Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hamas Will Drive Israel Into the Sea

Hamas Leader Mahmoud Zahar on Al-Manar TV: "Palestine means Palestine in its Entirety - From the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River... We Cannot Give Up a Single Inch of it... Why Should We Recognize Condoleezza Rice... or Israel's Right to Exist?"

click here for Video

Following are excerpts from an interview with Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar, which aired on Al-Manar TV on January 25, 2006. Read all here

Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: We will not give up the resistance in the sense of Jihad, martyrdom-seeking, sacrifices, arrests, the demolition of homes, and the uprooting of trees, at the same time, nor the shattering of the Israeli enemy's honor in all the confrontations - the war of tunnels and of security against the Israeli enemy, which ultimately led to its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank.

I Believe Iran has the Bomb

It makes perfect sense if you think about it. The taunting, the goading, the "wiping Israel off the map". When queried what a Holocaust survivor learned from his experience during the war, he said "when someone says they are going to kill you, they are going to kill you".



Rafi Eitan suspects that Iran already has enough enriched uranium fissionable material to manufacture at least one or two atom bombs of the Hiroshima type. "Otherwise Iranian President Ahmadinejad would not have dared come out with his declaration that Israel should be wiped off the map," repeating it in various versions. His efforts at denying the Holocaust in which six million Jews were slaughtered prove that there is method in Ahmadinejad's madness. "Don't treat him like a madman," Chief of General Staff Dan Halutz recently cautioned.

U.S. fears North Korea-Iran plutonium deal

Chavez, Castro, Evo embrace Iran

Remember what I said, the Ahmadinejad Doctrine or The Bush Doctrine, who side are you on?

It's that simple, just like Hitler and Churchill.

Agency: Iran Papers Are for an Atomic Bomb
A document obtained by Iran on the nuclear black market serves no other purpose than to make an atomic bomb, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Tuesday.

President Bush's State of the Union

Be there. Iran_death_to_americaIt should be nothing short of historic.

As readers of my blog know, I have long believed that the Bush Presidency will be defined by how he handled Iran.

Bush got what he wanted yesterday, as a first step.Iran got tied to the whipping post yesterday. The UN's five permanent members agreed that the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, should report Iran to the Security Council, according to the Associated Press.

The Security Council, in the wake of failed attempts by Western powers to get Iran to adhere to U.N. nuclear regulations, could impose sanctions or other strict punishments in March, the AP reported. Lets hope those sanctions go the way of Oil for Food, with Russia and China there is always a chance of serious skulduggery.

When President Bush talks to the Congress this evening about the importance of Iran's transition to democracy, will face some skepticism - fueled by his own State Department which has irked both houses by blocking support to Iran's pro-democracy movement for fear of disrupting now-failed nuclear talks

The House version of the Iran Freedom Support Act, introduced January 6, 2005, by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican of Florida [yes yes the sane Republican from Florida that just sponsored lefislation to cut Hamas off here] now has 333 cosponsors - almost 77% of the House. The Senate companion bill, introduced February 9, 2005, by Senator Santorum, a Republican of Pennsylvania, has 42 bipartisan co-sponsors, or almost half the Senate. 

Neither Senator Clinton nor Senator Schumer, both Democrats of New York, has signed on to the bill. *SPIT* 

Iranian President: "Westerners too Retarded to Grasp the Depth of the Concept"Read it all here.  Now. Please.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Congress Rushes to Cut Hamas Off Now

Hamas Is Resolute On Fighting Israel Washington Post
Days after Hamas's victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections, the group's exiled politicalProtestors_gaza_jan27_1 leader vowed Saturday to continue its confrontation with Israel. The Radical Islamic movement would turn its military wing into a national army for defensive reasons "like any other country".

Yes, you read that right, Hamas is assembling their own army. In the words of the immortal housekeeper in the Klaus Von Bulow case (when referring to the insulin) "for voos?"

Photo: Gaza City, Jan 27th

It's moments like these you gotta drop to your knees and thank Gd our boys control Congress;

Republican Ros-Lehtinen Bill Would Slash Funding

WASHINGTON — Congress is moving quickly in the face of Hamas’s victory in the Palestinian elections to slash American funding for the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations and ensure that America moves to isolate the new regime.    Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican of Florida, will introduce House legislation this week to slash American funding to the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations; designate the Palestinian Authority as a “terrorist sanctuary,” and close down some Palestinian Authority offices in America as part of a reduction of Palestinian-American diplomatic ties.

   Hamas_4 The bill would be the first official move in Washington toward cutting funding to the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority, as concern about the terrorist organization’s electoral victory has prompted increasingly vocal calls on Capitol Hill to stop aid to the Palestinian Arabs.

“Abu Mazen and the PA leadership were given numerous opportunities to prove what they’re made of — to prove that they’re committed to peace and security,” Ms. Ros-Lehtinen said yesterday of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas of the Fatah Party, also known as Abu Mazen. “They showed their stripes. Even after Israel withdrew from Gaza, they refused to disarm Hamas and other terrorists, and they allowed them to gain strength.

Lest you not forget, the United States is the number one contributor to the Palestinians. And Iran is the largest sponsor of Hamas.

This is rich

In addition to slashing aid and severing some diplomatic connections, the bill would designate the Palestinian Authority a “terrorist sanctuary,” under the terms of the 2004 “9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act.” The act, pursuant to the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, adds to the State Department’s state sponsors of terrorism list a separate designation for countries that knowingly harbor terrorists. “Terrorist sanctuaries” are subjected to sanctions applied against state sponsors of terrorism, including prohibitions against foreign aid and restrictions on trade and financial transactions.

   “You are either with us or against us on the war on terror,” Ms. Ros-Lehtinen said yesterday. ” [Amen-Atlas]

More thoughts on the Hamas victory from Neo-Con here

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The New Nazis

The new Nazis by Klaus Rohrich

Yesterday I wrote about the impotence that the world is showing through the UN in the face of Iran developing an Islamic nuclear weapon. There is a powerful historical parallel between the 1930s and today.

Adolf Hitler’s ideology combined a mystical destiny, an overwhelming sense of superiority, religion and an interminable hatred of Jews to form the fundamental tenets of National Socialism.

Mahmud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, presents a similar mix of beliefs that positions him and his country as the savior of Islam and the destroyer of all things Western. Ahmadinejad, Like Hitler, holds the belief that Jews are inherently evil and need to be eradicated in order to purify the world. And like Hitler, Ahmadinejad is arming Iran in preparation for a momentous confrontation with the hated Jews and their American supporters.

As Nazism flourished in most of Europe during the 1930s, so Islamism is now flourishing throughout the Middle and Far East. The avowed goal of Islamists, like that of the Nazis, is world domination and the extermination of the Jewish people. As such, the bellicose statements emanating from the likes of Ahmadinejad, Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban and others are reminiscent of the bellicosity that Hitler and his minions displayed prior to WWII.

The West, with the exception of Israel and the U.S. are behaving in much the same manner that their grandparents displayed during the 1930s. That is to say they do not believe war will come if only the Islamists get what they want. Much effort has been made to offer Iran material wealth and favorable trading terms in an attempt to purchase their abandoning the attainment of nuclear weapons. Yet, like Hitler, who took everything that was offered to him and gave nothing in return, Ahmadinejad is bound and determined that Iran will have nuclear weapons, his assertion that the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes notwithstanding

Read it all here in the Canadian Free Press, my northern neighbor continues to surprise me

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Iran Rachets it Up

Ratcheting up the stakes, Iran is begging, pleading for war.

Iran's Nuclear Issue Cannot Be Solved Through Escalation: UN Nuclear Chief

Yeah, agreed, so who is doing the escalating genius? Give 'em another Nobel Peace prize!


LONDON [MENL] -- Iran has completed a huge military exercise that tested Teheran's ability to attack Western shipping and Arab oil facilities in the Gulf.

Western diplomatic sources said that in December 2005 Iran completed its largest military exercise in years. The sources said the military conducted an air and sea exercise designed to test capabilities to strike U.S. and Arab targets throughout the Persian Gulf.

"The exercise was meant to show the West that Iran could stop all oil shipments in the Gulf and destroy numerous oil facilities in Gulf Arab countries," a diplomatic source said.The exercise included a range of fighter-jets and helicopters from the Iranian Air Force. The navy contributed surface vessels and submarines.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards chief warned the United States and Britain that Iran would respond with its missiles if attacked, a clear threat to Israel which lies within easy range of such a launch. [CBS News]

Two important developments here:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will meet in London on Monday with counterparts from Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany to discuss Iran.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is to hold a special meeting on Iran on Thursday and the United States is strongly pressing for the case to be referred to the UN Security Council.

Burns indicated that the administration believed it had enough votes to succeed.


SCHIEFFER:  Can the United States allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon?

PRESIDENT BUSH: The Free World cannot allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon, not just the United States, but those of us who value freedom, and that is why our strategy is to present and--and—and hold together a united front to say to the Iranians your designs to have a nuclear weapon or your desire to have the capability of making a nuclear weapon is unacceptable. It's very important that we speak to two groups: One is the government, and also the people. And in speaking to the people, my message is this: You know, we're not going to tell you how to live your life, but we would like you to be free. We would like you to be able to express yourselves in the--in the market--in the--in the open--in open, so without fear of reprisal. We want you to be able to vote and elect. And--but to the government, our message is, is that if you want to be a part of the family of nations, give up your nuclear weapons ambitions. Now, one of the things we have done is they have said they want to be able to have a civilian nuclear capacity, we want to be able to have our own nuclear power plant, and we've said we understand that. But because you're a nontransparent government, because you've openly stated your desire to destroy one of our allies, that you should be able to have a plant, but the--the--the uranium for running that plant will come from Russia, and Russia will provide the--provide the fuel, you will burn the fuel, and Russia will collect the fuel under IAEA safeguards.


Friday, January 27, 2006

Did Condi get to Bush?

I was surprised by Bush's response yesterday to the question of Iran's desire for nuclear weaponry.

I would never trust the Russians with Iran's nuclear enrichment and spent fuel. I mean really. The Russians are dying to get back into the superpower game and they discovered they don't have what it takes to do it on merit. They have to do it diabolically, so what else is new? Mind you, Russia plan 'not enough' for Iran.Russia's offer to enrich uranium for Iran behalf is "not sufficient" to end the nuclear stand-off, Iran says.

No, no, no, something else is at work here. Either it's lip service and we will be taking covertCondi military action or Condi got to Bush.

Condi, Condi, Condi................her capitulation, the single most depressing development on the world stage. Unlike Rummy and Cheney, Condi is not the warrior I had expected.

The State department has the notorious reputation of Arabists, antisemites, appeasers.....all the way back to Truman. I thought Condi would change the culture. Uh uh, just the opposite.

As Secretary of State,  she has become the leader of the appeasers. She opposes the most basic fundamental democratic ideals --- independence for the Kurds, stopping the Iranian WMD program, secure borders for Israel, and honest dialog (at the recent DOS Ramadan dinner with CAIR guests she lauded Islam as, not just a religion of "peace", but a religion of "peace and love" and the provider of "beneficence" to the United States here (hat tip MarcH)

I saw Bolton last night at AIPAC and while his remarks were off the record - there was nothing new here. Condi has shunted Bolton away form the real action (NSC, Near East Bureau, WMD Bureau) to the UN where he can only tilt at wind mills. 

  Click here: Coming Soon: Nuclear Theocrats?

This "realist," incentive-fond sentiment has been powerfully present in Foggy Bottom, which now dominates foreign policy--particularly Iran policy--in the Bush administration. Truth be told, the important voices at the State Department on Iran, which comprise now and then the Near East Bureau diplomats but especially the Europeanists riding high under Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, would have preferred to adopt a strategy geared more toward carrots than sticks. Engagement is a reflex at State: If diplomacy is seen essentially as a substitute for, not an intimately intertwined complement to, the threat and use of force, this disposition is unavoidable.

America is fully aware of the Iranian threat. A FOX News poll said Americans think Iran is the country that poses the greatest immediate danger to the United States. Americans Would Back Military Action in Iran Dispute, Poll Says (Bloomberg) -- A majority of Americans would support the U.S. taking military action against Iran if it continues to produce material that can be used to develop nuclear weapons.

Wouldn't cleaning out Iran make the mission in Iraq all that much easier?

CHENEY/GINGRICH '08 (if FDR could run the country from a wheelchair, Cheney can run the country with a pacemaker)

"If Iran goes nuclear, it will demonstrate conclusively that even the world's greatest superpower, unrivalled militarily, under a leadership of proven willingness to take bold military steps, could not stop a country as destabilizing as Iran from achieving its nuclear ambitions. No country in a region that is so riven by religious and ethnic hatreds will feel safe from the new regional superpower. No country in the region will be confident that the US and its allies will be able or willing to protect them from a nuclear strike by Iran. Nor will any regional power fear that the US and its allies will act to prevent them from emulating Iran. Say hello to a nuclear Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia" -- Times of London columnist Gerard Baker. (hat tip WSJ Political Journal)

Iran says Hamas 'earthquake' will shake US

UPDATE: January 28th

A day after  President George W. Bush gave public support to a Russian proposal to end the  Iran nuclear crisis, the US administration said it did not su[pport the plann 100% percent,  here

The United States has said that we find the Russian proposal to be interesting and it might be a good way to proceed with negotiations. We've never said that we accept every detail in that proposal," said Nicholas Burns, the assistant secretary of state for political affairs.

In a word? Good!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bush on Iran's Nukes

Hear the President's response to the Iranian nuclear question at today's press conference Download DW_A0009BushIran.wav

"The Iranians should have a civilian nuclear power program under these conditions, that the material used to power the plant would be manufactured in Russia delivered under IAEA inspectors to Iran to be used in that plant -- the waste of which will be picked up by Russians  and returned to Russia.

I think that that is a good plan. The Russians came up with that idea and I support it. And the reason why I think it makes sense is because I do believe that people ought to be allowed to have civilian nuclear power however I don't believe that non transparent rgimes that threaten the security of the world should be allowed to gain the technologies necessary to make a weapon and the Iranians have said we want a weapon --- and it's not in the world's interest that they have a weapon.

And so we are working hard to continue the diplomacy necessary to send a focused message to the Irania ngovernement and that is your desires for a weapon are unacceptable. Part of that diplomacy was to provide an acceptable alternative to the Iranian desire to have a civlian nuclear power industry.

Secondly we will support freedom movements all around the world. We constantly talked about today's reformers are tomorrow's leaders and therefore  will work with the groups that demand for people to be given the natural rights of men and women and that right is to live in a free society."

In other words, regime change now - Atlas

Meanwhile, in case there was any doubt as to the malevolent intention............look who is sidling up to Iran

Al-Bashir: Sudan backs Iran in nuclear issue

Sudan, savages..............child slavery, child rape, murder, crucifictions here

Petition to Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General International Atomic Energy Agency here 

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Iran Threatens to put Israel in "ETERNAL COMA LIKE SHARON"

Were Israel to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, Iran would respond so strongly that it would put the Jewish state into "an eternal coma" like Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's, the Iranian defense minister said Wednesday.

These savages are just disgusting. Intelligence suggests Iran might have already reached the point of no longer requiring foreign assistance to advance in its nuclear weapons program here.

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has said his country would not accept Iran's acquiring nuclear weapons under any circumstances. He stopped short of threatening a military strike against Iran - as Israel destroyed an unfinished Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 - but he said Israel was preparing for the possible failure of diplomatic negotiations with Iran.

A newscaster on Iranian state television read out a response from Iran's minister of defense, Gen. Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, on Wednesday.

"Zionists should know that if they do anything evil against Iran, the response of Iran's armed forces will be so firm that it will send them into eternal coma, like Sharon," Najjar said.

Bush: Israel Is Our Ally; We Won't Be Blackmailed by Iranian Bomb
President Bush said Monday, "I'm concerned when the country of Iran, their president, announces his desire to see that Israel gets destroyed. Israel is our ally. We're committed to the safety of Israel, and it's a commitment we will keep. Secondly, I'm concerned about a non-transparent society's desire to develop a nuclear weapon. The world cannot be put in a position where we can be blackmailed by a nuclear weapon." (White House)Belson_3

Iran ready to send 'investigators' to Nazi death camps
Iran says it is willing to send a team of "independent investigators" to visit former Nazi deaths camps across Europe -- but not President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has described the Holocaust as a "myth".

I have a better idea, let's send Ahmadjihadman to a death camp. I'll bring the Zyklon B...with pleasure.

UPDATE: Today, the Foundation for Democracy in Iran is launching the FDI Appeal to identify and freeze Iranian government assets around the world. Learn what you can do to help this effort below.

FDI believes that the ONLY way to seriously prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from pursuing clandestine nuclear research is by hitting the regime and top regime leaders in the pocket book. By denying the regime access to international financial markets, the world community can cripple the regime’s ability to sell oil, buy weapons, and finance its terrorist networks around the world.

This is the single most effective sanction that could be imposed on the Islamic Republic.

If you believe you have information that could help to identify foreign bank accounts, corporations, real estate and other material assets controlled by the Tehran regime or top regime officials overseas,
the FDI Appeal by contacting us at the following email: exec@iran.org. All replies will be kept confidential.
Read it all here


"Iran May be Preparing Another Holocaust"

A Most-Wanted Terrorist Is Spotted in Syria

WASHINGTON - One of the American government's most wanted terrorists visited Syria late last week with Iran's President Ahmadinejad, according to a former Reagan administration national security official and Iran watchers on Capitol Hill.

"Iran May be Preparing Another Holocaust"

Israel's ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, on Tuesday called Iran's plan for a conference to examine the evidence for the Holocaust as proof that Iran was run by an "extreme, fundamentalist, lunatic regime" and "proof of what a global threat Iran really is." "I fear that the only reason Iran is showing so much interest in the Holocaust is because they may be preparing another Holocaust and it is up to the world and the United Nations to prevent that from happening,"(AP/ABC News)

The case for war.
I intend to make it. Here. Everyday. Every way. Without let up. And who am I you may ask yourself. Me? I am no one, and I am everyone. I am the proverbial "American Street" a juxta to the "Arab Street" we hear so much about and cow tow to.

Iran operates by proxy. They are training Iraqi fighters, they have prolonged and funded the barbarians undermining the fragile new state of democracy in Iraq. Moqtada Al Sadr travels to Iran. They have financed hizbollah to the tune of 100 million dollars. They aid and abet al qaida leaders. I am sure Bin Laden found safe haven there. Iran defiant as world weighs action in atomic row

We are still circle jerking on United Nations Security council sanctions. Sanctions at the very least and yet knowing what we know about the United Nations sanctions enforcement, you can't help but be  skeptical at best.

Iran is a monstrous aggressor whose first aggression is against their own people. The only thing that would stop them from starting a nuclear war is America .

Thinking the Unthinkable about Iran, read it all over at The American Thinker;

“No nuclear weapon ever designed has failed to go off.”

Earl sent me this Memri clip Iranian Pilgrims in Mecca Shout "Death to America, the Great Satan" in an Anti-American Rally click here and says "if you haven't seen this MEMRI clip you darn sure  need to watch it!   

It’s the Iranian’s working the crowds into war frenzy during the Mecca  hate-fest.   Call it, ‘Munich-Berlin 1938 Redux - Sans Beer.’"


Has history taught us nothing?

Monday, January 23, 2006

The More I know, The More I know

The more I know, the more convinced I am that the good ole US of A must act unilaterally

IAEA rules out early Iran report
The International Atomic Energy Agency chief ruled out advancing a wide-ranging report on Iran's disputed nuclear work in time for a February 2 IAEA crisis meeting, dealing a setback to U.S.-EU efforts to crack down on Tehran.

Iran: Large Scale Nuclear Threat

Iran threatens to carry out enrichment on industrial scale: Larijani
Iran would carry out uranium enrichment on an industrial scale if it was hauled up before theMadman_3 UN Security Council, Tehran's nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani warned in an interview in the Financial Times.

Iranian President Becomes the New Arab Poster Boy - Patrick Bishop
The Arab street has a new poster boy. Iranian President Ahmadinejad's anti-Western rhetoric is winning him heroic status among the Middle East's masses. Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser inspired a generation of Arab nationalists. Saddam Hussein's defiance of America won admirers even among Arabs who detested his tyranny. The position of Middle East strongman is currently vacant. (Telegraph-UK)

Let's look at these two new stories. The first says it all, Iran is going nuclear. Period. Try and stop them and they will go nuclear in a big way (as opposed to a small way?)

And while the left lunatic liberal press may want to paint him as a aberration he has become a hero to that famed boulevard "the arab street". HmmmmmmmAhmadjihadman, a boulevardier.

And while America looks askance, turns away, avoids the obvious. Like an alcoholic needs an intervention, so too the American people. We are at war. Not suddenly, but for quite some time. But the stakes have never been higher. Long a villain, Iran gets tougher,.Virtually every year, the State Department issues a report fingering state sponsors of international terrorism. Without fail, the name at the top of the list is always the same: Iran.

Sanctions must be imposed now, regime change from inside (or outside), what in Gd's name could the world possibly be waiting for?

Regime Change Iran: Israelnn reported that Ken Timmerman claimed that  and the Israel will destroy Iran's nuclear facilities in less than 10 weeks from now. Audio of the interview.

Kerry's Advice on Iran: Give Them Nuclear Fuel (what a schmuck)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Switzerland turns other Cheek

Knowing what we know of the Swiss and their "neutrality", my only question is, did the Swiss make this decision after Iran decided to move its money out of Europe here . Just askin'

UBS Cancels All Banking Business With Iran
Swiss banking giant UBS AG said Sunday it has stopped doing business with Iran because of the company's economic and risk analysis of the situation in the country

This is almost unbelievable considering Switzerland's previous activity. Remember my post back in October?
"Neutral" Swiss Clean$ing Money for Terror States Iran, Iraq and Cuba here

The New York Sun: Congressional investigators probing weather the world's largest "wealth management" firm, [SWISS BANK]  UBS, may have laundered $5 billion in American currency for state sponsors of terrorism are pushing for the American government to block or seize any assets that may be held by the Castro regime at the Swiss bank's vault in Zurich.
        Germany's Gold, repeat verse same as the first


Surprise, Surprise. The "neutral" Swiss are at it again. I can hear Stolen_art "Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles" [ MIDI-Melodie herunterladen ]echoing in the blood soaked air.

Washing the stolen money and art for the Germans during World War II, and now laundering the blood stained money of the largest state sponsors of terror, Iran, Iraq, and Cuba.

Some 75% of all gold transactions made by the Reichsbank during World War Two were made through Swiss banks. It has to make you question the sincerity of  their admission and apology back in 1997;

"We are ready to apologize for those who traded humanity for profits," said  Margrith Ledermann, the Swiss consul in San Francisco.

Ah yes I remember it well.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nuclear Iran or how I learned to Love the Bomb

UPDATED, Iran 'received nuke shipments' and Iran pulls its money from European banks

It seems Iran received three shipments of sophisticated P-2 centrifuges capable of enriching uranium, diplomats said on Friday, which could support Western claims that Tehran is hiding sensitive nuclear work.

One diplomat said there were reportedly three shipments of one centrifuge each from the black-market network of disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan in 1997.

AQ Khan a veritable Wal-Mart of Nuclear weaponary

They are in quite a hurry aren't they? Why the rush? Because once they have them, THEY HAVE THEM.

The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it. Withdraw your sanction.


UPDATE: The State Department, reacting negatively to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's meeting in Damascus with leaders of militant Palestinian groups, said Friday that neither Iran nor Syria can proclaim itself a champion of the Palestinian people. More here.

Unlike State, I do not believe Ahmadjihadman, Chinless Denstist, and the various terror barbarians were "championing Palestinian rights", I think they are strategizing and writing war plans. oh yeah

And Joe I have been saying this months...........

in other ridiculous news;

IAEA inspectors to visit Iran in next two days to verify nuclear program
Better bring plenty of KY jelly Mr. Nobel-Peace-prize-winning El Baradei.

Not to be missed: “Iran possesses banned nuclear machinery” this according to an Iranian exile group. They said that Tehran had acquired banned machinery to further the country's nuclear weapons ambitions.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Listen guys you will have to live with it...........me too. OIL SPIKE! Get used to it. I will pay and so will you. I REFUSE to be held hostage to cheap oil prices. President Ahmadjihadman will have to blackmail elsewhere. Paying more is the American way!

Oil nears $69 as Iran talks tough
Oil prices surged on Friday to the highest level since September's hurricanes crippled oil output from the Gulf of Mexico, as tensions mounted over OPEC-member Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Spoiled no more. It hurts but so what? They can kiss my ass, I'll buy a cheaper Java blend eh?

What a night here in the Caribbean


me and my gang, future warriors of the US of A kicking ass and taking names

Bush Warns Against Nuclear-Armed Iran
Washington Post
President Bush declared yesterday that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose "a grave threat to the security of the world" as he tried to rally support from other major powers for U.N. Security Council action unless a defiant Tehran abandons any aspirations for nuclear weapons.

Iran Declares War

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's probably not "peaceful technology."

By their fruits ye shall  know them"). And so we know them.

Here are today's "fruits du jour"....madmen marching to Armageddon.

Israel: Iran Funded Tel Aviv Bombing -
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Israel has "decisive proof that the attack in Tel Aviv was a direct result of the Axis of Terror that operates between Iran and Syria. Iran supplied the money, and [Islamic] Jihad's headquarters in Damascus directed the organization's operatives in Nablus, giving operational orders and instructions." Israel has given details of the intelligence behind Mofaz's statements to the U.S., the EU, and Egypt.

    Mofaz noted that the blast occurred while Iranian President Ahmadinejad was in Damascus meeting with Syrian President Assad in "the terror summit." "Damascus is the only place where the Iranian president is still welcomed," Mofaz noted. "The Iranian-Syrian terror axis is not Israel's private problem." According to police, the bomber blew himself up in the restaurant's bathroom and may have been trying to prepare the explosive device when it went off prematurely. (Ha'aretz) we love premature ejacualtion

In another very telling development from the global psych ward;

FDI has learned from sources in Iran that the high command of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force have issued new orders to Shahab-3 missile units, effective since Tuesday, Jan. 16, ordering them to move mobile missile launchers every 24 hours in view of a potential pre-emptive strike by the U.S. or Israel. FDI's source says the launchers move only at night, and have been instructed to change their postions "in a radius of 30 to 35 kilometers." Before the new orders, the Shahab-3 units changed position on a weekly basis. Advance Shahab-3 units have been positioned in Kermanshah and Hamadan province, within striking distance of Israel. Reserve mobile launchers have bee moved to Esfahan and Fars province.

Separate sources in the U.S. and Iran have told FDI recently that the Iranian regime is planning a nuclear weapons test before the Iranian New Year on March 20, 2006.

In Tehran, a website with close ties to former president Hashemi-Rafsajani, aftab.com, today carried an interview with "national security expert," Shahrouz Ebrahimi. In an article titled "The military threat against Iran is serious," Ebrahimi argued that given the serious miltiary threats now facing Iran from Israel and the United States, "the decision-makers should observe the strategic interests of Iran, not their own tactical interests. They should pursue a moderate understanding of the world." It was one more shot across the bow of Ahmadinejad from the Rafsajani camp. ...Foundation for Democracy in Iran.

True that

Just for knowing, I grabbed my gang and we are en route to bluer skies, beaches, and nightclubs. I will be dancing as fast as I can, For now I am going to swim with the big fishes,  Posting frequency will vary by my luck at the tables. hOOha

UPDATE: taranto at the WSJ;

We're So Confused!
"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began a visit to Syria Thursday to consolidate an old alliance made increasingly crucial as both countries face mounting U.S. pressure and the threat of international sanctions," the Associated Press reports:

Syria is Iran's closest Arab ally. The two countries have had close relations since 1980 when Syria sided with Iran against Iraq at the start of the Iran-Iraq war.

How is this possible? Syria is a secular Baathist dictatorship, while Iran is ruled by Muslim fundamentalists. Everyone knows these groups are like oil and water; that's why Saddam Hussein's Iraq never had anything to do with al Qaeda! (Well, other than things like hosting terrorist training camps, sending officials to visit al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan, sheltering Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, publishing magazines celebrating the Sept. 11 attacks, and a few other things like that. But c'mon, that's small beer!)



Wednesday, January 18, 2006

WTF? Backing Off Iran?

Oh to be a fly on the wall in these backroom meetings where duh shit gets fixed. We are backing off ....... Or is this a charade to allow Iran a face saving move ?........Telling the outside world one thing and doing another?
West Tells Russia It Won't Press to Penalize Iran Now
Diplomats said that they were pursuing a limited effort to convene a Security Council debate and send the matter back to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

oh yeah that's the ticket-- the IAEA........isn't that how we got here in the first place?

It's high noon at the OK Corral, fellas.

IAEA to hold emergency meeting on Iran on Feb. 2
The International Atomic Energy Agency will hold an emergency meeting on Feb. 2 on Iran's nuclear activities at the request of Britain, France and Germany, the IAEA said Wednesday.

So let me understand this. It's an emergency but it can wait until February 2nd? 

It's all about the intel, isn't it? What if the intel is right? What if the intel is wrong? What if the intel says 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 years? What do you do? Nothing? Because you can't really know for sure.

The intel can't be perfect. This much we do know. Iraq taught us that, eh? The intel in Iraq was not perfect and the American left and the left leaning world have not stop recriminating.

And now it seems Gd in his infinite wisdom shows us that Iraq was merely the opening act for the really big shoe. (Gd is a comedienne playing to an audience with no sense of humor) The really big shoe, the ultimate test of our intellectual and testicular fortitude. Iran was always the big get, tough to take down, tougher to take out. Playing the long hand strategically, wasn't it smarter to remove the Iraqi despot before the really big Iranian shoe? Wasn't that necessary?  Don't misunderstand me, I am not suggesting that that is the reason we invaded Iraq but it was definitely a plus in the strategic and tactical columns . It was smart. It is still smart.

Speaking of shoes....................eluxury.com had this insane PUCCI shoe on sale from $675 down to  $195, just one size left (two sizes too big for me), I bought them anyway. Going down baby in a blaze of fabulous fit challenged footwear. Channeling the Manolo........

Speaking of good intel/bad intel from Power line;

The Predator strike has been widely denounced as a "botched" attempt to kill Swahili. It appears, on the contrary, that it was a well-executed strike that would have succeeded if Swahili had shown up for dinner. In addition to killing a number of aides who were evidently close to Swahili, the attack, which was apparently based on human intelligence, should have good effects. It presumably will arouse suspicion and confusion in AL QED over the identity of the informant and the depth of our penetration of the organization or its allies, and it will remind villagers in the region of the dangers involved in aiding the terrorists.

Speaking of religious fervor Dr. Sanity observes the following;

The schizophrenic patients I have seen with religious delusions were often the hardest to treat and least responsive to medication. Most of them had such severely impaired thinking processes that they could hardly function on a day-to-day basis; let alone would they have been able to rise to a position of influence or power in any culture. But there were a few who were notable for their single-minded and persistent incorporation of everything they came in contact with into their delusional system; and who had only contempt for anyone who didn't subscribe to their psychotic ideas. These latter patients exhibited a psychopathically clever and manipulative intelligence that was completely immune to any insight into their illness. These patients' were chillingly and frighteningly serious about their delusion, and to them you were nothing.

Meanwhile, back at the asylum the mental patient is picking up his marbles and going home

'Iran will halt nuclear cooperation with IAEA if referred to UN'

Maybe they are cocky for a reason here. Deputy Chairman for International Affairs of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines Fereydoun Entezari called for joint ventures between Iran and China in the Iranian economic sector.

Addressing a gathering to study prospects for Tehran-Beijing economic cooperation Monday evening, he said expansion of private sector cooperation between the two countries can pave the way for establishment of business partnerships.

It's good to have friends.

UPDATE: Go over to Le Monte de Sisyphe for this afternoon's international developments from an European point of view Tel Aviv bombing and Iran;

A Palestinian terrorist has blown himself up on a Tel Aviv market this afternoon. So far, it seems that 15 persons have been wounded. Of course, this means that 15 more persons and their relatives are going to be traumatized for the rest of their lives. No press agency tells you this. Its' interesting though to see the official reactions:

Javier Solana (that's the guy dealing with foreign policy issues in the EU):

Solana said the attack occurred at a moment of great importance "for the future of Palestine, because of elections." He appealed "to everybody to forget terrorist acts and to give political life a chance. Elections are the only way civilized countries can express themselves."

What Palestine? The one on UN maps? As far as I know there is no "Palestine". And Javier, please, "forgetting" about terror has always been a trademark of the Europeans and leftist antisemites all over the world. Don't ask the victims to do so as well.

on Jacques!
French president Jacques Chirac expresses his willingness to use nuclear weapons against states launching terrorist attacks on France (I hate to quote AFP):  

"Leaders of any state that uses terrorist means against us, as well as any that may be envisaging -- in one way or another -- using weapons of mass destruction, must understand that they would be exposing themselves to a firm and appropriate response on our behalf," [Chirac] said Thursday.


The Axis of Evil: The Ahmadinejad Doctrine

Iranian Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani noted the importance of expanding Tehran-Havana relations saying both countries must come together to confront unilateralism of “the big power” -- an obvious reference to the U.S.

In a disquieting development, Castro visited Tehran in November where he given sacred IslamicGlobal_chessboard_5 texts in Spanish and was invited by Iran’s religious leadership to convert to Islam. “We spoke to Castro for several hours and I think we even almost managed to convince him to convert to Islam,” said one source close to the meeting. “Castro is certain that the Cuban people are suffering from a lack of spiritually, and seems interested in Islam, above all the writings of Iranian leader Khomeini,” the source said. More here at Front Page

Malaysian: U.S. Scheming on Iran, Syria 

  • Pakistan to stand by Iran in case of aggression: Kasuri
    Head of Egypt's rising political force echoes Iran leader, says Holocaust myth

    Kyrgyzstan supports Iran's nuclear activity:
    Castrochavez2_7Venezuelan President Chavez: “The descendants of the Christ-killers” control the world.

  • and not to be outdone  Russia, China want talks not sanctions on Iran. Russia will fulfil a $700-million contract for the supply of modern air defences to Iran despite an escalating crisis over Tehran's nuclear programme, Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov has said here.

    The "Bush Doctrine" stated plainly that there would be  no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them, Ahmadinejad has stated his intentions plainly. Who is with him? Get your checklist out. The boil off the Florida Coast is festering.

    The Iran Charade, Part II - Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post)

    • Britain, France, and Germany admitted that their two years of talks to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program had collapsed. This negotiating exercise, designed as an alternative to the U.S. approach of imposing sanctions on Iran for its violations of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, gave Iran time to harden its nuclear facilities against bombardment, acquire new antiaircraft capacities and clandestinely advance its program.
    • Instead of being years away from the point of no return for an Iranian bomb, as we were before we allowed Europe to divert anti-proliferation efforts into transparently useless talks, Iran is probably just months away, and now led by a president who fervently believes in the imminence of the apocalypse.
    • Having delayed two years, we now have to deal with a set of fanatical Islamists who we know will not be deterred from pursuing nuclear weapons by any sanctions. Even if we could get real sanctions. Which we will not.
    • The Chinese in particular have secured in Iran a source of oil and gas outside the American sphere to feed their growing economy and are quite happy geopolitically to support a rogue power that - like North Korea - threatens, distracts, and diminishes the power of China's chief global rival, the United States.
    • The Europeans have no appetite for real sanctions either. A cutoff of investment and high-tech trade from Europe would be a minor irritant to a country of 70 million people with the second-largest oil reserves in the world and with oil at $60 a barrel. It is the Iranians who have the world over a barrel. On Jan. 15, Iran's economy minister warned that Iran would retaliate for any sanctions by cutting its exports to "raise oil prices beyond levels the West expects.

    Iran confident of escaping Security Council referral
    Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said there was only a "weak" chance of his country being referred to the UN Security Council over its disputed nuclear programme.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    Iran "This Cancerous Tumor [Israel] is Surgery"

    Iran TV Discussion on the Myth of the Gas Chambers and the Truth of Protocols of the Elders of Zion; "The Only Solution for This Cancerous Tumor [Israel] is Surgery"
    Iranian Political Analysts Discuss the Holocaust: Jews Burned Christians in Yemen, Poor Austrian Taxpayers' Money Goes to Zionists on Account of Crematoria, German Soldiers Were Not Protected from Zyklon-B Gas



    The Most Disturbing News I heard all day

    is at the end of this thread here.

    Monday, January 16, 2006

    Holding our Breath on Iran Mr. Bolton

    There is great comfort in knowing John Bolton is the point man on "the Iranian situation." Things would not have gotten so hot if attention was paid earlier to Ahmadjihad. Mr. Bolton advocated for action against Iran in the past— he opposed the postponement of a council referral in 2003

    The New York Sun reports a committee led by the French, which includes America and other European powers, is drawing up a list of sanction options likely to influence any resolution put before the U.N. Security Council next month.

    A committee led by the fwench is not encouraging, considering they have already said TALK OF SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN IS PREMATURE: FRANCE. 

    The list includes limiting the travel of Iranian diplomats; restricting their membership in international organizations; expelling known intelligence officers attached toIranian embassies; limiting Iran’s import of dual-use items that could be diverted to its nuclear program, and — at its most punitive — banning the export of refined petroleum to the country, which imports 40% of the refined petroleum it uses.

    The travel ban is bullshit, the ban on the export of refined oil into the country is the ticket. The  government heavily subsidizes the oil  industry in Iran. It's a huge government stipend and they could ill afford a wild spike in refined oil prices. It would break the fiscal back of that regime and cause great civil disobedience.

    The meeting of the big 5 is scheduled one day after Iran’s Foreign Ministry announced plans to hold an international conference to examine the Holocaust, an event Iran’s president has said is a myth perpetrated by Zionists.

    argh.............Why God chose the Jews

       These diplomatic developments portend a confrontation next month between Iran and America’s ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, who will hold the rotating presidency of the Security Council in February. Mr. Bolton has been one of the toughest critics of Iran inside the Bush administration since he oversaw the nonproliferation and arms control file for the State Department in President Bush’s first term. Mr. Bolton’s advocacy for action against Iran — he opposed the postponement of a council referral in 2003 — has prompted the regime in Tehran to attack him personally in the state-run press.

    Iran is badmouthing Bolton? Wow, he is mightier than thought........I love that Bolton has been one of the toughest critics of these madmen. REMEMBER the RINOS that voted against him when you go to the polls in November.

    Bolton is going to need all the support the sphere can muster. It won't be easy. Last week Annan practically declared he is ready to do business with President Ahmadinejad. Annan would love another oil for food slush fund, eh? All kidding aside, Iran believes the West is on the decline and that the time has come for world domination.

    Iran is not omnipotent.It's a minority regime, they are vulnerable. They are highly dependent  on the world for trade, for legitimacy, for popularity at home. Their economy is a basket case as it is. If you start shutting down their ability to import, they don't even have refining capabilities. So nothing can run in Iran without imported oil from Europe so there's enough leverage to make them stop. Most of their imports are from the West are industrial goods. They need those imports to operate their factories. They already have very high unemployment. What would happen if somebody got up and said NO MORE FACTORY PIECES, NO MORE MACHINERY FOR YOU? Think of the implications of  that would have inside Iran.

    They are not all powerful, they are highly vulnerable. They make it appear that they are all powerful........and everyone believes them, but they are an empty shell.

    Take them before the security council,  impose sanctions,  this is the way to make them stop. WITH OR WITHOUT CHINA AND RUSSIA,  pressure must be brought to bear. They were stopped before when they were faced with censure, with a challenge  from the world.  But they continue when they feel they can call our bluff. 
    They may be Radical Islamists but they understand power.


    UPDATE: Apparently Iran banned CNN over nuclear translation (a government official said CNN mistakenly quoted President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying his country is seeking nuclear weapons) - Whaaaaaat? Only Ahmadjihadman can say it? I don't get it. [scratches head, moves on]

    Does this include Aljazeera? CNN owns al jizz.............just askin'.

    Radioactive Republic of Iran, WSJ Hat tip Rick - Here's the money quote;

    Diplomacy can only work when both sides are sincere. Like an abused spouse, Western policy makers blame themselves rather than understand the fault is not theirs. There is no magic formula waiting to be discovered. To Tehran, the West is naïve. More diplomacy will only give the Islamic Republic time to achieve its nuclear goal. The only solutions that can rectify the problem are those that deny the Islamic Republic its nuclear arsenal or those that enable Iranians to cast aside theocracy and its aggressive ideology and instead embrace freedom.

    The way I see it.
    Head_up_assWhat is the left gonna do now? They have based their whole
    platform on the quicksand of imperfect intel. Well what would they have us do in Iran? There will never be perfect intel with these deceiving regimes until they drop the bomb. That's what the despots do, they lie, cheat and steal. And with a President like Clinton that cut our defense and intel off at the knees, what did they expect? Perfect intel? BLAME BUSH!

    What the left would have us do?Nothing?  No preemption? What then? Wait until what?
    Iran is calling out you punks on left. Whatcha gonna do punks?

    UPDATE: My favorite shrink thinks (as I do) that a nuclear Iran is inevitable. Here is his  psychoanalysis of the ahmadjidad man -- its a must read ( I would think the good doctor  needed a proctologist just to gain access).

    Sunday, January 15, 2006

    Iran: Cycle of Appeasement

    Javier Solana said here: A military strike against Iran for its refusal to halt nuclear research is ruled out.

    Remarks like these it show how tuned into the Eurabian psyche of appeasement (or as I like to call it the "cycle of appeasement") those Iranian mullahs are.

    Ajmadinejad Iran calls for atomic talks
    Reuters via Yahoo! News
    Iran said on Sunday diplomacy was the only way to resolve the impasse over its nuclear program but that it would not reverse its widely criticized decision to resume atomic research after a break of more than two years.

    Scandinavian update here. Let's hope Bush doesn't go "state dept." on this and circle jerk until Ahmadineajad Ahmadjihad accomplishes his not so secret goal of holding the world hostage to his nukes. We have got to put the screws to these guys a/s/a/p, everyday they stall, is a day closer to Nuclear iran. What I said!

    TALK OF SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN IS PREMATURE: FRANCE  ha! old reliable eh? The five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany will hold talks in London on Monday to plan a pivotal meeting on the Iran nuclear crisis.More here

    The good news? We do control the airspace over Iraq and while we can't expect Israel to carry the burden of the world on their shoulders (Atlas indeed), the Israelis know they are just as vested in a nuclear free solution as the West is. Israel wants the west to deal more urgently with Iran.

    WHY G-d chose the Jews

    Interesting piece; The Origins of the Great War of 2007 and how it could have been prevented

    The devastating nuclear exchange of August 2007 represented not only the failure of diplomacy, it marked the end of the oil age. Some even said it marked the twilight of the West. Certainly, that was one way of interpreting the subsequent spread of the conflict as Iraq's Shi'ite population overran the remaining American bases in their country and the Chinese threatened to intervene on the side of Teheran.

    Yet the historian is bound to ask whether or not the true significance of the 2007-2011 war was to vindicate the Bush administration's original principle of pre-emption. For, if that principle had been adhered to in 2006, Iran's nuclear bid might have been thwarted at minimal cost. And the Great Gulf War might never have happened. Hat tip Atlas readers

    and while I certainly don't agree with some of Ferguson's tenets, it is a good logical read

    In related biz Iran's proxy Syria, the organ grinder's monkey, REGIME CHANGE SYRIA. We gotta support this guy. BIG TIME. Send him $$$$, military support and give that chinless dentist a one way ticket to Hades;

    Syria's former VP prepares government in exile:
    Syria's former vice president Abdel Halim Khaddam reportedly said he was preparing a government in exile as he is convinced that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be forced to step down this year

    Malkin has the roundup here

    Saturday, January 14, 2006

    Iran, Handling the Mental patient: Good News, Bad News

    IAEA to OK referring Iran to United Nations Security Council
    A proposal by Britain, France and Germany for Iran's nuclear program to be discussed at the U.N. Security Council will be approved at an extraordinary board meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency to be held shortly, European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana said.

    and some very bad news;Ahmadinejad_2

    WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Iran was said to have built more than 5,000 gas centrifuges for its nuclear weapons program. Iranian opposition sources said Teheran built the centrifuges for its nuclear plant at Natanz without the knowledge of the International Atomic Energy Agency and European Union.

    and more bad news, call the bastard out on it a/s/a/p. Iran Threatens to End Nuclear Cooperation WTF? What cooperation?

    Iran threatened Friday to end surprise inspections and other cooperation with the U.N. nuclear watchdog if it is referred to the U.N. Security Council over its nuclear program, and the president vowed his country won't be intimidated by sanctions.

    Iran says UN referral won't end its nuclear plans

    Iran_nukes_1 Reuters: Iran will not be deflected from its right to develop nuclear technology by referral to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday.

    BTW, will someone pass President Ahjihadmadman a real gun for heavens sake?

    Satellite Photo Shows New Work at Iranian Nuke Site

    WASHINGTON — A private Washington institution dedicated to lessening the global threat of nuclear weapons released a satellite photograph Friday that it said shows extensive new construction at a newly restarted nuclear plant in Iran.
    The photo of the plant at Natanz was taken Jan. 2 and depicts seven buildings under construction that have appeared in the last year, said Corey Hinderstein, deputy director of the Institute for Science and International Security.
    The site at Natanz, 135 miles southeast of Tehran in central Iran, includes Iran's main fuel enrichment plant where Iranian technicians removed seals Tuesday that had been installed by the International Atomic Energy Agency. It also resumed research on nuclear fuel, which included small-scale enrichment.

    Excerpts from January 14th Ahmadinejad Press Conference

    Iran to Hold Conference on Validity of Holocaust

    What I said................

    Tangential Update: Do you agree wth Santorum that liberals and the media are undermining support for the Iraq war? Cast your vote KQV-AM’s online poll


    Friday, January 13, 2006

    Jew Hate: The Bond that Cements Despots

    You have often heard me say that the historically, the Jew is the canary in the coal mine. If you want to check the freedom of any given society, the litmus test is the level of antisemitism. Think about it.
    Weekly Standard: Hugo Chávez veers into anti-Semitism while explaining how to create a workers' paradise

    ON CHRISTMAS EVE, Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez's Christian-socialist cant drifted into anti-Semitism. "The world is for all of us," he said, "then, but it so happens that a minority, the descendents of the same ones that crucified Christ, the descendents of the same ones that kicked Bolivar out of here and also crucified him in their own way over there in Santa Marta, in Colombia. A minority has taken possession all of the wealth of the world . . . " sound familiar? - Atlas

    These sentiments were not new and Chávez, for his part, has long associated with anti-Semitic figures. One of Chávez's early mentors was the Holocaust-denying Argentine social scientist Norberto Ceresole. Shortly after ascending to the presidency, Chávez wrote to the imprisoned terrorist known as Carlos (who is a Venezuelan national) calling him a distinguished compatriot. In 2000 Chávez became the first head of state to meet with Saddam since the first Gulf War; he even received a Human Rights Award from Libya's Moammar Gadhafi. In December, Chávez hosted a meeting of the U.N. Committee for the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.

