wolfenson, there is a detailed program for the transfer of all Jewish assets to the Palestinian authority. In this document there is no prerequisite that those who receive the assets have no involvement with terror. The World Bank simply eliminated the phrase "not involved in terror" and explained that "the State of Israel will aspire to transfer other structures, such as industrial and agricultural facilities, to an international third party that will use them for the benefit of the Palestinian population." In other words, the World Bank clearly intends to hand over assets without any anti-terror clause.

    Significantly, the man to whom the World Bank intends to hand over those assets, Muhammad Dahlan, is defined by the government of
    Israel as a terrorist. In a June, 2002 editorial in the Wall Street Journal, Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called Dahlan the man who has presided over an ever-fortified terrorist network in Gaza, which today is home to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and has become the base for some of the most heinous terrorist attacks unleashed against Israel.

    Relying on confirmed intelligence information, Olmert explained that Dahlan pel.ermitted to become a safe haven for the hundreds of fugitive terrorists fleeing Israeli forces. Among those being sheltered is his childhood friend Mohammed Dief, a leading Hamas mastermind with the blood of scores of Israelis on his hands. Dahlan's district also became the primary launching grounds for the hundreds of Kessem missiles fired at  Isra

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    Blah Blah Blah-

    BUT IS NOT BLAH BLAH BLAH! The Palis and their brothers are still very much in the business of terror while fallaciously walking the walk and talking the talk of ceasefire. Meanwhile, Israel, is giving up LAND, blood and treasure. Who are the real lunatics here?

    Rifle-Smuggling into Gaza Nipped in the Bud; Terror Continues Defense/Security
      The porous Israeli-Egyptian border at Gaza was partially stopped up last night, when Israeli security authorities discovered and confiscated a stash of 36 rifles about to be smuggled into Gaza.

    An Israeli Border Police unit thwarted the smuggling of the Kalachnikov automatic rifles, but nine men involved in the attempt managed to flee the scene back into Egypt. Some 140 Kalachnikov rifles have been intercepted by Israeli forces along the Egyptian border since January 1, 2005 - a tiny amount in comparison with those that were not intercepted. According to army estimates, between July 2004 and February 2005, over 3,000 assault rifles were smuggled into Gaza, as well as 400,000 bullets, 400 pistols, and 600 kilograms of explosives.

    An Arab mob took advantage of the overturning of an IDF jeep in Bethlehem late this afternoon, and began stoning the rescue force that came to help the soldiers. Four soldiers were hurt, including one in light-to-moderate condition, and an Arab who threw bricks at the soldiers was shot and wounded.

    A teenaged Arab boy attempted to stab an IDF soldier at the Fouriq Checkpoint in Shomron, east of Shechem, this afternoon. The attacker was taken into custody without having succeeded in his goal.

    Near Shechem yesterday, a 15-year-old Arab boy was caught after being hired by Palestinian terrorists to carry five pipe-bombs into pre-1967 Israel.

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Hizbollah fronting for Syria while flying Drone over Israel

    They say it's no big deal but it scares the begeezus outta me............or is Israel luring them, "daring' them to take them on. Still stinks from on high (or low in this case).........WTF are we waiting for?

    For the second time in less than six months, Hizbullah on Monday managed to infiltrate a drone into Israel's airspace over the Galilee without it being detected and intercepted by the IAF.

    The incident came amid warnings by Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and senior security officials that Hizbullah might try to heat up the northern border during the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon and the disengagement from the Gaza Strip.

    After the first penetration by a pilotless plane in November last year, the IAF boosted its detection and interception capabilities in the North to prevent future occurrences.

    The measures did not succeed, however, and on Monday afternoon another unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flew over Western Galilee, including Acre, Ma'alot, Nahariya and Shlomi, as well as kibbutzim and moshavim.

    IAF planes and helicopter gunships were scrambled, but the drone, not one of the fastest of aerial vehicles, was apparently brought safely back to Lebanon by its operators.Hezbollah

    The IDF confirmed that a Hizbullah drone had been spotted over Western Galilee and that the incident was being examined, but called it a Hizbullah attempt at "propaganda".

    This is ugly and I don't like it and neither should you. Terrorists flying drones over Israel........hellloooooooooo?  [pic: Hezbollah raids were a model for Pali terrorists]

    *Any tit-for-tat  exchange (Israel and Hezbollah aka Syria) in which these missiles were launched would trigger a massive Israeli military operation against Lebanon - "turning it into a parking lot," according to one analyst.

    The Disgusting LA TIMES is at it Again

    Bush_sharon_largeIf I didn't see these things with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it. Today the LA Times reports that Bush and Sharon "clashed" over settlement activity in the "showdown" at Bush's Crawford Ranch. Keep in mind that Crawford is Bush's home, and only entertains those that he genuinely feels affection for --  remember Bush's reply when asked what does  nuance means in Texas? "We don't do nuance in Texas".
    Let me state the following for the record..........I watched the press briefing twice on CSPAN and nothing could be further from  the truth They were delicious together (and so were those cookies Bush was serving up. Check 'um....they have Jewish stars on them! How great!) In sync and frankly of one mind. Bush stated his unwavering support for Sharon, for Israel. He emphatically stated that Israel must be a "Jewish state" . Did you hear that all you "Pali Right to Return" liars?  A JEWISH state.
    It was one of those rare moments where you could  enjoy watching the news (i.e dancing Iraqis, Afghan women crossing mountainous terrain to vote, a practically in tears CNN news correspondant Judy Woodruff calling Ohio ) you know what I mean............

    Even the notoriously left Boston Herald said "Bush's invitation to have Sharon join him not at the White House but at his Crawford, Texas, ranch was a sure sign that Sharon had already passed whatever test the president had in mind that put him in the category of international "friend.""

    Bush, Sharon Clash Openly                                            

    CRAWFORD, Texas-President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon differed strongly and publicly Monday over the future of West Bank settlements under the U.S.-backed peace plan, underscoring the fragile nature of negotiations to end the decades-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.
    Bush condemned the expansion of Jewish settlements as a violation of the so-called road map plan for a two-state solution.[GIANT LIE] But Sharon, who has proposed expanding a major settlement east of Jerusalem, said the development and others would be protected under any final agreement and remain part of Israel. The two leaders spoke after meeting for an hour and a half at Bush's ranch outside Crawford.

    But why, you might ask? What is the backroom left wing  agenda? IMHO it is to demonize Israel, make her look implacable and object of scorn and disgust. Sound familiar?

    President Bush said:

    • "The United States and the State of Israel have a deep and lasting friendship based on our shared values and aspirations for a peaceful world. The United States is committed to Israel's security and well being as a Jewish state, including secure and defensible borders. We're committed to preserving and strengthening Israel's capability to deter its enemies and to defend itself."
    • "We are cooperating with the Palestinians to help them fulfill all their obligations under the road map, especially sustained, effective operations to stop terrorism and dismantle terrorist capabilities and infrastructure. Building true security for Israelis and Palestinians demands an immediate, strong and sustained effort to combat terrorism in all its forms."
    • "I told the Prime Minister of my concern that Israel not undertake any activity that contravenes road map obligations or prejudice final status negotiations. Therefore, Israel should remove unauthorized outposts and meet its road map obligations regarding settlements in the West Bank."
    • "As I said last April, new realities on the ground make it unrealistic to expect that the outcome of final status negotiations will be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949. It is realistic to expect that any final status agreement will be achieved only on the basis of mutually agreed changes that reflect these realities. That's the American view. While the United States will not prejudice the outcome of final status negotiations, those changes on the ground, including existing major Israeli population centers, must be taken into account in any final status negotiations."
    • In response to a question, President Bush added: "Israel has obligations under the road map. The road map clearly says no expansion of settlements."

    Prime Minister Sharon responded:

    • "The people of Israel dream of a peaceful life for themselves and for all the peoples of the Middle East....We call upon our Palestinian neighbors to choose the path of democracy and law and order, so that they can establish an independent and viable state."
    • "The ongoing violence and terror must not prevail. We should all make a commitment not to accept any temporary solutions regarding terror, but to act decisively to dismantle terrorist infrastructure and to eliminate terrorism once and for all. Defeating terror is the only way to build peace."
    • "It is not in our interest to govern over the Palestinians. We would like the Palestinians to govern themselves in their own state, a democratic state with territorial contiguity in Judea and Samaria, living side by side with Israel in peace and security."
    • "The position of Israel is that in any final status agreement the major Israeli population centers in Judea and Samaria will be part of the State of the Israel."
    • In response to questions, Prime Minister Sharon added: "Only after the Palestinians fulfill their obligations, primarily a real fight against terrorism and the dismantling of its infrastructure, can we proceed toward negotiations based on the road map."
    • "Ma'ale Adumim is one of the blocs of Jewish population, and our position is will be part of Israel. And of course, we are very much interested that there will be contiguity between Ma'ale Adumim and Jerusalem, but...we are too early because everything [that] happens there...might take many years."

    These excerpts are VERBATIM..........I report, you decide.

    Monday, April 11, 2005

    Note to my Evil Doers Radar Screen - Castro and Chavez, Enemies, A Love Story

    This is one scary marriage..........what Chavez is ultimately planning can't be known, but we knowCastrochavez2 who he favors (the Palis) and who he hates (the Jews). And Castro? Well..........that is obvious and G-d knows he has been waiting for some kind of stooge. And while they both appear to be total clowns, never underestimate the evil that clowns do.

    Chavez is firmly entrenched and cannot be removed. And inasmuch as Venezuela is one of America's larger suppliers of oil, this is not nearly as worrisome as the terrorist collusion and Chavez's dis-allusions of grandeur. This is ONE TO WATCH.......

