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Iran, Iraq, Intel, Idjuts, Infinitum

Democrat: Intelligence on Iran Inadequate

It seems to me the intel coming out of Iran's mouth  on a daily basis is more than adequate. ....bah dah boom.
These savages are at war with us. This mental masturbation has to stop. And I like Jane Harmon but this is counter intuitive. War has been  declared on this great country and you can color me belligerent but I refuse to talk myself and my countrymen out of it. I'll be damned.  "We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality" - Rand, for the millionth time.

Iraq intel was lacking? (thank you Billyboy Clinton). Well then I guess we ought to fault BushLeft_coast Senior, he should have gone against the wishes of the world in '91 and taken Saddam out then.  Saddam had invaded another country and  the mustard and sarin gases were about to be dropped on those poor Kurds and Shia, and any other poor soul the Stalin inspired Saddam felt like melting that day.

The whole intel argument is just plain dumb. The world is a better place without that fcuking killer running Iraq with crackpot dreams of Middle East domination. And so what if there are problems in Iraq? They are trying to get the damn thing right. War is messy. Life under despots, dictators and oppressors is tortured and deadly. Get off their backs and get on the peace through strength train, dammit.

Now you have Al Whore caterwauling here

Warning that Bush and the Republican Congress have displayed "a blinding lack of awareness" about "the worst catastrophe in the history of human civilization" — global warming [doesn't exist - Atlas]Gore also blames the incumbent for ignoring the threat of 9/11

Yes you putz, we ignored the implicit threat made on February 26, 1993  -- the attack in the garage of the New York City World Trade Center.  Al-Qaeda bombed  Tower One. It killed six, injured over 1,000, and presaged the September 11, 2001 attacks on the same buildings. The goal of the attack was to devastate the foundation of the north tower in such a way in that it would collapse onto its twin. Hellooooooooooooooooooo, where were you then genius? STFU already.

Above photo: Cover of the May 2006 issue of Vanity Fair Robert F. Kennedy Jr., actor George Clooney, actress Julia [he's not my President] Roberts and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. in the "green" issue - oy They just keep shoving these moonbats down our throats no matter how much we dry heave or projectile vomit. I still don't know why of all the mothers that lost a child in Iraq, the only mother known to the American people is Cindy Sheehan. Think about that.

Did you see this brilliant screed here?

Movie-maker OLIVER STONE has blasted media groups who "slander" celebrities for their political comments - because intelligent stars have every right to question their leaders. The Vietnam veteran, who is a fierce opponent of the US leadership, is appalled every time a celebrity is rudely mocked for making his or her thoughts about PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and the war in Iraq public, and he urges journalists to be more supportive.

If journalists were any more supportive you'd need a scalpel to separate the two. I mean c'mon.........

The NATURAL BORN KILLERS director says, "We're Hollywood wackos and all that stuff, left-wing... (It's) an easy and facile dismissal. "I'm still a citizen, I've served my country as a veteran, I've had many jobs before the film business. I know something of life, having lived to this age. "We have a right to speak and every time we speak: 'You're an actor, a showbusiness director,' we're making it up! "This is not a way of dealing with people. This is slander." hat tip Judith

Since when is that slander? This is slander Ollie. And this is your legacy.

Q&A: IRAN: Bush Administration 'Not Serious' About Dealing With Iran
New York Times

Q&A: Iran: New York Times 'Not Serious" About Delivering the News

Thursday, March 30, 2006

But now he's home....

So great. Read the whole story over at Hewitt
The long hard kiss, yowser. Hat tip: Jeremiah. Thanks, these stories are my favorites.
BTW Hugh Hewitt was great last night on FOX. Caught the replay at 2am.

Good intel over at MEMRI on the latest developments in Iraq;

Iraqi Reformist MP Sayyed Ayad Jamal al-Din on Current Iraqi Issues*

Sayyed Ayad Raouf Jamal al-Din was elected, on December 15, 2005, a member of Iraqi Parliament on the Iraqiyah list headed by former prime minister Dr. Ayad Alawi. He is a distinguished religious scholar persistently calling for the separation of religion and state. During the first meeting organized by the Iraqi opposition to Saddam, held in Nasiriyah in April 15, 2003, Sayyed Ayad declared: "In defense of religion, I call for secularism... The Holy Koran has been hijacked by the state for a long time, and it is incumbent upon us to save religion from the grip of the state."(1)

Jill Carroll: Hostage or House Guest?

I just saw Jill Carroll's only interview since her "release" where she spoke glowingly of her "captors."Jill_carroll She had tons to eat, was never threatened, could shower when she wanted, apparently she wanted for nothing.   (Watch Carroll describe life as a hostage, including eating, showering and TV -- 2:27)

"I was treated very well. That's important people know that. That I was not harmed. They never said they would hit me. Never threatened in any way."

She also looks like she put on a fast 20 lbs.

So then she wasn't kidnapped, right? My Pet Jawa has been following this story all along. They've got  the 411.

UPDATE: Like I said. Freed US hostage says Iraq insurgents 'will win:' video. Does anyone else see parallels between Shill Carroll and Giuliana Sgrena ? Her driver was killed too bt that's just the beginning of the similarities.

UPDATE: Jill Carroll has recanted here. Color me skeptical.

I also gave a TV interview to the Iraqi Islamic Party shortly after my release. The party had promised me the interview would never be broadcast or aired on television, and they broke their word.

Huh? So who was the video for? WTF?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Saddam's Iraq WMD

  • Iraqi Documents Are Put on Web, and Search Is On - Scott Shane
    Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte has begun a yearlong process of posting on the Web 48,000 boxes of Arabic-language Iraqi documents captured by American troops. Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who led the campaign to get the documents released, does not believe they have received adequate scrutiny. Hoekstra said he wanted to "unleash the power of the Net" to do translation and analysis that might take the government decades. (New York Times)
        View the documents (U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Office)
  • Craig found some interesting little nuggets in newly released documents from Saddam's Iraqi files here (PDF file).

    " I don’t claim to understand the full context, but it appears that these Iraqi officials were admitting to:"

    • Bribing Russian officials to get specific UN Security Council proposals changed.
    • Lying about imported chemicals
    • Transporting nuclear material outside of Iraq

    File description: ISGQ-2003-M0004667

    This undated media file contains 62 minutes and 36 seconds of audio recorded tape, of President Saddam Hussein's meeting with high ranking Iraqi officials, discussing Ikius Report in the Security Council regarding the Iraqi Biological File.


    …However, there are grounds for the Biological Program. Sir … one could be suspicious of it [the Biological Program] if we concentrate on it [UNINTELLIGIBLE] and the trafficking effort and dodging everything in regards to it….

    …We have succeeded in a few of the UN paragraphs, we have won Russia, ahhh … we have convinced Russia by way of generous accounts [payoffs] in which, you remember how and why it happened …


    …They have a bigger problem with the Chemical program than the Biological program, a lot bigger than the Biological program. It is not the weapons, the size of the imported material, the size of [UNINTELLIGIBLE] that we presented to them or the size of the stockpile. They knew that not all of this was true. We have not told them that we used it on Iran, nor have we told them about the size or kind of Chemical weapons that we produced, and we have not told them the truth about the imported material….

    Pg. 13 COMRADE HUSAYN: …Sir, where was the Nuclear material transported to? A number of them were transported outside of Iraq. A number of them [did not specify whom] knew about the nature of our work in the past [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I mean, they got out. Therefore sir, to solve this issue, we must stand firm. Why should we stand firm? We should stand firm because the time will allow us to confess all that we have … Sir, this estimate could take up to five years while they are trying to solve it…. Any of my readers read Arabic? If so look over the document(s), is the translation accurate?

    UPDATE: From Angry American (how appropriate, me too);

    This additional document is quite damning here
    March 11, 2003 - NOTE THE DATE - 9 days before the beginning of the Iraq War
    The al-Quds liberation army division supplied us with follows.
    1. The Iraqi government will distribute the same leaflets that the American forces are distributing but it will contain anthrax.
    2. Iraq imports uniforms resembling American forces uniforms for the purpose of killing Iraqi citizens....
    3. Dig trenches around Baghdad...oil...burning...cause mayhem
    Ray Robison explains the relivance of this document here
    Why on earth is this not being blasted out in the media?
    Angry American, that's a rhetorical question right? - Atlas
    Divine intervention?  Sometimes you have to wonder...if these weapons had been used on our troops, KIA and those temporarily and permanently sickened from them may have been staggering.  The unprotected innocents that would have suffered the same, would have been mind boggling.
    Sometimes Gd works in mysterious ways...the fact that these weapons were not used in this war, saved countless lives.

    Amen. We did find all those gas masks after the invasion, remember?

    Monday, March 27, 2006

    The Iraqi War: Saddam and Al Qaeda

    We went into Iraq for a great many reasons. You won't hear about the damning  new evidence breaking daily in the mainstream media. This is only the beginning;

    The "Iraqi Perspectives Project" study, which ignited the public discussion of Russia and Iraq, also reveals that beginning in 1998 Saddam Hussein's intelligence services began training "non-Iraqi Arab volunteers" at camps in Iraq.

    Another captured document details the plan of the Iraqi Intelligence Service to invigorate its relations with Saudi opposition groups, including one headed by Osama bin Laden. According to that document, which a Pentagon task force determined "appears authentic," bin Laden requested assistance from the Iraqi regime on its anti-Saudi propaganda efforts and with attacks on U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. The documents indicate that Iraq agreed to rebroadcast al Qaeda propaganda and left open the possibility of working with al Qaeda on attacks.

    Speaking about under reported news from Iraq;

    The Other Side of the Story
    A third update on good news from Iraq.

    Welcome to another dose of good news about Iraq. (See here and here for more.) After my last report, I received an avalanche of positive feedback about the story of the bullet-proof cross, requesting more stories like that. So I've done that, and at the end of this update there are several more stories about the wonderful men and women in our armed forces. Hat tip JL

    When bad men combine, the good must associate else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. -- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)


    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    Scalia: "War is war," "Give me a Break"

    Bin Laden chauffeur challenges Bush. Is the left siding with Bin Laden again?

    In the upcoming issue of Newsweek the question of whether or not Justice Scalia should recuse himself from the upcoming Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld, over at stop the ACLU;

    The Supreme Court this week will hear arguments in a big case: whether to allow the Bush administration to try Guantánamo detainees in special military tribunals with limited rights for the accused. But Justice Antonin Scalia has already spoken his mind about some of the issues in the matter. During an unpublicized March 8 talk at the University of Freiburg in Switzerland, Scalia dismissed the idea that the detainees have rights under the U.S. Constitution or international conventions, adding he was "astounded" at the "hypocritical" reaction in Europe to Gitmo.

    "War is war, and it has never been the case that when you captured a combatant you have to give them a jury trial in your civil courts," he says on a tape of the talk reviewed by NEWSWEEK. "Give me a break." Challenged by one audience member about whether the Gitmo detainees don't have protections under the Geneva or human-rights conventions, Scalia shot back: "If he was captured by my army on a battlefield, that is where he belongs. I had a son on that battlefield and they were shooting at my son and I'm not about to give this man who was captured in a war a full jury trial. I mean it's crazy." Scalia was apparently referring to his son Matthew, who served with the U.S. Army in Iraq. Scalia did say, though, that he was concerned "there may be no end to this war."

    The comments are causing quite an uproar. Many, especially on the left, are calling it grounds for recusal.

    I love Scalia. I love the way he thinks, speaks and doesn't suffer fools. Oh and BTW, he is absolutely right except about being surprised by Europe. They have completely succumbed. They are sitting ducks, waiting to be picked off.

    He won't recuse himself, he knows it's another strawman tactic of the left. DUBAI!

    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Reality Check for Leftist Apologists on the GWoT

    This one is for the "Saddam had nothing to do with Osama" crowd;
    Papers show bin Laden met with Iraqis UPI Dmocratics_2
    WASHINGTON, March 23 (UPI) -- Documents released by the U.S. military show al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden sought support from Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in 1995.

    This one is for ""Russ the Puss Feingold" - SPYING!;
    Terrorist made calls to Syria
    The spiritual leader of an Albany mosque repeatedly called a phone number in Syria that an FBI report indicates had been used to gather terrorist intelligence for Osama bin Laden, according to classified documents unsealed late Tuesday in U.S. District Court.

    But don't let facts get in the way of your opinions.

    UPDATE: Fabulous news;

    Treasury Department Deals Major Blow Against Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV and Its Iranian Sponsors

    Coalition Against Terrorist Media Achieves Number One  US Priority
    The Coalition Against Terrorist Media (CATM) today praised the U.S. Treasury Department for naming Hezbollah’s al-Manar Television, as well as al-Nour Radio and the Lebanese Media Group, as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) entity.  Al-Manar runs programming designed to recruit terrorists and incite violent attacks.  Much of its funding is provided by Iran.

    UPDATE: Drudge Report has obtained this email message from John Green -- a producer for ABC’s weekend “Good Morning America,” in which Green says:

    “Are you watching this? Bush makes me sick. If he uses the ‘mixed messages’ line one more time, I’m going to puke.”


    Saddam: 46,000 Boxes to Go

    Hugh Hewitt here;

    The WeeklyStandard's Stephen Hayes is mining the Iraqi docs and finding huge stories. Hayes is also keeping track of others' efforts, including an important piece from Foreign Affairs about which hayes writes:

    A new and highly illuminating article in Foreign Affairs draws on hundreds of Iraqi documents to provide a look at the Iraq war from the Iraqi perspective. The picture that emerges is that of an Iraqi regime built on a foundation of paranoia and lies and eager to attack its perceived enemies, internal and external. This paragraph is notable:

    The Saddam Fedayeen also took part in the regime's domestic terrorism operations and planned for attacks throughout Europe and the Middle East. In a document dated May 1999, Saddam's older son, Uday, ordered preparations for "special operations, assassinations, and bombings, for the centers and traitor symbols in London, Iran and the self-ruled areas [Kurdistan]." Preparations for "Blessed July," a regime-directed wave of "martyrdom" operations against targets in the West, were well under way at the time of the coalition invasion

    Think about that last sentence.

    The documents are painting an undeniable picture of a regime evil beyond comprehension. As Robert Kaplan has explained on my show, the Stalinist horror built by Saddam would never have "evolved," would never have moderated, would eventually have attacked us, and perhaps sooner than any of us imagined.

    Keep checking back to the Weekly Standard's website.

    And over at the mothership Pajama Media;


    tape.jpgThe Pentagon is releasing many never before seen Saddam era documents and media. A large number of these are still in the original Arabic. The hope is that the blogosphere will help translate. At our new IRAQFILES blog PJM will monitor and post the growing number of translations from an Army of Translators of these documents and media. The first two, of the same document, are here (by Iraq the Model) and here. Others are being posted (with analysis) at the IRAQFILES.

    Monday, March 20, 2006

    Saddam, Bin Laden and Al Qaeda - Malevolent Menage a Trois

    46,000 boxes of Saddam's documents, or some such number ? This is just this tip of the iceberg folks here;

    Newly released papers from Saddam Hussein's ousted Iraqi government show there were discussions on Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda group, ABC News has reported.

    The US government released the documents [...] showed that Bin Laden and the Taliban were in contact with Iraq and that a group of Taliban and Al Qaeda members had visited Iraq.

    The document reportedly said the United States had proof the Iraqi government and "Bin Laden's group" had agreed to cooperate to carry out attacks in the United States.

    The information apparently came from an Afghan consul who had heard about Iraq's relationship with "Bin Laden's group" while he was in Iran.

    The report said in an editor's note the controversial claim that Osama Bin Laden was cooperating with Saddam is an ongoing matter of intense debate.

    FrontPageMag has more on this story here

    Sunday, March 19, 2006

    Bush and Rumsfeld on Iraq: Kickin' Ass, Taking Names, Fighting the Great Fight

    Rumsfeld: Abandoning Iraq now would be the equivalent of handing Germany back to the Nazis.

    Rumsfeld also noted that the Iraqi security forces have been growing stronger, more capable and more responsible, and Iraq is becoming a nation that "will not attack its neighbours, will not conspire with terrorists, will not pay rewards to the families of suicide bombers and will not seek to kill Americans."

    For these reasons, the U.S. must maintain its commitment to Iraq until the work is completed, Rumsfeld wrote.

    "Though there are those who will never be convinced that the cause in Iraq is worth the costs, anyone looking realistically at the world today -- at the terrorist threat we face -- can come to only one conclusion: Now is the time for resolve, not retreat." More here

    Rumsfeld quoted what he said were the words of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his associates expressing worry over the situation in Iraq, saying "Time is not on our side," and "Morale is down."

    Iraq is a campaign, one front, on the global war against Islamofacism. Fight these savages there, we have these losers to deal with here- Atlas

    UPDATE: CLICK ON LINK BELOW FOR VIDEO  of President Bush's remarks made minutes ago on the situation in Iraq on the three year anniversary;

    Continue reading "Bush and Rumsfeld on Iraq: Kickin' Ass, Taking Names, Fighting the Great Fight" »

    Congresswoman Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen 2008

    If you are unfamiliar with Congresswoman Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen, it's time to get up to speed. I think she is presidential material.
    An interesting exchange between another Hollywood, uneducated leftard and a bright, knowledgeable Congresswoman. If you missed Congresswoman Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen stint in Iraq on CSPAN consider yourself deprived.

    In the mood for a Sunday morning chuckle? Go over to Newsbusters here

    Belzer Proclaims He Knows Better About Iraq than Uneducated Soldiers in Iraq

    [Be advised that this item includes accurate quotations of vulgarities.] When Congresswoman Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen contended Friday night, on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, that servicemen she's met in Iraq are “saying 'we're proud of our mission, we know what we're doing over here. We don't want you guys in Washington to lose it over there,'” actor/comedian Richard Belzer condescendingly fired back, claiming that to “ask them” is “bullshit” since, apparently unlike him, “they don't read twenty newspapers a day.” Ros-Lehtinen cited the knowledge of her Marine officer stepson, but Belzer, who plays “Detective John Munch” on NBC's Law & Order: SVU, retorted: “Doesn't mean he's a brilliant scholar about the war because he's there.” A quite agitated Ros-Lehtinen sputtered: "Oh, you are though! You are though? Okay." To which Belzer affirmed: "Well I have more time...” Host Bill Maher interjected that Belzer's point was that a 19-year-old is in the army “because he probably couldn't find other employment." The Republican Congresswoman from Florida countered that her stepson is a college graduate, leading Belzer to snidely denigrate the military: "You think everyone over there is a college graduate? They're 19 and 20-year-old kids who couldn't get a job.”

    Ros-Lehtinen mocked him: "Yeah, you know because you've been there." Belzer rudely lashed back: "What, I don't fucking read!? Don't do that!" He went on to argue: "It's this patronizing thing that people have about if you're against the war everyone's lumped together. You know, the soldiers are not scholars, they're not war experts." That was too much for host Bill Maher: "You're going to lose even me...”

    Video excerpt (2:12): Real (3.7 MB) or Windows Media (4.3 MB). Plus MP3 audio (500 KB)

    It never ceases to amaze me how Hollywood kisses that pothead Maher's ass while Dennis Miller can't get arrested. And Miller is smart and funny.

    Saturday, March 18, 2006

    Saturday Morning Open Thread


    War for End.Freedom- Baquba, Remagen, Op.Swarmer, Hibhib, Victory base NASA, DOD, Company, varous TV, Yahoo, AP, Reuters, AFP, the usual suspects, and many brave photographers |3-17-06| See all of these amazing shots here and here hat tip Still Cinn

    UPDATE: Can you believe this email I received? Why?

    I just thought you would like to know that the your site is blocked to the USMC in Iraq.

    forbidden, this page ( is categorized as : (Extreme) ALL SITES YOU VISIT ARE LOGGED AND FILED.

     I will submit an  official request to get your site unblocked.

    Semper Fi

    Maj [Atlas is deleting his name] USMCR
    Al Taqaddum, Iraq

    Major, please keep me and those in the Atlas Sphere updated

    UPDATE:  Stop the ACLU reports:  

    Anti-war protesters marched in Australia, Asia, Turkey and Europe on Saturday in demonstrations that marked the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq with a demand that coalition troops pull out.

    Where are the protests against modern slavery, mass genocide in the Sudan, the dhimmitude of the American press, the torture and brutal murder of french Jew Ilan Halimi, the murder of Chinese Christians by the Chicoms, the public hangings and honor killings of Iranians, the ongoing murder by Islamofascists in Thailand? the left makes me damn sick. They love ideas, hate people.

    Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    IRAN: "does anyone have the stomach for such an enterprise?"

    Amir Taheri has an excellent, spot on piece in the Gulf News on Iran. He puts it all together.

    More than three years later the Bush administration is still paying a political price for basing its case for the liberation of Iraq on those "unknown unknowns".

    It was always clear that the only way to find out whether or not Saddam Hussain had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) was to topple him and seize control of his secrets. And then, when the unknowns became known, there was always the possibility that no WMDs would be found.

    The case for getting rid of Saddam had little need of those "unknown unknowns". That Saddam might have had WMDs in March 2003 was neither here nor there. It was an established fact that he had used WMDs against Iran and his people on many occasions. It was also clear that a regime such as his could at any time revive a WMD programme.

    At the time there were enough "known knowns" that had nothing to do with WMDs to justify toppling Saddam a hundred times over. To reduce the issue to WMDs was a mistake. The question now is whether or not the Bush administration is moving towards a new version of that mistake this time in the case of Iran?

    And lays it out on the line.

    In that connection three questions arise. The first is whether or not there are enough "known knowns" to justify regime change in the eyes not only of the Iranian Iran_mysogyny_2 people but also of the international community?

    The answer is yes.

    The Islamic Republic has been and remains one of the worst violators of human rights in the world. Proportional to its population it holds more prisoners of conscience than any nation. It tops the list of nations in terms of the number of people executed, for political reasons but on false charges of moral and other "deviations".

    One thing is certain: the Khomeinist regime is determined to reshape the region and, if possible, the world after its own fashion and will use whatever it takes, including a nuclear arsenal, to pursue its design. For those who, for whatever reason, do not like that design the only option is regime change in Tehran.

    Which brings us to the third question: does anyone have the stomach for such an enterprise? Well, that is the question. hat tip Iran Press News  

    The Jihad Cometh

    The Coming New Wave of Jihad - Rita Katz (Boston Globe)

    • Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has suddenly disappeared. A year after it assumed the name Al-Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers (Iraq), Zarqawi's group took a back seat. In an Internet message posted Jan. 15, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, the group's spokesman, announced the establishment of the Mujahideen Shura Council in Iraq, an alliance of six Salafi jihadi groups. A few days after the council was established, Al-Qaeda in Iraq ceased to post communiques.
    • In a letter from Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaeda's second in command, to Zarqawi in July 2005, Zawahri described al-Qaeda's plans: ''The jihad in Iraq requires several incremental goals. The first stage: Expel the Americans from Iraq. The second stage: Establish an Islamic authority or emirate...a caliphate - over as much territory as you can to spread its power in Iraq, i.e., in Sunni areas. The third: Extend the jihad wave."
    • Zawahri then addressed the timing of the changes: ''Things may develop faster than we imagine...we must be ready to start now, before events overtake us, and before we are surprised by the conspiracies of the Americans....The Sharia emirate that is necessary requires fieldwork starting now."
    • Zarqawi had not intended to remain in Iraq forever anyway; he used Iraq only as a springboard for his long-term goal - establishment of a global caliphate.
    • Toward that goal, attacks by Zarqawi's group have expanded beyond Iraq's borders. His group participated in the rocket attack on U.S. Navy ships at the Jordanian port of Aqaba on Aug. 19, 2005, the rocket attack on the Israeli city of Kiryat Shmona on Dec. 27, 2005, and the suicide attack on Western hotels in Amman on Nov. 9, 2005. Thus, Zarqawi and his Al-Qaeda in Iraq are not gone; they have simply moved to the next stage of their jihad against the West.

      Rita Katz is director of the SITE Institute, an international terrorist-investigation and information group.

    Monday, March 13, 2006


    US Fatalities down since mendacious mainstream media declared "civil war". hat tip: Phil

    Bush ties Iran to deadly Iraq bombs

    Click BELOW LINK to play. Hee Hee

    Continue reading "IRAQ: BUSH, REID, PELOSI & Margo" »

    EUREKA! Saddam's War Cabinet Meeting Recordings, Documents to be RELEASED

    Breaking news: They are releasing the documents! Okay bloggers, who reads Farsi Arabic? I'lll buy lunch. It's about 46,000 boxes to go through and I don't trust MSM translators.

    ' There are 3,000 hours of Saddam tapes and millions of pages of other documents that we captured after the war. When will the American public get to see this information?"

    In a word, now.

    UPDATE: FOX News just reported this, no links yet

    Craig thanks for the link to the Weekly Standard (to which we owe a great debt)

    "Though crucial details have yet to be resolved, the Bush administration has decided to release the documents."

    Saturday, March 11, 2006

    WMD: 'Give the people the facts and the Republic will be saved.'

    "Is this the tapes thing?" Bush asked, referring to two ABC News reports that included excerpts of recordings Saddam Hussein made of meetings with his war cabinet in the years before the U.S. invasion. Bush had not seen the newscasts but had been briefed on them.

    Pence framed his response as a question, quoting Abraham Lincoln: "One of your Republican predecessors said, 'Give the people the facts and the Republic will be saved.' There are 3,000 hours of Saddam tapes and millions of pages of other documents that we captured after the war. When will the American public get to see this information?"

    Bush replied that he wanted the documents released. He turned to Hadley and asked for an update. Hadley explained that John Negroponte, Bush's Director of National Intelligence, "owns the documents" and that DNI lawyers were deciding how they might be handled.

    Bush extended his arms in exasperation and worried aloud that people who see the documents in 10 years will wonder why they weren't released sooner."If I knew then what I know now," Bush said in the voice of a war skeptic, "I would have been more supportive of the war."

    Bush told Hadley to expedite the release of the Iraq documents. "This stuff ought to be out. Put this stuff out." Weekly Standard here hat tip Phil


    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Traitors, Treason and WMD

    WNYC had a program on To the Point this afternoon discussing the recent leakage in the Times and WaPo.  Byron York, Jed Babbin were on and agreed that some journalists are likely to get caught up in Libby type prosecutions (process crimes like perjury rather than for printing secrets).  The show was "Truth, Treason and the War on Terror" here .

    This morning on The Brian Lehrer Show he interviewed General Georges Sada, whose English is not great.  Lehrer was typically noxious but Sada was insistent that the WMD are there and under water in some flooded bunkers.  You can listen here and make of it what you will. hat tip ShrinkWrapped

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Iran At War with America Right Now In Iraq

    The Black Hand of Iran and it's continuing war against America - Big Satan, Israel - little Satan, and the West rolls (roils) along. Iran wants us out of Iraq, Afghanistan - hell off the planet would be good too. They may have the left in America on their side but who wants those losers in your corner? Would you even want those guys at your back?

    Iran Focus The deputy governor of the Iraqi province of Saladin, where the holyAhmadinejad_iran_black_hand city of Samarra is situated, said preliminary investigation was pointing to Iran’s role in the bombing of the city’s revered Shiite shrine last week.

    “The investigations carried out so far about the explosion in the resting place of Imam al-Hadi and Imam Hassan al-Askari in Samarra point to the involvement of the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry”, Abdullah Hossein Jabbara announced. He was referring to Iran’s secret police, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, which is known to be actively operating in Iraq

    Further proof, Iraq is very much a part of the global war on terror with the axis of evil outlined in the Bush Doctrine. It is because of the ongoing successes of the American liberation of Iraq that Iran, al qaida, are stoking the violence, and escalating the terror. Painfully clear to me that the Iranian sponsored terror in Iraq is very much a part of the global war on terror.

    The wonder of our accomplishments in tandem with our accomplishments in Afghanistan are very much the reason Iran has undertaken a campaign of terror, fear,  and propaganda in that country in an attempt  to return it to the dark ages here and here. here.

    This is not a sugarcoat. Expect a great deal more bloodshed, infighting, foreign fighters and outside influences to plague Iraq for the foreseeable future. That does not mean failure. Our objectives are noble. And what would be the alternative? There is no alternative.  


    Regime Change Iran reports the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee is holding hearings on  the Iran Freedom Act..

    Call your Senators today and ask for your support of this important bill today.

    Chick  here for phone numbers.

    RECOMMENDED READING (yes, again): Max Friedman's Betrayal of America --   most excellent, brilliant,  hard hitting piece here.

    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Iraqi WMD Mystery Solved


    Ryan Mauro, who spoke at the recent 2006 International Intelligence Summit on Iraq. He is the 19-year old author of  Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq and founder of He was originally hired at age 16 as a geopolitical analyst for Tactical Defense Concepts. He is also a volunteer analyst and researcher for the Northeast Intelligence Network and the Reform Party of Syria and believed to be the youngest hired geopolitical analyst in the country.


    Mauro: The tapes are extremely significant in that they prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that as of the year 2000, Saddam Hussein had a secret plasma program to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, or "special bombs" as he calls them. The Duelfer Report previously concluded that this type of enrichment program ended in the 1980s, but here we have Saddam and his top advisors discussing using a power plant in the area of Basra for the program.  The scientists involved in the program are not known to the UN, leaving Western intelligence clueless.

    On the tapes, you hear Saddam discussing the assistance of Russia and Brazil in dealing with the United Nations. He laughs off inspections, as his son-in-law who later defects, Hussein Kamil, reports how as late as 1995 their chemical and biological programs were being hidden from the world. They also discuss keeping the ingredients for these weapons separate, so that should they be found, they will be looked at as innocent dual-use items. They were not destroyed in 1991 as the Duelfer Report concludes. There are even indications on the tapes that Iraq may have had a role in the 2001 anthrax attacks.

    My book was the first to make the claim that Russia was involved in moving Iraq's WMDs to Syria. After all the nay saying and criticizing I received for it, testimony at the Summit confirmed that this was true.

    Glazov: What exactly is the evidence that Iraq moved its WMD into Syria?

    Mauro: It has been confirmed across the board that 18-wheelers were seen going into Syria before the war, crossing the border soon after Iraqi intelligence replaced the border guards and cleared nearby areas for their passage. There are also eyewitness reports of the trucks going into Syria, and eyewitness reports of their burial in Lebanon.