    But most seriously, Chávez has established an alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has long been the leading state sponsor of terrorism internationally and against Israel. When then Iranian President Mohammed Khatami visited Caracas in March 2005, Chávez voiced his support for Iran's nuclear program and awarded Khatami Venezuela's highest honor, the Order of the Liberator. (There is a Simon Bolivar Street in Tehran.) During this visit the two countries signed 20 agreements to cooperate on economic development projects. These warm relations have continued under the new Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has explicitly called for Israel's destruction.

    With Iranian nuclear aspirations gaining notice this week, it's worth directing attention to the growing relationship between Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez. The Reagan administration repulsed Soviet efforts to set up camp in Central America. Iranian designs on Venezuela perhaps deserve similar U.S. attention. 

    The warmth and moral support between Ahmadinejad and Chávez is very public. The two tyrants are a lot more than just pen pals. Venezuela has made it clear that it backs Iran's nuclear ambitions and embraces the mullahs' hateful anti-Semitism. What remains more speculative is just how far along Iran is in putting down roots in Venezuela.

    In September, when the International Atomic Energy Agency offered a resolution condemning Iran for its "many failures and breaches of its obligations to comply" with its treaty commitments, Venezuela was the only country that voted "no." Ahmadinejad congratulated the Venezuelan government, calling the vote "brave and judicious." More here

    The Ahmadinejad Doctrine

    The  Ahmadinejad Doctrine. Just as President Bush declared a "Bush Doctrine" stating plainly that there would be  no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them, Ahmadinejad is stating his judenrein plainly and telling the world you are either with him or against him. Basically, he is opening the door to all the jew hating closet dwellers to come out of the closet. Their day has come. No more shame. Just as Hitler did. And, if you recall, a large part of the  world embraced Hitler for it (including many Americans - Teddy "not to worry I can swim" Kennedy's father - Ambassador to England at the time for one).



    Hmm.........Southwest Asia eh?

    Check out this delicious, obscure news item-out of Indianapolis-from agile, alert reader Ford:

    122nd Fighter Wing to leave in the wee hours

    From staff reports: Members of the Fort Wayne-based 122nd Fighter Wing are F16_1 scheduled to leave for Southwest Asia about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday from the unit’s headquarters on Ferguson Road. It represents the wing’s largest single deployment since it was called to Chambley, France, in 1961 during the Berlin Crisis. This deployment is in support of ongoing operations in the U.S. Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF) area of responsibility, which includes Southwest Asia. The unit will deploy fighter pilots, as well as maintenance and support personnel.

    Now isn't that wildly interesting?..........According to Wikipedia

    Southwest Asia is partly coterminous with the traditional European name "the Middle East". The term "Western Asia" has become the preferred term of use for the Middle East by international organizations (most notably the United Nations) and also in African and Asian countries, such as India, because of the perceived Eurocentrism of the historical term "Middle East".

    View video clip showing the F-16 in flight. Ford writes;

    That's a lot of F-16s for a conflict that's winding down in Iraq. Considering the recent Israeli purchase of a special long range version of the F-16. It has fuel tanks that are formed to match the contours of the wing and are located on the top of the wing root. This means they can be fitted with one very large load (read bunker buster) on the centerline where the external fuel tank is normally mounted. IMHO the only place we could base so Wink_4 many F-16s in the region is Iraq and any attack by the Israelis would likely go through Iraq. We could be planning use the F-16s to augment an attack by the Israelis; while

    The key now is to keep the footprint small so that the force easily sustainable in the attack position. The attack force needs to be in theater for some time to create the impression of a sustained level of activity, on the Iranian border, so that when a flight goes "off course" the Iranians aren't particularly alarmed. With our air superiority it will be quick and decisive

    Mr. Ford, I gotta tell you, I love the way you think.

    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    What Must Be Done With Iran

    Wild rhetoric. Accelerated nuclear activity.

    Iran has certainly ratcheted up the stakes. Let's evaluate. Iran is a regional superpower. Like superpowers in the past, they project power, they project power through a nuclear umbrella and through terrorist networks they have already laid whether that be in Iraq or Afghanistan or Lebanon or among the Palestinians.

    The critical days are right now,

    because what they announced to the IAEA a few days ago,  removing the seals, re-operating the enrichment facilities and that they'll be running cascades ( the only thing they don't know how to do yet to operate a bomb - running cascades) - these groupings of centrifuges so that they can enrich enough material to produce bombs.They are now focused on the last part that they don't know how to do. And we are facing it right now.

    So we are seeing a lot of positive momentum......if all this activity (in Europe, the IAEA, security council referral, sanctions) is successful, that's great, if not it is another message to Iran that they can keep sticking their finger in the eyeball of the world. This is not just America's problem. This is everyone's problem.

    The next few weeks will be the time that tries men's souls. Our goal must be to get the international com unity to deal with this NOW.

    Iran is not omnipotent.It's a minority regime, they are vulnerable. They are highly dependent  on the world for trade, for legitimacy, for popularity at home. Their economy is a basket case as it is. If you start shutting down their ability to import, they don't even have refining capabilities so  nothing can run in Iran without imported oil from Europe so there's enough leverage to make them stop. Most of their imports are from the West are industrial goods. They need those imports to operate their factories. They already have very high unemployment. What would happen if somebody got up and said NO MORE FACTORY PIECES, NO MORE MACHINERY FOR YOU? Think of the implications of  that would have inside Iran.

    They are not all powerful, they are highly vulnerable. They make it appear that they are all powerful........and everyone believes them, but they are an empty shell.

    If we stop their soccer team from running around Europe (yes, really - I too had no idea how enormously important this is to the Iranians until I really started looking at that as a meaningful sanction) ), shutting  down their diplomatic offices in Europe, if they are taken to the security council this is the way to make them stop. The were stopped before when they were faced with censure, with a challenge  from the world.  But they continue when they feel they can call our bluff. 

    They may be Radical Islamists but they understand power.

    THat Iranian Plane Crash

    Act of Sabotage?
    On Monday, I reported on ALLAH'S SNACKBAR  Iranian military plane crash that killed eleven top commanders in Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Gen. Ahmad Kazemi, the commander of IRGC's ground forces, died in the crash. The dead also included a number of other military notables whose names were released by the Islamic Republic News Agency, including the commander of Rassoulollah Army Division 27, the deputy commander of ground forces for operation affairs and the official in charge of information for ground forces.

    Considering that the Falcon was carrying one of Iran's most elite IRGC commanders, and would thus undergo thorough tests for technical issues before flight, the crash could also indicate foul play aimed at undermining Ahmadinejad's power base and influence.

    Stratfor also states that in the wake of the plane crash, "Ahmadinejad's power base has been severely threatened."

    Amir Taheri has described the clash between Ahmadinejad and the mullahs. This clash is rooted in both Ahmadinejad's investigation of the Iranian political establishment's corruption and also an honesty about the goals of the Islamic revolution that conflicts with the dissimulation of other Iranian politicians. Even Ayatollah Khamenei, who helped to bring Ahmadinejad to power, may feel threatened by the new president as it is widely believed that Ahmadinejad would like to replace Khameini as supreme leader with his closest clerical ally, Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi. Hat tip to Iran Press News for information. Visit Regime Change Iran for continuing coverage of the plane crash.

    If the military plane crash is an act of sabotage, that shows how severe the fissures within Iran have become. Even while pursuing the UN Security Council as one option for dealing with the Iranian nuclear program, the U.S. needs to carefully follow, and be willing to exploit, the power struggle within Iran.

    Israel: Peace through Strength

    Hamas has not put down its arms. It's not a cease fire. It's  a temporary calm. Their strategy?  A doctrine of response......if they see a perceived subjectively define Israeli violation, and they see it as their within right to respond - that's quite a loophole.

    Theyentered this ceasefire process because they were beaten back so badly. It's a function of power relationships not a function of them suddenly becoming zionists. The danger is as they rearm during this whole period and the PA doesnt do anything sigificant to disarm them that they will become very powerful again and this is what needs to be watched very carefully.

    Israel is an interesting case study for America - as a society that has, in large part, won the war on terror. They've reduced terrorism by 90%. Their economy is up over 5% , the best showing of any developing nation. How does one define winning the war on terror? Look at the indexes of a society - tourism, foreign investment, economic activity, consumer outlook - the outlook of its people, unemployment.......looking at those things, Israel has won the war. It doesn't mean that they won't have acts of terrorism but Israel is moving on. They have taken these tailored steps in responding to terrorism (as opposed to my approach which would have been carpet bombing) and been wildly successful. They can hardly stop to pat themselves on the back as the enemy is highly adaptable.

    Peace Index: December 2005

    [...] determine where the Israeli Jewish public now stands regarding the Palestinians and the renewal of peace negotiations.

    The picture that arises is complex. On the one hand, a majority of the Israeli Jewish public thinks the Palestinian Authority and its leaders are not making genuine efforts to prevent the firing of Qassams from Gaza, and that even if Israel were to help Abu Mazen with various gestures, such as lifting closures and checkpoints, neither his status nor the PA's control over the various organizations would improve significantly. Indeed, today as in the past the prevailing view is that most of the Palestinians have not accepted Israel's existence and would annihilate it if they could. So it is no surprise that the dominant perception is that Israel's present retaliatory policy is too weak.

    This month we found a reversal in the interviewees' assessment of the Israeli voters' intentions, with a majority now believing that the security, not the social, factor will be decisive. Some 42% thought so in the present survey, while 38% said that the social issue would take precedence in the coming elections (last month the figures were 52%, socioeconomic, and 27%, security-political).

    The change is not especially surprising since, with the intensifying of the Qassam fire from Gaza-which an overwhelming
    81% majority says the PA and its leaders are making no real effort to prevent-some

    73% believe that even if Israel makes gestures to the Abu Mazen government to strengthen it, like removing closures and checkpoints, the chaos on the Palestinian side will not diminish. A further assessment, stable in recent years, of a (this time)

    63% majority is that most Palestinians have not accepted Israel's existence and would annihilate it if they could.

    The immediate demand, then, is to strengthen Israel's retaliatory policy, which
    68% think is too weak
    18% see it as appropriate and only 5% as too strong.

    The data show, however, that the Israeli public does not think the chances for peace in the future have evaporated.
    73% percent support peace negotiations with the PA in principle

    67% favor an independent Palestinian state.
    Interestingly, those who favor a Palestinian state in principle are a majority even among those who believe the Palestinians have not accepted Israel's existence-60% (compared to 83% of those opposing this view of the Palestinians' position). And for those who see Israel's retaliatory policy as too weak, there is a majority of some sort both among the supporters of a Palestinian state-62.5%-and among the opponents-86%.

    Today, 55.5% think the unilateral disengagement from Gaza has proved to be the right step in terms of Israel's overall national interest (38% think otherwise and the rest have no clear opinion). Both among those who think the disengagement was a mistake and those who feel it was wise, we found a majority-82% and 59%, respectively-who regard Israel's retaliatory policy as too weak.

    Unilateralism, however, is not the preferred choice for the future, whether or not a stable Palestinian government is established after the upcoming elections. If a stable PA government does materialize, the overwhelming preference-61%-is for initiating a return to the negotiating table with the aim of reaching a permanent settlement, with 16% in favor of leaving the existing situation as it is without a further withdrawal, and only 8.5% supporting a unilateral initiative to evacuate West Bank settlements, in keeping with Israel's security concerns. If after the elections a stable Palestinian government does not emerge, then the preferred alternative-35%-is to leave the situation as it is until one does, trailed only slightly-31%-by the option of returning to the negotiating table and trying to reach a permanent settlement, with only 16% favoring, in this case, an initiative for a unilateral withdrawal. In other words, in both scenarios an overwhelming majority of the Jewish public rejects a unilateral pullback. There is, however, as in previous months, a majority for an extensive dismantlement of West Bank settlements in the framework of an agreement with the Palestinians. 

    The idea of an exchange of territories in the context of a permanent agreement, with the large settlement blocs remaining in Israel's hands and rule over the Triangle being transferred to the PA, including large Arab population centers such as Umm al-Fahm, today wins the support of 48% of the Jewish public, while 37% oppose it (in an earlier measurement in March 2002, the figures were the same). To the question "What if it turned out that the Arab citizens of Israel who live in the Triangle oppose the transfer of their communities to Palestinian sovereignty?" 33% of all interviewees answered that they would nevertheless support the territorial exchange, 45% responded that in this case they would oppose it, and 21% had no opinion on the matter (this issue, too, shows stability over time). A cross-check of the two questions-support or opposition to a territorial exchange, and even if the Triangle residents do not want it-reveals that among those who favor an exchange, 58% would do so even against the will of the Arab citizens who live there. A segmentation of the support for a territorial exchange by voting in the upcoming Knesset elections shows higher support for such an exchange on the Left and the Center than on the secular and religious Right.

    Among the Arab interviewees, 21% supported territorial exchanges of the kind described, 68% opposed them, and the rest had no opinion. Only 12% favored such an exchange if the residents were against it, while 81% opposed it in that situation.

    As for the political alignment after the coming Israeli elections, if Kadima wins and Sharon continues as prime minister then, as in the past, the dominant preference is for a wide coalition including both the left-wing and right-wing parties (42%), while the other two alternatives show almost no difference in support-20% prefer a coalition only with the left-wing parties, 18% only with the right-wing ones. 

    Indexes: Oslo: 41.1 (for the Jewish sample, 37.0) Negotiation: 55.6 (for the Jewish sample, 52.9)


    Continue reading "Israel: Peace through Strength" »

    Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    Why "Diplomacy" with Iran Had to Fail

    European "diplomacy" with Iran--supported by Washington--necessarily strengthened Iran. Elan Journo

    European diplomats, who courted Iran in an attempt to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program, regret that "diplomacy" did not dissuade Iran from its plans. But this failure was foreseeable.

    Europe's diplomatic effort was touted as a reasonable way to settle the dispute over Iran'sIran_death_5_3 suspected nuclear weapons program without any losers. By enticing Iran to the negotiating table, we were told, the West can avoid a military confrontation, while Iran gains "economic incentives" that can help build its economy. But the negotiations, backed also by the Bush administration, only strengthened Iran and turned it into a greater menace.

    The proposed deal--which was said to include the sale of civilian aircraft and membership for Iran in the World Trade Organization--rested on the notion that no one would put abstract goals or principles ahead of gaining a steady flow of economic loot. And so, if only we could have negotiated a deal that gave Iran a sufficiently juicy carrot, it would forgo its ambitions.

    But to believe that Iran really hungers for nuclear energy (as it claims) is sheer fantasy. Possessing abundant oil and gas reserves, Iran is the second-largest oil producer in OPEC. To believe that it values prosperity at all is equally fantastic; Iran is a theocracy that systematically violates its citizens' right to political and economic liberty.

    What Iran desires is a nuclear weapon--the better to threaten and annihilate the impious in the West and in Iran's neighborhood. Iran declares its anti-Western ambitions stridently. At an official parade in 2004, Iran flaunted a missile draped with a banner declaring that: "We will crush America under our feet." (Its leaders, moreover, have for years repeated the demand that "Israel must be wiped off the map.")

    A committed enemy of the West, Iran is the ideological wellspring of Islamic terrorism, and the "world's most active sponsor of terrorism" (according to the U.S. government). A totalitarian regime that viciously punishes "un-Islamic" behavior among its own citizens, Iran actively exports its contempt for freedom and human life throughout the infidel world. For years it has been fomenting and underwriting savage attacks on Western and American interests, using such proxies as Hezbollah. Like several of the 9/11 hijackers before them, many senior al-Qaida leaders, fugitives of the Afghanistan war, have found refuge in Iran. And lately Iran has funneled millions of dollars, arms and ammunition to insurgents in Iraq.

    It's absurd to think that by offering Iran rewards to halt its aggression, we will deflect it from its goal.

    The only consequence of engaging such a vociferously hostile regime in negotiations is the whitewashing of its crimes and the granting of undeserved legitimacy.

    To protect American (and European) lives, we must learn the life-or-death importance of passing objective moral judgment. By any rational standard, Iran should be condemned and its nuclear ambition thwarted, now. The brazenly amoral European gambit has only aided its quest--and will entail a future confrontation with a bolder, stronger Iran.

    Read it all and more here

    Also interesting eurotake here at Le Mont De Sisyphe

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    Regime Change: Syria

    REGIME CHANGE is a plan. A very good plan indeed.

    President Bashar al-Assad of Syria secretly incited Iraq's top Shia leader to declare holy war against US and British forces.

    He has GOT TO GO. Assad has long been a tool for Iran. This is one revolution/insurrection/uprising the we ought to invest in, get in on the ground floor so to speak. Syria has been sponsoring,  fueling the terrorists in Iraq, is (most likely) the current home of Saddam's WMDs, has made Lebanon his evil playground for Hizbollah and Hamas, and fueled Radical Islamofascism against Israel.

    Former Syrian Vice President Abdelhalim Haddam met with opposition representatives in Syria in order to conduct peaceful change.

    Reportedly, Haddam expressing, “This call is a call to save Syria” has not determined any activities yet, but conducted “wide-scale consultations” on the issue together with Syrian leaders.

    Accordingly, Haddam emphasized this enterprise is unique to Syria. Haddam, claiming the rise a popular movement is due to the development of recent events, reportedly criticized Syrian President Besar Asad, “He never reads, understand and assimilates.”

    Haddam could be our man and he is in serious jeopardy. Remember this is the same guy that outed Assad to the world as Hariri's assassin and don't think for one second that the weak chinned dentist and Ajmadman wouldn't want to do a Hariri on Haddam..............but this is the West's best chance to disarm Iran  by surrounding it by free nations. Removing Assad, Iran's organ grinder's monkey is an excellent action plan.

    UPDATE: Proof positive that this is a very good plan. The other thugocrats are trebling with fear.

    Media fall silent on Khaddam
    BBC News Saudi-owned Arab media outlets are not carrying statements by former Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam

    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Iran REMOVES SEALS, Goes Nuclear

    Updated January 11th: A nuclear free day is a good day, a very good day indeed.

    Bad news .............very bad news indeed.

    Iran Earns Scorn of West by Removing Seals
    Iran removed seals on its nuclear facilities Tuesday, ending a two-year freeze on work there despite warnings from the United States and other countries concerned about Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

    Time to check the stockpiles

    Al-Jazeera: Iran president to visit Syria
    Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is due to visit Syria soon, as al-Jazeera satellite TV reported yesterday. "The purpose of this visit is to show Iranian' support to Syria against the pressures she is under" a political source told al-Jazeera.........yeah, ok - Atlas

    China and Russia waffled on the statement to Iran from the big 5. So instead of one strong statement from all, it was "5 separates notes". Ths is ugly.

    Euphemism of the day Award goes to !TA-DAH!  the IAEA! for use of the term "small scale" when describing Iran's removing  nuclear seals and resuming work on enriching uranium

    Iran plans 'small scale' nuclear fuel work - IAEA

    "small scale  nuclear fuel work" - replacing "responsible intellectual as my new favorite oxymoron.

    UPDATE 11pm: The United States warned Iran on Tuesday that the international community would have no choice but to seek action in the U.N. Security Council if Tehran continued to pursue sensitive nuclear activities. Sanctions? Me of little faith.  The problem with sanctions is the obvious criminality that results especially since the UN  remains unchanged, in desperate need of reform. They have yet to answer for the world's largest scandal. We don't need another oil for food horror. We need to take out Iran's nukes.

    UPDATE January 11th: Iran's former PM obviously agrees with me (although I'd really rather be wrong)

    Influential former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Wednesday dismissed as futile any move to slap sanctions on     Iran for its nuclear fuel program, which the West suspects is aimed at developing bombs.

    Iran removed UN seals at uranium enrichment research facilities on Tuesday and announced it would resume "research and development" on producing uranium fuel, prompting angry reactions from Washington, the European Union and Russia. 

    Monday, January 09, 2006

    Allah Snackbar!


    Iran military top brass killed in plane crash
    TEHRAN : Several top brass in Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards were among 11 people killed in a military plane crash in the northwest of the country, the second such deadly incident in barely a month.

    UPDATE: Poisoned snack here?

    While analysts and experts in Washington said yesterday that they had no information that suggests the crash was caused by foul play, it came as tensions among the ruling mullahs are rising. The crash claimed the life of the commander of the guard's ground forces, General Ahmad Kazemi, an ally of a former Iranian president, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani - who himself is a target of Iran's current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    With  Kool-Aid here;

    Shi'ite clerics are recruiting young Iraqis to go to neighboring Iran for political indoctrination and militia training, said the uncle of one young man who recently returned from a one-month session.

    Gaza aka Hamasastan

    Terrorists reap 'disengagement' benefits
    Terrorist weapons experts flowing into Jew-free Gaza Strip Terrorist weapons experts flowing into Jew-free Gaza Strip

    A senior security official confirmed for Ha'aretz Sunday that “Palestinian” terror groups are taking advantage of Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip to import advanced know-how in long-range weapons and explosives for use against Israel's Jews.

    Whereas Gaza-based terrorists previously relied smuggled computers or the Internet and their less than adequate ability to interpret the information found there, the killers are now able to hone their skills through first hand training

    In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, "We begin bombing in five minutes", I am sooooo down with that.

    I see the Hand of Bolton: Iran

    Security Council Will Come Down on Iran
    Vital Perspective sources inform us that the five permanent members of the Security Council intend to present Iran with a strongly worded demarche declaring that Tehran is building a nuclear weapon. There is growing momentum for an emergency session of the IAEA resulting from the resumption of research which started today.

    UPDATE: Excellent update..........

    Iran Delays Threatened Resumption of Nuclear Work
    Washington Post
    Iran's announced intention to resume work yesterday at its main nuclear enrichment facility remained unfulfilled by day's end, in the face of intense pressure from the United States, Europe and the International Atomic Energy Agency

    but I am not lulled into a false sense of security

    Having a nuclear weapon is fundamental to Islamist belief. No odes to world peace if they do this, or dirges to world catastrophe if they do that, will deflect the mullahs' core belief as dictated by Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
        Fundamental to Israeli defense doctrine is that no weapon of mass destruction can be tolerated in any Middle Eastern arsenal. Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew, the geopolitical sage of the Orient, said in a UPI interview three months before September 11, 2001, the biggest threat on horizon 2010 is "an Islamist bomb and mark my words, it will travel."  Read it all here , hat tip Tom


    Sunday, January 08, 2006

    Sharon: Peace Warrior and Nuclear Iran

    Tomorrow morning (Israel time) Sharon's doctor's will begin to step back the medication that keeps Sharon in his medically induced coma. Whether he is awake underneath that coma remains to be seen. While hopes are high and Gd always surprises us,  it is pretty safe to saySharon4 Sharon will not be running the show.

    My thoughts? Sharon's imminent passing will change nothing. He knew he would not live forever and it almost seems as if he came out of his earlier stroke to put his affairs in order.

    Iran is on the path of jihad.........with or without Sharon. And this has been evident for quite sometime, it is only now that the world has decided to pay (scant) attention. Even with Sharon alive, the Sisyphean task of "disarming" Iran demanded US/EU involvement and still does. There is no avoiding this.

    I loved Sharon, the "bulldozer" embodied for me all that was astounding about "Galt's Gulch" - his military genius, his compassion, his single mindedness, his bravery, his analytical skills, his wit, his total lack of self consciousness, and his breathtaking love and passion for that great country (or "shitty little country" depending upon who you are talking to)...............Israel loses an identity when she loses Sharon. The same loss Israel experienced with the passing of Golda, Ben Gurion, etc.

    But insofar as Israel's destiny and Sharon's passing? Nothing has changed.

    Lockdown it's borders, develop the Negev, and take out anyone that dares to fuck with her survival. They only need to pick a leader that can execute that plan.

    Baddah bing, bahdah boom

    Iran is a place where the lunatics are in charge of the asylum and there are a great many out there that think that if they ever wanted to strike Israel (or Europe, or us), this is their best chance, while things are in flux.
    I do not believe this for one moment.

    If anything the opposite is true. Because the perception might be such, Israel will retaliate with uncharaterstic impunity and pain.

    This would be the worst time to strike. Because Israel could react mercilessly with good reason.

    The Arabs know Israel.

    UPDATE 10:15 am: Doctors: Slight movement in Ariel Sharon's right hand and leg in response to stimuli Still to early to determine if any cognitive damage PM breathing on his own as doctors reduce sedation; doctors caution that his condition remains critical.

    Saturday, January 07, 2006

    Iran: Inaction is an Action Most Fatal

    Update: UK nuclear export sent to Iran  

    BRITAIN has allowed the export to Iran of a cargo of radioactive material that experts believe could be used by the Islamic Republic as part of a nuclear weapons programme, The Observer reported. A truck carrying 1000kg of zirconium silicate from a British firm was stopped by customs officials in Bulgaria at the border with Turkey.

    It quoted an expert as saying that zirconium metal can be extracted from the substance, whose trade is usually tightly regulated, and used to prevent fuel rods corroding in nuclear reactors and as part of a nuclear warhead.

    The God of War hates those who hesitate.
         Euripides, 480-406 b.c

    Iran sets date for nuclear research despite EU appeal
    Iran confirmed it was poised to resume atomic fuel research that will further inflame international anger.

    From Ledeen NRO

    A few days ago President Ahmadinejad said 
    "we must prepare ourselves to rule the world."

    And he cheerfully commented on Sharon's stroke,   "The Butcher of Sabra and Shatila has joined his ancestors and others will soon follow suit."

    A regime with such ambitions is capable of anything. hat tipShrink Wrapped- Congrats on your First Blogoversary

    The "peace of jihad is founded on the principle "peace and security for land": peace and security are conceded by the jihad armies if the infidels cede their territory and submit to the rules of dhimmitude. [dhimmitude: the condition of "subjection with protection" of non-Muslims in their own countries, obtained by the cessation of their land to the Muslim ruler. Subjection because the infidels submit to Islamic law or face forced conversions, slavery or death. Dhimmitude is the direct outcome of jihad.1 more here

    I am weighing in on the side of  military action. Previous to the Bush presidency,Iran_nukes America's recent history followed a left wing, self flagellating foreign policy and it served to weaken us, empower despots IE Chavez, Castro and embolden our enemies. The Vietnam War was the fault of the same liberals and the same failed policies that today are at the forefront of the opposition to the war that the left is forever invoking . Remember it was the left that got us into Vietnam (Kennedy, Johnson).

    The left can not be effective in  determining the best course for America to take in developing a strategy for Iran. Just as in the Vietnam era, they were/are spoiled brats looking for publicity, created by the LLL media. If one is  to make a meaningful contribution they must reason,  think, argue, develop ideas, and meet danger head on. The left forfeits.

    'Iran will defend nuclear right to last drop of blood’   


    I defined the madman's warmongering statements as the madman's doctrine back in early December.

    The  Ahmadinejad Doctrine. Just as President Bush declared a "Bush Doctrine" stating plainly that there would be  no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them, Ahmadinejad is stating his judenrein plainly and telling the world you are either with him or against him. Basically, he is opening the door to all the jew hating closet dwellers to come out of the closet. Their day has come. No more shame. Just as Hitler did. And, if you recall, al large part of the  world embraced Hitler for it (including Teddy "not to worry I can swim" Kennedy's father - Ambassador to England at the time).

    Iran will have the technological capability to produce nuclear weapons within three months -- the point of no return.

    UN inspectors to reopen Iran nuclear centres [sheer genius]

    Are they *%#* nuts?
    and don't even think of writing me and telling me about different nuclear nuances and distinctions . Bring  on the Caliphate Ahjamadman..........

    Castro backs Iran's 'right' to peaceful N-energy

    awww, isn't that quaint? Despots Unite!  Another supporter of the The  Ahmadinejad Doctrine 

    Secret services say Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile

    Q&A: UNITED NATIONS: UN's Record for 2005 'Surprisingly Positive'

     only The New York Times would have the balls to spin this in such a way. The only surprisingly positive UN development in 2005 was BOLTON and the dhimmicrats and RINOs damn near prevented that too.

    oyish...........the New York Times can't lick enough boots

    Right Islam vs. Wrong Islam

    From: AtlasShrugs2000
    Reply To: To: melkikhia@satx.rr.com
    Subject: Why should the Middle East be hostage to an Israeli nuclear blackmail and not an Iranian

    Mansour El-Kikhia: Can't ban all nukes? Balance them instead  

    Mr. Mansour El-Kikhia,
    To your question:
    "Why should the Middle East be hostage to an Israeli nuclear blackmail and not an Iranian one? "
    Because Israel never used it..................30 years later and still never used it.
    You and I both know the Arabs would use it in a heartbeat.........to kill every Jewish heartbeat eh?
    Abe Lincoln said it best............you can fool some of the people some of the time.......
    Cheers,..· ´¨¨))  -:¦:-
             ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
           ((¸¸.·´  ..·´
    -:¦:-  -:¦:- Pamela_1
    Photo tip: Bill Mil:
    nice shot of IDFAF Baz (Eagles) on the line. Check out the Syrian kill markings just forward of the windscreen.

    Make sure you see this over at Regime Change Iran

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    Lebanon to US: "You came to Iraq and you can do the same thing in Syria."

    Hmmm....how about this?

    A Washington Post columnist reported in an opinion piece yesterday that Walid Jumblat told him in a telephone interview, when asked what he wanted from America "You came to Iraq and you can do the same thing in Syria."

    David Ignatius in his column Mob War in the Mideast called former Syrian vice president AbdelGodfather Halim Khaddam   an old mafia don saying "In the gangster movies, you know all hell is about to break loose when one of the disgruntled old dons decides to switch sides and rat out the young Godfather. Something like that is now happening with Syria," then turned his attention to Jumblatt.

    To understand the latest turns of the screw in Syria and Lebanon, Ignatius wrote," I spoke by telephone yesterday with Walid Jumblatt, the leader of Lebanon's Druze community and something of a warlord himself."

    Ignatius added: The Druze leader is holed up in his ancestral fortress of Moukhtara, in the Chouf Mountains. Like other Lebanese I spoke with this week, he fears a deadly new attack by the Syrians that would attempt to trigger sectarian conflict in Lebanon -- and take the heat off Damascus. Jumblatt argues that the only stable outcome will be regime change in Syria -- a "Milosevic solution" that will bring Assad to justice through the United Nations.

    What makes the Syria-Lebanon situation especially volatile, Jumblatt explained to Ignatius, is that it is linked to the radical new Iranian regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Jumblatt argued that Iran is using its alliance with al-Assad and Hizbullah in its larger strategic battles against Israel and the United States. "It's as if we are defending Iranian nuclear facilities from the border of Lebanon," he said.

    Jumblat said "If Bush considers Lebanon one of his major achievements, now is the time to protect Lebanon," He told Ignatius: What can the United States do, realistically, to keep the Syria-Lebanon situation from exploding? The answer partly is to stick with the UN investigation that is slowly wrenching out the truth about Hariri's murder.

    John Bolton, Call your office..........

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    John Bolton, Call your office!

    Are they *%#* nuts? UN inspectors to reopen Iran nuclear centres [sheer genius]

    and don't even think of writing me and telling me different nuclear nuances and distinctions . We know what Iran wants. Bringing  on the Caliphate Ahjamadman..........

    Castro backs Iran's 'right' to peaceful N-energy

    awww, isn't that quaint? Despots Unite! 

    Q&A: UNITED NATIONS: UN's Record for 2005 'Surprisingly Positive'

     only The New York Times would have the balls to spin this in such a way. The only surprisingly positive UN development in 2005 was BOLTON and the dhimmicrats and RINOs damn near prevented that too.

    oyish...........the New York Times can't lick enough boots

    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    Islamofascist Sudan Major Conduit for Nuclear Weaponry

    All that is essential for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

    Let's talk global mental illness,  shall we?  First off,  the following only proves my theory that any tolerated  evil will lead to many great evils. I have been ranting for a year about the genocide perpetrated on the innocent Sudanese on the part of the Radical Islamic government. Raped, murdered, enslaved. So I know you are not surprised that
    Clandestine nuclear deals traced to Sudan
           The Guardian

    International investigators and western intelligence have for the first time named Sudan as a major conduit for sophisticated engineering equipment that could be used in nuclear weapons programmes.

    Hundreds of millions of pounds of equipment was imported into the African country over a three-year period before the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington in 2001 and has since disappeared, according to Guardian sources.

    Western governments, UN detectives and international analysts trying to stem the illicit trade in weapons of mass destruction technology are alarmed by the black market trade.

    And who is the great benefactor of the Sudanese Government -why,  CHINA OF COURSE. 
    Sender of troops? China!  Hmmmmm. I wonder, where oh where,the Sudanese got the nuclear tech......could it have been Chinagate~?
    Another gift from Bill Clinton. The gift that keeps on giving - Bill Clinton ...*spit*

    More here from No Pasaran on the free pass the world gives to these murderers, child rapists, enslavers;

    As the genocide enters its fourth year, the international community continues to defer to Khartoum, or even to suggest that the regime has reformed 
    Both the African Union and the Arab League have chosen the genocidal Sudanese regime to host their upcoming summits

    Could there be a clearer indication that African and Arab leaders don't care what happens to Darfur?

    And the Congress wouldn't give Condi a lousy 50 mil to keep the AU peackeepers there, losing their lives no less in an attempt to save the innocent. Geez..........

    UPDATE: UN scales back presence in Sudan's troubled Darfur region nice move

    January 6th:
    UN inspectors to reopen Iran nuclear centres

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    Iran fails to show up at nuclear meeting: IAEA

      An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. -- Winston Churchill

    An Iranian delegation didn’t show up on Thursday for a meeting with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna,

    “The fact that the Iranians are successful time after time in getting away from international pressure ... encourages them to continue their nuclear project,” Gen. Halutz said. “I believe that the political means that are used by the Europeans and the U.S. to convince the Iranians to stop the project will not succeed.”

    The massive stroke that cut down Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon late on Wednesday night (Jan. 4) not only throws Israeli politics into turmoil. It also marks the likely starting point of the coming nuclear showdown that will pit the Jewish state and the free world against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    When asked by one reporter how far Israel was ready to go to stop Iran’s nuclear projects, Halutz quipped, “2000 kilometers.” That’s the equivalent of 1,250 miles, the distance by air between Israel and Iran’s main nuclear and missile sites.

    But consider just a few recent developments that have not been widely reported outside of Tehran. Front Page Page:

    * On January 3, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps began a two day seminar in Tehran devoted to nuclear-biological-chemical warfare and new defense technologies, that included lectures by Iranian experts on electromagnetic pulse weapons, graphite bombs, and laser-guided bombs. These are the same weapons many Western intelligence analysts believe Iran will attempt to use against us.

    * On January 4, three battalions of the IRGC ground forces began three days of NBC military exercises in Semnan province, not far from Iran’s main ballistic missile proving ground.

    * In addition to a recent $1 billion arms agreement, announced last month, Russia is now negotiating with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to modernize Iran’s fleet of MiG-29 fighters with state-of-the-art radar, electronic counter-measures, and reconnaissance systems, specifically designed to counter the threat of Israeli aircraft. A Rev. Guards buying mission will visit Lukhovitsy and Kalayazin in Russia to view these new systems in February 2006. The Russians have also agreed to sell Iran S-300 anti-missile systems, believed by most experts to be superior to any comparable system currently available on world markets.

    * Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, told Iranian TV on January 3 that Israel will “suffer a great loss” if it attacks Iran, noting that Israel has “no strategic depth” and is “within our range.”

    On the same day Larijani made those remarks, the Islamic Republic authorities sent an official letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, announcing their intention to resume enrichment activities at a variety of nuclear sites across Iran on January 9.

    The resumption of enrichment activities, which could give Iran the special nuclear material needed to make nuclear weapons, has long been sited by Israel as the “red line” they would not allow Iran to cross.

    Iran now appears ready and willing to cross that red line. And with Mr. Sharon sidelined from Israeli politics, Israeli military leaders are unlikely to bet on a prayer and a chance that Iran just might be bluffing.

    After all, as Iran’s Larijani himself said, Israel is “within our range.”

    and while US may initiate UN Security Council action against Iran: Rice, I can not begin to imagine WTF we are waiting for

    Kabayashi Maru has an excellent post Fasten Your Seatbelts: Sharon, Israel, Iran, and...
    Read it




    and make sure you get over to ShrinkWrapped here

    UPDATE: The Head of Iran's National Security Council Ali Laijani;

    "In this game, we are for a result that will be satisfactory to both Iran and Europe," said Larijani adding that "if we lose, the same will also happen to the other party (Europe) and they will have to prepare themselves to live in a hell."

    But Larijani used even stronger words for the United States. "A small error on the part of USA or the Zionists will be enough to induce us to unleash hell," said Larijani. "They know this very well and for this they haven't gone further than a verbal or psychological war," he said. READ MORE

    UPDATE January 6th:

    Analysts watching Iran on a daily basis were not taken by surprise by the Islamic Regime not showing up at the International Atomic Energy Agency on January 05, 2006, since reports out of Tehran have for the past weeks been mentioning President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad's office privately leaking to the Tehran newspapers that Iran already has four nuclear weapons obtained from the Ukraine.  …

    The press leaks pointed to Iran possibly not proceeding with negotiations, reassuring internal supporters and preparing to confront the West. The final decision to disdain the European meeting was apparently made with the sudden incapacitation of Israel's Ariel Sharon.

    Concurrently, Iran has suddenly moved a significant number of tanks toward its southern border near Basra, Iraq; has started repositioning naval assets and intercepts show military communications have become very atypical.

    Is Iran expecting an attack now that the more pragmatic Sharon is out of the picture or has U.S and Coalition information leaked to them of an impending strike to put an end to nuclear weapons falling into the hands of someone like Ahmadi-Nejad. The new regime in Iran has certainly tried to provoke the USA and Israel beyond the point of endurance. …

    If his sources are correct and Ahmadinejad is leaking that Iran has nuclear weapons, it would appear he is intent on creating a crisis now! Many believe Ahmadinejad is setting a trap for the west because western military action at this time would likely be of a limited nature since the west is unprepared for a full scale occupation of Iran. Such a confrontation would likely end in a negotiated settlement leaving the regime in power, but would also likely include internationally agreed to security arrangements with the regime, a very dangerous proposition indeed.

    Read the entire report here: Regime Change Iran

    UPDATE: January 7

    Castro backs Iran's 'right' to peaceful N-energy

    SHOCKA! Castro lives for the Ahmadinejad Doctrine.


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    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile

    This from the left leaning, America hating, Guardian, yup the Guardian

    Secret services say Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile

    Document seen by Guardian details web of front companies and middlemenThe Guardian

    The Iranian government has been successfully scouring Europe for the sophisticated equipment needed to develop a nuclear bomb, according to the latest western intelligence assessment of the country's weapons programmes.

    Scientists in Tehran are also shopping for parts for a ballistic missile capable of reaching Europe, with "import requests and acquisitions ... registered almost daily", the report seen by the Guardian concludes.

    This the is the most significant issue of the day. We have got to get a grip on or priorities and stopNuclear wringing our hands over the New York Times shriek fest over "domestic spying" on intercontinental calls between Al qaida and Osama. Think about it. I think we really ought to send these leftards over to shari'a land (especially Dowd) and let them live in Dar al-Islam and see how really bad they have it here.


    Understand your enemy. Jihad is central to Islamic history and civilization. This jihad focuses deceptively on Israel to conceal its true global ambition of world domination.

    From Bat Yeor: Obviously the new European civilization is subservient to the ideology of jihad and the Islamic powers that propagate it .

    The jihad conception classifies infidels under three categories: 1) those who oppose the Islamic call with arms; 2) those who belong to the countries of truce; 3) those who have surrendered to Islamic domination, exchanging their land for peace; they become "dhimmis," "protected" from the ongoing jihad war against non-Muslims by a treaty of subjection and protection (dhimma).

    Clearly, I (and my readers) are category one................the leftards are category three. So I think they need to move to where they belong and let us get to the business of saving this great country. Europe is category two, they are sooooooo finished.

    UPDATE: Iran President Says Anti-Israel Comments "Awakened" Muslims

    Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a parliamentary committee that his remarks calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map" and describing the Holocaust as a "myth" had a profound impact on Muslims around the world, providing a "shock" that was needed "to awaken the Muslims who are in a state of lethargy." "Some in Iran and abroad thought that we were making these speeches without a specific plan and policy, but we have been pursuing a specific strategy in this regard," he told Islamist student activists last week.

    Is there a way to awaken the Muslims to contribute to civilization in a positive way? Awaken the muslims to hate Jews and the West? Why? How about we awaken the Muslims to the sciences, mathematics, medicine, poetry, otherwise maybe lethargy is preferable.

    UPDATE: Excellent news:


    Technorati Tags: , , ,

    IRAN: Utopian Illusions, Sanctified by the Pathology of Anti-Semitism

                   Iran tells IAEA atom research resumes January 9
    Oh puhleeze..................they started back up months ago. They are pulling the MSM's pud (and the pud of the world press for that matter). They are doing 90 on their atomic weapons build up. Iran determined to resume nuclear fuel work: Ahmadinejad 

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran would not "step back" on its decision to resume nuclear fuel work

    d'oh                    IT IS TIME TO TAKE IT OUT. 

    It's the end of the world as we know, I feel fine.
    US warns Iran against resuming nuclear research

    I am talking into a fucking echo chamber here....hellooooooooo


         Fascism, Islamism, and Anti-Semitism

    Hardly anything has infuriated certain critics of the Bush Administration more than the president's vocabulary to describe the war on terrorism. Bush warns of an "axis of evil," in which rogue nations collude with Muslim extremists to acquire nuclear weapons. He regards Osama bin Laden and his cadre of suicide bombers as "evildoers." He compares the theology of radical Islam to that of European fascism and "all the murderous ideologies" of the twentieth century. Intellectuals and others reject this talk as sophomoric and supremely arrogant-just another manifestation of Bush's cowboy diplomacy. Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor in the Carter Administration, voices a typical note of contempt: "We have increasingly embraced at the highest official level what I think can fairly be called a paranoiac view of the world."

    Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that these same critics remain mostly mute over the stunning remarks of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Two weeks ago the Iranian president shocked Western leaders when he claimed that the Holocaust was "a myth" created by Jews and "Zionist historians." This followed a previous slander against Israel as "a tumor" to be "wiped off the map"--or, at best, relocated to Europe. "Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury," Ahmadinejad told the Organization of the Islamic Conference. His anti-Semitic tirade comes as the Iranian leader continues to defy the United Nations to pursue a nuclear weapons program. "I thought, my God, he's a Nazi," a German resident told Knight Ridder "I couldn't believe that again the world was faced with a Nazi as a head of state. It's beyond comprehension."


    The rise of Islamo-fascism in Tehran, in fact, is not at all beyond comprehension. Its emergence is perfectly predictable--given the political theology of radical Islam and the culture of victimization that sustains it. Like his mentor, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Ahmadinejad embraces an extremist Shiite view of purity, obedience, death, and redemption. Bush deserves much credit for recognizing this ideology for what it is: the totalitarian impulse, inspired by utopian illusions and sanctified by the pathology of anti-Semitism.

    Read it all I tell you! hat tip Anthony J

    Another despot jumps on the The  Ahmadinejad Doctrine. Just as President Bush declared a "Bush Doctrine" stating plainly that there would be  no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them, Ahmadinejad is stating his judenrein plainly and telling the world you are either with him or against him. Basically, he is opening the door to all the jew hating closet dwellers to come out of the closet. Their day has come. No more shame. Just as Hitler did. And, if you recall, al large part of the  world embraced Hitler for it (including Teddy "not to worry I can swim" Kennedy's father - Ambassador to England at the time).

    At Mideast Dispatch Archive, Tom Gross points out that Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez is joining ranks with Iranian “president” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and spewing antisemitism reminiscent of 1930s Germany: Venezuelan President Chavez: “The descendants of the Christ-killers” control the world.

    Speaking at a rehabilitation center on December 24, the controversial left-wing president said “the descendants of those who crucified Christ... have taken ownership of the riches of the world, a minority has taken ownership of the gold of the world, the silver, the minerals, water, the good lands, petrol, well, the riches, and they have concentrated the riches in a small number of hands.”

    For Spanish speakers on this list, the full speech can be found here (PDF file). (The remarks about Jews are on page 18.)

    hat tip Peter G via LGF here

    UPDATE: Ahmadinejad criticizes Iran's past foreign policyMadman_2

    Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticized the foreign policy of "detente" with the West of his predecessors.

    Ahmadinejad "emphasized that in the past 16 years we implemented a policy of detente and tried to get closer to Europe and to trust them, but this policy achieved practically nothing for Iran", Kazem Jalali quoted the president as saying on Tuesday.

    I am getting really tired of this mental patient.

    UPDATE: Speaking of mental patients;

    "I Am Willing to Sacrifice My Ten Sons"

    This pearl of wisdom from Palestinian Legislative Council Candidate and Mother of Three Hamas Hamas_candidate Terrorists Umm Nidal Farhat: Israelis are Not Civilians and There are No Prohibitions on Killing Them; I Am Willing to Sacrifice My Ten Sons

    The following are excerpts from an interview with Umm Nidal(1), Palestinian Legislative Council Candidate and the mother of three Hamas terrorists who were killed while taking part in "martyrdom" operations. Dream2 TV aired this interview on December 21, 2005.


    Iran, Hizballah and Palestinians Gang up for a Second Front against Israel

    Americans across the country get it

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    Monday, January 02, 2006

    THOMAS SOWELL: Serious or Suicidal

    Much the way a kid awaits a promised  trip to the candy store, or the fashionista awaits the W fall fashion issue, I wait for Sowell's  columns.

    You must read it all here now:

    Serious or suicidal? Thomas Sowell

    When you are boating on the Niagara River, there are signs marking the point atSowell which you must go ashore or else you will be sucked over the falls. With Iran moving toward the development of nuclear weapons, we are getting dangerously close to that fatal point of no return on the world stage.