    Translated from EL DIARIO (orig version Spanish)

    Last Tuesday, President Hugo Chavez formally announced the decree calling for the "conscription of military reservists" around the country, and the incorporation of civil society into activities to "maintain national peace." [Ha!]

    Chavez said that he hoped for "one or two million organized, trained and suitably equipped reservists, ready to defend the sovereignty and greatness of this land."

    "If someone comes here to try and snatch the mother country form us, they will bite the dust," said Chavez, during Sunday radio and television program, "Hello, Mr. President." Without giving details, it said that the reservists "will be ready to defend, in nearby towns, the sovereignty and greatness of this land."
    Chavez, that it has repeatedly said over the past year that Washington plans to assassinate him, has sworn that the military and civilians will be prepared if America invades, and attempts to seize Venezuela's abundant oil fields. American officials have denied any plans for an invasion, but have criticized the purchase of Russian helicopters and 100,000 Kalishnikov rifles, which it says could fall into the hands of rebel groups.

    The Venezuelan government has defended the weapons purchases, saying that they will remain under the control of the nation's military. Chavez accuses the U.S. of being behind an attempted coup d'etat in 2002, which Washington denies. Nevertheless, Chavez said this week that he does not want to be "an enemy" of the United States, his main petroleum buyer.

    Little by little, Chavez has become so entrenched in power that nobody can remove him from the presidency. Ochoa Antich says he is sure of what Chavez is trying to do. "Without a doubt, he seeks to create a militarized society."

    In 2005, there were accusations from the [U.S.] Departments of State and Defense against the Chavez government for, supposedly, purchasing weapons in an "untransparent" manner, violating human rights, failing to behave properly within the rules of democratic-representative government, destabilizing governments in the region, and not fighting the Colombian insurgency.

    Like Chavez, General Lopez Hidalgo has defined the strategic enemy as the White House. The secretary of the Venezuelan National Defense and Security Council, he has also referred to the "permanent threat" that the United States represents, and that this could mean facing the possibility of an asymmetric war. Such a war would be civic and military, and rely on a "network of social intelligence," according to analyst Alberto Garrido.


    Cuban President Fidel Castro said that his country is "invulnerable" to a military invasion, while taking part in a meeting to evaluate the results of military exercises with Venezuela, called Bastion-2004, the "most fruitful exercises that I have ever witnessed," he said on Tuesday.

    "The improvement in the handling of weapons ... gives one the belief that the enemy can be defeated, and more quickly than we had thought in the past," Castro said in front of military commanders, and government and Communist Party leaders.

    Bastion-2004, the largest military exercises Cuba has seen since 1986, took place last year, from December 13 to 19. The exercise took place around the country, with the participation of about 1,200 civic groups and 1,000 economic groups from around the country.

    Cuba "will never buckle under the constant threats and aggressions of Yankee imperialism, which has never given up its wish to destroy the Cuban Revolution," adds the text of the letter.
    In the mid-1980s, Cuba elaborated a new military doctrine called, "War of the Entire Town," which organizes the entire population into 400,000 zones of defense. In addition to the regular army, the military's "Territorial Troops," comprising a million men and women, as well as what is called, the "Brigades of Production and Defense," an additional 3.5 million people, are organized into more than 60,000 units.

    Sunday, April 10, 2005

    Jew Hatred Continues to Run Amok in the Motherland

    British Lecturers Renew Call to Boycott Israeli Academics by Tamara Traubman
    The leading union of British lecturers may boycott Israeli academics who refuse to condemn their government's policies in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The Association of University Teachers' annual council, which convenes on April 20, will debate whether to boycott three of Israel's eight universities - the University of Haifa, Bar-Ilan University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem - over their alleged complicity with the government's policies on the territories. (Ha'aretz)
        See also The Monstrous Regiment of University Teachers by Melanie Phillips
    What is notable about the AUT motion is that it reflects the truly shocking ignorance of the region's history and current political reality, the resulting deep gullibility to propaganda based on lies, and the consequent vicious double standards and prejudice that now characterize British received opinion on the subject of Israel. (Melanie Phillip's Diary)

    My ongoing battle against Academia.This is what Elliott Karsh was talking about at the Academic Integrity Conference at Columbia. Not only is this blatant antisemitism it is frightening in its future implications. It's not just England, more frightening is the brainwashing on American campuses. They are stealing the minds of our young...........look to the rightside of my sidebar and view the Life Magazine Cover from 1970, what are those Pali children doing now? What an evil!

    What is this obsession with Israel, with the Jews? It is mirrored worldwide charaded in various disguises like the  World Council of  Churches Giving the  Nod to Israeli Divestment Proposal 
    My take on this?
    As Jesus said, "By their acts (words) ye shall know them" so we know them. Because Christians (or the English or the French or _____[fill in anyone that spews poison against Israel]) can champion downtrodden peoples all over the globe like those poor South African raped children, child sex slavery, the child rape by the French UN peacekeeping forces in the Congo,the multimillion modern slaves in the Sudan and elsewhere, the starving in North Korea, the Arab women suffering from severe sharia laws, but no, they focus on the Palestinians. Why? It's not about the Palestinians, it's about sticking it to who they hate or are jealous of, the Jews or Israel. Like American liberals like Michael it about the Jews or even the American downtrodden or sticking it to "daddy" the Republican administration or Israel. These people are transparent because where do you focus your limited energies? (Dr Nancy)


    Monday, April 04, 2005

    ISLAM, Religion of Peace *GRAPHIC* Video WARNING

    Do you know and understand the enemy, Sleeping Beauty?
    I wonder if you do.
    The Video of of an actual stoning  "Stoning to Death", Islam in Action is not for children or the faint of heart but it is for those that romanticize Radical Islam or diminish the gravity of the threat they present.

    Unconvinced, need more proof?
    Thanks to Brigitte Gabriel for the email.

    Pay as you Kill, As Long as its a Jew

    As the  charade of "peace" continues, the instruments of Evil and Death continue to plan the deaths of Jews (Israelis - same thing, Jews=Israelis, Israelis=Jews) apace. Iran [the sooner we take them out the better] always in collusion with Russia and China ...........are plotting and planning while the Jews plan on building Pali infrastructure, railways, etc........sick sick sick
    Iran Offers Cash for Bombs to Break Palestinian Truce - Marie Colvin
    Palestinian fighters have revealed that Hizballah, the militant Lebanese group backed by Iran, is offering to pay for attacks aimed at shattering the fragile truce with Israel. The men, all on Israel's most wanted list and members of the al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades near Nablus, said they had received payments of up to $9,000 from Hizballah for attacks against Israel during the past four years. They said most of the money from Hizballah had been sent to Islamic Jihad. "They just use Western Union," said Ala'a Sanakreh, 27, the leader of the group. According to Sanakreh, those who had since been offered money by Hizballah had turned it down. Their leaders had made it clear that Mahmoud Abbas should be given a chance to negotiate with the Israelis. (Sunday Times-UK)

    and then there are the busy Jews, chopping and building and planning and disengaging

    Jenin and Gaza to be Connected to Railway Despite Disengagement (arutz sheva) Economy/Society
    Israel Railways has announced a 280-million shekel ($65 million) plan to connect terror centers Jenin and Gaza with the national railways.

    Railway officials hope the trains will promote economic growth. Critics of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan, however, suggest that the new train system mean that even after Israel implements a "separation" plan, Israelis and PA Arabs will continue to be intertwined.

    The plan calls for an 11-kilometer (6.8-mile) line from Jenin, in northern Samaria, to Afula and the Jezreel Valley. This line will then connect with the planned route from Haifa to Beit She’an. In addition, a 7-kilometer (4.3-mile) link will be built in the area of Gaza, connecting with the planned Be'er Sheva-Ashkelon line.

    Both routes aim to link factories with ports in Ashkelon and Haifa.

    Rail officials also plan to develop a cargo and passenger terminal at the Erez Crossing, north of Gaza City. They say that the links are necessary to stimulate economic growth in the Palestinian Authority, which they claim will promote peace.

    Israel's railway system has grown dramatically in the past five years, making it a more frequent target for terrorist attacks. Three Jews were murdered in a terrorist suicide blast outside the Nahariya train station on Sept. 9,. 2001, and in April 2003, a security guard was similarly killed in an attack at the Kfar Saba train station.

    Additional long-term Israel Railways projects include trains to the Jordanian border, with links from there to other Arab countries.

    Monday, March 28, 2005

    Why are the Palis Smuggling in Strella Missiles

    Call me cynical but there is more to the "PEACE" (ha!)  process than meets the eye.............
    Once again Israel continues to negotiate a war that has not been won. Yes yes lets keep rewarding the Palis, Hams, and Hizbollah for terror and wanton murder...................and while we are at it let the pleas of a Terri Schiavo's family go unheard and murder and innocent woman
    G-d I am depressed

    Mofaz Tells Cabinet: Strella Missiles Smuggled Into Gaza
    Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told a Cabinet  meeting early Sunday that it was
    likely that the Palestinians have  successfully smuggled Strella missiles into

    Strella missiles have  the ability to shoot down aircraft from a distance of two
    miles, using a  sensing device that detects the heat given off by a jet plane. A
    Strella  missile fired by Muslim terrorists narrowly missed shooting down an El Al  civilian flight over Kenya in 2002.

    Defining the recent weapons smuggling  as “crossing a red line”, Mofaz said, “We have passed messages on to the  [Palestinian] Authority so they can get their hands on the Strellas.”

    He  said the PA still has not complied with Israel’s demands regarding  the
    missiles, however. As a result, he said he has “ordered preparations for  handing over the city of Kalkilya [to PA control], but not to transfer” the city  just yet. Kalkilya, located in the Sharon area, is just a few miles from  Israel’s
    most populous region.