    The trucks with the weapons were tracked to three locations in Syria and Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, currently controlled by the Syrians, Iranians and Hezbollah. Sources I've spoken with that have seen satellite photos of the movements confirm that the WMD in Syria are at military bases, while the ones in Lebanon are buried. A fourth site in Syria, the al-Safir WMD and missile site, should also be looked at. From spring to summer 2002, there was a lot of construction here involving the expansion of underground complexes


    "More information has surfaced in recent days about Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction programs, and the possible roles of Syria and Russia in spiriting WMD and massive arsenals of conventional munitions out of Iraq prior to the start of the war three years ago. The new information includes audio recordings of 12 hours of conversations from the early 1990s through 2000 involving Saddam Hussein and his top aides, in which Saddam discusses how to conceal Iraqi weapons programs from UN inspectors and the possibility that the United States could be the target of terrorist attacks... One new piece of information revealed on the that Saddam was actively working on a plan to enrich uranium using a technique known as plasma separation. This is particularly worrisome because of the date of the conversation: It took place in 2000, nearly five years after Iraq's nuclear programs were thought to have stopped... It is apparent that the American public has much more to learn about Moscow, Damascus and WMD and precisely when Saddam's nuclear weapons programs actually stopped." —The Washington Times


    Iraq, Zogby, Polls, GWoT, and the Truth

    Bruce asks How reliable is Zogby poll of military in Iraq? Bruce that is not the question.

    The question is how reliable is Zogby period.

    Jason over at Generation why weighs in with  Democrats Get Paralysis of Analysis

    Zogby is wildly anti-Bush, anti-Israel, anti-Republican. I have written of Zogby's bias numerous times..........what foll lows are remarks from a comment thread October 16th before the Presidential election here;

    Zogby has accused Israel of abusing human rights and acting like a colonizer, similar to the "genocidal treatment of the Native Americans and enslavement of African-Americans."'

    He is a known Anti-Semite and hater of Israel.

    Zogby has a history of supporting extreme terror organizations. Zogby's anti-Semitism is well documented here;

    NEW YORK-   Pro-Arab lobbyist James Zogby, head of the Arab-American Institute, has publicly urged the Arab nations to refrain from normalizing relations with Israel--thus further shattering the myth that Zogby is "moderate" or "seeks peace with Israel".

    The web site ArabicNews.Com reports that Zogby told the Moroccan daily Al-Alam that "a drive towards normalization of relations with Israel" would be "dangerous." here

    The following is from a pre-election Zogby poll I fisked;

    His polls are always notoriously skewed;
    Bush job performance rating drops to 69%; [emphasis mine]
    Democrats take lead in  race for Congress; [another lie]
    58% say Israel should leave occupied Palestinian territories;
    83% believe Mideast bloodshed will spread to other nations,
    Zogby America Poll reveals

    Moreover, in Zogby's account, Israel pursued a policy of `ethnic cleansing,'

    more skewed Zogby results;
    Zogby poll released today indicates that Americans – by large majorities – oppose the United States militarily defending several key allies, including Taiwan, Israel and South Korea.

    The Zogbys clearly have an agenda. James Zogby Justifies Palestinian Terrorism. "Palestinian organizations are refusing to accept U.S. foreign aid this year, rather than sign a pledge promising that the money will not be used to support terrorism." as reported in The Washington Times.

    The paper then paraphrases James Zogby of the Arab American Institute saying that this refusal by Palestinian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to sign the pledge "should not be seen as support for terrorism, rather that in Palestinian society it is politically expedient to reject the funds than endure the tremendous political pressure they will face for signing the pledge. Zogby continues, in his own words: "This is not clearly understood in the United States. The idea of providing no ‘material support is such a broad brush stroke, it compromises the ability of the humanitarian organizations to function." The reporter then paraphrases Zogby saying that "making Palestinian organizations judge who is and who is not a terrorist is a prescription for creating civil war in the Gaza Strip and West Bank."

    In addition James Zogby became apoplectic when President Bush nominated the eminent scholar Daniel Pipes to the board of directors of United States Institute for Peace. Mr. Pipes brilliance of is some note and matched only by Hanson.

    Zogby spit out the following:

    "Daniel Pipes has a problem - his obsessive hatred of all things Muslim," writes James Zogby of the Arab American Institute. "Pipes is to Muslims what David Duke is to African-Americans."

    BTW,this patently untrue.But these are gross and vicious libels, as anyone who reads or listens to Pipes' own words will quickly discover at his site here. His hundreds of essays on terrorism, Islam, and the Middle East have appeared in scores of publications, from the Atlantic Monthly to The Jerusalem Post to Foreign Affairs. He has written countless book reviews. He is the author or editor of 13 books, he lectures nationwide, and he is a frequent guest on news and public-affairs TV shows. In short, he has compiled a vast public record.  If he were the hater Zogby decries, it would be pretty hard to disguise.
    Daniel Pipes has been a huge supporter of moderate Muslims and believes America must support Moderate Islam in our war on Radical Islamofascism

    more Zogby quotes;

    James Zogby, the president of the Arab American Institute, said that because of the "disproportionate number of Jews," the State Department should hire more Arab Americans.

    Zogby's "extremist, anti-Israel views" disqualified him from being involved with U.S. policy in the Middle East.

    Radical organization and known supporter of terror groups, James Zogby – president, Arab American Institute.

    Zogby said that Israel's "invasion of occupied territories is seared into the Arab psyche the way the Holocaust defines 20th century history for Jews".


    Case closed.  So much for Zogby objectivity.

    As for Iraq. It is painfully clear to me that the Iranian sponsored terror in Iraq is very much a part of the global war on terror. And the war on terror is (and always was) a global war.  The Cartoon Jihad is empirical evidence of that. Iraq is and was very much a part of the terror network. Twelve years flouting sanctions alone would have legitimized the war, but Saddam was paying off families of suicide bombers. He was bankrolling the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine through the UN oil-for-food program. The oil for food crimes!

    Saddam used our taxpayer money to bomb innocents. He gave Abu Nidal, infamous Palestinian terrorist responsible for the deaths of hundreds, safe harbor for decades protecting the grisly executioner of wheelchair-bound American Leon Klinghoffer. WTF was going on at Salmon Pac? Al-queda trained their pilots in that full sized passenger airliner fuselage. It didn't fly, but they "trained" for missions using this fuselage.

    Saddam had WMD. The developing story of Saddam secreting his WMD  into Syria is the icing on the cake. More on that here.

    The ongoing fight on the ground in Iraq is part of the global war on Radical Islamic terror.

    The left's contention that "Iraq was a mistake, not part of al qaeda, 9/11, the war on terror" is blatantly irrational, and illogical. It is a fallacy. And for those of you who claim Bush and his administration are secretive, non communicative - I counter that the mainstream media gives the man no time, no platform, no opportunity to air his strategy. They hate him. They will sell this country and our national security down the river to undo him. They will aid and abet the enemy to give their own arguments validation.

    Please read Max Friedman's Betrayal of America --   most excellent, brilliant,  hard hitting piece here.(thanks to Chas)

    I see Iraq as a great success. Not because of the stories you rarely see or hear for example here and here. The success in Iraq is a country of 50 million people liberated from a despot and centuries of totalitarianism, of living under the boot of dictators. That can't be easy. The wonder of our accomplishments in tandem with our accomplishments in Afghanistan are very much the reason Iran has undertaken a campaign of terror, fear,  and propaganda in that country in an attempt  to return it to the dark ages here and here. here.

    This is not a sugarcoat. Expect a great deal more bloodshed, infighting, foreign fighters and outside influences to plague Iraq for the foreseeable future. That does not make failure de facto. Our objectives are noble. And what would be the alternative. In my mind, there is no alternative. The American people are not paying attention here.

    I met a Yemen Muslim woman who lived in the United States for 20 years (her husband married her at 13 and brought to the US, then summarily dumped her 10 years later) . This woman still lived in fear of Radical Islam - 20 years later - in America.

    SO THIS CAN BE  NO EASY TASK. If you don't have the stomach for it, get out of the way. Our world, our way of life must be saved. But the left can not be the monkey on our backs.

    We elected George Bush, we elected him to do the job. Why won't they let this man do the job we elected him to do? I know, I know the polls say this, the polls say that, but at the end of  the day the only poll that means anything is the elections. Respect that.

    UPDATE:  Victor Davis Hanson apparently sees things as I do, READ IT A-L-L;

    We're winning in Iraq. Let's not lose at home.

    The second-guessing of 2003 still daily obsesses us: We should have had better intelligence; we could have kept the Iraqi military intact; we would have been better off deploying more troops. Had our forefathers embraced such a suicidal and reactionary wartime mentality, Americans would have still torn each other apart over Valley Forge years later on the eve of Yorktown--or refought Pearl Harbor even as they steamed out to Okinawa.

    There is a more disturbing element to these self-serving, always evolving pronouncements of the "my perfect war, but your disastrous peace" syndrome. Conservatives who insisted that we needed more initial troops are often the same ones who now decry that too much money has been spent in Iraq. Liberals who chant "no blood for oil" lament that we unnecessarily ratcheted up the global price of petroleum. Progressives who charge that we are imperialists also indict us for being naively idealistic in thinking democracy could take root in post-Baathist Iraq and providing aid of a magnitude not seen since the Marshall Plan. For many, Iraq is no longer a war whose prognosis is to be judged empirically. It has instead transmogrified into a powerful symbol that apparently must serve deeply held, but preconceived, beliefs--the deceptions of Mr. Bush, the folly of a neoconservative cabal, the necessary comeuppance of the American imperium, or the greed of an oil-hungry U.S.

    If many are determined to see the Iraqi war as lost without a plan, it hardly seems so to 130,000 U.S. soldiers still over there. They explain to visitors that they have always had a design: defeat the Islamic terrorists; train a competent Iraqi military; and provide requisite time for a democratic Iraqi government to garner public support away from the Islamists.

    UPDATE: Totally partisan. Check out the knee jerks on the comment section of this thread;

    Expert: Zogby “poll” needs “big ‘grains of salt’ “

    More evidence of prejudice from The Democracy Project.

    Proof Zogby poll is BS

    In entirety is the post at Media Lies blog. I know the blogger, and he is a reliable source.

    Others might be cautious, but I'm not....
    ....I'm calling the Zogby poll bullshit. Here's why.

    Source: Faces From The Front blog:

    This line from the Press Release:
    "Four in five said they oppose the use of such internationally banned weapons as napalm and white phosphorous."
    of Zogby's new poll of military personnel in Iraq struck me as odd.

    What is odd about it is that 80% of infantrymen carry white phosphorous grenades on missions.

    So, ethier most of resondents are not currently aware of what infantrymen strap to their flak vests when they go outside the wire, or disapprove of their infantry bretheren carrying WP grenades or the question was poorly worded, or some combination.

    Media Lies blog continues:
    First of all, white phosphorus isn't an internationally banned weapon, and every infantryman, Marine, grunt and ne'er-do-well knows that. Secondly, the troops carry the weapon on them on missions. This poll was rigged and is worthless, plain and simple. I don't need to see any of the other questions to know that.

    Obviously Zogby's "pollsters" have never heard "Pop smoke". I question if anyone was polled, or if someone sat down and made up this poll out of thin air. I'm voting for the latter.

    Zogby won't reveal the questions, won't reveal the interviewees and won't reveal the pollsters. Now why do you think that is?


    Monday, February 27, 2006

    MSM Paints Osama Bin Laden like a Big Ole Fuzzy Teddy! Awww

    The mainstream media speaks of Osama Bin Laden with respect, affection and deference. TheWtc_911_jump_01 Washington Post attribute great military victories to Dracula in his cave and assigns him near great statesman status.

    This mass murdering pig gets fabulous worldwide press and our President Bush, working his ass off to fight Radical Islamic extremism, making the hard choices to keep America free, and enacting foreign policy to liberate oppressed peoples living under the boot of totalitarianism for centuries is treated like a pariah. Tearing into his gut at every bump in the road. Teaching political freedom to peoples that have never tasted it, who only know the power of fear, is an enormous challenge. But, what, I ask is the alternative?

    You tell me, what is wrong with this picture? And before your answer,  imagine it was your mother (or lover, or sister)  flinging herself out of the World Trade Center, trading the lesser of horrible deaths.

    Outlook: On Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda Washington Post

    Osama bin Laden 's plan -- to use terrorism to trigger an Islamic reawakening that will challenge Western dominance of world events and assure the ascendancy of Sunni extremists -- is moving forward, at at an alarming rate. Hiding out Wtcpersonjumpingphoto4640worig somewhere on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, bin Laden is surely watching with satisfaction at events unrolling across the world --  from violent protests over published cartoons of the prophet Muhammad to Hamas's rise to political legitimacy in the Palestinian territories.

    Bin Laden 'likes hugs not kisses 'BBC News 
    Australia's "Jihad Jack", convicted of receiving al-Qaeda funds, says Osama Bin Laden prefers hugs to kisses.

    Bin Laden compares U.S. tactics to Iraq's Contra Costa Times
    Osama bin Laden promised never to be captured alive and declared the United States had resorted to the same "repressive" tactics used by Saddam Hussein,Wtcjumper1 according to an audiotape purportedly by the al-Qaida leader that was posted Monday on a militant Web site.

    Osama a "polite, humble" man The Hindu News
    SYDNEY: Osama bin Laden is a polite, humble and shy man who doesn't mind being hugged.

    Bin Laden a man with a soft side, says Thomas Sydney Morning Herald
    THE former Melbourne taxi driver convicted this week of receiving cash from al-Qaeda has told of his meetings with Osama bin Laden and how the world's most-wanted man had a softer side. -

    Australian terror convict says Osama loves beer, Islam Reuters Osama bin Laden does not like to be kissed and described himself as a reluctant Muslim who loved beer.

    Iraq Update: A Soldier's Account

    Reader John Galt sent this on to me;

    Special deliveries made to special groups

    By Polli Barnes Keller
    Gulf Region North
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Children in Dohuk are happy to receive special delivery from Lana Aziz. (GRD Photos by Polli Barnes Keller)
    Mosul Iraq - After years of tyranny and war, the children of Iraq have almost nothing and are very grateful for each gift they receive. Lana Aziz, an Iraqi citizen and junior engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), coordinates the collection and distribution of shoes and school supplies for Iraqi children. With each gift she gives to a needy child, she also gives joy and hope to their lives.
    Through her childhood, Aziz watched as American organizations sent clothing and items to local churches in her community. She watched as the goods were distributed and noticed some didn't make it to the families that needed it the most. Dismayed at the lack of support for American generosity and the misdirection of goods, Aziz decided if she could, she would do something about it.
    While on assignment in the local villages, she noticed the children lacked proper shoes for the cold environment. This gave her the idea to collect shoes for the needy and make sure they were distributed to those who truly needed them.
    In July 2005, Aziz put the word out through co-workers, friends and family that she was collecting shoes. Word spread quickly and before she knew it, shoes came rolling in. Church groups from the States, Aziz's family, and friends of friends rose to the challenge and collected approximately 150 pairs of shoes, which Aziz distributed in Dohuk, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah. The collection effort was a huge success and well received by those in need.
    Now, almost seven months later, packages again began arriving addressed to Aziz. She opened the boxes and was happily surprised to find not only shoes for the children, but school supplies and toys, as well. Aziz's response to the unexpected generosity was, "If they send it, I will deliver it!"
    Word travels fast when there is good news to spread and the story of Aziz delivering goods to schools last year made it all the way to Texas and Utah. Donations came not only from Aziz's family members, but also from friends' families, friends of friends, churches, schools and large corporations. Contributors included Southwest Airlines' Maintenance and Engineering Department in Dallas, Texas; Hewlett Packard in Richardson, Texas; and the second grade class from the William Penn Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah. Aziz received toys, school supplies, candy and shoes.
    A school principal in Dohuk (left), Lana Aziz (center), and Lt. Col. Greg Gunter, GRN Deputy Commander (right), discuss the delivery of donations to the school. ( GRD Photos by Polli Barnes Keller)
    Early in January, she and Lt. Col. Greg Gunter, USACE Gulf Region North Deputy Commander, traveled to two schools located in Dohuk and delivered the goods.
    "It was an honor to take part in such a noble and worthwhile effort initiated by Ms. Aziz. It was heartwarming to see that the generous gifts sent from within Iraq, as well as the United States, found their way to the children at these two schools," said Gunter.
    The second grade class in Utah received photographs of their delivered donated goods.
    The second grade teacher commented, "My students and I were ecstatic when we put your photos on the big screen and saw our red Christmas houses! Seriously ... we went crazy!"
    She added, "What a joy it was to actually see our school supplies and cards in the hands of those beautiful Iraqi children!"
    In one year of employment with USACE, Aziz moved up within the ranks from interpreter to junior engineer. She graduated from Mosul University in 2004, with a degree in Computer Engineering and worked part time for the U.S. Embassy on Forward Operating Base Courage.
    Lana Aziz

    Sunday, February 26, 2006

    Iran Just Outside Tel Aviv, Next Stop New York

    Do not  for one second,  think I am exaggerating. Iraq, Iran, Syria, France, Denmark, .....these incidents are not separate or disconnected. They are all part of the Radical Islamists' attempt to take over the world. Sit by and you are  a willing dhimmi.

    Mofaz: PA Under Hamas Puts Iran Just Outside Tel Aviv

    Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz told U.S. envoy David Welch on Sunday that the Hamas and its sponsor in Iran were attempting to create “an axis of evil, here,” on Israel’s doorstep.Hamas_iran3

    Mofaz said, “The latest contacts between the Hamas and Iran, and Khaled Mashal’s trip to Teheran to obtain Iranian support and to create an alliance, brings the axis of evil of Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, and Hamas, right here.”

    Mofaz told Welch that the Hamas had specific plans to intensify its relationship with Iran and Hizbullah. “We know about their intentions,” said Mofaz, “and Israel cannot agree to that.”

    Despite veiled hints that Hamas might accept Israel de facto within its pre-1967 borders, Mofaz said Israel would not be amenable to any negotiations with the terror group which won a landslide victory against the Fatah in Palestinian Authority elections last month. He called the Hamas approach, “sweet talk.”



    Monday, February 20, 2006

    Iraq: But but but, there were no WMD --Do Nukes Count?

    No WMD, just nukes. Where is the media on this, the same place they are on the toons. In denial

    Tape recordings released over the weekend show that Saddam Hussein had an active nuclear weapons program at least as recently as 2000 - but the press hasNuclear_2 decided the bombshell development isn't newsworthy.

    Speaking at the Intelligence Group Summit in Arlington, Va., Saddam tapes translator Bill Tierney revealed that in one recorded conversation, the Iraqi dictator can be heard discussing a plan to enrich uranium using a technique known as plasma separation.

    Though U.S. weapons inspectors found that 1.8 tons of Saddam's 500 ton uranium stockpile had been partially enriched, they failed to turn up any evidence of an ongoing enrichment program. More here hat tip Angry American

    Saddam was a savage. And Iran is just as savage. You could not go after Iran until Iraq was freed.

    Want the backstory on WMD? AtlasWMD search here and go over to Pajama Media here.

    In other WMD developmentsJeff from Protein Wisdom reports;

    … After watching the “Nightline” report, I noted that what we learned — from Saddam’s own lips — was that the inspections weren‘t working, regardless of whether or one concludes Hussein was stockpiling biological and chemical weapons: again and again, we heard Saddam and his aides discoursing on how they were able to fool inspectors with subterfuge and misdirection. Read it all here


    Sunday, February 19, 2006

    RUSSIA moved Saddam's WMDs

    The plot thickens. Russia was behind the transport. Makes sense out of Russia's position towards pre-war Iraq. According to Newsmax here

    A top Pentagon official who was responsible for tracking Saddam Hussein's weapons programs before and after the 2003 liberation of Iraq, has provided the first-everWmd7 account of how Saddam Hussein "cleaned up" his weapons of mass destruction stockpiles to prevent the United States from discovering them.

    "The short answer to the question of where the WMD Saddam bought from the Russians went was that they went to Syria and Lebanon," former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense John. A. Shaw told an audience Saturday at a privately sponsored "Intelligence Summit" in Alexandria, Va.

    "They were moved by Russian Spetsnaz (special forces) units out of uniform, that were specifically sent to Iraq to move the weaponry and eradicate any evidence of its existence," he said.

    He called the evacuation of Saddam's WMD stockpiles "a well-orchestrated campaign using two neighboring client states with which the Russian leadership had a long time security relationship." Hat tip Busy Bee

    Roger is blogging the summit here and Pajama Media  has the most comprehensive coverage of the continuing WMD intel bombshells here. Check out the  Hoesktra interview.

    This will be ignored by the mainstream media, too busy shopping for orange hunting vests  (but wearing orange highway vests instead, journalism, ha!) to wear to press conference. But this is important and relevant now. We are assigning a great amount of importance to Russia's "handling Iran's enrichment." Given what we are discovering now, this is not an option.

    An Iranian delegation is due to travel to Moscow on February 20 to discuss a Russian proposal aimed at breaking the deadlock over Tehran’s controversial nuclear activities. Under the proposal, Iran would allow uranium-enrichment activities to take place on Russian soil.

    This has no cred. None. Huge mistake.

    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    WTF is Abercrombie? Lover of Hamas

    In the vote to suspend aid to Hamas, one lone NO VOTE - Rep. Abercrombie here hat tip:  Earl the pearl

    BILL TITLE: Expressing the sense of Congress that no United States assistance should be provided directly to the Palestinian Authority if any representative political party holding a majority of parliamentary seats within the Palestinian Authority maintains a position calling for the destruction of Israel.

    What kind of animal is Abercrombie? Well, he's a democrat,.That explains alot. No surprise there. He's from Hawaii, they must be smoking too much doobie down.

    There is as an"IRAQ WATCH" page on his website, no surprise there. A real democrat advocating troop removal NOW;

    "I have joined with several of my colleagues in introducing a bipartisan resolutionAbercrombie_ley (House Joint Resolution 55) to get the troops home from Iraq and put the Iraqis in charge of their own future. The troops have done their job and now it is time for Congress to do its job."

    What is a surprise? This is a surprise;

    He is a member of the Committee on Armed Services, where he is Ranking Member on the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee; he is also a member of the Readiness Subcommittee.

    To blog readers in Hawaii, a vote for Abercrombie is  a vote for Radical Islam. GET THIS BLOODSUCKING, JEWHATING, FREEDOM KILLING, AMERICA HATING yutz out of office.

    Thursday, February 16, 2006


    This is one to keep your eye on. Follow it at Pajamas Media here

    New York Sun: ABC News reported that Saddam is quoted as saying,“Terrorism is coming. I told the Americans a long time before August 2 and told the British asWmd_4 well ... that in the future there will be terrorism with weapons of mass destruction.

       The deposed Iraqi tyrant, however, added that Iraq would not authorize such an attack, but speculated that a chemical, nuclear, or biological attack could be launched from a boobytrapped car.    The 12 hours of recorded conversations are part of a vast trove of untranslated documents, recordings, videotape, and photographs captured in Iraq during the war. Whether this information will be examined for clues to the whereabouts of WMD stockpiles is a matter of debate within the intelligence community.

       The CIA, FBI, and directorate of national intelligence have resisted calls from Congress to reopen the hunt. But an interagency outfit known as the Media Exploitation Center, administered by the Defense Intelligence Agency, last month started its own search of these materials to attempt to discover the location of the weapons of mass destruction.

        “There are elements in NSA and DIA that believe there is enough evidence to warrant further re-examination and a relook at all the Wmd_iraq_al_qaida_1 material,” a congressional staff member told The New York Sun yesterday. “This includes the imagery, documents, and human sources. They also think a more extensive debriefing of knowledgeable human sources and third party nationals is in order.”

    But there appears to be a battle, a competition if you will, on the examination of all this new, unexamined intel.

    The quiet re-examination parallels efforts from the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Peter Hoekstra, a Republican of Michigan, who is in the early stages of his own review. He told the Sun last week that he checked the authenticity of Mr. Loftus’s recordings with the intelligenceWmd_4_2 community and confirmed that it was Saddam’s voice on them.

       Mr. Hoekstra has also been pestering the directorate of national intelligence to translate and make public what he claims are nearly 36,000 boxes of captured documents and materials from Iraq that may shed clues on the WMD front.

       The Defense Department now appears to be working on the directorate to make other Iraq files public as well. A February 6 letter from Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to Senator Santorum, a Republican of Pennsylvania, said Mr. Rumsfeld is working with the director of national intelligence, John Negroponte, to release Iraqi files sought from the Harmony database, which catalogs material on terrorism secured since September 11, 2001.

       Mr. Rumsfeld wrote, “You should know that Mr. Negroponte has lead responsibility within the US government for this material. As such we have been working with his office to establish the best path forward.”

    So is good old fashioned politicking behind the abrupt resignations of two former CIA directors  from the board of the organization planning tomorrow to make public secret recordings of Saddam Hussein and his advisers? In the last week both John Deutch and James Woolsey abruptly left their positions.

    This baby is too important. Get it together fellas and get to the real story - DO NOT BECOME THE STORY.

    As for the left and the Democrats' reaction to these developments;


    Friday, February 10, 2006

    Russia Backs Iran's Ahmadinejad Doctrine

    Hitler_stalin_1 Why would Russia back terrorists? Hamas Supports Chechen Terrorism

    BBC reports; Chechnya Fighting Kills 12 hereRussianschooltragedy0

    Twelve militants and seven Russian policemen have died in a clash in the southern Stavropol region, Russian security officials say.

    According to Russian media reports, the militants had seized two houses.

    Hostilities flared up again in Chechnya in 1999 and Russia has refused to negotiate with the separatist rebels who want independence.

    On Friday up to 300 police officers and elite troops surrounded and then stormed a house in the village where the rebels were holed up, Russian security officials said.

    note BBC-ese "militant" translation "terrorist".


    You would think that all the suffering Russia has endured at the barbaric hands of terrorists --who could forget the savage murder of the Russian children here -- that Putin and Co, would have zero tolerance for terrorists. Right? Wrong.

    Their antisemitism is so base, so inbred they actually invited killers to Moscow.

    Israel fumes over Putin 'knife in back'
    Israel was left fuming over Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to invite Palestinian poll winners Hamas to Moscow, slamming the move as a "knife in the back" from a key negotiator for Middle East peace.

    Hedda Nussbaum why Russia would invite murdering savages?

    FRANCE BACKS RUSSIAN INVITATION FOR HAMAS TALKS. I can't say I am surprised by the Jewhating fwench whores.

    Israel, the only sane player in the chess game, protested (clearly) the plan by Russia to have talks in Moscow with Hamas, the Islamist the terrorists whose charter calls for Israel's destruction.

    Hitler was elected too, although he made sure any serious competition was eliminated.

    The clear answer is Russia is very much a part of the axis of evil and backs Iran's "wipe Israel off the map" Ahmadinejad.

    Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, on Friday expressed concerns about Russian arms sales but dismissed concerns that the US-Russian defence relationship was deteriorating.

    “The US prefers that countries not sell weapons to countries on the terrorist list,” Mr Rumsfeld said following a two-day meeting of Nato defence ministers in response to a question about Russian arms sales. Mr Rumsfeld said he was particularly concerned about arms sales to countries such as Iran and Syrian that the US says are supporting the insurgency in Iraq.

    And if you think I trust Russia enriching Iran's uranium, eat another mushroom.

    UPDATE: February 13th: More on the Hamas Chechen connection here. Hat tip: Steven

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Congress's Secret Saddam Tapes and WMD

    UPDATED 2/8/06: More Collaboration on Saddam's WMD: A former special investigator for the Pentagon during the Iraq war said he found four sealed underground bunkers in southern Iraq that he is sure contain stocks of chemical and biological weapons. But when he asked American weapons inspectors to check out the sites, he was rebuffed. Story here

    "I have no doubts the sites were never exploited by ISG. We agents begged and begged for weeks and months to get ISG to respond to the sites with the proper equipment," Mr. Gaubatz said in a telephone interview.

    Mr. Gaubatz's new disclosures shed doubt on the thoroughness of the Iraq Survey Group's search for the weapons of mass destruction that were one of the Bush administration's main reasons for the war. Two chief inspectors from the group, David Kay and Charles Duelfer, concluded that they could not find evidence of the promised stockpiles. Mr. Kay refused to be interviewed for this story and Mr. Duelfer did not return email. The CIA referred these questions to Mr. Duelfer.

    The new information from the former investigator could also end up helping the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which recently reopened the question of what happened to the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    "Before we can say there is no WMD in Iraq, we must first look. I have no doubts WMD was and is still in Iraq."

    I hear there is no smoking gun but a smoking canon

    The House  Select Committee on Intelligence is studying 12 hours Smoking_cannon of  audio recordings between Saddam Hussein and his top advisers that may provide clues to the whereabouts of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

    Mr. Loftus will make the recordings available to the public on February 17 at the annual meeting of the Intelligence Summit, of which he is president. On the organization's Web site, Mr. Loftus is quoted as promising that the recordings "will be able to provide a few definitive answers to some very important - and controversial - weapons of mass destruction questions." More here  and here  and here and here.

    Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calenders for February 17th.

    UPDATE: Tom at BizzyBlog here: The “No WMD” Lie (Yet Again) at Coretta Scott King’s Funeral — And a Challenge

    All of the links are there. Anyone person claiming "no WMD" has to discredit them all.

    The conduct at the King funeral today was a disgrace. They can't win elections, they can only act like children.

    Friday, February 03, 2006


    For those you of that read this and many other rational  blogs, you quite familiar with my frustration with the lack of any investigation into the  missing WMDs here and here and and as far back as 10/04 here.  We know existed (just ask thethousands of  families of  dead Kurds). We have sufferedWmd_hardware through the mendacity of Dhimmicarts talking points "NO WMDS" and leftwing memes to the point where the lie has become accepted the accepted "myth" (to the point where it damn near cost Bush the election) - now there is a really frightening thought.

    Saddam WMD: The Mother of All Cover Ups

    .So it is long overdue and long necessary that Washington step out from the Democrat's horsewhipping, and fight for the truth particularly now when Iran has all but declared war on the West. It was Syria, Iran's proxy - it's organ grinder's monkey-, that allegedly took possession of the Saddam's WMD.  More Here.

    - Nearly a year and a half after a final report from American weapons inspectors concluded they could not uncover evidence of stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has reopened the question.......

    Chairman Peter Hoekstra, a Republican from Michigan, is said by his staff to believe that it is too soon to conclude that Saddam Hussein either destroyed or never had the stockpiles and programs to produce biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons that Western intelligence agencies insisted he had before the war.

    n the weeks before and following the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom, at least 10 facilities believed by American, European, and Israeli intelligence to be for the production and research of chemical and biological weapons were systematically looted by members of Iraq's Republican Guard, ordered by the regime's leadership to destroy and hide evidence of the programs, according to current and former intelligence officials from America, Britain and Israel. In interviews with the New York Sun, these officials reflect the position of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld in the months after the war: "The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."

    Mr. Ware yesterday said Mr. Hoekstra is worried that equipment or stocks of biological and chemical weapons could have been transferred to a third country or landed in the hands of terrorists. Story here 

    I'll say

    The former undersecretary of defense for policy, Douglas Feith, said the question of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is still open. "People talk about the former Soviet loose nukes problem. The question is whether this is a loose WMD problem,"

    also held by the State Department's chief of Iraq intelligence between 2003 and 2005, Wayne White. In an interview this week, Mr. White, said, "Just as the pre-war WMD intelligence was largely wrong, the conclusion after the war that absolutely nothing was in Iraq could also be wrong."