    Yet there are few signs of alarm in our public discourse, whether among politicians, the media, or the intelligentsia. There is much more discussion of whether government anti-terrorism agents should be able to look at the records of books borrowed from public libraries.

    The Iranian government itself is giving us the clearest evidence of what a nuclear Iran would mean, with its fanatical hate-filled declarations about wanting to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. But send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

    Just last year, before the American election, Osama bin Laden warned that those places that voted for the re-election of the President would become targets of terrorist retribution.


    People insulated from dangers for generations can indulge themselves in the illusion that there are no dangers -- as much of Western Europe has. This is part of the "world opinion" that makes us hesitant to take any decisive action to prevent a nightmare scenario of nuclear weapons in the hands of hate-filled fanatics.

    Do not look for Europe to support any decisive action against Iran. But look for much of their intelligentsia, and much of our own intelligentsia as well, to be alert for any opportunity to wax morally superior if we do act.

    They will be able to think of all sorts of nicer alternatives to taking out Iran's nuclear development sites. They will be able to come up with all sorts of abstract arguments and moral equivalence, such as: Other countries have nuclear weapons. Why not Iran?

    Debating abstract questions is much easier than confronting concrete and often brutal alternatives. The big question is whether we are serious or suicidal.

    View All Articles by Thomas Sowell

    Thomas Sowell is, for me, one of the great thinkers of our time. If you are unfamiliar with his work, please make it your New Year's resolution to read his work. READ SOWELL.


    Russian Duma Nuclear Policy Chief Advocates Continued Cooperation With Iran

    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    Germany Won't Ban Iran from World Cup

    Iran develops uranium separation technology -Iran has developed technology to separate uranium from its ore, reinforcing the Islamic republic's self-sufficiency in the nuclear fuel cycle.

    German chancellor Angel Merkel rejects Iran ban from the World Cup
    despite the controversial remarks by the country's president to wipe Israel off the map and develop nuclear weapons.

    These are our partners in disarming Nuclear Iran? Can you se the mullahs laughing out of their asses?

    They won't ban Iran from playing ball? This is too severe a punishment? These are the simpletons we have to work with to solve the impending nuclear holocaust?

    This is no longer funny, we must hold the American left's feet to the fire.  America has been offered a choice between war and shame. I'll be damned if she chooses shame as it will only get us war - and the worst kind.

    This should be the national dialog, not whether or not we should have listened to al quaida's intercontinental phone conversations. *SPIT*

    Iran announces greater nuclear self-sufficiency
    The Daily Star Lebannon
    Iran has developed technology to separate uranium from its ore, reinforcing theYellowcakeorganicmix1_1_1 Islamic republic's self-sufficiency in the nuclear fuel cycle, state television reported Sunday. The technology, known as a mixer-settler, is used to separate the uranium from the mined ore to produce concentrated uranium oxide - also known as yellowcake - which can then be converted and enriched in nuclear fuel work.


    Iran-Human Rights-President
    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    said on Sunday that the Iranian government is ready to host a conference on 'human rights' between the Islamic and European thinkers.

    Asked about dialogue on human rights between Iran and the European Union, he said that Iran is ready to organize a conference on 'human rights' between thinkers from Muslim nations and European states in presence of Western media networks to be broadcast without censorship. [You think they'll bring their axes?]

    The president said that human rights is a sacred value which should not be abused for propaganda campaign or political objectives. [but wiping the Jewish people off the face of the map, thats ok right? Atlas]

    He said that Iran seeks dialogue on human rights not only with certain states which are misusing the topic for propaganda purposes [hmmmmmmmm, who could that be? How interesting! Ahmadinejad arguing and beating himself up - one for the books - Atlas]

    Will President Ahmadmaniac address these abuses?

    Ebadi protests rights violations in Iran
    Khaleej Times
    TEHERAN — The rights group of Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi yesterday protested at “numerous” human rights violations in Iran, including arbitrary arrests and the detention of activists and journalists.

    or  Ardeshir Dolat reporting that a young Iranian girl has been sentenced to death by hanging.

    Technorati Tags:


    Hardline Iran  rejects Russian nuclear offer


    "IRAN will not stop with one nuclear bomb," the chief of Israel's Mossad spy agency, Meir DaganIrandoomsdayclock_2, warned legislators this week.

    The secretive retired major general, who restored the Mossad to its heyday of operational ability, hates to appear before the Knesset's defense and foreign affairs committee because his testimony is often leaked by headline-seeking politicians.

    But Dagan had to appear before it Tuesday to present his annual intelligence report — and much of it concerned Tehran's drive to join the nuclear club.

    "Without external intervention, Iran will arrive within several months to the point of nuclear technology independence," he said.

    He said such technological independence doesn't mean "a bomb in your hands," but it does mean they'll be able to enrich uranium with centrifuges. Building a bomb would only be a matter of time.

    The concern of Israel's intelligence community, he added, is that "Iran will not be satisfied with producing fissionable material for one bomb but will continue to produce large quantities of such material for more bombs."

    The bottom line, said Yuval Steinitz, chairman of the Knesset committee, is "Iran is capable of getting a bomb in a year or two.

    "And if it does, there will be a new Middle East — black, dangerous and threatening the world over."

    So what can be done?

    Dagan stressed the importance of intensifying international diplomatic pressure on Iran because past efforts managed to delay its nuclear efforts by two years.

    But the hard-liners in Tehran detect an erosion in the international diplomatic pressure on them.

    Aharon Zeevi, Israel's chief of military intelligence — whose efforts to monitor Iran's nuke program rivals Dagan's — said the lack of pressure is partly due to the Europeans.

    "I had meetings with senior officials in Europe," he said. "And their position is, number one — why should we fear Iran's nuclear weapons? After all we lived under the nuclear threat after World War II?"

    "Number two," he added, is the Europeans respond, "And besides, either you or the Americans will solve the problem."

    If, at the end of the day, we have to "solve the problem", why is it the left insists so vehemently on cooperation with an international community that is useless and cowardly. . - Atlas

    More here at Solomon's house

    Technorati Tags: Iran

    Friday, December 30, 2005

    BOLTON! I got a crush on you Sweetiepie

    Bolton ratchets up pressure on Syria
    U.S. Ambassador to UN calls on Damascus to cooperate with probe

    Bolton ratchets up pressure on Syria

    BEIRUT: John Bolton, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, said that acting UN chief investigator Detlev Mehlis "has important evidence that points to a Syrian involvement on very high levels."

    In an interview with Pan-Arab daily As-Sharq al-Awsat published Thursday, Bolton said: "Mehlis' reports which he presented to the UN Security Council indicates without any doubt that he has important evidence that points to a Syrian involvement on high levels," in the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri.

    Bolton also repeated U.S. threats for Damascus to "completely and unconditionally cooperate with the UN probe," adding that if this cooperation "doesn't come soon, then the UN Security Council will take appropriate measures ... it is just a matter of time."

    He added "Syria would have nothing to worry about if they extend full cooperation to the UN probe; but if they don't, then they will be mocking the UN Security Council's decision."

    Damascus has said it wanted an agreement outlining ways of cooperation with the UN probe, but Washington replied that such a condition was

    "not negotiable." READ IT ALL HERE

    Barakeh: Israel, U.S. are spiders creating Syrian-Lebanese crisis
    Haaretz Daily Thu, 29 Dec 2005 12:35 PM PST
    "It is in the clear interests of the big spider, the United States, and the little spider, Israel, to create a crisis between Syria and Lebanon," said MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash-Ta?al) in Nazareth on Thursday.

    the itsybitsyspider went ...............

    ABC's Access of Evil

    Did you vote for Atlas today and everyday?

    Now ABC's Woodruff is set to broadcast from Iran. What kind of deal did ABC - home of the notorious terror loving Peter Jennings- make to gain this kind of access in Iran?

    Are they going to paint the largest state sponsor of terrorism as a big misunderstood teddy bear who only wants nukes for "peaceful"purposes while sitting on some of largest oil reserves in the Middle East. You and I both know how controlling and barbaric Iran is. ABC will report exactly what Iran wants them to report.

    ABC will surely be aiding and abetting Nuclear Iran............and  What is the relationship between al-Jazeera, al Qaeda and America's TV networks?

    You must remember the deal the networks made, particularly CNN, with Saddam to have access to Iraq under his totalitarian regime. They were complicit in his crimes against humanity by virtue of their silence. This disgusting story here in the Wall Street Journal and below

    CNN admits that knowledge of murder, torture, and planned assassinations wereDevil suppressed in order to maintain CNN's Baghdad bureau.

    In a shocking New York Times opinion piece, CNN's chief news executive Eason Jordan has admitted that for the past decade the network has systematically covered up stories of Iraqi atrocities. Reports of murder, torture, and planned assassinations were suppressed in order to maintain CNN's Baghdad bureau.

    Read Jordan's op-ed at New York Times

    Jordan has not always been so candid -- nor honest. Just six months ago on public radio, when challenged regarding the veracity of CNN's Baghdad reports, Jordan stated:

    "CNN has demonstrated again and again that it has a spine; that it's prepared to be forthright... we work very hard to report forthrightly, to report fairly and to report accurately and if we ever determine we cannot do that, then we would not want to be there [in Iraq]." Here are the transcripts

    The deal? Keep silent and you can stay...............and so they did while thousands died. How they sleep at night I'll never know. No Craig, Sorry if my point was obscured by the CNN horror story.
    I reran the CNN piece to point out what lengths a network will go to to gain "access" to despotic regimes. CNN was an accessory to mass murder just so that they could maintain a presence in Iran.

    Do you really think that the brutal America hating, Jew Hating, West hating regime is going to give ABC access to the Kurds, the dissidents, the jails, the oppressed, the nuclear enrichment facilities? I mean really.

    A tale of two stories: Same story,  check out the spin.........

    North Korea to Ban Food Aid
    NPR Fri, 30 Dec 2005 5:39 AM PST
    Officials in North Korea have announced that they are now prohibiting the foreign help sought during famine in the 1990s. The U.N. World Food Program is shutting down factories, preparing specially fortified biscuits, and closing down offices. Susan Stamberg talks to United Nations' Anthony Banbury.

    North Korea In Depth
    ABC Asia Pacific
    The United States has announced the suspension of its food aid programme to North Korea.The UN World Food Program had been feeding up to 6.5 million North Koreans. [Reuters]

    hmmm, ABC eh? Didn't they just sign to report their evening news from Iran? One can only begin to imagine the wonderful stories ABC will concoct to maintain access.

    UPDATE: Media bias redux

    I am sure you've seen the piece splashed all over the world about the teenage boy in Fort Lauderdale (hey that's where I am, I would have joined him but he didn't blog it!) - that flew to Iraq without his parents, or anyone knowing anything about it.

    Reader C max points out;

    Essay by U.S. Teen Who Went to Iraq - Yahoo! News

    FOX News also published the essay.  But notice how the BBC carefully DISGUISES the reason why Hassan felt compelled to go to Iraq.  In fact, the sound byte from Hassan's dad makes it sound as if he went there as some sort of anti-war protest.  Most of the print articles I have seen have been jocked almost word for word from the BBC story linked below:
    The result?  Nobody seems to know that this kid went there to spread the word that America, and democracy are good.

    When the lines are no longer blurred

    Group Claims Rocket Strike on Israel

    AP - Al-Qaida in Iraq said Thursday that it fired a barrage of rockets from Lebanon into northern Israel this week, in a rare claim by the group of a direct attack against the Jewish state. Full Story

    First off, check out the AP headline.......the use of "group" instead of al-Qaida, wild, right? WTF are they protecting?

    Al Qaida in Iraq huh! Al Qaida striking Israel huh!Al_qaida

    Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi-Farkash, the head of Israeli army intelligence, said Thursday in an interview with Israel's Channel 10 TV, "Today al-Qaida is turning its focus to the heart of the Levant —     Syria, Egypt, Jordan, the     Palestinian Authority, the countries around us, and to Israel."

    This is a turning point. Iran's declarations of Jewish genocide has the let the proverbial cat out of the bag. It is open season. For all those Jew haters that have long insisted that our policies in the Middle East are the cause for the barbarism and hate ("why do they hate us?") bear in mind that al qaida stuck America (the Big Satan) first. Osama was unhappy with our presence in Saudi Arabia remember? So are we to believe Israel is suffering because of her alliance with the US? The big Satan's little Satan? Of course not.  Radical Islamonazism's objective is word domination. Caliphate anyone?


    Iran, Hizballah and Palestinians Gang up for a Second Front against Israel


    Nothing happens for decades then decades happen in a day.

    Thursday, December 29, 2005

    Iran, Russia, Syria - Evil's Menage a Trois

    A Vote here for Atlas is a vote for......................Atlas.

    Rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel are Russian-made, sold to Syria
    The head of Israeli army intelligence says projectiles recently fired by guerrillas from Lebanon into northern Israel were made in Russia and sold to Syria.

    This is Iran using Syria as a proxy. These are Russian weapons and the very same regime that  is offering to enrich Iran's uranium. Iran is taking a  2nd look at Russia's  proposal.
    Please tell me we won't fall for this obvious ruse.  Meanwhile, Syria and a Russia haveArt_of_war_2 signed a $2.7 billion memorandum of understanding for construction of a refinery and petrochemical plant in northeast Syria, AP reported. Ah, relationship building.

    U.S. intel 'unable to rule out' WMD transfers to Syria (how much time did we give Saddam to move those WMDs?) How much time are we giving Iran to prepare and hide weapons for the impending holocaust?

    Is anyone in Washington reading Sun Tzu's The Art of War? Top Iranian and Russian officials agreed on Thursday to hold talks on a Russian proposal aimed a resolving Tehran's nuclear standoff with the West, an Iranian diplomat close to the talks said. Yeah, I am sure they'll be talking about peaceful enrichment.
    /sarc tag

    Media Ignores Iran's Other Senior Leaders Threats: A Sampling Read more at Regime Change Iran

    UPDATE: AP - Al-Qaida in Iraq said Thursday that it fired a barrage of rockets from Lebanon into northern Israel this week, in a rare claim by the group of a direct attack against the Jewish state. Full Story

    UPDATE: December 29th Russia's Nuclear Chief to Travel to Iran

    Iran's agreement to discuss Moscow's plan to enrich uranium in Russia does not mean that Tehran has abandoned its drive to enrich uranium on its own soil, a senior Iranian official was quoted as saying on Friday

    Tuesday, December 27, 2005

    China is Barzini

    US sanctions Chinese firms over Iran dealingsBarzini_china
    WASHINGTON: The United States has imposed sanctions on six Chinese state-run firms for selling missiles or chemical weapons-related supplies to Iran, a State Department spokesman said today.
    The nine companies were punished for violating the 2000 Iran Non-proliferation Act, designed by Washington to block international aid for what it suspects are Iranian nuclear and chemical weapons programmes.

    We know that China got important nuclear technology from Bill Clinton in the Chinagate scandal. We also know that China shared it with North Korea and Iran as a counter balance to America's hyper power. We know that China operates by proxy as Iran does via Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas. We know China funds and supports the Radical Islamic Arab barbarians in the Sudan.

    We know China is an adversary.

    US boycott targets arms sales to Iran

    UPDATE: December 29th :China to supply more nuclear power plants to Pakistan

    Iraqi Sunnis Anger at Iran, Not Israel

    Iraqi Sunnis Diverting Anger from Israel to Iran -
    Since results from Iraq's national assembly election trickled out this week showing that Shiite Muslims - many backed by neighboring Iran - would dominate the new parliament, Sunni Iraq_vote_5 Muslims have begun to ask: Is Israel really Iraq's enemy, or is it neighboring Iran? "I think that Iran is more dangerous to Iraq than Israel because of the assassinations that the Iranians have been doing," said Added Hamid Hashim, 30, referring to recent killings of prominent Sunnis. "I hated Israel before the war, but now I hate Iran even more."
        Mithal al-Alusi ran for the new parliament while calling for stronger ties between Israel and Iraq, and appears to have won a seat. In May 2004, al-Alusi publicly admitted to visiting Israel the year before. His only two sons were assassinated in January because of his support of Iraqi-Israeli cooperation, he said. But he said that some Iraqis are warming to a stronger relationship with Israel, in part because they are frightened of Iran's influence. "We don't have border problems with Israel. We don't have historical problems with Israel," he said, just Iran.

    Monday, December 26, 2005

    Nuclear Iran: A Case for War

    Bush was not wrong.

    In his historical speech immediately after 9/11, President Bush defined the enemy in the context of "the axis of evil".  Iraq, Iran, North Korea. He was not wrong. And while the left concurs that Iran and North Korea are indeed an imminent and very real threat, they get their bowels all in an uproar over Iraq. Why? Because Bush removed the threat so they have to denigrate his success.

    Anyone that puts party before country is a supporter of terror. Rand said do anything that supports the enemy during a war and you are a murderer.

    Let's discuss Iran, part II in the axis of evil, the next, more complicated enemy on the war on Radical Islamofascism. Iran must be disarmed.

    I would not dispose cavalierly of precious life. But the essential question is- is it appropriate for a countryIran_nuclear to defend itself? Yes.  Iran, along with China, and North Korea are monstrous aggressors, whose first victims are against their own people. But if those very same people by  neglect, ignorance, or helplessness  couldn't overthrow their leaders, their oppressors, they must pay the price of the sins of their government. When should we attack them? At the first sign of aggresion  by them, in other words NOW.  We should fight them with every means we have. We must remove the comforting blinders of complicity and appeasement and recognize that  Iran attacks by proxy (IE Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, tricky business). The fact is the Iranian regime has declared war on the West.

    The objective of the Iranian nuclear buildup is certainly intended to be the gravest threat. How meaningful that threat is, is impossible to know as we can not be sure of how effetctive (or ineffective) their weapons are and surely we will not know until they are loaded on missiles and launched. But we certainly can not rely on their inefficiency. So of course we can make no cuts in the defense budget or our ability to fight this war ..........any democrat that would suggest it is a disgrace made all the worse by their hand wringing over the liberation of Itaq, the removal of a state sponsor of terror and the bemoaning the mistreatment of captured terrorist murderers.

    One of the great crimes of the last century was Clinton allowing our military superiority to deteriorate but that is hindsight. We must correct it and that means not tying Bush's hands. So long as there is this kind of threat that Iran represents  we must be 20 times, 40 times, more able. I'd rather blow up the whole damn world then surrender to Radical Islamonazism.

    America should never have allowed Iran to get into the situation we are confronting now. It is certainly the fault of past and current foreign policy and at present there appears to be no right course of action. After years of unwavering support for the Bush administration, the  pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC has begun to sharply criticize the White House over its handling of Iran's nuclear program. I can't say I blame them. They have real reason for concern. AIPAC describes the Bush administration's recent policy decisions on Iran as "dangerous," "disturbing" and "inappropriate." One background paper suggests that White House policies are actually helping Iran -- a sworn enemy of the America and the Jewish state -- to acquire nuclear weapons

    I believe we must give all possible help to Israel. Consider what's at stake. Why should we help Israel? Israel is fighting not just the Arabs but China, Iran, and Russia, those who are sending the Arabs these sophisticated armaments, missiles and nuclear enrichment programs. Russia has even offered to enrich Iran's uranium. If Iran accepts the terms, it would be allowed to produce unlimited quantities of converted uranium. That material would be shipped to Russia for enrichment and then returned to Iran to fuel a nuclear power reactor. I think that's insane. Critics of the Russian plan, including some inside the administration, argue that it would allow Iran to master a critical component that could be diverted for atomic weapons work. Converted uranium, if enriched to bomb-grade, can be used for the core of a nuclear device.

    In a statement to members of Congress, AIPAC said that it "is concerned that the decision not to go to the Security Council, combined with the U.S. decision to support the Russian proposal,' indicates a disturbing shift in the Administration's policy on Iran and poses a danger to the U.S. and our allies." I think it's too late for this international mutual masturbation. These stall tactics give Iran time time time. And we all know what can be accomplished even under the toughest sanctions. The black market, the oil for food "business model" is text book on how dangerously ineffective the UN and international community can be.

    Furthermore, let's explore why Iran and the Arabs are against Israel. The Arabs are one of the least developed cultures. They are still nomads. Their culture is base, primitive. They hate Israel because it is the  beacon of modern science and civilization on that continent. Ayn Rand said it best "WHEN YOU HAVE CIVILIZED MEN FIGHTING SAVAGES, YOU SUPPORT THE CIVILIZED MEN, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE.".

    This "problem" is not going to go away on it's own. Regime Change Iran now. I am weighing in on the side of  military action. Previous to the Bush presidency, America's recent history followed a left wing, self flagellating foreign policy and it served to weaken us, empower despots IE Chavez, Castro and embolden our enemies. The Vietnam War was the fault of the same liberals and the same failed policies that today are at the forefront of the opposition to the war that the left is forever invoking . Remember it was the left that got us into Vietnam (Kennedy, Johnson).

    The left can not be effective in  determining the best course for America to take in developing a strategy for Iran. Just as in the Vietnam era, they were/are spoiled brats looking for publicity, created by the LL media. If one is  to make a meaningful contribution, think, argue, spread ideas.

    The only thing that will stop Iran from starting a nuclear war is America's superior military  strength.

    Cartoon: Cox and Forkum

     It is  wild to me that we could possibly be having the conversation after 9/11.

    What can you do to get the ball rolling?

    Take Action Against the Iranian Nuclear Threat
    ·  Urge Congress to pass the Iran Freedom and Support Act of 2005.
    ·  Urge foreign governments on the IAEA Board of Governors1 to support the referral of Iran’s nuclear program to the UN Security Council.Urge US policymakers to maintain the policy of not allowing Iran to acquire a domestic nuclear fuel cycle.

    Write to your Representative and Senators asking for their support for the Iran Freedom and Support Act. Find their addresses at www.house.gov and www.senate.gov

    UPDATE:The Imperative to Use Force Against Iranian Nuclearization

    A nuclear Iran constitutes a serious threat, not only to the Middle East, but also to the entire world.. Diplomatic efforts have failed to halt Iran?s nuclear program. As the Iranian acquisition of a military nuclear ability nears, the threat of using force, and even the actual use of force, seem to be the only viable preventive measures. Israel cannot live in a nuclear 'balance of terror' with Iran. Military action against Iranian nuclear installations has many risks and is complicated, but the difficulty is exaggerated, and inaction is bound to bring about far worse consequences. Hat tip Ron W via Winds of Change  

    UPDATE: 12/27

    The IAEA Tree That Fell and No One Heard

    A recent statement by IAEA head Mohammed ElBaredai is getting very little attention and it warrants much, much more. While his statements were briefly discussed in RapidRecon, they warrant closer inspection. ElBaradei, in a remark in a private interview with the UK Independent newspaper, stated that Iran is two to three years away from a nuclear weapon in his estimation.

    Although IAEA officials have said it would take at least two years for Natanz to become fully operational, Mr ElBaradei believes that once the facility is up and running, the Iranians could be “a few months” away from a nuclear weapon.

    The article is titled UN chief urges West and Iran to cool brinkmanship over nuclear programme. Offering up the shortest known ‘authoritative’ estimate on an Iranian nuclear timeline is how the head of the IAEA chooses to ‘cool brinkmanship’?

    If ElBaradei is finally admitting it, you can bet your bottom dollar that Iran is in striking distance of well, striking. Hat tip RickO via Threats Watch

    UPDATE: December 28th

    Iran, Hizballah and Palestinians Gang up for a Second Front against Israel

    DEBKAfile A special Iranian plane flew Palestinian Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal to Revolutionary Guards HQ at Bandar Abbas Monday, Dec. 12, after he spent 10 days in Tehran as favored guest of Iran’s clerical rulers.

    UPDATE: December 29th Bush's Case for going toWar hat tip Hugh

    Friday, December 23, 2005


                       'Iran will defend nuclear right to last drop of blood’   


    A Senate resolution condemning the president of Iran for anti-Semitic comments he made earlier this month is riling its Republican sponsors on Capitol Hill. They claim Senate Democrats forced them to strip language from the document expressing support for self-determination and a national referendum in the country. More here
    (Senator Santorum, a Republican of Pennsylvania, drafted the resolution, the only reason to live in Pennsylvania I might add, that and the pretzels. Santorum is looking mighty presidential whether he wants it or not -Atlas).

    When Mr. Santorum moved to introduce the resolution last Friday, Senator Wyden, a Democrat of Oregon, registered an unusual objection. According to the Congressional Record, Mr. Wyden told Mr. Santorum on the Senate floor that he was objecting to the resolution because his Democratic colleagues in the Senate had asked him too. Mr. Wyden did not say who asked him to issue the objection.

    "While I personally am vehemently opposed to the statements that have been made by the president of Iran," Mr. Wyden said, "I have been asked by the members on this side of the aisle to object, and I do so object." [The quintessential dhimmicrat - Atlas]

    Mr. Wyden's office did not return repeated calls yesterday to explain who suggested that he object to the Iran resolution or why he was chosen to register the complaint. And a spokesman for Mr. Santorum, Robert Traynham, said he did not know who raised the objection either. "We're still trying to see who those Democrats are," he said. An Internet blog devoted to promoting Democracy in Iran, "Regime Change Iran," detailed the flap over the resolution. It simply said that "Senate Democrats" objected to the resolution.

    The following day, Mr. Santorum introduced a revised resolution, absent the language calling for a referendum in Iran. Once it passed, he delivered a floor speech in which he condemned not only the comments of Mr. Ahmadinejad but also members of the Senate and others who have resisted a similarly strong condemnation of the remarks.

    "We could not adopt tonight in the Senate the Senate saying to the people of Iran that we support efforts of self-determination and a national referendum that was free and fair," Mr. Santorum said. "That is, in my mind, a rather unfortunate occurrence. But I found, from my perspective, that it was so important to condemn these actions that we agreed to strike those two sentences from the resolved clauses. I don't necessarily understand why anyone would oppose either of those sentences, those resolved clauses. They state that we are for freedom and democracy for all people, including the people of Iran."

    Rino_4More surprising is that Senator Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee had not cosponsored either resolution. We learned that a majority staffer objected to condemning the entire government of and the call for a referendum with international observers. He reportedly said that we should be condemning President Ahmadinejad (vs. the entire government) and that

    Iran just had elections and they chose the current leader." Dr. Zin

    This genius was elected?. Can you imagine that? Is Lugar a bloody pod or what?

    Such statements show a complete lack of understanding of the Iranian government’s electoral process. The regime chooses which candidates are permitted to run for office that they approve of and even these are fraudulent. Even Iran's leaders agree they are fraudulent.

    I'll say..........Here is a glimpse of the post election Iran. LUGAR, THE IRANIANS DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS;


    Kurd4 Kurd_3 Kurd_2 Kurd_1
    more here and election footage here
    RegimeChangeIran is begging us to take action. We must for their sake and ours.

    So after receiving yesterday'’s report on the situation, several Iranian satellite broadcasters (NITV and SOS Iran) asked their listeners, which include millions of Iranians, to call Chairman Lugar'’s office and their own Senator'’s office demanding hearings on the Iran Freedom and Support Act.

    The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

                                                   The  Ahmadinejad Doctrine.
    Just as President Bush declared a "Bush Doctrine" stating plainly that there would be  no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them, Ahmadinejad is stating his judenrein plainly and telling the world you are either with him or against him.
    Basically, he is opening the door to all the America hating, Jew hating closet dwellers to come out of the closet. Their day has come. No more shame. Just as Hitler did. And, if you recall, a large part of the  world embraced Hitler for it (including Teddy "not to worry I can swim" Kennedy's father - Ambassador to England at the time).

    So it will be. Whose side are you on?  Hey LUGAR, Biden, Wyden, Voinavich WHOSE SIDE?

    The folks are choosing sides in the war of the worlds, climbing out from under their rocks;

    Malaysian: U.S. Scheming on Iran, Syria
     Malaysia's former prime minister accused the U.S. Thursday of scheming to invade Iran and Syria, and said the Iranian president's recent statements against Israel are providing Washington the excuse.

  • Egypt's Muslim Brothers Brand Israel a "Cancer"
    "I declared that we will not recognize Israel which is an alien entity in the region. And we expect the demise of this cancer soon," Mohammed Mehdi Akef, the leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, told the state-owned Ahram Weekly in an interview published Thursday. "The Muslim Brothers do not recognize Israel....70 million Egyptians, 300 million citizens in the Arab world, and 1.5 billion Muslims across the world do not recognize Israel," Akef told the London-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on Sunday. (AFP/Yahoo)

  • Pakistan to stand by Iran in case of aggression: Kasuri

    Khaleej Times
    ISLAMABAD — Pakistan will stand by Iran in case of any aggression, Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri has said.

     Head of Egypt's rising political force echoes Iran leader, says Holocaust myth
    CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - The leader of Egypt's main Islamic opposition group said Thursday the Nazi destruction of European Jewry is a "myth" and he slammed western governments for criticizing those who question the genocide.

    Kyrgyzstan supports Iran's peaceful nuclear activity: Tekebayev
    Iran-Nuclear Activity-Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyz Parliament Speaker Umarbek Tekebayev in a meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Mohammad-Reza Sabouri here Thursday declared his country's support for Iran's  nuclear activity.

    Iran rejects “any conditions whatsoever” in nuclear talks
    Khaleej Times VIENNA - Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Wednesday Iran would “not agree to any conditions whatsoever” for the resumption of talks with the EU on its controversial nuclear programme. 

              CALL Senator Lugar AND DEMAND HEARINGS!
    Dr Zin: Last Friday, the day after millions of Iraqi's voted in an historic election, the US SenateLugar_biden passed a resolution condemning the recent alarming statements by Iran's President. Surprisingly, the mainstream media ignored the resolution while the international press has been avidly covering similar resolutions adopted by countries around the world. Unfortunately, the story behind the resolution revealed a disturbing lack of conviction by some in the US Senate.

    The resolution, authored by US Rick Santorum, was in his words "a mild condemnation" version of the resolution that he had also authored and which had obtained bi-partisan support, hours earlier- which was then objected to by Senate Democrats.

    The original resolution co-sponsored by contained language in support for the people of Iran:

    • It supported the people of Iran's desire to exercise self determination over the form of government of their country and
    • supported a call for a national referendum in Iran with oversight by international observers and monitors to certify the integrity and fairness of the referendum.

    But after the resolution containing these clauses was objected to by Senate Democrats. Senator Santorum was forced to REMOVE the two clauses which addressed desire for free elections in Iran. So he then submitted the resolution without those clauses….

    That version SENATE RESOLUTION 336-- passed.

    Remember, this was the session in which the Senate democrats filibustered the Patriot Act.

    But more surprising is that Senator Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee had not cosponsored either resolution.

    Lugar_biden_1It has been reported that a Majority staffer with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee objected to condemning the entire government of Iran and the call for a referendum with international observers. He reportedly said that we should be condemning President Ahmadinejad (vs. the entire government) and that "Iran just had elections and they chose the current leader." Such statements show a complete lack of understanding of the Iranian government. Sadly it looks like Chairman Lugar is the problem. READ MORE


    Since February, we have long supported Senator Santorum's other Iran legislation, The Iran Freedom and Support ActS. 333. The bill is designed to hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its threatening behavior and to support a transition to democracy in Iran.

    Despite the ever increasing threat of the Iranian regime not only to Israel, Iraqi democracy, butLugar_biden_2 even to the United States Chairman Lugar has yet to hold a single hearing on the bill. While the Europeans act the US Senate is paralyzed. …

    The Senate had an opportunity to send a signal to those inside of Iran that the US is finally willing to take their struggle seriously. We failed to send the signal. Nevertheless, we have an opportunity to correct the situation by demanding that the US Senate hold hearings on the Iran Freedom and Support Act. …

    Failure of the US Senate to even hold hearings on the bill emboldens the regime that thinks we are incapable of action - which unfortunately appears to be true. As long as the mainstream media and even the blogosphere fail to demand action, none will be forthcoming.

    The cacophony of Democrat manufactured theater is deafening - snap out it!

    It is time for the blogosphere to write Senator Lugar  and demand hearings now, before it's too late. Please also contact your Senator's office demanding hearings now! hat tip  RegimeChangeIran.

    These are the hearings we sh0uld be having in Washington right now, not a Boxer Burlesque Show on keeping Osama's chitty chats private, asshat.


    UPDATE: Ace of Spades  hits it hard here. Yeah Ace, shereef don't like it (you know he really hates it), Rock the Casbah...........

    Can Blogosphere Beat The Mullahs?

    Thanks to Allah for this.

    The Mullahs think the Iranian blogosphere -- which they call "Weblogistan" -- is a threat to their regime, and they're right.

    UPDATE: Keep telling yourself these people have not declared war on America

    Iran accused of rigging Iraqi general election DEBKA

    Thousands of Sunni secular Shiite and Kurdish protesters took to the streets of Iraq Friday, Dec. 23, over what they called “the biggest election fraud in Middle East history.

    Rumsfeld Allawi, head of the Iraqi List and a key American ally, that he and the Sunni bloc of 30 lists were boycotting the elections, brought US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld dashing over to Baghdad Thursday night.

    Allawi alleges that convoys of trucks carrying sealed ballot boxes stuffed with forged voting slips and other documents went round polling stations on election-day and packed the ballot boxes with pro-Shiite votes. Between 10 and 15 of those trucks were intercepted by Iraqi security forces at the southern Iraqi towns of Qut, Al Amara and Basra. An investigation disclosed that they trucks were organized by Iranian intelligence agents to falsely boost the Iranian majority.
    More on election hijinks here and here.

    Please click on the image below to see CAMERA's brief year-end Flash presentation. Also, feel free to forward this e-mail to friends and acquaintances who might be interested in CAMERA's work. (If the presentation takes too long to load click here for a smaller version; if necessary click here to download the free Flash player.)

    http://websrvr90va.audiovideoweb.com/va90web25021/Year Ender 6 inch.swf

    More over at CUANAS

    Wednesday, December 21, 2005


                            The time has finally come to target the RINOs
                            and put an end to the  tyranny of the Minority

    BASTA! After watching yet again the same imposters vote against the Republican majority earlier today (Cheney had to return from overseas to break the tie! on the budget bill), I say we must end this masquerade. These spineless marauders ran on the Republican ticket but vote Democrat time and time again.
    Sens. Chuck Hagel (Neb.), Olympia J. Snowe (Maine), Dewine (Ohio.), Senator Lugar (Ind) Senator Voinovich(Ohio)   Senator Hagel (Neb)   Senator Chafee (R.I.)
    These were the same clowns against Bolton - remember?
    We need an action plan and we need one now. I've got to run. Email or comment ideas. These guys will be the same antagonists that will impede our efforts to effect Regime Change in Iran.
    Let's roll!

    Mike's eyes is my kind of regular guy, and I dig his take here

    oh and BTW  In the final clashes of a year of partisan conflict,the Senate dealt a defeat yesterday to legislation allowing oil drilling in the National Wildlife Refuge. Yup, all that crying about energy costs, and gas prices and they couldn't open up 1% of unihabited ANWR? Environ-MENTALISM as Religion is a national threat and has left devastating destruction in its wake. It dictates our energy policy

    Make A Difference

    "This year, Hanukkah coincides with Christmas. On December 27, the third night of Hanukkah, Hanukkah candles should be lit in public ceremonies across the streets, in front of Iranian embassies around the world. Jewish communities should organize a lighting ceremony in all those capital cities where Iran has an embassy, and in New York it should be done in front of the U.N. building, right beside the Iranian flag. . . .

    Chanukah3_3The idea was recently launched by two London activists, and is already gaining support and sympathy elsewhere. Rome may soon follow, and so should other capitals of Europe and the Western world." More here  and at Keshertalk. Judith is organizingm so email. BTW check her out today, she has got the goods.

    I will make every effort to be there, scheduled to out of town.

    In other news, if you have been watching the sporadic Iraq vote updates, it's not as dire as people are making it out to be. Keshertalk has the 411. We knew this was going to be a problem here. Cooler heads will prevail

    Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    Iran Uses Tunnels and SYRIA to Hide Nukes

    And the band plays on.........Nuclearbombexplosion_3

    Exiles say Iran uses tunnels to hide atomic work
    ReutersThe National Council of Resistance of Iran, which first made allegations of the tunnels in September, said their sources in Iran had evidence of underground complexes in 14 locations, near Tehran, Isfahan, Qom and other cities.

    Bunker bombing is an option, a good option

    Meanwhile back at the masturbatory-talks-that-stall, Iran is uncompromising on eve of crucial nuclear talks

    Iran has spelled out clearly that it will not back away from its bid to conduct sensitive nuclear fuel work, limiting the chance for a compromise at a key meeting on Wednesday with Britain, France and Germany. [you think the Europeans are still holding Iran's feet to the fire and threatening the most serious punitive diplomatic measure?  Iran's exclusion from the 2006 World Cup soccer tournament scheduled to take place in Germany next summer.
    ooooo, I can see the Ahjamaniac right now, quivering in the corner -Atlas]

    EC chairman: Iran determined to make use of its nuclear rights

    Islamic Republic News Agency
    Iran - Rafsanjani - Nuclear Expediency Council (EC) Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani here Tuesday told the Dutch Ambassador to Tehran Henry de Vries that Iran's nuclear approach is clear and that it is determined to make use of its legal rights for peaceful application of atomic energy and access to complete nuclear fuel cycle.

    I love the way they use the word peace. Going forward when you read these news stories, supplant the word WAR for peace or peaceful. You will understand things enormously.

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has banned Western music from Iran's radio and TV stations, reviving one of the harshest cultural decrees from the early days of the 1979 Islamic Revolution

    Bill Day Dec 18, 2005Toon tip:Gregroy

    UPDATE: SYRIA AGREES TO HIDE IRAN NUKES (next to Iraq's WMDs I suspect)

    Scream_2SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COM Tuesday, December 20, 2005 LONDON —
    Syria has signed a pledge to store Iranian nuclear weapons and missiles. The London-based Jane's Defence Weekly reported that Iran and Syria signed a strategic accord meant to protect either country from international pressure regarding their weapons programs. The magazine, citing diplomatic sources, said Syria agreed to store Iranian materials and weapons should Teheran come under United Nations sanctions.

    (and the news (?) channels are still running small plane crash story)

    Iran also pledged to grant haven to any Syrian intelligence officer indicted by the UN or Lebanon. Five Syrian officers have been questioned by the UN regarding the Hariri assassination, Middle East Newsline reported.

    "The sensitive chapter in the accord includes Syria's commitment to allow Iran to safely store weapons, sensitive equipment or even hazardous materials on Syrian soil should Iran need such help in a time of crisis," Jane's said.

    The accord also obligated Syria to continue to supply the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah with weapons, ammunition and communications. Iran has been the leading weapons supplier to Hizbullah, with about 15,000 missiles and rockets along the Israeli-Lebanese border.


    The accord, negotiations of which began in 2004, was signed on Nov. 14 and meant to prepare for economic sanctions imposed on either Iran or Syria. Under the accord, Jane's said, Iran would relay financial aid to Syria in an effort to ease Western sanctions in wake of the UN determination that Damascus was responsible for the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

    Someone tell the President he expended the little political capital he had going into Iraq, he will be vilified no matter what.

    UPDATE: Send in the clowns, dont bother they're here...........

    U.S. alters nuclear weapons policy
    Congress rejects 'bunker busters' for more reliable arms

    After struggling in recent years to redefine U.S. nuclear policy, Congress turned the country in a new direction this month by giving millions of dollars for a program aimed at producing a smaller arsenal of more reliable warheads.

    Lawmakers killed the widely criticized nuclear "bunker buster" concept, which critics regarded as too aggressive, and instead appropriated $25 million for research on what is called the reliable replacement warhead, or RRW. Though that initial sum is relatively modest, it signifies an important policy shift that could end up costing many billions of dollars.

    Even some arms control advocates have applauded the decision, because many see the new program as a sharp scaling back of the Bush administration's once soaring nuclear ambitions.

    Democrats as well as Republicans were so enthusiastic that they voted for almost three times the amount of money requested by the White House, in large part because the program is viewed as an exercise in restraint.

    "This is about tinkering at the margins of the existing weapons systems, nothing more," said Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Walnut Creek, a member of the House Appropriations Committee's energy and water subcommittee, which controls the nuclear weapons budget "They (the White House) aren't getting what they wanted."
    hat tip David T

    UPDATE December 22: EU, Iran on nuclear collision course 

    The European Union and Iran still seem to be on a collision course over Tehran's alleged atomic-weapons intentions despite the revival of talks, diplomats and analysts said on Thursday.

    I'd rather a collision course then a Nuclear Holocaust, wouldn't you?


    Monday, December 19, 2005

    A Plan for Damn Iran

    Let us not take our eye off the 800 lb nuclear elephant in the room, despite the LLL media'sElephant_in_living_room inability to see it. Make no mistake about it, The New York Times achieved it's goal the day after the Iraqi elections with it's manufactured "eavesdrop" story. They managed to undermine renewal of the Patriot act and change  the national dialog in one fell swoop. We went from watching   breathtaking historic events of monumental proportion, the incredible birth of democracy in what was once part of the oppressive, despotic successor to the Ottoman Empire,  to the shrieking of a thumbsucker's puerile temper tantrum.

    If that weren't bad enough we now have Barbara Boxer calling for national hearings, that much beloved  leftard tool. These hearings accomplish nothing but give otherwise impossible-to-get huge chunks of airtime for the Boxer (and her ilk) burlesque show of flailing arms, graphs, whining, preening, self congratulating delusions and base gutless stupidity (not to mention mendacity of the most irrational). I certainly won't hold my breath waiting for the left to call for hearings to investigate the leak at the NSA or CIA or FBI to determine who committed the act of treason. NO PLAME immediacy here, now that was a text book example of a manufactured distraction ploy.

    Even that 9/11 commission was utter bullshit. Handling Reno like some Blanche DuBois inspired mental patient while attempting to publicly flog Rice. Ridiculous in its narcissism and impotency. Republican bashing galore and not a word about ABLE DANGER? yeah ok.

    Unwarranted Outrage The Times blew our cover (hat tip never Forget)

    Anyway, reader Marc sent me this from Heritage and I think it's a damn fine plan (see his comment here). Get out your pens, cursors, or homing pigeons and start writing those pompous asses in DC;

    Here is a summary of the five steps proposed in the Heritage plan:

    Recommendation #1: Push the IAEA to Refer Iran’s Violations of Its Nuclear Safeguard Agreements to the U.N. Security Council at the IAEA Board of Governors’ Next Meeting
    Recommendation #2: Forge a Coalition to Impose Targeted Economic Sanctions on Iran
    Recommendation #3: Rally International Support for Iran’s Democratic Opposition
    Recommendation #4: Mount a Public Diplomacy Campaign to Explain to the Iranian People How the Regime’s Hard-line Policies Hurt Their Economic and National Interests
    Recommendation #5: Mobilize Allies to Contain and Deter Iran
    Recommendation #6: Prepare for the Last Resort

    I’d like to think that there will actually be support in the U.S. government for steps #3 to #6 in the near future, but I doubt it. In the meantime, readers may want to check out step #2, which describes a way to take some possibly effective action through lobbying the U.S. Congress: “Although Iran is one of the world’s leading oil exporters, it is also an importer of gasoline due to mismanagement and inadequate investment in its refinery infrastructure. Representatives Mark Kirk (R–IL) and Robert Andrews (D–NJ), the leaders of the House Iran Working Group, have proposed a ban on gasoline exports to Iran. International support for such sanctions, particularly if supported by the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, would drive up the prices of Iranian gasoline and underscore to the Iranian people the shortsightedness of Iran’s ruling regime”.

    I intend to email my congressman tonight to ask that he support the Kirk/Andrews proposal. I will cc my friends and hope that Atlas Shrugs readers will consider doing the same.

    On a related topic, Blert on Monday, December 19, 2005 at 04:02 AM,may well be correct that the U.S. is at greater risk than Israel from Iranian WMDs. I’ve seen several reports in the media indicating that Israel has significantly better customs and border security than the U.S. (no real surprise there). Based on those reports, I’d guess it would be easier for the Iranians to sneak a WMD in a container into a U.S. harbor than into Haifa harbor.

    Continue reading "A Plan for Damn Iran" »

    Sunday, December 18, 2005


     Iran: We Would Win Nuclear War
                                          Iran Dismisses Criticism of Israel Remarks

    Supreme Iranian ruler Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani said last Friday that the Muslim world would win a nuclear exchange with Israel, aggravating fears Tehran's quest for atomic weapons indeed has one purpose: the annihilation of what it calls the Zionist “cancer.”

    “[The] application of an atomic bomb would not leave anything in Israel - but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world,”  Hashemi-Rafsanjani was quoted as saying by the government-controlled Iran Press Service. The spiritual leader, who wields ultimate power in Iran, made the comments during a prayer service in Tehran.  It was the first time an Islamic leader of such prominence openly suggested a nuclear attack against the Jewish state, media analysts told the IPS.

    Iran's leaders are “saying very clearly what the Iranians will do if they have a nuclear bomb – they would like to destroy the State of Israel,” Shalom said. Hat tip Right Wing Nuthouse

    Speaking to Fox News a day earlier, US President George W. Bush said his administration also views Iran as a true existential threat to the Jewish state.

    “I'm concerned about a theocracy that has got little transparency, a country whose president has declared the destruction of Israel as part of their foreign policy, and a country that will not listen to the demands of the free world to get rid of its ambitions to have a nuclear weapon,” Bush told his interviewer.
    “I called it part of the 'axis of evil' for a reason,” the president added.

    However, the most serious punitive diplomatic measure being discussed is Iran's exclusion from the 2006 World Cup soccer tournament scheduled to take place in Germany next summer.

    The Eurabians are CLOWNS. Sad pathetic clowns.

    A German Intelligence Service report that says, "Given that the missiles with longer ranges will be available in the future, and in view of assumed efforts to provide them with nuclear warheads, Iran will be in a position to reach the whole of Israel and part of Central Europe." "In plain language," says Bild, "this means that the 'madmen of Tehran' could reach targets in the whole of Germany." WSJ

    Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Yuval Steinitz insists the solution lies in the threat of “brute force.”

    me too, so why delay? the lefties cry no matter what. It's up to us to make sure they are free to whine, cry, commit treason, and undermine the country.

    Steinitz told CNS News Thursday he recently conveyed to officials in Washington that Iran can be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons without the use of force, but only if the West is prepared to make it clear to Tehran that it is in fact prepared to use overwhelming military force.