    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    Israel Returns 2nd City, Ex-Terror Town. Fresh Hell Part 5,765

    Pali "SECURITY" men train in the West bank city of Tulkarem, a former terrorist hellhole
    turned over to them by the Israelis yesterday.
    I  snipped this delciate little morsel  from Todays New York Post  World News section, or is that Worst news section. How do those Israelis sleep at night for G-d's sake?
    picture courtesy Apollo Images

    Evil Never Sleeps.............the Arabs side with Terror

    The beauty (?) of what is happening, as we speak, in the Middle East is that there is finally a line in the sand. That line being...................ARE YOU WITH THE TERRORISTS OR ARE YOU WITH US? I must say I love this, no more moral equivelency, no more moral inversion, just the truth.

    With that in mind, it is interesting to note the latest developments at the world's hottest point. First that the terror groups are using this "downtime" with Israel to regroup and rearm..........something I said was going on all along but here is further proof:

  • Palestinian Armed Factions Capitalize on Truce to Regroup - Sakher Abu El Oun
    Palestinian militant groups, weakened by more than four years of fighting against Israel, are capitalizing on the relative calm of an informal truce to strengthen their political and military clout. "This calm is not a gift to the occupation. We will work on and prepare ourselves. Disbanding the armed wing of Hamas is absolutely out of the question," said Abu Ubada, spokesman for the Ezzedin al-Qassam Brigades.
    A spokesman for Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, affiliated to the mainstream Fatah party, said its militants would integrate into PA security forces without sacrificing the "resistance." "A large number of our fighters already belong to the security services. Joining the security services does not at all signify the end of resistance," said Abu Qussay. "We are ready to fight back at any moment," he warned. "Weapons will remain in the hands of the resistance and we will direct them only against the Israeli enemy." Abu al-Walid from the leadership of Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, said the faction aimed to take advantage of the lull "to prepare our military apparatus to confront any eventuality." (AFP/Relief Web-Switzerland)

    And just as significantly; It seems painfully obvious, that essentially nothing has changed. The rhetoric maybe and the stakes. Iran has nukes and according to the President of Ukraine, the missiles to carry the nuclear warheads. Israel is once again, the canary in the coalmine. But there is no second guessing. No dress rehearsal, this is NUKES................end game.

    Yea, the fat lady is singing


  • Friday, March 18, 2005

    Al-Qaeda Terrorists In Training for Seaborne Terror Attacks

    In case you were thinking of exhaling...............Evil never sleeps.
    The latest terror update from the New York Sun (New York's next great newspaper) reports that the  two most dangerous Al Qaeda-linked groups in Southeast Asia are working together to train insurgents in scuba diving for seaborne terror attacks.
    The fear of terrorist scuba diver operatives blowing up ships at anchor, power plants, bridges, depots or any waterfront target has concerned Homeland Security for three years.
    The American Coast Guard has developed a sonar system that can distinguish human swimmers from dolphins. Specifically to better protect the nation's ports.
    There is a dangerous and increasing muslim collaboration among muslim rebels in other areas including financing and explosives. Click here for the whole article

    Thursday, March 17, 2005

    Left Wing Jewish Women Spew Vile Anti-Semetic and Anti-Bush Garbage

    This must be what mama meant by "self loathing jew" Yech........the following is unbelievable and frighteningly stupid. From Look at what the left wing Jews are putting out on their Women in Black website..........they need alot of serious intense professional help.

    Hariri Reportedly Assassinated To Make Way For Large US  Air Base In
    By Wayne Madsen
    Online Journal Contributing  Writer


    According to high-level Lebanese intelligence  sources-Christian and
    Muslim-former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was  reportedly
    assassinated in a sophisticated explosion-by-wire bombing  authorized
    by the Bush administration and Ariel Sharon's Likud government  in

    There are also strong indications that the Hariri  assassination was
    carried out by the same rogue Syrian intelligence agents  used in the
    2002 car bombing assassination of Lebanese Christian leader  Elie
    Hobeika, who was prepared to testify against Sharon in a  Brussels
    human rights court. That case involved the Israeli Prime  Minister's
    role in the 1982 massacre by Israeli troops of Palestinian  refugees
    at the Sabra and Chatilla camps in Beirut. The Hariri  assasination
    used wire-bombing technology because Hariri's security personnel  used
    electronic countermeasures to fend off a remote control bomb  using
    wireless means. It has been revealed that the Bush administration  has
    used Syrian intelligence agents to torture al Qaeda suspects  through
    the program known as "extraordinary rendition."

    Hariri, a  pan-Arabist and Lebanese nationalist, was known to
    adamantly oppose the  construction of a major U.S. air base in the
    north of Lebanon. The United  States wants Syrian troops completely
    out of Lebanon before construction of  the base is initiated. Hariri's
    meetings with Hezbollah shortly before his  death also angered
    Washington and Jerusalem, according to the Lebanese  intelligence

    Washington and Jerusalem media experts spun  Hariri's assassination as
    being the work of Syrian intelligence on orders  from President Bashar
    Assad. However, a number of Middle East political  observers in
    Washington claim that Hariri's assassination was not in the  interests
    of Assad, but that the Bush and Sharon administrations had  everything
    to gain from it, including the popular Lebanese uprising against  the
    Syrian occupation.

    Lebanese intelligence sources report that even  without a formal
    agreement with Lebanon, the contract for the northern  Lebanese air
    base has been let by the Pentagon to Jacobs Engineering Group  of
    Pasadena, California. Other construction support will be provided  by
    Bechtel Corporation.

    Jacobs Engineering and Jacobs Sverdrup are  currently contracted for
    work in Saudi Arabia for Aramco, Iraq for the U.S.  occupation
    authority, Bosnia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan,  Yemen,
    Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

    The Lebanese air base is  reportedly to be used as a transit and
    logistics hub for U.S. forces in Iraq  and as a rest and relaxation
    location for U.S. troops in the region. In  addition, the Lebanese
    base will be used to protect U.S. oil pipelines in the  region (Baku-
    Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Mosul/Kirkuk-Ceyhan) as well as to  destabilize the
    Assad government in Syria. The size of the planned air  base
    reportedly is on the scale of the massive American Al Udeid air  base
    in Qatar.

    A number of intelligence sources have reported that  assassinations of
    foreign leaders like Hariri and Hobeika are ultimately  authorized by
    two key White House officials, Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove  and
    Deputy National Security Adviser Elliot Abrams. In addition, Abrams
    is  the key liaison between the White House and Sharon's office for
    such covert  operations, including political assassinations.

    "Abrams is the guy they  [the Israelis] go to for a wink and a nod for
    such ops," reported one key  source.

    Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based journalist and columnist  and
    the co-author of "America's Nightmare: The Presidency of  George

    Monday, March 14, 2005

    The Canadians are such Losers...........I mean really

    I have to say in all fairness.........the Canadians are spineless. Completely without souls. But America? Et tu brute?

    Canadian Jews Have ´Israel´ Deleted From ´Jerusalem´ Passports
    Jewish  World
    Canadian Jews born in Jerusalem are having their passports recalled in order to erase the word “Israel” from beside the name of the Jewish State’s capital.

    The government's move follows an application to Canada's Supreme Court by B’nai Brith of Canada against the government’s new policy regarding its passports and Jerusalem. Canada's new position is that "Israel" not be specificed as the country of birth for its citizens who were born in Jerusalem.

    The court suit was filed on behalf of a 17-year-old Torontonian, who objected to the ban against noting Israel as his country of birth on his passport. The boy's lawyer argued that the new policy discriminated against his client, as many other citizens had received passports with such a classification.

    The latest development is that scores of Canadian Jews have been told by Canadian Passport Office officials that they must surrender their passports showing "Jerusalem, Israel" as their birthplace.

    In  a similar move last September, a US court found that American consular offices need not register the birthplace of a Jerusalem-born American citizen as "Jerusalem, Israel," but merely as "Jerusalem."

    No Honor among Pali Thieves......Whadda buncha THUGS, the Case of the Little Black Bag


    From the truth is stranger than fiction file: Arafish's black bag of stolen millions is missing! You don't say! And it seems that because every one of his entourage of hoodlums were serial theives (as well as murderers), the thief could be one of a great manytop level Pali government aids. And to think thats my taxpyer money *spit*. This from todays Jerusalem Post:


    On his journeys around the world, Yasser Arafat was in the habit of taking a  suitcase full of cash for "emergency" cases.   


    Once, the suitcase, known among his inner circle as the "black bag," used to  contain $170,000 in cash. The sum, used for "miscellaneous" expenses – including  gifts, bribes and tips – was later raised to $500,000.   


    On his last trip to Paris in late October, the ailing Arafat did not forget  to take along the suitcase, which this time contained $1.6 million. Arafat even  had a special aide whose only job was to carry the "black bag" and distribute  money according to his boss's instructions.   


    But when Arafat's coffin was returned to Ramallah aboard an Egyptian military  helicopter two weeks later, many PA officials noticed that the suitcase was  missing. Some assumed that Arafat's bag-carrier had returned the suitcase with  the money to the PA chairman's office. Others did not bother to ask for fear of  alienating Arafat's top cronies.   


    Hafez Barghouti, editor of the Ramallah-based daily Al-Hayat  Al-Jadeeda, revealed that the PA had launched an investigation into the  circumstances of the disappearance of Arafat's cash-filled suitcase.   


    "Arafat's secret-keeper who carried the black bag has gone to work in the  Palestinian embassy in Moscow and no one knows what happened to the suitcase,"  he said.   


    Barghouti accused the unnamed bag-carrier of stealing the suitcase and hinted  to the involvement of many of Arafat's longtime aides in the theft.   


    He recalled a case where a reporter once asked Arafat for financial  assistance. Arafat summoned the man with the suitcase and ordered him to pay the  journalist a specified sum of money.   