    Even the mendacious left believes the WMD are somewhere;

    Canada's Globe and Mail, Susan Rice, a former assistant secretary of state under President Clinton who would go on to become a foreign policy adviser to Howard Dean during the 2004 election season, raised the prospect of Saddam's missing weapons in terms similar to Mr. Feith. "The richest treasure trove of dangerous WMD material since the collapse of the Soviet Union is on the loose and perhaps far easier for al-Qaeda and other terrorists to acquire than it was under the control of their ideological adversary, Saddam Hussein," she wrote.

    The former deputy of the Iraqi air force, General Georges Sada, revealed on Saturday that that former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, ordered him during the first Gulf War to bomb Israeli population centers with chemical weapons. More here.

    Who can forget the entire population of Israel wearing gas masks during  Saddam's SCUD missile attack during the 1991 Gulf war


    testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, David Kay said "Deliberate dispersal and destruction of material and documentation related to weapons programs began pre-conflict and ran trans-to-post conflict."

    A former colonel for Israeli military intelligence who worked on Iraqi issues, Miri Eisin, says of a transfer of weapons to Syria, "I don't know all of it, but some things went in that route. At the end of the day, it would be the type of things they could hide. This would strike out the biological type things, but they could get chemical weapons, possibly residual missile parts."

    Photo here:  During Iraqi Scud attacks against Israel in 1991, school children were trained in the proper fitting of gas masks, lest any of the missiles actually be tipped with poison weapons.

    Related Articles:

    Iraq's WMD Secreted in Syria, Sada Says
    Saddam's WMD Moved to Syria, An Israeli Says

    Monday, January 30, 2006

    Reason has all been but lost, Passion and Prejudice governs the world

    Saddam ordered WMD strike on Israel [transferred to Syria]

    he former deputy of the Iraqi air force, General Georges Sada, revealed on Saturday that that former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, ordered him during the first Gulf War to bomb Israeli population centers with chemical weapons.

    Sada said he convinced Saddam to abort the mission by telling him that the Iraqi pilots could not complete the mission with the equipment at their disposal, and that the Israelis had radar that could detect them before they reached their target.

    In his book, which was written four years ago, Sada also claims that Iraq's chemical weapons were taken to Syria aboard civilian Iraqi "Boeing" airplanes just prior to the US invasion.

    The 65-year-old Sada said that 56 flights of this type took place, but went largely unnoticed because they were flying under the guise of humanitarian aid.

    Prior to the second Iraq war Israel warned that Iraq was moving chemical weapons from its territory into Syria.

    Why isn't this splashed across frontpages and TV screens everywhere? Sada is being ignored. You can't tell me a diabolcial agenda is not at work here.

    Courage readers courage. All things beautiful has a great post up, read it here

    Excellent extensive analysis from Rockets Brain here and Ground State here, read them both.

    Friday, January 27, 2006

    Losing Iraq? No. The Left Lost its Mind? D'oh

    “Attack levels are way, way down since the elections.  .There’s what I would call an ‘eerie calm’ in many areas of the western desert.  This is a direct result of Marine operations and the general impression that everyone is tired of fighting.  There is a snowballing grass-roots movement at the town-city level by local Iraqis to take of local security, push out foreign fighters, and generally to reassume control over their day to day lives.  They want us out, but we hear over and over again, from city to city, village to village, household to household, that they want us to stay until the Iraqi security forces are ready to take charge.”

    In Tuesday's Times, the paper detailed a leaked working paper from the office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. The draft report was highly critical of the U.S.-led reconstruction of Iraq, deeming the effort a failure in large part. Though incomplete, illegally leaked and intended as an internal document for discussion, The Times chose to run the story.

    Once again, The New York Times, not the Bush administration, has broken the law protecting our nation's security, violating U.S. Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 37, Section 798, pertaining to the illegal release of national-security information.

    The Times' revelation of the NSA surveillance program was, to be sure, an obvious attempt to stymie renewal of the USA Patriot Act in the Senate and to heighten interest in Times reporter James Risen's soon-to-be-released book, ostensibly detailing all kinds of Patriot Act abuses. 

    The latest New York Times' leak is more evidence of their unrepentant partisanship.

    No, this one is much worse. The Times' most recent leak is a matter of unrepentant partisanship. Blinded by Bush hatred, consumed by an overarching desire to discredit the President with a Woodward-esque coup de grace, The Times has once again endangered our troops and allies in the field, not to mention the Iraqi people.

    Our enemies, you see, read the Western press. [to get their key talking points, right Osama? - Atlas]

    For instance, in 1998, as al-Qa'ida was preparing its 9/11 attack, the NSA was tracking electronic communications from senior al-Qa'ida operatives, including Osama bin Laden. When that information was leaked to, and by, the press, OBL disposed of his old satellite phone system and set up a whole different set of communication protocols, thus eluding any detection of his 9/11 plans.

    More recently, The Times released highly classified information about the NSA's terrorist surveillance program. Then there was The Washington Post's unveiling of a massive covert CIA program to capture suspected terrorists and interrogate them at secret detention centers around the world. Not to be outdone, U.S. News and World Report took a stab at divulging the detection methods the NSA, CIA and DoD utilize to sniff out fissile material en route to U.S. urban centers. Thanks a bunch.

    The more encouragement we give Jihadis, the harder they'll try.

    Now The Times, by releasing incomplete information from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, has once again emboldened our enemies. In the minds of Jihadis, dissident Sunnis and Ba'athist holdouts, any such news of the failure of Iraq reconstruction efforts translates into success for the insurgency. The timing is especially tragic, too, given Iraq's recent parliamentary elections. Indeed, Iraq's Sunnis are thirsty for signs of a successful reconstruction, lest they again defect from the democratic process and cower at the prospect of a Ba'athist return. With this latest media-supplied feather in their turbans, the insurgents will no doubt redouble their attacks against our reconstruction efforts. After all, the more encouragement we give them, the harder they'll try.

    And if that's not a breach of U.S. national security, what is?

    The Iraqi mayor of Tall Afar, formerly an insurgent stronghold in the Sunni Triangle, wrote a letter of thanks to General Casey.  According to the article, the reporters at the scene asked no questions about the letter, and it was not reported by any major newspaper or network in the country.

    Here's an excerpt:

    "[O]ur city was overrun by heartless terrorists, Zarqawi and his followers, who unloaded their bloodthirsty and voracious action of evil on this city for several months by indiscriminately killing men, women and children.  Tall Afar was a human slaughterhouse.  Simple services were not possible, causing the people to suffer, till the day you dispatched your troops, who were our lion-hearted saviors.  Your troops came to rescue Tall Afar led by our heroes, whom Tall Afar will never forget.  After the major operation, your wonderful soldiers started nursing the wounds of this city by rebuilding the damaged lives and buildings with great compassion and speed.  These soldiers have done more than their original mission required of them.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." hat tip trick cycle

    As a courtesy to The Times, however, we thought we'd briefly detail what's been accomplished in Iraq despite their best efforts.

    Oil production, which averaged 1.58 million barrels per day in 2003, surged to 2.25 million bpd in 2004. In 2005, that average was down to 2.1 million bpd due to insurgent attacks on the oil infrastructure and poor maintenance of the pipelines under the Ba'athists—but it is now set to rise again.

    Iraq's cities are faring better as well—the Najaf Teaching Hospital, looted and used as a defensive position by the insurgency last year, has reopened, thanks to Coalition efforts, and now serves hundreds of patients every day. Three new electrical substations are currently under construction in Najaf, and new water treatment and sewage systems are also underway—all in the city described as "the center of the insurgency" only a few short months ago.

    In Mosul, key bridges and roads across the Tigris River have been restored; schools, hospitals, police stations and firehouses rebuilt; and the city's water and sewage systems considerably revamped. In addition, the refurbishment of the Mosul Airport is in progress.

    All in all, in a mere two-and-a-half years, the U.S. and its allies have helped Iraqis to renovate nearly 3,000 schools, train more than 30,000 teachers, and distribute eight million textbooks. Rebuilt irrigation infrastructure now helps more than 400,000 rural Iraqis, and another three million benefit from improved drinking water.

    Significantly, reconstruction efforts throughout the country have sustained Iraq's economic recovery and normalization. Iraq's nominal GDP almost doubled from $13.6 billion in 2003 to $25.5 billion in 2004. Real growth for 2005 is estimated at 3.7 percent, and another surge of 17 percent is predicted for 2006. At the same time, per capita GDP, having dropped to $518 in 2003, exceeded $1,000 in 2005.

    Want further evidence of Iraq's economic recovery? A whopping 30,000 new businesses have registered since April 2003, and the country's nascent stock market averaged a daily trading volume of $100 million for 2005, up from an average $86 million in 2004. Sixty-nine percent of businesses, says Zogby International, are "optimistic" about the country's economic future. Despite continued violence and shortfalls in electricity, seven out of ten Iraqis say their lives are going well.

    No report for our nation's policymakers should say reconstruction of Iraq has been perfect.

    The reconstruction of Iraq certainly hasn't been perfect, and no report meant to inform our nation's policymakers should say so. Still, this is pretty good news. At The New York Times, however, good news—unless it's good news for our enemies—just isn't fit to print.

    Quote of the week...

    "Some look at the challenges in Iraq and conclude that the war is lost, and not worth another dime or another day. I don't believe that. Our military commanders do not believe that. Our troops in the field, who bear the burden and make the sacrifice, do not believe that America has lost, and not even the terrorists believe it. We know from their own communications that they feel a tightening noose and fear the rise of a democratic Iraq." —President George W. Bush

    Hat tip: The Patriot

    What country has the largest GDP growth in the world?
    And it's 37% higher than the #2 ranked country?

    Hint #1: Not the U.S. (#88)
    Hint #2: Not Cuba. (#123)
    Hint #3: It's a catastrophe! It's a disaster! It's a quagmire!
    Hint #4: If you guessed "Vietnam," you're metaphorically close!

    Answer here......hat tip Irwin

    Stats > Economy > GDP > Real growth rate

    Rank  Country  Amount  (top to bottom)    
    #1  Iraq 52.3% 
    #2  Chad 38% 
    #3  Liberia 21.8% 
    #4  Venezuela 16.8% 
    #5  Ukraine 12% 
    #6  Angola 11.7% 
    #7  Ethiopia 11.6% 
    #8  Mongolia 10.6% 
    #9  Tajikistan 10.5% 
    #10  Uruguay 10.2% 
    #11  Azerbaijan 9.8% 
    #12  Georgia 9.5% 
    #13  China 9.1% 
    #14  Kazakhstan 9.1% 
    #15  Armenia 9% 
    #16  Qatar 8.7% 
    #17  Argentina 8.3% 
    #18  Turkey 8.2% 
    #19  Mozambique 8.2% 
    #20  Singapore 8.1% 
    #21  Romania 8.1% 
    #22  Hong Kong 7.9% 
    #23  Vietnam 7.7% 
    #24  Latvia 7.6% 
    #25  Afghanistan 7.5% 
    #26  Congo, Democratic Republic of the 7.5% 
    #27  Turkmenistan 7.5% 
    #28  Malaysia 7.1% 
    #29  Kuwait 6.8% 
    #30  Moldova 6.8% 
    Weighted average: 5.3% 

    DEFINITION: GDP growth on an annual basis adjusted for inflation and expressed as a percent.

    SOURCE: CIA World Factbook, November 2005

    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    Iraq's WMD's Secreted to Syria

    In an explosive interview with The New York Sun, the man who served as the no. 2 official in Saddam Hussein’s air force says Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war
                         ‘They Must Be Found’

    The Iraqi general, Georges Sada, makes the charges in a new book,“Saddam’s Secrets,” released this week. The man who served as theGeorge_sada no. 2 official in Saddam Hussein’s air force says Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war by loading the weapons into civilian aircraft in which the passenger seats were removed.  He detailed the transfers in an interview yesterday with The New York Sun.

    “There are weapons of mass destruction gone out from Iraq to Syria, and they must be found and returned to safe hands,” Mr. Sada said. “I am confident they were taken over.”

       Mr. Sada’s comments come just more than a month after Israel’s top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Moshe Yaalon, told the Sun that Saddam “transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria.”


    The discovery of the weapons in Syria could alter the American political debate on the Iraq war.And even the accusations that they are there could step up international pressure on the government in Damascus. That government, led by Bashar Assad, is already facing a U.N. investigation over its alleged role in the assassination of a former prime minister of Lebanon.The Bush administration has criticized Syria for its support of terrorism and its failure to cooperate with the U.N. investigation.

    Pilots of the two airliners that transported the weapons of mass destruction to Syria from Iraq approached him in the middle of 2004, after Saddam was captured by American troops.

       “I know them very well. They are very good friends of mine. We trust each other. We are friends as pilots,” Mr. Sada said of the two pilots. He declined to disclose their names, saying they are concerned for their safety. But he said they are now employed by other airlines outside Iraq.

       The flights — 56 in total, Mr. Sada said — attracted little notice because they were thought to be civilian flights providing relief from Iraq to Syria, which had suffered a flood after a dam collapse in June of 2002.

       “Saddam realized, this time, the Americans are coming,” Mr. Sada said. “They handed over the weapons of mass destruction to the Syrians.”

       Mr. Sada said that the Iraqi official responsible for transferring the weapons was a cousin of Saddam Hussein named Ali Hussein al-Majid, known as “Chemical Ali.” The Syrian official responsible for receiving them was a cousin of Bashar Assad who is known variously as General Abu Ali, Abu Himma, or Zulhimawe.

    READ IT ALL IN The New York Sun here

    I said it for years, it was the most logical explanation. This story will shape the November elections, and rightly so. I am sure the mainstream media will go out of its way to ignore this story instead it will whine about al qaida's civil rights being violated in the New York Times manufactured scandal of the week.

    ALERT: Saddam’s Crimes Against Humanity **GRAPHIC VIDEO MATERIAL** 

    As the trial of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein resumes, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies is posting 4 videos of actual torture and murder that took place under Saddam Hussein’s regime.

    FDD President Cliff May notes: “Television news, understandably, will not broadcast such videos. But they are, nevertheless, an important record of Saddam Hussein’s crimes against humanity that should be available to the public as his trial resumes.”

    WARNING: This material is extremely shocking and graphic in nature. It should not be viewed by children.  Also, it may be necessary to turn the volume down before watching the 4 separate chapters.

    Please note, each chapter may take several minutes to download.

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4

    Saturday, January 21, 2006

    The War for Freedom VS. the Enemy, the Left in America

    A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq As of Saturday, Jan. 21, 2006, at least 2,224 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,741 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The figures include six military civilians

    You know I get these inane notifications everyday. Those pussies over at YAHOO  must understand that this is what happens during  war - soldiers die, not people going to work in the WTC, Pentagon etc.............soldiers die during war. But what about the real news? YAHOO, Google and their leftard media warlords wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.Quel Bastards!

    A crowd of Iraqis parade through the streets waving Iraqi flags and pictures of their candidates after voting in Baghdad, Iraq, Dec. 15, 2005. Elections set Milestones for IraqisIraq_3

    By SPC Dan Balda – 4th Brigade Combat Team – US Army

    BAGHDAD — The day seemed downright festive: children marched in impromptu parades, men wore suits (on their day off no less), entire families took long walks from their homes to polling sites. The Iraqi parliamentary elections Dec. 15 gave Iraqis a chance to showcase the pride they have in their country and the hope they have for the future.

    “Nationalism is defined by the actions of the people,” said Maj. Ross Coffman, 4th Brigade Combat Team executive officer. “It only takes a moment to see their faces as they vote, to see their pride, not only because they are voting but because they are part of something bigger. That is promising; not only for the efforts we’ve made, but also for the future of the country.” Read more…

    Iraq_2_1 New Transformer Means More Reliable Power for Baghdad

    By Jenna Bisenius – Project and Contracting Office – Gulf Region Division
    Baghdad, Iraq – The new transformer added alongside two existing transformers at a west Baghdad substation serves a dual purpose: to convert 132-kilovolt (kV) power down to 33-kV power and to act as a backup unit when workers take one of the other transformers off-line for maintenance. This addition ensures electricity that is more dependable for Iraqis living in the Baghdad area and helps to increase their hours of uninterrupted electrical service.

    The Gulf Region Division (GRD) Electricity Sector provided management oversight of the $1.1 million project. Work began in May 2005, and ended in November. Contractor Washington Group, International, managed the actual installation of the transformer; the GRD provided quality control through site visits conducted to checki instruction details.

    The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity (ME) also was involved in the project, according to David Millson, GRD Electricity Sector Program Manager for Washington International. Read more…

    Photo by Gulf Region Division

    An Iraqi engineer calls in transformer readings as part of the transformer testing process.

    By Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Curt Cooper – US Navy
    A landing craft air cushion (LCAC) from Assault Craft Unit 5 (ACU 5), returning from Kuwait Naval Base, makes its approach to USS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52). Pearl Harbor and ACU 5 are currently conducting maritime security operations (MSO) in the North Arabian Gulf. MSO set the conditions for security and stability in the maritime environment as well as complement the counter-terrorism and security efforts of regional nations. MSO deny international terrorists use of the maritime environment as a venue for attack or to transport personnel, weapons, or other material. USS Pearl Harbor VBSS Team Builds Bridges in Arabian Gulf

    By Cryptologic Technician 3rd Class Karen Moore – Expeditionary Strike Group One PublicIraq_children Affairs

    AT SEA ABOARD USS PEARL HARBOR IN THE ARABIAN GULF— The amphibious dock landing ship USS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52) conducted maritime security operations (MSO) in the Arabian Gulf Nov. 20 - Dec. 26.

    Pearl Harbor, assigned to Expeditionary Strike Group One (ESG-1), is on a regularly scheduled deployment to the 5th Fleet area of responsibility conducting MSO.  MSO set the conditions for security and stability in the maritime environment, as well as deny international terrorists use of the oceans as a venue for attack or to transport personnel, weapons or other material.  A key component of 5th Fleet MSO is the querying and boarding of vessels or Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS). 

    Pearl Harbor’s 17-man VBSS team has spent much of this deployment training on or conducting these vital operations.  When Pearl Harbor locates a vessel of interest, the ship’s bridge team will query the contact.  Depending on the response, the ship will launch the VBSS team.  The team approaches the vessel in a rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB), and communicates with the vessel’s master.  Once consent from the master is granted, the Sailors board the vessel.

    Iraq_3_1 Read more…                 Engineers and Infantry:  Working Together on Landing Zone Operations in Afghanistan

                                                                             KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - In Sharona, Afghanistan, an unlikely team of Soldiers was put together, consisting of combat engineers and infantry, creating the smooth running machine responsible for the safe air transport of numerous Soldiers, supplies, and multi-million dollar aircraft.

    Upon arriving at Forward Operating Base Sharona, several Soldiers from the 864th Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy), Task Force Pacemaker, 1st Battalion, 508th Infantry volunteered to assist in the air operations on the FOB.

    The Soldiers sat down and hashed out how Task Force Pacemaker and Workhorse would coordinate the air assets on FOB Sharona. After a brief meeting and a quick and hardy hand shake, the Pacemaker/Workhorse Air Crew was one.

    Engineers from the 864th EN BN, Task Force Pacemaker and 1/508th Infantry working together as the Helicopter Landing Zone Crew to off load passengers and holiday mail at FOB Sharona, Afghanistan. 20 December 2005

    By SSgt Victoria Meyer – Office of Security Cooperation - Afghanistan An Afghan National Army NCO organizes a platoon of soldiers into ranks and gets them ready for their next drill.

    Noncommissioned Officers Corps Provides Foundation for Afghan Army

    By SSG Mason T Lowry – OSC-A Public Affairs – US Army


    KABUL , Afghanistan – At the heart of every successful military organization is a group of professional leaders who embody the core and individual values that define that organization. 

    They are called noncommissioned officers; the soldiers on the ground, making sure theirIraq_4 officers’ orders are carried out, making sure soldiers are taken care of.

    “We are the backbone of the Afghan National Army,” said ANA 3rd Brigade, 201st Corps Command Sgt. Maj. Shamshadin, describing the role of the ANA NCO.

    “Officers make plans, we implement them.  We make the Army strong.  And as we make the Army strong, we make the country strong.  All strong countries have strong NCOs,” he said.


    Sunday, January 15, 2006

    Walter Cronkite: STFU!

    Ex-CBS anchor Walter Cronkite, whose 1968 conclusion that the Vietnam War was unwinnable keenly influenced public opinion then, said Sunday he'd say the same thing today about Iraq. More here

    Walter, shut up . You should have shut up in  1968 when you aided and abetted our enemy then. You do us all great harm.

    We know we can't beat you on the battlefield, but we can beat you on the streets of New York Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. -- North Vietnamese camp commander, Son Tay POW camp to Commander Paul Galanti, U.S. Navy, American POW.

    Zawahri says US defeated in Iraq- Zawahri latest video of propaganda is instantly interchangable with the position of the American left

    The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service.- Albert Einstein

    Friday, January 13, 2006

    A Soldier Speaks to Murtha: Video

    Hat tip: Jacob


    Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    Regime Change: Syria

    REGIME CHANGE is a plan. A very good plan indeed.

    President Bashar al-Assad of Syria secretly incited Iraq's top Shia leader to declare holy war against US and British forces.

    He has GOT TO GO. Assad has long been a tool for Iran. This is one revolution/insurrection/uprising the we ought to invest in, get in on the ground floor so to speak. Syria has been sponsoring,  fueling the terrorists in Iraq, is (most likely) the current home of Saddam's WMDs, has made Lebanon his evil playground for Hizbollah and Hamas, and fueled Radical Islamofascism against Israel.

    Former Syrian Vice President Abdelhalim Haddam met with opposition representatives in Syria in order to conduct peaceful change.

    Reportedly, Haddam expressing, “This call is a call to save Syria” has not determined any activities yet, but conducted “wide-scale consultations” on the issue together with Syrian leaders.

    Accordingly, Haddam emphasized this enterprise is unique to Syria. Haddam, claiming the rise a popular movement is due to the development of recent events, reportedly criticized Syrian President Besar Asad, “He never reads, understand and assimilates.”

    Haddam could be our man and he is in serious jeopardy. Remember this is the same guy that outed Assad to the world as Hariri's assassin and don't think for one second that the weak chinned dentist and Ajmadman wouldn't want to do a Hariri on Haddam..............but this is the West's best chance to disarm Iran  by surrounding it by free nations. Removing Assad, Iran's organ grinder's monkey is an excellent action plan.

    UPDATE: Proof positive that this is a very good plan. The other thugocrats are trebling with fear.

    Media fall silent on Khaddam
    BBC News Saudi-owned Arab media outlets are not carrying statements by former Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam

    Saturday, January 07, 2006

    I have seen the Enemy, They is US!


    We know we can't beat you on the battlefield, but we can beat you on the streets of New York Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. -- North Vietnamese camp commander, Son Tay POW camp to Commander Paul Galanti, U.S. Navy, American POW.

    Zawahri says US defeated in Iraq

    If you give a listen to Zawahri latest video piece of propaganda it is instantly interchangable with the position of the American left. There is no difference in his position and that voiced by Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Kennedy et al

    Think about that.

    Go over to Malkin for more of this:

    Sgt. Mark Seavey was outnumbered, but not alone at the moonbat townhall hosted by Reps. Jim Moran and John Murtha last week. Near the end of the marathon session, a Vietnam veteran, General Wagner, stepped up to the microphone to deliver a message from the mother of an Iraqi war vet who gave his life for his country and for the mission. After reading a scathing letter addressed to Murtha, Wagner talked about his own experience in Vietnam:


    General Wagner speaks the truth

    Download the video (.wmv file).

    A snippet of Wagner's remarks:

    I visit Walter Reed [Army Hospital] and talk to the young soldiers with their legs blown off. I know you do, too. I can't find one in a dozen that don't believe that they are fighting for a noble cause and are fighting to go back. And I think it's a disgrace when members of our Congress --just as they did in 1975 when they sold out the south Vietnamese--are selling out our soldiers today in Iraq! Hat tip: Bizzy Blog

    Over at Conderate Yankee, "Thick-Headedness Does Not Count As Armor":

    By design, this NY Times article shows an inaccurate picture of the Interceptor body armor system provided to the Marines, based upon a false premise. This study only looked at fatalities of those Marines killed by upper body wounds while wearing vests. It excluded all instances where Interceptor vests worked as designed and the Marine under fire survived.

    This is akin to judging automobile safety by looking at only wrecks resulting in fatalities, as oppose to those wrecks where fatalities were prevented by good automotive safety design.

    I am not amused. Are you?

    Sent this guy down to Times Sqaure............

    Technorati Tags: fifth column, media

    Friday, January 06, 2006

    Bush Seeking Advice?

    Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
    I got it. The whole reaching out thing. The whole reaching across the aisle thing,  but I mean really.

    After one of the most extraordinary gatherings of current and former powerbrokers to have sat around the White House Cabinet table in recent times, Mr Bush said that he took to heart a range of views from figures who collectively have served every US president since John F. Kennedy. [yeah extraordinary]

    As part of a vigorous public relations offensive on Iraq, Mr Bush spent more than an hour with former defence secretaries including Robert McNamara, the Vietnam-era Pentagon chief under presidents Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson; Harold Brown, who oversaw the disastrous Iranian hostage rescue attempt under Jimmy Carter; and William Perry, Bill Clinton's defence secretary, who advised Democrat John Kerry during the 2004 presidential election campaign. [oy -seriously damaged and dangeous goods here]

    Others briefed by Mr Bush and General George Casey - the US commander in Iraq - included Madeleine Albright, Lawrence Eagleburger.........

    Let us pray this was merely a dog and pony show. A single face for the world............anything but what it appears to be.

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    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    BEST VIDEO OF 2005

    Tuesday, December 27, 2005

    Iraqi Sunnis Anger at Iran, Not Israel

    Iraqi Sunnis Diverting Anger from Israel to Iran -
    Since results from Iraq's national assembly election trickled out this week showing that Shiite Muslims - many backed by neighboring Iran - would dominate the new parliament, Sunni Iraq_vote_5 Muslims have begun to ask: Is Israel really Iraq's enemy, or is it neighboring Iran? "I think that Iran is more dangerous to Iraq than Israel because of the assassinations that the Iranians have been doing," said Added Hamid Hashim, 30, referring to recent killings of prominent Sunnis. "I hated Israel before the war, but now I hate Iran even more."
        Mithal al-Alusi ran for the new parliament while calling for stronger ties between Israel and Iraq, and appears to have won a seat. In May 2004, al-Alusi publicly admitted to visiting Israel the year before. His only two sons were assassinated in January because of his support of Iraqi-Israeli cooperation, he said. But he said that some Iraqis are warming to a stronger relationship with Israel, in part because they are frightened of Iran's influence. "We don't have border problems with Israel. We don't have historical problems with Israel," he said, just Iran.

    Sunday, December 25, 2005

    An Iraqi Christmas, G-d bless and Godspeed


    and finally..............Hundreds of Iraqi Christians attend a traditional Christmas day mass  in central Baghdad December 25, 2005. Freedom of Religion.
     Chanukah's message to all Americans

    Wednesday, December 21, 2005

    Make A Difference

    "This year, Hanukkah coincides with Christmas. On December 27, the third night of Hanukkah, Hanukkah candles should be lit in public ceremonies across the streets, in front of Iranian embassies around the world. Jewish communities should organize a lighting ceremony in all those capital cities where Iran has an embassy, and in New York it should be done in front of the U.N. building, right beside the Iranian flag. . . .

    Chanukah3_3The idea was recently launched by two London activists, and is already gaining support and sympathy elsewhere. Rome may soon follow, and so should other capitals of Europe and the Western world." More here  and at Keshertalk. Judith is organizingm so email. BTW check her out today, she has got the goods.

    I will make every effort to be there, scheduled to out of town.

    In other news, if you have been watching the sporadic Iraq vote updates, it's not as dire as people are making it out to be. Keshertalk has the 411. We knew this was going to be a problem here. Cooler heads will prevail

    Monday, December 19, 2005

    Play it Again Sam [Uncle Sam]

    Play this one over and over and over and over, you'll never tire of it. Bless you Moody for sending this onto me.Download 15Dec05Election.wmv

    Notes & Comments A REPUBLIC, IF THEY CAN KEEP IT: In 1787 -- 11 years after America declared its independence -- a Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia. When it was over, a woman approached Benjamin Franklin and asked: "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" Franklin responded: "A republic, if you can keep it."

    And here's an excerpt from one letter that made the whole effort worthwhile:

    My name is [withheld] and I work with Coalition and Iraqi soldiers Baghdad.

    I want to take a moment to convey my thanks to you for placing the exuberant joy on the faces of the Iraqis when they saw our purple fingers.  I don't know if it's possible to appear as though you have fallen in love, gotten married, won the lotto, and had a baby all in one day, but if it were, these soldiers wore the grins that said it all...

    Officers would come into our center and were visibly touched by the photos from home of Americans supporting their brave choices...

    Three times in one year the Iraqi people have faced death in order to shape their country's future, and we as Americans stay home from the polls when it's raining too hard. ...I for one hope I never again take my freedoms for granted...

    Engraved on my heart is the knowledge that there is a brand new nation that is full of hope for the future, and you helped with the birth (FDD*)

    More great news from my secret crush (jk) over at 365 and a wakeup and  Blacksheep 6 over at Partamian.


    *Please make a donation to these guys over at FDD, the best intel for ordinary folks.

    The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) is a tax-deductible, non-profit organization that works to help Americans understand the terrorist threat to freedom and democracy.

    Sunday, December 18, 2005


    THE PRESIDENT: Good evening.  Three days ago, in large numbers, Iraqis went to the polls to choose their own leaders -- a landmark day in the history of liberty.  In the coming weeks, the ballots will be counted, a new government formed, and a people who suffered in tyranny for so long will become full members of the free world.

    This election will not mean the end of violence.  But it is the beginning of something new:  constitutional democracy at the heart of the Middle East.  And this vote -- 6,000 miles away, in a vital region of the world -- means that America has an ally of growing strength in the fight against terror.

    All who had a part in this achievement -- Iraqis, and Americans and our coalition partners -- can be proud.  Yet our work is not done. There is more testing and sacrifice before us.  I know many Americans have questions about the cost and direction of this war.  So tonight I want to talk to you about how far we have come in Iraq, and the path that lies ahead.

    From this office, nearly three years ago, I announced the start of military operations in Iraq.  Our coalition confronted a regime that defied United Nations Security Council resolutions, violated a cease-fire agreement, sponsored terrorism, and possessed, we believed, weapons of mass destruction.  After the swift fall of Baghdad, we found mass graves filled by a dictator; we found some capacity to restart programs to produce weapons of mass destruction, but we did not find those weapons. [check Syria Mr President - Atlas]

    It is true that Saddam Hussein had a history of pursuing and using weapons of mass destruction.  It is true that he systematically concealed those programs, and blocked the work of U.N. weapons inspectors.  It is true that many nations believed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.  But much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong.  As your President, I am responsible for the decision to go into Iraq.  Yet it was right to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

    He was given an ultimatum -- and he made his choice for war.  And the result of that war was to rid a -- the world of a murderous dictator who menaced his people, invaded his neighbors, and declared America to be his enemy. Saddam Hussein, captured and jailed, is still the same raging tyrant -- only now without a throne.  His power to harm a single man, woman, or child is gone forever.  And the world is better for it.