    “It's the only chance [to make them back down],” Steinitz said, warning that “if Iran becomes a nuclear power, it will become a global nuclear superpower.”

    But Tehran has been hearing and defying Western threats for years.  How the US and Europe could now convince Iran of their seriousness without actually initiating armed hostilities remains unclear.

    How about nonexistent? Unclear my ass, NONEXISTENT.

    Meanwhile, a report published by the US Army War College this week said neither military nor diplomatic efforts were going to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program.

    Entitled “Getting Ready for a Nuclear-Ready Iran”, the report pointed out that “given Iran's extensive nuclear know-how and capabilities, it is unlikely that the United States or its allies can deny Iran the technical ability to covertly make nuclear weapons.”

    The authors instead suggested that Israel try to set an example by first dismantling its nuclear capabilities.

    I love this bullshit, Yeah, that's the ticket, disarm. Oh and while you are disarming hold up the white flag as well. These are the geniuses at US Army War college.......

    They admitted, however, that Iran would likely not follow suit, leaving Israel without a deterrent in the crosshairs of a regime with both the desire and the means to annihilate the Jewish state.


    Asia Pulse via Yahoo! Australia & NZ Finance
    Trade / foreign investment Iran's Minister of Commerce Massoud Mir-Kazemi voiced the country's resolve here Saturday to become a fully-fledged member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

    Iran_time_november_2Oh really? So now Iran wants WTO membership. So the world will ask how high when this lunatic starts rattling off his demands to jump. Please tell me these animals are not dictating the agenda. WTO? WTO is a coveted prizeIran warned Britain, France and Germany Sunday not to make "exorbitant demands" during negotiations scheduled this week on the Islamic republic's disputed nuclear programme.

    Iran tells West to be tolerant of Holocaust views Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust is a matter for academic discussion and the West should be more tolerant of his views, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said yesterday. Academic discussion? Sounds like the Columbia MEALAC department. Hardline Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's view that Jews were never massacred during World War II is "scientific", Iran's foreign ministry has insisted. While the Israeli president accused the  EU of 'weakness' towards Iran - Israeli President Moshe Katsav accused the European Union on Sunday of showing "hesitation and weakness" in the face of Iran's nuclear programme. I think Israel is not being tough enough. WTF does Iran get off telling anyone that they can or can not exist, or that their brutal history was a rumor? That despot is channeling Amon Goeth

    [Amon Goeth: "Today is history. Today will be remembered. Years from now the young will ask with wonder about this day. Today is history and you are part of it. Six hundred years ago when elsewhere they were footing the blame for the BlackBelson_2 Death, Casimir the Great - so called - told the Jews they could come to Krakow. They came. They trundled their belongings into the city. They settled. They took hold. They prospered in business, science, education, the arts. With nothing they came and with nothing they flourished. For six centuries there has been a Jewish Krakow. By this evening those six centuries will be a rumor. They never happened. Today is history.

    Meanwhile, they are busy - very busy, Turkish court says Iran trained Islamist radicals

    A Turkish court has said that Iran trained Turkish Islamist radicals and supported "terrorist" activities aimed at undermining Turkey's strictly secular order, media reports said Sunday. The accusations came in the reasoning that an Ankara court wrote over the convictions in July of nine Islamist militants in a long-running case over the murders of four prominent pro-secular intellectuals.

    Iran’s new Minister of Interior is implicated in grave human rights violations over the past two decades, possibly including crimes against humanity in connection with the massacre of thousands of political prisoners,Ministers of Murder: Iran’s New Security Cabinet said in a briefing paper released today.

    Human Rights Watch also said that the new Minister of Information should be investigated for his possible involvement in a dissident’s killing.
    READ MORE hat tip Regime Change Iran

    We have only one option with these destroyers, REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN. The Imperative to Use Force Against Iranian Nuclearization

    The good news?  Homeland Security Here hat tip JEvn

    Goss warns Ankara to be ready for a possible U.S. aerial operation against Iran and IrannextSyria. As people in the U.S. readied themselves for Christmas, few were aware that CIA Director Porter Goss was in Ankara, Turkey on Monday, engaged in a meeting that lasted over four hours with Turkish Intelligence officials. Goss, accompanied by a large delegation, brought secret data about Iran as he met with officials of the Milli Istihbarat Teskilati, or MIT. Goss allegedly asked for Turkish support for the Bush administration's policies on Iran's nuclear activities, telling Turkish officials that Iran has nuclear weapons, a situation that created a huge threat to Turkey and other countries in the region.Goss said that Iran sees Turkey as an enemy and will "export its regime," warning Ankara to be ready for a possible U.S. aerial operation against Iran and Syria. On Tuesday Goss was driven in his armored BMW to a meeting with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Additional dialogue reportedly focused on the intelligence data, with Goss warning Ankara to be ready for a possible U.S. aerial operation against Iran and Syria.


    Anti-Israel Propaganda at Global Security? 
    So many Arabists, so little time.
    From the Officer's Club

    OK, all in all, I am aware that Iran doesn’t recognize Israel, and that there is a lot of anti-Israeli sentiment in the Arab world. But can an objective source like Global Security really reference an article discussing Israel and Iran- and not refer to one of the two main players as somehow “not” a country but an “entity”?

    Further, the animus between Iran and Israel is obviously at a breaking point, especially when Iranian “President” Mahmud Ahmadinejad calls the Holocaust a "myth" says that Israel (whoops, Zionist Entity- the Global Security Edit) should be relocated out of the Middle East. And if things couldn’t get any worse, we get this from Der Spiegel with Iran expert Ali Ansari. Stand by for the insanity:

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Internationally, the only times we hear from Ahmadinejad
    are when he talks about Israel. What do people in Iran think about him otherwise?

    Ansari: I think where he really crossed the line where the domestic audience is concerned is when he said a green aura was coming out of his head during his speech to the United Nations. This conversation got filmed, and people can watch it on DVD. Ahmadinejad came home from his speech and told an ayatollah that everyone at the General Assembly -- all these world leaders -- didn't even blink for thirty minutes (out of awe). Lots of people have seen this in Iran, and it makes him seem a bit too superstitious.

    I’m sorry- WHAT??!?!

    .. he said a green aura was coming out of his head during his speech to the United Nations

    Here’s my final word on this. If we’re going to take ONE side here to be legitimate, serious, and worthy of a title above “entity,” it should be the side that’s leader isn’t talking about green auras emerging from his cranium during UN speeches.

    Fix this, Global Security.

    UPDATE: Iran's President Has His Eye on Armageddon
    Lest you get carried away with the good news from Iraq, consider what's happening in Iran.


    Negotiations to deny this certifiable lunatic genocidal weapons have been going nowhere. Everyone knows they will go nowhere. And no one will do anything about it.

    and don't miss this;

    Last month, Ahmadinejad said publicly that the main mission of the Islamic Revolution is to pave the way for the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam. As in some versions of fundamentalist Christianity, the second coming will be accompanied by the usual trials and tribulations, death and destruction. Iranian journalist Hossein Bastani reported Ahmadinejad saying in official meetings that the hidden imam will reappear in two years.

    So a Holocaust-denying, virulently anti-Semitic, aspiring genocidist, on the verge of acquiring weapons of the apocalypse, believes that the end is not only near, but nearer than the next American presidential election. This kind of man would have, to put it gently, less inhibition about starting Armageddon than a normal person.

    It gets worse. After his speech to the U.N. in September, Ahmadinejad was caught on videotape telling a cleric that during the speech an aura, a halo, appeared around his head right on the podium of the General Assembly. "I felt the atmosphere suddenly change. And for those 27 or 28 minutes, the leaders of the world did not blink… It seemed as if a hand was holding them there, and it opened their eyes to receive the message from the Islamic Republic."

     Check out  what the dhimmi leftists would have us do here hat tip Ron
    UPDATE: And what do Iran's Arab neighbors in the Gulf say? SHOCKA!

    Gulf summit raps Israel, not Iran, on nuclear issue ABU DHABI (Reuters) - U.S.-allied Gulf Arab leaders called on Monday for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East, but singled out only Israel, not Iran, despite having voiced alarm at Tehran's nuclear ambitions during their two-day meeting.

    Friday, December 16, 2005

    The Ahmadinejad Doctrine


    What is he doing?  It's obvious to me.  He is calling his fellow Jew haters out of the closet.

    The  Ahmadinejad Doctrine. Just as President Bush declared a "Bush Doctrine" stating plainly that there would be  no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them, Ahmadinejad is stating his judenrein plainly and telling the world you are either with him or against him. Basically, he is opening the door to all the jew hating closet dwellers to come out of the closet. Their day has come. No more shame. Just as Hitler did. And, if you recall, al large part of the  world embraced Hitler for it (including Teddy "not to worry I can swim" Kennedy's father - Ambassador to England at the time).

    Iran will have the technological capability to produce nuclear weapons within three months -- the point of no return, said the head of Israel's army on Tuesday. Bush: Iran a Real Threat in Axis of Evil.

    So it will be. Whose side are you on?

     Daily Star: Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei met the political supremo of Hamas onIran_death_5_2 Tuesday and urged Palestinians to continue resistance against Israel and not bother negotiating. Khamenei's calls came a day after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reiterated his doubt about the Holocaust and called on Muslim nations to take a proactive stand on the Palestinian issue.

    "The past 50 years' experience shows the situation will not be improved by giving into the Zionist regime and negotiating," Khamenei was quoted as saying by the official news agency IRNA. Iran's defence minister warning that any Israeli attack would provoke a "swift and destructive" response. Arab Media Mum On Iran-Israel Flap

    Khamenei urged the Palestinian resistance groups to press on with their "jihad" now that the "U.S. has been defeated in the region," and said he hoped they would "throw the occupiers out of Jerusalem." Hat tip slo co loving

    Iran bought 18 long-range missiles from North Korea, a German newspaper said, citing an inelligence reportSecretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday there is no evidence that Iran intends to back down in a diplomatic standoff over its disputed nuclear program.

    Bush Says Iran a "Real Threat"
    President Bush on Wednesday called Iran a "real threat" and lashed out at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the country's nuclear program and calls for the destruction of Israel. "I called it [Iran] part of the 'axis of evil' for a reason," Bush told Fox News in an interview. "I'm concerned about a theocracy that has got little transparency, a country whose president has declared the destruction of Israel as part of their foreign policy, and a country that will not listen to the demands of the free world to get rid of its ambitions to have a nuclear weapon." (Reuters)

    It begins ............choosing sides in the war of the worlds;

    Malaysian: U.S. Scheming on Iran, Syria
     Malaysia's former prime minister accused the U.S. Thursday of scheming to invade Iran and Syria, and said the Iranian president's recent statements against Israel are providing Washington the excuse.

  • Egypt's Muslim Brothers Brand Israel a "Cancer"
    "I declared that we will not recognize Israel which is an alien entity in the region. And we expect the demise of this cancer soon," Mohammed Mehdi Akef, the leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, told the state-owned Ahram Weekly in an interview published Thursday. "The Muslim Brothers do not recognize Israel....70 million Egyptians, 300 million citizens in the Arab world, and 1.5 billion Muslims across the world do not recognize Israel," Akef told the London-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on Sunday. (AFP/Yahoo)

  • UPDATE: December 19th Here they come out from under their rocks;
    Pakistan to stand by Iran in case of aggression: Kasuri
    Khaleej Times

    ISLAMABAD — Pakistan will stand by Iran in case of any aggression, Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri has said.

    UPDATE: December 23 Head of Egypt's rising political force echoes Iran leader, says Holocaust myth
    CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - The leader of Egypt's main Islamic opposition group said Thursday the Nazi destruction of European Jewry is a "myth" and he slammed western governments for criticizing those who question the genocide.

    Kyrgyzstan supports Iran's nuclear activity: Tekebayev
    Iran-Nuclear Activity-Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyz Parliament Speaker Umarbek Tekebayev in a meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Mohammad-Reza Sabouri here Thursday declared his country's support for Iran's  nuclear activity.


    UPDATE JANUARY 3 The Swine Chavez jumps on the Caravan of Death;

    At Mideast Dispatch Archive, Tom Gross points out that Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez is joining ranks with Iranian “president” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and spewing antisemitism reminiscent of 1930s Germany: Venezuelan President Chavez: “The descendants of the Christ-killers” control the world.

    Speaking at a rehabilitation center on December 24, the controversial left-wing president said “the descendants of those who crucified Christ... have taken ownership of the riches of the world, a minority has taken ownership of the gold of the world, the silver, the minerals, water, the good lands, petrol, well, the riches, and they have concentrated the riches in a small number of hands.”

    For Spanish speakers on this list, the full speech can be found here (PDF file). (The remarks about Jews are on page 18.) hat tip Peter G via LGF here

    Technorati Tags: , , ,

    “Being born female is both a capital crime and a death sentence.”

    Those of you that kick your feet up and spend precious time here know How I strongly I feel about PHyillis Chesler. I have been giving her alot of attention because I want you to buy and read her book. And I will be doing an interview with her in next 2 weeks. I have spoken with her here and here. I love Phyllis, while you're at it, buy her book, it is hot off the presses
    The Death of Feminism : What's Next in the Struggle for Women's Freedom

    Islamic Gender Apartheid By Phyllis Chesler

    A speech for the 12/14/05 Senate hearing organized by the American Committee for Democracy in the Middle East.

    According to one Iranian dissident, “being born female is both a capital crime and a deathDeath_of_feminsm_chesler_1_1 sentence.” Today, the plight of both women and men in the Islamic world, and in an increasingly Islamized Europe, demands a sober analysis and a heroic response. In a democratic, modern, and feminist era, women in the Islamic world are not treated as human beings.  Women in Iran and elsewhere in the Islamic world are viewed as the source of all evil. Their every move is brutally monitored and curtailed. The smallest infraction – a wanton wisp of hair escaping a headscarf – merits maximum punishment: Flogging in public, or worse. This is happening in Iran even as we speak.  In 2005, a hospital in Tehran was accused of refusing entry to women who did not wear head-to-toe covering. In 2002, in Saudi Arabia, religious policemen prevented 14 year old schoolgirls from leaving a burning school building because they were not wearing their headscarves and abayahs. Fifteen girls died.

    Today, George Orwell's Thought Police are, rather ominously, everywhere in the Arab and Islamic world. Orwell's Thought Police pre-date the Afghan Taliban or Iran's or Saudi Arabia’s Virtue-and-Vice squads, who arrest men and women for the smallest sign of "individuality", difference, or female-ness.

    Women in Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and increasingly in Egypt, are veiled from head to toe.  They live in purdah and lead segregated lives. Women are also forced into arranged and polygamous marriages, often when they are children, and often to much older men or to first cousins.

    Girls and women are routinely beaten. Woman-beating is normalized and culturally sanctioned and those who dare protest it are shamed, beaten savagely, and sometimes even honor-murdered by their own families. According to the Women’s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran, two out of every three Iranian women have experienced serious domestic violence.  Eighty one per cent of married women have experienced domestic violence in their first year of marriage.  In addition, every year, millions of Muslim women are genitally mutilated—and this is not only happening in Muslim Africa.  It is increasingly happening in Iran and in Europe and in North America where the procedures are quietly carried out in hospitals.

    Iranian women are worn down every minute and in every way in their private lives.  For example, in the summer of ’05, a court in Tehran barred a young woman from working after her estranged husband complained that she was only allowed to be a housewife.  This woman had been battered and she had fled the marriage two years earlier.  But the court confirmed her husband’s right to bar her from working outside the home.  In November of ’05, an 80-year-old husband clubbed his 50-year-old wife to death, “because he could not tolerate her wearing makeup outside the home”.  In October of ’05, female civil servants at Iran’s culture ministry were forced to leave the office by dusk “to be with their families”. One female journalist, who works nightshifts at an Iranian newspaper said: “This decree means that I will be jobless soon.”

    And then there are the public and terrifying atrocities.

    Increasingly in Iran, women are publicly hung or are slowly and painfully stoned to death for alleged adultery or for having been raped.  Public amputations, floggings, and executions are “almost a daily spectacle”.  If women (and men) publicly protest such heartbreaking barbarities, they are slandered as “anti-Muslim,” arrested, and often murdered by the state.

    Stoning2_1 The bravery of Iranian demonstrators is therefore heart stopping. They know precisely what can and will happen to them and still they demonstrate.  In Tehran this past summer of ’05, women protested Iran’s clerical rulers.  They chanted “Freedom, freedom, freedom!” and called for a referendum on religious rule.  They chanted “Unequal law means inhuman justice” and “Misogyny is the root of tyranny.”  Earlier in March of ’05, demonstrators at Tehran University demanded that women have a right to choose what they wear; that women must be free to choose their husbands and to marry or to divorce; that any kind of sex trade and human trafficking should be forbidden; that polygamy must be illegal.

    Many Muslim women are also honor murdered by their families—yes, by their mothers as well as by their fathers and older brothers for the crime of wanting to go to college, marry for love, end abusive marriages, or go to the movies. Honor murders are usually horrific, very primitive. The girls or women are be-headed or they are stabbed many times, or slowly choked to death.  I write about all this in my most recent book, The Death of Feminism.  What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom. 

    I call this systemic mistreatment: "Islamic gender Apartheid."


    Continue reading "“Being born female is both a capital crime and a death sentence.” " »

    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    IRAN WANTS WAR! Police Seize Forged Ballots Headed to Iraq From Iran

    Police Seize Forged Ballots Headed to Iraq From Iran

    Iraqi border police seized a tanker that had just crossed from Iran filled withIran_president_12_14 thousands of forged ballots, an official said. The tanker was seized by agents with the American-trained border protection force at the Iraqi town of Badra.The Iranian truck driver told the police under interrogation that at least three other trucks filled with ballots had crossed from Iran at different spots along the border.

    The U.S. government has alleged that Iranian agents are deeply involved in trying to influence events in Iraq, by funneling money to Shiite political parties and by arming and training many of the illegal militias that are bedeviling the country.

    Bombs from Iran
    U.S. officials in Baghdad and Washington, along with their British counterparts, have contended that sophisticated bombs have been smuggled across the border from Iran, and that some of them have been used against U.S. and British soldiers

    In what appears to be an escalation of  rhetoric, posturing and war baiting, Iran continues to ratchet up the stakes as Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stood by his latest attack on Israel and asserted the world was "on the verge of change".Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a fresh attack against Israel, describing the Holocaust as a "myth" and saying the Jewish state should be moved to Europe or North America.

    They have invented a myth that Jews were massacred and place this above God, religions and the prophets," the outspoken president said in a speech carried live on state television. Photo: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaks in southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan, on Wednesday Dec. 14, 2005.

    U.S. officials in Baghdad and Washington, along with their British counterparts, have contended that sophisticated bombs have been smuggled across the border from Iran, and that some of them have been used against U.S. and British soldiers.

    What is he doing?  It's obvious to me.  He is calling his fellow Jew haters out of the closet.

    The  Ahmadinejad Doctrine. Just as President Bush declared a "Bush Doctrine" stating plainly that there would be  no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them, Ahmadinejad is stating his judenrein plainly and telling the world you are either with him or against him. Basically, he is opening the door to all the jew hating closet dwellers to come out of the closet. Their day has come. No more shame. Just as Hitler did. And, if you recall, al large part of the  worldIrandoomsdayclock_1 embraced Hitler for it (including Teddy "not to worry I can swim" Kennedy's father - Ambassador to England at the time).

    Iran will have the technological capability to produce nuclear weapons within three months -- the point of no return, said the head of Israel's army on Tuesday.

    So it will be. Whose side are you on?
    UPDATE: Daily Star: Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei met the political supremo of Hamas on Tuesday and urged Palestinians to continue resistance against Israel and not bother negotiating. Khamenei's calls came a day after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reiterated his doubt about the Holocaust and called on Muslim nations to take a proactive stand on the Palestinian issue.

    "The past 50 years' experience shows the situation will not be improved by giving into the Zionist regime and negotiating," Khamenei was quoted as saying by the official news agency IRNA.

    Khamenei urged the Palestinian resistance groups to press on with their "jihad" now that the "U.S. has been defeated in the region," and said he hoped they would "throw the occupiers out of Jerusalem." Hat tip slo co loving

    UPDATE: Word is the forged ballot story may very well be false.............will confirm or deny as definitive word comes in

    Bush Says Iran a "Real Threat"
    President Bush on Wednesday called Iran a "real threat" and lashed out at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the country's nuclear program and calls for the destruction of Israel. "I called it [Iran] part of the 'axis of evil' for a reason," Bush told Fox News in an interview. "I'm concerned about a theocracy that has got little transparency, a country whose president has declared theGlobal_chessboard_4 destruction of Israel as part of their foreign policy, and a country that will not listen to the demands of the free world to get rid of its ambitions to have a nuclear weapon." (Reuters)

    UPDATE: December 15th And so it begins ............choosing sides in the war of the worlds;

    Malaysian: U.S. Scheming on Iran, Syria
    AP via Yahoo! NewsThu, 15 Dec 2005
    Malaysia's former prime minister accused the U.S. Thursday of scheming to invade Iran and Syria, and said the Iranian president's recent statements against Israel are providing Washington the excuse.

    "It's not about blood money," La Dolce GIUSTO!

    While I live and breathe, the holiday season has indeed started and what gifts she brings......

    Italian court orders Iran asset freeze

    A court in Italy has ordered the freezing of an Iranian government account held in a Rome bank in what lawyers say represents an unprecedented legal victoryBombing_1 for three US families seeking compensation from     Iran for its alleged support of Palestinian suicide bombings that killed their relatives.

    Lawyers and activists in Washington said their success in Italy was likely to be followed by similar cases against Iran in other courts in Europe and possibly Asia. The ruling could also open the floodgates to similar civil cases against the Islamic regime and other states accused by the US of sponsoring terror.

    A civil court in Rome ordered Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) last week to freeze an account held by the Iranian government, drawing diplomatic protests from Tehran on the basis that Iran's official accounts were protected by the Vienna Convention governing diplomatic relations.

    "It's not about blood money," said Steven Flatow, a US lawyer from New Jersey whose daughter Alisa was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber on a bus in Gaza in 1995.

    What makes this so noteworthy in addition to the obvious, is holding Iran responsible for a Palestinian homicide bombing -Atlas

    UPDATE: Nuclear-Minded Iran Meets With Top Palestinian Terrorist
    Top Iranian officials met this week with a leader of Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group explicitly dedicated to Israel's destruction. Khaled Mashaal, Hamas' political chief, conferred with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who months ago called for Israel to be "wiped off the map." Ahmadinejad's rhetoric has intensified concerns about Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.  Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has said Iran could be only "months" away from being able to assemble atomic weapons if it starts enriching uranium. Ask your members of Congress to support the Iran Freedom Support Act, which would tighten sanctions on Iran to choke off funds it could use to assemble atomic arms.

    Monday, December 12, 2005

    Hmmm....How do we reach Iranians? Scratches head

    Iran photo "the DISH": Iran Press News

    Iranian President: Westerners "too retarded to grasp the depth of the concept”

    Regimes radio: “Ahmadinejads comments are accordant to Islamic rule”

    On Sunday, December 11th the Islamic regimes radio praised Ahmadinejads anti-Semitic comments and called them “accordant with Islamic rule”.

    The radio address stated that while westerners are “too retarded to grasp the depth of the concept” of the Presidents comments, this is “the only solution for resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian disputes.”  The broadcast continued: “The Zionist regime along with the help of Europeans just want to exacerbate the existing disputes so that the blood of innocent Muslim Palestinians could be poured into the ‘bottle of depravity’, otherwise why is it prohibited in Europe to address the falsified reality of the Holocaust and not even consider the solution offered to the world by the Islamic regimes president?”

    The Islamic regimes ended its broadcast by claiming that the international community’s protest against Ahmadinejad’s comments is nothing more than the “defilement of the divine order”.

    The Peculiar Alliance Islamists and neo-Nazis find common ground by hating the Jews
    Weekly Standard

    There have been rumblings of late about the developing alliance between Islamic radicals and neo-Nazis. In late May, Israeli president Moshe Katzav gave a speech before the German parliament in which he warned, "Let's not be surprised if terror organizations use neo-Nazis for carrying out terror attacks." And on August 5, WorldNetDaily reported, "Neo-Nazi skinheads are working with radical Islamists in a growing unholy alliance that has European law enforcement officials concerned about a new front in the war on terrorism."

    Moving forward, this peculiar alliance presents the risk that neo-Nazis may collaborate with Islamist terrorist groups on attacks. But a second danger is that the far right's newfound legitimacy in the Arab world may allow neo-Nazi figures to claw their way out from the lunatic fringe to which they're currently relegated. Read it all hat tip:Iran Press News

    Hardly surprising considering The Nazi Arab connection has a long and diabolical history and was very much a past of the WW2  theater. More here

    Number of times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Old Testament: over 700

    Number of times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Koran: 0

    Number of Arab leaders who visited Jerusalem when it was under Arab rule
    (1948 to 1967): 1

    Number of Arab refugees who fled the land that became Israel: approximately 600,000

    Number of Jewish refugees who fled Arab countries: approximately 600,000

    Number of U.N. agencies that deal only with Palestinian refugees: 1

    Number of U.N. agencies that deal with all the other refugees in the world: 1

    Number of Jewish states that have existed on the land called Palestine: 3

    Number of Arab or Muslim states that have existed on the land called Palestine: 0

    Number of terrorist attacks by Israelis or Jews since 1967: 1

    Number of terrorist attacks by Arabs or Muslims since 1967: thousands

    Percentage of Jews who have praised the Jewish terrorist: approximately 0.1

    Percentage of Palestinians who have praised Islamic terrorists:approximately 90

    Number of Jewish countries: 1

    Number of Jewish democracies: 1

    Number of Arab countries: 19

    Number of Arab democracies: 0

    Number of Arab women killed annually by fathers and brothers in "honor killings": thousands

    Number of Jewish women killed annually by fathers and brothers in "honor killings": 0

    Number of Christian or Jewish prayer services allowed in Saudi Arabia: 0

    Number of Muslim prayer services allowed in Israel: unlimited

    Number of Arabs Israel allows to live in Arab settlements in Israel:

    Number of Jews Palestinian Authority allows to live in Jewish settlementsin Palestinian Authority: 0

    Percentage of U.N. Commission on Human Rights resolutions condemning an Arab country for  human rights violations: 0

    Percentage of U.N. Commission on Human Rights resolutions condemning Israel for human rights violations: 26

    Number of U.N. Security Council resolutions on the Middle East between 1948 and 1991: 175

    Number of these resolutions against Israel: 97

    Number of these resolutions against an Arab state: 4

    Number of Arab countries that have been members of the U.N. Security Council: 16

    Number of times Israel has been a member of the U.N. Security Council: 0

    Number of U.N. General Assembly resolutions condemning Israel: 322

    Number of U.N. General Assembly resolutions condemning an Arab country: 0

    Percentage of U.N. votes in which Arab countries voted with the United States in 2002: 16.6

    Percentage of U.N. votes in which Israel voted with the United States in 2002: 92.6

    Percentage of Middle East Studies professors who defend Zionism and Israel: approximately 1.

    Percentage of Middle East Studies professors who believe in diversity on college campuses: 100

    Percentage of people who argue that the Jewish state has no right to exist who also believe some other country has no right to exist: 0

    Percentage of people who argue that of all the countries in the world, only the Jewish state has no right to exist and yet deny they are anti-Jewish: approximately 100

    Number of Muslims in the world: more than 1 billion

    Number of Muslim demonstrations against Islamic terror: approximately 2

    Students blindfolded and taken to unknown locations

    Iran_students Based on received reports from Tehran, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) of the Ahmadinejad administration have begun a new reign of terror on student activists. The reports confirm that many student activists have received phone calls from MOIS agents who have summoned them to hotels and various other odd types of places in order to undergo long interrogations.  Sometimes they even arrange to meet students in the street; kidnapping and blindfolding them, the students are then driven to unknown locations.

    I understand Israel is readying for a March strike, I say why wait? Seriously.

    Israel Readies Forces for Strike on Nuclear Iran

    Israel's armed forces have been ordered by Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, to be ready by the end of March for possible strikes on secret uranium enrichment sites in Iran, military sources have revealed. ...

    If a military operation is approved, Israel will use air and ground forces against several nuclear targets in the hope of stalling Tehran’s nuclear program for years, according to Israeli military sources.

    It is believed Israel would call on its top Special Forces brigade, Unit 262 — the equivalent of the SAS — and the F-15I strategic 69 Squadron, which can strike Iran and return to Israel without refueling.

    “If we opt for the military strike,” said a source, “it must be not less than 100% successful. It will resemble the destruction of the Egyptian air force in three hours in June 1967.”

    Hat tip:Regime Change Iran btw, this is my pick for best Middle Eastern Blog - Vote here NOW
    Israel Denies British Report It Plans Iran Attack

    Bad Hair Blog has the 411 on Iran's surface to air capabilities and their new BFF Venezuela here

    Saturday, December 10, 2005

    Erasing the Star...........of David

    Time_2It is time.
    My dear friends, colleagues, warriors, Jews, Christians who love Israel and freedom, those that are with us ...............it is time to hold our American leadership - Bush, Cheney, Condi - it is time to hold their feet to the fire.

    Iran's Supreme Leader sees hope to beat ”international Zionism”Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that the Palestinian issue has become over the past several decades more dynamic in favor of the Palestinian people and against the international Zionism.

    This is the enemy. This is the enemy of freedom. I can assure you, the Jew is merely the  historical bellweather for the health of freedom in any given society. Whether or not you are Jewish is irrelevant, what is relevant is the bell will toll............... for you as well.

    The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

    Dante Alighieri


    Friday, December 09, 2005

    New REIGN of Terror on Students in IRAN!

    Our best and only hope for a real revolution in Iran, a regime change from within, has always been the students. The students are being rounded up and kidnapped. The President of Iran Ahmedimaniac [moniker thanks to expat swede] is removing all obstacles internally and externally to world domination. That is his objective.

    Students blindfolded and taken to unknown locations

    Iran_students Based on received reports from Tehran, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) of the Ahmadinejad administration have begun a new reign of terror on student activists. The reports confirm that many student activists have received phone calls from MOIS agents who have summoned them to hotels and various other odd types of places in order to undergo long interrogations.  Sometimes they even arrange to meet students in the street; kidnapping and blindfolding them, the students are then driven to unknown locations.

    The students undergo brutal interrogations that go on for hours and days where they are asked about various other student leaders and plans for actions; the students are also forced to surrender the names of their fellow activists who write the calls to protests, speeches, statements as well as the subjects of any upcoming statements and speeches.

    Students who are arrested are forced to cooperate otherwise they or their families and friends are physically threatened.  Several activists who refused to cooperate were explicitly told that MOIS would frame them and manufacture charges.

    In recent days a large number of students have been summoned. Students of Khaajeh Nasir University who were also not given a permit for the Wednesday University demonstration taunted the regimes authorities by hanging banners on their university gates that announced imprisoned activist AKBAR GANJI as speaker at the demonstration!

    Hat tip: Iran Press News News (English)

    They are shutting down the blogs and going after the Kurds in Iran.Unaware of the horror being exacted on the Kurds, educate yourself here.

    Students arrested during protests in Iran capital: Update

    Tehran, Iran, Dec. 08 – Hundreds of students took part in a demonstration outside the main gates of the University of Tehran to mark Iran’s national Student’s Day amid tight police security and a ban on protests.

    A student outside the campus told Iran Focus by telephone that State Security Forces, Iran’sIran_student_protest para-military police, attempted to disperse the crowd who started to gather just after noon, chanting anti-government slogans and singing patriotic songs in commemoration of the student movement in the country.

    According to the source, despite outnumbering the protesters, police were unable to disperse the crowd.

    Police arrested half a dozen protesters including a young man who was then taken to ward 209 of Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison, according to one of his relatives who sent an email to Iran Focus.

    Two female students were detained outside Tehran University’s Faculty of Law and Political Sciences as protests were gaining momentum and taken to an unknown location.

    A couple were also arrested and taken to Police base 148, while a young man, who was nabbed while holding up a banner, was detained and taken to an unknown location.

    Iran's Ahmadinejad casts doubt on Holocaust     Reuters: Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday expressed doubt that the Holocaust occurred and suggested Israel be moved to Europe.
    Some European countries insist on saying that Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in furnaces and they insist on it to the extent that if anyone proves something contrary to that they condemn that person and throw them in jail," IRNA quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.

    "Although we don't accept this claim, if we suppose it is true, our question for the Europeans is: is the killing of innocent Jewish people by Hitler the reason for their support to the occupiers of Jerusalem?" he said.

    "If the Europeans are honest they should give some of their provinces in Europe -- like in Germany, Austria or other countries -- to the Zionists and the Zionists can establish their state in Europe. You offer part of Europe and we will support it."

    This man is  Hitler. The Nazi Arab connection was very much a past of the WW2  theater.

    In 1929, major Arab riots were instigated against the Jews of Palestine. They began when al-Husseini* falsely accused Jews of defiling and endangering local mosques, including al-Aqsa. The call went out to the Arab masses: "Izbah Al-Yahud!" — "Slaughter the Jews!" After the killing of Jews in Hebron, the Mufti disseminated photographs of slaughtered Jews with the claim that the dead were Arabs killed by Jews.

    Syria al-Husseini aided the pro-Nazi revolt of 1941. He then spent the rest of World War II as Hitler's special guest in Berlin, advocating the extermination of Jews in radio broadcasts back to the Middle East and recruiting Balkan Muslims for infamous SS "mountain divisions" that tried to wipe out Jewish communities throughout the region.

    At the Nuremberg Trials, Eichmann's deputy Dieter Wisliceny (subsequently executed as a war criminal) testified:

    • The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination ofMufti_husseini_hitler European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan. ... He was one of Eichmann's best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chamber of Auschwitz.

    With the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945, the Mufti moved to Egypt where he was received as a national hero. After the war al-Husseini was indicted by Yugoslavia for war crimes, but escaped prosecution. The Mufti was never tried because the Allies were afraid of the storm in the Arab world if the hero of Arab nationalism was treated as a war criminal.

    *Muhammed Amin al-Husseini [many spelling variations] was born in 1893 (or 1895), the son of the Mufti of Jerusalem and member of an esteemed, aristocratic family. The Husseinis were one of the richest and most powerful of all the rivaling clans in the Ottoman province known as the Judaean part of Palestine.

    I bring this up because it is relevant. Because there is no difference between then and now. It didn't end with World War 2, evil was sidetracked.
    Hitler said he'd do it and Ahmadinejad means to do it and he says he  means to do it. And if it began and ended with the Jews, I know that it wouldn't matter. But the Jew is the canary in coal mine of freedom. The Jew is the historical litmus test. That's how I see it.  - Atlas

    UPDATE: Iranian President Ahmadinejad Juden Rein Speech Video here


    Following are excerpts from an interview with Iranian President Muhammad Ahmadi-Nejad. Al-Alam TV aired this interview on December 8, 2005. The translation is from the Arabic voiceover.

    President Ahmadi-Nejad: The Europeans can give parts of their territories to Israel. We are in favor of this idea. They can give them as much aid as they want so they can found their state, both in terms of money and in terms of weapons. Germany and Austria in particular could place some of their provinces at Israelis' disposal in order to solve their problem at its root, or else they could adopt another proposal and allow a referendum to be held in Palestine, in which the original Jewish and Palestinian residents will take part, under the aegis of the United Nations, in order to elect their government and exercise self-determination.

    Read the whole transcript here


    Monday, December 05, 2005

    ElBaradei Gets Tough: Play Nice in the Nuclear Sandbox

    Isn't this the same nobel peace prize winning shmuck that just said Iran is only months away from having nuclear bombs.

    Independent Online: The head of the UN nuclear watchdog, MohamedIran_nukes_1 ElBaradei, has appealed to both Iran and the West to refrain from escalating their dangerous game of brinkmanship, [he is treating both as they they have the same world status and power? Since when does Iran get the same cred as the USA? Since ElBaradei let them get thisclose to nuclear capability?- Atlas] which has entered an unpredictable [gotta love that word "unpredictable", yeah unpredictable] phase after the election of a hardline Iranian president.

    Talks between Iran and the European Union, which has been leading negotiations [translation: masturbation aka dancing with myself] aimed at preventing the Iranians from building a nuclear bomb, broke down in August, when the Iranians resumed nuclear-related activities at their Isfahan plant. ["preventing the Iranians from building a nuclear bomb, broke down"when the Iranians resumed building a nuclear bomb - hellllllllllooooooooooooooooooo..Good job Baradei!]

    overlooking the Danube in Vienna, Mr ElBaradei noted that Iran has not rejected the Russian proposal outright, and he said he expected "talks about talks" [they said that not me, go to the link, I swear - "talks about talks"] to be held before next month.[Which Russia is El B referring to? The  Russia that just signed a $1 billion defense deal-1 billion dollars worth of tactical surface-to-air missiles and other defense hardware to Iran? .......oy]

    hat tipon the Independent article: Hugh, The Sulla Institute

    Am I crazy or do these people actually want Iran to go nuclear? What other explanation could there be?

    Iran_female_militia_5 Despite the developments in Iran and North Korea, Mr ElBaradei said the most worrying nuclear threat came from the prospect of nuclear terrorism. "The deterrence concept does not apply in the case of terrorists. That is the most critical danger we are facing now because there is a lot of nuclear material and nuclear facilities that need to be adequately protected."

    Mr ElBaradei, an Egyptian lawyer, has not always got on with the Bush administration which tried to block him from serving a second term as IAEA chief. [Shocka! Hmm, I wonder why?]

    Get it together and give Israel the ok, now. They are the only ones with the balls. America is still debating Iraq for Gd's sake! That war is all but over (and won) but the left won't let go. [shakes head in disgust].

    UPDATE: December 6th [head shaking violently now]
    Russia plan could end Iran talks impasse: ElBaradei Finally, I agree with El B on this. I just don't agree wthat it would end the same way. This is the height of irrationality.
    Sounds to me that  a "Russia plan" ,complete with sale of missiles, would end with nuclear war.


    Continue reading "ElBaradei Gets Tough: Play Nice in the Nuclear Sandbox" »

    US Goes into Syria, Iran's whore Proxy

    US forces have entered Syria. Not a surprise considering Syria, as a proxy for Iran, has been undermining our efforts in Iraq since the onset of the liberation of Iraq and decisive action was long overdue. Many of our boys have died because of the foreign fighters and border skirmishes Syria has beenSteel_curtain_jpg engaging in.

    Do not fool yourself into thinking this maneuver into Syria is an isolated effort.  IMHO, it is part of the much larger strategy to wrangle the impending nuclear disaster out of the hands of the Iran, nombre deax in the axis of evil.  Just as Iraq was a part of the axis of evil and had to be taken down, so too must Iran. This is the vision and the art of Bush's war on the War on Radical Islamofascism. He outlined the plan and who the enemy was back in 2001 after 9/11.

    The dhimmicrats keep saying he doesn't have a plan. It seems to me Bush has always had a plan and he is sticking to it. Halivay!

    This in from G2 bulletin (subscription needed;)

    U.S. Marines and U.S.-trained Iraqi army forces clashed with the Syrian military as well as terrorists using the border area between the two countries during the Pentagon's Operation Steel Curtain action that concluded last week, G2B has learned.
    There are unconfirmed reports that some Marines lost their lives in the incursion. A total of 10 Marines were reported killed during the nearly three-week engagement designed to clean up the border area, which had become a bee-hive of terrorist activity.

    The offensive was conducted in the cities of Husaybah, Karabilah and Ubaydi in Iraq, and was geared toward preventing al-Qaida in Iraq from operating in the Euphrates River Valley and throughout the country's Anbar province, officials noted.

    Unofficially, however, U.S. and Iraqi forces actually crossed the border into Syria and engaged in skirmishes with both Syrian and terrorist forces.

    Photo: G2 bulletin Operation Steel Curtain

    UPDATE: Breaking News: Suicide bomber, who reportedly came from northern Samaria, attacks Israel  5 confirmed dead

    MDA reported 47 wounded, of them 45 who were evacuated to Laniado, Meir and Hillel Yaffe hospitals.


    Saturday, December 03, 2005



    Iran's constitutional watchdog on Saturday approved a bill to resume uranium enrichment and end snap U.N. checks of its nuclear sites if Tehran is referred to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions.

    Iran's constitutional watchdog.........now there is something invisible to chew on- Atlas

    Oh and btw Reuter's has the dhimmitude thing down pat with the headline of this article:

    Iran Watchdog Approves Uranium Enrichment bill

    WTF! Iran watchdog? What are they watching? Themselves enrich uranium? Who's on first?

    UPDATE: December 4 Here is another classic dhimmi headline from Al Reuters

    Iran's patience running out over nuclear issue
    Reuters via Yahoo! News
    Iran's patience regarding Western opposition to its nuclear program is wearing thin and Tehran will give the EU only a few months to settle the issue through talks, the country's chief nuclear negotiator said on Sunday.

    Iran's patience is wearing thin? And then what? They drop the bomb?

    Friday, December 02, 2005


    Iran_death_5Time is frighteningly short on Iran's impending nuclear weapon program And Russia just ratcheted up the gruesome stakes.
    While the IAEU (give Baradei another PEACE PRIZE for this one) and the EU waited on Russia (ha!) to wrangle nukes out of the hands of  Iran, Russia signed a $1 billion defense deal with the Iranian madmen. Uh huh.
    Russia plans to sell more than $1 billion worth of tactical surface-to-air missiles and other defense hardware to Iran. Regarding International Intelligence; The U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has put off taking Iran to the U.N. Security Council to give time for a new Russian diplomatic initiative to work. What happened to the  Russian diplomatic initiative I wrote about back in February?

    Moscow is already at odds with the West over its nuclear ties with Tehran but has sought to use its warm relations with Iran to be recognized as a key mediator between the West and the Islamic Republic.

    Iran offers cold comfort [as in nuclear winter]  for renewed EU nuclear talks

    Iran's hardline leaders appear more determined than ever to resist Western pressure over their disputed nuclear drive, raising the question of what any new talks with the  European Union could actually achieve.

    Britain, France and Germany are still hoping to convince Iran to limit work on the nuclear fuelIran_beheadings_atlas_1 cycle as an "objective guarantee" the process will not be diverted to make weapons. Yeah and I am waiting on the tooth fairy......their offer of trade and other incentives has already been rejected.

    "We have sent a message to the Westerners that we will resist to the end in order to master civil nuclear technology and will not give up our rights," ultra-conservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said this week.

    A top Iranian cleric praised the country's Basij militia for being instrumental in what he said was a climbdown by the West over Iran's nuclear program.

    Headed by commanders of the Revolutionary Guards, the nine million strong Basij acts as the populist guardian of the regime against domestic or foreign "threats" and has bases in all mosques, institutions, ministries, universities and large state-run industries.

    The militia was also seen as having played a key role in the shock June presidential election win of hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [photo above], himself a veteran of the Revolutionary Guards and who has been calling for the promotion of a "Basij culture."

    "One of the features of the Basij is resisting pressure, and this has made the     International Atomic Energy Agency's board of governors retreat from re-issuing a harsh resolution against Iran," Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati told worshippers at weekly prayers in Tehran.

    Is this what the American left wants? Is tis what the American left means by working with theWork_is_liberty Internatonal community? Working with the international community" sounds alot like the dishonest "Arbeit Macht Frei" [ translation -"Work will make your free" or "Work is liberty"] that greeted prisoners who entered the Nazi's main administrative camp, "

    Of course Israel cannot accept a nuclear Iran, they are first strike country. I find little comfort in the Israeli test that successfully intercepted an Iran-type missile. [Israeli officials said an Arrow-2 missile, fired from an air force base south of Tel Aviv, intercepted a target projectile over the Mediterranean Sea on Friday in the first successful test against an Iran type missile].

    The state of Israel is the size of a pin, all that crazy murderer has to do is get one off and Israel is finished. FINISHED. And then what, and then we act?  That would be the most cowardly and harmful strategy, even if the State Department would prefer it.
    We can not expect Israel to do our dirty work for us. And even if we wished it, there is no way Israel can take out all 350 Iranian nuclear sitess (underground and well hidden) simultaneously.

    Map tip:ccinc
    Analysis on Iran: Little time left for sanctions

    Concentration camp photo:© 2000 by Rudy Brueggemann.
    All rights reserved.

    Hanson weighs in  A Moral War / by Victor Davis Hanson

    IrandoomsdayclockOne thing is for certain: Iran will not get nuclear weapons. Any statesman who allows this to happen on his or her watch will be forever discredited. If a theocratic Iran got the bomb, it would only be a matter of time before it sought paradise by trying to end Israel. So no, as I wrote once, there will be no second Holocaust, and the Iranians will not finish what their godhead Hitler started. We are watching the doomsday clock tick: as the Iranians fume and rant, they unknowingly inch closer to a showdown that they will, in fact, lose. Europe has surrendered, viewing Iran as no worse than a nuclear Pakistan. Russia and China derive a certain sick pleasure in seeing us with another nuclear enemy that they believe will never threaten them. The U.N. is, well, the U.N. — as worthless in practice as it is impressive in its rhetoric. The defense of the West as it involves Iran lies in the hands of Israel and the United States alone.

    Hat tip:  Tom P and Clock tip:Bulletin of Atomic Scientists , thanks Pete, ihillary

    More to thank the Mainstream Media for and lefty Jewish parents..........ugh

    Support of Israel Declining Among Young Jewish Americans, Poll Says
    New York Sun

    Fewer young Jewish Americans support Israel than older ones, and American Jews in general talk about the Jewish state with Gentiles infrequently, according to a poll the Israel Project released yesterday.

    The poll also found that 61% of American Jews say they "personally talk about or defend Israel to non-Jewish people" a few times a year or less, including 43% who say they rarely or never do so. 32% say they do so at least once a month.

    Parents were the first or second "most significant source in shaping [their] understanding of and opinions about Israel" for 45% of adult Jews. By contrast, 49% said "the media" was most important in shaping their opinions today.

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    "I will stop Christianity in this country"

    Iran's President: "I will stop Christianity in this country" IRAN : CONVERT STABBED TO DEATH

    Secret police crackdown results in the torture of 10 other Christians.

    Compass Direct: Global News from the Frontline

    An Iranian convert to Christianity was kidnapped last week from his home in northeastern Iran and stabbed to death, his bleeding body thrown in front of his home a few hours later. ...