    But when the journalist counted the money, he found that it was less than the  amount Arafat had promised him. He immediately complained to Arafat, who  summoned the trusted aide and severely reprimanded him in the presence of all  those who were in the room.   


    The aide apologized for the "mistake" before rushing to a nearby room and  returning with an envelope that contained the missing sum.   


    "I wonder how many 'mistakes' this bag-holder has made over the past  decades," Barghouti said. "Most of those who used to receive money from Arafat  did not dare count it. They would quickly put the money in their pockets and  leave, believing that Arafat, not the bag-carrier, had deducted a certain sum."

    EVIL IS THY NAME, Palis and Islamic Jihad Marched for Syria (not the Lebanese)

    I know how shocking this will sound (/sarc) but it was Palistinians marching for Syria in Gaza and also at those pro-Syrian demonstrations in Lebanon last week. Yes yes, the very ones that got all that media coverage, while the real heros marching and risking their lives for democracy got gotz on the cable and network news. FOX should be ashamed. They have abandoned their role. I expect as much from the other LLL media but what could be more unfair and unbalanced?

    Thousands of  Palestinians Attend Pro-Syria Rally in Gaza - Ali Waked
    Thousands of  Palestinians attended a rally in support of Syria and Hizballah Friday in Gaza,  organized by Islamic Jihad. (Yediot Ahronot-Ynet)

    Photo: AFP
    Palestinian rally
    A/P file
    The rally was organized by the Islamic Jihad and followed Friday prayer sessions. Protestors expressed their support for Lebanon’s pro-Syrian regime and called on Damascus to stand up to international pressure.

    The protestors also expressed their support for Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and called on the group to continue fighting against Israel and resist calls to disarm.


    The demonstrators said international pressures exerted on Syria and the  Hizbullah are meant to serve Israel’s interests. [uh................what about the Lebanese people? argh, Atlas]

      Senior figures in the Islamic Jihad delivered speeches during the rally  and also praised the Hizbullah and Syria.

    Sunday, March 13, 2005

    Israel, the Enemy Within

    With all of my posts attacking the universities Middle Eastern studies programs (scroll down) here in America, I have only hinted at the bias in universities IN ISRAEL. They are suffering the same pox on education - under "the road to hell is paved with good intention". Ben Gurion University and Hebrew Univeristy need to be disemboweled............any Israelis that are even thinking   of writing me to the contrary better do their research first and read my prior post on Ben Gurion:


    When the anti-Israel sentiment comes from within


    For years, Jewish organizations and their leaders seeking to contend with blatant anti-Israel statements have encountered the response, "What do you mean? Similar statements are made in Israel, by Israelis."

    A few weeks ago, there was a new precedent for this phenomenon. Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, sent a letter to Hebrew University President Prof. Menachem Megidor demanding a public response to statements made by the head of the university's German studies department, Prof. Moshe Zimmerman. According to the letter, Zimmerman  compared Israel Defense Forces soldiers to Nazis.

    University authorities in effect failed to say a thing to Zimmerman. Moreover, the university rector, Dan Rabinowitz, demanded that the former leader of the Jewish community in Berlin, Dr. Alexander Brenner, apologize for his statement that "there are professors at the Hebrew University who compare the behavior of IDF soldiers to the behavior of SS soldiers."

    Foxman decided to intervene after the matter was brought to his attention in repeated requests from one of the university's lecturers, Dr. Yaacov Bergman of the School of Business Administration. Bergman, who says that he leans to the political right since the events of September 11, 2001, is leading a campaign over Zimmerman's statements, not only on the political front but also mainly as part of a struggle for the image of universities in Israel. His own university, he says, "acts as a guild primarily protecting the interests of its own members, as opposed to the interests of the public."

    In applying pressure to Foxman, Bergman took advantage of the fact that Foxman has been embroiled in a similar affair in New York in recent months. There, in a scandal that made waves across the United States, Foxman urged Columbia University leaders to denounce Arab professors in the Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures Department, who regularly question the legitimacy of Israel.

    In the wake of the media storm, Columbia President Lee Bollinger decided to cancel a controversial course entitled "Palestinians and Israel," taught by Prof. Joseph Massad. Massad was quoted as having said in a lecture that "The Jewish state is a racist state that does not have a right to exist," and that Ariel Sharon "resembles Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels." [see Atlas's previous posts in February and March]

    Another professor, Hamid Dabashi, was quoted as having said that Israel is "a ghastly state of racism and apartheid," and called Israel's supporters "Gestapo apparatchiks." Dabashi later announced that he had decided to exercise caution regarding his public statements, and canceled several public appearances.


    There is a wonderful organization in Israel,
         The Israel-Academia-Monitor.Com (click here)

         It is little known but doing exceptional work on this very thing. Have a few spare bucks? Sent it to them.....the first $1,000 raised on this blog will go directly to them, I have made that commitment, can you do something?


    Want to know more? Read this wonderful piece in

    Saturday, March 12, 2005

    Jew Hater of the Week Award goes to......................

    London mayor says PM is a "war criminal" whose place is in prison
    Ken Livingstone denounced Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a war criminal and accused him of carrying out terrorism and "ethnic cleansing."
    London mayor refuses to apologize for Nazi slur against Jewish reporter
    Not sorry: Ken Livingstone attacked The Evening Standard, accusing it of a long history of anti-Semitism and scare-mongering about immigrants.
    London mayor to be investigated for anti-Semitic comments
    Ken Livingstone comments, comparing a Jewish journalist to a Nazi concentration camp guard, will be investigated by the UK Commission for Racial Equality.

    Courtesy Israeli Insider


    And so the fog of mendacity begins to disappear and the global chessboard becomes ever more clear. It is Iran. And while I still believe China is Barzini, Iran is more than mere hatchet man. Here Farah of WND writes insightfully of the boots on the ground

    ActivistReader cartoon

    Iran out of Lebanon, too

    Did you see the reports on the massive pro-Syrian Hezbollah rallies in Lebanon? Many people were fooled by it. Those not familiar with Lebanese politics could easily conclude that Syria is really not all that unpopular in the country. After all, how could such large demonstrations in favor of Syrian occupation be accomplished if the Lebanese people were really united against their occupying neighbor? The answer is simple: Many or most of those rallying in favor of Syria are not really Lebanese at all. The untold story of Lebanon's occupation is that Syrian troops represent only the most obvious part of it. For the most part, the Syrian troops wear uniforms – though thousands of intelligence agents, the most insidious and destructive force, do not. But there is another occupying force in Lebanon today – tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Iranians or Iranian-backed militiamen and civilians who have emigrated with the express purpose of using Lebanon as a base of operations and to establish an Iranian-style Shiite theocracy. This invasion has been going on for 20 years – slowly but surely changing the demographics of the country. There were always Shiites in Lebanon. But before the Iranian revolution, they were a peaceful people, easily assimilated into the country's diverse population of Sunnis, Druze and Christians. All that changed when the Iranians came. They came with guns, ammunition, some 13,000 rockets and military advisers from Iran's Revolutionary Guards. They came with the purpose of using Lebanon as a base of terrorist operations against Israel. They came to stay. The whole world is calling on Syria to leave Lebanon after 30 years, but Syrians are hardly the only threat to the peace and stability of a future free Lebanon. In the long term, the Iranians may represent a bigger threat.

    Saturday, March 05, 2005

    And now from our Aussie friends: Virulent Anti-Semitism from the folks down under

    This just in from the Australian Blogger Silent Running, in response to a visit from the Israeli President:

    The posters [on the left] are designed to look like the famous "deck of cards" of major Baathist suspects put out by Coalition forces in Iraq. The top ones mention Theodor Herzel, the founder of modern Zionism, Ariel Sharon, and Israeli President Moshe Katsav. The one on the bottom-left is the "Aparetheid wall", and the other two are Dr Ron Weiser, President of the Zionist Federation of Australia, a member of the Executive of the World Zionist Organisation and committee member of the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency; and Dr Danny Lamm, chairman of the State Zionist Council of Victoria.

    What would you call a set of posters containing the names and photographs of leaders of the Australian Jewish community with big crosses over their likenesses and inflammatory labels over their names? Incitement to murder? Because that was my initial impression. I think whoever put those posters up is sending a message that Jewish leaders like Dr Weiser and Dr Lamm ought to be done away with.

    Tuesday, March 01, 2005

    Abu Ali, Terrorist would be Assassin of President Bush

    Someone pinch me................ I must be in the middle of an unending nightmare. Here we have Abu Ali, would be assassin of our President of the United States, trained in a Saudi Wahhabi school right here in the Good ole U S of A and the MSM, the major news outlets - nobody (save the blogs) give a shit.
    What up?
    It is staggering how the delusion grows and debilitates this great nation. The ACLU exists solely to undermine our efforts to protect and defend ourselves. Every lawsuit the ACLU has filed against the government concerning the War of Terror (euphemisim) is against the US. Us, thats right , not one one lawsuit has been filed in effect to defend this nation. Only to protect the terrorists.
    Daniel Pipes' recent piece on Abu Ali is a MUST READ. He, to me, is Moshe  the Beadle iin Elie Weisel's NIGHT .............................................

    The Abu Ali Case and] Balancing Liberties, Security
    by  Daniel Pipes
    New York Sun
    March 1, 2005


    For a free people in the age of terrorism, what is the proper balance between  civil liberties and national security?


    This debate wracks every Western country. Looking at America, the "united we stand" solidarity that followed September 11, 2001, lasted just some months, after which a much deeper divide emerged as conservatives proved far more  profoundly affected by the atrocities than did liberals. The result has been  the growing political acrimony of the past three years.


    Many examples illustrate this divide. For the most recent, take the argument concerning Ahmed Omar Abu Ali between the conservative Bush administration and its mostly liberal critics.