    Since the removal of Saddam, this war, like other wars in our history, has been difficult.  The mission of American troops in urban raids and desert patrols, fighting Saddam loyalists and foreign terrorists, has brought danger and suffering and loss. This loss has caused sorrow for our whole nation -- and it has led some to ask if we are creating more problems than we're solving.

    That is an important question, and the answer depends on your view of the war on terror. If you think the terrorists would become peaceful if only America would stop provoking them, then it might make sense to leave them alone.

    This is not the threat I see.  I see a global terrorist movement that exploits Islam in the service of radical political aims -- a vision in which books are burned, and women are oppressed, and all dissent is crushed.  Terrorist operatives conduct their campaign of murder with a set of declared and specific goals -- to de-moralize free nations, to drive us out of the Middle East, to spread an empire of fear across that region, and to wage a perpetual war against America and our friends.  These terrorists view the world as a giant battlefield -- and they seek to attack us wherever they can.  This has attracted al Qaeda to Iraq, where they are attempting to frighten and intimidate America into a policy of retreat.

    The terrorists do not merely object to American actions in Iraq and elsewhere, they object to our deepest values and our way of life.  And if we were not fighting them in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Southeast Asia, and in other places, the terrorists would not be peaceful citizens, they would be on the offense, and headed our way.

    September the 11th, 2001 required us to take every emerging threat to our country seriously, and it shattered the illusion that terrorists attack us only after we provoke them.  On that day, we were not in Iraq, we were not in Afghanistan, but the terrorists attacked us anyway -- and killed nearly 3,000 men, women, and children in our own country.  My conviction comes down to this:  We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists.  We invite terrorism by ignoring themAnd we will defeat the terrorists by capturing and killing them abroad, removing their safe havens, and strengthening new allies like Iraq and Afghanistan in the fight we share.

    The work in Iraq has been especially difficult -- more difficult than we expected.  Reconstruction efforts and the training of Iraqi security forces started more slowly than we hoped.  We continue to see violence and suffering, caused by an enemy that is determined and brutal, unconstrained by conscience or the rules of war.

    Some look at the challenges in Iraq and conclude that the war is lost, and not worth another dime or another day. I don't believe that. [me neither - Atlas] Our military commanders do not believe that.  Our troops in the field, who bear the burden and make the sacrifice, do not believe that America has lost.  And not even the terrorists believe it. We know from their own communications that they feel a tightening noose, and fear the rise of a democratic Iraq.

    The terrorists will continue to have the coward's power to plant roadside bombs and recruit suicide bombers.  And you will continue to see the grim results on the evening news.  This proves that the war is difficult -- it doesn't mean that we are losing.  Behind the images of chaos that terrorists create for the cameras, we are making steady gains with a clear objective in view.

    America, our coalition, and Iraqi leaders are working toward the same goal -- a democratic Iraq that can defend itself, that will never again be a safe haven for terrorists, and that will serve as a model of freedom for the Middle East.

    We have put in place a strategy to achieve this goal -- a strategy I've been discussing in detail over the last few weeks.  This plan has three critical elements.

    First, our coalition will remain on the offense -- finding and clearing out the enemy, transferring control of more territory to Iraqi units, and building up the Iraqi security forces so they can increasingly lead the fight. At this time last year, there were only a handful of Iraqi army and police battalions ready for combat.  Now, there are more than 125 Iraqi combat battalions fighting the enemy, more than 50 are taking the lead, and we have transferred more than a dozen military bases to Iraqi control.

    Second, we're helping the Iraqi government establish the institutions of a unified and lasting democracy, in which all of Iraq's people are included and represented.  Here also, the news is encouraging.  Three days ago, more than 10 million Iraqis went to the polls -- including many Sunni Iraqis who had boycotted national elections last January. Iraqis of every background are recognizing that democracy is the future of the country they love -- and they want their voices heard. One Iraqi, after dipping his finger in the purple ink as he cast his ballot, stuck his finger in the air and said: "This is a thorn in the eyes of the terrorists."  Another voter was asked, "Are you Sunni or Shia?"  And he responded, "I am Iraqi."

    Third, after a number of setbacks, our coalition is moving forward with a reconstruction plan to revive Iraq's economy and infrastructure -- and to give Iraqis confidence that a free life will be a better life. Today in Iraq, seven in 10 Iraqis say their lives are going well, and nearly two-thirds expect things to improve even more in the year ahead.  Despite the violence, Iraqis are optimistic -- and that optimism is justified.

    In all three aspects of our strategy -- security, democracy, and reconstruction -- we have learned from our experiences, and fixed what has not worked.  We will continue to listen to honest criticism, and make every change that will help us complete the mission.
    Yet there is a difference between honest critics who recognize what is wrong, and defeatists who refuse to see that anything is right.

    Defeatism may have its partisan uses, but it is not justified by the facts. For every scene of destruction in Iraq, there are more scenes of rebuilding and hope.  For every life lost, there are countless more lives reclaimed.  And for every terrorist working to stop freedom in Iraq, there are many more Iraqis and Americans working to defeat them.  My fellow citizens:  Not only can we win the war in Iraq, we are winning the war in Iraq.

    It is also important for every American to understand the consequences of pulling out of Iraq before our work is done.  We would abandon our Iraqi friends and signal to the world that America cannot be trusted to keep its word.  We would undermine the morale of our troops by betraying the cause for which they have sacrificed.  We would cause the tyrants in the Middle East to laugh at our failed resolve, and tighten their repressive grip.  We would hand Iraq over to enemies who have pledged to attack us and the global terrorist movement would be emboldened and more dangerous than ever beforeTo retreat before victory would be an act of recklessness and dishonor, and I will not allow it. 
    [Damn! I love that man -Atlas]

    We're approaching a new year, and there are certain things all Americans can expect to see.  We will see more sacrifice -- from our military, their families, and the Iraqi people.  We will see a concerted effort to improve Iraqi police forces and fight corruption.  We will see the Iraqi military gaining strength and confidence, and the democratic process moving forward. As these achievements come, it should require fewer American troops to accomplish our mission.  I will make decisions on troop levels based on the progress we see on the ground and the advice of our military leaders -- not based on artificial timetables set by politicians in Washington.  Our forces in Iraq are on the road to victory -- and that is the road that will take them home.

    In the months ahead, all Americans will have a part in the success of this war.  Members of Congress will need to provide resources for our military. Our men and women in uniform, who have done so much already, will continue their brave and urgent work.  And tonight, I ask all of you listening to carefully consider the stakes of this war, to realize how far we have come and the good we are doing, and to have patience in this difficult, noble, and necessary cause.

    I also want to speak to those of you who did not support my decision to send troops to Iraq:  I have heard your disagreement, and I know how deeply it is felt.  Yet now there are only two options before our country -- victory or defeat. And the need for victory is larger than any president or political party, because the security of our people is in the balance. I don't expect you to support everything I do, but tonight I have a request: Do not give in to despair, and do not give up on this fight for freedom.

    Americans can expect some things of me, as well.  My most solemn responsibility is to protect our nation, and that requires me to make some tough decisions.  I see the consequences of those decisions when I meet wounded servicemen and women who cannot leave their hospital beds, but summon the strength to look me in the eye and say they would do it all over again. I see the consequences when I talk to parents who miss a child so much -- but tell me he loved being a soldier, he believed in his mission, and, Mr. President, finish the job.

    I know that some of my decisions have led to terrible loss  -- and not one of those decisions has been taken lightly. [not near the loss had you not taken those actions Mr. President - Atlas] I know this war is controversial -- yet being your President requires doing what I believe is right and accepting the consequences.  And I have never been more certain that America's actions in Iraq are essential to the security of our citizens, and will lay the foundation of peace for our children and grandchildren.

    Next week, Americans will gather to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.  Many families will be praying for loved ones spending this season far from home -- in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other dangerous places.  Our nation joins in those prayers. We pray for the safety and strength of our troops.  We trust, with them, in a love that conquers all fear, in a light that reaches the darkest corners of the Earth.  And we remember the words of the Christmas carol, written during the Civil War: "God is not dead, nor [does] He sleep; the Wrong shall fail, the Right prevail, with peace on Earth, goodwill to men."

    Thank you, and good night. [no no thank you, on behalf of myself, my four little Atlases, my leftarded countrymen and my fellow warriors, thank you Mr. President - Atlas]

    The lefties cry no matter what. The President is doing a helluva job making sure they are free to whine, cry, commit treason, and undermine the country.

    More pearls from those geniuses here

    UPDATE December 19th: The blogosphere weighs in on the President's Speech at Pajama Media here 

    Hitchens: Bush Crippled by Agency 'Fratricide'

    Continue reading "PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS TO THE NATION" »

    Friday, December 16, 2005


    In this handout photo provided by the U.S. Marines, voters wait in line around a polling site to vote for the first fully constitutional parliament Thursday in Barwana, Iraq. Amid high security, large numbers of Iraqis turned out to cast their ballots for a parliament due to serve for the next four years. Read more...

    Of course the New York waste of Times ran a story that sat on for a year about eavesdropping. NO mention that it was a ginormous PR stunt. Drudge reports that n>newspaper fails to inform readers "news break" is tied to book publication On the front page of today's NEW YORK TIMES, national security reporter James Risen claims that "months after the September 11 attacks, President Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans and others inside the United States... without the court approved warrants ordinarily required for domestic spying, according to government officials."

    Glenn advises us that  HINDERAKER IS QUESTIONING THE TIMING of the New York Times' story on NSA surveillance -- and calling for an investigation of the leaks, and prosecution of the leakers. "Under the Plame precedent, this case is a no-brainer. The intelligence officials who leaked to the Times should be identified, criminally prosecuted, and sent to prison." Confederate Yankee weighs in here.

    The President Will speak to this bullshit charade drummed up by the leftards in a Speech to the Nation on Sunday at 9pm. Mark your calenders.
    Photo James P. Aguilar / U.S. Marines / Getty (New York Sun)

    UPDATE: HEADS UP! More than 150,000 troops are at war in Iraq, Afghanistan and stationed other places by land and sea. It's time to remember them, and at least send a
    letter. Care packages are great, but simple letters can be powerful. The Department of Defense has sorted through endless websites and charities, and does an excellent job organizing links to sites that allow people to help the troops. With a single click, people can donate books to troops, or computers, or frequent flier miles, or they can help wounded veterans or grieving families, or Iraqi children. There are so many options.

    Go here America Supports You Hat tip Gail C

    Thursday, December 15, 2005

    Saddam's WMD Moved to Syria

    I said this all along, we always knew he moved them, always, because we knew they existed. It won't make a difference to the party of sedition. It was never about WMD, it was always about undermining the Republican party at the expense of this country, no matter what the cost or tragic consequence. Think about that. Party before country, my ass.

                       Saddam’s WMD Moved to Syria

       Saddam Hussein moved his chemical weapons to Syria six weeks before the war started, Israel’s top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom says.    The assertion comes as President Bush said yesterday that much of the intelligence on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction was incorrect.

       The Israeli officer, Lieutenant General Moshe Yaalon, asserted that Saddam spiritedWmd_iraq his chemical weapons out of the country on the eve of the war. “He transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria,” General Yaalon told The New York Sun over dinner in New York on Tuesday night. “No one went to Syria to find it.”

       From July 2002 to June 2005, when he retired, General Yaalon was chief of staff of the Israel Defense Force,the top job in the Israeli military, analogous to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the American military. He is now a military fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. He made similar, but more speculative, remarks in April 2004 that attracted little notice in America; at that time he was quoted as saying of the Iraqi weapons, “Perhaps they transferred them to another country, such as Syria.”

    Just how seditious is the left? From the Cato Institute

    The New Terror Threat: Hippies?

    “Pentagon officials said [Wednesday] they had ordered a review of a program aimed at countering terrorist attacks that had compiled information about U.S. citizens, after reports that the database included information on peace protesters and others whose activities posed no threat and should not have been kept on file,” according to The Washington Post. In “Protecting Privacy in the Database Nation,” Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., a Cato adjunct scholar, writes: “The most pressing threat to liberty is a compulsory database encompassing everyone. [I]nvoluntary data-mining would permit real-time monitoring of our whereabouts, movements and transactions. This is a Big Brother scenario, one of constant surveillance or harassment of citizens unrelated to addressing terrorist threats."


    Wednesday, December 14, 2005


    And so the President kicked off his speech with that watershed headline, LIVEBLOGGING (am taping will download onBushiraq_finger_3 completion)and it gets better;[Rice, Rumsfeld Chertoff all present]



    outlined for the zillionth time the war against Saddam (can you believe the left is still having this discussion?)


















    Download bush_speech_12_14_05.wav

    The above was transcribed during his speech, listen to it all............ a mighty mighty man indeed.

    UPDATE 11:00 pm: You've heard the speech, now look at how the MSM is playing it....full-of-shitniks, all;

    Bush takes blame for Iraq war on bad intelligence

    Bush defends Iraq war, says he will attack another nation if necessary

    Bush Urges 'Patience' on Iraq  - note quotes fom Wapo, that bastion of seditious lefty rhetoric.

    Watch this Video Now: The Iraqi Voter!

    Watch this scene from the Iraqi polls, needless to say, Betty Dawisha is my kind of feminist. The pathetic thing is the left spits when they see these really momentous historical moments. I have said a number of times and I'll say it again, George W. is a great man and history will bear this out.
    Murtha claims "80% want us out", they just make this stuff up....80% my ass
    UPDATE: The LLL begrudgingly acknowledges Iraq Progress, BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Iraq election messages get through... of course they couldn't resist leaving the reader on a sour note. hat tip Jahpdq


    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    IRAN WANTS WAR! Police Seize Forged Ballots Headed to Iraq From Iran

    Police Seize Forged Ballots Headed to Iraq From Iran

    Iraqi border police seized a tanker that had just crossed from Iran filled withIran_president_12_14 thousands of forged ballots, an official said. The tanker was seized by agents with the American-trained border protection force at the Iraqi town of Badra.The Iranian truck driver told the police under interrogation that at least three other trucks filled with ballots had crossed from Iran at different spots along the border.

    The U.S. government has alleged that Iranian agents are deeply involved in trying to influence events in Iraq, by funneling money to Shiite political parties and by arming and training many of the illegal militias that are bedeviling the country.

    Bombs from Iran
    U.S. officials in Baghdad and Washington, along with their British counterparts, have contended that sophisticated bombs have been smuggled across the border from Iran, and that some of them have been used against U.S. and British soldiers

    In what appears to be an escalation of  rhetoric, posturing and war baiting, Iran continues to ratchet up the stakes as Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stood by his latest attack on Israel and asserted the world was "on the verge of change".Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a fresh attack against Israel, describing the Holocaust as a "myth" and saying the Jewish state should be moved to Europe or North America.

    They have invented a myth that Jews were massacred and place this above God, religions and the prophets," the outspoken president said in a speech carried live on state television. Photo: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaks in southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan, on Wednesday Dec. 14, 2005.

    U.S. officials in Baghdad and Washington, along with their British counterparts, have contended that sophisticated bombs have been smuggled across the border from Iran, and that some of them have been used against U.S. and British soldiers.

    What is he doing?  It's obvious to me.  He is calling his fellow Jew haters out of the closet.

    The  Ahmadinejad Doctrine. Just as President Bush declared a "Bush Doctrine" stating plainly that there would be  no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them, Ahmadinejad is stating his judenrein plainly and telling the world you are either with him or against him. Basically, he is opening the door to all the jew hating closet dwellers to come out of the closet. Their day has come. No more shame. Just as Hitler did. And, if you recall, al large part of the  worldIrandoomsdayclock_1 embraced Hitler for it (including Teddy "not to worry I can swim" Kennedy's father - Ambassador to England at the time).

    Iran will have the technological capability to produce nuclear weapons within three months -- the point of no return, said the head of Israel's army on Tuesday.

    So it will be. Whose side are you on?
    UPDATE: Daily Star: Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei met the political supremo of Hamas on Tuesday and urged Palestinians to continue resistance against Israel and not bother negotiating. Khamenei's calls came a day after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reiterated his doubt about the Holocaust and called on Muslim nations to take a proactive stand on the Palestinian issue.

    "The past 50 years' experience shows the situation will not be improved by giving into the Zionist regime and negotiating," Khamenei was quoted as saying by the official news agency IRNA.

    Khamenei urged the Palestinian resistance groups to press on with their "jihad" now that the "U.S. has been defeated in the region," and said he hoped they would "throw the occupiers out of Jerusalem." Hat tip slo co loving

    UPDATE: Word is the forged ballot story may very well be false.............will confirm or deny as definitive word comes in

    Bush Says Iran a "Real Threat"
    President Bush on Wednesday called Iran a "real threat" and lashed out at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the country's nuclear program and calls for the destruction of Israel. "I called it [Iran] part of the 'axis of evil' for a reason," Bush told Fox News in an interview. "I'm concerned about a theocracy that has got little transparency, a country whose president has declared theGlobal_chessboard_4 destruction of Israel as part of their foreign policy, and a country that will not listen to the demands of the free world to get rid of its ambitions to have a nuclear weapon." (Reuters)

    UPDATE: December 15th And so it begins ............choosing sides in the war of the worlds;

    Malaysian: U.S. Scheming on Iran, Syria
    AP via Yahoo! NewsThu, 15 Dec 2005
    Malaysia's former prime minister accused the U.S. Thursday of scheming to invade Iran and Syria, and said the Iranian president's recent statements against Israel are providing Washington the excuse.

    The Real Face of Feminism

    Sorry but those whiny cretins, the Naomi Wolfs, Gloria Steinems, Kim Gandys, Patricia Irelands, don't speak for me. They haven't a clue about true feminism

    Army Pfc. Janelle Zalkovsky hands out humanitarian aid items to local citizens in Thyad, Iraq, on Dec. 4, 2005. Zalkovsky is attached to the Civil Affairs Unit of the 1st Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne Division deployed from Fort Campbell, Ky. DoD photo by Spc. Charles W. Gill, U.S. Army. (Released)

    Hat tip TomP, Winds of Change
    Susan weighs in with her thoughts on feminism;

    Today we have this debate in our society that a 15 year old girl be given the right to abort her off-spring without parental notification because the PC thought-police has determined the young girl to have the innate wisdom and emotional courage to undertand what abortion, and sexuality in general, means while at the same time the PC thought- police determines the 18 year old male is unable to rationally join the military because he is still a child who lacks wisdom and emotional courage to enter into manhood.

    If is an example of how the Marixst movement uses Equalization as a means of empowering castration by the female to the top while pussifying males to the bottom.  I have to agree with a prior comment, the Progressive Left cannot tolerate  Bush, Cheney or Rumsfield because they represent THe Man whose power has not been pussified (a term I use to indicate a lack of having balls/penis, manhood, Samson's hair so to speak).  And, because they cannot castrate The Man they must demonize him, the evil-hitler-eating- babies-for-breakfast image.

    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Raise Your Purple Fingers Everyone!


    Americans for a Free Iraq
    Raise a Purple Finger for Freedom - Show Solidarity with Free Iraqis in Their Upcoming Election 

    On December 15, the people of Iraq will do what no American should ever have to contemplate. They will risk their lives to vote. For the third time this year, the brave people of Iraq will go to the polls to determine their future. This time they will do so to elect a new government under the constitution that they approved in an October referendum.

    Join Bill Bennett and other radio hosts who are encouraging Americans to follow her example by asking them to ink their right index finger purple from December 12-15 to show support for the freedom loving people of Iraq as they prepare to vote on December 15th.

    Here are some other things you can to do to show support for a free Iraq:

  • From December 12 - 15 ink your right index fingers purple or wear a purple ribbon.
  • Encourage their constituents to do the same.
  • Ask your member of the State House of Senate to pass a resolution in support of a free Iraq.
  • Email photos of yourself or with other supporters flashing a "Purple Finger 'V' for Victory in Iraq to
  • Encourage local schools in the district to download the Purple Finger for Freedom Model Lesson plan from
  • and ask teachers to teach a current events class about the upcoming Iraqi election based on it.

    Let's show the world that freedom loving peoples are united.

    Post the "SHOW SUPPORT for FREE IRAQIS" graphic below on your website with a link to
    Add your organization's name to the list of Supporting Organizations  


    UPDATE:  President Bush's Speech today on Iraq and the War on Terror here

    Continue reading "Raise Your Purple Fingers Everyone!" »

    Friday, December 09, 2005

    fellow gunners, military buffs, veterans and interested guys, A letter from a Soldier

    Hey Pelosi and friends! Why don't you make yourself useful and address this soldier's concerns? Something productive, that should be a new experience for you. Hey baby, it's never too late even for you.

    This was received from a friend whose son who just returned from Iraq. Hat tip: Jake

    Hello to all my fellow gunners, military buffs, veterans and interested guys. A couple of weekends ago I got to spend time with my son Jordan, who was on his first leave since returning from Iraq. He is well (a little thin), and already bored. He will be returning to Iraq for a second tour in early '06 and has already re-enlisted early for 4 more years. He loves the Marine Corps and is actually looking forward to returning to Iraq.

    Jordan spent 7 months at "Camp Blue Diamond" in Ramadi. Aka: Fort Apache. He saw and did a lot and the following is what he told me about weapons, equipment, tactics and other miscellaneous info which may be of interest to you. Nothing is by any means classified.

    No politics here, just a Marine with a bird's eye view's opinions:

    1) The M-16 rifle: Thumbs down. Chronic jamming problems with the talcum powder like sand over there. The sand is everywhere. Jordan says you feel filthy 2 minutes after coming out of the shower. The M-4 carbine version is more popular because it's lighter and shorter, but it has jamming problems also. They like the ability to mount the various optical gun sights and weapons lights on the picanttiny rails, but the weapon itself is not great in a desert environment. They all hate the 5.56mm (.223) round. Poor penetration on the cinderblock structure common over there and even torso hits can't be reliably counted on to put the enemy down. Fun fact: Random autopsies on dead insurgents show a high level of opiate use.

    2) The M243 SAW (squad assault weapon): .223 cal. Drum fed light machine gun. Big thumbs down. Universally considered a piece of shit. Chronic jamming problems, most of which require partial disassembly. (that's fun in the middle of a firefight).

    3) The M9 Beretta 9mm: Mixed bag. Good gun, performs well in desert environment; but they all hate the 9mm cartridge. The use of handguns forCorner20shotself-defense is actually fairly common. Same old story on the 9mm: Bad guys hit multiple times and still in the fight.

    4) Mossberg 12ga. Military shotgun: Works well, used frequently for clearing houses to good effect.

    5) The M240 Machine Gun: 7.62 Nato (.308) cal. belt fed machine gun, developed to replace the old M-60 (what a beautiful weapon that was!!). Thumbs up. Accurate, reliable, and the 7.62 round puts them down. Originally developed as a vehicle mounted weapon, more and more are being dismounted and taken into the field by infantry. The 7.62 round chews up the structure over there.

    6) The M2 .50 cal heavy machine gun: Thumbs way, way up. "Ma deuce" is still worth her considerable weight in gold. The ultimate fight stopper, puts their dicks in the dirt every time. The most coveted weapon in-theater.

    7) The .45 pistol: Thumbs up. Still the best pistol round out there. Everybody authorized to carry a sidearm is trying to get their hands on one. With few exceptions, can reliably be expected to put 'em down with a torso hit. The special ops guys (who are doing most of the pistol work) use the HK military model and supposedly love it. The old government model .45's are being re-issued en masse.

    8) The M-14: Thumbs up. They are being re-issued in bulk, mostly in a modified version to special ops guys. Modifications include lightweight Kevlar stocks and low power red dot or ACOG sights. Very reliable in the sandy environment and they love the 7.62 round.

    9) The Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle: Thumbs way up. Spectacular range and accuracy and hits like a freight train. Used frequently to take out vehicle suicide bombers (we actually stop a lot of them) and barricaded enemy. Definitely here to stay.

    10) The M24 sniper rifle: Thumbs up. Mostly in .308 but some in 300 win mag. Heavily modified Remington 700's. Great performance. Snipers have been used heavily to great effect. Rumor has it that a marine sniper on his third tour in Anbar province has actually exceeded Carlos Hathcock's record for confirmed kills with OVER 100.

    11) The new body armor: Thumbs up. Relatively light at approx. 6 lbs. and can reliably be expected to soak up small shrapnel and even will stop an AK-47 round. The bad news: Hot as shit to wear, almost unbearable in the summer heat (which averages over 120 degrees). Also, the enemy now goes for head shots whenever possible. All the bullshit about the "old" body armor making our guys vulnerable to the IED's was a non-starter. The IED explosions are enormous and body armor doesn't make any difference at all in most cases.

    12) Night Vision and Infrared Equipment: Thumbs way up. Spectacular performance. Our guys see in the dark and own the night, period. Very little enemy action after evening prayers. More and more enemy being whacked at night during movement by our hunter-killer teams. We've all seen the videos.

    13) Lights: Thumbs up. Most of the weapon mounted and personal lights are Surefire's, and the troops love 'em. Invaluable for night urban operations. Jordan carried a $34 Surefire G2 on a neck lanyard and loved it. I can't help but notice that most of the good fighting weapons and ordnance are 50 or more years old!!!!!!!!! With all our technology, it's the WWII and Vietnam era weapons that everybody wants!!!! The infantry fighting is frequent, up close and brutal. No quarter is given or shown.

    Bad guy weapons:

    1) Mostly AK47's The entire country is an arsenal. Works better in the desert than the M16 and the .308 Russian round kills reliably. PKM belt fed light machine guns are also common and effective. Luckily, the enemy mostly shoots like shit. Undisciplined "spray and pray" type fire. However, they are seeing more and more precision weapons, especially sniper rifles. (Iran, again)

    Fun fact: Captured enemy have apparently marveled at the marksmanship of our guys and how hard they fight. They are apparently told in Jihad school that the Americans rely solely on technology, and can be easily beaten in close quarters combat for their lack of toughness. Let's just say they know better now.

    2) The RPG: Probably the infantry weapon most feared by our guys. Simple, reliable and as common as dog shit. The enemy responded to our up-armored humvees by aiming at the windshields, often at point blank range. Still killing a lot of our guys.

    3) The IED: The biggest killer of all. Can be anything from old Soviet anti-armor mines to jury rigged artillery shells. A lot found in Jordan's area were in abandoned cars. The enemy would take 2 or 3 155mm artillery shells and wire them together. Most were detonated by cell phone, and the explosions are enormous. You're not safe in any vehicle, even an M1 tank. Driving is by far the most dangerous thing our guys do over there. Lately, they are much more sophisticated "shape charges" (Iranian) specifically designed to penetrate armor. Fact: Most of the ready made IED's are supplied by Iran, who is also providing terrorists (Hezbollah types) to train the insurgents in their use and tactics. That's why the attacks have been so deadly lately. Their concealment methods are ingenious, the latest being shape charges in Styrofoam containers spray painted to look like the cinderblocks that litter all Iraqi roads. We find about 40% before they detonate, and the bomb disposal guys are unsung heroes of this war.

    4) Mortars and rockets: Very prevalent. The soviet era 122mm rockets (with an 18km range) are becoming more prevalent. One of Jordan's NCO's lost a leg to one. These weapons cause a lot of damage "inside the wire". Jordan's base was hit almost daily his entire time there by mortar and rocket fire, often at night to disrupt sleep patterns and cause fatigue (It did). More of a psychological weapon than anything else. The enemy mortar teams would jump out of vehicles, fire a few rounds, and then haul ass in a matter of seconds.

    5) Bad guy technology: Simple yet effective. Most communication is by cell and satellite phones, and also by email on laptops. They use handheld GPS units for navigation and "Google earth" for overhead views of our positions. Their weapons are good, if not fancy, and prevalent. Their explosives and bomb technology is TOP OF THE LINE. Night vision is rare. They are very careless with their equipment and the captured GPS units and laptops are treasure troves of Intel when captured.

    Who are the bad guys?:
    Most of the carnage is caused by the Zarqawi Al Qaeda group. They operate mostly in Anbar province (Fallujah and Ramadi). These are mostly "foreigners", non-Iraqi Sunni Arab Jihadists from all over the Muslim world (and Europe). Most enter Iraq through Syria (with, of course, the knowledge and complicity of the Syrian govt.) , and then travel down the "rat line" which is the trail of towns along the Euphrates River that we've been hitting hard for the last few months. Some are virtually untrained young Jihadists that often end up as suicide bombers or in "sacrifice squads".
    Most, however, are hard core terrorists from all the usual suspects (Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas etc.) These are the guys running around murdering civilians en masse and cutting heads off. The Chechens (many of whom are Caucasian), are supposedly the most ruthless and the best fighters. (they have been fighting the Russians for years). In the Baghdad area and south, most of the insurgents are Iranian inspired (and led) Iraqi Shiites. The Iranian Shiia have been very adept at infiltrating the Iraqi local govt.'s, the police forces and the Army. The have had a massive spy and agitator network there since the Iran-Iraq war in the early 80's. Most of the Saddam loyalists were killed, captured or gave up long ago.
    Bad Guy Tactics:
    When they are engaged on an infantry level they get their asses kicked every time. Brave, but stupid. Suicidal Banzai-type charges were very common earlier in the war and still occur. They will literally sacrifice 8-10 man teams in suicide squads by sending them screaming and firing Ak's andRPG's directly at our bases just to probe the defenses. They get mowed down like grass every time. (see the M2 and M240 above). Jordan's base was hit like this often. When engaged, they have a tendency to flee to the same building, probably for what they think will be a glorious last stand.
    Instead, we call in air and that's the end of that more often than not. These hole-ups are referred to as Alpha Whiskey Romeo's (Allah's Waiting Room). We have the laser guided ground-air thing down to a science. The fast mover's, mostly Marine F-18's, are taking an ever increasing toll on the enemy. When caught out in the open, the helicopter gunships and AC-130 Spectre gunships cut them to ribbons with cannon and rocket fire, especially at night. Interestingly, artillery is hardly used at all.
    Fun fact: The enemy death toll is supposedly between 45-50 thousand. That is why we're seeing less and less infantry attacks and more IED, suicide bomber shit.
    The new strategy is simple: attrition.
    The insurgent tactic most frustrating is their use of civilian non-combatants as cover. They know we do all we can to avoid civilian casualties and therefore schools, hospitals and (especially) Mosques are locations where they meet, stage for attacks, cache weapons and ammo and flee to when engaged. They have absolutely no regard whatsoever for civilian casualties. They will terrorize locals and murder without hesitation anyone believed to be sympathetic to the Americans or the new Iraqi govt. Kidnapping of family members (especially children) is common to influence people they are trying to influence but cant reach, such as local govt. officials, clerics, tribal leaders, etc.).
    The first thing our guys are told is "don't get captured". They know that if captured they will be tortured and beheaded on the internet. Zarqawi openly offers bounties for anyone who brings him a live American serviceman. This motivates the criminal element who otherwise don't give a shit about the war. A lot of the beheading victims were actually kidnapped by common criminals and sold to Zarqawi. As such, for our guys, every fight is to the death. Surrender is not an option.
    The Iraqi's are a mixed bag. Some fight well, others aren't worth a shit. Most do okay with American support. Finding leaders is hard, but they are getting better. It is widely viewed that Zarqawi's use of suicide bombers, en masse, against the civilian population was a serious tactical mistake. Many Iraqi's were galvanized and the caliber of recruits in the Army and the police forces went up, along with their motivation. It also led to an exponential increase in good intel because the Iraqi's are sick of the insurgent attacks against civilians. The Kurds are solidly pro-Americanand fearless fighters.
    According to Jordan, morale among our guys is very high. They not only believe they are winning, but that they are winning decisively. They are stunned and dismayed by what they see in the American press, whom they almost universally view as against them. The embedded reporters are despised and distrusted. They are inflicting casualties at a rate of 20-1 and then see shit like "Are we losing in Iraq" on TV and the print media.
    For the most part, they are satisfied with their equipment, food and leadership. Bottom line though, and they all say this, there are not enough guys there to drive the final stake through the heart of the insurgency, primarily because there aren't enough troops in-theater to shut down the borders with Iran and Syria. The Iranians and the Syrians just can't stand the thought of Iraq being an American ally (with, of course, permanent US bases there).