    Within hours of the November 22 murder, local secret police arrived at the martyred pastor’s home, searching for Bibles and other banned Christian books in the Farsi language. ...

    According to one informed Iranian source, during the past eight days representatives of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) have arrested and severely tortured 10 other Christians in several cities, including Tehran. All the detainees have since been released. ...

    Tori’s murder came just days after Iran’s new hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called an open meeting with the nation’s 30 provincial governors. During the session, an Iranian source told Compass, Ahmadinejad declared that the government needed to put a stop to the burgeoning movement of house churches across Iran.

    “I will stop Christianity in this country,” Ahmadinejad reportedly vowed. READ MORE

    Monday, November 28, 2005


    Iran is fighting a constant battle against dissenters who are using the internet toIran_death_4 voice criticism of the Islamic Republic and to push for freedom and democracy. With the closure of most independent newspapers and magazines in Iran, blogging - publishing an online diary - has become a powerful tool in the dissidents' arsenal by providing individuals with a public voice.

    An Iranian blogger known as Saena, wrote recently: "Weblogs are one weapon that even the Islamic Republic cannot beat."

    There are an estimated 100,000 active blogs written by Iranians both within the country and across the diaspora. Persian ties with French as the second most common blogging language after English.

    Over the last year, however, Iranian authorities have arrested and beaten dozens of bloggers, charged with crimes such as espionage and insulting leaders of the Islamic Republic. Among them is Omid Sheikhan, who last month was sentenced to one year in prison and 124 lashes of the whip for writing a blog that featured satirical cartoons of Iranian politicians.

    The Telegraph is reporting what we have heard for a long time that the regime has blocked our site. Guess who the 1 are or 2 Iranian readers of our blog are (see the sidebar’s neocounter report of nations reading our blog). These readers often post pro-regime comments here. That is why we started our blogosphere supports real democracy in Iran campaign.
    Fellow bloggers: republishing our reports on your blog makes it almost impossible for the regime to block access to the important news on Iran


    Middle East Newsline PST
    LONDON [MENL] -- The International Atomic Energy Agency has determined that
    Iran accelerated its uranium conversion program. , IAEA director-general Mohammed El Baradei said Iran has increased activities at its uranium conversion facility at Isfahan

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    Iran: WTF are we waiting for?

    Iran moves on to the next phase of nuclear planIran_death_israel_usa

    A spokesman for the Iranian government said Thursday that it had moved on to the next phase of its nuclear program.

    This development was a violation of the requests of the European Union and the United States, who suspected that Iran was building a nuclear weapon, Army Radio reported.

    This is insanity. Has 9/11 taught us nothing? It's time to stop the diversionary dialogue with the left, who would throw this country in the trash just to seize control of the White House.

    The question is not should we have gone to Iraq. That is self evident. The question is do we support Regime Change in Iran and make it policy? Or do we go from Iraq straight into Iran via Syria. G-d knows Iran has been engaging the US military by proxy for the life of this liberation of Iraq. And they have engaged Israel vis a vis Syria, Hizbollah, Hamas

    This can not be left to Russia to handle (Report: Russia sells Iran 100 tons nuclear fuel and Russia sold Iran a ton of Humanity exterminator.)

    More here and  here............

    And why did the mainstream media ignore these devastating photos, first posted on my blog October 30th?
    These photos in and of themselves are a declation of war. 

    That's America broken on the floor, that guy is the President of Iran. What do you think his objective is? Regime change as policy - now. WRITE WASHINGTON.

    more here from Michael Ledeen at To the Point, Targeting Tehran and Damascus

    “About using our irresistible military might against a single country in order to bring down its leader, when we should be talking about using all our political, moral, and military genius to support a vast democratic revolution to liberate the peoples of the Middle East from their tyrannical rulers. That is our real mission, the essence of the war in which we are engaged, and the proper subject of our national debate.”

    The proper debate has still not been engaged, and the Bush Administration’s failure to lead it bespeaks a grave failure of strategic vision. The war was narrowly aimed against the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein.
    According to the State Department's annual survey, Iran has long been the world's leading sponsor of international terror. Both Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad are Iranian creations and clients, which is why Imad Mugniyah of Hezbollah and Aywan al Zawahiri of Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda keep showing up in Tehran, along with Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the leader of the jihad in Iraq who had operated out of Tehran for many years.

    Unsurprisingly, the 9/11 Commission found hard evidence of collusion between Iran and al-Qaeda, going back into the mid-nineties.

    In 2002, I argued that our first move against the terror masters should be to give political and economic support to the Iranian people in their efforts to topple the mullahcracy. At that time, the streets of the country's major cities were filled with demonstrators almost every week.

    A strategy of actively supporting democratic revolution throughout the region was precisely what President Bush proposed, and it made good historical sense: It was of a piece with the dramatic spread of freedom in recent decades, including the defeat of the Soviet Empire.

    It was objected that such a revolutionary mission was far too ambitious, and that prudence required us to move carefully, one case at a time, all the while mending our diplomatic fences with friends, allies, and undecideds. But, as so often happens, the "prudent" strategy proved more dangerous.

    Moving step by step — first Iraq, then we'll see — gave the surviving terror masters time to organize their counterattack before we liberated Iraq, and, as I predicted, the extra time was also used to develop the weapons of mass destruction that rightly concern us, and give urgency to our cause.

    The long period of dawdling after the defeat of the Taliban, along with the failure of strategic vision that blinded us to the regional nature of the war, enabled the terror masters to develop a collective strategy, for which we were famously unprepared.

    Yet there was no excuse for us to be surprised, since, on the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Syrian dictator Bashar Assad announced publicly that a terror war would be unleashed against us inside Iraq.

    UPDATE:Drawings Showing How to Make Atomic Warhead Found in Iran - George Jahn
    Iran has documents that serve no other purpose than showing how to produce nuclear warheads, it was revealed Thursday. The news came from Mohamed El Baradei, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who told a meeting of the 35-nation IAEA board in Vienna that the country was in possession of what appeared to be drawings of the core of an atomic warhead. (Scotsman-UK)
        See also Iran Dumps Russian Nuke Plan - Pyotr Goncharov
    Under a discussed compromise plan, Russia would enrich Iran's uranium and produce nuclear fuel. But Golamreza Aghazadeh, president of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, rejected the initiative, saying that "Iranian nuclear fuel should be produced in the national territory." (UPI)

    UPDATE: November 26th Dangerous Alliances: These Radical Islamist are serious, deadly serious. Like I said what are waiting for?

    Report: Iran offered North Korea oil for nuclear weapons help
    Haaretz Daily
    BERLIN - Iran has offered North Korea oil and natural gas as payment for help in developing nuclear missiles, German weekly magazine Der Spiegel reported on Saturday, citing unidentified Western intelligence sources.

    For some reason the world media has largely ignored his statements against the USA. In his speech he said:

    We are in the process of an historical war between the World of Arrogance [i.e. the West] and the Islamic world, and this war has been going on for hundreds of years. ...

    The issue of this [World without Zionism] conference is very valuable. In this very grave war, many people are trying to scatter grains of desperation and hopelessness regarding the struggle between the Islamic world and the front of the infidels ...

    Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism? But you had best know that this slogan and this goal are attainable, and surely can be achieved...Go over to Regime Change and read it all here

    UPDATE November 26th: Festivus of IdiotsDunce_3_2

    A noble concert
    Miami Herald
    Salma Hayek will host this year's Nobel Peace Prize Concert in honor of laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, reports The Associated Press. ElBaradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency he leads shared the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize for their drive to curb the spread of atomic weapons by using diplomacy to resolve standoffs with Iran and North Korea over their nuclear programs.

    ElBaradei? Peace Prize? Now? During the greatest dispersal of nuclear weapons to the most dangerous groups/regimes in modern history?

    Lets see

    1. AQ Khan nuclear network (Hitchen's referred to as this  "a kind of Walmart for WMDs."
    2. North Korea's nuclear capabilities  (right under his nose)
    3. Iran's nuclear program  (right under his nose then and now)

    and that's just what comes to mind. Who knows where all that other  missing nuclear material is?

    UPDATE: No Pasaran's sagacity is boundless

    UPDATE: November 27th 7 pm:
    Iran_3A major student protest at Tehran University erupted at the installation of a cleric with no formal education as President of the University.

    The cleric has a long history of oppressing student activists. The students, in anger, removed his clerical turban. See photos here

    Plus a translated statement by the Committee for Iran’s free referendum, please read here.

    The mainstream media refuses to report on incidents like this.

    photo credit: Iran Press news

    UPDATE: November 26th Dangerous alliance gets more dangerous

    Iran encourages N.Korea with free oil & gas offer
    LONDON, November 27 (IranMania) - Iran encouraged North Korea to pursue its nuclear programme with an offer of free oil and natural gas, according to a press report quoting Western intelligence officials.

    UPDATE: November 28th

        With Iran refusing to end the nuclear programs that it hid from the world for nearly two decades, legislation is pending in Congress that would tighten sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic under the Iran Libya Sanctions Act of 1996 (ILSA). The Iran Freedom and Support Act would permanently extend ILSA penalties on companies that invest in Iran's energy sector and urge divestment from those firms in the hopes of choking off money that it could use to assemble atomic arms. The bill would also provide assistance to pro-democracy forces in Iran. Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Howard Berman (D-CA) introduced the House version of the bill (H.R. 282), whose Senate companion (S. 333) is sponsored by Sens. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Evan Bayh (D-IN). 

    Thursday, November 24, 2005

    John Bolton, the UN, Hizbollah and Thanksgiving

    Brigite Gabriel just sent this to me, bless that woman's soul!

    A precedent-setting condemnation, marking the first time the UN body ever condemned an Islamic state for statements against Israel

    Remember when the Dem Senators were "horrified" by that tough talking "cretan" John Bolton, and wouldn't even let him go to a vote in the Senate? Bush gave him a recess appointment instead. WRONG AGAIN! 

    Senator Kennedy thought he "wasn't UN Diplomat" material? (I think that's really a complement) Meanwhile, Martin Indyk, a likeable American diplomat with a British accent was criticizing the 'tough' Bush administration attitude so they agreed to let the former Clinton admin diplomat go talk sense to the Syrian Dorktator. Now the "amiable" Mr. Indyk is bashing Mr. Assad because he lied to him in their face to face meetings? I'm shocked and chagrinned!

    US pressures UN to condemn Hizbullah
    The Jerusalem Post

    Following intense US pressure, the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday issued an unprecedented condemnation of Monday's Hizbullah attacks on northern Israel.

    This condemnation - slamming Hizbullah by name for "acts of hatred" - marked the first time the Security Council has ever reprimanded Hizbullah for cross-border attacks on Israel. The condemnation followed by two days a failed attempt to get a condemnation issued on Monday, the day of the attack, when Algeria came out against any mention of Hizbullah in the statement.

    When asked what changed from Monday to Wednesday, one diplomatic official replied: "John Bolton," a reference to the US ambassador to the UN. Bolton lobbied vigorously for the passage of the statement.

    The condemnation expressed "deep concern" over the attack, and called on Lebanon to exercise its sovereignty and authority in the south according to relevant Security Council resolutions.

    Security Council Resolution 1559, which led to the withdrawal earlier this year of Syrian troops from Lebanon, also calls for the dismantling of the militias in the country, as well as a call to the Lebanese government to extend its control over the entire country, including the Hizbullah dominated south.

    Leshno Ya'ar said this type of condemnation was significant because Hizbullah was "very sensitive" to public opinion, both in Lebanon and abroad. He said the condemnation sent a strong signal that the Security Council was demonstrating "no tolerance toward terrorism."

    The statement against Hizbullah came just a few weeks after the Security Council condemned Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his call to wipe Israel off the map. That was also a precedent-setting condemnation, marking the first time the UN body ever condemned an Islamic state for statements against Israel.

    Wednesday, November 23, 2005

    So you Wanna be a Rock and Roll Star? Go left Young Man

    Want to make front pages nationwide? All the cable news and network news (the alphabets) with crushing coverage? GO LEFT YOUNG MAN!

    John Murtha, overnight American idol by Brent Bozell 11/23
    Making a mountain out of a molehill is becoming a national media specialty. The news media ought to be awarded advanced degrees for fixing their political microscopes on whatever amoeba of a story will serve their stubborn template: The Iraq war is hopeless; it's Vietnam in the desert.


    Why is it the further left you go the more press you get?
    Mother Sheehan anyone?

    Why isn't it the same for the "far right"? Why aren't the ideas of the far right given equal face time?Screamingfansg_3
    IE Let's get our asses in Syria? Let's free the young people of Iran? Let's.........well you get the idea. The Goldwater Hawk has all been silenced. Notice that?

    You never hear that kind of talk. Pity, I'd love to hear it. G-d knows I've had enough of Murtha

    You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.
    Winston Churchill

    UPDATE: This poll left out the number one threat - the left wing in America

    China, North Korea and Iran are seen by American opinion leaders as posing the "greatest danger" to the United States, a survey showed last Thursday. There was no consensus as to which country represented the biggest danger, marking a change from a poll taken in the summer of 2001, when China was singled out, according to the Pew Research Center's quadrennial survey of US foreign policy attitudes.


    Hmmmm, Israel and Iran, Quel Difference!

    And now for one of your favorite features: The week in Wipe-Israel-off-the-map Iran vs. the week in Israel

    Iranian_pres_hostage_1_2 Iran Building Nukes in Underground Locations
    Iran has built, with the help of North Korea, dozens of underground tunnels and facilities for the construction of nuclear-capable missiles, Alireza Jafardazeh, a former spokesman for the Iranian opposition National Council of the Resistance of Iran, said Monday in Washington. Jafarzadeh described an "extensive large-scale operation" for the development of nuclear-capable missiles "in the most sophisticated, hidden way" in tunnels in a mountain range east of Tehran.

    "Ms. Rice is delusional if she thinks she can say hello to Ahmadinejad"

    A Kurdish journalist sewed his mouth up in the Marivaan Prison

    Alab_dookhteh Tabriz News – Human Rights Service: Maad’deh Ahmadi, imprisoned Kurdish journalist who is incarcerated in Marivaan Prison sewed his mouth up after announcing that he was going on hunger strike. Ahmadi who is from Sanandadj was arrested during the July/August uprisings in Kurdistan and sent to prison. He began his hunger strike in order to protest the voiding of his bail.

    Blogger and political prisoners being framed and threatened by regime

     The Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners
    Family members of imprisoned political activist blogger, Mojtaba Saminejad  report that theA_blogger_1 blogger is being framed by the regime. One of the charges being leveled against him is the distribution of the telephone number of what the regime now labels “the Committee for the Defense of Swines and Critters” (referring to the Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners). Saminejad announced that this charge is an open attack on all political prisoners and said that he will expose this in a written complaint against the authorities of the prisons. The Student Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners while condemning these types of fabrications and the defilement of the honor of the political prisoners expressed grave concern for the conditions under which Saminejad is being held.

    Also  Behrooz Javid-Tehrani  was transferred out of Rejaishahr prison to the Tehran revolutionary court. According to reports from reliable sources, the deputy public prosecutor threatened Javid-Tehrani with being “transferred to a much worse place, if he does not stop his hunger strike.”On Thursday, Nov. 17th, an unidentified person contacted the family of Khaled Hardani and threatened the entire family, saying that if Hardani continues his “activities” in prison, he will surely be executed. 

    A worker from Esfahan self-immolates in front of the Islamic Parliament’s Assembly

    AFTAB, the regime-run site reports that Qolam-Hossein Qorbaani, a worker from Esfahan who A_khodsoozi was among the protestors gathered in front of the Islamic Parliament’s Assembly in Tehran self-immolated on Thursday, Nov. 17th.  He arrived in Tehran from Esfahan and joined the protestors on October 21st; his complaints and requests to speak with Kamran, the representative from Esfahan had been ignored day after day.

    Qorbaani who had serious financial problems, set himself on fire in front of Kamran’s office; one of Kamran’s employee however came to his rescue. Qorbaani was rushed to the hospital with 80% burns all over his body. He is not expected to survive.

    Reports of more executions of gay men in Iran prompted an international gay rights group toIran_execution_hanging_1 renew its call for the United Nations to investigate and hold Iran accountable for possible human rights violations. Earlier in the month another young man was hanged in a town square in northern Iran, according to the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

    "We are alarmed at these latest hangings and call for an immediate investigation by the U.N. and national human rights monitors," said Paula Ettelbrick, executive director of the IGLHRC. "It's clear that a pattern is emerging in which young men are executed as couples and that the crimes they allegedly committed always involve some form of sexual assault of another male."

    Members of the regime’s information and security forces in provinces arrested FARDA, Ahamdinejad’s site reports that several of the directors and authorities of the regime’s information and security forces in one of Iran’s central provinces have been arrested and charged with accepting bribes and being involved in numerous cases of kidnapping [of rich people] for the ransom money. The defendants who set baits such as setting up managers and directors of wealthy companies prostitutes and then with fake arrest warrants they would arrest warrants would arrest and then under the guise of “bail” would charge them enormous amounts of money in order to be released.

    “Israel must be wiped off the map” is an appropriate motto and promotes Imam’s tenets Khamnei’s newspaper in an article written on Monday, Nov. 21st both criticized Ahmadinejad for his attempt to reestablish ties with the government of Egypt and praised him for the appropriate comments about “wiping Israel off the map”.

    “The Imam’s (Khomeini) tenets has obligations and anyone who considers him or herself to be a follower of the ‘line of the Imam’ is bound to those obligations. The Presidents motto is not only appropriate but it is faithful to and promotes the Imam’s tenets, that said, the president should not make any ‘Camp David’ type of attempts to reestablish relations with Cairo just now. If this administration has any ‘talents’ it should be in forcing Hosni Mubarak to apologize for signing the dread Camp David accord, then it should be they who should extend themselves for reestablishing political relations.”

    Mullah Jannati: “Non-Muslims are varmint that roam around the earth and spread corruption” A_varmint_1

    The regime-run news website, ENTEKHAAB reports that Mullah Jannati, the Secretary General of the Guardian Council of the Islamic regime said: “Non-Muslims are varmint that roam around the earth and spread corruption.” Jannati, whom in his speech was hoping to encourage the young Basijis to get involved in suicide missions or martyrdom-seeking operations against non-Muslims continued: “If there is a rule like this Islamic rule that stands steadfast and true, it’s due to the martyrs. We owe it all to them. If it weren’t for them our youth would never have been so entrenched in this magnificent Islamic spirit.  When the youth saw that a rule such as the Islamic rule which is positively involved in selfless service exists, they became excited beyond description and rushed to vote so that they can invest in a regime that wants to revive the pageantry of Islamic war.”

    The regime’s new crimes in the town of Mahabad, Kurdistan Reports from Mahabad (province of Kurdistan) indicate that the regime’s agents have once again begun another reign of terror on the residents of this town. On Sunday, Nov. 20th at 10 AM a 27-year-old man, A_kurdistan Sheerkou Amini, son of Ali Bob, resident of the town of Mahabad was shot and killed by the regime’s agents. A native of Mahabad explained that during the summer protests in Mahabad, Sheerkou Amini had been arrested by the regime’s agents and released after a while; he was however rearrested and after having been brutally tortured for a few weeks was dropped off in front of his house 6 days ago.

    On Sunday morning, Sheerkou had gone for a walk in one of Mahabad’s neighborhoods where he was accosted by one of the regime’s agents manning the new area command center. Another agent who was in a distance heard the insults and saw the escalating argument between the guard and Sheerkou. The first agent who was involved in the fight with Sheerkou, then shot him 3 times, at which point, his colleague approached and opening fire, sprayed Sheerkou with bullets as well.

    The locals immediately rushed to the scene; Sheerkou died on his way to the hospital. The enraged crowd then gathered in front of the command center and began protesting.

    Sheerkou’s family was denied the right to collect their loved one’s lifeless body. This lead to the family and neighbor’s immediate condemnation and demand on the governor to release the Sheerkou’s corpse.

    Three youths sentenced to prison and flogging for being “unruly”  

    The official regime newspaper, KAYHAN reported the sentencing of 3 youths described as “unruly”, to prison and flogging. The newspaper wrote: “With the verdict of the court these individuals were sentenced to 6 months in prison, 74 lashed each and being paraded and brandished in various areas around town.”

    In the midst of the political tumult of the regime a number of Iranian oil experts, left Iran. MEHR, the regime-run news agency reported: “During recent weeks several of the petroleum experts from various oil companies such as Pars Optimum Tuning Fuel, oil and Gas. The fact that the Ministry of Oil does not enjoy the leadership of a qualified minister has led many of the projects that were being researched and developed to fold and collapse, leaving the employees wandering and dismayed with no choice but to emigrate.”

    Three people executed for raping an Islamic a novitiate seminarian

    According to the regime-run newspaper, IRAN, 3 imprisoned Kermanshahi youths Eunis, Hossein and Ruhollah who had worked as haulers were found guilty of “molesting the dignity of a 19 year old” and were executed by hanging at the Deezelabad prison, in the city of Kermanshah at midnight on Friday, Nov. 18th.

    This newspaper has not offered more information regarding this item however a while back, KAYHAN, the official regime newspaper reported of a scuffle between 3 men and a 19 year old seminarian.

    The item viciously read: “When a group of hoodlums and misfits(from Kermanshah who found their debate with an enlightened young regarding the value of Islam, impotent, they raped him out of their frustration. However Allah does not abandon it’s obedient children and in the name of these soldiers, strikes down and smites their violators.”

    Provided by Iran Press News

    Update November 24th
    (no surprise here but still frightening - Atlas)
    The European Union has agreed to give Iran more time to negotiate on its nuclear program in a move that postpones taking Tehran to the UN Security Council for violating non-proliferation safeguards here. [These guys are suicidal -lunatics, Atlas]

    And more breaking developments fom Regime Change Iran: 

    ABC News reported that Iran has built, with the help of North Korea, dozens of underground tunnels and facilities for the construction of nuclear-capable missiles.

    Sounds like more proof of President Bush's axis of evil - Atlas

    Newsweek reported on this week's Iran/Iraq memorandum of understanding to cooperate on sensitive intelligence-sharing matters.

    and now for a brief glimpse at their neighbor Israel;

    Israeli pulmonary imaging technology lets you breathe easier    
    'This is the first completely novel medical technology in the world in the last 30 years,' says the CEO of Deep Breeze Medical, which has developed a breakthrough non-invasive pulmonary imaging technology that helps clinicians diagnose, assess and treat various respiratory conditions ranging from asthma to emphysema. Come learn about the biggest thing since the ultrasound. More...
    Global Democracy | High-level dialogue strengthens US-Israel relationship   
    Current and former US leaders and policy makers participated last week in events marking the 10th anniversary of the assassination of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. But the visits had another focus that brought them beyond ceremony: a dialogue on shared concerns aimed at deepening the relationship between the US and Israel. More...
    Technology | Israeli sensor technology understands time differently   
    Nexense's super-sensor technology is being customized by companies like Timex, General Electric and the Sealy Corporation to create products which can help notify a family member if a loved one is in distress, or reduce loss of sleep due to snoring - the secret is all in the measurement. Coming soon to a mattress near you. More...
    Profiles | Stepping out with Ivri Lider   
    A testament to the country's progressive cultural diversity, Israel's pop prince Ivri Lider is a star who happens to be gay - not a gay star. With gold albums, sold out concerts and chart-topping film scores to his credit, the talented Lider is also making a name for himself in North America.  More...
    Culture | Turning olive oil into an olive branch   
    The burgeoning olive oil industry in Israel is creating cooperation and partnerships between Jews, Moslems, Christians and Druse who share a passion for growing olives and making olive oil - an endeavor that is both a centuries-old tradition and big business. More...

    Global Democracy | Israel and Georgia create a peach of a business environment

    Culture | American and Israeli students show that all the world's a stage

    Technology |Getting your MBA - the Israeli way

    Global Democracy | Women leaders gather in Israel to combat crime of trafficking

    Technology | Weizmann Institute chosen world's top university for life scientists

    Health | Israeli vaccine could provide universal answer to flu epidemics

    Technology | Israeli 'clean' solution insures drinking water is disinfected

    Israel's humanitarian rescue missions abroad

    Israel's high tech frontier

    A Jerusalem mosaic
    Amos Kamil
    Hospital emergency rooms are the great equalizer of Israeli society.

    The annual 'once in a lifetime' experience
    Azriel Ganz
    Discovering Israel via the 'Wheels of Love' charity bike ride for the Alyn Hospital.

    Take responsibility for the world's poor
    Einat Wilf
    Israel has an opportunity to play an important role in eradicating poverty.

    And did you know the Weizmann Institute of Science has been voted the best university in the world for life scientists to conduct research?

    Sad how Israel must justify her right to exist. - Atlas

    November 24th: Israeli PM Ariel Sharon chooses Kadima, Hebrew for forward, as his new party's name. Sharon's new party to meet in Tel Aviv

    Israel Emerges as the Go-To Country for Anti-Terrorism Technologies - Susan Karlin
    Israel, by necessity, has become the hotbed for counterterrorism research. Innovating well out of proportion to its size, Israel has spawned companies selling guns that shoot around corners, software that translates dog barks into English-language warnings, and lasers that can detect explosives from 100 feet away. Working their way through labs now are intelligent robotic cameras, and nanolasers and nuclear resonance imagers to detect chemical and bioweapons.

    Hizbullah Leader Meets with a US Presbyterian Delegation

    5000 Islamic Clerics to be sent to the US: Iran's “Suicide Bomber” Ayatollah 

    The following are excerpts from a report of a meeting between Hizbullah's leader in South Lebanon, Nabil Qauq, and a delegation of Presbyterian Church:

    Sheik Nabil Qauq : The American policy today is similar to an owl bringing bad tidings. All we hear from Bush are words of war, evil, destruction, killing, siege and threat. This aggressive inclination is a real danger to all monotheistic religions and it harms Christianity.


    Elder Ronald Stone**: We treasure the precious words of Hizbullah and your expression of goodwill towards the American people. Also we praise your initiative for dialogue and mutual understanding. We cherish these statements that bring us closer to you. As an elder of our church, I'd like to say that according to my recent experience, relations and conversations with Islamic leaders are a lot easier than dealings and dialogue with Jewish leaders.

    see MEMRI Video here

    First of all, many Presbyterians are using Christianity to cloak their antisemitism. As Jesus said, "By their acts (words) ye shall know them" so we know them.
    Because Christians can champion downtrodden peoples all over the globe like those poor South African raped children, the multimillion modern slaves in the Sudan and elsewhere, the starving in North Korea, the Arab women suffering from severe sharia laws, but no, they focus on the Palestinians. Why? It's not about the Palestinians, it's about sticking it to who they hate or are jealous of, the Jews or Israel. Like American liberals like Michael Moore...is it about the Jews or even the American downtrodden or sticking it to "daddy" the Republican administration or Israel. These people are transparent because where do you focus your limited energies?

    Many of my readers are not Jewish. As a matter of fact I  have found the staunchest defenders of Israel and the Jews to be Gentiles. This is not an attack on non Jews. It is an attack on the Presbyterian "leadership". They have made it their mission to destroy Israel, blackmailing  business and academia (see Harvard piece).

    UPDATE: "COMMENT OF THE DAY" [I know it's still early] SAYS IT ALL:

    Right you are! Well said.

    CUANAS (Christians United Against the New Anti-Semitism)

    Monday, November 21, 2005

    The Democrats Screach "Let Them Eat Yellow Cake"

    IAEA: Iran received blueprints for nuclear warhead design
    (this startling admission from the Nobel peace prize winning let's-give'em-one-more-chance IAEA)

    While the left continues to distract and deceive us with their hysterics and howling, Iran marches single mindedly to nuclear weaponry capability

    VIENNA - The U.N. atomic agency revealed that Iran received black-marketNuclear_explosion_atlas_5 designs to encase weapons-grade uranium and diplomats said they appeared to be part of blueprints for a nuclear warhead.

    A senior U.S. diplomat called the find disturbing and other diplomats accredited to the International Atomic Energy Agency said they expected the United States and its allies to use it in their push to have Tehran referred to the U.N. Security Council as early as next week.

    "You've given the world cause for concern," U.S. State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said in Washington. "The international community doesn't like what it sees."

    now there's an understatement!  More here

    UPDATE: oy................

    EU, US defer UN action on Iran: diplomats

    Did you know?

    According to the Islamic penal code in force in Iran, a father can kill his children without facing execution. See here

    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    Wanna win the War on the Jihad? Kill the Messenger

    It was the custom in Ancient Greece and later in Rome to employ messengers to carry the news throughout the city/state/empire. This news was not always to the liking of the recipients but the laws decreed that these messengers where to pass unharmed from place to place and city toKill_the_messenger_2 city to deliver whatever message they were commanded to spread amongst the population.

    Hence the expression 'Don't kill the messenger': or rather its Greek or Latin equivalent.

    It was said that when Cleopatra received news that Antony has married   Octavia.  She flew into a rage and tried to kill the messenger (she only calms down when the messenger says that Octavia is nowhere near as pretty as Cleopatra - I sooooooo get Cleo).

    A ridiculous solution ...........then.

    An appropriate solution now. Now more than ever.

    Watching the major news outlets spin the 11/9 bombings in Jordan, ignore the 800lb Radical Islamist gorilla in Paris,  I am convinced now more than ever we must kill the messenger. According to the mainstream media, the terror attacks in Jordan is Bush's fault. Yup, the Dems say it is the war in Iraq that is responsible for this and every other terror attack. And while they don't believe in the war  they want to send more troops in (!). They want it both ways but that's not my point. The left spews their propaganda unchallenged, intellectually unchallenged. One would think with all news, all the time 24/7/365, there would be great analysis of these wildly interesting times. But no car chases and propaganda.

    "Liberalism isn't a political philosophy. It's a vile combination of sickness and evil." —Rabbi Mayer Schiller

    Bush did not create these terrorists, the have been preparing for this for decades. We ignored it for decades (hey, it was Israel's problem right? So who really cared?) and then woke up to 9/11.

    The drumbeat is constant, relentless and working. Americans hate the war. Look I hate war but WTF does that have to do with anything? The war in Iraq is one front, the main theater no doubt, but only one tenet to America's war on Radical Islamo-fascism. Human intelligence, alliances with states that share our values, those with us [as opposed to against us], the Bush Doctrine etc.

    And even more interesting is the Right's self flagellation. I was listening to Fred Barnes and many others repeat the mantra that the Bush administration doesn't refute the charges enough. Constantly, it is said that the Bushies don't do the job of getting the good news out there. The best brains on the right say this. I counter, by saying how? If you've got a message, but no one to deliver how the f*ck are you going to get it out there? Seriously..........

    The facts are;

    • The news from Iraq is good, excellent in fact. Yes soldiers are dying but that is what soldiers are supposed to do. Protect us. They fight so that we are free to get up, get dressed and go to work without getting our asses blown off.
    • The economy is robust, excellent in fact despite the war, the acts of G-d and the left. Someone explain to me why the Republicans dropped the oil drilling from the today's bill before Congress.  Republican moderates have forced House Republicans intoRino_1 removing a provision of the budget bill which would have opened up a portion of Alaskan wilderness to oil drilling. Gas prices? Blame the left. Blame the left for our lack of refineries, blame the left for locking us out of our own natural resources, blame the left for ANWR, blame the left for blocking energy reform. Everyone is angry at the oil companies. Why? It's the law of supply and demand. Why wasn't everyone mad at the tech companies when demand was high and they were making a ton of money? The subway used to be a nickel, houses could be bought for 10k.............who are we to expect the price of a gallon of gas to remain the same?  Why aren't the American people enraged at the left for the lack of refineries? What happens when you have the United States, China, India, Europe, and Japan all competing over the same oil? We are seeing today the beginning of a new era in which the Middle East will no longer be a unipolar arena. There will be other players, particularly China, that will move in and want to cut deals and alliances. Interruptions from the hurricanes tightened supply, but consumer demand stayed high, fueled by China and India – so gasoline prices went up. Oil companies profited from the situation, but they didn’t arbitrarily set their prices extra-high. Market forces determined prices. Did you see those hearings yesterday? Those clowns interogating the heafs of oil companies? Oy, what a joke. If they really cared they'd drop the ginormous gasline tax on each gallon (meanwhile gas prices have dropped 23 cents in the past 2 weeks)

      As Cuanas points out;

      "The other day, Rush was talking about the myth of price-gouging as it relates to the oil industry. He pointed out that the average oil company profit on a gallon is 11 cents. The average tax on a gallon of gas is 46 cents."

      The UN pressures Syria to turn over suspects in the Rafiq al-Hariri assassination,and the Lebanon Cedar revolution could topple the Arab world's Berlin Wall. Lebanese citizens are clearly no longer afraid of the Syrians and are moving quickly toward regaining their independence and becoming a truly democratic society. This phenomenon obviously poses a huge threat not only to Syria, but also to Islamists throughout the Middle East terrified of liberty in their midst. This first true pro-democratic revolution in the Arab world

      Thank George Bush for that. 

      Retail sales surged in October.

      Low unemployment.

      Low inflation.

    • The left berates Bush on racism and yet the man has the most diverse and multicultural staff/cabinet in our nation's history.

    • and finally WMD? Oy, I, for one, believe in the strategy of bringing democracy to the Middle East but even so, we know there were WMD. We just don't know who Saddam gave it to.

      I believe the missing WMD is in Iran or Syria but even so the following has been found;

      Did you know WMDs have been found in Iraq?
      * 1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium
      * 1,500 gallons of chemical weapons agents
      * 17 chemical warheads containing cyclosarin (a nerve agent five times more deadly than sarin gas)
      * Over 1,000 radioactive materials in powdered form meant for dispersal over populated areas
      * Roadside bombs loaded with mustard and “conventional” sarin gas, assembled in binary chemical projectiles for maximum potency

      This is only a PARTIAL LIST of the horrific weapons verified to have been recovered in Iraq to date. Yet, Americans are consistently misled by the left and the mainstream media that U.S. and coalition forces found NO weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was a weapon of mass destruction

    Bottom line, the news is great but you can't berate Bush or his people for not "talking it up enough" if no one is listening! Not only that but our Republican brethren has blinked in the face of media pressure. Congressional Republicans have completed balked, capitulated to the MSM, and squandered an historical opportunity.

    Why can't we just get on the same goddamn page on this already. Doesn't the MSM realize the emergence of the blogosphere filled a ginormous void? An established void. Talk about grassroots...................

    So finally the idea of killing the messenger comes into it's own. Because reports of the death of Old Media are greatly exaggerated, especially when all outlets decide to speak with one voice (see election results 11/08/2005)- Deconstructing the Media's Colorado Victory.

    "Propaganda is persuading people to make up their minds while withholding some of the facts from them." —Harold Evans

    It's time to kill the messenger..................looking forward to D-Day.

    UPDATE: The British Messenger must go too
    Hat tip: Tom P

    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    Kristallnacht 2005

    Today is Kristallnacht Remembrance Day

    The burned-out synagogue of Aachen, Germany,
    one of nearly 200 synagogues destroyed during Kristallnacht 1938.

    A fireman wipes his eyes as he walks through the rubble of a movie studio in Asnieres-sur-Seine after an overnight fire on the 11th night of violence in suburbs surrounding Paris, November 7, 2005.
    Dutch news footage caught hooded thugs screaming “Allahu Akbar” -- “God is Great”

    Arab amd Muslim reaction to the rioting from France - translated by MEMRI here 
    (Visit MEMRITV.ORG to view recently translated segments from Arab and Iranian TV)

    "Either the jihadists really are crazy or they apparently think that they have a shot at destabilizing, or at least winning concessions from, the United States, Europe, India, and Russia all at once." Victor Davis Hanson, read it all.

    Click below for ongoing global war on the west,  from Global Jihad Monitor.

    UPDATE: From The Wall Street Journal:
    Three coordinated explosions killed at least 53 people and wounded another 120 at three hotels in Amman, Jordan, in an attack that bore hallmarks of an al Qaeda operation.

    Continue reading "Kristallnacht 2005" »

    Sunday, November 06, 2005

    Iranian Animated Cartoon for Children Promotes Suicide Bombings (Video)

    Iranian Animated Film for Children Promotes Suicide Bombings

    The following clip is from an Iranian animated movie for children, which aired on IRIB 3 TV on October 28, 2005, at 8 a.m. Iran time. To view this clip click above or vist Memri

    Palestinian woman: "You killed my child, that's enough. You ruthless man, let him go."

    (Soldier strikes woman with rifle butt.)Iran_cartoon_for_suicide_2

    Israeli soldier: "Shut up, old woman!"

    Young girl: "Mother!"

    Abd Al-Rahman (grabbing his little sister and hiding): "Be quiet."

    (Father runs towards soldiers, his stick raised.)

    Father: "You illegitimate atheist, I will kill you."

    Israeli commander: "Finish him off."

    (Group of soldiers open fire on Father, laughing; blood splashes on oranges on trees. Abd Al-Rahman and little sister sob in hiding place.)

    In another cartoon

    Palestinian Children Clash with an Israeli Soldier in an Iranian Animated Movie
    view clip here

    Following is a description of an Iranian animated movie, which was broadcast on IRIB 1 TV on October 28, 2005.

    Iran_cartoon An Israeli soldier approaches a crowd of young Arab protesters on the street. The protesters are burning an Israeli flag, holding stones in their hands, yelling, and raising a sign that reads "Death to Israel". The protesters throw stones at the soldier, and he in return fires his weapon, killing most of the protesters. A protester who has remained alive cries at the sight of his dead comrades. He picks up a slingshot and a stone and aims at the soldier. As the stone is released into the air, it turns into a hand grenade, and explodes at the soldier's feet. The soldier has now become a skeleton wearing shredded army clothes. Behind him stands an old man, wearing a hat with the American flag printed on it.

    Iran Voices Support for Assassinating World Leaders

    Iransyria_mtg59Reports: Iran voices support for Syria
    Iran is a friend and a staunch supporter of Syria, and believes international pressure on Syria stemming from a United Nations inquiry into the assassination earlier this year of a former Lebanese prime minister is unjust and unacceptable, an Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said Sunday as reported by Iranian media.

    How about that? Iran is sanctioning Syria's assasination of Lebanon's Prime Minister Hariri?

    Who then is next?

    Meanwhile authoritarian Syria has so thoroughly quashed organized opposition that even the most committed dissidents find in a depressing bind: They're willing to risk prison by speaking out against the regime but are so convinced of their own weakness that they don't want the regime to fall, fearing that only chaos would follow.[me? I prefer chaos to totalitarianism but hey that's just me- Atlas, and this is an observation made by the notoriously  lefty Boston Globe so take it with a grain of salt.]
    The opposition's state of disarray and powerlessness testifies to a successful Ba'ath Party strategy under the Assad family dynasty, which after 35 years in power has left Syrians with no real political alternative

    UPDATE: File under Woo Hoo

    US and Iraqi forces have launched an offensive along the border with Syria called Operation Steel Curtain involving some 3500 troops, the US military said today.

    Italy the only with Testicular Fortitude In Europe

    Italian FM calls for global backing of Israel

    Italy Upraids Iran on Israel Stance

    Italy's foreign minister has called on the international community to help guarantee Israel's security and condemned Iran's president for saying the Jewish state should be "wiped off the map."

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad merely said what many others think "but have not always dared speak with such brutality," Gianfranco Fini also was quoted as saying in an interview published Saturday in Milan daily Corriere della Sera.

    "Not recognizing Israel's right to exist is an incentive for terrorism because the moment you don't recognize a state's right to exist you don't recognize a people's right to exist," Fini was quoted as saying.

    More from TomP;

    The one country conspicuous by the absence of any similar demonstration on its streets reaffirming the right of Israel to exist (and how appalling that this should be necessary at all) is of course Britain. Instead, two days after Ahmadinejad’s genocidal outburst thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of London -- to demand that Israel be wiped off the map.

    As RealityGaps has observed, this was a pro-terrorism march:

    Looking through the video footage the rally comes off as an incredibly pro-terrorism march, with the slogans moving between the classic ‘Palestine will be free... from the river to the sea’ to the more recent ‘Zionism...Terrorism’ (repeat ad infinitum at top of voice). What was more surprising was the amount of Islamic chanting going on at the rally, about one in five chants was an ‘Allah Akbar’ or a ‘La’ila’lail’Allah’. These were often followed by ‘We are all Hezbollah’ chants and a couple of token anti-war slogans.

    And yet all the people who had expressed revulsion shock and outrage two days before at the outburst from Iran suddenly lost their voice when confronted not merely by calls from British jihadists and fellow-travelling leftists for Israel’s annihilation, but the spectacle of supporters of Iran’s terrorist army on the streets of London calling for the destruction of a lawfully constituted, democratic country.

    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Iran Prepares for War--Save the Babies, All of the Children

     No matter how you try to spin this, although the mainstream media is totally ignoring it of course, this is an acceleration of a Radical-Islamofascist strategy to ultimately confront the West. It seems painfully obvious that Iran wants this war.

    Iranians_burn_us_flag Iran's  hard-line government said Wednesday it was removing 40 ambassadors and senior diplomats, supporters of warmer ties with the West, from their posts in a shake-up that comes as the Islamic republic takes a more confrontational international stance.

    Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki announced the changes to parliament, saying "the missions of more than 40 ambassadors and heads of Iranian diplomatic missions abroad will expire by the end of the year," which is March 20 under the Iranian calendar.

    Not specified which ambassadors were among those being removed, but IRNA said they included the ambassador to London, Mohammad Hossein Adeli, one of Iran's top diplomats and a leading member of the pragmatic foreign policy wing that supports contacts with Europe.

    Iran Lets Senior al-Qaeda Suspects Roam Free (Reuters) - Iran is permitting around 25 high-ranking al-Qaeda members to roam free in the country's capital, including three sons of Osama bin Laden, a German monthly magazine reported on Wednesday (10/26).  They are living in houses belonging to Iran's Revolutionary Guard, the report said.


    Iran may be only six months from having the necessary means to make an atomic bomb, Israeli Foreign Minister Sylvan Shalom said Thursday, urging quickNuclearbombexplosion_1 international action on Tehran's nuclear program.
    The next meeting of the International Atomic Agency (IAEA) is a crucial meeting, because there is a limit of time until (Iran) will have a full knowledge of how to develop a nuclear bomb," Shalom said after meeting with his French counterpart Philippe Douste-Blazy.

    "It may only be six months from today," he added

    More on Iranian developments here:Iran may be only six months from having the necessary means to make an atomic bomb, Israeli Foreign Minister Sylvan Shalom said Thursday, urging quick international action on Tehran's nuclear program.

    AP Photo: Iranians shout slogans, as they burn U.S. and Israeli flags during a demonstration in front...

    Monday, October 31, 2005

    IRAN FATWAH! Death to Store Mannequins!

    Oy........these people are crazy ansd crazier. Yesterday, it was public hangings to increase stock market values.......today it's a fatwah on store mannequinsMannequinnormal

    Crackdown on Tailor's Mannequins

    Police in northeastern Iran are launching a new morality drive by confiscating alluring mannequins from boutiques and clothes stalls in the bazaar, authorities in the city of Bojnourd said on Monday.

    A spokesman for the city's judiciary, who asked not be named, explained the drive would tackle problems of "public chastity". Sixty five mannequins have been impounded so far.

    He explained the crack-down on tailors' dummies was part of a larger offensive against anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and biker gangs.

    hat tip: Tom P via Rantburg

    Sunday, October 30, 2005

    "The World Without Zionism"

    What is the message they are trying to send?

    Yes, that is the USA already at the bottom of the hourglass.

    But notice that the USA is already broken in the bottom of the hourglass prior to the fall of Israel.

    "Very Soon, This Stain of Disgrace [i.e. Israel] Will Vanish from the Center of the Islamic World - and This is Attainable"

    MEMRI.org has the entire speech translated.

    The following is from REGIME CHANGE IRAN:
    If you follow the news you may have seen this picture, of Iran's President Ahmadinejad speaking at the "World Without Zionism" conference where he spoke of wiping "Israel off the map."
    But in this photo you can only see a portion of the graphic. The rest of the graphic speaks a thousand words.

    The Iranian government produced sophisticated visual props for this important speech, designed to send a message to the USA and the English speaking world. Those who produced this graphic were sophisticated enough to know that it would provide a great photo op.

    For some reason the world media has largely ignored his statements against the USA. In his speech he said:

    We are in the process of an historical war between the World of Arrogance [i.e. the West] and the Islamic world, and this war has been going on for hundreds of years. ...

    The issue of this [World without Zionism] conference is very valuable. In this very grave war, many people are trying to scatter grains of desperation and hopelessness regarding the struggle between the Islamic world and the front of the infidels ...

    Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism? But you had best know that this slogan and this goal are attainable, and surely can be achieved...

    Go over to Regime Change and read it all here

    And while Iranian president said recognizing Israel means defeat of the Islamic world, oppressed Iranian dissident students protest against Iranian nuclear threats (AP)

    The Dhimmicraps have been wildly successful at distracting the American people with utterWhosonfirstbudandlou_4 nonsense (even the Libby indictment over a crime that was never committed is something of a joke - consider the historical of impact.
    I mean really..........there was no crime. The objective oof the investigation "the outing of a spy" never happened> Never happened. So what did it come down to.

    who told who first uh................he told him last uh..............

    "who's on first
    what's on second
    I dont know's on third"

    c'mon .....................

    Friday, October 28, 2005

    The People of Iran Speak

    Contrary to the propaganda being generated by the Radical Islamic fascist Regime of Iran's President AhmadinejadIranian_pres_hostage_1_1

    Iranians to Back President on Israel Issue
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Thu, 27 Oct 2005
    Iranians will hold massive demonstrations Friday to back their president in the face of international criticism of his remarks that Israel should be destroyed, Iran's foreign minister said.

    I am sure they will protest under threat of death. An enormous motivation behind Iran's lust for nuclear weaponry is to keep their own people in line.

    And don't think for one second that Iran's declaration of Israel's destruction wasn't meant to appeal to all the Jew hating countries in the "international community". Strategy being, "hey guys, you want Israel dead? Sanction our nuclear weaponry."

    But here  people of Iran speak;


                        October 26, 2005
    His Excellency Daniel Ayalon
    Ambassador of Israel
    3514 International Dr. N.W.
    Washington DC 20008

    Your Excellency,

    On behalf of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran and millions of peace loving people of Iran I would like to express our outrage over the remarks made today by the president of the Islamic republic, Mr Ahmadinejad who called for the State of Israel to be “wiped off the Map!”