    Born in America to immigrant Jordanian parents, Mr. Abu Ali, 23, was indicted last week for plotting the assassination of President Bush. The prosecution  asserts he was in touch with Al Qaeda and in 2002 discussed ideas of eliminating Mr. Bush by getting "close enough to the president to shoot him on the street," or by deploying a car bomb. Mr. Abu Ali's biography indicates how he might have ended up as an Al Qaeda operative.


    He attended the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., graduating in 1999 as class valedictorian. As an outpost of Saudi values on American soil, the academy enjoys Saudi government funding, is chaired by the Saudi ambassador in Washington, and boasts a curriculum imported straight from Riyadh.

    Interesting post here from a blog in Italy, Mystery Achievement (viva Hyde and The Pretenders!)
    gives detail of the education these "schools" teach (click)

    Sunday, February 27, 2005

    Remember I said 100,000 is the going rate Hizbollah pays for Jew Killing? Here's more PROOF

    I will ask until I am dead...............when is this moral inversion going to stop? When is it going to be ok to stop killing jews? People wake up, wha are we waiting for 9/12?
    Hezbollah paid up to $100,000 for attack

  • Palestinians finger Lebanese terror group in Tel Aviv bombing
  • TEL AVIV – The suicide bombing here Friday night that killed four Israelis and wounded over 50 was funded and directed by Hezbollah forces, which may have paid up to $100,000 for the attack, security sources told WorldNetDaily.
    The three main terror groups – Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades – denied involvement much the way Moe Larry and Curly denied hooliganizing.

    I first Posted this on the 2/16

    While the UN goes about it daily business of rape, robbery and pillaging, the bloodlibel reward for murder goes unnoticed. And if that werent enough, even the French refuse to classify Hizbullah as a terrorist organiztion. Ellsworth Toohey, your legacy is very much alive

    And who is giving Hizbullah all this dough?

     Hizbullah Lifts Pay for Suicide Attacks to $100,000


    The Lebanon-based Hizbullah terror organization has announced that it is raising the compensation it pays out to families of suicide attackers from $20,000 to $100,000. 
    Bank transfers and e-mail intercepted from the organization by they PA reveal this new development, reports Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman.

    Senior officials of PA armed forces claim that Hizbullah presents the number one threat to the ceasefire currently in effect. The Lebanese group is attempting to enlist terrorists from the Fatah organization, the main governing party in the PA, and from Fatah offshoots such as the Al Aksa Brigades. The latter is closely aligned with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and is responsible for the murder of hundreds of Jews since the outbreak of the Oslo War in September 2000.

    Israeli officials, too, report that there are currently some 50 Hizbullah-sponsored terrorist cells throughout Judea and Samaria.

    Saturday, February 26, 2005

    Repeat Verse, Same as the First.......Killing Jews really an attack on Abbas

    UGH....................i cannot stand listening to the propaganda that the world press has so brilliantly effected. Yesterday, Islamic Jihad, or Al Aksa or whoever (they change names like I change La Perla) got off a suicide bomb in Tel Aviv outside a nightclub of teenagers. TEENAGERS! Think about it. The subsequent spin is as follows (this from the LA TIMES)

    Leading militant groups denied responsibility and Palestinian officials immediately condemned the attack, the first of its kind in nearly four months, calling it a strike against "the interests of the Palestinian people." Israel demanded that the Palestinian Authority and its newly installed government take stronger action against militants to demonstrate their commitment to ending such attacks. It is always everything but what it is. Killing jews killing jews. Not an attack against Abbas, not an attack against the Peace (euphemism) process, old fashioned Jew Killing. Please pray for the 30 young people so severely unjured........and pray that Bush does not contribute to this moral inversion.....................

    Wednesday, February 23, 2005

    Jew Hatred infects the World Council of Churches

    World Council of  Churches Gives Nod to Israeli Divestment Proposal
    The central  committee of the World Council of Churches on Monday commended the action of the  Presbyterian Church (USA) in initiating a process of phased, selective  divestment from multinational corporations involved in Israel, noting: "This  action is commendable in both method and manner, uses criteria rooted in faith,  and calls members to 'do the things that make for peace.'" It encouraged the  WCC's 347 member churches "to give serious consideration to economic measures  that are equitable, transparent, and non-violent." Churches with investment  funds had "an opportunity to use those funds responsibly in support of peaceful  solutions to conflict," the WCC noted. "Economic pressure, appropriately and  openly applied, is one such means of action." (Episcopal News Service)

     My take on this? First of all, many Presbyterians are using Christianity to cloak their antisemitism. As Jesus said, "By their acts (words) ye shall know them" so we know them. Because Christians can champion downtrodden peoples all over the globe like those poor South African raped children, child sex slavery, the child rape by the French UN peacekeeping forces in the Congo,the multimillion modern slaves in the Sudan and elsewhere, the starving in North Korea, the Arab women suffering from severe sharia laws, but no, they focus on the Palestinians. Why? It's not about the Palestinians, it's about sticking it to who they hate or are jealous of, the Jews or Israel. Like American liberals like Michael it about the Jews or even the American downtrodden or sticking it to "daddy" the Republican administration or Israel. These people are transparent because where do you focus your limited energies?

    Friday, February 18, 2005

    More Thuggery, Threats and Assasinations. Ah yes this is PEACE

    ah yes it all comes flooding back...........I remember it well. Dragging these poor souls into the street and blowing their brains out for suspected collaboration with the Israelis.       Shot dead in cold blood for all the world to see and Abbas says CONTINUE!. Oh, and if that weren't enough they are threatening more terrorism.      I love our new friends dont you? I cant wait to hear from my lefty pals telling me how "negative I am. All we are saying is give Peace a chance!" Kumbaya my lord!  Abu Mazen Orders Execution of Arabs Accused of Helping Israel Inside  Israel
    In one of his first policy decisions as head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has approved death sentences for three Arab men accused of helping Israel.

    Gaza governor Sakher Bseso announced earlier this week that Abu Mazen had transferred several cases of people sentenced to death under Yasser Arafat’s regime to the mufti (arbiter of Islamic law) of Jerusalem, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri. Abu Mazen then signed the decisions, authorizing PA executioners to carry out the death sentences.

    Shurat HaDin – The Israel Law Center condemned the decision, and though the identity of the three men was not released, speculated that the condemned men were most probably Yusef Hassan Sinwar, Muhammad Abu Kainas and his son, Rami Kainas.

    Sinwar, 31, was sentenced to hanging by a PA military tribunal in October 2004, after an hour long "trial." He was convicted of assisting the IDF in capturing fugitive terrorists.

    Abu Kainas and his son were similarly convicted in a Gaza military court of charges that they tipped off the IDF to the whereabouts of Hamas chief Abdel-Aziz Rantisi in June 2003, even though it lead to a failed assassination attempt, and that they also gave away the location of Ra'fat Za'anin, a Hamas leader the IDF successfully killed in 2003. The father and son were displayed to journalists in September 2004 at a police station in Gaza operated by Mohammed Dahlan's PA forces.

    Another PA prisoner, Walid Hamdiya, has been on death row since 1995. In October 2002, he was sentenced to death by firing squad. Hamdiya's sentence, however, has not yet been carried out. Several other accused Israeli agents being held in PA prisons are facing capital charges although they have not been "convicted" as of yet.

    • PA Official Threatens More Terrorism

    The Palestinian Authority's strongman in Gaza, Mohammed Dahlan, threatened today that attacks from the PA will continue if Israel does not withdraw from the strategic Philadelphi Route.

    While noting in an interview with Israel Radio that PA president Mahmoud Abbas is committed to maintaining security while the planned Israeli withdrawal from Gush Katif proceeds, Dahlan warned that Israeli failure to withdraw from the border area with Egypt would turn the Philadelphi Route into another "Shab'a Farms", referring to an area along the Israeli border with Lebanon that Hizbullah terrorists demand Israel evacuate. The Shab'a Farms, or Mount Dov area, has been a frequent target of attack by Hizbullah forces.

    Wednesday, February 16, 2005

    Bombing (should) Begin in 5 minutes. Free the religiously oppressed!

    "We are all shouting for Syria to get out. I want to kill someone today" -- a Syrian Funeral mourner Israel should never have pulled out of Lebanon. It was the only time the country  was "free", Christians could practice their religion and Syria was kept at  bay. But noooooooooooo,  Israel was forced to leave the "occupation". Why is it you never hear of SYRIA'S OCCUPATION OF LEBANON.............HOSTILE  OCCUPATION NO LESS U.S.  Has Stern Message for Syrias"Profound Outrage" Over Beirut Bombing - Bill  Nichols The U.S. recalled its ambassador  toSyria for consultations Tuesday in an expression of concern by the Bush  administration about a potential Syrian role in the assassination of former  Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. State Department spokesman Richard  Boucher said U.S. Ambassador Margaret Scobey delivered a stern message to the Syrian government  expressing "our deep concern as well as our profound outrage over this heinous  act of terrorism." (USA Today) See also U.S. and  UN Step Up Pressure on Damascus -  Robin WrightSecretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday that the U.S.  has agrowing list of differences" with Damascus. At the UN, the Security  Council called for a report by Secretary General Kofi Annan on the  "circumstances, causes and consequences" of the assassination. (Washington  Post) U.S.  Has Stern Message for Syria: "Profound Outrage" Over Beirut Bombing -  Bill Nichols The U.S. recalled its ambassador to Syria for consultations  Tuesday in an expression of concern by the Bush administration about a potential  Syrian role in the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.  State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said U.S. Ambassador Margaret Scobey  delivered a stern message to the Syrian government expressing "our deep concern  as well as our profound outrage over this heinous act of terrorism." (USA  Today)     See also U.S.  and UN Step Up Pressure on Damascus - Robin Wright Secretary of State  Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday that the U.S. has a "growing list of differences"  with Damascus. At the UN, the Security Council called for a report by Secretary  General Kofi Annan on the "circumstances, causes and consequences" of the  assassination. (Washington Post)     See also U.S. Recalls Ambassador  to Syria (State Department)

    Tuesday, February 15, 2005

    French nixes request to List Hizballah as Terror Org

    France Nixes Request to List Hizballah as Terrorist Group - Aluf Benn
    French President Jacques Chirac on Monday turned down a request from Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom to support placing Hizballah on the EU's list of terrorist organizations. France's objections are considered the main obstacle to an EU move to add Hizballah to the terror list. (Ha'aretz)

    Far be it from me to make harsh generalizations but i gotta say it............the French suck!