    G-d bless you man, bless you and your brothers and keep you safe. Thinking of you everyday - Pamela

    More here on the Gun pictured above.
    Download USMarinestakingoutAfghanisnipers0-2121.wmv shows the Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle in action. Hat tip Moody

    So many heros, so litte time. Go over to Solomonia here . Fayrouz has an excellent interview with Lisa Ramachi, widow of murdered author Steven Vincent, the man who's blog deserved to be voted most missed. See my sidebar under true heros to read Vincent's words.

    I met Lisa at the OSM Pajama Media launch, quite a woman.What she had, what she lost and she is Steven's flame. She assumed his mantle and carries on with his work.

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Annan Lied, Iraqis Died

    Breaking story. It is becoming increasingly clear from the just released final report on the  manipulation of the Oil-for-Food Program, that Kofi Annan lied. He was spared by VolckerKofi_chirac_annan_kerry_ol_for_food_1 himself. Details to follow.

    In the latest Oil for Food probe Robert Parton, who resigned from the Oil for Food panel in April, said Volcker gave Kofi Annan  preferential treatment. Volcker held a "more stringent standard of proof to evaluate the evidence against" Annan.

    Jonathan Hunt reports on the first real glimpse of just how close Oil for food investigators came to concluding  Kofi Annan had lied  to them A  finding that would almost certainly have brought about the Secretary General's downfall.

    Documents released today  by the House International Relations Committee showed there was a clear difference of opinion over Kofi Annan's testimony within the Oil for Food Inquiry committee.

    Its chairman Paul Volcker  over ruled the investigator that actually investigated Kofi Annan. That investigator Robert Parton then resigned in protest.

    The documents include a transcript of a March 8th meeting between Mr. Volcker and other members of his team at which they discussed Kofi Annan's role in the Oil for Food scandal and how truthful Mr. Annan had been in his interview with with investigators.

    Mr:Volcker: "Well, my general feeling about the report is that if you accuse him of lying, he is gone and I don't know if we have the evidence to make that accusation -but we have a lot of unexplained business. The facts will speak for themselves, but we can't conclude that he lied. But other people may conclude that." [huh? man he is twisting so hard he makes Chubby Checker look like a quadriplegic - Atlas]

    Robert Parton had a different view saying:

    "You start adding up a collection of individual points -- maybe no one of them is sufficient alone but when you add them together I don't believe him on our standard of proof.:

    Volcker than asks "What is that standard?

    Robert Parton: "More likely than not."

    Volcker: "I don't think we ever agreed to that. I am not prepared to hang Kofi Annan on that."

    And so Kofi Annan escaped with Mr Volcker ruling there was not "reasonably sufficient evidence to conclude that he lied."

    And in his testimony behind closed doors to the International Relations Committee, Mr. Parton said "reasonably sufficient evidence is not a legally accepted term because it is simply too subjective,". He also said Volcker's committee had previous agreed to judge each individual on the  commonly used "more likely than not" standard of proof. Legal scholars Jonathan Hunt of FOX News spoke to, backed Mr. Parton's claim that reasonable sufficient evidence is not a legal standard.


    How the hell did they do that? Parton's book would certainly be worth waiting but so many crooks are getting away with murder. What did Annan have on Volcker or was it something that had to be covered up.Oil_for_food_002

    Source:FOX News and Volcker committee meeting records (march 8 2005)

    It's no wonder that Claudia Rosett advised us on November 30th;

    But in that case, before the U.N. revs up its shredders, there are others more attuned to such matters as arms-trafficking and terror-funding,  Oil for terror, or for that matter, payoffs forwarded via U.N.-approved baby-food contracts, who need a chance to sift through Mr. Volcker's document trove.

    No UN party would be complete without a goodly dose of Jew hating Judenrein. The committee found;

    Compliance with the Arab League Boycott of     Israel -- Companies chose to abide by a boycott of Israel as a condition of doing business in the OFFP:

    -- Bayoil, an American company, signed a statement in 1999 that was required by the Hussein regime attesting that the company had never sold to Israel and would refuse to do so in the future.

    -- Bayoil's Houston representative, Ludmil Dionossiev, assured an unidentified Russian oil contact, Sergei Sharapov, that the Bayoil vessel, "World Champion," had never traded in Israel.

    The Committee finds more here and Rosett inquires;

    More immediately, let us turn to the $39 billion or so in U.N.-approved payments by Saddam to his chosen Oil for Food relief suppliers. When Sen. Norm Coleman's investigators last year estimated the amounts scammed by Saddam out of this relief money, they came up with a total of some $7 billion--almost four times larger than what Mr. Volcker reports. Why the big difference? Saddam used a variety of scams, and Mr. Coleman's investigators took into account most of them, while Mr. Volcker focused on only two--illicit transportation fees, and the $1.8 billion in standardized kickbacks to Saddam--which he was able to measure fairly precisely. Basically, if Mr. Volcker could not attach precise numbers to a graft scheme, he did not try to measure it at all--even if the amounts involved almost certainly totaled billions. Notably, after puzzling over one of the biggest flows of suspect relief money, Mr. Volcker concluded in a comment buried on page 299 of his 623-page Oct. 27 final report that "this matter likely warrants further investigation and review."

    And the Indian Foreign Minister To Resign Over 'Oil-For-Food' Scandal

    Rosett: Paul Volcker's findings on Oil for Food have been widely received as the final word on the United Nations relief program for Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Far from it ~

    I'll say--- more to come- Atlas

    More on the whitewash here...........

    Monday, December 05, 2005

    US Goes into Syria, Iran's whore Proxy

    US forces have entered Syria. Not a surprise considering Syria, as a proxy for Iran, has been undermining our efforts in Iraq since the onset of the liberation of Iraq and decisive action was long overdue. Many of our boys have died because of the foreign fighters and border skirmishes Syria has beenSteel_curtain_jpg engaging in.

    Do not fool yourself into thinking this maneuver into Syria is an isolated effort.  IMHO, it is part of the much larger strategy to wrangle the impending nuclear disaster out of the hands of the Iran, nombre deax in the axis of evil.  Just as Iraq was a part of the axis of evil and had to be taken down, so too must Iran. This is the vision and the art of Bush's war on the War on Radical Islamofascism. He outlined the plan and who the enemy was back in 2001 after 9/11.

    The dhimmicrats keep saying he doesn't have a plan. It seems to me Bush has always had a plan and he is sticking to it. Halivay!

    This in from G2 bulletin (subscription needed;)

    U.S. Marines and U.S.-trained Iraqi army forces clashed with the Syrian military as well as terrorists using the border area between the two countries during the Pentagon's Operation Steel Curtain action that concluded last week, G2B has learned.
    There are unconfirmed reports that some Marines lost their lives in the incursion. A total of 10 Marines were reported killed during the nearly three-week engagement designed to clean up the border area, which had become a bee-hive of terrorist activity.

    The offensive was conducted in the cities of Husaybah, Karabilah and Ubaydi in Iraq, and was geared toward preventing al-Qaida in Iraq from operating in the Euphrates River Valley and throughout the country's Anbar province, officials noted.

    Unofficially, however, U.S. and Iraqi forces actually crossed the border into Syria and engaged in skirmishes with both Syrian and terrorist forces.

    Photo: G2 bulletin Operation Steel Curtain

    UPDATE: Breaking News: Suicide bomber, who reportedly came from northern Samaria, attacks Israel  5 confirmed dead

    MDA reported 47 wounded, of them 45 who were evacuated to Laniado, Meir and Hillel Yaffe hospitals.


    Friday, December 02, 2005

    Got Proof?

    The most significant proof of Bush's begrudged, resented successes hit me like a pie in the face.
    Last night I attended a rather glam fundraiser for the Michael S. Modell Memorial Awards Dinner Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America hosted by the Modell family, of the ginormous Modell retailing family. I am loathe to attend these functions and rarely- if ever go - but these are wonderful people and the huge attendance and ourpouring of support is a testament to their good will and character.

    That said, I attended despite my antipathy to these types of social gatherings.  I loathe tiny talk.

    True to my nature I hated it but what  dumbfounded me, truly truly left me astonished, was the lack of any real concern or knowledge on any of the attendees parts for  Radical Islamofascism (radical whaaaaat?)  the War on Terror, the impending nuclear Iran -  mind you these were not the uneducated or uninvolved people. These were Masters of the Universe, big swingin dicks. And like I said hugely attended.

    These were the very same people that stood on the streets of 9/11 and watched in horrified awe and wept as those giant edifices cascaded to the ground vaporizing thousands of fellow New Yorkers and citizens of the world.

    These were the same people that kept looking over there shoulders after 9/11 for months, years - anticipating the next terror attack. Anthrax! Bioterror!  These were the same left blue state New Yorkers that placed a godlike status on Rudy Guiliani, rendering unto him a reverential respect.

    These were those people. Bush has been so successful, 9/11 has now become a "a couple of jerks that got lucky"( is how one of those Masters referred to al qaida 9/11). Imagine that. Who'd a thunk it? It made me sick.

    Who could have imagined that  Bush could  become in the this leftist world a victim of his own success?

    And the threat is so far from over, from the infamous doomsday clock ticking in Iran to

    Nuclear Terrorism by Graham Allison  an informed analysis of the atomic weapons that have gone AWOL from Soviet arsenals and of the keenness of groups like al-Qaeda to obtain and deploy them. Billionaire businessman Warren Buffet is quoted as saying that a nuclear terrorist attack is "the ultimate depressing thing. It will happen. It's inevitable. I don't see that it won't happen."’

    Democrats' war criticism irresponsible - more here with  predictable bias from CCN.
    The White House called irresponsible those Democrats who said that President George W. Bush lacked a strategy on Iraq.


    Continued Reconstruction Success from 15 Nov to 27 Nov  05

    1. Completion of police stations in Babil, Basrah, Erbil, Kirkuk Ninewa, and Salah ad Din Provinces, and a holding facility in Al Muthanna Province will provide approximately 250,000 people a safer environment and greater security as police operate from these improved facilities.

    2. The completion of renovations to 12 schools in Baghdad, Basrah, and Al Anbar Provinces will equal a better learning environment and brighter future for over 7,200 Iraqi schoolchildren and 50 teachers.

    3. Over 29 km of new roads between Qadisiya, Province and WassitProvince will provide a safer travel route for farming villages to transport their crops to the market and reaching larger towns such as Baghdad.

    4. 500,000 people annually will benefit from six renovated railroad station in Qadisiyah Province will provide protection from the environment while the passengers wait to board the train and for the stationmaster to schedule freight movements.

    5. 150,000 residents between Baghdad,, Ninewa, and Wassit Provincenow enjoy more reliable electricity as their 15 km of electrical power feeder were installed to local distribution substations.

    6. 80,000 people between Maysan, Najaf, and Ninewa Provinces now enjoy potable water with the installation of three compact water units and repair of 27 km of water line.

     7. Four border forts in Maysan Province and two border forts in Al Anbar Province will increase the security along the border with Iran and Saudia Arabia, allow for the proper training of the border police, and provide additional logistical support for border patrols.

     8. The completion of a Port of Entry in Ninewa province will expedite the safe passage of thousands of vehicles and persons traveling between Iran and Syria daily.

    9. Fire stations in Al Anbar, Basrah, Diyala, and Kirkuk Provinces will increase fire security for 100,000 residents in local towns and provide an excellent training facility for firefighters.

     10. Completion of cluster pump station is part of an overall project to restore water injection to pre-war levels.  The water injection infrastructure is critical to providing adequate pressure on the oil reservoir in the Rumaylah field and has a direct impact on crude oil production output.

    Saddam Hussein: The big black book of horrors. (Hat tip: Lady of Shalott at LGF)

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Mark of a Traitor

    Senator Clinton wrote to supporters on Tuesday,

    "Based on the information that we have today, Congress never would have been asked to give the President authority to use force against Iraq. And if Congress had been asked, based on what we know now, we never would have agreed, given the lack of a long-term plan, paltry international support, the proven absence of weapons of mass destruction, and the reallocation of troops and resources that might have been used in Afghanistan to eliminate Bin Laden and al Qaeda, and fully uproot the Taliban." For those of us who have expressed admiration for Mrs. Clinton's votes both for the war and for the $87 billion to fight it that Senators Kerry and Edwards voted against, it's a sickening reversal. She's saying, in retrospect, that the war was a mistake.

    Foolish foolish woman, no Margaret Thatcher she. Certainly not Presidential material. And most certainly not a war time President.

    What a discouraging message for the senator to send to the people of Iraq and to the America soldiers fighting for freedom and against the terrorists. President Clinton and his national security adviser, Samuel Berger, found reason after reason not to take serious military action against the terrorists and their state sponsors, and the result, in part, was the attack of September 11, 2001. Mrs. Clinton still seems stuck in that pre-September 11 mindset. She seems more concerned with protecting her political standing on the anti-war Democratic left than she is with protecting the country and winning the war. Whatever quibbles one may have with Mr. Bush on the execution or strategy of the broader war or his communication of it to the public (we would have preferred a simultaneous emphasis on the Syrian and Iranian fronts, and a call for all Americans to sacrifice), at least the president conveys an understanding of why we are fighting and a steadfastness in battle. Like Corporal Starr, he has made that his mark. [NYS edit]

    Speaking of leftard traitors, this from NewsMax;

    Bush-bashing filmmaker Michael Moore is denying he ever owned stock in Halliburton Energy Services Company, the oil equipment giant once run by Vice President Dick Cheney that has become an anathema to left-wingers.

    Speaking last week at the first annual Paul Wellstone Memorial Dinner in Washington, D.C., Moore claimed that the Halliburton allegation in Peter Schweizer's Blockbuster new book "Do As I Say, [Not As I Do]," is "crazy."
    "Michael Moore own Halliburton stock?" the anti-corporate lefty asked the crowd. "See, that's like a great comedy line. I know it's not true - I mean, I've never owned a share of stock in my life."

    Moore protested: "Anybody who knows me knows that, you know - who's gonna believe that? Just crazy people are going to believe it - crazy people who tune into the Fox News Channel."

    I prefer to end this post with hope and greatness.....Atlas

    Yesterdays speech  from President Bush, who said, "Freedom's victory in that country will inspire democratic reformers from Damascus to Tehran, and spread hope across a troubled region, and lift a terrible threat from the lives of our citizens."

    The president quoted a Marine corporal, Jeff Starr, who was killed fighting terrorists in Iraq and left a letter behind: "[I]f you're reading this, then I've died in Iraq. I don't regret going. Everybody dies, but few get to do it for something as important as freedom. It may seem confusing why we are in Iraq, it's not to me. I'm here helping these people, so they can live the way we live. Not [to] have to worry about tyrants or vicious dictators. Others have died for my freedom, now this is my mark."


    Want more? Read Bush's speech in it's entirety and today's excellent New York Sun Editorial "The Mark of a Patriot.

    Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    Turning Point: President Bush's address to the U.S. Naval Academy

    Bush_naval_1130President Bush addressed the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and outlined his vision for achieving success in the Iraqi war. The speech will without question be referred to in upcoming days and will mark a turning point in his presidency.

    Every quote is a pull quote so I am insisting Click below to read READ IT ALL.
    Now if only he would the same for the state of the economy and do it DAILY! From Fellow Pajamas Media Contributor and Editorial member;

    "Will someone please explain why the Bush White House and the Republican Congress are not trumpeting this economic boom on a daily basis? Their polls are sagging, but the economy is soaring. This simply shouldn't be. If former President Clinton had overseen this economy, he'd have held daily Rose Garden news conferences to mark the occasion. In fact, former President Reagan did just that in the booming 1980s -- he gave speech after speech touting the success of his supply-side tax cuts. Yet President Bush seldom goes into the current economic story, and when he does it's just a mention" -- Larry Kudlow, CNBC host and former Reagan Administration economist.

    Continue reading "Turning Point: President Bush's address to the U.S. Naval Academy" »

    Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    STFU already. The Last Conversation about WMD

    I am sick and tired of this conversation. The left has no right to be dictating the national dialog, and even if they did, it is pathetic that it would be about pre-war intel and WMD. The sheer ludicrous, make that lunacy, of the debate is embarassing. Not to put too fine a point on it but  the left ought to refrain from reminding of us of bad pre-war intel. Any failure of pre-war intel rests solely on the weak, slouched shoulders and spinelessness of the Clinton administration. Bush inherited 8 years of slashed intel and miliary budgets. That  ineptitude of the Clinton administration's decimation of the  intelligence community and the military cutbacks was devastating to national security. Gorelick and Able Danger notwithstanding.

    There were WMD. Read this post from AIRFORCEGUY, the importance of what this man says actually lies not in the content, but in the speaker and the medium. 

    ....the blogosphere is a new phenomenon, and a new medium which allows common guys like me as wide a broadcasting net as the mainstream media (MSM). If you did not know this already you would not be reading this entry. The real reason you are reading this has to do with the fact that I am not a reporter, sending news filtered through desks and editors. I am a simple soldier, writing what I saw, what I deduced and what I know to be true. For those of you who don’t know, I was a member of the infamous Iraq Survey Group (ISG) in 2003 - 2004,

    I’ll spare you the humiliating stories about interrogating Ba'athists and running them as sources. It’s not pretty, it never is. Those we interrogated were proud when they were on top, but they would do anything they needed to survive; including tell you what you wanted to hear, whether or not it was true. But we were professionals, and eventually separated lies from truth. So here is the truth. My Congressman told me there were no WMD in Iraq. But he was wrong, because it was and is still there. And we found some. Hat tip Gail C

    You must read it all. WMD was a symptom, a symptom of the cancer of the RadicalScan0006_4 Islamofascism injecting and infecting itself onto whole societies. Gangrene.

    The national debate must change. NOW. Wasn't 9/11 enough? What is wrong with America? How can they take the leftist debate seriously? How can they even consider it? It is opposite of logical.
    The force of reason is stark, plain emphatic. War has been declared on America and the West. Choose your weapon. Pen, sword, what have you.

    We have to fight the war here at home;

    Boosters of the Palestinian cause routinely refer to Israelis and their supporters as Nazis. In January 2005, Iqbal Sacranie of the Muslim Council of Britain reached the apex of moral equivalence. He announced that his group would boycott a commemoration of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp: “we have now expressed our unwillingness to attend the ceremony because it excludes ongoing genocide and human rights abuses around the world and in the occupied territories of Palestine. Robert Spencer

    And in overseas in the Center of Radical jihadism;

    Ahmadinejad: I Am the Messiah

    Iran’s madman “president” Ahmadinejad now seems to believe he is the Mahdi, the “divinely guided one” who will lead Islam to triumph over the infidel: Iran: President Says Light Surrounded Him During UN Speech. Hat tip Charles,  LGF

    and while Iran, EU Agree To Future Nuclear Talks Tehran Space War. Iran, Britain, France and Germany have agreed to resume talks on Tehran's disputed nuclear programme, but no time or venue for the discussions has yet been set, Huh? no timetable? WTF?
    Even worse, regarding International Intelligence; The U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has put off taking Iran to the U.N. Security Council to give time for a new Russian diplomatic initiative to work. Do they mean this Russina diplomatic initiative I wrote about back in February?

    Russia just sold Iran a ton of Humanity exterminator.
    Report: Russia to sell Iran 100 tons nuclear fuel

    MOSCOW Russia will start supplying nuclear fuel to Iran, in the amount of roughly 100 tons, approximately six months before its atomic energy plant is commissioned late next year, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported, citing Russian Atomic Energy Minister Alexander Rumyantsev.

    Rumyantsev and Iranian Vice President Gholamreza Aghazadehm, who is also the Iranian nuclear agency chief, signed a nuclear fuel agreement Sunday in Bushehr, Iran, site of the US$800 million Russian-built plant.


    I don't understand how we can possibly be having any other conversation than what aggressive action we must take to conquer, yes eradicate the scourge of radical islamism. This is the only issue. Tick Tick Tick Tock.

    Every other conversation is a luxury. Until we can stop politicizing the struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, life and death............we surely must lose.

    Sunday, November 27, 2005

    Worn-Out Reactionary Media (WORMs) Ignore Iraq $1 Million Katrina Donation

    More news the mainstream media deliberately ignores from Tom at BizzyBlog;

    The failure of the “Mainstream Media” (with very minor exceptions) to report theIraq possibly record-breaking $1 million donation by the Iraqi Red Crescent (their equivalent of our Red Cross) to Hurrican Katrina relief is negligent and irresponsible. It proves, more than another individual story out of Iraq, that there is a dogged determination to ignore positive news from that country, and that those ignoring it deserve the new name (WORMs) that is in the title of this post.


    No matter where you stand on the Iraq War, by any reasonable, logical definition of what reportable news is, this story (”Positivity: Iraq’s Red Cross Equivalent Donates $1 Million for Katrina Relief”) fits that definition.

    I believe that it may be, either in absolute dollars, as a percentage of the donor country’s output, or both, the largest single donation by a foreign non-governmental entity to a United States relief effort ever.

    The Washington Times (”Iraqi Red Crescent thanks U.S. with $1 million for Katrina relief”) reported the donation on Friday, November 25 (noting, among other things, that the amount “represents 20% of the organization’s annual budget.” The underlying event happened Thursday, November 24.

    Thanks Tom. Read it all here.
    Frog_musicMore interesting to me is how the above story was not reported but the following idiotic story was;

    France offers relief Miami Herald

    France has offered to fly over some of the city's musicians and provide them with rent-free residences and monthly stipends for up to three months, in hopes of compensating for concerts canceled after Hurricane Katrina.

    ''It's like a family story,'' said Pierre Lebovics, the French consul general in New Orleans. ``You love a person, and this person goes to the hospital and you discover that you really love that person. Such tragedy happens and you discover the reality and the depth of your feelings.

    Uh, yeah, ok - what he just said - Atlas

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    Saddam Al Qaida and 9/11

    Great Piece from Victor Davis Hanson . Read it all;

    One of the most frequent charges is that President Bush hyped a non-existent link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida — and that as a result, we diverted our efforts from finishing off the real terrorists to start a new and costly war to replace a secular dictator.

    Arafat_saddam_wmd_1 Almost every responsible U.S. government body had long warned about Saddam's links to al-Qaida terrorists. In 1998, for example, when the Clinton Justice Department indicted bin Laden, the writ read: "In addition, al-Qaida reached an understanding with the Government of Iraq that al-Qaida would not work against that government and that on particular projects, specifically including weapons development, al-Qaida would work cooperatively with the Government of Iraq."

    ..... October 2002, George Tenet, the Clinton-appointed CIA director, warned the Senate in similar terms: "We have solid reporting of senior-level contacts between Iraq and al-Qaida going back a decade." Seventy-seven senators apparently agreed — including a majority of Democrats — and cited just that connection a few days later as a cause to go to war against Saddam: " ...
    .... More importantly, one of the masterminds of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, Abdul Rahman Yasin, fled to Baghdad to find sanctuary with Saddam after the attack. And after the U.S.'s successful war against the Taliban, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the present murderous al-Qaida leader in Iraq, reportedly escaped from Afghanistan to gain a reprieve from Saddam. All of this is understandable since Saddam had a long history of promoting and sheltering anti-Western terrorists. That's why both Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas — terrorist banes of the 1970s and 1980s — were in Baghdad prior to the U.S. invasion and why the families of West Bank suicide bombers were given $25,000 rewards by the Iraqi government.

    The Saddams and Assads of the region — and to a less extent the Saudi royal family and the Mubarak dynasty — deflected popular anger over their own failures onto the United States by allowing terrorists to scapegoat the Americans.

    Arafatsaddam_1 That day came after Sept. 11. To end the old pathology, we took out the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, pressured the Syrians to leave Lebanon, encouraged Lebanese democracy, hectored the Egyptians about elections, told Libya's Moammar Gaddafi to come clean about his nuclear plans, and risked oil supplies by jawboning the Persian Gulf monarchies to liberalize.

    Americans can blame one another all we want over the cost in lives and treasure in Iraq. But the irony is that not long ago everyone from Bill Clinton to George Bush, senators, CIA directors and federal prosecutors all agreed that Saddam had offered assistance to al-Qaida, the organization that murdered 3,000 Americans. That was one of the many reasons we went into Iraq, why Zarqawi and ex-Baathists side-by-side now attack American soldiers — and why an elected Iraqi government is fighting with us. Hat tip: jahpdq

    And I still stand behind every word of this article I [Atlas] wrote back in October of 2004 on going to war in Iraq;

    ............if she's a devoted Kerry/Edwards supporter, there's still time. Her loyalty to the Democratic party is admirable, but not when it's party before country. Her contention that our commander in chief is waging war in a foreign land naively defies logic. The war was waged here as thousands of our brothers and sisters vaporized into the very air we breathed on 9/11. President Bush took the war where it the heart of the Middle East.

    While many countries sponsored terrorism, Saddam's Iraq was the most flagrant.Arafat_saddam_wmd_2 Twelve years flouting sanctions alone would have legitimized the war, but Saddam was paying off families of suicide bombers. He was bankrolling the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine through the UN oil-for-food program. The man was using our taxpayer money to bomb innocents. He gave Abu Nidal, infamous Palestinian terrorist responsible for the deaths of hundreds, safe harbor for decades protecting the grisly executioner of wheelchair-bound American Leon Klinghoffer. What in the world does she think was going on at Salmon Pac?

    Radical Islamist terrorist organizations are all connected. Changing their names shouldn't get us off their stench. Iraq is precisely where the war should be taking place, not at La Grenouille. When I hear Democrats lamenting all the terrorists are flooding into Iraq, I say "Hallelujah!" Let's draw them out of their caves and spiderholes and kill them before they come after our kids here. We have a president who iced out the greatest terrorist of all, Yasser Arafat, who cut his teeth in 1972 with his bloodlust and murder of 11 Israeli athletes. When Bush stopped the ridiculous moral equivalency in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and backed Sharon and the security fence, terrorist attacks markedly decreased. The Democrats don't have the conviction nor the will for such action.
    Saddam_arafat_2The French and Germans want Kerry too, but it was their enormous payoffs via the oil-for-food program that fueled their refusal. They conspired against us so that they might continue to suck the blood of the Iraqi poor. They’re really not our friends nor that of the Iraqi people. Ms. Kreiss should take note: when terrorists, Arafat, the French, the Germans, those opposing us at the UN, and radical Islamist fascists the world over are all routing for Kerry, she should probably vote for the other candidate. I realize her loyalty to the Democratic party might be like religious fervor or a drug, but this one just might kill the organism.

    I realize your loyalty to the Democratic party might be like religious fervor or a drug, but this one just might kill the organism.
    The arguments of the left are becoming laughable. They focus on weapons of mass destruction. Saddam gassed his own people and was famous for his weapons programs. We're quibbling over exactly when this would become a danger again? This is the man who pledged all sorts of mayhem against us in speeches since the first Gulf War. With a history of having attacked four of his neighbors, shooting at us in the no-fly zone and flouting sanctions for years, we needed to take it seriously. Clinton, Kerry, and numerous other luminaries were convinced of the threat and publicly made us aware, but somehow Bush's belief is sinister? The intelligence failures occurred during the Clinton administration with Bush inheriting a weakened military, patchwork intelligence networks that did not share information a la the Gorelick memo and terrorist plans that were reaching their final stage. How do they compare Bush's eight months in office to Clinton's eight years of squandered prosperity, inaction on terrorism and missed opportunities to get Bin Laden?

    The left isn't salvagable if you exchange "flipflopping" with "intellectual growth". Intellectual giants are often paralyzed into inaction and the spinally challenged
    The left is no one to trust with the current World War. The stakes are too's good vs. evil. I submit to the readers that all heads should be removed from the sand and they must read between the lines of a biased media. Western civilization hangs in the balance.

    UPDATE: November 26th.... and why is no one blaming Bill Clinton for understating the terror threat?

    A Fitting Address
    We are winning the war. So why doesn't President Bush say so?

    Thursday, November 24, 2005

    Thanksgiving Brought to you By Yahoo

    With all the wonderful news coming out of Iraq these days, leave it to the mainstream media to highlight this (day in, day out, here) no mention of the barbarism and death at the hands of radical islam;

    A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq AP via Yahoo!
    As of Thursday, Nov. 24, 2005, at least 2,104 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,653 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The figures include five military civilians.

    Yo Yahoo. It's the first democracy in the Arab world ever, you seditionists! Go ahead turn over another journalist to the Chinese you sniveling treasonsists!

    Way more innocent American civilians died on 9/11. But that's not important.

    Here is some news you'll never see;



    Medics help local Iraqis; Aussie exchanges with U.S.; Soldiers see biblical site; It’s back to school time for Soldiers in the Ohio Guard; Task Force Thunder...



    254th stays flexible in Cedar; Bush: U.S. still supports Soldiers; Chaplain’s goal: improve lives; Going home? DCS has new location; Maj. Motes counts up the...



    Arms shop keeps guns blazing; Know the alarm status; Comba Combat t str stress ess teams; The 360th safeguards fuel and trucks on route to Sykes; Soldier rec...



    3rd COSCOM takes the helm; 3rd COSCOM takes over; Twins get ready to redeploy; Sic Sick k call medics ba battle ttle the ‘cold’ war ar in Ir Iraq; Locals com...