    We at the Constitutionalist Party of Iran condemn such inflammatory and outrageous remarks by the Islamic regime’s terrorist officials and would like to assure His Excellency that such views are not shared by the overwhelming majority of Iranians. We hope that His Excellency will make the necessary distinction between the people of Iran and the terrorist regime controlling the country. As you are fully aware Iranians have been and continue to be the first victims of the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic.

    We are certain of His Excellency’s awareness of the long history of friendship between our two nations during the late shah’s era and throughout our long history. It is due to this very long history of friendship that we are certain that once the Iranian people are free of the terrorist regime in Iran and can determine their own destiny, Israel will not find a better ally and a stronger friend than Iran.

    We sincerely hope and pray that Israel will soon reach a fair, equitable and everlasting peace with her Palestinian neighbors so that both Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in peace and prosperity. We are sure a free Iran will contribute greatly towards that peaceful future.

    Once again, Your Excellency, please accept and relay our message of condemnation of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s remarks to the government of Israel.

    May God bring peace, stability and prosperity to our troubled region and may God be with the people of Israel and Palestine and help them live together in peace and without fear.


    Shayan Arya
    Constitutionalist Party of Iran
    Foreign Relations Coordinator in America

    UPDATE: October 28 Received this from reader B.

    I also appreciated your recent post on Iran RE: The Islaminc Republic's government vs. its people. I've got several friends in the Iranian expat community here in Richmond, VA. Although they still have friends and family over there they've become successful and loyal citizens of our country--they only wish that those left behind could have the freedom and prosperity that they enjoy. After her last visit the family's daughter (currently finishing dental school) was full of stories about how corrupt the regime is, and how much the mullahs are hated by young Persians. [My favorite was how she threw a string of firecrackers underneath a mullah's robe on her last trip, causing him to dance in a most un-Islamic way.] The Islamic Republic's loss is the U.S.'s gain...and we're lucky to have them as our countrymen. Their story also proves that Horatio Alger lives!

    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Iran President Calls for Israel to Be Destroyed

    Iran President Calls for Israel to Be Destroyed Little_shop_1

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said today Israel should be "wiped off the map," the official IRNA news agency reported.

    this after
    Israel Says it Won't Oppose Hamas Role in Palestinian Vote.
    How long does Western Civilization intend to feed the Audrey II.
    (click song #8)

    UPDATE  October 27th

    Sharon calls for Iran ouster from UN
    Reuters via Yahoo! News
    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said on Thursday that Iran should be expelled from the United Nations after its president called for the Jewish state to be "wiped off the map."

    Clearly, expulsion is the least of it...............the real question is when do we wipe the Iranian Radical Islamofascist Regime off the map? The longer we wait, the higher the price western civilization will pay. And the UN? Tell me is Syria still on the security council? *SPIT*

    "There is no doubt that the new wave (of attacks) in Palestine will wipe off this stigma (Israel) from the face of the Islamic world," Ahmadinejad told students Wednesdays during a Tehran conference called "The World without Zionism."

    "Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury (while) any (Islamic leader) who recognizes the Zionist regime means he is acknowledging the surrender and defeat of the Islamic world," Ahmadinejad said.

    UPDATE OCTOBER 27  Hip Hip Hooray! A voice of Reason and Clarity

    Cantor Statement on Comments by Iranian President Ahmadi-Nejad

     Washington, D.C. – Chief Deputy Majority Whip Eric  released the following statement today after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad said in a speech that Israel should be “wiped off the map”:

     Iran is run by an out-of-control regime bent on continuing its campaign of terror.

     “Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad’s outrageous statement is further proof that  Iran is run by an out-of-control regime bent on continuing its campaign of terror. "

     “Not only is the content of his comments outrageous, but the timing of them is disgusting.Iran’s murderous allies Islamic Jihad just killed five Israelis in Hedera in another homicide bombing attack. 

    “Iran must learn that state-sponsorship of terrorism and the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction will not make America or Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East, cower in the global war on terrorism.  Israel has been fighting the terrorists who have been trying to destroy the Jewish state for decades and America will stand side by side with them in that fight.”

    This guy gets my vote.............................


    FURIOUS Tony Blair last night warned Britain and America are ready to take military action to stop Iran getting nukes.

    He expressed “revulsion” over Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s threat to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and branded Tehran a “real threat to world security and stability”.

    The PM was visibly angry as he warned the ayatollahs not to assume the world is too tied up in Iraq to deal with Iran.

    “This is a disgrace,” he said after a one-day EU summit in London’s Hampton Court Palace.

    “I am aware that I have not said what we are going to do. This is a discussion we will be having with our allies over the next few days.”

    But the PM warned the issue now facing the West is no longer IF but WHEN to strike.

    Hat tip:Gail C

    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Iraqi Deaths vs. Radical Islamic Murders

    First posted 10/143/05: This is very typical and nothing new but I will continue to point it out.

    There is not a day that goes by that the mainstream media doesn't run multiple pieces on the "deaths in Iraq".  Also huge is the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq.

    A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq
    AP - As of Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2005, at least 1,964 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,528 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The figures include five military civilians. Full Story


    What you never see is the death toll exacted on innocent civilians at the bloody hands of Radical Jihadists. Over at the Religion of Peace they have the running list;

    The List " of Islamic Terror Attacks Just  Since September 11th, 2001



    This is the number of attacks since 9/11, not the number dead. What would these leftard journalists prefer, having their thumbsucking asses blown up at their desks while dining on their sushi lunches?

    Soldiers die. It is a horror. That's what soldiers do. That's what an army is for. That is the military's job, to defend and protect. Fighting al qaida in Iraq is a brilliant strategy. Taking down major buildings in NYC is an act of war. Khobar act of war. USS Cole act of war. You get my meaning.

    Iraqi-based terrorists have been urged by Osama bin Laden's deputy to stop beheading foreign hostages and shoot them instead - not because decapitation is wrong but because it may be counterproductive in the battle for Muslims' "hearts and minds."

    Write to the media of your choice and demand they run the daily death toll of human life at the barbaric hands of our enemy, Radical Islamic Jihadists. Oh and make sure you click on the link to the list to see the horrific fashion in which each these innocents were murdered. It is no wonder that the moderate Muslims are afraid to speak out.

    Update: October 14 received my daily notification;

    AP: 3,663 Killed in Iraq in Past 6 Months
    Guardian Unlimited - UK The AP gathered the statistics on Iraqi dead on a daily basis from hospital officials, Iraqi police, the Iraqi military and other government officials.

    UPDATE: October 2oth received my head count

    A Daily Look at Military Deaths in Iraq
    AP via Yahoo! News
    As of Thursday, Oct. 20, 2005, at least 1,988 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,541 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The figures include five military civilians.

    Concerns Over Iraq Growing on Homefront
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Bob Simpson dips his brush in a jar of black paint and starts scrawling two numbers on a sign he hangs outside his home — totals for U.S. soldiers killed and wounded in Iraq.

    Why does this putz Bob make news? Why doesn't Bob have a paint a ginormous sign of the thousands of innocent dead from Radical Islamic homicide attacks? Why doesn't Bob do that? Is it because there is not enough paint in Bob's town or is it because Bob won't make the AP newswire if he does that?

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    WTF? Russian Military in Gaza?

    There are a great many ulterior motives for evil in the world, but at the end of the day, it is about power, control - totalitarianism.
    It is obvious to those watching the global chess game why Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other despots in the region would hate to see democracy take hold in Iraq.

    For Russia, arming Radical Islamofascists in Hamasastan aka Gaza is an act of war. Debka reports;

    military sources say this is a landmark, the first Russian military presence in a Palestinian war zone against Israel. It also represented another flagrant Egyptian violation of its commitments under the new military protocols it signed with Israel Putin_arafat_palestinian_1to bar the Philadelphi border crossing to foreign military personnel. Their arrival was approved a day earlier, Oct. 12, in Ramallah between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and the Russian Middle East envoy for the Peace Process Alexander Kalugin. Israel has not reacted to the violation because since its pullout from the Gazan-Egyptian border region a month ago, it has lost all control of the unbridled activity permitted by Cairo in defiance of all the accords it signed with Jerusalem. However the insertion of Russian military advisers to a Palestinian-Israeli flashpoint zone undoubtedly came up in the talks US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice held in Moscow Saturday, Oct. 15. DEBKAfile’s military sources add: the Russian officers were flown in directly from Moscow to Cairo and then overland to the Egyptian side of Rafah where they were welcomed by Egyptian military intelligence officers. No notice was received in Jerusalem. Moscow is clearly in mid-momentum of a fresh Middle East initiative. Putin has promised the Palestinian Authority in Gaza 1,000 armored personnel carriers. He is also going through with the sale of the state of the art Iskander SS-26 surface missiles.

    The Putin broke his word to Bush and Israel when he sold  modern missile systems and anti-aircraft weapons to Syria's no chin Assad. Russia has also been tied to Iraq's missing arms.
    Russia rejects the arbitrary attempts to isolate Syria and the escalated tension around her despite the assasination ["suicide"] of Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan, long the most powerful figure in Lebanon during Syrian occupation (oops only the US and Israel "occup", when Syria does it its "Syrian domination" - BBC].  Clearly Kanaan was murdered as a cover up for the Syrian execution of Lebanese Prime Minister Mr. Rafic Hariri.

    Further, Russian troops, working with Iraqi intelligence, "almost certainly" removed the high-explosive material that went missing from the Al-Qaqaa facility, south of Baghdad.

    Back in August, Sergei Ladygin, regional department head at Rosoboronexport,  Russia’s state arms export agency, met with Vice-Admiral Armando Laguna, General Commander of Venezuela’s Navy to discuss the prospects for future cooperation and deliveries of Russian arms, the Itar-Tass agency reported.
    Then we have Financial Times reporting China and Russia engaging in military exercises to strengthen ties. Nearly 10,000 troops took  part in the unprecedented joint military exercises. And China is sending military into Sudan.....

    These dangerous events are not unconnected. Neither are any of these terror gangs - al qaida, hamas, hizbollah, PA, PLO, et al.  The war in Iraq is the face of the world war conflict. Watch this carefully.


    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    The Love Letter: Zawahiri to Zarqawi

    For those of you still living in a deluded fantasy of denial, here's the letter in its entirety. Salient points?

    • al-Qaida's No. 2 leader said the United States "ran and left their agents" in Vietnam and the jihadists must have a plan ready to fill the void if the Americans suddenly leave Iraq.Ayman al-Zawahri wrote in a letter to his top deputy in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. "The aftermath of the collapse of American power in Vietnam — and how they ran and left their agents — is noteworthy. ... We must be ready starting now." ( more thank the  left for)
    • "It has always been my belief that the victory of Islam will never take place until a Muslim state is established ... in the heart of the Islamic world,"
    • The letter laid out his long-term plan: expel the Americans from Iraq, establish an Islamic authority and take the war to Iraq's secular neighbors, including Lebanon, Jordan and Syria
    • The final stage, al-Zawahri wrote,  will be  the destruction of Israel  which he said was established to challenge "any new Islamic entity.
    • "More than half of this battle is taking place in the battlefield of the media," This is something the American left has long understood

    Erev Yom Kippor, what a message. To my fellow Americans and fellow American Jews, particularly the anti-war Jewish community, I implore you to read this letter without prejudice or politic.

    Click to read the letter in all its entirety.

    Continue reading "The Love Letter: Zawahiri to Zarqawi " »

    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Terrorist Operative in the White House

    The Fourth World War Blog reports; Terrorist Operative in the White House

    Arrested White House official lobbied for convicted terrorist operative David Whitehouse_2 Hossein Safavian, the senior White House official arrested September 19 in connection with a lobbying scandal, was director of a Muslim activist group and once lobbied for an Islamist operative now serving a 23-year sentence in federal prison for terrorist-related crimes.

    As Paul Sperry documents in his book infiltration, Safavian lobbied for Abdurahman Alamoudi, founder of several Washington, DC-based Muslim groups and an outspoken supporter of State Department-designated terrorist organizations.

    In a plea arrangement, Alamoudi admitted guilt to crimes related to laundering Libyan money, and agreed to cooperate fully with federal investigators on other cases.

    Until Friday, Safavian was the federal government's chief procurement officer. The FBI alleges he conducted criminal activity in relation to a cover-up of alleged crimes involving former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Safavian is a close associate of Republican operative Grover Norquist, with whom he served as director of the Islamic Institute.

    Hat tip: Iran Press News

    UPDATE: Good Piece from Pipes at JWR ;

    Only when Americans realize that Islamists intend to replace the U.S. Constitution with Shari'a will they enter final era of war

    The detailed texture of Bush's speech transforms the official American understanding of who the enemy is, moving it from the superficial and inadequate notion of "terrorism" to the far deeper concept of "Islamic radicalism." This change has potentially enduring importance if finally, 26 years later, it convinces polite society to name the enemy.

    Doing so means, for example, that immigration authorities and law enforcement can take Islam into account when deciding whom to let enter the country or whom to investigate for terrorism offences. Focusing on Muslims as the exclusive source of Islamists permits them finally to do their job adequately.


    Saturday, September 24, 2005


    From No Pasaran

    Robert Tracinski adds that

    the real war in Iraq [is] not the war against Sunni terrorists, but the Cold War against Iran for control of Southern Iraq. The bad news is that the US and Britain have been evading the necessity of this war for the past two years. The good news is that the issue is now too obvious to be evaded--and there is some hope that we might do something to stop the Iranian takeover.

    …The basic strategic error of the Bush administration in Iraq is not that it has been too ambitious, but that it has thought too small, trying to deal with Iraq in isolation without realizing that this is a regional war where our targets must include Syria and, first and foremost, the largest state sponsor of terrorism: Iran.

    Instead, the administration is trying to confront Iran only through futile UN negotiations and an ineffective attempt to impose sanctions (for the latest on this, see [here]). Meanwhile, aside from backing Shiite militias in Southern Iraq, the Iranian regime seems to be preparing to provoke a larger regional war with the US--a strategy spelled out by Amir Taheri in today's New York Post.

    Hat tip: TomP

    Meanwhile, Regime Change in Iraq weighs in on UN nuclear body passes EU resolution on Iran.

    Now the ball is back in Iran's court. Will it follow through with its threats to retaliate on those nations that voted for the resolution?

    Will it indeed?
    I suspect, they will continue to verbally circle jerk the "international community" while building their nuclear arsenal apace. Remember, not only does it intimidate the world, but more importantly it keeps their people, the Iranian people, in their place. AFRAID - which I believe is their objective.

    UPDATE: September 25th, 5:34pm

    Iran rejects UN atomic agency resolution as "illogical"
    Canada.com Sun, 25 Sep 2005 8:46 AM PDT
    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran said Sunday that a resolution approved by the UN nuclear watchdog agency that could possibly lead to Security Council sanctions is "illegal and illogical" and orchestrated by the United States.

    Illegal? Illogical? .......................Illogical? Only if you value Human Life.................and of course "orchestrated by the United States" where we value human life. Sheesh.

    meanwhile back in Hades.............

    "Bushehr nuclear power plant to commence work in eight months", published by the Iranian newspaper Sharq website on 21 September Finally after eight years of anticipation the Bushehr atomic power plant will commence work in an experimental way in April 2006.

    and note comment from Holland to Kurdistan blog;

    Iran is currently expanding control in South, Central Iraq and Kurdistan. They built up a private army and foothold in Iraq and Kurdistan, with intelligence elements, militia's, indoctrinated Iranian families/students/scholars/teachers/clergymen and agents also they also rent and buy homes, apartments, stores, warehouses, bookstores, mosques, restaurants, gas stations for residence and employment.

    Monday, September 19, 2005

    Iran Readying for Conflict with U.S.



    PDF version for best printed copy is here http://www.ki4u.com/guide.pdf

    IF you can do so quickly, e-mail the link to this page to all on your e-mail list...
    ...with the brief message from you urging them to "Print and Read Now!"
    Hat tip: Brigitte Gabriel

    UPDATE 2:45PM FROM Ben L., Hawk
    In most likely scenarios, the warning a civilian would get would only be an unusually bright and sustained flash of light. In this case, you have seconds at best before the heat hits, followed by the shock wave. Don't worry about the radiation- the kill zone is actually quite small compared to that for the blast and heat. If you're not dead with that first flash of light, your best chance is to dive face down into the lowest, most protected point of ground you can reach in a second or two, feet towards the blast, head away, face and hands as covered as possible. Then wait until not one but two concussion waves have passed- negative pressures following the blast will cause a return wave after the initial outgoing wave. Your chances will be pretty gloomy regardless, but any chance beats no chance- never giv e up on life too easily


    The leading Iranian journalist reporting on  Iran's continuing  and impending attack on the free world, Amir Taheri writes this compelling piece on the coming nuclear apocalypse. He is as close to the situation as anyone can get..................Read it all

    Incredible though it may sound there are signs that Tehran may be preparing for a military confrontation with the United States, and has convinced itself that it could win.
    The first sign came last June with the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president of the Islamic Republic, an event that completed the conquest of all levers of power by the most radical elements of the establishment.

    Since then Iran Readying for Conflict With US the revolutionary factions have conducted a little publicized purge of the military, the security, the civil service, and state-owned corporations and media.

    Another sign that Tehran may be preparing for war is the appointment of military officers to posts normally held by civilians, such as governors, mayors and directors of major public corporations.

    But, perhaps, the surest sign yet is the military build up under way in the five provinces bordering Iraq. The region, with a population of 20 millions, has been put under the control of the IRGC . Iran is estimated to have 250,000 troops in the area, its biggest military build-up since the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1988.

    One of the first acts of the new Cabinet led by Ahmadinejad was to approve an "emergency" fund of $700 million to be disbursed at the discretion of "the supreme guide" for "sacred defense purposes."

    The new administration has also decided to speed up defense disbursements under a five-year plan approved by Khamenehi last year. The plan aims at doubling the military budget by 2010. But it now seems that, thanks to rising oil revenues, most of the plan could be completed by 2008.

    In the past few weeks top regime figures, including Khamenehi and Ahmadinejad, have made a series of unscheduled visits to Mash'had, Iran's second largest city. One curious fact revealed during these visits is that a bunker-like structure to house the "supreme guide" is being completed close to the "holy shrine" of Reza, the eighth imam.

    The choice of Mash'had is not accidental. The city is located 1,000 km from Tehran and thus as far as possible inside Iran from American fire power in Iraq and the Gulf. The US is also expected to shrink from attacks against the Mash'had bunker for fear of collateral damage to the "holy shrine" of the imam a few hundred yards away.

    The belief that the Americans would not attack sites close to "holy shrines' has also led to the creation of a massive new military base at Fada
    k, a suburb of the "holy city" of Qom where the eighth imam's sister is buried, south of Tehran.

    Piecing together the bits of the jigsaw one may guess the outline of Tehran's scenario for what it believes is an inevitable clash with the US:

    The diplomatic tussle over Iran's nuclear plans goes to the Security Council that will fail to take a decision thanks to Russian and Chinese vetoes.

    The US, after much huffing and puffing launches air strikes against Iran's nuclear installations. (Tehran loves Israel to also participate because that would give the Islamic Republic a better claim to be fighting on behalf of Islam as a whole.)

    Iran retaliates by ordering the forces it controls inside Iraq to attack American and British troops. At the same time the Lebanese branch of the Hezbollah launches massive rocket attacks against Israel while Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, whose leaders spent the past month in Tehran meeting Khamenehi and his aides, organize a wave of suicide operations against Israel from Jerusalem and the West Bank.

    The US and its British allies, stationed in southern Iraq, launch a three-pronged attack, from Shalamcheh, Hamroun and Shatt Al-Arab to seize control of Khuzestan, the province that accounts for 70 percent of Iran's oil production.

    Iranian Special Forces attack Iraq from the Zaynalkosh salient, south of the Kurdish provinces, some 80 km from Baghdad's first defenses in Ba'aqubah.

    Hazara Shi'ites strikes against Kabul, the Afghan capital, from Maydanshahr while Pushtun warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and the remnants of the Taleban, some of whom are under Iranian protection, attack across Afghanistan.

    The Americans and their allies attack Khuzestan.

    Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz.

    The Americans attack the Iranian provinces of Kermanshahan and Kurdistan.

    US-led forces attack across the Mandali-Ilam axis. The Iranians retreat to the Zagross mountain range, the first line of Iran's natural defenses. (To fight along the Zagross the IRGC is building new bases at Khorramabad, Pessyan, Borujerd, Zagheh and Malayer in the province of Luristan. The bases would assure the logistics of a quarter of a million troops, and provide temporary shelter for half a million refugees from the border. These bases will complement older ones further west, at Sahneh and Kangavar. )

    Oil prices top $100 and the global economy plunges into a crisis.

    Americans launch cruise missiles against "regime targets" in Tehran. But the regime is already in Mash'had.

    Global TV networks air images of "indiscriminate carnage" and "wanton destruction" in Iranian cities.

    The Security Council meets in emergency and orders a cease-fire while the American media and Congress revolt against President George W Bush and his "pre-emptive" strategy.

    Anti-Bush marches in Washington and dozens of other cities with Hollywood figures and other celebrities calling for Bush to be overthrown.

    Bush accepts a UN-brokered cease-fire and withdraws his forces.

    The Islamic Republic emerges victorious from what Ahmadinejad sees as "a clash of civilizations."

    The Americans leave Iraq and Afghanistan as Bush becomes a lame duck for the rest of his presidency.

    The Islamic Republic gains new domestic legitimacy and proceeds to crush its opponents as "enemies of the nation and of Islam."

    Iran can speed up making its nuclear weapons and long-range missiles without being harassed by Washington.

    Iran becomes "the core power" of a new "Islamic pole" in a multipolar system with China, the European Union and Latin America, Under the Bolivarist leadership of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez emerging as other "poles".

    Bush's successor acknowledges Iran's new status and sends Bill Clinton, who apologized to Iran for "our past misdeeds" in 2000, to Tehran to offer another formal apology on behalf of Bush's successor and offer Ahmadinejad "a grand bargain".

    The Islamic Republic is now free to proceed to address what Khamenehi has described as its "greatest historic task" which is the destruction of Israel.

    Sounds outlandish? Well, it is. The Islamic Republic is a fragile structure in a zone of political earthquakes. Logically, the last thing it should want is war. Nevertheless, former President Muhammad Khatami has warned that Tehran may be boxing itself into a position in which it will either have to surrender or fight.

    The exiled Iranian American Community staged a massive political rally against the terrorist Ahmadinejat, the APPOINTED Iranian president upon his arrival at the IN when few thousands of us took to the streets this week.

    Short of an all out war or the former president Clinton apologizing to the mullah and putting them on the U.S. tax payer's payroll indefinitely, as described in the following article, the U.S. is not hearing the voice of the Iranians as they are our best friends in defeating the mullahs quest for the world domination.

    Just imagine if the human rights violations in Iran received the same attention as the mullahs quest for nuclear weapons. Iranian people need the U.S. help to destroy their non elected and evil to the core leadership. But what are we doing...........................nothing

    hat tip Milano


    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    Rapt Empty Seats Greet Iranian Terrorist "President" at the UN

    Not only did the American delegation WALK OUT...this is a photo that shows the room as the Terrorist planted president of the Islamic Republic of Iran was speaking. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used his first speech before the United Nations to blast the U.S. and urged the body to prevent members from taking "pre-emptive" action

    Hat tip: Iran Press News

    Regime Change in Iran has the photos, reports of the NYC protests of Ahmadinejad.and the text of Ahmadinejad’s UN speech today.

    and lest we not forget what is at stake, Iran is ready to trade nuclear secrets with other Islamic states.

    UPDATE:  10:57 PM
    Apparently lacking the votes to win, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice indicated Wednesday the Bush administration was prepared to delay again a showdown with Iran over its nuclear weapons program.
    Rice last week appealed openly to China, Russia, India and other nations to support threatening Iran with sanctions for refusing to halt its nuclear program.

    And the band plays on.............


    Prime Minister Arial Sharon made an historic speechto the UN General Assembly, a body he hasSharon_un_1 long considered a tool of the enemy, Through several decades in public life, he had never before spoken to the United Nations. Just a few months ago it might have seemed unthinkable that he would stand before the world body that has tried to pass countless resolutions criticizing Israel and precious few aimed at the Palestinians. It is quite moving, really beautiful but deadly at the same time.

    I arrived here from Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish people for over 3,000 years, and the undivided and eternal capital of the State of Israel.
    I stand before you at the gate of nations as a Jew and as a citizen of the democratic, free and sovereign State of Israel, a proud representative of an ancient people, whose numbers are few, but whose contribution to civilization and to the values of ethics, justice and faith, surrounds the world and encompasses history.  The Jewish people have a long memory, the memory which united the exiles of Israel for thousands of years: a memory which has its origin in G-d’s commandment to our forefather Abraham: “Go forth!” and continued with the receiving of the Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai and the wanderings of the children of Israel in the desert, led by Moses on their journey to the promised land, the land of Israel.

    The land of Israel is precious to me, precious to us, the Jewish people, more than anything.  Relinquishing any part of our forefathers’ legacy is heartbreaking, as difficult as the parting of the Red Sea.  Every inch of land, every hill and valley, every stream and rock, is saturated with Jewish history, replete with memories.  The continuity of Jewish presence in the Land of Israel never ceased.  Even those of us who were exiled from our land, against their will, to the ends of the earth – their souls, for all generations, remained connected to their homeland, by thousands of hidden threads of yearning and love, expressed three times a day in prayer and songs of longing.

    The Land of Israel is the open Bible, the written testimony, the identity and right of the Jewish people.  Under its skies, the prophets of Israel expressed their claims for social justice, and their eternal vision for alliances between peoples, in a world which would know no more war.  Its cities, villages, vistas, ridges, deserts and plains preserve as loyal witnesses its ancient Hebrew names.  Page after page, our unique land is unfurled, and at its heart is united Jerusalem, the city of the Temple upon Mount Moriah, the axis of the life of the Jewish people throughout all generations, and the seat of its yearnings and prayers for 3,000 years.  The city to which we pledged an eternal vow of faithfulness, which forever beats in every Jewish heart: “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning!”

    .........– Israel will know how to defend itself from the horrors of terrorism
    .  This is why we built the Security Fence, and we will continue to build it until it is completed, as would any other country defending its citizens.  The Security Fence prevents terrorists and murderers from arriving in city centers on a daily basis and targeting citizens on their way to work, children on their way to school and families sitting together in restaurants.  This Fence is vitally indispensable.  This Fence saves lives!

    Read it all.........

    Wednesday, September 14, 2005

    The Fifth Column Empowers, Emboldens, Joins our Enemy, Radical Islam

    A self described "Blue State Democrat", yes, an  American, writes the following article  for Al-Jazeera: Genocide in New Orleans

    The word "Eugenics" comes to mind.  Or those old 1930s experiments on Negro syphilis patients -- African-American men who were allowed to die of this horrible yet curable disease so that government officials could "study" them.

    Is what happened in New Orleans the wave of the future in America as well as in such far-away places as Darfur and Iraq -- where genocide is not only feasible but is actually happening?

    Iranian TV, IRAN

    <<Video of Iranian Pundit: Katrina Response  Indicative of Racism>>

    Dr. Shahram Mohammadnejad

    Via MEMRI, 00:03:45, Sept. 4
    “There are some interesting and heart-wrenching stories about this race, which they call 'Negro.'”

    Katrina: U.S. super power status shattered

    Katrina showed U.S. could be turned into “war zone”

    “The mismanagement and the mishandling of the acute psychological problems brought about by Hurricane Katrina clearly showed that others can, at any given time, create a devastated war-zone in any part of the U.S.”, said Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri, the official spokesman of the IRGC, a top official of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.


    After 10 days of often uncertain responses to the Bush administration's management of Hurricane Katrina, Democratic leaders unleashed a burst of attacks on the White House on Wednesday, ... From Democratic leaders on the floor of Congress, to a speech by the Democratic National Committee chairman at a meeting of the National Baptist Convention in Miami, to four morning television interviews by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrats offered what was shaping up as the most concerted attack that they had mounted on the White House in the five years of the Bush presidency.

    Speaking of aiding and abetting our enemies, the Chinese get a free pass from the left on everything;

    China, or more accurately it's Chinese Communist Party dictatorship and the environment it cultivates, is a Moral Adversary.

    Skin of Executed Prisoners Harvested for Cosmetics Exports

    A Chinese cosmetics company is using skin harvested fromChina_time__1_2 the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe, an investigation by the Guardian has discovered.

    China_century_11_4Agents for the firm have told would-be customers it is developing collagen for lip and wrinkle treatments from skin taken from prisoners after they have been shot. The agents say some of the company's products have been exported to the UK, and that the use of skin from condemned convicts is "traditional" and nothing to "make such a big fuss about".

    hat tip: Tom P
    Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler via Blue State Conservative

    The left glorifying the worst abuser of human rights, the prop master and financier of the most heinous muslim government Sudan, yes Evil China Secretly FUNDS Massive Slaughter and Slavery in Sudan
    China lover to Iran, North Korea, Pakistan.........oh where to begin?

    UPDATE: September 14, 9:15

    Meanwhile, IRAN IS PLANNING TO TAKE OVER IRAQ , more on Iran's strategy here.
    Add to this cauldron of impending doom, Ex-Hostages Demand CIA Release Its Report on Iranian President. Demanding that the CIA turn over a classified report that they say wrongly cleared Iran's new president of his role in interrogating them during the 444-day hostage crisis in Iran that began on November 4,1979. More here

    Colonel Roeder was livid last month when he read in the Washington Post that a classified CIA assessment concluded that Mr. Ahmadinejad did not play a majorIranian_pres_hostage_1 role in the hostage crisis, particularly since he said the report was leaked as the State Department's Iran desk officer had just started interviews with the former hostages.

    "I am upset with the CIA that they leaked a classified document calling me a liar," he said. "If someone is going to tell me I'm wrong and I know I'm not, I would bet my life on it, I should at least have access to the data that led them to that conclusion."



    Monday, September 05, 2005

    Iran's Leader Calls for Jihad Against Israel aka The Free World

    Iran's Leader Calls for Jihad Against Israel
    Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hailed Palestinian militants for "expelling the Zionist regime from Gaza" and said "the only way to confront the Zionist enemy is the continuation and fortification of resistance and jihad." Speaking Saturday in a meeting with Islamic Jihad's secretary general Ramazan Abdullah, he added that "with the cooperation of jihadi groups," further "success is also possible in other parts of the occupied territories." (AFP/Yahoo)

    My question is how much more proof do we need that we are indeed in the throes of World War IV. The Iranians back the Palis, the Syrians, Hizbollah, Hamas and even the diabolical UN: says Iran Produced Enough Stock for Nuclear Weapon - George Jahn
    Iran has produced about 7 tons of the gas it needs for uranium enrichment since it restarted the process last month, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported Friday. A former UN nuclear inspector said that would be enough for an atomic weapon. (AP/Chicago Tribune)

    The global chessboard continues to strengthen it's axis of evil as Russia Opposes Reporting Iran to Security Council. WTF??"Moscow sees no reason why the question of Iran's nuclearChessboard20animation_global program should be sent to the UN (Security Council)," Alexander Yakovenko, a Russian deputy foreign minister, said Monday. (Reuters)

    Mind you it was only last week that China and Russia were making love and military exercises togerther but only after Iran, China Eye Military Cooperation

    Here we have China sending a "military delegation from China" to discusss their "mutual enemies"  

    Iran received a military delegation from China, paving the way for cooperation in the defense field, Iran's Mehr News agency reported, citing Brigadier General Nasser Mohammadi Far, the commander of the Iranian army's ground forces.

    Ok ok, lets see if we can tie this baby together.

    First off we have the Financial Times reporting China and Russia joint exercises to strengthen ties.Nearly 10,000 troops are to take part in unprecedented joint military exercises by China and Russia this month aimed at strengthening ties between the armed forces of two powers that were once bitter foes. And.................

    Russia will help Iran despite nuclear moves Russia will maintain support for Iran's nuclear program despite Tehran's decision to restart the enrichment of uranium, Russian news agencies quoted sources in Russia's atomic agency, Rosatom.Russia_nuclear_1_1

    These are dangerous developments of the gravest of consequences. And if the Left in Amerca doesn't stop smoking the crack cocaine that is making their brains into mush, this long drawn out World War will be bloodier, deadlier, beyond our wildest nightmares.

    A is A. What's with the playing nice? We have a world crisis on our hands. We are a hyperpower, why are we so afraid to use it. REMAKE IRAQ. Give the KURDS A HOMELAND. Take out Iran's Nukes. Prop up our Eastern European friends.

    Let's play Chess for G-d's sake, the game has already begun
    Here in America the terrorst organization CAIR continues to chip away at the very foundation of this country.

    Muslims aim to challenge critics in America

    ROSEMONT, Ill. -- In the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, many American Muslims were fearful about leaving their homes. Months later, many remained reluctant to respond to critics who made derogatory comments about Islam or Muslim communities.
    Now, almost four years after the attacks, American Muslims are being urged by their leaders to answer back.

    As the Plainfield-based Islamic Society of North America hosts nearly 40,000 Muslims this weekend near Chicago at its 42nd annual convention, there is plenty of talk here about how Muslims must answer their critics and, if need be, get tough with them.

    At a Saturday morning seminar attended by more than 200 people, the discussion included how to apply pressure on politicians who smear the faith, the benefits of corporate boycotts and what constitutes legal grounds for defamation suits.

    "The key," Corey P. Saylor, government affairs director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations told the audience, "is to not just sit back and take it."[take what for G-d's sake?- Atlas]

    Already fighting on behalf of American Muslims is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, as it is commonly known. The organization, playing a prominent role at ISNA's convention, has developed a reputation for being something of a pit bull in protecting the civil rights of Muslims.

    CAIR, for example, sued a North Carolina congressman after he accused the organization of acting as a fundraising arm for Hezbollah, a militant Palestinian group. The council also organized a boycott against a radio station until it fired a disc jockey who called Islam a terrorist organization. CAIR also brought considerable pressure on a Colorado lawmaker who asserted that America should take out Islam's holy sites in the event of another terrorist attack.

    Arsalan T. Iftikhar, the national legal director for CAIR, said Saturday it was time for everyday Muslims to "defend the image and reputation of the community and Islam in general."

    "I am here to teach you how the American Muslim community can legally empower itself to protect itself in the American courts," he said, as he went into the nuances of the limits of the First Amendment.


    Sayyid Syeed, the secretary general of ISNA, a group generally less vocal than CAIR, earlier in the weekend said his organization is considering filing defamation lawsuits against some of its sharpest critics.
    Although he declined to name the potential targets of such suits,
    one of the critics most often cited by Muslim leaders is Steven Emerson.

     Emerson's 1994 documentary, "Jihad in America," about radical Islamic groups operating in the United States, won a prestigious journalism award. But his credibility suffered after his on-air commentary about the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. He was among the first pundits to say the bombing had the earmarks of Middle Eastern terrorism. It turned out to be the product of homegrown terrorists.

    Via phone Saturday, Emerson said ISNA's interest in using defamation law amount to an effort to stifle free speech. "They are apologists for militant Islam," he said.

    Iftikhar said such comments are exactly the reason Muslim groups are becoming more vigilant in responding to their critics. "That's his mantra," he said of Emerson. "He used innuendo, conjecture and defamation."

    hat tip Brigitte Gabriel

    while at the very same time;  Muslims ransack Christian village

    Efforts were under way on Sunday to calm the situation in this Christian village east of Ramallah after an attack by hundreds of Muslim men from nearby villages left many houses and vehicles torched.Radical_islam

    The incident began on Saturday night and lasted until early Sunday, when Palestinian Authority security forces interfered to disperse the attackers. Residents said several houses were looted and many families were forced to flee to Ramallah and other Christian villages, although no one was injured.

    The attack on the village of 1,500 was triggered by the murder of a Muslim woman from the nearby village of Deir Jarir earlier this week. The 30-year-old woman, according to PA security sources, was apparently murdered by members of her family for having had a romance with a Christian man from Taiba.

    "When her family discovered that she had been involved in a forbidden relationship with a Christian, they apparently forced her to drink poison," said one source. "Then they buried her without reporting her death to the relevant authorities."

    When the PA security forces decided to launch an investigation into the woman's death, her family protested for fear that the relationship would be exposed. The family was further infuriated by the decision to exhume the body for autopsy.

    The attack is one of the worst against Christians in the West Bank in many years. Residents said it took the PA security forces several hours to reach Taiba. Others complained that the IDF, which is in charge of overall security in the area, did not answer their desperate calls for immediate help.


    "More than 500 Muslim men, chanting Allahu akbar [God is great], attacked us at night," said a Taiba resident. "They poured kerosene on many buildings and set them on fire. Many of the attackers broke into houses and stole furniture, jewelry and electrical appliances."

    With the exception of large numbers of PA policemen, the streets of Taiba were completely deserted on Sunday as the residents remained indoors. Many torched cars littered the streets. At least 16 houses had been gutted by fire and the assailants also destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary.


    "It was like a war, they arrived in groups, and many of them were holding clubs," said another resident.

    "Some people saw them carrying weapons. They first attacked houses belonging to the Khoury family [looking for the man who had the affair with the women, not realizing he had already fled the village.] Then they went to their relatives. They entered the houses and destroyed everything there. Then they tried to enter the local beer factory, but were repelled by PA security agents.

    The fire engine arrived five hours later."
    Col. Tayseer Mansour, commander of the PA police in the Ramallah area, said his men arrived late because of the need to coordinate their movements with the IDF. "The delay resulted in the torching of a number of houses and cars in the village," he said.


    Taiba, the only West Bank village that is completely inhabited by Christians, is famous for its Taiba Beer factory, which was established by the Khoury family in 1994.

    The residents are Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox or Greek Catholic. The village was originally called Ephraim, and is thought to be the city to which Jesus came with his disciples before his crucifixion: "Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews; but went thence unto a country near the wilderness, into a city called Ephraim" (John 11:54).

    According to some accounts, Salah a-Din, who led the war against the Crusaders, was responsible for the name change. He is said to have found the villagers there to be nice and kind - in Arabic, taybeen - and the name stuck, to become Taiba.


    Friday, September 02, 2005

    Developments Continue Apace in the War of the World

    Once again Iran is using it's puppet Assad of Syria to do it's diabolical bidding.

    Unlike the Left in America, Iran understands the battle agaisnt Radical Islam and therefore "control of free peoples" is as much in Iraq as it is in London, New York, Afghanistan.

    I believe IRAQ IS THE FRONT LINE in the fight for Western Civilization.(so does Iran,Iran_beheadings_atlas don't kid yourself)

    A month ago General Safavi declared before an audience of senior naval officers that Tehran's mission was to create "a multipolar world in which —Iran plays a leadership role" for Islam. Recently Ahmadinejad announced one of the most ambitious government mission statements in decades, declaring that the ultimate goal of Iran's foreign policy is nothing less than "a government for the whole world" under the leadership of the Mahdi, the Absent Imam of the Shiites—code for the export of radical Islam. As for the only power capable of challenging this vision, the United States is in its "last throes," an ofuli (sunset) power destined to be superceded by the toluee (sunrise) of the Islamic republic. Geopolitical dominance in the Middle East, the tract unequivocally stated, is "the incontestable right of the Iranian nation."

    According to WND, Syria, which has short and mid-range rockets, has been seeking help fromSyria_out North Korea in developing a missile propellant program and may be looking to acquire longer-range missiles – which could target U.S. positions in Iraq – from Pyongyang, according to recent U.S. government reports.

    "It is possible that as regional security prospects continue to deteriorate, Syria may attempt to acquire longer-range systems such as the No-Dong MRBM [medium-range ballistic missile]," stated a report by the Congressional Research Service, which regularly briefs U.S. lawmakers.

    The report, titled "Missile Defense: The Current Debate," said Syria may be looking to follow Iran's lead in extending its ballistic capabilities. Iran has an extensive missile program capable of targeting most Mideast countries.

    Currently, Syria possesses a Scud missile arsenal that can strike deep inside nearby Israel and Jordan. The No-Dongs, with a range of 1,300 kilometers, would make Damascus a significant regional threat, putting all of Iraq and Turkey in its range.

    Yesterday, U.S. Marine jets destroyed a train station in a town just outside the Syrian border because insurgents were storing weapons there, the U.S. military said.

    Officials said this week Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley are examining ways of increasing diplomatic pressure on Syria.


    Turning its focus on Iran, the congressional report stated Tehran has one of the largest missile inventories in the Middle East, procured with the help of Russia, North Korea and China.

    And yeah it's time we gave the KURDS THEIR OWN COUNTRY. They would certainly be an ally we could count on. But that's a whole other thread.


    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    This Week in IRAN vs. This Week in ISRAEL


    Regime's disciplinary forces set to confront celebrants

    IRNA, the regime's news agency reports that the disciplinary forces of the regime's central intelligence issued a statement today, stating that: "As of Monday, these forces will meet very forcefully with wedding parties or any sort of celebration, that is disturbing and impinging on society's order and calm." The bulletin also read: "Certain people in their celebrations, immorally and degenerately block traffic (wedding processions) and disturb the peace of our compatriots; these people will be strongly dealt with.”

    Khamnei: "These 'goods' will have to remain in their wrapping"

    Mullah Khamnei specified, in a speech broadcast by ILNA, one of the regime's many media outlets, that men are superior to women. While referring to women as "goods" or "commodities", he stated: "Women's hijab must be much more severe than those of men's. Why? Because nature and women’s softness was at the core of 'creation' and IF we do not want society to lead to corruption and degenerate, we must keep these "goods" in their wrapping."

    Khamnei continued: "Women are inadequate and excitable creatures; not that women have no rights but women are problematic. They go through child-birth, breast-feeding and then there's their delicate physique and feeble spirits; they cannot enter into every arena because they simply are not capable of dealing with conflict."

    The Islamic regime's agents involved in drug smuggling

    ILNA reports that one of the representatives of the Social Commission of the Islamic Assembly has confessed that dozens of people, who are directly related to the regime, are caught everyday on charges of drug smuggling. Said representative stated that under the circumstances and without a shadow of a doubt, due to the rampancy of the "deals," it is impossible to continue such activities had the perpetrators not had the blessing of the regime's authorities.

    Mohammad Abbasspour said that based on research, 20 to 30 people who are regime insiders, are identified on a daily basis for importing and distribution inside the country. He added that the disciplinary forces, prison affairs and quarantine type jobs, as well as the Narcotics trafficking squad, are, for example, areas that can be influenced and infiltrated and it is mainly within those groups where the traffickers are generally identified.

    Abbasspour stated that: "the addiction rate of prisoners and huge drug racket inside prisons is not in any shape or form conducted either by the prisoners themselves or their families (!), therefore it has become clear that the culprits are none other than the influential people within the regime who are key, here. For instance, how can passangers importing psychotropic drugs from The Netherlands or Denmark, get away with it, without the direct involvement of 'authorities' who are influential in the management of airline companies?"

    60% of 30 to 49 year olds in Iran live in total poverty

    The World Bank announced in a report that under the rule of the Mullahs, 60% of Iranians between the ages of 30 and 49 live in total poverty. Based on this report, in Iran, more than 1.3 million people earn less than $1 a day.

    Pharmaceutics mafia inside the regime's Ministry of Health

    The Executive Director of the Islamic regime’s society for the protection of Kidney disease patients said that a pharmaceutics drug mafia ring has been formed within the regime's Ministry of Health; these are people who are in the higher management and executive divisions of the Ministry who are conspiring with elements outside the Ministry.

    Mustafa Qassemi said: "Unfortunately at present the pharmaceutical drugs that are being imported are generally and often, the lowest of quality and have even been discarded by the countries producing these."

    The abundant oil revenues of the corrupt circles of the Regime

    Transparency International (http://www.transparency.org/) has warned oil-exporting countries that the abundance of their last two years of oil revenues can lead to economic corruption in their respective countries. This organization also declared that the increase in said revenues could make it difficult to transparently determine the overheads and income from oil and energy industries of such countries.

    Based on this report, while the abundant oil revenues has lead to uncontrollable economic corruption, the unprecedented worldwide increase in the price of crude oil in the recent months will have also undoubtedly increased the already rampant malfeasance and embezzlement. This report also states that the steady daily price increase of crude oil in the world market has raised the level of excess in greedy and avaricious characters (i.e. The Mullahs) with access to such gains.

    Missiles launched from Southern Lebanon into Israel were made by the Islamic Republic of Iran

    Based on reports from news sources in Lebanon, the missiles that were launched on Friday (Aug. 26th) from Southern Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist factions into Israel, were the FAJR 3 rockets that are built specifically by the Islamic Republic of Iran. These 240-millimeter caliber missiles that are 5 meters in length and weigh 400 kilograms covers a 43-kilometer range. Launched from the Lebanese border, they can easily reach the city of Haifa in Northern Israel.

    This Hezbollah terrorist splinter group, which is entirely under the command of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is in possession of 13000 long-range rockets and missiles.

    hat tip:Busy bee


    Intel's new chip design developed in Israel   
    Get ready for even faster computers. Intel has unveiled its next generation micro-architecture, a multi-core processor which was completely developed at its facilities in Israel. According to top analysts, the Israeli design approach is sweeping through Intel, making them the company's pre-eminent architects. More...
    Global Democracy | US and Israel celebrate 20 years of free trade   
    Twenty years and nearly $400 billion later, the US-Israel free trade pact is flourishing. Thanks to the bilateral trade agreement, Jaffa oranges have been replaced by other Israeli exports like computer chips and life-saving diagnostic tools that benefit the health and welfare of Americans. More...
    Health | Israeli biotech leader asked by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to develop treatment   
    The Israeli biotechnology company Predix is already working on novel drugs for depression and Alzheimer's in the pipeline. Now the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has turned to them to develop potential treatments for this debilitating genetic disease that affects 30,000 Americans. More...
    Technology | Predicting how you're going to shop online   
    A researcher at IBM Israel has combined algorithms from the field of data mining, operations research and artificial intelligence with economics in order to predict how online shoppers will behave over time. The results will enable companies to offer better service and reap even more revenue. More...
    Profiles | A graceful bender of metal    
    Through her uniquely metal sculptures, Orna Ben-Ami tries to tell the story of Israel, the Jewish people and the experience being of an Israeli woman. Her work is currently on display at UN headquarters, where it is representing Israel at an exhibit to mark the organization's 60th anniversary. More...