    Modern Argument of an Age Old Hate: Anti-Israel, Anti-Jew. Repeat verse, same as the first

    Once again Daniel Pipes is the voice to be heard high above the cacophony of media blather, opinion and spin.

    It is and has always been my steadfast opinion that Anti-Israel is really Antisemitism. Simply put, the "Palistinian" argument is the costume that the new antisemitism has come wearing to the modern era's murderers ball Atlas

    Here is the inestimable Dr. Pipes take on it ..............

    When it comes to Jew hatred, what's old is new again — but very different

    By Daniel Pipes

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    An eye-opening examination of worldwide trends that should lead communal leaders and others to re-consider their stances and policies Anti-Semitism may seem to be a static, unchanging phenomenon, but in fact the obsessive hatred of Jews has a history that goes back millennia and continues to evolve.

    Developments since World War II and the Holocaust have been especially fast-paced and portentous. Here are four of the most significant shifts:

    • From Right to Left: For centuries, anti-Semitism was the hallmark of the Right and merely episodic on the Left. To take the ultimate examples of these trends, Stalin's Judeophobia was peripheral to his monstrous project but Hitler's was central to his. Even a decade ago, this pattern still basically held true. But recent years have witnessed a rapid and global realignment, with the mainstream Right increasingly sympathetic to Jews and Israel and its Left counterpart cooler and more hostile.

    • From Christian to Muslim: Christians developed the abiding tropes of anti-Semitism (such as greediness and ambitions to world domination) and historically Christians killed most Jews. Therefore, Jews regularly fled Christendom for Islamdom. In 1945, this pattern abruptly changed. Christians newly came to terms with Jews, while Muslims adopted both the old Christian themes and murderousness. Today, institutional anti-Semitism is overwhelmingly a Muslim affair. One result has been the steady reverse exodus, with Jews now fleeing Islamdom for Christendom.

    • From religious to secular: What began as a rejection of the Jewish religion evolved over the centuries to a bias against the supposed Jewish race (thus, our continued use of the nonsensical term, anti-Semitism ) and lately has evolved into anti-Zionism, or hatred of the Jewish state. An astonishing 2003 poll in which Europeans found Israel to be the leading threat to world peace indicates the depth of this new sentiment.

    • The conflation of anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism: Jews and Americans, Israel and the United States — they have merged in the minds of many around the world, so that one prejudice routinely implies the other one too. The two hatreds also share a basic feature: neither is susceptible to rational argument, so each is better understood as the symptom of a psychological disorder than of some arcane political logic.

    Combining these developments prompts several reflections on the parlous future of three major Jewish communities.

    Israel faces the most extreme danger, surrounded as it is by enemies who in the past generation have dehumanized Jews in ways reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s. In both cases, governments have engaged in a systematic campaign to transform the Jewish next-door neighbor into a beast-like threat that can only be controlled through his destruction. In Nazi Germany, this outlook culminated in the death camps; today, it could (and I stress could; I am not predicting) end up in a hail of nuclear bombs descending on Israel, a prospect that one powerful Iranian leader has publicly mused on. This potentially could result in a second Holocaust, again of six million Jews.

    European Jewry is next most in danger, though in a more mundane way — political and social isolation, depredations by Islamists, Palestinian radicals, and other hotheads, and a growing sense that Jews have no future in that continent. An exodus may take place in the near future that replicates the post-World War II exodus of Jews from Muslim countries, where the Jewish population has collapsed from about a million in 1948 to 60,000 today.

    And finally, the United States: American Jews may not have been conscious of it, but they have lived these past sixty years in one of Jewry's golden ages, arguably more brilliant than those in Andalusia, Aragon, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, and Prague. But now, in a milder form than in Europe, Jews face similar currents swirling through American life, especially the Islamist surge coddled by Leftists. The golden age of American Jewry, therefore, is ending. American Jews have had the relative luxury of worrying about such matters as intermarriage, coreligionists around the world, school prayer, and abortion; if current trends continue, they increasingly will find themselves worrying about personal security, marginalization, and the other symptoms already evident in Europe.

    As the sixtieth anniversary of V-E and V-J days approach, it is clear that problems apparently buried in the crematoria of Auschwitz and Birkenau have revived and are increasingly with us.

    Reprinted with the kind and good natured permission of the uberman, Dr P

    Israel Pays UN top dollar for Unspeakable Votes


    UN Costs Israel $15.8 Million a Year - Liat Collins
    According to a special report by Yediot Ahronot's Eitan Amit, last year
    Israel's contribution to the upkeep of UN forces in Sierra Leone amounted to nearly $2m. Keeping peace in the Congo came with a $2.5m. price tag for Israel, while East Timor cost Israel just $1m. In 2003 Israel paid $8.4m. for UN peace-keeping efforts, and that is only half the story. Israel's part of the UN's ongoing annual budget for 2004-2005 is $7.4m. for each year. Given that in an average year, the UN General Assembly passes some 17 or 18 openly anti-Israel motions, it turns out that Israel is, in effect, "paying" close to $1m. per motion. Among the 22 countries that are members of both the Arab League and the UN, only oil-rich Saudi Arabia pays more than Israel. Israel pays three times as much as oil producers Iran and Kuwait, four times as much as Egypt, and 12 times as much as Syria. (Jerusalem Post)

    Sunday, February 13, 2005

    If China is Godfather*, then Russia is Barzini*


    Ok, let me understand this.........last week Russia was arming Syria, right? This week,they are tripping the light fantastic with Saudi Arabia.

    Russia Says It's Ready to Arm Saudi Arabia
    Russia Says It's Ready to Arm Saudi Arabia

    Lyuba Pronina, Staff Writer Moscow Times February 10, 2005 No. 3103
    [From  David Isenberg's Weapons Trade Observer,]
    [With thanks to ]

    Moscow is preparing its first major defense contract with Saudi Arabia, the
    world's largest arms buyer that has traditionally spent its petrodollars on
    U.S.-made weapons. The deal is part of a strategy aimed at diversifying
    Russia's arms buyers away from China and India, Sergei Chemezov, general
    director of state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport, told reporters


    Russia also signed an arms contract with Morocco last month, he said, the
    first since the breakup of the Soviet Union.      


    Chemezov refused to give any details, but said that Russia is stepping up       
    negotiations with Middle Eastern countries for jointly developing air       
    defense systems on the basis of the domestically produced S-300, Buk and
    Tor-M1 systems.




    Despite Israeli and American protests, Russia is going ahead with plans to  sell sophisticated SA-18 antiaircraft missiles to Syria, Prime Minister Ariel  Sharon said Tuesday. 

    Sharon, at an annual press conference with the Foreign Press Association,  said he had received a letter Tuesday from Russian President Vladimir Putin,  which he had not had a chance to read yet, informing him of the decision. 

    "We are not pleased with the sales of weapons to Syria, particularly  sophisticated weapons that Russia intends to sell to Syria, weapons that may end  up in the hands of terror organizations," Sharon said.

    Am I the only one watching the global chessboard realign?

    *Cinematic reference The Godfather

    Friday, February 11, 2005

    The Shock! The Horror!! Released Terrorists Return to Terror

    Unthinkable I know, but its true half of Released terrorists return to terror. Why this is still a negotiating tool I do not hazard to guess. I use to imagine that the Israelis would microchip the terrorists much the way I microchipped my King Charles Cavalier, Dagny, to track them before they got the next one off. But no such luck, having investigated this to small extent it seems they are not GPS - awwwwwww sh*t!

    Half of Released Terrorists Return to Terror 14:35 Feb 11, '05 / 2 Adar 5765

    With a ministerial committee set to decide Sunday which Palestinian terrorists to free as a gesture to Abu Mazen, a new study shows that half of released Arab terrorists return to their evil ways.
    A booklet published by journalist Boaz HaEtzni and others includes warnings and protests by public and military figures who say that releasing prisoners is dangerous from several standpoints: * It places the lives of Israel's citizens in certain danger* It harms the IDF's deterrence effect* It strengthens both the motivation and capabilities of the terror organizations* It weakens Israel's moral stance against terrorists and those who shelter them."From 1985 until now," the booklet states, "Israel has released thousands of Palestinian terrorists in various prisoner exchanges. Not one of them underwent a test to determine if he will continue to endanger us or not." "We have gathered some of the results of past prisoner releases," HaEtzni explained, "and we show that waves of terrorism have been ignited as a result. According to authorized data, some 50% of the released terrorists returned to terrorism after their release.""Our purpose in publicizing this report," he says, "is to warn those who release terrorists that every other terrorist to be released is expected to endanger us again!""Those who must make this decision," the booklet states, "should be aware that the eyes of women, children, babies, elderly, new immigrants and IDF soldiers who were murdered by terrorists released by Israel will be upon you. If the government hadn't decided to release them, and if the President had not signed their pardon, and if the Supreme Court had not refrained from preventing the release, these people would have been with us today."Though the public and ministerial debate is focused on the question of whether to release murderers or not, many relatives of terror victims say no terrorists at all should be released. Aryeh Bachrach, whose 18-year-old son Ohad was murdered by Arab terrorists almost a decade ago, says there is no difference between terrorists who have murdered and those who did not succeed in their goal. "Our organization [Almagor] has lists of terrorists released without 'blood on their hands'," Bachrach said, "whose hands became full of blood afterwards. If they have no blood on their hands, it means they didn't succeed the first time, and they'll simply try again." The ministerial committee comprises Ministers Sharon, Mofaz, Peres, Olmert, Netanyahu, Ramon, Livny, and Ezra.