    Communications 'good to go'; Soldier visits sick and injured at hospital; New spiritual fitness center opens in Mosul; Soldiers set up, test communications; ...



    Soldiers keep blades turning; Navy trains Iraqi medics; Bush applauds Iraqis on their recent election; 360th delivers in Iraq; CG’s commentary: Be proud of t...



    Iraqis plan their own missions; Command Sgt. Maj. reflects year in Iraq; Soldiers take home Iraqi culture; Hispanic American moves his way up DOD success lad...



    Kicking down doors in Rawah; Finance Special: Life insurance increases/Carpe Per Diem: seize the money, fill out a travel voucher; Flag football season start...


     Giving Thanks to the Troops                            


    Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

    They just can't help themselves those mainstream traitors. Hey MSM! How many people died in China today? Huh? How many ?

    Schools closed and thousands of people were evacuated in southwest Chongqing after a blast at the Yingte Chemical Company.

    This isn't rural China. These are big towns where these eco catastrophes are occurring. Harbin has 3-1/2 million people; Chongqing a mindboggling 30 million, give or take the population of Delaware.  Put another way, Chongqing by itself has considerably more people than Iraq and is catching up to California.  No wonder this isn't a simple situation. The Independent, a left-leaning publication, has a pretty detailed analysis of how the Chinese lied to their people about the Harbin spill.

    More over at Roger's house

    November 26th: They just can't stop. Sick sick sick. Report the good

    A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq
    Sat, 26 Nov 2005 04:22 pm PST
    AP - As of Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005, at least 2,105 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,653 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The figures include five military civilians. Full Story

    Wednesday, November 23, 2005

    So you Wanna be a Rock and Roll Star? Go left Young Man

    Want to make front pages nationwide? All the cable news and network news (the alphabets) with crushing coverage? GO LEFT YOUNG MAN!

    John Murtha, overnight American idol by Brent Bozell 11/23
    Making a mountain out of a molehill is becoming a national media specialty. The news media ought to be awarded advanced degrees for fixing their political microscopes on whatever amoeba of a story will serve their stubborn template: The Iraq war is hopeless; it's Vietnam in the desert.


    Why is it the further left you go the more press you get?
    Mother Sheehan anyone?

    Why isn't it the same for the "far right"? Why aren't the ideas of the far right given equal face time?Screamingfansg_3
    IE Let's get our asses in Syria? Let's free the young people of Iran? Let's.........well you get the idea. The Goldwater Hawk has all been silenced. Notice that?

    You never hear that kind of talk. Pity, I'd love to hear it. G-d knows I've had enough of Murtha

    You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.
    Winston Churchill

    UPDATE: This poll left out the number one threat - the left wing in America

    China, North Korea and Iran are seen by American opinion leaders as posing the "greatest danger" to the United States, a survey showed last Thursday. There was no consensus as to which country represented the biggest danger, marking a change from a poll taken in the summer of 2001, when China was singled out, according to the Pew Research Center's quadrennial survey of US foreign policy attitudes.


    Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    Iraqi Prisoner Holds the Key to 9/11 Mystery

    Mr. Epstein, author of "The Big Picture" (Random House, 2005), is writing a book on the 9/11 Commission.

    [Epstein] met earlier this month in Prague with Jiri Ruzek, chief at the time of the Czech counterintelligence service, BIS. Mr. Ruzek is in a position to know what happened [re:alleged meeting between the hijacker Atta  and Iraqi intelligence officer]. Ruzik personally oversaw the investigation of Iraq's alleged covert activities that began, with full American collaboration, nearly two years before Mr. Bush became president and resulted, some five months before the 9/11 attack, in the expulsion of Ahmad al-Ani, the Iraqi intelligence officer alleged to have met with Atta. [He] also spoke with ex-Foreign Minister Jan Kavan, who headed the intelligence committee to whom Mr. Ruzek reported, and to Ambassador Hynek Kmonicek, who, as deputy foreign minister at the time, handled the al-Ani expulsion for the foreign ministry. According to them, here's how the Prague connection developed.

    Read it all in today's Wall Street Journal

    The proximate cause for BIS interest in al-Ani was a sensational revelation of Jabir Salim, the Iraqi consul who defected in Prague in December 1998. Mr. Salim said in his debriefings that the Mukhabarat, Iraq's intelligence service, had given him $150,000 and tasked him with carrying out a covert action against an American target in the Czech Republic: Using a freelance terrorist, he was to blow up the headquarters of Radio Free Europe in Wenceslas Square, in the heart of Prague.

    This intelligence about state-sponsored terrorism was taken very seriously by both America and the Czech Republic. The U.S., for its part, doubled security at the Radio Free Europe facility and began its own countersurveillance, including photographing suspicious individuals in Wenceslas Square. The BIS did what counterintelligence services do in such circumstances: It sought to penetrate the Iraq Embassy by recruiting Arabic-speaking employees familiar with its operations. The source the BIS used, according to Mr. Ruzek, was neither unreliable nor a drunk.

    On Sept. 11, Mohamed Atta's picture was shown on Czech television, and the next day the BIS's source in the Iraqi Embassy dropped a bombshell. He told his BIS case officer that he recognized Atta as the Arab who got in the car with al-Ani on April 9. Mr. Ruzek immediately relayed the secret information to Washington through the CIA liaison. The FBI sent an interrogation team to Prague, which, after questioning and testing the source, concluded that there was a 70% likelihood that he was not intentionally lying and sincerely believed that he saw Atta with al-Ani. The issue remained whether he had mistaken someone who resembled Atta for the 9/11 hijacker. Meanwhile, records were found showing that Atta had applied for a Czech visa in Germany in 2000, and made at least one previous trip to Prague (from Bonn, by bus, on June 2, 2000, flying to Newark, N.J., the next day).

    Less than a week after Mr. Ruzek shared the BIS's confidential information with American intelligence, it was leaked. The Associated Press reported, "A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the United States has received information from a foreign intelligence service that Mohamed Atta, a hijacker aboard one of the planes that slammed into the World Trade Center, met earlier this year in Europe with an Iraqi intelligence agent." CBS named al-Ani as the person meeting with Atta in Prague.

    Mr. Ruzek was furious. He considered what he had passed on to the FBI to be unevaluated raw intelligence, and its disclosure not only risked compromising the BIS's penetration in the Iraqi Embassy but also greatly reduced the chances of confirming the intelligence in the first place.

    Like I said read it all.

    Murtha Thy Name is Withdrawal

    Abracadabrah writes, did you all know that Murtha was instrumental in our withdrawal from Somalia in the clinton administration?

    But he's a hawk.

    Judith  at Keshertalk has an excellent post about it here;

    [ UPDATE: Murtha also supported reinstating the draft and selecting Dean as DNC Chair. ]

    Does this sound familiar?

    After terrorists attacked U.S. troops in Mogadishu, Somalia 12 years ago, anti-Iraq war Democrat, Rep. John Murtha urged then-President Clinton to begin a complete pullout of U.S. troops from the region. Clinton took the advice and ordered the withdrawal - a decision that Osama bin Laden would later credit with emboldening his terrorist fighters and encouraging him to mount further attacks against the U.S.
    There's more at Judith  at Keshertalk.

    I am not saying that Murtha did not serve his country well, alls I'm sayin is maybe he is well, still shell shocked.

    It is ironic [insert sarc tag] that the party that all but eviscerated, condemned, spit on, decimated, basically shit all over the military is now cloaking themselves in military regalia.

    UPDATE: Another victory, another windfall in the War in Iraq

    Mideast leaders fear another Iraq in Syria -Annan
    Reuters via Yahoo! NewsMiddle East leaders want Syria to cooperate with a U.N. inquiry into the killing of a former Lebanese leader but fear a U.N. confrontation with Damascus could lead to "another Iraq," Secretary-General Kofi Annan said on Monday.

    Mary asks If Murtha's voting record is to the left of John Kerry's, why do people call him a hawk? Yes, he served in the Military, but so did George McGovern...

    UPDATE: Abu Ali found guilty of plotting to assasinate the President of the United States. Who is breaking the news to Isikoff?


    Sunday, November 20, 2005

    Zarqawi? Champagne in Hand? Awaiting Word on the Witch's Death

    Ding Ding the Pr*ck is dead? Iraq the Model thinks so; Fingerscrossed_1

    Zarqawi probably killed!

    According to these two sources, Iraqi and US military forces in Mosul think that Zarqawi, al-Qaeda leader in Iraq was possibly killed in a raid on a house where members of al-Qaeda were holding a meeting.
    Al-Mada paper said that terrorists hiding in a house fired back at American and Iraqi troops that were surrounding the house in a battle that lasted from dawn to noon on Saturday (Jerusalem Post said it was Sunday)`after receiving intelligence about a meeting for senior al-Qaeda members.
    Hat tip: Asher!

    Now all those pronouncements of hate and disownesrhip from his family in Jordan earlier today makes sense................full page ads disowning  Zarqawi.  Isn't the timing a little convenient? Maybe la familia gave him up, eh?

    More on this breaking story over at Little Green Footballs
    and Abracadabrah

    Observations from my partner in crime, Confederate Yankee

    More here, here, and here

    UPDATE II: The US already has a sample of his DNA, for matching purposes. Debka is reporting that the 8 bodies are burned black and unrecognizable as is.

    UPDATE November 21: Still just a rumor, but a louder and slightly more insistent one this time around. More from alcibiades here

    UPDATE: November 22nd: Still waiting on the DNA.  Fingers, legs, and eyes crossed.

    UPDATE: November 26th: Still waiting on the DNA but we do know that Top Zarqawi aide killed

    Read more here ....

    Kofi Annan's French Special Advisor Admits "I Took Oil For Food $$$"

    I see the mainstream media is beating down the door to report this story with the same urgent enthusiasm exhibited in reporting the Condi meme.

    One of France's most distinguished diplomats has confessed to an investigating judge that he accepted oil allocations from Saddam Hussein, it emerged yesterday.

    News Telegraph hat tip: Dr Norris Optimism

    Jean-Bernard Mérimée is thought to be the first senior figure to admit his role in theAnnanarafatchirac oil-for-food scandal, a United Nations humanitarian aid scheme hijacked by Saddam to buy influence.

    The Frenchman, who holds the title "ambassador for life", told authorities that he regretted taking payments amounting to $156,000 (then worth about £108,000) in 2002.

    The money was used to renovate a holiday home he owned in southern Morocco. [ hmmm, I wonder how far away his holiday home is from the 17  al qaida terrorists captured earlier today in Morrocco, AFP via Turkish Press- Atlas, 11/20/05] .At the time, Mr Mérimée was a Annan_chirac_1 special adviser to Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general.

    According to yesterday's Le Figaro, he told judge Philippe Courroye during an interview on Oct 12: "I should not have done what I did. I regret it."

    What is it he regrets? Getting caught? Surely it can't be renovating his holiday home with money stolen to feed the starving in Iraq. Maybe he regrets not renovating his other holiday homes. Wicked.

    And now they want the internet and billions for "renovations". They are corrupt beyond rehabilitation. Dissolute.

    Saturday, November 19, 2005

    Cut and Run and the Terrorists will be Par-taying like it's 1999

    And you may ask yourself how did I get here? Damned if I know but last night's Shakespearean "theatuh" was my idea of quality reality TV (someone write Political Teen and tell him to run the entire session)

    The Republicans waited too long to fight back. Dangerous strategy. Best analogy I can think of - 9/11.

    The Republicans are fully aware of the pure viciousness of the Democrats. And the Dhimmicrats are feeling empowered. Empowered by a November election they interpret as positive proof that their relentless campaign of "NO" and disinformation is finally working.  Took 5 years.

    Warning to the Republicans: ten hut. These pit bulls will not let go. Last night will not put an end to anything, it's irrelevant to the dhimmicrats. Scream a meme long enough and it will becomes quotable as fact, notice that?

    btw Last night's cut and run  vote* 403 - 3

    my .02 cents

    *H RES 571 - RECORDED VOTE - 18-Nov-2005 - 11:33 PM
    QUESTION:  On Agreeing to the Resolution
    BILL TITLE: Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that
    the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated
    immediately hat tip x___dhimmi, lib hawk

    speaking of Iraq, read this letter from a soldier (hat tip lone pony)

    UPDATE: I don't know if seen this at Powerline. What better way to put an end to the politicizing of the Iraqi War than a grassroots Talkradio/Blogosphere led effort to gather signatures and call on Congress to STOP THE MADNESS? Here's the petition (sign at the bottom). Hat tip: Pat, Occasionally Lucid Thoughts

    UPDATE: November November 20th:

    More media bias from the alphabets note headline 'mean jean'

    'Mean Jean' Goes to Washington, and Invites a Firestorm

    Friday, November 18, 2005

    Iraq to [Old] Europe: STFU!

    Talibani Jalal Talebani, the President of Iraq, in an interview with the Austrian daily Die Presse, in response to the interviewer's question: "How would you respond to the fact that many European countries believe that the war in Iraq was a mistake," replied: "Europeans have no rights when it comes to this issue and the European criticism of Americans is positively inappropriate. Europeans have no idea what misery the Iraqi people endured. I'd like Europeans to take a trip to Iraq to visit the 400 thousand person mass graves. People could no longer put up with Saddam's regime. The people of Germany and Austria could have never been rid of dictators like Hitler without a war. That was the price that had to be paid."Europe_old

    The interviewer also asked: "A number of the European countries who have had military presence in Iraq have decided to pull their troops out; does Iraq still require the support of European countries?"  Talebani replied: "European presence in Iraq is not so important. The decisive issue here is that Europeans cannot consider this from the angle of anti-Americanism. One day, Europeans must grasp that 27 million Iraqis finally have freedom, democracy and human rights because of this war."


    "George Bush could be bottoming, though it may take several months for this to become clear. But add up all the reasons why the Bush stock deserves a 'buy' rating: 1) the economy is strong; 2) gasoline prices are falling; 3) the GOP Congress will pass a sizable tax- and budget-cutting fiscal plan; and 4) after another successful election in Iraq next month, at least 35,000 U.S. troops will be withdrawn in 2006" -- CNBC Host, OSM Editorial boardmember and former Reagan Administration economist Larry Kudlow

    WSJ Opinion Journal

    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    Kristallnacht 2005

    Today is Kristallnacht Remembrance Day

    The burned-out synagogue of Aachen, Germany,
    one of nearly 200 synagogues destroyed during Kristallnacht 1938.

    A fireman wipes his eyes as he walks through the rubble of a movie studio in Asnieres-sur-Seine after an overnight fire on the 11th night of violence in suburbs surrounding Paris, November 7, 2005.
    Dutch news footage caught hooded thugs screaming “Allahu Akbar” -- “God is Great”

    Arab amd Muslim reaction to the rioting from France - translated by MEMRI here 
    (Visit MEMRITV.ORG to view recently translated segments from Arab and Iranian TV)

    "Either the jihadists really are crazy or they apparently think that they have a shot at destabilizing, or at least winning concessions from, the United States, Europe, India, and Russia all at once." Victor Davis Hanson, read it all.

    Click below for ongoing global war on the west,  from Global Jihad Monitor.

    UPDATE: From The Wall Street Journal:
    Three coordinated explosions killed at least 53 people and wounded another 120 at three hotels in Amman, Jordan, in an attack that bore hallmarks of an al Qaeda operation.

    Continue reading "Kristallnacht 2005" »

    Iraq Ad Campaign: Thank You America

    Thank You


    The Other Iraq


    "The United States has never wavered in its quest to help Iraqis build a democracy that rewards compromise and consensus. The ever generous American people have paid a tragic price, the lives of their finest men and women, to advance the banner of freedom and democracy, a sacrifice for which we are profoundly grateful. "H.E. Masoud Barzabi, President, Kurdistan Region in Iraq
    Watch all of the ads here

    hat tip: Cirque, hawk

    UPDATE November 10th:

    KAREZGAY PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Chief Master Sgt. Debra Ballentine, 455th Expeditionary Mission Support Group superintendent, helps distribute school supplies during an Adopt-A-Village visit here Nov. 3. Chief Ballentine and other Airmen participating in the ongoing Global War on Terrorism at nearby Bagram Air Field took time to spread some cheer and share smiles with the people of Afghanistan as part of the humanitarian relief effort. More than 1,200 pounds of winter clothes, blankets, school supplies and toys were distributed to the local village. Chief Ballentine, a native of Lacey, Wash., is deployed to Bagram from Travis Air Force Base, Calif. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Staff Sgt. Marcus McDonald)

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    The News from Iraq that's not Fit to Print

      That depends on what you consider ''important." Do you see the war against radical Islam andIraq_voter_and_son_2 Ba'athist fascism as the most urgent conflict of our time? Do you believe that replacing tyranny with democratic self-government is ultimately the only antidote to the poison that has made the Middle East so dangerous and violent? If so, you'll have no trouble identifying the most significant development in Iraq: the landslide victory of the new Iraqi Constitution.

    Read it all by Nov 3, 2005 by Jeff Jacoby

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    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    A Soldier's Letter from Iraq

    I am sure dear readers you remember  Thunder6 from 365 and a Wakeup, beamed in from the front lines in Iraq, as my nominee for the King of the Cotillion.
    He writes me the following - brace yourself;
      I apologize for this bulk email, I hate to rely on such an impersonal form of contact. I'm making an exception in this case because recent events have kept me far too busy for my own good. Last week my company commander’s vehicle was destroyed by an IED killing CPT Mackinnon and injuring the two brave soldiers serving as driver and gunner. I can say without any shame that I loved CPT Michael Mackinnon, he was a superb officer, a loving husband, and a concerned father and my friend. His loss was a terrible blow to A Company. That blow was only magnified when our Battalion Commander, COL William Wood responded to the scene and was killed by another IED. I can't express how difficult it was to arrive on the scene and have to evacuate these two great men, it is something I have already sealed away in a locked corner of my soul.

    Several days later CPT Ray Hill and SPC Shakere Guy were killed in another IED. They were on a mission to bring educational supplies and gifts to the local children. One again I found myself responding to the scene, and once again two had the sad duty of securing two colleagues for their final trip home.

    In the aftermath of all this tragedy I was given CPT Mackinnon's command, and I am writing this as the new company commander of A Co, 1-184 IN. I’ve wanted to serve as a combat commander for as long as I remember, there is no greater honor then to serve as the Company Commander of an Infantry Company. But I would give it all up if it meant my friend Mike could come home to his loving family. I know that my fervent wishes cannot bring him back to us and that he now rests in God’s hands. Please keep his wife, daughter and son in your prayers. COL Wood, CPT Hill, and SPC Guy all had families they loved dearly, please keep them in your prayers also. If at the end of your prayers you have any time left please say a prayer that I may be granted the fortitude and wisdom to lead the men of Alpha Company in our difficult mission, and return them safely home to their own families. From this point on my every waking breath belongs to the soldiers in my command, so I will not be able to return emails as frequently. But I will do my very best.

    Yours in Friendship,


    To all my readers, say a prayer - Atlas



    Did you know WMDs have been found in Iraq?
    * 1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium
    * 1,500 gallons of chemical weapons agents
    * 17 chemical warheads containing cyclosarin (a nerve agent five times more deadly than sarin gas)
    * Over 1,000 radioactive materials in powdered form meant for dispersal over populated areas
    * Roadside bombs loaded with mustard and “conventional” sarin gas, assembled in binary chemical projectiles for maximum potency

    This is only a PARTIAL LIST of the horrific weapons verified to have been recovered in Iraq to date. Yet, Americans overwhelmingly believe U.S. and coalition forces found NO weapons of mass destruction.

    The question is… WHY do they believe this (”No WMD”) lie?

    Hmm. Maybe The New York Times should be nominating Judith Miller for a Pulitzer instead of considering firing her.

    UPDATE: I have learned that these stats and much, much more are in a new book by Richard Miniter called “Disinformation: 22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror,” which has officially moved to the top of my Christmas list.

    UPDATE 2: In response to Comment 1 below, I have included links to stories from sources I would hope the commenter considers “actual news,” specifically (listed in order of appearance):
    - a US embassy press release (7/8/04), based on a 7/6/04 Department of Energy press statement.
    - The Washington Post (8/14/05).
    - via AP (7/2/04).
    - via AP (7/7/04).
    - CNN (for mustard gas-5/17/04).
    - Fox News (for sarin gas-5/17/04).

    More here from Tom over at Bizzzy Blog and me

    Meanwhile.......................EUROPE IS BURNING!
    The Paris Intifada continues: Sixth Night of Violence Erupts Near Paris

    The Dutch resist. The French fold under pressure. There's more on young Danes rioting for the last 4 days. In France, the riots by French muslim youth in Clichy sous Bois are inspiring youths in other suburbs to copy and paste.
    hat tip Tom P via no-pasaran

    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    The New Iraqi Army

    A Witness to TerrorTerror2
    By Jamie Glazov
    An Iraqi who escaped Saddam's horrors warns of the coming bloodbath if we cut and run. More>

    Ben, my lib hawk bro, makes the case for the developing Iraqi army and the US mlitary's approach;

    Since the MSM and other Democrats mostly portray the situation in Iraq as a quagmire, and jumped on the Pentagon's categorization of only one Iraqi battalion as being "Level 1" as meaning that no other Iraqi troops are even able to fight, I was wondering how they'd handle the cognitive dissonance when it becomes clear that the new Iraq is winning.

    This was a curious thing, and an example of how the intelligentsia of this nation, through years of self-inflicted isolation from all matters military, are so completely out of touch that they are unable to understand any military information at all.

    The United States, as is popular in the West, uses a strong "dual track" military, with parallel officer and non-com heirarchies.  We are teaching the Iraqis to do this as well.  One of the advantages of this system is a dual chain of command, and one of the advantages of that is the means by which you can rapidly expand a military.  In the old days- prior to WWI- an entire Army unit, a regiment, battalion, etc, would be formed up at once from draftees and/or volunteers.  In many cases the leaders would be as untrained as the lowliest private.  This had the effect of US military units being very... er... unpredictable in the field.

    This was a big problem, historically, as the US military is generally grossly undersized in peacetime and has always needed to expand for a war.  The low point was the Civil War.  One of the reasons it was such a bloodbath was that much of the Army, from the general staff on down, was, frankly, inexperienced and inept.

    But the dual track, professional system offers a way out, a way to grow and train the military quickly when need be.  Simply put- you take your best unit, and split it up, combining it with people from a poorly rated unit- or perhaps new recruits- to form two new units.   Your good unit ceases to exist, but somewhere out there, an inexperienced and inept battalion commander suddenly finds himself working with a trained, competent Sergeant Major, and maybe a few good staff officers, and the remodelling begins.  Likewise, raw recruits or perhaps lazy soldiers used to "old school" leadership suddenly find themselves with a good commander, with high expectations. 

    You might think you'd get two mediocre units where you once had one good and one bad, but this isn't the case.  Troops have an uncanny instinct for their own safety, and in wartime, rapidly understand that the better their own unit is, the less likely it is they will die.  George Patton's troops had lower casualty rates than other forces in Europe- though you'd never get the sense of this from the movie and to someone who doesn't know the counterintuitive dynamics of the situation, it seems strange given his aggressive style.  But the reality was, troops understood it was because of his aggressive style and competed to join his units.  Soldiers in wartime learn quickly and given the opportunity will always want to be in a good unit.   So in Iraq, once Iraqi soldiers see how its done by professionals, they copy.  You start with one good and one bad unit, you mix them up into two mediocre units, and you rapidly get two good units.

    This is how the US Army grew in WWII.  The model is still in use today.

    Given that, a military analyst, rather than fault the Iraqis from dropping from 3 "Cat 1" battalions to 1, would have considered a gain from 1 to 3 a sign that good leaders are not being properly distributed.

    The irony is that not only is reality so frequently 180 degrees off from what the untrained observer sees, it is that when talking about their own areas of expertise, left leaning liberals understand this.  Case in point:  My movie making relatives assure me that although a movie shoot on location looks, to my inexpert eyes, to be a study in laziness as 100 people wait around, sleep in trucks, or forage amongst bagel spreads while 1 person moves a cable, this is in actuality a tightly budgeted, carefully managed and very efficient operation.

    hat tip: Ben


    English version - Insurgent attacks after referendum vote result in about 70 terrorists killed in one day; U.S., Iraqi Soldiers guard crucial entry, exit poi...



    Arabic version - Insurgent attacks after referendum vote result in about 70 terrorists killed in one day; U.S., Iraqi Soldiers guard crucial entry, exit poin...



    Special Referendum Edition (English version): Iraqis make history as they flock to polls to cast their Constitutional referendum votes.



    Special Referendum Edition (Arabic version): Iraqis make history as they flock to polls to cast their Constitutional referendum votes.



    English Edition - Life returning in what used to be a notorious hideout for violent terrorists; Iraqi Forces Fight Against Foreign Fighters in Ar Ramadi; Str...



    Arabic Edition - Life returning in what used to be a notorious hideout for violent terrorists; Iraqi Forces Fight Against Foreign Fighters in Ar Ramadi; Stre...



    Arabic edition - Iraqi Soldiers launch successful raid; Four potable water systems will benefit 31,000 people; Iraqi Police Support the Community



    English edition - Iraqi Soldiers launch successful raid; Four potable water systems will benefit 31,000 people; Iraqi Police Support the Community

    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    Everyday Iraqi Deaths, No mention of Deaths Due to RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR

    UPDATE: Never ends................October 23rd, an old storu that never changes .......see here;

    A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq
    AP via Yahoo! News Sun, 23 Oct 2005 3:19 PM PDT
    As of Sunday, Oct. 23, 2005, at least 1,996 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,547 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The figures include five military civilians.



    Here we go guys....everyday the same goddamn thing..........SICK SICK SICK . THIS IS THE ENEMY. I don't care if you think I am belaboring the point. You NEED to see how you are being manipulated.

    A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq
    AP via Yahoo! News Sat, 22 Oct 2005 As of Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005, at least 1,996 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,547 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The figures include five military civilians.

    What you never see is the death toll exacted on innocent civilians at the bloody hands of Radical Jihadists. Over at the Religion of Peace they have the running list of the number of attacks (not deaths);

    The List " of Islamic Terror Attacks Just  Since September 11th, 2001



    This is the number of attacks since 9/11, not the number dead. What would these leftard journalists prefer, having their thumbsucking asses blown up at their desks while dining on their sushi lunches?

    Soldiers die. It is a horror. That's what soldiers do. That's what an army is for. That is the military's job, to defend and protect. Fighting al qaida in Iraq is a brilliant strategy. Taking down major buildings in NYC is an act of war. Khobar act of war. USS Cole act of war. You get my meaning.

    More here...............


    • Death toll hits 2000

    Top White House image makers and Republican political operatives say the steadily rising Iraq death toll is a sobering reminder that an unpopular war not only threatens the remainder of President Bush's term, but also jeopardizes his legacy," The New York Daily News reports. In Chapter 57 of the Cato Handbook on Policy, Christopher Preble, Cato's director of foreign policy studies, writes: "The primary concern for U.S. policymakers should be defending Americans from known threats. An expeditious end of the military occupation of Iraq serves that end because a withdrawal would free crucial resources for fighting known terrorists and at the same time remove a source of grievance for future terrorists. CATO INSTITUTE

    US death toll in Iraq nears 2,000
    AFP via Yahoo! News Mon, 24 Oct 2005 12:07 PM PDT
    The US death toll in Iraq neared 2,000, two-and-a-half years after the war to oust Saddam Hussein, leaving President George W. Bush's administration scrambling to shore up support for its mission in the violence-wracked country.

    emphasis mine, do you think they have an agenda or what? Their whole slant is a malevolent lie.


    Continue reading "Everyday Iraqi Deaths, No mention of Deaths Due to RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR" »

    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Iraqi Deaths vs. Radical Islamic Murders

    First posted 10/143/05: This is very typical and nothing new but I will continue to point it out.

    There is not a day that goes by that the mainstream media doesn't run multiple pieces on the "deaths in Iraq".  Also huge is the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq.

    A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq
    AP - As of Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2005, at least 1,964 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,528 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The figures include five military civilians. Full Story


    What you never see is the death toll exacted on innocent civilians at the bloody hands of Radical Jihadists. Over at the Religion of Peace they have the running list;

    The List " of Islamic Terror Attacks Just  Since September 11th, 2001



    This is the number of attacks since 9/11, not the number dead. What would these leftard journalists prefer, having their thumbsucking asses blown up at their desks while dining on their sushi lunches?

    Soldiers die. It is a horror. That's what soldiers do. That's what an army is for. That is the military's job, to defend and protect. Fighting al qaida in Iraq is a brilliant strategy. Taking down major buildings in NYC is an act of war. Khobar act of war. USS Cole act of war. You get my meaning.

    Iraqi-based terrorists have been urged by Osama bin Laden's deputy to stop beheading foreign hostages and shoot them instead - not because decapitation is wrong but because it may be counterproductive in the battle for Muslims' "hearts and minds."

    Write to the media of your choice and demand they run the daily death toll of human life at the barbaric hands of our enemy, Radical Islamic Jihadists. Oh and make sure you click on the link to the list to see the horrific fashion in which each these innocents were murdered. It is no wonder that the moderate Muslims are afraid to speak out.

    Update: October 14 received my daily notification;

    AP: 3,663 Killed in Iraq in Past 6 Months
    Guardian Unlimited - UK The AP gathered the statistics on Iraqi dead on a daily basis from hospital officials, Iraqi police, the Iraqi military and other government officials.

    UPDATE: October 2oth received my head count

    A Daily Look at Military Deaths in Iraq
    AP via Yahoo! News
    As of Thursday, Oct. 20, 2005, at least 1,988 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,541 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The figures include five military civilians.

    Concerns Over Iraq Growing on Homefront
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Bob Simpson dips his brush in a jar of black paint and starts scrawling two numbers on a sign he hangs outside his home — totals for U.S. soldiers killed and wounded in Iraq.

    Why does this putz Bob make news? Why doesn't Bob have a paint a ginormous sign of the thousands of innocent dead from Radical Islamic homicide attacks? Why doesn't Bob do that? Is it because there is not enough paint in Bob's town or is it because Bob won't make the AP newswire if he does that?

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    Million More Iraqi Voters vs Million Man "More, More, More" March

    Yes, there were a million more voters in the Iraqi elections yesterday, despite threats by terrorists to murder Iraqis that dared to vote. Video here.Iraq_voter_and_son
    Risking life and limb the Iraqis voted and the international community yawned.

    Meanwhile across the world in Washington DC, Louis Farrakhan's marked the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March with an inclusive "Million Man Movement" which remained largely African-American  and lacked the turnout of the Million Man March.
    Lasting Change, Not Turnout, To Spell Success, Farrakhan Says

    Despite the call for all people, all minorities, all "oppressed" to join the movement, gay and lesbian leaders led a protest of the Millions More Movement yesterday after they accused event leaders of reneging on a pledge to allow a national gay leader to address the crowd.