    Israeli success in curbing Hepatitis A to be model for other countries

    Israel's 'Accordion Pill' unfolds according to plan -

    Using the secrets of the brain to promote scientific cooperation

    Israeli breakthrough - Frozen ovarian tissue transplant reverses infertility

    Israeli researchers bring nanotechnologies to life

    Israeli researchers coax liver cells to produce insulin

    Israeli breakthrough: Cholesterol drugs reduce risk of cancer -

    Israeli technology unmasks Internet scam artists

    Israeli device goes straight to the bone

    Investors converge on Israel for bio-technology meet -

    California VCs look to Israel for the next big thing

    Israeli 'baseball' camera spies out terrorists

    Israel lauded for pioneering work in VoIP

    Israeli discovers way to breathe underwater without oxygen tanks

    and thats just a few of the contributions Israel has made to humanity over the past couple of months

    In Paradise but Iran Haunts Me

    It is so interesting me. Here I am in the most magnificent  surroundings.........truly beautiful, really. And having the time of my life...............my girls are para-sailing, swimming with dolphins (have pics but forget the USB cord (sorry)...................I won $1,000(!) last night at the black jack table because this fabulous girl was basically telling me what to do. She was amazing, while her hubby sat next to her and let her do it all ..............anyway not to get tangential.

    So here I am, it's all wonderful. and yet  I feel as if I am watching the last days of an era ironically the resort is "Atlantis"..........a time gone by. A new age is upon us. And no it's not Chicken Little but there is a certain undeniable reality that few outside of the blogosphere are cognizant of. Nothing scares me..........except this incomprehensible blindness and denial. This is the real threat. Is it because America recovered too well from 9/11.

    If you missed the National Geographic Channel's presentation of "Inside 9/11," you missed a chance to clear up any confusion about our enemies and their character.
    Fortunately, you have a second chance; the program is to air again on Sept. 8.


    Group photo of Revolutionary Guard Ahmadinejad's Cabinet of Creeps with their Supreme Leader Khamnei.
    Iran has made a new breakthrough in its controversial nuclear program, successfully using biotechnology to extract larger and cheaper quantities of uranium concentrate from its mines, state television reported.

    Quoting the unnamed manager of the project, state television said on Monday night that "the new technique used for the production of yellowcake will reduce costs, and efficiency will increase one hundred-fold as well."

    But more significant is the Clash Of Civilizations.The real crisis isn't just about nuclear weapons, but Iran's determination to reshape the Middle East in its own image.

    The bad news is that, if anything, he [new Iranian President Ahmadinejad- Atlas]can be expected to be a far more formidable enemy of the West—and of America in particular. A month ago General Safavi declared before an audience of senior naval officers that Tehran's mission was to create "a multipolar world in which —Iran plays a leadership role" for Islam. Recently Ahmadinejad announced one of the most ambitious government mission statements in decades, declaring that the ultimate goal of Iran's foreign policy is nothing less than "a government for the whole world" under the leadership of the Mahdi, the Absent Imam of the Shiites—code for the export of radical Islam. As for the only power capable of challenging this vision, the United States is in its "last throes," an ofuli (sunset) power destined to be superceded by the toluee (sunrise) of the Islamic republic. Geopolitical dominance in the Middle East, the tract unequivocally stated, is "the incontestable right of the Iranian nation."

    On September 14th, just days after the anniversary of 9/11, one of the Iranian terrorists who took US citizens hostage in Iran in 1979 is coming to New York to address the 2005 World Summit at the UN.  That Iranian terrorist is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the new president of Iran.  An ad hoc committee is organizing a rally in protest of this terrorist visiting New York.  The rally is to be held on September 14th at 11am in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (1st & 47th) near the UN.  More information on the committee and rally can be found at www.no2ahmadinejad.com.

    Terror Never Sleeps

    More homicide bombings inside Israel this past weekend  and
    Hizbullah (puppet of the largest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, fires first Iran missile into Israel

    Despite Israel's withdrawal from Gaza, the Palestinians will not ease pressure on Israel atUn_israel international forums and will try and bring discussion of the security fence back to the United Nations General Assembly this fall, according to diplomatic assessments in Jerusalem.

    Israel has been in constant contact with European countries to try and keep this initiative from gaining traction, local officials say.

    Palestinian officials have made no secret of their interest in now moving the focus of their diplomatic activity to international bodies like the UN in an attempt to get Israel to complete the withdrawal from Gaza, including control over the border crossings, and to commit to additional steps.

    In addition to focusing on the fence, the PA is also in discussion with the UN and the Quartet in an attempt to prevent any UN resolution acknowledging the end of Israel's occupation of Gaza.

    and the evil becomes legitimate. When I was a kid I could not fathom the holocaust. I could never understand how such a thing could happen. How people let it happening. I see it now. I see it happening now.............how each evil leads to another evil then another, each one more grave and depraved.

    In Praise of 'Hamastan' -- Interview with Hamas Co-founder Mahmoud Zahar
    Gaza should be Hamastan. Why not? We are not corrupt. We are serving the poorer classes. We are defending our land. It should be Hamastan! Containment will not succeed with Hamas. I don't trust the term "moderate." We are already moderate. But if people believe we will be moderate in the Western style, or a pro-Israeli style—that's not moderate. That's corruption. [Would Hamas accept a two states peace plan?] Nobody on the Israeli side, from the extreme right to the extreme left, will withdraw from Jerusalem. At the same time, believe me, nobody on the Palestinian side, in the Arab and Muslim world, will accept keeping Jerusalem under occupation. [The Palestinians] lost everything [after Oslo]. We are not the PLO. We are not going to repeat a failed [process].

    The Palis lost everything after OsloTHE JEWS LOST EVERYTHING AFTER OSLO.


    Friday, August 26, 2005


    Stoning_2Wake up man....................what's it gonna take a nuclear sock in the head?
    The Islamic Faith is not seen as the only strike  against democracy emerging in the Middle  East.


    The Video of of an actual stoning  "Stoning to Death", Islam in Action is not for children or the faint of heart but it is for those that romanticize Radical Islam or diminish the gravity of the threat they present.

    *Two scholars write; "THE REAL FAULT LINE THAT DIVIDES THE WEST AND THE MUSLIM WORLD IS ATTITUDES TOWARD WOMEN. [Where are those feminazis when you really need them?]


    It's the end of the world as we know it....................

  • U.S.: Syria Thwarting UN Inquiry - Warren Hoge

  • Fear of Assassination Grips Lebanese Politicians - Kim Ghattas and Roula Khalaf

  • Two Egyptian Policemen Killed in Search for Sinai Militants - Mariam Fam
  • Palestinian Stabs Border Policeman in Hebron -
  • Palestinians Fire Two Rockets at Israeli Town of Sderot - Margot Dudkevitch

        See also Two Shooting Attacks on IDF Posts - Margot DudkevitchFrance_4
  • EU in impasse over Iran nuclear negotiations
  •  Europeans still want Iran nuclear talks -France
  • Israeli hawks circle Iran's N-planttim.butcher@telegraph.co.uk

    Ever since its 1979 Islamic revolution the only fate Iran has had in mind for Israel has been simple: its destruction. Now that Teheran seems to be moving towards acquiring its own nuclear arsenal, its plans for its great enemy threaten to be both fiery and radioactive.

    Sometimes Iran's stated policy towards Israel is couched in inflammatory rhetoric, like that on a 40ft banner that used to hang outside the entrance of the foreign ministry in Teheran bearing the message: "Israel Must Burn".

    Sometimes the language is tamer, such as the "Down With Israel" chants of students who march after Friday prayers in Teheran week in, week out.

    But whatever the tone, the message remains the same. The Jewish state has survived wars, internal upheaval, intifadas and bloody entanglements in the internal affairs of its neighbours. But now a major enemy, one committed to its annihilation, appears close to deploying the most destructive force known to Man.


    "Having the ayatollah regime armed with nuclear weapons is an existential threat to the state of Israel," Mark Regev, senior spokeman at its foreign ministry, admitted grimly. "We take the issue extremely seriously.''

    But while the danger Israel faces is clear, what it should do about the threat poses much more of a quandary.

    Some Israelis cite the precedent of the 1981 unilateral Israeli airstrike on Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor. Israel, they argue, should do the same again and launch pre-emptive military attacks on Iran's growing nuclear infrastructure.

    But Iran has developed its nuclear programme with such a scenario in mind. It has deliberately spread its facilities far and wide, using nine locations, according to one intelligence source.

    And each facility is buried under tons of reinforced concrete, making it more difficult to destroy, even with the help of the BLU-109 "bunker-buster" bombs the US is selling its closest Middle Eastern ally.

    Iran, moreover, is further away from Israel than Iraq, raising even greater doubts about the ability of the F15 and F16 planes Israel would use in any air raids to reach their target and then make it home without being refuelled.

    And there is also the question of how the aircraft would get close enough to hit their targets. The US controls Iraqi airspace but it seems inconceivable that Washington would open it up to Israeli combat jets and tankers.

    While the problems facing air strikes are significant, Israel's military nevertheless believes it has the means to cause serious damage to the Iranian nuclear capability.

    Israel's cruise missiles, launched from planes or submarines, give the country a capability that it did not have in 1981 when it attacked the Iraqi reactor with a conventional bombing sortie.

    "It's a bit more challenging in Iran but the military option remains a real one," said David Ivri, a retired Israeli air force officer who commanded Operation Opera, the attack on Iraq's reactor.

    "After all, the aim would not be to neutralise the Iranian nuclear programme. That would be impossible. But what we could do is delay it considerably.

    "That was our aim in Iraq and that is what we achieved - a very long delay.''

    The calculation Israel must make is a simple one: when will Iran become a nuclear power?

    The Iraq attack was launched only when Israel's intelligence concluded that Saddam Hussein's regime was within a year of producing its own nuclear weapons.

    It also followed a lengthy diplomatic campaign by Israel to dissuade France from selling nuclear technology to Iraq. When that failed, Mossad agents blew up components due to be shipped to Iraq at a warehouse in France.

    Only when it was clear that Iraq's nuclear programme continued did Operation Opera get the green light.

    According to a senior figure in the Israeli Defence Force quoted in the Jerusalem Post, Iran will not be able to produce a nuclear bomb until 2008 at the earliest; 2012 is a more realistic date and experts believe that the current situation is insufficiently acute to warrant military action.

    hat tip: Brigitte Gabriel


    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    Zero hour approaches



    and the Europeans think these guys are their friends?

    On Tuesday several of the Revolutionary Guard and young Basijis (who are a mobilization force created by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini; they are extremely Radical and supported by the Supreme leader Ali Khamnei, who is now trying to pass them off as a part of the "student" movement in order to confuse westerners) gathered in front of the French, British and German embassies in Tehran to protest the most recent European resolution against Iran's nuclear pursuits. These demonstrators set the flags of these three countries and the U.S. and Israel on fire.
    Iran_down_wuk_2During this regime-orchestrated demonstration slogans such as: "Death to Britain", "Death to France", "Death to Germany" and finally "Death to America" were chanted and the ragtag protestors who were no more than 300 (usually due to the desperate poverty in Iran,  these "demonstrators" are paid a small fee and a free lunch and told what to do), demanded that the Uranium enrichment plant of Natanz be allowed to begin operation once again. ht: onebusygirl

    Meanwhile on the nuclear front

    Iran's Leader Raps Europeans Over Nuke Talks 
    Iran's hard-line president scolded Europeans on Sunday, accusing them of being willing to sell their goods to Iranians while at the same time trying to strangle Tehran's nuclear program.

    Iran's Resumption of Its Nuclear Program 
    According to news reports, Iran has resumed a process of converting yellowcake uranium that could eventually lead either to the production of energy for peaceful purposes or to the production of nuclear weapons.[1] The Iranian government asserts that its program is for peaceful purposes.

    and the band plays on- Atlas

    Iran_cabinet_1If you haven't seen the malevolent cast pf clown that makes up the new Iranian cabinetm please click here for all the gory details;

    Iranian President Ahmadi Nejad has been busy putting together a cabinet for the Islamic republic. While all real power remains firmly in the clammy hands of Supreme Leader Khamenei, it's worth taking a look at some of the new ministers, if only because it tells us two important things:

    (1) The face the regime wishes to show to the world at large, and (2) the policies the regime intends to unleash on the long-suffering Iranian people


    www.azady.nl -

    "There's a skyrocketing belief among the Turkish public that America wants to create an independent Kurdistan.'

    What have the Turks done for us except ban our use of their Turkish air bases, a much needed asset in our invasion of   Iraq..?
    G-d I hope we do support their independence..................if anyone deserves their own homeland (as well as the Israelis) it's our  our allies, the Kurds. They have done their part and then some in backing the  US position  consistently. Why won't we respect and support "OUR  ALLIES" and stop kissing the asses of those countries that time and time again stab us in the back?

    Saturday, August 20, 2005

    "..... it seems necessary that both Iran and China upgrade their defense and military technology.''

    So while the left continues to Blame Bush and count  his  vacation days (by the looks of it, itBush_team_2 doesn't appear to be much of a vacation - seems like he's working from the ranch),the world is going to hell in a handbasket while our enemies conspire against us with the most malevolent of intentions.

    Here we have China sending a "military delegation from China" to discusss their "mutual enemies"

    Iran, China Eye Military Cooperation   

    Iran received a military delegation from China, paving the way for cooperation in Iran_china_1the defense field, Iran's Mehr News agency reported, citing Brigadier General Nasser Mohammadi Far, the commander of the Iranian army's ground forces.


    The Chinese delegation is in Iran for talks on ``developing military relations, deepening bilateral ties and paving the way for military cooperation,'' the state-run Iranian news agency said. The press office of China's Ministry of Defense in Beijing declined to comment on the delegation's visit.

    `Our mutual enemies possess advanced military technology, and undoubtedly they would rely on this technology in any possible future wars,'' Mehr News quoted Mohammadi Far as saying. ``Therefore, it seems necessary that both Iran and China upgrade their defense and military technology.''

    Do not for one second doubt Iran's intentions as evidenced here;

    Iran hails Gaza pullout as Palestinian victory
    TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran on Thursday welcomed Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip after nearly four decades of occupation, state radio reported.

    It was China that gave Iran the nuclear technology and we have Bill Clinton to thank for turning over dangerous  nuclear technology to China.

    "How did it come about that highly sensitive technical information was given to the Chinese? Why did the president [Clinton] ignore the national security experts who counseled against this deal? What damage has been done to our national security?" Goss asked.

    I accused the President of withholding information and covering up the Chinese theft of super-secret W-88 nuclear warhead technology. Those who possess this miniaturization capability can place as many as ten nuclear warheads on a single missile and aim each at a separate target. A W-88 nuclear warhead weighs only 300 pounds but has an explosive capacity ten times that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. This is perhaps the most serious breach of national security in our lifetimes — more serious than the treachery of Aldrich Ames who betrayed the CIA, and perhaps more serious  than what the Rosenbergs did in delivering nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union 50 years ago.

    We now have evidence showing that the Administration knew about the W-88 technology theft in April 1996. But no one in Congress learned about it until early in 1999 when some of the findings of the Cox Committee came to light. It is also true that the President knew China has already aimed intercontinental ballistic missiles at our nation.

    BTW Bill Clinton is running for President again using his wife as the beard.

    Bill Clinton's plan for World Domination

    UPDATE: Pastorius over at the most excellent Internet Journal of Public Policy
    has a must read essay on the China-Russia-Iran Alliance. In his  opinion, China and Russia are using Iran as an unaccountable weapon in the same way states like Iran and Saudi Arabia use Al Qaeda as an unaccountable weapon [and Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas].

    Friday, August 19, 2005


    I am home on my computer (my secret lover, oy).................yay!

    ok,  let's look at Iran's new cabinet...................this is important.

    The LLL. media wants you to think about other things - like that psychopathic mother Sheehan in Texas. Why does she get so much press? Huh? 1900 fine young delicious America lives sacrificed for our freedom and this "mother" gets full court press? WTF? I don't want to hear...............of course soldiers die. That's what , these brave fine wonderful honorable men and women soldiers do - fight for our freedom. So that the 3,000 innocent American lives lost on 9/11 were not taken in vain.

    The LLL mainstream media think they are still dictating what Americans will think. HELLLOOOOOOOOOO. Why blogosphere then?


    Iraq a mistake? HARDLY! The ferocity of the war is proof positive that THIS IS WAR. The attack from Jordan on American and Navel apparatus today is proof positive we are at war.
    Remember after 9/11? How FREAKED we were when the next attack would come. REMEMBER?

    I do. In New York we were soiling our pants. WORD.

    And if you think it's an "accident" that we haven't been hit since YOU ARE IRRATIONAL.  Having been in advertising and marketing in a prior life, you can make polls say whatever you want. Bush's ratings at their lowest? LIE.

    The American people know we can't withdraw from Iraq. An exit strategy?  There is no such thing. We attempting to accomplish something never done before - freeing a people in a region oppressed for centuries. There is no template.

    If we pull our troops or give a timetable all hell breaks loose, just what the left wants. Whose side on they are on? Have they, even for moment, considered the consequences if they are wrong?

    While I don't believe for a second Bush is wrong, what if he were. Whats the damage? FreeingIran_killing2_1_1 people subjugated under the heel of a despot's brutality.

    MEMO TO ANGELINA JOLIE: Wanna really help? Stop the happy horseshit and stop giving money to despotic regimes. Speak out for the African dhimmis being raped and slaughtered. Gving money to Africa is NOT THE ANSWER. It is much tougher than that. It takes a real backbone...................hard to find even harder to act on.

    Back t Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism. Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria all back by the Jimmuh Carter supported Islamic Regime. The new cabinet from Jack Wheeler's To the Point (subscribe already!)

    Ledeen's Lair

    By Michael Ledeen

    Iranian President Ahmadi Nejad has been busy putting together a cabinet for the Islamic republic. While all real power remains firmly in the clammy hands of Supreme Leader Khamenei, it's worth taking a look at some of the new ministers, if only because it tells us two important things:

    (1) The face the regime wishes to show to the world at large, and (2) the policies the regime intends to unleash on the long-suffering Iranian people.

    Let's start with the interior minister, Hojatoll-Islam Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi. He was formerly the number-two man in the ministry of intelligence and security — where he was directly in charge of the foreign section (and thus the sorts of foreign operations now running full bore in Iraq and Afghanistan) — and, even more significantly, the man in charge of those matters in the office of the supreme leader.
    Pour-Mohammadi comes from a sartorially celebrated family; his father and brother are tailors for leading clergy. Indeed, they prepared the tailoring for both bin Laden and Zawahiri in their recent videos, in which their clothing was distinctively Iranian.
    The minister for intelligence and security is Hojjatol-Islam Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ezhei, from Isfahan, where he acquired a reputation as a particularly vicious and barbaric head of the Islamic tribunals which regularly issued brutal sentences.

    He has been special prosecutor in the intelligence ministry, where he was also in charge of key personnel decisions, and at present he is judge and prosecutor for the special tribunal of the clergy.

    To Mohammed-Hossein Saffar-Harandi of Tehran goes the ironically named ministry of culture and Islamic guidance. In reality, that ministry's key role is to provide cover for external intelligence operations.

    For a decade, Saffar-Harandi was the director of the political bureau of the Revolutionary Guards, in which he holds the rank of brigadier general, and for which he was the commander of southern Iran.

    The foreign minister is Manoucher Mottaki, whose long diplomatic career (he has been ambassador to both Japan and Turkey, and deputy foreign minister) has included the sensitive role as liaison between the foreign ministry and the revolutionary guards. While he was ambassador to Ankara, numerous Iranian dissidents were murdered and others kidnapped.

    And then there is the defense minister, Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar, another brigadier general in the Revolutionary Guards, where he has been since its official formation in 1979. As several commentators have pointed out, he was the commander of the RG forces in Lebanon in 1983, when the Marine barracks were blown up by the Guards and Hezbollah. So we owe him one.

    The mullahs have torn off their conciliatory mask in order to bare their fangs to us, the Europeans, and the Iranian people.

    If we had an Iran strategy worthy of the name, our confused leaders would have pointed out the remarkable interview with the chief nuclear affairs negotiator, Hossein Musavian. It was broadcast on Iranian television August 4th, and made it quite clear that the Iranians deliberately tricked the Europeans into giving the mullahs an extra year to complete a vital part of their nuclear program in Isfahan.

    "Thanks to the negotiations with Europe," he bragged, "we gained another year, in which we completed...Isfahan." This was quite a coup, at least in Musavian's humble opinion:

    "We suspended (the enrichment program) in Isfahan in October 2004, although we were required to do so in October 2003...Today we are in a position of power: (the program) in Isfahan is complete and UF4 and UF6 gases are being produced. We have a stockpile of products, and...we have managed to convert 36 tons of yellow cake into gas and store it..."

    President Chirac? Chancellor Schroeder? Prime Minister Blair? How do you all intend to answer your parliamentary inquiries? You were all gulled by the mullahs (or, to put the darkest light on the matter, willing accomplices).

    Meanwhile, the mullahs are killing us. Time Magazine published a long report from Baghdad on August 16, entitled "Inside Iran's Secret War for Iraq," which lays out chapter and verse of the mullahs' longstanding efforts — often coordinated with Assad's Syria — to drive us out of Iraq.

    It is the first time I've seen a major publication confirm what I reported months before Operation Iraqi Freedom: planning for the terror war against Coalition forces in Iraq "began before the U.S. invaded."

    And Time quotes a "British military intelligence officer about the relative inattention paid to the murderous Iranian activities. 'It's as though we are sleepwalking'."

    Instead of devoting hours of prime time coverage to the ravings of a broken mother, our media would do better to ask this administration why, four years after 9/11, it still has no Iran policy.

    Perhaps, although one cannot say more than that, we are paying more attention. First came the announcement that American forces in Iraq found a cache of Iranian weapons, and had also captured a truck with shaped explosives entering Iraq from Iran.

    Then, talking to journalists on his plane during a South American swing on August 17, Rumsfeld said that U.S. forces have found Iranian weapons in Iraq "on more than one occasion over the past couple of months."

    These are straws in a very strong wind, and they will be blown away unless President Bush, Secretaries Rice and Rumsfeld, and Security Adviser Hadley at long last craft a serious policy to bring the terror war to bear on Tehran, as the president should have demanded on 9/12/01.

    The list of proven Iranian actions in the terror war against us is a very long one. To take just a few:

    In July, Assistant Secretary of State David Welch testified to the House International Relations Committee that "Iranian cadre were training Hizballah fighters in Lebanon," which Representative Tom Lantos quite reasonably found "profoundly disturbing."

    Hezbollah is operating in Iraq, and its infamous operational chieftain, Imad Mughniyah, remains at large even though the US Government has put a very high price on his head for decades.

    U.S. special forces in Hilla last fall captured documents and photographs of known Iraqi terrorists meeting with Syrian and Iranian intelligence officers in Syria.

    The celebrated Spanish magistrate Baltasar Garzon publicly stated that, after the liberation of Afghanistan, al Qaeda reconstituted its leadership in Iran, where they convened a strategic summit in November, 2002.

    One of the participants was a Syrian named Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, who is now suspected by British authorities of being one of the masterminds of the lethal terrorist attack in London. According to Spanish newspapers, "Intelligence reports from foreign agencies last year placed Nasar in Iran."

    The seemingly inescapable fact is that Iran is waging war on us, we are well aware of it, and we are not responding, even though most Iranians are dreaming of the day that the United States supports them against the mullahs.

    Hardly a day goes by without anti-regime demonstrations in one Iranian city or another, involving students, workers, intellectuals, and even some very important clergymen. The number of Iranian dissidents on hunger strike is growing. Akbar Ganji hovers between life and death in a hospital in Tehran.

    Yet, aside from occasional statements of compassion, there is no hint of action from the Bush administration.

    This inaction has recently been buttressed by two fanciful "estimates" from the intelligence community. The first reassuringly forecast that Iran is a good ten years away from nuclear weapons; the second insisted that no revolution is in the Iranian works.

    To which the only proper response is a belly laugh.

    I'm personally willing to bet the farm against any intel-type willing to take the wager that Iran will have atomic bombs in a period closer to ten days than to ten years.

    And the "no revolution in the works" prediction comes from the same people who made the same prediction just before the fall of the Shah and who confidently told Ronald Reagan that the Soviet Empire was here to stay.

    President Reagan ignored these deep thinkers, and the Soviet Union is no more. President Bush needs to do the same with the Mullacracy of Iran.

    Enough already. Let’s roll.

    and no modern day Greek tragedy would be complete without the diabolical flying monkeys at the United Nations weighing in on Iran's [lanned  nuclear holocaust;

    UN nuke agency to clear Iran on uranium charge, diplomats say 

    The UN nuclear agency has concluded that highly enriched uranium particles found in Iran were from imported equipment and not from Iran's own activities, diplomats said.

    I swear,  I couldn't make this stuff up.

    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    "Everyone suspected that the election of Ahmedinejad [Iran] would bring this kind of evil to Kurdistan, but why did they have to be right? "

    ................moaned  a blogger on a Kurdish website;
    Kurd4 Kurd_3 Kurd_2 Kurd_1

    While the left and the feminists rail against Bush and the Bush doctrine, grave, terrible crimes against humanity go unpunished. Women suffer horribly under sharia. Child rape, human trafficking, the litany of abuses are mind blowing.
    While Hollywood makes inane ridiculous movies that are nothing short of an insult to our intelligence, our youth are distracted. Playing in  sandbox of delusion while historical, life altering events continue apace across the free world.

    Where is our moral fiber? Where is our moral compass? What kind of shmucks have we given the keys to our national psyche?

    Eisenhower upon leaving presidential office warned us to beware the "military industrial complex". I say beware the "entertainment/media industrial complex". How can this group of influence peddlers abandon the very thing the makes America the great human experiment that she is. The war between good and evil has never been so blatant. So easy to see, understand and yet we stand around and continue to contemplate the illogical, irrational arguments of the left.

    Hollywood should be telling the stories of our war heros (see sidebar) and rallying around the great fight for freedom, much the way Old Hollywood did during World War II. Instead they are polluting our fine young minds with tripe, and t & a, and punked, utter nonsense.

    How can we ignore the patently obvious?

    These pictures are but a small glimpse into the barbarism being exacted on the Kurds in Iran. The Kurds have been our great ally in Iraq. They are rising up in Iran and getting slaughtered. WE CANNOT, MUST NOT turn a blind eye. Outside it's America.....................

    "America must not repeat its shameful policies of the past which have treated our Kurdish friends worse than Arabs who deliberately blow us apart. The same State Department, which rejected the Jews' right to a state in 1948, continues to see justice only through Arab eyes regarding the Kurds as well. "

    "Too many Kurds have died as a result of such justice for Arabs only double standards. The Foggy Folks have already repeatedly told stateless Kurds that they dare not dream of the same thing that those very same Foggy Folks demand for Arabs...independence. There is no American-sponsored roadmap for the Kurds. But, in the Arabs' case, state #22--and second, not first, one to be created for them in "Palestine"--is considered a must."'

    Below is a collection of links to news and commentary on the recent protests in Eastern Kurdistan published on KurdishMedia.com so far.

    Iran’s violent campaign against the Kurdish people must stop! [10/08]KAES defends rights of the people of Eastern Kurdistan [09/08]
    KNC: Iranian regime is incapable of reform [09/08]
    Piranshahir like a deserted city on Sunday [08/08]
    Twenty killed in clashes as unrest sweeps Iran [08/08]
    The uprising continues in Eastern Kurdish cities [08/08]
    Congress of Iranian Nationalities for a Federal Iran in support of the people of Kurdistan [08/08] 
    Iranian regime prevents doctors from seeing injured Kurds [07/08]
    PUK security shoots at Eastern Kurdish protesters in Sulemani [07/08]Ahwazi Arabs in solidarity with Iran’s Kurds [07/08]
    Attacks on the Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan condemned in Wan [07/08]Further unrest in Kurdish western Iran kills two [07/08]
    Reported protests in Eastern Kurdistan [07/08]
    Iranian oppression of Kurds condemned by rights group [07/08]

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    You and I Must Save the Iranian Kurds before it's too late

    This map shows where Kurds are majorities.  The western part of Iran has alot of Kurds.  Major cities for Iranian Kurds are Mahabad, Sanandaj and Kermenshah.

    The Iranian Kurds are desperate. We cannot ignore their bloody oppressed cries for our help. Why do we ignore our allies and kiss the asses of everyone that stabs us in the back? These are our friends, kindred spirits in the fight for freedom. These are the people we should be liberating along with Iraq.

    Iran is already at war with us in Iraq. They are ignoring the feeble attempts by Eurabia to appease them and march ever more deliberately towards nuclear enrichment. Peaceful use my ass.

    Iran expressed defiance in the face of an emergency meeting on its nuclear programme, with President Mahmood Ahmadinejad dismissing a European Union offer of nuclear cooperation as an "insult".

    Accusing Europe of "living in the last century", Ahmadinejad said he still wanted talks that are teetering on collapse following Tehran's decision to resume uranium conversion activities to continue, but with different proposals.

    The vehemence of Ahmadinejad's defence of Iran's right to the nuclear fuel cycle was echoed by Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani, who said Iran should not worry about the possibility it will now be referred to the UN Security Council.
    "Should we accept humiliation, the sanctions, see ourselves be punished, or should we resist? I think that we should resist," Shamkhani told journalists.
    The Islamic republic's defiance won approval in the hardline press with Jomhuri Eslami saying that the "next step is Natanz", referring to Iran's nuclear enrichment plant. "We have won," it said.

    There is only one answer REGIME CHANGE. WE backed the wrong muslims in Bosnia (yeah the guys we saved are backing al qaeda) but I blame Clinton for that. This is a historic opportunity to do something glorious here.

    We must save the Kurds..........Kurdish uprisings and pictures of tortured Kurds are published by Kurdish news sites.

    General strike paralyzes Iranian Kurdistan

    A general strike has started to paralyze, since this morning, the northwestern Iran. Cities, such as, Marivan, Oshnaviah, Bookan, Sardashat, Javan-Rood, Mahabad, Baneh, Saghez, Piranshahr, and Sannandaj are affected by the popular action.

    Ahwazi Arabs in Solidarity with Iran's Kurds

    Ahwaz Arabs have backed Kurdish protests against the Iranian regime after dozens of Kurds were killed in uprisings in Mahabad, Baneh and Saqqez.

    The Iranian security forces used heavy weapons, including helicopter-mounted machine guns, to kill Kurdish demonstrators during nearly a month of unrest.

    The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, a centre-left opposition group outlawed in Iran, has urged "international organisations, human-rights supporters and the international community to make efforts to stop the bloodshed of the Iranian Kurdish people by the Islamic republic regime of Iran".

    Iraqi Kurds protest, saying Iran has detained Kurds

    Reuters, Kurdish police dispersed hundreds of Kurds protesting outside U.N. offices in Iraqi Kurdistan on Saturday over reports of detentions of dozens of Iranian Kurds just across the border.

    "We support our brothers in Iran and demand that all the detainees are released," one demonstrator, Asso Mustafa, said in Sulaimaniya, adding he had friends among those detained.

    Protesters said authorities in Iran had arrested dozens of Kurds over the last 10 days, including public figures well-known as Kurdish rights campaigners, after they had staged protests in favour of Kurdish rights in Iran.

    Tensions boiled over in Iranian Kurdistan last month with rioting in the town of Mahabad. Shortly afterwards, three Iranian policemen were killed in a gun battle with Kurdish separatists.

    Iran: Amnesty International calls for an urgent investigation into the killing of demonstrators

    Amnesty International today expressed alarm at the cycle of violence in the Iranian province of Kordestan and neighbouring Kurdish areas, which has reportedly left up to 20 people dead, hundreds wounded. Hundreds of others are believed to have been arrested, including prominent Kurdish human rights defenders and activists.

    These are serious deadly events. We cannot stand by and do nothing. That's a crime.Roya12
    Bush said "“If Iranians stand for their freedom, America is with them”, we must make good on our word.

    The largest state sponsor of terrorism must be stopped  and now. The are killing, kidnapping, torturing ..............please start writing your Senators, congressmen,  and representatives.

    Dr Roya Toloui , the famous Kurdish feminist, is missing. Taken away by the Iranian Mullahs.
    She is probably still alive.  She can be saved if the MSM would pay attention. It is imcumbant upon us to make the  MSM and the world media pay attention.

    This is what's really happening in the world.

    If they devote a 2 hour Greta Van Sustern Special to the murdered girl in Aruba, can't they find any time to save a person, a  people and as a result, the free world? ........................it is up to us. Sit by idly and you are just as guilty.

    hat tip:Tim

    UPDATE: Tuesday, August 10th..........Tim asks "Where is the media on stories like this?"

    Arabs go to Kurdistan for jobs

    Each morning before dawn, hundreds of Arabs from southern Iraq gather near a mosque in Sulemani hoping to find work on one of scores of construction sites dotting the landscape.

    What began 18 months ago as a trickle of poor, unemployed young men moving north to find work and escape violence in predominantly Arab areas has now turned into a rapid stream.

    And it's no longer just the poor and jobless fleeing.

    Professionals -- including doctors, engineers and teachers -- are following them, desperate to escape the chaos tearing cities such as Baghdad, Basra, Baquba and Hilla apart.

    "I came here for safety, and for my family," says Dr Ali Alwan, 40, an eye specialist who moved from the southern city of Basra to Sulaimaniya in late 2003 and has since encouraged dozens of former colleagues to follow him.

    "Here it is a wonderful life. The children are in school, my wife is happy and there is good work," he says. "I don't think I will ever return to Basra."

    "Too many of my friends were threatened," he said, referring to barbers who have been killed by militants for cutting hair in western styles or shaving beards. "Here I feel much safer."
    The language barrier is a problem, but he has found a house in a Christian village, where most people speak Arabic.
    "The money is good and the people are friendly," he says.
    "I can't see myself ever going back to Baghdad."

    U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATEState_usinfostate
    Office of the Spokesman
    August 8, 2005

    Question Taken at the August 8, 2005 Daily Press Briefing


    Question: What is our reaction to Iranian government crackdown on ethnic minority Kurds in northern party of country?

    Answer: The United States is concerned by reports of an Iranian government crackdown on ethnic Kurds in northern Iran, and in Iran's southwestern province of Khuzestan.  These reports indicate that several people have been killed and that many more, perhaps hundreds, may have been arrested.

    Denial of the rights of minority groups is one aspect of the regime's appalling human rights and democracy record that has been well documented by non-governmental organizations and in our annual Country Report on Human Rights.  We call on the Iranian authorities to exercise restraint and to respect the peaceful exercise by the Iranian people of their democratic rights.

    Chief Putz en Tuchus "hopes" Iran Nukes Won't lead to Rupture

    UN watchdog meets amid crisis over Iranian nuclear workIran_ballistic_missiles_1
    The UN nuclear watchdog went into emergency session with its chief Mohamed ElBaradei saying he hoped conflict over Iran's nuclear fuel activities would not lead to a "permanent rupture" of talks on Tehran's atomic program.

    Volcker panel accuses two UN oil-for-food figures of corruption
    An independent panel accused the ex-head of the UN oil-for-food program for Iraq of corruption and said questions remained about UN chief Kofi Annan's knowledge of the scandal, which has tarnished the world body.

    Russian admits UN fraud
    Ex-UN official Alexander Yakovlev pleads guilty to conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering.

    Am I the only one that sees a pattern?  Appeasing (channelling Chamberlain) the Iranian mullahs to what end for ?  Oil for fraud? Russia admiting duplicity.

    Unscandalyawn140x100_1Every country that stood against us in our quest to free Iraq is DIRTY! Really dirty, the UN, Russia, France all of those lowlifes but the left would have us shine their knob eh?

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    A week in the Life of Israel vs A Week in the Death of Iran

    Let' s take a look see (as we did last week) at  the contribution Iran makes to humanity vs. Israel
    It's devastating considering Europeans consider Israel the number one threat to world peace.

    First we'll look at Iran, shall we?Head

    The NY Sun:

    Defying warnings from the Iranian regime ordering her not to talk to foreign reporters, the wife of dissident journalist Akbar Ganji yesterday told The New York Sun that she has had no choice but to appeal to the international community to save the life of her husband, who today enters Day 53 of a hunger strike. Meanwhile in New York, a spokesman for Secretary-General Annan says his boss has personally intervened with the mullahs on Mr. Ganji's behalf.

    In an exclusive telephone interview yesterday, Massoumeh Shafieh said: "We are appealing to the United Nations, human rights groups, and other nations to pressure our government to release my husband. Our struggle must reach out past the borders of Iran now. Our leaders will not listen to their people, they will only respond to external pressure."
     reported on the scattered clashes which took place, today, in the northwestern City of Sannandaj located in the Iranian province of Kurdistan.

    Kenneth R. Timmerman, FrontPageMagazine.com
    published a transcript of Ken Timmerman's speech at David Horwitz's Wednesday Morning Club entitled: Iran: The Threat We Cannot Neglect.

    discussed Debkafile's report that al-Qaida is shifting more than 1,000 of its operatives to Europe for terror offensives.

    Mosnews reported that Israel has asked Ukraine to demand that Iran return 12 long-range cruise missiles purchased during the tenure of the previous Ukrainian government. 

    Michael Ledeen, National Review discussed, can an atom bomb save the Iranian mullahs from democracy?

    Roozonline reported that while there is only a week left from the inauguration of the new Iranian president, there are plenty of events heralding the advent of policies that were forewarned by political observers and activists.

    Reuters reported that Iran said on Monday it had extended by one day its deadline for the European Union to submit proposals to solve a diplomatic impasse over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

    Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran will deliver a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency informing the UN watchdog about its partial resumption of peaceful nuclear work in Isfahan center.

    Business Finance News reported that Germany urged Iran not to take any "unilateral steps" on uranium enrichment.

    • hat tip:onebusybee

    and it's a different kind of busy week in Israel

    Israeli device goes straight to the bone   
    American emergency personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have come to rely on a novel Israeli-made device - WaisMed's Bone Injection Gun (BIG) - which enables a medic to bypass the veins and penetrate the tibia within seconds to inject saline or medication. More...
    Global Democracy | Peace of mind for special needs families   
    A unique award-winning Jerusalem center not only helps special needs children develop, it also provides support for their families. The warm atmosphere is due in no small part to the fact that its founder, Malki Samuels, is herself the mother of a child with special needs. More...
    Health | Israeli and US doctors team up to help emphysema patients breathe easier   
    Over 3.1 million Americans suffering from emphysema may soon have a way to relieve their discomfort without resorting to risky lung surgery. A new technique which treats the damaged portions of the lung with a "biological glue" is now undergoing clinical tests in Boston and Tel Aviv.  More...
    Culture | Jewish and Arab children learn cooperation in the Galilee circus   
    The Galilee Circus, a project of The Galilee Foundation for Value Education, is breaking down boundaries between Jewish and Arab children through acrobatics, juggling, tumbling, and walking on stilts.  More...
    Profiles | Israel's real-life CSI sleuth

    Global Democracy | A new ER for Israel's wildlife

    Health | Israeli success in curbing Hepatitis A to be model for other countries

    Culture | Israeli project connects the performing and the video arts

    Technology | Solving a problem in the blink of an eye

    Global Democracy | A Rocky Mountain high for Israeli rescue unit

    Profiles | Israeli research shows it's the voice - not the eyes - that is the window to the soul

    Best site: Israel21C

    China, Russia, Iran, Sudan....no ordinary axis

    Lets tie this baby together, shall we?China_russia_2
    First off we have the Financial Times reporting China and Russia joint exercises to strengthen ties.Nearly 10,000 troops are to take part in unprecedented joint military exercises by China and Russia this month aimed at strengthening ties between the armed forces of two powers that were once bitter foes. And.................

    Russia_nuclear_1Russia will help Iran despite nuclear moves Russia will maintain support for Iran's nuclear program despite Tehran's decision to restart the enrichment of uranium, Russian news agencies quoted sources in Russia's atomic agency, Rosatom, as saying on Tuesday.


    U.S. Opposition to Unocal Bid May Push China Toward Iran, Sudan Listen Chinairan_1
    An outcry by U.S. lawmakers that forced Cnooc Ltd., the third-largest Chinese oil company, to drop its bid for Unocal Corp. may encourage China to do more deals in countries such as Iran or Sudan, energy policy analysts said.

    Is that a not so veiled threat? Like - "we are going to hurt you for not selling Chrevon to us along with its strategic assets". There was a reason the notoriously thrifty Chinese were wildly overpaying for that company.

    Even if you have never played chess, it is not difficult to see the teutonic shifts in malevolent alliances...............whether oil is the the need, motivator, or cover story. This is an axis of evil that means to win.
    We, the free world, must remove these silly blinders of kumbaya and start readying ourselves for the battle of our lives. Seriously folks

    Friday, July 29, 2005

    The EU aka Eurabia Will be the death of Us All

    Are these  guys effing nuts ?

    Officials: European Union set to make deal with Iran on nuclear fuelIran2_2 
    The European Union will offer Iran next week a guaranteed supply of nuclear fuel for civilian nuclear power plants and expanded economic cooperation if Iran agrees to stop trying to make its own fuel, two European officials said Wednesday.

    Let let me understand this. The EU will give the largest state sponsor of terrorism -  OIL SUPER RICH - radical islamic - creator of Hizbollah, funder of Hamas -killer of journalists - honor killing - beheading crazed nation  nuclear fuel?

    AP: Iran Achieves Solid Fuel Technology
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Wed, 27 Jul 2005 10:51 AM PDT
    Iran said for the first time Wednesday it has fully developed solid-fuel technology in producing missiles, a major breakthrough that increases the accuracy of missiles hitting targets

    Thats it..............I have written off Eurabia. Goodbye an Good Luck.............

    While the Death Watch for Ganji Continues
    Eli Lake (of course), New York Sun - New York's Next Great Newspaper

    Iran_freedom_1WASHINGTON - A former president of Iran, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, yesterday said that he had asked the Justice Ministry to grant a pardon to jailed dissident journalist Akbar Ganji, who has been on a hunger strike since June 11.

    The statement represents a surprising twist from Mr. Rafsanjani, who lost the Iranian presidency in a runoff election last month to hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mr. Ganji was originally sentenced to prison time in 2001 after publishing a book and a series of articles that accused Mr. Rafsanjani and his associates of ordering a string of murders of dissident intellectuals in the late 1990s; Mr. Ganji was rearrested following a medical leave on June 11 for urging his countrymen to boycott last month's presidential election.

    Monday, July 25, 2005

    What is Iran up today? Murdering Gay Teens, Journalists while Israel works for Mankind

    While the world condemns Israel, let's see what Iran was up to this week.................

    Iran's Ebadi says reporter was deliberately killed
    Reuters via Yahoo! News Mon, 25 Jul 2005 8:26 AM PDT
    Lawyers representing the family of a Canadian photographer who died in custody in Iran said on Monday she was deliberately killed and demanded an impartial court retry the case.

    Iran reports torture, rights abuses in its prisonsIran_killing2_1
    USA Today Sun, 24 Jul 2005 2:48 PM PDT
    An unprecedented report resulting from a judicial investigation found widespread human rights violations and torture in Iran's prisons, the state-run media reported Sunday. Iran's constitution forbids torture and the nation has previously denied its use.

    Iran not to extend Afghan repatriation plan
    Payvand Iran News Mon, 25 Jul 2005 8:02 AM PDT
    Director General of the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs (BAFIA) Ahmad Hosseini said in Tehran on Monday that Iran does not intend to extend the Afghan repatriation plan. Speaking to reporters, he added that according to the Geneva agreement, by the end of current Iranian year (March 20) the residence permit of Afghan refugees residing in Iran will have expired. 

     IRAN: Activists condemn execution of gay teens
    IRIN Mon, 25 Jul 2005 7:04 AM PDT
    ANKARA, 25 Jul 2005 (IRIN) - Human rights groups the world over have strongly condemned the recent execution of two gay teenagers in northeastern Iran.

    vs. what Israel was up to this week;

    http://www.israel21c.org/link.jsp?enDispWho=Articles^l1047&enZone=ProfilesIsrael's real-life CSI sleuth
    At the forefront of the worldwide fight against criminal and terrorist activity is Professor Yossi Almog, an Israeli scientist who has collaborated extensively with the US Secret Service and the FBI. He is now about to receive the top international forensic award for his outstanding achievements.

    http://www.israel21c.org/link.jsp?enDispWho=Articles^l1048&enZone=HealthIsraeli success in curbing Hepatitis A to be model for other countries
    Israel's decision to be the first nation in the world to offer Hepatitis A vaccinations to all of its toddlers has paid off tremendously, with a stunning drop in the incidence of the disease. The unique program is quickly becoming a model for other countries interested in eliminating the disease.

    http://www.israel21c.org/link.jsp?enDispWho=Articles^l1049&enZone=TechnologySolving a problem in the blink of an eye
    Children with 'lazy eye' can say goodbye to uncomfortable patches. OphthoCare has developed unique eyeglasses which function like an electronic shutter. Approved by the FDA, the glasses are likely to revolutionize the treatment of amblyopia, a condition which affects about 5% of American children.

    http://www.israel21c.org/link.jsp?enDispWho=Articles^l1050&enZone=CultureIsraeli project connects the performing and the video arts
    A one-of-a-kind philanthropic project called the Jerusalem Center for Performing Arts marries the arts, business and technology for the benefit of all by stimulating actors, directors and computer programmers into creating a unique theater experience.

    http://www.israel21c.org/link.jsp?enDispWho=Articles^l1051&enZone=DemocracyA new ER for Israel's wildlife
    Israel's first hospital for non-domestic animals has opened its doors at the Ramat Gan Safari. According to its director, Dr. Igal Horowitz, the primary goal of the facility is to bring the wounded animals back to their natural habitat.

    http://www.israel21c.org/link.jsp?enDispWho=Articles^l1043&enZone=DemocracyA Rocky Mountain high for Israeli rescue unit
    Israel's Negev Highlands Rescue Team provided a breath of desert air to Colorado's Front Range Rescue Team during recent joint rescue and search exercises in the Rocky Mountains, in which the two units exchanged ideas, shared techniques, and developed a mutual admiration society.

    http://www.israel21c.org/link.jsp?enDispWho=Articles^l1044&enZone=ProfilesIsraeli research shows it's the voice - not the eyes - that is the window to the soul
    Using a unique tool for analyzing the human voice, Israeli researchers Dr. Yoram Levanon and Dr. Lan Lossos are able to outline the speaker's basic personality, likes and dislikes. Its potential for everything from disease diagnosis to telemarketing aids is just beginning to be explored.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2005

    What We Can Do Instead Of Bombing Mecca

    Jihad Watch.org

    Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald offers some suggestions of what we can do to defend human rights and resist the jihad threat, in the wake of Congressman Tancredo's remarks:

    It would have been better to make the following point: during the Cold War, the Soviet rulers knew that if they did certain things, certain things would be done by NATO or the American government. And the knowledge of what might be done, would be done, in return, helped prevent the Soviet rulers from doing what they might otherwise have done.