    Ahms for the Arab Rich, Ahms for Murdering Thugs! ARGH!

    Time to hurl, safeguard your keyboards......... "Deadbeat Arabs"? You mean they are not gorging us enough on their oil exports.?? Believe me, the last thing the Arabs want is the Palios out of those refugee camps. It has been their MOST EFFECTIVE WEAPON against Israel. ULULULULUL

    Kissinger Link U.S. Aid to PA with Contributions from Arab "Deadbeats"
    Barry Schweid  Rep. Tom Lantos, the senior Democrat on the House
    International Relations Committee, said Thursday he would condition U.S. aid to
    the Palestinians on oil-rich Arab "deadbeats" making good on their own promised
    contributions. The assertion drew swift endorsement from former Secretary of
    State Henry Kissinger, who said, "I think it is reasonable
    that the surrounding Arab states that have resources should at least match U.S.
    .''    Lantos said he would urge Congress to insist that
    the PA fight terrorism and that Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and
    other Arab oil states, which he said reaped $40 billion in windfall profits last
    year, make good on their pledges of $400 million in aid.    Lantos
    also said the new Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, "will
    have to show backbone''
    by dismantling terror groups. "He will either
    defeat them, or they will defeat him,'' Lantos said. Kissinger added, "there can
    be no solution without a tremendous change in attitude, particularly
    propaganda,'' in Arab countries in the region. (AP/Guardian-UK)

    Thursday, February 10, 2005

    Kill a Jew Go to Heaven

    NATAN SHARANSKY's timing was perfect. On January 25, Sharansky, the ex-Soviet dissident and current Israeli cabinet member, presented a detailed report on the Palestinian Authority's promotion of anti-Semitism and genocide in its official media. He did so amidst the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and Israel's National Day Against anti-Semitism.
    A day later, one of the co-authors of the report, Itamar Marcus, explained his findings to foreign diplomats in the Israeli parliament. The disturbing report compiled by the Palestinian Media Watch, titled "Kill a Jew-Go To Heaven," illuminates what Sharansky calls the PA's "culture of hatred." After Marcus delivered his briefing, Sharansky seized on the Auschwitz anniversary in a statement to reporters, declaring that anti-Semitic propaganda poisons Palestinian society as it once did in Nazi Germany.
    Is that an exaggeration? Not after perusing "Kill a Jew-Go to Heaven." The 20-page report outlines the three phases of anti-Semitism found in various PA-run media, including newspapers, radio, crossword puzzles, political cartoons, and school textbooks.
    The first phase depicts Jews as subhuman. "The foundation stage defines Jews and presents them as different from others, possessing inherently evil traits," the report explains. This hatred is even disseminated to children. "Treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews and therefore one should be aware of them," the Palestinian textbook Islamic Education for Ninth Grade says.
    When such content was brought to the PA's attention in 1999, the U.S. government offered to fund the reprinting of that book and others. But the PA refused. The report also contains 20 segments from interviews with various individuals on Palestinian television who compare Jews to animals.
    Jewish traditions are maligned in this phase as well. A PA daily newspaper, while blaming the drug problem in the PA on Israel, ran a cartoon of the Jewish menorah, replacing the seven flames with seven syringes.
    The second phase portrays Jews as a threat to the existence of Palestinians in particular and the Arab world in general. "[The second] phase shows that these traits are not a private Jewish matter, but have ramifications for the entire world," the report reads. ". . . Jews are planning and executing heinous crimes. If unchecked these crimes constitute a mortal danger, not only to all Muslims and Arabs, but to all of humanity."

    Posted by Hello Read the whole thing, click on the title "Kill a .............."                                                            Natan Sharansky draws attention to a new report by the Palestinian Media Watch. by Rachel DiCarlo

    Grinning about Genocide at Ben Gurion University

    Lev Grinberg was the "academic" who published articles in Europe last year after Israel has assassinated the Hamas' Sheikh Yassin stating that Israel was engaged in "symbolic genocide" when it assassinates arch-terrorists. Grinberg would no doubt have found the assassination of Hitler by a Jewish partisan in 1944 to hav ebeen the sybmobolic genocide of Germans by Jews. Grinberg is a "political sociologist", whatever that is supposed to be, at Ben Gurion University, the school that just cannot find enough anti-Semites and pro-terror lunatics to hire for its faculty. The institution named for David Ben Gurion is today Israel's leading bastion of anti-Zionism. Grinberg's rantings about "symbolic genocide" triggered an outraged response by Limor Livnat, Minister of Education, who boycotted a Board of Governors meeting at ben Gurion University, and expressions of outrage by the British charirman of the BGU Board of Governors. But Grinberg is still around and kicking, as are all the anti-Semites and pro-terror extremists on the faculty of Ben Gurion University. He even has a guest Op-Ed in Haaretz today, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew. It is at Here are some exerpts:"Disengagement opponents use everything that "works" in the public discourse: the Jews as victims, Holocaust, democracy. They know very well that a discourse about civil rights and democracy is "leftist," so therefore they demand a referendum. The difference between the opponents and supporters of the disengagement is in the measure of transparency of their hostility toward the Arabs and mastery over them. The disengagement opponents simply ignore the human existence of the Palestinians.That is not a democratic state with a Jewish character and culture, but a discriminatory regime that grants more rights to Jews, and denies equal rights to Arabs. No democracy in the world has one nation deciding what is good for another nation. Such a regime has been called by Prof. Oren Yiftahel an "Ethnocracy" and it is the wish of "the nation in Zion": to be the masters of the entire land.(Yiftachel is another great mind teaching anti-Israel leftist indoctrination at Ben Gurion University --- SP)That is not a democratic state with a Jewish character and culture, but a discriminatory regime that grants more rights to Jews, and denies equal rights to Arabs. No democracy in the world has one nation deciding what is good for another nation. Such a regime has been called by Prof. Oren Yiftahel an "Ethnocracy" and it is the wish of "the nation in Zion": to be the masters of the entire land."Here are some other earlier brilliant analyses from the crayon of Comrade Grinny: Here is the English text of Grinberg's anti-Israel screed thatappeared in the Belgian newspaper. Note who is distributing it. . Want to let the officials at Ben Gurion University know what you think of these people? Officials at Ben Gurion University: Professor Avishay Braverman President, Ben-Gurion University Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel Fax: 972-8-647-2937 Professor Jimmy Weinblatt Rector, Ben-Gurion University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel Tel. 972-7-6461105 Fax: 972-7-6472945 Professor Avishai Henik Dean of Social Sciences 972-8-6472945 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, P.O.B. 653 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Be'er-Sheva 84105, Israel.and also American Associates of Ben Gurion University:1430 Broadway8th FloorNew York, NY 10018phone 212-687-7721fax 212-302-6443email info@aabgu.orgLis GainesPresidentVivien K. MarionExecutive Vice President

    The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

    ....You cannot take a cease-fire as a long-range goal while they are still preserving their infrastructure. The extremist organizations can rebuild them and bring about a situation in which, at a time they choose, they can carry out one terrorist attack or a series of terror attacks, which will bring down this whole process and send it to hell." (Ha'aretz)

    What a ceasefire really means. We must be very careful. We  want only peace..........but our kindess is often mistaken for shmuckiness and weakness. Palestinian Militants Unleash Mortar Barrage After Truce DeclarationPalestinian militants fired a series of mortar bombs and rockets into Jewish settlements in Gaza on Thursday, two days after Palestinian and Israeli leaders declared a halt to violence at a summit meeting. Hamas said it launched 46 mortars and rockets over a two-hour period at daybreak on Thursday. (Reuters) See also Israeli-Palestinian Security Talks PostponedIsraeli-Palestinian talks on security coordination were postponed on Thursday. Palestinian officials said the Israelis asked to cancel the meeting "because of mortar firing in Gaza." (Reuters) The Middle East's Dance of Death - Melanie PhillipsWhat the world finds so hard to acknowledge is that the source of this terrible conflict is not Israel's behavior. It is not the settlements, the roadblocks, the prisoners. It is not, despite the near-universal assumption, the absence of a Palestinian state. The source is the Arab world-backed Palestinian terror war against Israel's existence. The onus is on Abbas to end that war by dismantling the entire infrastructure of Palestinian terror, and to give his own community an identity other than the impulse to destroy another people. But the signs are not auspicious. What looks rather more likely is that Abbas is instead a world-class tactician, who will be able to pose with ostensibly clean hands disclaiming the murderous terrorism that Hamas will continue to inflict upon Israel, thus forcing Israel to react and casting it even more decisively as the regional bully. If this is so, then Israel is in even more danger now than it was in before. (

    Friday, February 04, 2005

    The Necessity and Legality of the Fence

    The Providence Journal on Jan. 14 published a troubling op-ed by Priscilla Read that urged Americans to understand "the desperation that drives suicide bombers." In an attempt to explain this "desperation," which apparently in her mind justifies the murder of hundreds of Israeli civilians, Read distorted a dispute between Israel and Palestinian villagers from Jayyous in the West Bank.

    It is common to find anti-Israeli writers condemning the Jewish state with bits and pieces of information separated from any context. Read's op-ed is no exception. In attempting to discredit Israel, Read cited a December 29 New York Times article about Israelis uprooting trees near Jayyous. However, she failed to relay pertinent information from the very same article: the land in question was sold by the Palestinian owner to an Israeli company in June 2003. Since the Israeli company owns the land, they were given a permit to uproot the trees.