    Nobody would give up a number but attendance fell far short of the hundreds of thousands at the march a decade ago.

    Farrakhan delivered a withering critique of the federal government;

    "I think we need a regime change in the United States of America."

    Millions_more_march_flag_210  Million_march2_05101
    Clearly, Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Jackson do not speak for the Black community at large.

    Conservative African Americans charge that liberal civil rights groups lined up to support and participate in Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's "Millions More Movement" on Saturday, are getting a free pass in terms of media scrutiny.

    "Farrakhan has said some radical things, and yet the media continues to give him a pass,"

    Shelby Steele, a conservative African American from the Hoover Institute, told Cybercast News Service. Steele believes that liberal civil rights groups and individuals such as the National Urban League, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, all of whom participated in Farrakhan's march on Saturday, should be held accountable for Farrakhan's controversial and allegedly racist statements of the past.

    The only "march" Farrakhan is fit to lead is the ongoing "rally" in Toledo.

    WTF? Russian Military in Gaza?

    There are a great many ulterior motives for evil in the world, but at the end of the day, it is about power, control - totalitarianism.
    It is obvious to those watching the global chess game why Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other despots in the region would hate to see democracy take hold in Iraq.

    For Russia, arming Radical Islamofascists in Hamasastan aka Gaza is an act of war. Debka reports;

    military sources say this is a landmark, the first Russian military presence in a Palestinian war zone against Israel. It also represented another flagrant Egyptian violation of its commitments under the new military protocols it signed with Israel Putin_arafat_palestinian_1to bar the Philadelphi border crossing to foreign military personnel. Their arrival was approved a day earlier, Oct. 12, in Ramallah between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and the Russian Middle East envoy for the Peace Process Alexander Kalugin. Israel has not reacted to the violation because since its pullout from the Gazan-Egyptian border region a month ago, it has lost all control of the unbridled activity permitted by Cairo in defiance of all the accords it signed with Jerusalem. However the insertion of Russian military advisers to a Palestinian-Israeli flashpoint zone undoubtedly came up in the talks US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice held in Moscow Saturday, Oct. 15. DEBKAfile’s military sources add: the Russian officers were flown in directly from Moscow to Cairo and then overland to the Egyptian side of Rafah where they were welcomed by Egyptian military intelligence officers. No notice was received in Jerusalem. Moscow is clearly in mid-momentum of a fresh Middle East initiative. Putin has promised the Palestinian Authority in Gaza 1,000 armored personnel carriers. He is also going through with the sale of the state of the art Iskander SS-26 surface missiles.

    The Putin broke his word to Bush and Israel when he sold  modern missile systems and anti-aircraft weapons to Syria's no chin Assad. Russia has also been tied to Iraq's missing arms.
    Russia rejects the arbitrary attempts to isolate Syria and the escalated tension around her despite the assasination ["suicide"] of Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan, long the most powerful figure in Lebanon during Syrian occupation (oops only the US and Israel "occup", when Syria does it its "Syrian domination" - BBC].  Clearly Kanaan was murdered as a cover up for the Syrian execution of Lebanese Prime Minister Mr. Rafic Hariri.

    Further, Russian troops, working with Iraqi intelligence, "almost certainly" removed the high-explosive material that went missing from the Al-Qaqaa facility, south of Baghdad.

    Back in August, Sergei Ladygin, regional department head at Rosoboronexport,  Russia’s state arms export agency, met with Vice-Admiral Armando Laguna, General Commander of Venezuela’s Navy to discuss the prospects for future cooperation and deliveries of Russian arms, the Itar-Tass agency reported.
    Then we have Financial Times reporting China and Russia engaging in military exercises to strengthen ties. Nearly 10,000 troops took  part in the unprecedented joint military exercises. And China is sending military into Sudan.....

    These dangerous events are not unconnected. Neither are any of these terror gangs - al qaida, hamas, hizbollah, PA, PLO, et al.  The war in Iraq is the face of the world war conflict. Watch this carefully.


    Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Quiet Vote for Iraq, Even Quieter Mainstream Media

    Wild eh? An incredible historic day in the Middle East and all quiet on the media front.
    Quiet Vote for UN Charter...........and the pull quote from the BBC?

    I am voting 'Yes' - to end the occupationEnd_quote_rb...........a voter in Iraq.Iraq_vote_women

    Have they no shame, these people are voing for a constitution for G-d's sake. For the determination to govern themselves..........WHAT A DAY! Ginormous turnout by the Iraqi people.

    One man said with a big grin that he was very happy to be able to take part in the referendum - only the second time in decades that Iraqis have been able to cast a democratic ballot.

    By mid-morning, turn-out at this one polling station was already high: 2,000 out of 2,900 registered voters.

    The BBC is not excited. In their opinion

    There was not the excitement of January's election, but there was still an atmosphere of celebration among Iraq's Shias as they waited to vote.

    The MSM just can't contain itself huh? History is steam rolling all over the thumbsucker's pens and pencils. They ought be ashamed.

    IN A WORD, IT'S WORKING, actually a Bush word. WORKING.

    Friday, October 14, 2005

    Give Me Your Tired, Your Oppressed, Your Tyrannized

    An Iraqi woman who recently gave birth casts her vote in Iraq's referendum on the new constitution in Najaf. Take this image in, nice and slooooow.
    Unbelievable, I am barraged daily with media messages telling me how bad things are going. The media increasingly becomes more dangerous. It's not just The Global War on Radical Islamofascism, its the Global War on the lunatic lib left media. No matter how many different ways they insist the world is flat..............

    UPDATE: More astonishing news. Rubbing my eyes in disbelief;

    Qatar donates stadium to Israel
    The Hindu News
    LONDON: Qatar, the Gulf state that is home to Al-Jazeera television, has made a multimillion-dollar donation towards building a sports complex in Israel, it has emerged. The gift — unprecedented for an Arab country — will provide a football stadium in the northern Israeli-Arab town of Sakhnin.

    Afghan president hopes for meeting with Sharon
    AFP via Yahoo! News
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai expressed hope in an interview that he would meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon whom he praised for pulling troops and settlers out of the Gaza Strip.

    Threat of US church divestment over Israel eases
    Reuters via Yahoo! News
    Some U.S. Protestant churches are turning their back the idea of dumping investments in companies profiting from Israel's West Bank occupation, people involved in the issue said on Thursday. The Zorlu Energy Group has signed a contract with Solbar Energy, Israel, to build a power plant with a capacity of 100 MW and a production capacity of 70 tons vapor per hour.

    Zorlu to Build Power Plant in Israel
    Zaman Online
    Turkish Minister of Energy, Hilmi Guler, signed the contract with the Israeli Minister of Energy and Infra-Structure, Benjamin Fouan. The plant for co-generation of natural gas will be built in the Ashdod region of southern Israel, which is planned to go into operation in 24 months

    UN warms up to Israel after a long cold shoulder
    International Herald Tribune
    Israel recently proposed a UN resolution, it submitted its candidacy for a two-year seat on the Security Council, and its prime minister has been warmly received speaking to the General Assembly.

    Yes it's been a great day indeed here, there and everywhere.

    UPDATE: October 16: More Great News. Enormous voter trunout in Iraq and more reasons to hope

    Re: Bangladesh should not even consider recognizing Israel?- Israel was one of the first countries (if not THE first)
    News From Bangladesh

    Mohiuddin Anwar strongly believes "Bangladesh will be the last state on Earth to recognize occupier Israel

    Bangladesh should recognize Israel for the greater interest of the country
    News From Bangladesh>
    Bangladesh should recognize Israel for the greater interest of the country. Why should we care about the Palestinian cause? Did any Arab countries realize that when Pakistan was murdering, raping Bengalis in 1971? Religion simply cannot bind people together. It is the culture and race.

    Bangladesh is actually debating recognizing Israel.

    UPDATE OCTOBER 16 Breaking News from the Backpedaling Dept;

    BackpedalAfghans want Palestinian state before Israel ties
    Reuters via Yahoo! News Sun, 16 Oct 2005 7:16 AM PDT
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai would recognize Israel's government if an independent Palestinian state was created, his spokesman said on Sunday

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    The Love Letter: Zawahiri to Zarqawi

    For those of you still living in a deluded fantasy of denial, here's the letter in its entirety. Salient points?

    • al-Qaida's No. 2 leader said the United States "ran and left their agents" in Vietnam and the jihadists must have a plan ready to fill the void if the Americans suddenly leave Iraq.Ayman al-Zawahri wrote in a letter to his top deputy in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. "The aftermath of the collapse of American power in Vietnam — and how they ran and left their agents — is noteworthy. ... We must be ready starting now." ( more thank the  left for)
    • "It has always been my belief that the victory of Islam will never take place until a Muslim state is established ... in the heart of the Islamic world,"
    • The letter laid out his long-term plan: expel the Americans from Iraq, establish an Islamic authority and take the war to Iraq's secular neighbors, including Lebanon, Jordan and Syria
    • The final stage, al-Zawahri wrote,  will be  the destruction of Israel  which he said was established to challenge "any new Islamic entity.
    • "More than half of this battle is taking place in the battlefield of the media," This is something the American left has long understood

    Erev Yom Kippor, what a message. To my fellow Americans and fellow American Jews, particularly the anti-war Jewish community, I implore you to read this letter without prejudice or politic.

    Click to read the letter in all its entirety.

    Continue reading "The Love Letter: Zawahiri to Zarqawi " »

    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Injured Marine defies Attackers

    Can someone out there tell me why this guy is not front and center in the New York Times or CBS or ABC news. Can someone tell me why this guy is not on the cover of Time or Newsweak?

    Iraq_injuredRAMADI, Iraq - Once Marine Gunnery Sgt. Michael Burghardt realized he could wiggle his toes and fingers, he had one message for the insurgents who wounded him - defiance.

    Marine Gunnery Sgt. Michael Burghardt signals defiance at his Iraqi attackers after being injured by an improvised explosive device near Ramadi. Attending to the Marine were Nebraska 167th Cavalry members Spc. John Adams (far left, in front) of Hastings, Neb., and Pfc. Darin Nelson of Fremont, Neb.

    Burghardt, of Huntington Beach, Calif., started his third tour in Iraq trying to beat the insurgents to the IEDs - improvised explosive devices - and disarm them before the insurgents could set them off.

    As is often the case, Burghardt and his Explosive Ordnance Disposal team were accompanied to a bomb site Monday by the First Platoon, 167th Cavalry of the Nebraska National Guard.

    One IED had blown up a Bradley fighting vehicle and killed a U.S. soldier. As often happens, the insurgents left behind more IEDs. Burghardt disarmed two bombs that were found - quick action that probably saved the lives of several Nebraska soldiers.

    But he couldn't get to a third.

    When word spread that the third device had been found, 167th Capt. Jeff Searcey of Kearney, 1st Lt. Matthew Misfeldt of Omaha and their men hit the ground as a blast exploded skyward.

    Burghardt was wounded.

    But with two new young Marines in his ordnance disposal unit - and the insurgent attackers undoubtedly looking on - "I didn't want them to see the team leader carried away on a stretcher," he said.

    So after the Nebraskans tended to wounds that reached from his boot tops to the small of his back, Burghardt rose to his feet and reached back with a one-finger salute for his attackers.

    "I was angry," Burghardt said.

    IEDs - which can be roadside bombs, car bombs or other booby traps - increasingly are the weapons of choice for the Iraqi insurgents.

    Unwilling or unable to attack U.S. forces head-on, the insurgency has used the hidden explosives, often detonated by remote control. Some analysts have estimated that nearly 12,000 IED incidents occurred in Iraq in 2004.

    The Explosive Ordnance Disposal units are assigned to locate, identify, disarm and dispose of IEDs. The Nebraskans alongside Burghardt's unit provide security at the scene, guarding the perimeter while the EOD teams do their dangerous work.

    The 1st Platoon has been on 80 such missions, including some false alarms, since the 167th Cavalry arrived in Ramadi about 90 days ago.

    Working together, the ordnance disposal Marines and the Nebraska National Guardsmen have developed a mutual respect - there's no Army-Marine trash-talking here.

    "The biggest threat to us in Iraq is IEDs. We love working with them. They make us better soldiers," Misfeldt said.

    Burghardt, an 18-year Marine with 15 years' experience disarming explosives, returns that admiration.

    "I feel part of this Army team," he said. "They take care of us like brothers."

    Burghardt received the Bronze Star during his last tour of duty for disarming 64 IEDs. This week's incident was his first injury.

    Burghardt, 35, wouldn't accept painkillers when he was brought back to camp by the Nebraskans. He knew he might need them later. And he's not looking to leave Ramadi for five more months.

    "I don't want a ticket out," he said. "I want to stay here so we can take as many people home as possible."

    Soldiers all the way up to the brigade's commander, Col. John Gronski, viewed a photo of Burghardt - on his feet, arm extended and middle finger raised - as the embodiment of the American warrior.

    As for Burghardt, he said he wanted to send a message to the insurgents who failed to kill him.

    "I knew there was somebody disappointed out there."

    Hat tip" DSMoody

    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    But Bush Lied............There were no WMDs

    Interesting. Never reported in the MSM WMDs being used in Iraq. From the indespensible Counterterrorism blog;

    Iraqi Insurgents Claim Chemical Weapon Attacks

    At least two different Iraqi insurgent groups thought allied with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's Al-Qaida faction have claimed responsibility for recent attacks allegedly involving chemical weapons on U.S. and Iraqi forces in the cities of Baghdad and Al-Madain.  On September 13, the Army of the Victorious Sect (rumored to be comprised of ex-Fedayeen Saddam and Iraqi intelligence personnel) claimed responsibility for launching rockets allegedly tipped with chemical agents at the Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, and heavily guarded Green Zone in Baghdad.  A day later, the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI)--a faction that acknowledges occasional joint operations with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi--took credit for an alleged attack on U.S. and Iraqi military forces in the city of Al-Madain with chemical-equipped 120mm Hawn mortar shells.

    Click to view English translations c/o
    - Sept. 11 chemical threat from Army of the Victorious Sect
    - Sept. 13 alleged attack by Army of the Victorious Sect
    - Sept. 14 alleged attack by the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI)

    Mr. Galloway and his flying monkeys ought to take note............not that facts matter.

    hat tip: mnic

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Iraqi President Talabani Makes Historic Speech - Ignored by Media and the World

    Iraqi President Talabani to President Bush earler today;
    Video here

    In the name of Iraqi people, I say to you, Mr. President, and to the glorious American people, thank you, thank you. Thank you, because you liberated us from the worst kind of dictatorship. Our people suffered too much from this worst kind of dictatorship. The -- (inaudible) -- was hundred thousand of Iraqi innocent children and women, young and old men. Thank you, and thanks to the United States, there are now 15 million Muslims in Afghanistan and inIraq liberated by your courageous  leadership and decision to liberate us, Mr. President.

    We agree with Mr. President Bush that democracy is the solution to the problems of the Middle East. Mr. President, you are a visionary, great statesman. We salute you. We are grateful to you. We will never forget what you have done for our people.

    It gets better, video here, PLEASE WATCH IT..............found it finally, nowhere in the MSM of course, had to go to White House website. UNBELIEVABLE.

    UPDATE: Bush: 'I take responsibility'
                     Clinton: I did not sleep with THAT woman
    Who is up for an in-depth anlysis of Guiliani vs Nagin on Crisis Management?

    Live blogging the hearings here

    UPDATE: The Cotillion is up at TFS MAGNUM appropriately titled;

    Heros: Everyday and Extraordinary People

    Image hosted by
    Everyone is entitled to our opinion...

    I am pleased to host part of the Cotillion for September 13th. My co-hostesses are e-Claire (Now Chocolate Covered!), Portia Rediscovered, and Mary Katherine Ham of C-Log. And all of these can also be found at the main Cotillion site..............

    And my most favorite Carnival of all is up ..........Carnival of the Clueless at Right Wing Nuthouse
    not to be missed

    And Gary over at The Owners Manual has the Best Of Me Symphony

    Friday, September 02, 2005

    Developments Continue Apace in the War of the World

    Once again Iran is using it's puppet Assad of Syria to do it's diabolical bidding.

    Unlike the Left in America, Iran understands the battle agaisnt Radical Islam and therefore "control of free peoples" is as much in Iraq as it is in London, New York, Afghanistan.

    I believe IRAQ IS THE FRONT LINE in the fight for Western Civilization.(so does Iran,Iran_beheadings_atlas don't kid yourself)

    A month ago General Safavi declared before an audience of senior naval officers that Tehran's mission was to create "a multipolar world in which —Iran plays a leadership role" for Islam. Recently Ahmadinejad announced one of the most ambitious government mission statements in decades, declaring that the ultimate goal of Iran's foreign policy is nothing less than "a government for the whole world" under the leadership of the Mahdi, the Absent Imam of the Shiites—code for the export of radical Islam. As for the only power capable of challenging this vision, the United States is in its "last throes," an ofuli (sunset) power destined to be superceded by the toluee (sunrise) of the Islamic republic. Geopolitical dominance in the Middle East, the tract unequivocally stated, is "the incontestable right of the Iranian nation."

    According to WND, Syria, which has short and mid-range rockets, has been seeking help fromSyria_out North Korea in developing a missile propellant program and may be looking to acquire longer-range missiles – which could target U.S. positions in Iraq – from Pyongyang, according to recent U.S. government reports.

    "It is possible that as regional security prospects continue to deteriorate, Syria may attempt to acquire longer-range systems such as the No-Dong MRBM [medium-range ballistic missile]," stated a report by the Congressional Research Service, which regularly briefs U.S. lawmakers.

    The report, titled "Missile Defense: The Current Debate," said Syria may be looking to follow Iran's lead in extending its ballistic capabilities. Iran has an extensive missile program capable of targeting most Mideast countries.

    Currently, Syria possesses a Scud missile arsenal that can strike deep inside nearby Israel and Jordan. The No-Dongs, with a range of 1,300 kilometers, would make Damascus a significant regional threat, putting all of Iraq and Turkey in its range.

    Yesterday, U.S. Marine jets destroyed a train station in a town just outside the Syrian border because insurgents were storing weapons there, the U.S. military said.

    Officials said this week Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley are examining ways of increasing diplomatic pressure on Syria.


    Turning its focus on Iran, the congressional report stated Tehran has one of the largest missile inventories in the Middle East, procured with the help of Russia, North Korea and China.

    And yeah it's time we gave the KURDS THEIR OWN COUNTRY. They would certainly be an ally we could count on. But that's a whole other thread.


    Wednesday, August 24, 2005


    "There's a skyrocketing belief among the Turkish public that America wants to create an independent Kurdistan.'

    What have the Turks done for us except ban our use of their Turkish air bases, a much needed asset in our invasion of   Iraq..?
    G-d I hope we do support their independence..................if anyone deserves their own homeland (as well as the Israelis) it's our  our allies, the Kurds. They have done their part and then some in backing the  US position  consistently. Why won't we respect and support "OUR  ALLIES" and stop kissing the asses of those countries that time and time again stab us in the back?

    Sunday, August 21, 2005

    Wag the Dog

    A Liberal Hawk asks the following;Wtc_quote_3

    I'm just  wondering.  There's been so much talk lately, some of it  media  generated of course, but apparently not all of it, about  falling  poll numbers in terms of support for Iraq, do you all agree  with  that, or think it is media late summer contrivance -- a way to  wrack  up a conversation.

    To which I respond;

    Having a background in strategic planning and marketing, I can tell you first hand that you can make numbers (poll, focus groups et al) say  anything you want them to.

    Me? I think it's a lie. It is the MO of the left, to make a lie become  a truth.

    It seems to me that the left continues to dictate the national agenda.  Exit strategy? It's all they talk about. And common sense tells you that would  be the  worst, the very worst thing America could do. A timetable for departure is dangerous. Dangerous, because challenging Bush to agree to a timetable only emboldens Jihadis, who would very much like to move the frontlines of this Long War from their turf to ours.

    The fierce opposition in Iraq is proof positive that this war was
    1) a long time coming
    2) formenting for years
    3) foisted upon us
    4) global, intra national in its very nature
    5) so much more than WMDs
    6) bloody, barbaric - a fight to the death .

    The ferocity of the opposition in Iraq is evidence we are doing  right thing, the only thing, to loosen the  deathgrip Radical  Islam has spent decades building (and Western civilaztion ignoring) in  that region..

    I do not believe those polls for one second . Nor do I believe in  this anti-war movement. Why Sheehan, why now? With all the greiving parents  across this great nation, why her? Why full court press? It is theaterdeliberately manufactured  to create the impression of an anti-war  movement. So that people in a herd society follow along (remember that soda  commercial - "I'm a Pepper, You're a Pepper, He's a Pepper, She's a Pepper,  Wouldn't you like to be  a Pepper too? Dr.  Pepper.........Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiink Dr Pepper).or "Be part of the Pepsi Generation"
    It's the same thing, marketing their agenda............and without the  blogosphere, it works (see Vietnam War - remember we didn't lose one battle in Vietnam, just the war).

    There is not one country that opposed our going into Iraq that was not robbing Oil for Food blind. Not one. But the left continues to harp on getting the backing of the "international community", while belittling the coalition and other countries that stand with us. Who wants the backing of thugs, bloodsuckers, and theives that steal off the backs of Iraqi women and children all the while accusing the US of "killing Iraqi children" vis a vis the sanctions against Saddam Hussein.

    Just take a look at s MORE GREAT NEWS FROM IRAQ (that you'll never hear from the MSM)

    Much thanks to Chrenkoff (part 33 in the series, that means there are 32 priors, another thing I bet you didn't know).

    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    The Letter to Mom

    Read this letter that Mohammed at  Iraq the Model wrote to Cindy Sheehan (tool)
    It is a MUST READ

    We live in pain and grief everyday, every hour, every minute; all the horrors of the powers of darkness have been directed at us and I don't know exactly when am I going to feel safe again, maybe in a year, maybe two or even ten; I frankly don't know but I don't want to lose hope and faith.

    We are in need for every hand that can offer some help. Please pray for us, I know that God listens to mothers' prayers and I call all the women on earth to pray with you for peace in this world.

    Your son sacrificed his life for a very noble cause…No, he sacrificed himself for the most precious value in this existence; that is freedom.

    His blood didn't go in vain; your son and our brethren are drawing a great example of selflessness.
    God bless his free soul and God bless the souls of his comrades who are fighting evil.
    God bless the souls of Iraqis who suffered and died for the sake of freedom.
    God bless all the freedom lovers on earth.

    hat tip: Pat Slat

    UPDATE August 15, Reader Russ Vaughn wrote this and sent it on to me...........thanks Russ

    A Useful Death

    A mother's anguish turns to ire,
    Her liquid tears to spears of fire,
    A useful fool for the liberal Left,
    All hatred now, no more bereft.
    The honor which her son embraced,
    Is now dishonored, now disgraced,
    As his mother stands atop his grave,
    From there to shriek, from there to rave.

    Yes, some are maddened in their grief,
    And grief can surely change belief;
    But this woman's views, her family say,
    Have long been held, long fore today,
    Enabling Leftists to use her grieving,
    For Moore deception, Moore deceiving.
    I see this mother as a willing fool,
    A useful Moorish Code Pinko tool.

    As one who fought in another place,
    I sorrow for this boy's disgrace,
    By a zealot mother grafting grief
    Stealing his brave deeds, an honor thief,
    Usurping his valor to claim her share,
    Five minutes of fame in Media's glare.
    Her platform one you don't see often:
    A dishonored, flag-draped, soldier's coffin.

    I can hear Michael Moore muttering under his breath,

    "Yeah, this was really a useful death."

    Russ Vaughn

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    This Is Progress? Iraq, Shame on You

    How depressing, the more things change, the more they stay the same (or get worse)

    A draft of the “Bill of Rights” in the forthcoming Constitution of Iraq, as of July 20,Antisemitism2 2005, tells Jews who fled Iraq: you are not welcome to return. Jews from Iraq who fled before 1968 are not eligible to obtain Iraqi nationality and citizenship.

    An earlier draft published in June 30 stated, “Any individual with another nationality (except for Israel) may obtain Iraqi nationality after a period of residency inside the borders of Iraq of not less than ten years for an Arab or twenty years for any other nationality.” The July 20 draft states that Iraqis who lost citizenship after 1968 may regain it, thus still excluding almost all Iraqi Jews, but at least not exclusively.

    Before Israel become an independent state in 1948, there were 150,000 Jewish citizens in Iraq. Israelites have lived in Iraq for over 2500 years. In 586 B.C.E., Babylon conquered Judea and brought many Jews to what is now Iraq. Baghdad later became a major center of Jewish thought. During the 1930s and 1940s, Nazi ideology infected the Arab region. In 1941, led by a mufti allied with Nazi Germany, there was a pro-Nazi coup, followed by killing, raping, and looting of Jews. Iraqi Jews call this the “Farhud,” or “violent dispossession.” The British army then came in and squashed the pogrom.

    Read it all

    Thursday, July 14, 2005

    Greetings from Iraq


    The American soldiers in Iraq have been appalled by the attacks in London. This morning, as the identity of the attackers comes into focus, we see yet again that poverty is not the root of terrorism.  Ideology is.

    The war goes on here in Iraq.  Recent media reports indicate that troop reductions are not far away. Only time will reveal its secrets.Greetings_from_iraq

    Interestingly, however, some Kurdish-Iraqi troops have moved into Mosul.
    These Iraqi soldiers use more "relaxed" rules of engagement than our soldiers.  Again, only time will reveal its secrets, but sooner or later, the Iraqis must again govern themselves.  Their society will be in their hands for better, or for worse.

    Please visit the latest dispatch at Michael Yon Blogspot
    (Great blog BTW)


    Mosul, Iraq

    Tuesday, July 12, 2005

    The Kurds! Free the Kurds.........News you'll Never Get from the MSM

    Construction progress in the Kurdish region of Iraq

    Blog post from Iraq the Model about construction progress in the Kurdish region of Iraq.  Seems that Sulaymania is doing real well.  Funny how we never hear these things in the MSM.
    hat tip Tim McD

     What is it with America? Why is there no discourse or dialogue in the American public conversation about the Kurds. What better friend has the US had on the ground both in the invasion and ongoing war in Iraq?  Special forces love these guys.Why are we always kissing the asses of our enemies?

    I mean really.

    Friday, July 08, 2005

    What it is. What it Shall be...........

    From the blog  The Shape of Things

    "Our objective in this war isn’t to establish our own security. We’re not fighting this war so make ourselves safe. We’re fighting this war to make future generations safe by wiping terrorism from the face of the Earth. It’s not enough that we protect ourselves from another 9/11. We have to make sure that no one ever, in any country on this planet, suffers such an attack again."

    Read it all
    hat tip Chas

    The way to do that is not by circling our wagons and living in fear. The way to do that is by resisting terrorism everywhere, in every way. Whatever terrorists want us to do, we have to do precisely the opposite, and with renewed vigor in the wake of every agonizing but futile attack. Terrorists want us to stop supporting Israel; we respond by increasing our ties with Israel. Terrorists want us out of Iraq; we renew our commitment to the Iraqi people. Terrorists want to turn Afghanistan back into a failed state that they can dominate with their particular brand of twisted, medieval authoritarianism; we dedicate ourselves to making Afghanistan a free and prosperous member of the community of nations no matter what the cost.

    If we continue to defy terrorists — if terrorism continues its unbroken string of utter failures — sooner or later young Muslim men are going to reach the realization that murder is not noble. If we bring liberty and prosperity to those dark, shadowy corners of the world where the light of freedom does not shine, sooner or later the people who live there are going to believe that there are better opportunities for them. If we prove to the world that we will not bend to the will of suicide bombers, of hijackers, of the murderers of the innocent, sooner or later those things will simply disappear.

    It’s just a matter of time.

    In the meantime, we have to shoulder a terrible burden. We have to be resolute in the face of a violent and brutal enemy. This is the price we pay for being prosperous, free and alive all at the same time.

    So we carry on. We square our shoulders, raise our heads and carry on. We defy the terrorists not because it makes us safe today, but because it makes our children safe tomorrow, and their children the day after that, and their children, and theirs, and all the generations to come who will live in the light of freedom and prosperity because we made it so.

    Friday, June 10, 2005

    Did you know? Of course you don't! The MSM STRIKES AGAIN!


    Did you know that the Iraqi government employs 1.2 million Iraqi people?

    Did you know that 3100 schools have been renovated, 364 schools are under rehabilitation, 263 schools are now under construction and 38 new schools have been built in Iraq?

    Did you know that Iraq's higherSoldie_marine_1 educational structure consists of 20 Universities, 46 Institutes or colleges and 4 research centers?

    Did you know that 25 Iraqi students departed for the United States in January 2004 for the re-established full bright program?

    Did you know there are more than 1100 building projects going on in Iraq? They include 364 schools, 67 public clinics, 15 hospitals, 83 railroad stations, 22 oil facilities, 93 water facilities and 69 electrical facilities.

    Did you know that 96% of Iraqi children under the age of 5 have received the first 2 series of polio vaccinations?

    Did you know that 4.3 million Iraqi children were enrolled in primary school by mid October?

    Did you know that there are 1,192,000 cell phone subscribers in Iraq and phone use has gone up 158%?

    Did you know that Iraq has an independent media that consist of 75 radio stations, 180 newspapers and 10 television stations?

    Soldier_iraq_2Did you know that the Baghdad Stock Exchange opened in June of 2004?


    Did you know that two candidates in the Iraqi presidential election had a televised debate in their country recently?


    Did you know that the Iraqi Navy is operational? They have 5-100-foot patrol craft, 34 smaller vessels and a navel infantry regiment.

    Did you know that Iraq's Air Force consists of three operation squadrons, 9 reconnaissance and 3 US C-130 transport aircraft which operate day and night, and will soon add 16 UH-1 helicopters and 4 bell jet rangers?

    Did you know that Iraq has a counter-terrorist unit and a Commando Battalion?

    Did you know that the Iraqi Police Service has over 55,000 fully trained and equipped police officers?

    Did you know that there are 5 Police Academies in Iraq that produce over 3500 new officers each 8 weeks?


    Instead of shouting these accomplishments from every rooftop, they would rather show photo's of what a few perverted malcontent soldiers have done in prisons, in many cases never disclosing the circumstances surrounding the events.

    Instead of showing our love for our country, we get photos of flag burning incidents at Abu Ghraib and people throwing snowballs at presidential motorcades.

    The lack of accentuating the positive in Iraq serves only one purpose: to undermine the world's perception of the United States and our soldiers

    However, the greater question is why do our media have an undeniable anti-American agenda? Your guess is as good as mine, but my guess is that the media are not anti-American, they are anti-capitalism. And America is the supreme example of capitalism in the world.
    The above facts are verifiable on the Department of Defense website below. Pass it on!
    U.S. Department of Defense Official Website
    hat tip Briggite Gabriel

    Thursday, June 09, 2005

    Why haven't we extracted this shitty little dentist?

    Syrians Sustaining and Replenishing Hardest Core of Iraq Insurgency - Ghaith Abdul-Ahad
    A stream of fighters from Syria - most of them Syrians, but lately many of them Saudis - has sustained and replenished the hardest core of the Iraq insurgency, and supplied many of its suicide bombers. Nurtured by a militant interpretation of Islam, they insist they are fighting for their vision of their faith. Syrian smuggler Abu Ibrahim, who worked in Saudi Arabia for seven years, calls 9/11 "a great day. America was defeated."
        In Saudi Arabia, Abu Ibrahim heard about Abu Qaqaa, a charismatic Syrian religious sheikh who preached a radical version of Islam in Aleppo. "We were Wahhabis. Abu Qaqaa was preaching what we believed in." Returning to Aleppo, he became Abu Qaqaa's right-hand man. Two weeks after the attacks in New York and at the Pentagon, his group celebrated in public with a "festival," featuring video of hand-to-hand combat and training montages of guerrillas leaping from high walls. They called it "the Festival of America the Wounded Wolf." By 2002 the anti-American festivals were running twice weekly. Jihad was being allowed into the open. Abu Ibrahim said Syrian security officials and presidential advisers attended festivals, one of which was called "The People of Sham [an ancient name for the region] Will Now Defeat the Jews and Kill Them All." Money poured in from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.
        Abu Ibrahim credited Abu Musab Zarqawi with revitalizing the insurgency, especially since October, when he pledged fealty to Osama bin Laden. "Six months ago, Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden were different," he said. "Osama did not consider the killing of Shiites as legitimate. Zarqawi did that. Anyone - Christian, Jew, Sunni, Shiites - whoever cooperates with the Americans can be killed. It's a holy war." Recently, he said, his contacts in Iraq have said they were not in need of fighters, but money. He said he personally carried cash, provided by sympathetic Saudis, between Saudi Arabia and Syria. "Our brothers in Iraq are asking for Saudis," he said. "The Saudis go with enough money to support themselves and their Iraqi brothers." (Washington Post/Guardian-UK)

    Saturday, May 21, 2005

    A REAL New York Moment: Saddam's Skivvies

    The New York Post is in rare form today........The Post doing what it does like noneNyp_521 other.........the best tabloid journalism- New York Style.

    The good news for me and the bad news for you is that none of their wit is reflected  in the online New York Post edition (I guess they need to be taken and quoted seriously online) but for New Yorkers that buy it on the street, it's a whole different paper.
    The Great news for you is you have me! I will drop selected tender morsels of these delectable bon mots into your open and waiting brain.


    Best of today's Post:
    The Pentagon yesterday began investigating who leaked shocking photos of Saddam Hussein in his lame-looking underwear.

    Help for the UNDERVARMINT

    The Post Yesterday bought Saddam Hussein the best skivvies the city has to offer. The Butcher of Bagdad's jailhouse briefs were practically a crime against humanity .........So The Post's Operation Saddam's New Undies leaped into action , scouring Manhattan for the best brief's money can buy.
    We're putiing our handpicked selection in a special care package to the tyrant addressed Saddam Hussein, Secret Prison, Iraq"

    I am telling you, I love these guys, I havent changed one word.........they so get it! i love that. I did italicize the pun--iest stuff

    Fashion Police go after War Criminal

    Undie New York Fashionistas say Saddam Hussein is no underwear model. When it comes to strutting his stuff in tightie whities, he doesn't measure up to greats like Jockey's Jim Palmer or Calvin Klein's Marky Mark - or even Cosmo Kramer, who famously parodied the Klein ads on "Seinfeld".
    The Saddam photo, taken at a secret, US run prison, "is sad on so many levels," said Richard Ruiz, who designs menswear line Dick by Richard. "not least of which is that at least 90 percent of men are wearing the high waisted droopy drawers!".
    Many crtiics were less than sympathetic about the ex-dictators drawers dilemma and agree that he committed the No.1  fashion  faux pax of 2005.
    "Saddam appears to be wearing Hanes Her way", says Damien Fahey, host of MTV's "TRL". "But he's missing the matching bra."

    "if you're wearing great underwear, you feel like a million bucks. Clearly, Saddam must feel like crap," says Jason Scarletti, head designer at men's underwear company 2(x)ist.Scan0004

    Tightie Whities are too tame,"says Leslie Gold, the Radio Chick, "you would think someone nicknamed "the Butcher of Baghdad" would go commando".
    [au natural for the unknowing amoung you, Atlas]
    "If i were Saddam I would rock some French cut briefs" says Jimmy Jellinek, editor-in-chief of Stuff Magazine. "shave him a little bit, cut his hair and oil him up and he could be the big gay stud at a Lebanese disco. Hell, I'd party with him."

    "I recommend he wear long loose boxers," says Joseph Kadi, designer mensline Joseph's cloak. "The key to looking your best after becoming a deposed tyrant is to cover up as much as you can."

    More delicious tidbits......

    1. Post sends Butcher New UnderwearScan0003_5
    2. US Probing UNDIES LEAK
    3. Arabs Can Barely Keep From Giggling
    4. Saddam Skivvie Storm

    Now this ladies and gents, itas good as it gets.

    Geez, I love the New York Post. GOOD SOLID Reportage.

    Something The New York Slimes ought to take a lesson or two in.

    Savor the irony, it is indeed rare we get to kick back and throw our heads back and really laugh.

    Yeah bababay!</B>

    Thursday, May 19, 2005

    THE REAL WAR: Seeing Past the Fog of the Press Propaganda

    Just for knowing......this is the REAL ENEMY and why we went to Iraq. For all you WMD fans, get yer eye on the ball...BETTTER HERE THEN THERE
    and for ALL YOU SKEPTICS that believe we are "creating terrorists", see this first, then decide
    U.S.: Syria Main Conduit for Zarqawi in Iraq
    Syria is the main conduit for foreign militants fighting for al-Qaeda-ally Abu Musab al-ZarqawiEye_allseeingeye in Iraq, a senior U.S. administration official said on Wednesday. "We're concerned that Zarqawi is supported by a foreign fighter network that gets foreign fighters largely through Syria," the official said. "There are locations in Syria where foreign fighters and money and logistics come together and then transit to Iraq, and those foreign fighters and money come from elsewhere in the Muslim world." Syria has taken "some cosmetic steps," but "not nearly what they ought to be doing," the official said.
        "They are a major disruptive force, they are disruptive in Iraq, they are disruptive of the efforts between Palestinians and Israelis to come up with a Middle East peace," he said. "Syria in some sense has been a source of instability in the region," the official said. (Reuters)

    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Added to my TRUE HEROES PANTHEON on my left Sidebar: Second Lt. Ilario Pantano

    These stories turn my stomach. Randite heros set up as CRIMINALS...................this is the lunatic left at its very best.
    of course the charges were dropped or we would have WALKED ON WASHINGTON
    What a man, what a man, what a MIGHTY GOOD MAN!
    Drop murder charges, Pantano prober urges

    By Rowan Scarborough


    Exclusive Pantano_large
         An investigating officer has recommended that the Marine Corps drop murder charges against 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano, who shot to death two Iraqi insurgents a year ago during a raid on an insurgent hideout in the "Triangle of Death."
        The 16-page report from Lt. Col. Mark E. Winn castigates as unreliable the prosecution's chief witness, Sgt. Daniel L. Coburn, whom Lt. Pantano had removed as squad leader weeks before the April 15, 2004 shooting.
    "The government was not able to produce credible evidence or testimony that the killings were premeditated," Col. Winn wrote in his May 12 report, a copy of which was obtained today by The Washington Times.
        "I think now [Sgt. Coburn] is in a position where he has told his story so many times, in so many versions that he cannot keep his facts straight anymore," Col. Winn wrote of the chief witness.

         At the Article 32 hearing, defense attorney Charles Gittins argued that Lt. Pantano fired in self-defense after two captured Iraqis moved toward him and ignored his warning, in Arabic, to stop. The two were unarmed.
        The case has drawn national attention because the Marines charged Lt. Pantano, 33, with offenses that could bring the death penalty. Critics said the Corps was, in effect, second-guessing the officer at a time of heightened violence in the "Triangle of Death" south of Baghdad, where Iraqi insurgents were killing Marines with some regularity.
        Lt. Pantano also boasts a storybook life: After serving in the Marines as an enlisted man and graduating from New York University, he embarked on careers on Wall Street and then as a TV producer. But he gave up a comfortable Manhattan lifestyle and talked his way back into the Marine Corps at 31 to fight terrorists after the September 11 attacks by al Qaeda.
        Col. Winn recommended to Maj. Gen. Richard Huck that all criminal charges be dropped, including murder and destruction of the Iraqis' vehicle.

        Col. Winn recommended that Lt. Pantano face administration punishment for firing too many rounds at the two men.


    Fighting the Real Enemy in Iraq: Radical Islam

    Interesting that the mainstream media finally says what our boys fighting in Iraq have been saying all's not the Iraqis we are fighting in Iraq, its the foreign fighters.  And isn't that the point? Stop and think. Isn't that what we should be doing, taking out the terrorists over there, not in downtown Manhattan.
    Each radical fundamentalist must be taken out, every cockroach killed.......a long and tedious process.But that is very much our objective.
    And if we can do it without declaring war on these "foreign nations"  ( i.e.  Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria) all the better. Keep the sinister UN out of it.

    I don't know that "mostly" is correct (and neither do they) in this Washington Post headline but the point is clear.

    'Martyrs' In Iraq Mostly SaudisWtc_burning_2

    By Susan B. Glasser, Washington Post Staff Writer

    Before Hadi bin Mubarak Qahtani exploded himself into an anonymous fireball, he was young and interested only in "fooling around."
    Like many Saudis, he was said to have experienced a religious awakening after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and dedicated himself to Allah, inspired by "the holy attack that demolished the foolish infidel Americans and caused many young men to awaken from their deep sleep," according to a posting on a jihadist Web site.

    Like many Saudis, he was said to have experienced a religious awakening after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and dedicated himself to Allah, inspired by "the holy attack that demolished the foolish infidel Americans and caused many young men to awaken from their deep sleep," according to a posting on a jihadist Web site.

    On April 11, he died as a suicide bomber, part of a coordinated insurgent attack on a U.S. Marine base in the western

    Iraq city of Qaim. Just two days later, "the Martyrdom" of Hadi bin Mubarak Qahtani was announced on the Internet, the latest requiem for a young Saudi man who had clamored to follow "those 19 heroes" of Sept. 11 and had found in Iraq an accessible way to die.

    Hundreds of similar accounts of suicide bombers are featured on the rapidly proliferating array of Web sites run by radical Islamists, online celebrations of death that offer a wealth of information about an otherwise shadowy foe at a time when U.S. military officials say that foreign fighters constitute a growing and particularly deadly percentage of the Iraqi insurgency.

    The account of Qahtani's death, like many other individual entries on the Web sites, cannot be verified. But independent experts and former government terrorism analysts who monitor the sites believe they are genuine mouthpieces for the al Qaeda-affiliated radicals who have made Iraq "a melting pot for jihadists from around the world, a training group and an indoctrination center," as a recent State Department report put it. The sites hail death in Iraq as the inspiration for a new generation of terrorists in much the same way that

    Afghanistan attracted Muslims eager to fight against the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

    Who are the suicide bombers of Iraq? By the radicals' account, they are an internationalist brigade of Arabs, with the largest share in the online lists from Saudi Arabia and a significant minority from other countries on Iraq's borders, such as Syria and Kuwait.

    Monday, May 16, 2005

    Who do you believe the Lefty LA TIMES or American Boys fighting for our Freedom

    Who do you believe? The notoriously lefty chomsky loving LA TIMES or thr soldiers wounded in battle, recovering  at  Walter Reed that just came home from this very  bloody fighting?

    Iraq Violence Taking a Sectarian Twist

    BAGHDAD-The discovery Sunday of at least two dozen bodies - all Iraqi men apparently abducted and slain execution-style - is the latest grisly episode in an escalating sectarian conflict fueled by this nation's raging insurgency.

    Note the headline..........SECTARIAN twist. Main Entry: [2]sectarian
    Function: adjective
    Date: 1649
    1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of a sect or sectarian
    2 : limited in character or scope : PAROCHIAL
    - sec·tar·i·an·ism /-E-&-"ni-z&m/ noun

    Function: noun
    Date: 1819
    1 : an adherent of a sect

    Acccording to our boys, IT IS NOT IRAQIS killing Iraqis, it is foreign fighters from Syria, Iran.
    It is Al Quaeda, our arch enemy. Please be careful when you read the papers or watch the alphabets (ABC,NBC, CNN CBS), they are playing with your mind.They think you are fools and cannot think for youself. Choose your news editors carefully! Snap out of it!

    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Harvard and the Left Want to Take This Country Down...Big Time

    Can you sink your teeth into this? This is what the leading academic institution in America isIsraeliflagtortureword_1 advancing during the World War IV (in the New York Sun, New York's Next Great Newspaper).
    Imagine 48 front page New York Slime stories, endless whining and handwringing....but silence on Oil-for-Food, sex scandals, genocide..........when in doubt Blame Israel

    Harvard Funds Play on Abu Ghraib Abuses

    BY DANIEL HEMEL - Special to the Sun
    May 12, 2005

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Testifying at the January trial of a U.S. soldier accused of prisoner abuse at the American prison in Abu Ghraib, an Iraqi detainee, Hussein Mutar, said "the Americans were torturing us like it was theater to them."

    Tonight at Harvard, Abu Ghraib will become theater, as students re-enact the prisoner abuse in a 90-minute university-funded performance that, according to the show's Web site, is designed "to inflame."

    It was important to spice up the theater scene at Harvard," said Currun Singh, the 19-year-old Kuwaiti-born sophomore from Honolulu, Hawaii, who wrote and is directing the play.

    "Abu Ghraib" opens with a handcuffed male actor - clothed only in a black hood - holding his genitals while standing atop a three-foot box placed center stage. Later in the show, the character of Army Specialist Charles Graner, portrayed by freshman Rob Salas, 18, urinates on a detainee who has been tied to a door, although Mr. Salas said he only "stage" urinates with his back to the audience.

    "We haven't censored ourselves," Mr. Singh said, while noting that the play does avoid full-frontal nudity. "The prisoners get roughed up a bit," he said, but the play for the most part relies on "stylized violence."

    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    Lets talk about WMD, Lets talk about You and Me, lets talk about all the Good Times That will be

    yeah yeah lets talk about WMD............fresh from the CIA
    Look no matter how you twist yourself into the wind, there were WMDs
    Ba da bing, ba dah boomWmd_web

    Addendum to Report on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction
    - Charles Duelfer (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)


    • Iraq Survey Group (ISG) formed a working group to investigate the possibility of the evacuation of WMD-related material from Iraq prior to the 2003 War. The investigation centered on the possibility that WMD materials were moved to Syria. Whether Syria received military items from Iraq for safekeeping or other reasons has yet to be determined.
    • There was evidence of a discussion of possible WMD collaboration initiated by a Syrian security officer, and ISG received information about the movement of material out of Iraq, including the possibility that WMD was involved. In the judgment of the working group, these reports were sufficiently credible to merit further investigation. ISG was unable to complete its investigation and is unable to rule out the possibility that WMD was evacuated to Syria before the war. Firm conclusions on actual WMD movements may not be possible.
    • Based on evidence available at present, ISG judged that it was unlikely that an official transfer of WMD material from Iraq to Syria took place. However, ISG was unable to rule out unofficial movement of limited WMD-related materials.
    • Detainee de-briefs allowed ISG to confirm the use of the chemical agent VX during the Iran-Iraq war and the use of nerve gas agent in Karbala during the Shia uprising following the 1991 war.
    • So far there is little evidence that either foreign jihadists operating in Iraq or Iraq insurgent groups are attracting experts from the former regime's WMD programs. There are multiple reports of Iraqis with general chemical or biological expertise helping insurgents to produce chemical or biological agents. Unidentified members of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) allegedly smuggled an Iraq rocket scientist into Iran at the request of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

    Sunday, April 24, 2005



    Hat tip DR JOHN , NAVY DOC
    If anyone is interested in visiting wounded troops recovering at
    Walter Reed, a party is held for the soldiers at Walter Reed
    Hospital in Washington DC every second Saturday of the month from
    12pm to 3pm. A local church provides the food, sometimes there is entertainment but most of all you can sit a talk with some
    extraordinary soldiers.  You can also bring gifts like certificates
    to Blockbuster, phone cards, stationary w/stamps to give to the
    soldiers (things that help to ease boredom or loneliness)

    One more thing, if anyone is interested in adopting a soldier, I  strongly recommend an organization called  One requirement from OperationAC is that the adoptee purchase a pair of Altema desert boot ($99.00) to send to your
    adopted soldier, after that you can send anything your heart desires
    (except pork items and alcohol) One thing they love, a  small
    fan and it's a big hit. Thanks Susan, Lib Hawk 

    Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    A Conversation with Paul Bremer

    Paul and Atlas (yo, that's me)

    Saw Paul Bremer at the Essex House tonight. A mighty mighty man, what a fine man. The depth and breath of what the US accomplished in his short but action packed stint at the OK Corral is grossly underplayed in the press and by and large never discussed. I think he is a great man. I know all the garbage that has been thrown at him but the guy delivered. He said they had to have a constitution on deadline, they had it on deadline (took America 7 years to write our constitution). Said Iraq would be sovereign by June 30th, and so it was. This from a people that were kept in the dark under the boot of Saddam for 30 years and then overnight were suddenly wildly free. When Bremmer recounted to me the first mass grave he saw, one that covered three football fields, I had no idea it held 20,000 to 30,000 bodies. BTW one of hundreds of these graves. When Bremer said they couldnt put a figure on how many people Saddam murdered because one and a half million people were still missing, I shook my head. When Bremer told me that woman would sift through bones on top of bones looking for any clue. anything that might identify a loved one, I held myself. When Bremmer explained how every police station, every last one, had a torture room and a rape room.............I held my breath. There is no doubt in his mind that Saddam had to go. Saddam was a primary source of revenue and assistance to terrorists. And even now in Iraq, the terrorists are either one of two groups. First the murdering Baathists from the old party of Saddam that want the country back to the way it was, the second group of terrorists -foreign, al qaeda. The enemy. Our enemy and enemy of the Iraqi people too. They mean to see that democracy never takes shape in Iraq but the Iraqis intend to have it. Most of the deaths due to terrorism in Iraq have been the Iraqi people ............people trying to get democracy off the ground. Listening to the nightmare that was Iraq I am astounded at how much we were able to accomplish in so short a period of time. Bremer and his team of 3,000 volunteers from 25 different countries paint a far different picture than was ever offered by the MSM. Nothing I heard from Bremer was recounted to me previously and I am a news junkie. The massive debt, the crumbling infrastructure, the out of control inflation (when Saddam was out of money, what did he do? Why he printed more Saddam dinars of course!), the complete lack of a financial system. We would truck the pay to the workers all throught the country until we could get some semblance of a structure in place. The Iraqis are taking over the security of their land, and while Bremer admits to their secuity being an army of "variable" soldiers, he is confident that given more time, experience and training that they will hold their own country. The benefits of such a historical transformation will yield unto America great rewards in the mid and long term. This guy Bremer is a mighty good man  that did an outstanding job in an environment of chaos, hopelessness, and intermitted violence. Bremer, another unsung hero of the war to end all wars.

    Wednesday, March 09, 2005

    Does the Plumbing Really Matter?

    A front page piece in today's Wall Street Journal does not bode well for the direction of Iraqi politics. While a great fuss is beng made about the proactive  involvement and subsequent effect the women of Iraq (and the Middle East for that matter) will make on democracy, if they are devout muslems and believers in Shar'ia, does the plumbing really matter? Mind you, I am a huge supporter of the Bush Doctrine and the US invasion of Iraq, but such developments must not be ignored. Here is an excerpt from today's WSJ, click on the headline to read the entire aritcle by WSJ staff reporter FARNAZ FASSIHI.


    Over the past two years, Fatima Yaqoub has gone from sewing dresses at home to shaping municipal policies as a councilwoman in Kathamiya, a bustling district in Iraq's capital.


    Ms. Yaqoub has organized computer courses for women and traveled to Egypt for a U.S.-funded course on constitutional and human-rights law. During the Iraqi elections in January, she supervised a polling station and oversaw the counting of the ballots.


    In many ways, Ms. Yaqoub, 40 years old, is emblematic of the kind of gender equality the U.S. and many Iraqis envision for the new Iraq. But the devout Shiite Muslim is part of a group of increasingly powerful female politicians seeking to erase laws that provide women with some of the same rights as men.


    She favors allowing Iraqi men to have as many as four wives and repealing laws that guarantee alimony payments and child-custody rights for women in divorces. Ms. Yaqoub also believes in decreasing the amount of money women stand to gain in inheritances and removing legal barriers to the marriage of girls younger than 18 years old.


    [Fatima Yacoub]   

    Ms. Yaqoub is in the vanguard of a major push by Iraq's Shiite religious and political leaders to introduce aspects of Islamic "Sharia" law into Iraq's legal code, especially where it concerns family matters and women's rights. Sharia is Islam's version of divine law, drawn from the Koran and other religious texts.


    In Iraq's recent election, Shiite candidates won by a landslide and secured a little more than half of the 275 seats in the national assembly. When the new government meets for the first time later this month, its most immediate task will be to draft a new constitution and pave the way for a new round of elections by this December.

    Thursday, February 24, 2005

    Despite New Radical Iraqi leader,My Money is on the Broads in the Burka

    While some of us were disheartened by the Dawa's election victory in Iraq - it's official positions — especially on the status of women, freedom of expression and the mosque-state relationship — are in contradiction with the democratic principles of the interim constitution under which Jaafari was elected.

    The fact is can we really expect Iraq to be transformed into a religious dictatorship under an Islamist slogan of "one man, one vote, once"? The United Iraqi Alliance, the Shiite-led coalition that won picked its most openly religious leader as its nominee for the premiership. The alliance has many leaders of prime ministerial caliber, such as Hussein Shahrestani, Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Ahmed Chalabi. And yet each withdrew in favor of Jaafari.

    To be sure, even the freest and fairest elections can produce dangerous results — witness Hitler's rise to power. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to see Jaafari's nomination as the first major setback for Iraq's nascent democracy. I agree with The New York Post that the fact that Jaafari was chosen as a compromise candidate shows that the largely secular leadership of the United Iraqi Alliance did not see him as a threat to the process of democratization. And the fact that Grand Ayatollah Ali-Muhammad Sistani, the primus inter pares of Shiite clerics, has not opposed the nomination is a sure sign that Jaafari has distanced himself from his party's most questionable positions

    and while all this does not bode well, I find the followin MOST ENCOURAGING NEWS The  Unheralded Revolution in Iraq - Jim Hoagland Nearly one-third of the 140 winning candidates on the Shiite parliamentary list are women. Moreover, those 45 women tend to be more educated, better informed, and more committed to change than are their male counterparts. Overall, 31% of Iraq's newly elected 275 parliamentarians are women. The example they have set cannot be lost on Arab women at large. (Washington Post)  

    Imprisoning Iraqi Bloggers

    Reporters Without Borders reports that journalist and blogger Arash Sigarchi, of the blog Panhjareh Eltehab, has been arrested.

    According to the group, Sigarchi was arrested on January 17, after responding to a summons from the intelligence ministry in the northern city of Rashat. He has been held at Rashat's Lakan Prison where he has been denied the right to see a lawyer and bail has been set at 200 million rials (about $25,000 U.S.). The authorities have put pressure on his mother to deny that her son has been arrested.

    His weblog had been banned by authorities in Iran for speaking out against recent arrests of cyberjournalists and bloggers (see below) and is inaccessible within the country. In addition to his blog, he is the editor of the daily Gylan Emroz. A few days before his arrest he was interviewed by two foreign radio stations, the BBC World Service and Radio Farda.
    thanks Pook,  we  share the same values

    Monday, February 21, 2005

    BLOGBURST! Iranian Bloggers Imprisoned for Blogging

    Call for blogburst. The Committee to Protect Bloggers is calling for tomorrow - February 22 - to be designated "Free Mojtaba and Arash Day" throughout the blogosphere. Mojtaba Saminejad and Arash Sigarchi are two Iranian bloggers who have been imprisoned by the mullahs for blogging. Think of this as a cyberversion of an Amnesty International letter-writing campaign (back in the days when Amnesty's cred wasn't in tatters). The goal is to shine a harsh spotlight of publicity on the Iranian government's repression of dissidents.More you can do.More on the recently increased repression of bloggers in Iran.

    Friday, February 11, 2005

    Why isnt Sistani protected by US Secret Service?

    ok, so now the murdering thugs are firing on Bakery shop workers and customers buying bread for G-d's sake! Killing 13 (let us pray it does not go up) including one of Al Sistani's top aides. Who is covering Sistani's ass? It should be Secret Service......................Sistani has worked as hard as Bush to pave the way for a democratic transition in Iraq. He has kept the Shi'ite majority at bay (much the way Bush 41 did when he asked the Israelis not to retaliate against Saddams scud attacks). Sistani cooled Sadar's jets - keyryst ......................... there are people at history's crossroads that make all the difference for generations to come. Al Sistani is one of those men........cover him close.

    Friday, January 28, 2005


    GREAT great great news day! Iraq ! What is going on is so thrilling
    Every school should be tuned to fox today
    The world should be tuned in to fox today
    "This man crawled on his hands to a voting booth." all that is goings on in Iraq!
    the building, the training, the new forces going thru newly learned manuevers
    the children, the poor people, creating makeshift blockades on their own,to stop vehicles going down a street with a polling place
    we are not getting the real story
    and the better the prospect for democracy, the higher the higher the decibel of vitriole
    i know all about the terrible attacks but we are witnessing the birth of a nation. So GREAT TO ALIVE.
    there is soooooooo much more going on there and there i am no pollyanna
    Condi is being sworn in what a news day Newsgasm!
    Bush (speaking for him and Laura) to Condi WE LOVE HER (and he says" i dont think i'm supposed to say that")
    SWOON ...................*Snoopy Dance of Glee*
    so so rare so great! Keep it on Fox!

    Monday, January 17, 2005

    Weapons of Mass Destruction

    U.S. forces did find in their search for banned weapons in Iraq - starting with, for instance, the 1.8 tons of partially enriched uranium Saddam had socked away
    news last June:
    "In a secret operation, the United States last month removed from Iraq nearly two tons of uranium and hundreds of highly radioactive items that could have been used in a so-called dirty bomb, the Energy Department disclosed Tuesday.
    "The nuclear material was secured from Iraq's former nuclear research facility and airlifted out of the country to an undisclosed Energy Department laboratory for further analysis," the AP said.
    "We've found 10 or 12 Sarin and Mustard rounds," Iraq Survey Group chief Charles Duelfer told Fox News, after his team uncovered the WMD cache last June.
    And if the White House wants some dramatic imagery to show how easy it was for Saddam to hide banned weapons, how about those photos of the 30 Iraqi jet fighters that weapons searchers found buried in the sand near Baghdad.
    ohhhhhhhhh..............never mind

    Thursday, October 28, 2004

    The Case for War, printed Nassau Herald 10/29

    Someone tell Randi Kreiss: if she's a devoted Kerry/Edwards supporter, there's still time. Her loyalty to the Democratic party is admirable, but not when it's party before country. Her contention that our commander in chief is waging war in a foreign land naively defies logic. The war was waged here as thousands of our brothers and sisters vaporized into the very air we breathed on 9/11. President Bush took the war where it the heart of the Middle East. While many countries sponsored terrorism, Saddam's Iraq was the most flagrant. Twelve years flouting sanctions alone would have legitimized the war, but Saddam was paying off families of suicide bombers. He was bankrolling the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine through the UN oil-for-food program. The man was using our taxpayer money to bomb innocents! He gave Abu Nidal, infamous Palestinian terrorist responsible for the deaths of hundreds, safe harbor for decades protecting the grisly executioner of wheelchair-bound American Leon Klinghoffer. What in the world does she think was going on at Salmon Pac?
    Radical Islamist terrorist organizations are connected. Changing their names shouldn't get us off their stench. Iraq is precisely where the war should be taking place, not at La Grenouille. When I hear Democrats lamenting all the terrorists are flooding into Iraq, I say "Hallelujah!" Let's draw them out of their caves and spiderholes and kill them before they come after our kids here. We have a president who iced out the greatest terrorist of all, Yasser Arafat, who cut his teeth in 1972 with his bloodlust and murder of 11 Israeli athletes. When Bush stopped the ridiculous moral equivalency in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and backed Sharon and the security fence, terrorist attacks markedly decreased. Kerry doesn't have the conviction nor the will for such action. That's probably why 60% of Israelis want Bush elected and Arafat wants Kerry to win.The French and Germans want Kerry too, but it was their enormous payoffs via the oil-for-food program that fueled their refusal. They conspired against us so that they might continue to suck the blood of the Iraqi poor. They’re really not our friends nor that of the Iraqi people. Ms. Kreiss should take note: when terrorists, Arafat, the French, the Germans, those opposing us at the UN, and radical Islamist fascists the world over are all routing for Kerry, she should probably vote for the other candidate. I realize her loyalty to the Democratic party might be like religious fervor or a drug, but this one just might kill the organism.
    The arguments of the left are becoming laughable. They focus on weapons of mass destruction. Saddam gassed his own people and was famous for his weapons programs. We're quibbling over exactly when this would become a danger again? This is the man who pledged all sorts of mayhem against us in speeches since the first Gulf War. With a history of having attacked four of his neighbors, shooting at us in the no-fly zone and flouting sanctions for years, we needed to take it seriously. Clinton, Kerry, and numerous other luminaries were convinced of the threat and publicly made us aware, but somehow Bush's belief is sinister? The intelligence failures occurred during the Clinton administration with Bush inheriting a weakened military, patchwork intelligence networks that did not share information a la the Gorelick memo and terrorist plans that were reaching their final stage. How do they compare Bush's eight months in office to Clinton's eight years of squandered prosperity, inaction on terrorism and missed opportunities to get Bin Laden? His administration's high point was suing Microsoft which led to a market collapse, anyone with a portfolio knows. After the 9/11 attack on our financial center, I wondered if the economy would ever recover, but Bush cut taxes, gave small business incentives and now we have a staggeringly low 5.4% unemployment rate. That's something that was wildly heralded during Clinton's time, but suddenly it’s a disaster under Bush. Also unimportant is the fact that Kerry has no appreciable record after twenty years in the Senate. Perhaps Ms. Kreiss isn't salvagable if she exchanges "flipflopping" with "intellectual growth". I would like to tell her that intellectual giants are often paralyzed into inaction and the spinally challenged Kerry is no one to trust with the current World War. The stakes are too's good vs. evil. I submit to the readers that all heads should be removed from the sand and they must read between the lines of a biased media. Western civilization hangs in the balance.