    The New York Times article also made clear that the security barrier which Read repeatedly refers to as "the Wall" is actually a fence in the region of Jayyous, and that Palestinian farmers still have access to their fields through a pair of checkpoints. Read's allegation that the fence is not for security but rather is "little more than camouflage for land grabs" ignores several other facts:

    * The security barrier was planned and built only after relentless Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis escalated in September 2000; the barrier is a reaction to terror, not a cause, and it does not annex any land to Israel.

    * The anti-terror fence is extremely effective in saving lives. In the year after its construction began, the fence reduced terror attacks by 88% in the area where it is mostly complete, resulting in a significant decrease in deaths (28 vs.103) and wounded (83 vs. 688).
    ( )

    * The security fence is a nonviolent way to reduce terrorism. Israel has been faulted for using force to defeat terrorists; it is hypocritical of detractors to likewise oppose passive measures that cause no casualties. Moreover, when the terrorism stops, the fence can be taken down. Until then, Israel, like any other country, has the duty and right to protect its citizens.

    *The security fence can be removed when no longer needed, but murdered Israelis cannot be brought back to life.

    * Israel's Supreme Court has intervened to require maximum effort by the government to avoid hardship for Palestinians in determining the route of the fence, while endorsing the legality and importance of the structure to protect Israeli life.
    * While the anti-terror fence has clearly caused difficulty for some Palestinians, it has increasingly also resulted in benefits as Israel has been able to lift curfews and remove checkpoints and roadblocks in many Palestinian areas. Press reports tell of normal life resuming, with an upswing in economic activity in the West Bank. For example, the June 25th Washington Times ("Mideast Security Barrier Working; Terror Deaths Drop Sharply") and the April 9th Forward (" 'Suicide bombing capital' thrives as new barrier nears completion") detail these changes.

    * Where security considerations allow it, the fence runs along most of the Green Line. In places, the fence even runs on the "Israeli side" of the Green Line.

    * Israel often relocates olive trees and other fruit trees growing in areas needed to build the security fence. The farmers have free access to these new sites. Over 63,000 olive trees have been replanted.

    International law experts Laurence E. Rothenberg and Abraham Bell, of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, provide the following points regarding the legality of the fence: *The security fence is a necessary and proportional response to a campaign of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes by Palestinians. If the fence were built along the 1949 armistice line (the "green line"), it would not achieve Israel's legitimate security goal of protecting its citizens.*The "green line" from 1949 bounding the West Bank is solely a defunct military line demarcating the extent of the Transjordanian invasion of Israel in 1948. Indeed, at the insistence of Syria, Egypt, and Jordan, each of the armistice agreements of 1949 specified that the ceasefire lines were not borders and that neither side relinquishes its territorial claims.

    Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    Palistinian Insiders

    One of the cardinal rules of responsible journalism is the independent status of the journalist ― while journalists may belong to political parties, they cannot actively work for a party relevant to the sphere they cover, lest their independence and neutrality be jeopardized.
    But today, the Jerusalem Post reported that two of the largest wire services ― Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Associated Press (AP) ― have employed journalists with inappropriately close ties to the Palestinian Authority. Majida al-Batsh was a Palestinian affairs correspondent for AFP for many years, while simultaneously being on the payroll of the Palestinian Authority as a reporter for the PA's official organ, Al-Ayyam.
    If this is not evidence enough of impropriety at AFP, last year Batsh announced she would actually run for the presidency of the Palestinian Authority. The Post reports:
    Her colleagues claim that shortly before she joined the race [for PA president], Batsh resigned from the news agency, saying she wanted to devote her time to the election campaign. However, they add, this did not prevent her from seeking the agency's help in her campaign.
    "One day she showed up and asked to use the fax machine to send some documents," reports one coworker. "The agency did not object."
    Batsh isn't the only AFP reporter receiving a PA salary on the side:
    One of the agency's correspondents in the Gaza Strip is Adel Zanoun, who also happens to be the chief reporter in the area for the PA's Voice of Palestine radio station.
    The AFP bureau chief in Jerusalem, Patrick Anidjar, refuses to discuss the issue, saying, "I don't understand why you have to have the name of our correspondents." Pressed to give a specific answer, he says: "I don't want our correspondents' names to go into print. I don't want to answer the question. What is this, a police investigation?"
    Meanwhile, Muhammad Daraghmeh ― who turns out near-daily reports from Ramallah or Jerusalem for the Associated Press ― also works for the PA's Al-Ayyam, according to the Jerusalem Post (and a pro-Palestinian site).
    This is the equivalent of a network's Washington correspondent getting paid on the side by the Democrats or Republicans. Imagine the scandal that would produce. Yet with their coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, AFP and AP don't seem to have a problem with it.
    HonestReporting has repeatedly demonstrated that the local staff employed by western news outlets contributes in no small way to the problem of anti-Israel media bias. The major media outlets rely on Palestinian cameramen and stringers to tell the tale from the West Bank and Gaza, as the Jerusalem Post reports:
    AFP is not the only member of the international news media to employ "journalists" who see themselves as "foot soldiers" serving the Palestinian cause. Other parts of the foreign media frequently allow their stories to be filtered through such fixers-consultants...
    "I will never work on a story that defames my people or leadership," boasts a Palestinian "fixer" (mediator/guide/translator) who works on a regular basis with many foreign journalists. "It is my duty to protect my people against Israeli propaganda."
    All this calls to mind the declaration by Fayad Abu Shamala, the BBC correspondent in Gaza for the past 10 years, at a Hamas rally in May 2001:
    "Journalists and media organizations [are] waging the campaign shoulder-to-shoulder together with the Palestinian people."
    HonestReporting subscribers are encouraged to write to Agence France-Presse, requesting clarification of its policy regarding AFP reporters working simultaneously for institutions within the Palestinian Authority.
    ● Comments to AFP's Jerusalem bureau:●  Comments to AFP news:

    Thursday, January 06, 2005

    Could Soros Be More Evil?                Betcha didn't know half this stuff....................its an eye opener
    George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 but, today, spends most of his time in New York City. Not much is known about his early years. He is the only eminent "holocaust survivor" who has been accused of collaboration with the Nazis. In 1947, he managed to sneak through the Iron Curtain, and, the official story goes, "he landed penniless in London, but by hard work and sheer genius, he rose to become one of the planet's most successful investors and richest men."Mr. Soros' peculiar moral values, political views, and ideological preferences would be immaterial without the money that he can spend promoting and imposing them. The bulk of that money-currently estimated at not less than seven billion dollars-was earned in the minus-sum game of currency and stock speculation, contributing nothing to the creation of wealth and making millions of ordinary people poorer in the process. His offshore Quantum Fund-legally headquartered in Curacao, beyond U.S.-government supervision-specializes in speculative investments to take advantage of deliberately induced political and economic weaknesses of different countries and regions. In an interview with the Swiss weekly L'hebdo (May 1993), Soros outlined his strategy: "I speculate on discrepancy between the reality and the public image of this reality, until a correctional mechanism occurs, which approaches these two."His profits are staggering. On September 16, 1992, he famously made a billion dollars in one day by betting against the Bank of England and the pound sterling. In July 1997, he contributed to the Southeast Asian financial crisis by shorting the Thai bath. In early 2000, he supposedly suffered losses on tech stocks, but some analysts now suggest that the burn of the NASDAQ was controlled and that Soros helped to start the fire. By last November, he was betting the U.S. dollar would plummet. As the London Independent reported (November 28, 2003), his activities were contributing to a growing belief on Wall Street that the dollar would slide even further.

    Monday, December 13, 2004

    Worked CAMERA'S First Event DANIEL PIPES

    Helped set up the first event for CAMERA, a lunch for Daniel Pipes earlier today on 59th Street, We spoke long and hard..........talked alot of LGF and Charles and the blogosphere and saving the world and how it would not be possible without the blogosphere and the righteous amoung us.Pipes is pessimistic about the future for Israel. Dire about Israel's mid term prospects if an Abbas emerges and can appear to be able to govern it will be bad for Israel becuase once again she'll have to give up precious concessions and we saw what Oslo wrought and if no leader emerges, there will be more terrorist killings he thinks the latter is the better (!) what i found most interesting is when leaders ie (king Hussein Jordan, Sadat Egypt) had sought to make a legitimate peace with Israel it was their populations that are most against it. Remember when Hussein paid a shiva call on his knees to the families of the little girls that a Jordanian military guard had killed, that was an UNPRECEDENTED act. when Egypt was Israel's enemy Pipes lived there for 3 years, and there was very little talk of Israel...they had given the government their proxy against Israel but as soon as peace was made, the people took back their proxy and the population became very unhappy with the prospect of peace Alot to think about it............but the bottom line is there can be no negotiations until the war is won. PERIOD.All in all a wildly informative afternoon and we got to chat privately as well which was depressing but magnificent!

    Saturday, December 11, 2004

    Presbyterian Antisemitism! DIVEST ISRAELI HOLDINGS NOW

    First of all, many Presbyterians are using Christianity to cloak their antisemitism. As Jesus said, "By their acts (words) ye shall know them" so we know them. Because Christians can champion downtrodden peoples all over the globe like those poor South African raped children, the multimillion modern slaves in the Sudan and elsewhere, the starving in North Korea, the Arab women suffering from severe sharia laws, but no, they focus on the Palestinians. Why? It's not about the Palestinians, it's about sticking it to who they hate or are jealous of, the Jews or Israel. Like American liberals like Michael it about the Jews or even the American downtrodden or sticking it to "daddy" the Republican administration or Israel. These people are transparent because where do you focus your limited energies?