    So it would be helpful to make suggestions as to what would constitute deterrence.Target_1 These might include, not destroying Mecca, which would cause maddened Muslims everywhere to attack and kill Infidels -- and the problem with Islam is that it contains many elements of a violent cult that cannot be wished away, or hidden any longer. Are maddened millions or tens of millions or hundreds of millions of inconsolable Muslims, for whom Mecca no longer exists, and so with nothing further to lose, what we wish to bring into being? No. But the idea of discussing possible means of deterrence, not of the determined suicide-bomber, but of all those who have helped to fund mosques and madrasas, or to supply the emotional and financial and intellectual support system (including the continued smooth practitioners of taqiyya-and-kitman in the West), and who can be threatened in all sorts of ways.

    More sober discussion of how, for example, points of entry and exit into Mecca, could systematically be reduced in number, or airfields used by pilgrims made unusable, is a different suggestion, one that has many advantages, in that it is an incremental response: first this quadrant is closed off, and now this one, and so on.

    It is now clear to Muslims in the West, or to some of them, that their assumption about continued Western appeasement, based on continued misunderstanding of Islam by Infidels was wrong. The EU's foreign policy is still in place, but Bat Ye'or's "Eurabia" is circulating -- even at the highest levels of the Pentagon. Eventually, terror, used as an instrument of Jihad, will alert enough Infidels to the permanent problem of Jihad, of all the instruments of Jihad, including that of demographic conquest and Da'wa, and lead inexorably to an understanding that the Muslims in their midst, allowed in by political elites who were either indifferent, or mesmerized by the Idols of the Age, those unexamined assumptions about how Everyone Wants the Same Thing and All Religions Are Alike. Those Muslims may be "moderate" or "immoderate," and the "moderation" may be real, or feigned, permanent or temporary, immune to, or susceptible to, being jettisoned whenever setbacks or depressive fits or any of the ills that flesh and spirit are heir to, may cause a "moderate" Muslim, or even a "Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only" Muslim, to throw off that "moderation" and morph in Jekyll-into-Hyde fashion, into someone ready to blame the Infidels. There have been quite a few examples of such outwardly "moderate" people changing their beliefs and hence their behavior, as a response not so much to political or geopolitical events, but to personal setbacks, emotional disarray. When the universe is viewed through the prism of Islam, it is the Infidels who always wear black.

    Discussion of measures that might truly curb, for example, the Saudi money that pours into the Western world, and funds mosques everywhere, all over that world, and madrasas all over the dar al-Islam, and that is furthermore used to buy an army of hirelings, non-Muslim apologists for islam, should be undertaken - out in the open so that Infidel publics can be made aware of the size of the problem.

    Deterrent measures, that could be undertaken without waiting in some cases for any further attacks (but further attacks will help to justify the more far-reaching among them) might include, but not be limited to:


    1) Seizure of Saudi-owned assets in the West, and sale of such assets to pay for the economic damage, including the cost of surveillance and other security measures, that are attributable to Saudi-funded mosques, madrasas, and propaganda all over the world.

    2) Seizure of other Arab-owned or Muslim-owned assets in the West, for the same reasons. There need not be any distinction made between property owned by governments and those who are deemed to be enemy nationals -- no such distinction was made during World War II.

    3) A complete ban on Muslim migration to the Western world (which needs to be undertaken in any case), and limits put on any contact between Muslims living in the West, who may already have obtained ciizenship and -- unless they are native-born converts -- their countries of origin.

    4) Careful review of how citizenship is obtained, and what oaths of loyalty are administered, and if those oaths can possibly have been meant by those whose sole loyalty, by the very tenets of their belief-system, can only be to Islam and the Community of Believers, the umma al-islamiyya.

    5) Government-sponsored centers to teach people about Islam outside of universities, which all over the Western world have been infiltrated, or rather captured by, apologists for Islam both Muslim and non-Muslim.

    The study of Arabic under teachers whom the Infidel governments will deliberately find among Arabic-speaking non-Muslims, chiefly from those populations most likely not to supply subtle apologists for Islam - Maronites, Copts, disaffected Berbers, Arabic-speaking Jews. A knowledge of Arabic is not required for an understanding of Islam 80% of the world's Muslims do not speak or read Arabic but have no difficulty knowing what Islam is all about. But it can be of help in studying the history of Jihad-conquest, and certainly it can be of help in debates with Muslims who accuse one of "not understanding Islam without a knowledge of Arabic." Nonsense, of course, but nonsense more convincingly refused if someone has studied Arabic.

    6) War-footing (i.e., Manhattan Project support) for solar and wind and nuclear energy projects, for conservation, and for mass transit, including that such as Amtrak which loses money, but should be cheerfully subsidized by an intelligent government bent, even hellbent, on diminishing OPEC oil revenues.

    7) An end to all outward and visible signs of rhetorical "respect" for Islam, including the studied refusal to mention "Islmaic terrorism" or "Muslim terrorism" which has gone on for too long. Use these adjectives; never let them go. Use the word "jihad." Stop all attempts at verbal escamotage, where the listener is left, puzzled, dissatisfied with the deliberate vagueness.


    8) End all access to Western education, not only for those Arabs and Muslims studying any kind of science, but in every area. Attempting the hopeless project of "educating them" out of their belief-system will not work. Many terrorists have lived in the West, seen the West, studied in the West, taught in the West. Dr. A. Q. Khan did "research" in the West - and we know the results of that research. Muslims in Western universities are dangerous to Infidel wellbeing, not only because of the women they marry and cause to convert (to the subsequent sorrow of many), but because they are, with the odd exception, likely to conduct Da'wa and promote the geopolitics of Islam. Past masters at taqiyya-and-kitman, they should be regarded as akin to enemy agents, promoting a belief-system that means Infidel political and social arrangements and assumptions no good.

    Condemning them to the solitary confinement of dar al-Islam will cause a concentration of minds.

    9) End all access to the Western world for the children of the ruling elites all over the Muslim world. Without this escape hatch, those rulers will have to begin to consider how to ameliorate things in their own countries.

    10) End the jizyah of Infidel aid to Muslim states, such as Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, and whatever the latest political instrument of the shock troops of the Jihad against Israel, the "Palestinians," may be called. Call attention to the $10 trillion that has already been recdeived by the Muslim members of OPEC in the last 1/3 century, and continue to advise those Pakistanis, Egyptians, Jordanians and "Palestinians" to ask for that aid no longer from the Infidels, who suddenly have to pay higher prices for oil and hundreds of billions more for security all over the Western world, but to those Arab and Muslim states that, not coincidentally, are receiving those hundreds of billions more in oil revenues each year.

    11) Keep the focus clearly on the belief-system of Islam and on Jihad. And after the next small terrorist attack on Infidels -- say, 10 killed - begin to legislate to make sure that some of the measures suggested above become not merely ideas but the law.

    12) Clean out the taxpayer-funded government radio and television stations of those who have so misled us about Islam over the past 20-30 years. Begin, possibly, by firing John Simpson, the deeply, even conspiratorially, anti-Israel and islamophilic head of the BBC World Affairs broadcasting, the same John Simpson (a close friend of Peter Hounam, whose conspiracy book about Israel is the kind of thing that antisemites love to flog) who described the Muslim bombers in London as "misguided criminals." That should have been enough to cause his discharge. Why wasn't it? What will it take for the long-suffering British license-payers to demand a change in the BBC coverage and, even before that, iin the personnel in charge of reporting on the Middle East and Islam? This domestic Lord Haw-Haw and Tokyo Rose business, where one need not even bother to turn the dial to Radio Berlin or Radio Tokyo to hear the sly propaganda, has to stop.

    These are things that can be done, should be done, long before suggestions about "bombing Mecca" need to be bruited about.

    Talk of attacking Mecca, instead of concentrating on more plausible suggestions (which do include limiting easy access to Mecca, something which the Saudis already do in limiting the number of visitors), is not likely to be helpful.

    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    Public Hangings in Iran


    Atlas_13The bloodthirsty regime of the Islamic Republic, yesterday public executed two young men in the city of Mash'had. They were charged with theft and inciting public disorder!
    In the top photo, taken minutes before their execution, the two innocent youths are seen sobbing in fear. One of them lamented that their environment was always unsuitable; corruption and deception was rampant and this laid the grounds for our present situation.

    If we stand by and turn away from such abomination, we have only ourselves to blame ............this is the face of Radical Islam This is the face of the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East - Iran. This is  the War.

    hat tip and translation to English: one busy bee

    Wednesday, July 13, 2005



    Bush to Ganji: 'America Stands With You'

    Whle FOX can't shut up about the launch that didn't launch,
      goes virtually ignored.

    But not by America's Brightest, Smartest, and Oft Ignored Newspaper, The New York Sun.

    One of my favorite writers Eli Lake writes of the the bloody cry for freedom in Iran

    WASHINGTON - As Tehran University students clashed with police in Iran yesterday during demonstrations demanding the release of political prisoners, President Bush, from Washington, joined the growing movement calling for the release of dissident journalist Akbar Ganji.

    "The President calls on all supporters of human rights and freedom, and the United Nations, to take up Ganji's case and the overall human rights situation in Iran," a statement released by the White House yesterday read. Calls for comment to U.N. spokesmen were unreturned at press time last night. [surprise, surprise surprise.............those dogs -  Atlas]

    This is HUGE! We must back up those dying for freedom. This is very much part of the WAR ON RADICAL ISLAM (I hereby refuse to call it the War on Terror).


    This should be the national dialogue, this should be wall to wall coverage on the MSM, the alphabets and all the LLL media.


    And yeah, I love George W for his testicular fortitude (Taranto?)

    Great Editorial on this uprising at the New York Sun, Standing With Ganji.

    See also Rumsfeld: Iran Could Be Behind Israel Bomb Blast
    Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday: "With respect to attacks in Israel, we know that Iran has been on the terrorist list. We know that Iran has been assisting Hizballah and other organizations and moving equipment and people down through Damascus into Beirut and down into positions where they can attack Israel for years and years....Clearly that's been one of the stated and continuous purposes of Iran, is to harm Israel." (Defense Department)

    Saturday, July 09, 2005

    China Daily reports Iranian cleric blamed the United States and Israel for the development of the al-Qaida, terming the terror group as "US-Israeli illegitimate child"

    This is front page center of CHINA DAILY. Imagine the meetings between these gross violators of human rights, oh how they conspire against greatness................they make me sick

    Top Iranian cleric blames al-Qaida growth on US, IsraelChinairannuke_1

    A top Iranian cleric on Friday blamed the United States and Israel for the development of the al-Qaida, terming the terror group as "US-Israeli illegitimate child," the official IRNA news agency reported.

    "Al-Qaida is the illegitimate child of the United States and Israel," Mohammad Emami-Kashani, Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran, was quoted as saying when addressing thousands of worshipers.

    Kashani made the remarks in reaction to British Prime Minister Tony Blair's condemnation against the al-Qaida on Thursday's terror bombings in London.

    "Has the British prime minister forgotten who al-Qaida's parents are? I remind him then that the United States is al-Qaida's father and Israel is the mother of that illegitimate child," Kashani said.

    "It was you yourselves (the Westerners) that created this group in the name of Islam," Kashani added.

    Wednesday, July 06, 2005

    "Raising fresh Concerns" - The Mother of all Understatements

    N.Korea provides nuclear aid to Iran -intel reportsNuclear_blast_4
    Reuters via Yahoo! News
    Wed, 06 Jul 2005 6:18 AM PDT
    Recent intelligence reports accuse North Korea of secretly helping Iran develop its nuclear program,
    raising fresh concerns about Pyongyang's nuclear proliferation and Tehran's atomic intentions.

    Saturday, June 25, 2005

    What really Happened in the Iranian Election

    What Really Happened in the Iranian Election

    Iranian girl being dug down into a hole in order to be STONED to DEATH according to ISLAMIC rituals.

    Photo: Save Leila from Execution, hat tip TimMcD

    Just received the following correspondance from my buddy over at the Iranian Constitutionalist Party of Iran......I am running it verbatim (spelling errors and all)..............along with the following gruesome pictures;

    Dear Pamela (aka Atlas),

    I wanted to take a moment of your time and briefly explain the Iranian elections:
    These elections were flawed from the inception by the decision of an unelected few to deny the applications of over 1,000 candidates, including all 93 women.  Second of all,  fraud in elections by the Iranian security forces was widespread, as best  stated by an official with Iran's Interior Ministry who  accused Iran's Guardian Council of election fraud in the presidential runoff vote and said he was placed under arrest when he objected to voting irregularities, Iran's official news agency said.  This official stated: "I was personally witness to interference of Guardians Council monitors' serious interference in voting stations where I was commissioned to survey the sound process of election," Ali Mirbaqeri, the managing director of the Interior Ministry's Majlis Affairs, told IRNA. Iran's Interior Ministry, still in the hands of the relatively moderate outgoing government, reported 300 complaints of electoral violations in Tehran alone, but the religious Supreme Council rejected the Ministry's request to have six voting stations closed for 'irregularities." Aides to the defeated Rafsanjani claimed "massive irregularities" in the voting. They said Rafsanjani said Ahmadinejad could only win by fraud.
    Now lets talk about the top two hand chosen candidate themselves:

    Mr. Rafsanjani a former Iranian President was convicted of conspiracy for murder by a German court, with an arrest warrant actionable in every country with an extradition treaty with Germany. How could he be presented as a moderate or the president of a nation?

    Ahmadinejad, who fraudulently won in Iran's presidential race, was the candidate of the Pasdaran Revolutionary Guard, in which he served as a senior commander, and of the Basij security service and militia. He also has strong backing from the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who barely bothered to conceal their partiality for him. The Pasdaran is the elite military force, founded by Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeni after the 1979 revolution that toppled the shah, to guarantee the Islamic regime's safety against the Iranian military which was suspect as packed with supporters or the former shah. The Pasdaran, which gets the best modern weapons, also controls Iran's strategic weapons systems, including the Shihab-3 ballistic missiles and the suspected nuclear weapons program. The Pasdaran also runs Iran's long-standing relations with militant Islamic groups overseas, and particularly the Lebanon-based Hezbollah, which makes Iran into a "state sponsor of terrorism" according to the definition of the United States. The Pasdaran also provide the 50 tons of weaponry and explosives aboard the Karine-A, the Palestinian ship that was stopped by Israeli commandos before it could smuggle its deadly cargo to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Israeli officials also claim the Pasdaran has trained and equipped militants of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

    Western intelligence sources have told United Press International that the new president served in the Al Quds Battalion of the Pasdaran, which was responsible for operations abroad. (Al Quds is the Arabic name for the city of Jerusalem, and signals strong commitment to the Palestinian cause.) The sources add that he is believed to have participated in operations in western Europe, saying in particular that he was one of a number of Iranians suspected of involvement in the killing of three Iranian Kurdish leaders in an ambush on the outskirts of the Austrian capital Vienna. This is a brief qualifications of the Iranian president.

    See the photos below for some of the Pasdaran Revolutionary  Guard,  whom Ahmadinejad used to work, accomplishments,  on the opposition groups in the Northern Iran!

    Simply said the top two contestants are terrorist!

    Now what the West should do?

    After nearly a year and a half of negotiations you know that Iranian plutocrats and institutions, who make their money on black markets and on unequal terms of trade, are not impressed by Western offers to let them into the WTO, where they would have to respect transparency and equal terms of trade. Nor are they worried about the stick of the UN Security Council, given that Russia’s nuclear establishment is solvent partially because of deals with her southern neighbor and China’s long term energy stability tributary on its large scale Iran investments.

    Pressure on human rights and democracy, however, will get serious attention in Iran’s domestic security apparatus . The Only option available to the West short of military intervention that I do not support, is to help the Iranians to let freedom and democracy take charge in Iran.


    Hossein Khorram Iran2

    Remember guys, these are the mullahs inches away from nuclear weaponry, thanks China- Atlas

    UPDATE........and POOtin weighs in:
    Putin offers Iran's president-elect to continue nuclear cooperation
    Pravda Ru
    Sat, 25 Jun 2005 6:23 AM PDT
    Russia's President Vladimir Putin on Saturday congratulated the new Iranian president-elect and said Moscow was ready to develop its nuclear cooperation with Iran in line with international agreements.

    thanks Russia

    MEHR ,P.O. Box 2037,P.V.P., CA 90274 USA
    Tel: (310) 377-4590
    Fax: (310) 377-3103
    E-mail: mehr@mehr.org

    MEHR is registered as a non-profit organization.
    Contributions to MEHR are tax-exempt

    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    Prince Reza Pahlavi Explains Iran Election Crisis

    From my man with  his Iranian ear to the ground:  Hossein Khorram, The Constitutionalist Party of Iran

    With Iranian clerical regime only being about a year away from developing nuclear weapons, its is of outmost importance for the United States to STARTPahlavi_reza supporting  the democratic forces and the Iranian people who want a regime change.[Atlas thinks it is much closer than a year -]
    See the recent demonstrations in Iran, in particular by women who risked limb and life in demanding democracy. Prince Reza Pahlavi, the son of the Shah of Iran, is playing a pivotal role in the spread of democracy into Iran, as you can see in this interview.


    The Iranian Mullah have promised to destroy, Israel, all the Jews and theUnited States. The Nuclear weapons will give them the means for doing do. That is why, what is happening in Iran is so important for our Home Land Security.


    Hossein Khorram, The Constitutionalist Party of Iran

    Subject: CNN International (Video file)
    -= Reza Pahlavi's live interview with CNN International =-

    Thursday -- June 16, 2005

    (High Bandwidth Video)

    RP Secretariat

    Click here for Bush's speech on Regime Change in Iran hat tip chasrmartin

    What Really Happened in the Iranian Election

    Iranian girl being dug down into a hole in order to be STONED to DEATH according to ISLAMIC rituals.

    Photo: Save Leila from Execution, hat tip TimMcD

    Just received the following correspondance from my buddy over at the Iranian Constitutionalist Party of Iran......I am running it verbatim (spelling errors and all)..............along with the following gruesome pictures;

    Dear Pamela (aka Atlas),

    I wanted to take a moment of your time and briefly explain the Iranian elections:
    These elections were flawed from the inception by the decision of an unelected few to deny the applications of over 1,000 candidates, including all 93 women.  Second of all,  fraud in elections by the Iranian security forces was widespread, as best  stated by an official with Iran's Interior Ministry who  accused Iran's Guardian Council of election fraud in the presidential runoff vote and said he was placed under arrest when he objected to voting irregularities, Iran's official news agency said.  This official stated: "I was personally witness to interference of Guardians Council monitors' serious interference in voting stations where I was commissioned to survey the sound process of election," Ali Mirbaqeri, the managing director of the Interior Ministry's Majlis Affairs, told IRNA. Iran's Interior Ministry, still in the hands of the relatively moderate outgoing government, reported 300 complaints of electoral violations in Tehran alone, but the religious Supreme Council rejected the Ministry's request to have six voting stations closed for 'irregularities." Aides to the defeated Rafsanjani claimed "massive irregularities" in the voting. They said Rafsanjani said Ahmadinejad could only win by fraud.
    Now lets talk about the top two hand chosen candidate themselves:

    Mr. Rafsanjani a former Iranian President was convicted of conspiracy for murder by a German court, with an arrest warrant actionable in every country with an extradition treaty with Germany. How could he be presented as a moderate or the president of a nation?

    Ahmadinejad, who fraudulently won in Iran's presidential race, was the candidate of the Pasdaran Revolutionary Guard, in which he served as a senior commander, and of the Basij security service and militia. He also has strong backing from the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who barely bothered to conceal their partiality for him. The Pasdaran is the elite military force, founded by Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeni after the 1979 revolution that toppled the shah, to guarantee the Islamic regime's safety against the Iranian military which was suspect as packed with supporters or the former shah. The Pasdaran, which gets the best modern weapons, also controls Iran's strategic weapons systems, including the Shihab-3 ballistic missiles and the suspected nuclear weapons program. The Pasdaran also runs Iran's long-standing relations with militant Islamic groups overseas, and particularly the Lebanon-based Hezbollah, which makes Iran into a "state sponsor of terrorism" according to the definition of the United States. The Pasdaran also provide the 50 tons of weaponry and explosives aboard the Karine-A, the Palestinian ship that was stopped by Israeli commandos before it could smuggle its deadly cargo to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Israeli officials also claim the Pasdaran has trained and equipped militants of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

    Western intelligence sources have told United Press International that the new president served in the Al Quds Battalion of the Pasdaran, which was responsible for operations abroad. (Al Quds is the Arabic name for the city of Jerusalem, and signals strong commitment to the Palestinian cause.) The sources add that he is believed to have participated in operations in western Europe, saying in particular that he was one of a number of Iranians suspected of involvement in the killing of three Iranian Kurdish leaders in an ambush on the outskirts of the Austrian capital Vienna. This is a brief qualifications of the Iranian president.

    See the photos below for some of the Pasdaran Revolutionary  Guard,  whom Ahmadinejad used to work, accomplishments,  on the opposition groups in the Northern Iran!

    Simply said the top two contestants are terrorist!

    Now what the West should do?

    After nearly a year and a half of negotiations you know that Iranian plutocrats and institutions, who make their money on black markets and on unequal terms of trade, are not impressed by Western offers to let them into the WTO, where they would have to respect transparency and equal terms of trade. Nor are they worried about the stick of the UN Security Council, given that Russia’s nuclear establishment is solvent partially because of deals with her southern neighbor and China’s long term energy stability tributary on its large scale Iran investments.

    Pressure on human rights and democracy, however, will get serious attention in Iran’s domestic security apparatus . The Only option available to the West short of military intervention that I do not support, is to help the Iranians to let freedom and democracy take charge in Iran.


    Hossein Khorram Iran2

    Remember guys, these are the mullahs inches away from nuclear weaponry, thanks China- Atlas

    UPDATE........and POOtin weighs in:
    Putin offers Iran's president-elect to continue nuclear cooperation
    Pravda Ru
    Sat, 25 Jun 2005 6:23 AM PDT
    Russia's President Vladimir Putin on Saturday congratulated the new Iranian president-elect and said Moscow was ready to develop its nuclear cooperation with Iran in line with international agreements.

    thanks Russia

    MEHR ,P.O. Box 2037,P.V.P., CA 90274 USA
    Tel: (310) 377-4590
    Fax: (310) 377-3103
    E-mail: mehr@mehr.org

    Monday, June 13, 2005

    Iranian Women Defy Authorities, Demand Freedom and Risk Death

    For those of you who have been reading me since this blog's inception (conception, really), I have been a huge proponent of those fighting for freedom despite the cost.
    The women of Iran at GREAT RISK are demonstrating and screaming for their lives. Literally.

    Some women crossed their faces with their fists to depict voiceless women as a list of demands were read.

    "These women don't care anymore. They have had it!" one man, voicing his support of the protestors, shouted at police. "Imagine being held back for so long - what's the worst they are going to do to them? Prison? They don't care," he said.

    The female demonstrators fearlessly spoke out against the regime.

    The  mullahs are killing their own people in the run up to their corrupt election and still the people fight. This is the real reason the Iranians government will pursue nukes at any cost, to keep their own people enslaved (AP video). In today's NewYork Sun, New York's Next Great Iconic Newspaper, the erudite Eli Lake writes of the bombing;

    An Arab separatist group known as the Popular Democratic Front for Ahvaz said in a statement that an unknown group called the Ahvazi Revolutionary Martyrs' Brigades was behind the attacks, according to Reuters. Iranian government spokesmen yesterday, however, said the bombings were the work of a violent opposition group labeled terrorists by the State Department, the People's Mujahadin Organization. More than 2,000 of its members are under custody at Camp Ashraf in Iraq under the supervision of American soldiers

    Such bullshit! They change their terror group names as often as I change my La Perla undies (I am pyjamadeen after all). >

    And here once again the bloggers fight endlessly for freedom>

    ;There have been many violent acts against regime people and regime symbols like mosques and government buildings largely unreported except by the bloggers," an American Enterprise Institute scholar, Michael Ledeen, said yesterday. "This could be anything from Potemkin attacks staged by the regime itself, to real attacks by enemies of the regime. Nobody that I know knows the answer."strong>

    The wild thing is this is all happening on the net. Yes it's the bloggers call to freedom inside and out of Iran........... Internet boom alters political process in Iran.
    The MSM ignores the real news and instead gives the beheaders, the Iraqi terrorists, Gitmo lies, Abu Gharib nonsense and the irrelevant Fwench all of their airtime.G-d forbid they say anything positive about the Bush Doctrine and the worldwide cries for freedom. It is so much dirt under their shoe. Well get your shoe off Freedom's face!

    TEHRAN, Iran - Hundreds of women of all ages gathered yesterday at Tehran University to demand freedom and an end to gender discrimination in Iran.>

    Days before Iranians head to the polls Friday to cast their ballots in a national election, the protesters, who lacked official permission to demonstrate, defied police to make a historic plea for equal rights. This week's presidential election is widely expected to bring victory to a cleric and former president, hard-liner Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, 70.

    The women forced their way past Tehran University's main gate and badge-wearing security guards. Riot squads attempted to prevent demonstrators from entering at various points around the campus's perimeter, but were unable to stop the crowd from pouring in. The women paid no heed to either police or plainclothes officers recording the action on digital video.

    "These women don't care anymore. They have had it!" one man, voicing his support of the protestors, shouted at police. "Imagine being held back for so long - what's the worst they are going to do to them? Prison? They don't care," he said.

    The female demonstrators fearlessly spoke out against the regime

    Read these words again and again, if this doesn't motivate you to take action, then you are dead inside. Dead

    from The Wall Street Journal
    In the Mullahs' Shadow
    Unfree and unfair elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


    Jun 15 2005

    Thursday, June 09, 2005

    Iran Sharpens it's Claws

    Iran is redoubling its malevolent efforts. You cannot tell me these bastards do not have  a plan to take over the Middle East (the world?) Kidnapping dissidents and  doubling uranium capacity...uh, helllooooooooooooo. Iran_ballistic_missiles

    In today's delicious, delectable New York Sun , New York's Next Great Iconic newspaper:

    1. Iranian Dissident Goes Missing After Tehran Warrant - June 9, 2005 - NY Newspaper

    2. Iran To Double Capacity for Uranium - June 9, 2005 - NY Newspaper
      ... uranium for nuclear reactors to high levels for weapons, either secretly or after withdrawing from the nonproliferation treaty. Iranian officials pledged Sunday to extend the voluntary suspension of enrichment until the end of July as part of negotiations with Germany, ...

    Iran Moves to Speed Up Nuclear Work
    Intelligence officials and a nuclear expert say Iran is planning to manufacture tens of thousands of advanced centrifuges, machines that can enrich uranium for use in an atomic bomb, The Los Angeles Times reported.
    The machines would enable Iran to enrich uranium almost twice as fast as anticipated, the officials say. Iran has pursued nuclear weapons for more than two decades in defiance of the international community. It is now locked in negotiations with three European nations that are offering it economic benefits to permanently dismantle its nuclear programs. However, Iran has repeatedly said that no incentives could convince it to give up its atomic work.

    The cheerless creatures who rule the Islamic republic of Iran have developed a particularly wicked use of torture. Not only do they use the full panoply of physical and psychological horrors on their captives, but they then send the victims back into their homes and neighborhoods for brief periods of "parole" or "medical leave," so that their friends and families can see with their own eyes the brutal effects of the torture. The clear intent of this practice is to intimidate the population at large, to break the will of would-be dissenters and opponents, and to maximize the effects of the victims themselves, for the brief respite from the pain of the prisons is mercilessly accompanied by the certainty that the agony will soon resume.

    Eurabia continues to play pattycake for months (years) now.............leaving a dumpster of radioactive sh*t for America or Israel  to handle (SHOCKA!)

    Meanwhile update on the GOOD GUYS and  the "dying to be Free Iranian Landscape",   Hossein Khorram of the Iranian Constitutionalists Party of Iran emails me that Prince Reza Pahlavi is joining the Iranian political prisoners hunger strike. Prince Reza Pahlavi, has his support as the future leader of Iran at the capacity Iranian citizens see fit.

    Reza Pahlavi of Iran Announces Hunger Strike in Support of Iranian Political Prisoners

    June 08, 2005 Iran_prince
    Secretariet of Reza Pahlavi

    FAIRFAX, Va. -- Reza Pahlavi of Iran, in response to a direct invitation by political prisoners in Iran, pledged his solidarity and announced his plans to go on a three day hunger strike starting Friday, June 10.

    "Solidarity with political prisoners of Iran and support for the legitimate quest for freedom, human rights and economic opportunity in Iran transcends all political boundaries and ideologies," said Reza Pahlavi, opposition leader to the clerical regime of Iran.

    Yesterday, in a communique, signed by numerous political prisoners, in Iran, the June 17 presidential elections were rejected as "sham and undemocratic." Calling for a boycott of the elections, the communique also cited the regime's abhorrent violations of human rights in Iran and announced the collective plan of the prisoners to go on a hunger strike as an act of nonviolent defiance of the regime.

    Highlighting the demands of the communique, Reza Pahlavi said, "Iranians of all walks of life demand: freedom of speech; the unequivocal observance of human rights, by the regime; the immediate release of all political prisoners.

    Just last week, during a press conference in Paris, the 44 year old leader called for a national boycott of the scheduled June 17th presidential election, calling it nothing short of political theatre by the regime.

    Thursday, June 02, 2005

    Let's Pray they Dont Kill These Brave Iranian Guys

    There's good news and terrible news............but first the good!

    This is excellent news, if real reform is remotely possble. But with a population of mostly young people yearning to be free, we as Americans must help make it happen, for their sake and ours.


    Iran reformist candidate launches radical agenda
    Reuters via Yahoo! News
    Wed, 01 Jun 2005 9:41 AM PDT
    Iran's leading reformist presidential candidate launched a radical platform on Wednesday, promising profound reviews of the Islamic state's political structure and of Tehran's relations with the United States.

    Iran candidates challenge taboos as campaign heats up
    AFP via Yahoo! News
    Wed, 01 Jun 2005 9:01 AM PDT
    Two high-profile candidates for Iran's presidency raised the stakes in their campaigns, both evoking the taboo topic of relations with the United States and one challenging the status of the Islamic republic's supreme leader.

    And now the hideous news

    Iran makes ballistic missile breakthrough
    AFP via Yahoo! News
    Tue, 31 May 2005 11:14 AM PDT
    Iran announced it had successfully tested a new solid fuel motor for its arsenal of medium-range ballistic missiles, a technological breakthrough that sparked fresh alarm in Israel.China_century_2

    More than anything Iran wants nukes most obviously to threaten the free world, but more tactically to scare their own people and keep them enslaved. afraid and dhimmified.

    Yes they have malevolent plans against the West, but first and foremost they must keep their own population under control. Their weapon of choice, as always, fear. The Iranian people know their mullahs will have no hesitation to use nuclear weapons against them if need be. Who is going to stop them? Fwance?

    Contrary to what the seditious Newsweek magazine sayie I do not believe this is "China's Century".
    I believe now, more than in any time in our history, this is very much the American Century and we have got to be there. Let the world watch and see how it gets done.

    Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    G-d Save the Iranians

    from my courageous friends over at the The Constitutionalist Party of Iran.this is from their Free Iran website;


    The above images are gathered from TAHAVOL.FREE.FR. The credit duly given to the owners of this site.

    Saturday, May 28, 2005

    Dying for Freedom in Iran

    I  received the following  correspondance from my Iranian freedom fighter friends  of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran, Shayan Arya and Hossein Khoram. I recounted my meeting with them here. I have left his missive intact, spelling errors and all. Please read every desperate word. These photos show protest and demonstration activities across Iran. We must help them, for their sake and ours.
    There  are protests going on everyday across Iran at great risk to their lives and nobody is reporting on it.  Bush  said if they rose up we would help them, now is the time. Stand up

    It was great sharing the accelerating experience of being part of the AIPAC conference with you earlierthis week. There is point and time comes in ones life that money and power loses it's power and working for peace and freedom becomes the last and highest goal. With the Islamic Republic of Iran which is neither Islamic nor Republic developing nuclear weapons in the next 1.5 years our home land security is at risk. Iranians which are mainly Muslim have been peacefully asking for their god given right of self determination, and  democracy in Iran for the past 25 years. Unfortunately many governments and to a degree our owns, instead of protecting these peaceful freedom fighters have been protecting the Iranian terrorist regime in hope of getting lucrative contracts.

    When I was in high school in Iran during this so called Islamic Revolution, my principle asked me to prey to the lord so that the Muslim Fundamentalist will not successes. Mr.. Arvin, my principal and a good Muslim said if they take over they will pick on every aspect of our lives even on us walking on the street.
    Now 26 years later I am telling you guys the same thing! If they take over with nuclear weapons man kind from Middle East to North America will have fear in all aspects of their lives at a minimum!
    So far no government including our owns has spent a penny or has lifted a finger to truly protect and support the Iranian people in their struggle for a regime change in Iran. Now that the our homeland security is at risk I hope we realize the sacrifices that these young democracy seekers  are making.
    If you are interested please email me back so that I can put you in touch with those Iranian Americans who oppose the Islamic regime, so they together we will succeed to spread peace. We don't need any money, we only need your word of support.
    Scroll down to read and see about those who heroically confront evil with weapon of reason.Thanks.
    Hossein Khorram from Bellevue WA


    In The Spirit Of Cyrus The GreatIran_logo
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    Iranian student protests are spreading!
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    Author Message

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    Posted: Mon May 23, 2005 8:25 pm    Post subject: Iranian student protests are spreading!
    Iranian students protest against presidential bans
    23 May 2005 18:51:58 GMT
    Source: Reuters http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/OLI365571.htm

    TEHRAN, May 23 (Reuters) - Iranian students, often the spearhead of the bludgeoned reformist movement, on Monday protested against the banning of presidential candidates, chanting slogans against the authorities.

    A Reuters witness said 100 to 150 students were clapping, whistling and shouting "down with dictators" from inside their university dormitory in central Tehran.

    About 50 ventured out into the street, but were pushed back inside by a line of police. The students then began to chant "down with the police".

    Some 100 regular police had gathered in the streets with a handful of riot police holding key positions in back alleys.

    Tehran's student dormitories and the surrounding streets have been the scene of violent clashes between students and the authorities, most recently in 2003.

    Iran's hardline legislative watchdog on Sunday cleared six out of 1,014 hopefuls to stand in the June 17 election, including poll frontrunner ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and four other conservative loyalists.

    Mostafa Moin, the candidate proposed by Iran's largest reformist party, was banned.

    As minister for higher education, Moin had stood up for student rights and criticised heavy crackdowns on students by the police and Islamic vigilantes.

    The Reuters witness said the protest had been going on for more than three hours despite orders that it stop, but did not appear to be spreading.

    AlertNet news is provided by

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    Posted: Tue May 24, 2005 10:36 am    Post subject: SMCCDI News Tehran Students Protest Against Dictatorship

    From SMCCDI: daneshjoo.org

    SMCCDI News
    Tehran Students Protest Against Dictatorship
    SMCCDI (Information Service)
    May 24, 2005

    Hundreds of students of Tehran University gathered, yesterday night, in order to protest against the Islamic regime,

    Slogans, such as, "Marg bar Jomhoori e Eslami" (Down with Islamic republic), "Marg bar Estebdad" (Down with repression), "Azadi, Azadi" (Freedom, Freedom) were shouted by students.

    Security forces encercled the area of the dorms and installed road blocks in order to avoid the spread of the action as it happened on July 9, 1999.

    Several arrests were made lated in the night.

    The protest action was initiated by a small group of students who are backing the regime's so-called pro-reform faction but soon was taken over by several hundreds of students seeking a secular regime.

    © Copyright 2003 SMCCDI: daneshjoo.org

    from Democracywatch at kafieblogspot.com:

    Posted: Tue May 24, 2005 11:02 pm    Post subject:

    20 pics here: http://www.iranian.com/PhotoDay/2005/May/p1.html

    also on Peykeiran: http://web.peykeiran.com/net_iran/irnewsbody.aspx?ID=23951

    PS. I'm no fan of the Refromist candidate Mo'een guy whose censure they're protesting S

    Joined: 04 Sep 2003
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    Posted: Tue May 24, 2005 11:09 pm    Post subject:

    Meanwhile the reporters have been protesting too

    Placard reads: Insulting Journalists is Insulting Freedom.

    It would be good if these separate protest actions could somehow converge into a single tsunami wave, but that is what the Mullah$ have been fighting all along. One of these days though, they will make a huge mistake, push too hard and then face an eruption in reaction

    Joined: 03 Feb 2005
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    Yes Spenta, the journalists protesting lack of press freedom, the workers protesting unpaid wages, the students and teachers protesting academic corruption and freedom of speech, the women protesting their lack of freedom, alll the ethnic groups protesting discrimination, the true clergy objecting to the misuse of religion, all those who fear the mullahs are leading the country into a terrible war, all just have to draw the same conclusion at the same time, and the whole rotten regime will come crashing down!

    Six hours, the RG report said, the regime would last after the people take the streets! Everyone would stand in line for 6 hours for a fair chance to vote such a regime out of power, just think of it as standing in a really long line to vote for freedom! (Bring a snack and some beverages.)


    Their revolutionary bravado is the sort of force that can change history. "We have nothing to lose anymore. We want freedom or death," says Indra Hage, a young Lebanese Christian. "We're going to stay here, even if soldiers attack us," says Hadi Abi Almouna, a Druze Muslim. "Freedom needs sacrifices, and we are ready to give them." Brave words, in a country where dissent has often meant death.


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    Posted: Thu May 26, 2005 6:00 am    Post subject: Tehran University Students Protest For 2nd Consecutive Night

    From SMCCDI: daneshjoo.org

    SMCCDI News
    Tehran University Students Protest For 2nd Consecutive Night
    SMCCDI (Information Service)
    May 25, 2005

    Hundreds of students of Tehran University gathered, for the 2nd consecutive night, in order to continue protesting against the Islamic regime,

    Security forces were rushed to the area in order to close all perimeters around the famous Amir-Abad dorms. Plainclothes agents helped by militiamen were seen welding the entry doors and putting chains in order to contain the students inside the premises for avoiding their exit and a spread of the protest action.

    Several students who were able to jump from the walls and get into the Amir-Abad avenue were attacked, beaten up and arrested by intelligence officers.

    Sharp slogans, such as, "Azadi, Azadi" (Freedom, Freedom), 'Tahrim e Entekhabat, Vazife ye Irani" (Boycott of election, duty of Iranians), "Eslahtalab e bi khassyat, Khejalat, khejalat" (Incompetent reformist, shame, shame), "Na ghom khoobe, na kashoon, khak bar sar har do shoon" (Nor ghom is good, nor kashan, damned bee both - by making allusion to regime's both factions), "Moin e bikhassyat, khejalat, khejalat" (Moin the incompetent, shame, shame) , "Daneshjoo mirazmad, estebdad milarzad" (Student fights, regime shakes), "Marg bar Jomhoori e Eslami" (Down with Islamic republic), and "Marg bar Estebdad" (Down with repression), were shouted by students.

    Friday, May 27, 2005

    The gods Must Be Crazy. WTO clears IRAN FOR MEMBERSHIP

    Update: May 28 

    Intel: Iran equipped
    for atomic weapon

    Sources say Bush stunned
    by news of N.Korea transfer



    While European negotiators focus on Iran's development of enriched plutonium, U.S. intelligence officials say Tehran already has completed all of the elements required for an atomic bomb.

    The news has stunned President Bush, according to Geostrategy Direct, an intelligence news service led by national security reporter Bill Gertz of the Washington Times.

    "It's an incredible piece of intelligence that overshadows everything we thought we knew on Iran's nuclear program," one U.S. intelligence source said.

    Geostrategy says the intelligence information asserts North Korea this year transferred components to Iran to assemble a plutonium-based nuclear warhead.

    The components were believed to have originated in Pakistan.

    Iran insists its nuclear program is only for generation of electricity. But Washington contends Tehran's intentions are not peaceful, pointing to an enrichment program hidden from U.N. inspectors for nearly two decades before it was officially declared in October 2003.

    Roulette_1Has everyone gone effing crazy? What is this? Subversively build nuclear weapons and you too can  get all of Santa's toys!  WTF? MEMBERSHIP IN THE WTO? Iran should be ICED OUT! The toughest economic sanctions we can impose.
    Giving them a such carrot? Who th f*ck is in charge around here?

    WTO Clears Iran to Start Membership Talks
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Fri, 27 May 2005 3:04 AM PDT
    The World Trade Organization eased open its door to Iran on Thursday — an immediate reward for Tehran's decision to stick with talks Europe hopes will reduce Tehran's potential for nuclear mischief.

    Iran Said to Be Smuggling Nuclear Matter
    AP via Yahoo! News Fri, 20 May 2005 6:04 PM PDT
    Iran is circumventing international export bans on sensitive dual-use materials by smuggling graphite and a graphite compound that can be used to make conventional and nuclear weapons, an Iranian dissident and a senior diplomat said Friday.

    France Calls Iran Nuclear Talks 'Fragile'
    AP via Yahoo! News
    Fri, 20 May 2005 5:32 PM PDT
    European-led talks aimed at getting Iran to abandon nuclear activities are "very fragile," with negotiators discussing economic, technical and political cooperation, France's foreign minister said Monday.

    Thursday, May 26, 2005

    Hizbollah aka IRAN, 12,000 ROCKETS, What in G-d's Name are We Waiting for? NUKES?

    Hizballah: All of Northern Israel is in Range of Our Rockets
    Hizballah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah Wednesday acknowledged that his group has more than 12,000 rockets and that all of northern Israel is within their reach. "All of the north of occupied Palestine, its settlements, airports, seaports, fields, factories, and farms is under the feet and hands of the Islamic resistance," Nasrallah said. (Ha'aretz)

    12,000 rockets?  So what exactly do they have in mind?         /sarc
    12,000 rockets, 12,000 rockets, 12,000 rcokets.............................

    and in the other evil sandbox

    Hamas: Fatah Buying Votes in Upcoming Revote in Gaza - Arnon RegularCartercrop
    Mashaal told Al-Jazeera that Fatah is distributing $200 to voters slated to take part in the upcoming revote in the Gaza Strip, scheduled to take place in a number of municipalities on June 1. (Ha'aretz)

    Where is that tough fair serious election monitor Jimmuh Carter when you need him       /sarc

    Saturday, May 21, 2005

    Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Iran ignores U.S. pleas not to make nuclear fuel, the United States lacks support from China in the U.N. Security Council to punish Iran, a State Department official said Thursday. China, which has a veto on the Security Council, has growing economic ties with Iran.
    U.S. doesn't have needed support in U.N. to punish Iran, official says

    and remember this from CNN in 2000 (!)
    Pentagon fears Russia, China helping Iran build ballistic missile
    July 19, 2000

    Pentagon officials have expressed serious concern that Russia and China are helping Iran in its development of longer-range, ballistic missiles.

    Their reaction follows a successful test launch Saturday by Iran of the Shahab-3 missile.

    All this dicking around is making me nervous. There is an axiz of evil and the situation is  fluid. Time is not on our side.

    Jack Wheeler 's To the Point hosts guest author Ariel Cohen who writes precisely and brilliantlyRussia_nuclear  of where America a is and should be on the War on Muslim Terror. I am running it all, it is that important (footnotes too) and if Jack gets mad at me, I look forward to the tussle.......

    PREVENTING THE NIGHTMARE: Terrorists Attacking America with Russian Nukes
    Guest Author
    By Ariel Cohen

    Ever since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Americans have been lucky that there have not been more atrocities on U.S. soil. However, the enemy, while weakened, is far from destroyed. Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri continue to issue threats against America from their hideouts. Their strength and support base, while diminished, is not eliminated.

    Other terrorist organizations inspired by radical Islamist ideology are still at large in Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and presumably in the Americas. Some of them are willing to use weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to bring America down.

    Recent reports about intelligence failures before 9/11 and the Iraq war indicate that there are numerous issues regarding U.S. strategic adversaries that the intelligence community did not handle adequately. Under the new leadership of Directors John Negroponte and Porter Goss, the intelligence community must address these issues with the innovation and creativity that the issues deserve.

    Court proceedings and intelligence debriefings have indicated that al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations planned their operations for up to six years before execution. Several attacks using chemical weapons in Great Britain, France, and Jordan were disrupted just before execution. The current hiatus in attacks against the U.S. homeland may be caused by preparation for massive attacks, possibly involving weapons of mass destruction.

    Radical Islam's "Religious Duty"
    Al-Qaeda is an organization that is religiously and ideologically committed to the destruction of the United States and Israel, the subjugation of the West, and the overthrow of existing Moslem and Arab regimes throughout the Greater Middle East and beyond -- from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. Its proclaimed goal is establishment of a Califate (Khilafa) -- a militarized dictatorship based on the Shari'a (holy law) dedicated to conquest of the non-Moslem world (Dar al-Harb, literally "Land of the Sword").

    Osama bin Laden called using weapons of mass destruction against the U.S. a "religious duty." He also declared that undermining America's economic power is his strategic objective. Bin Laden portrays himself as a pious Moslem who protects and defends other Moslems and wages a jihad (holy war) in their name.(1)

    In 2003, Sheikh Nasir bin Hamid al-Fahd, a prominent Saudi cleric close to al-Qaeda, provided a comprehensive religious opinion (fatwa) justifying the use of nuclear weapons against the United States, even it killed up to 10 million Americans, under the pretext that the U.S. is to blame for the deaths of 10 million Moslems.(2)

    There should be little doubt that Al Qaeda terrorists are:

    Willing to inflict massive American casualties using WMD;
    Capable of doing so despite the technical difficulties of executing such an attack;
    Capable of either stealing or building a nuclear bomb;
    Capable of either stealing or purchasing nuclear materials to construct RDDs, radiation dispersion devices or “dirty bombs” powered by conventional explosives;

    The Russian Problem
    As sources of unsecured nuclear weapons and material, Russia and the other former Soviet republics remain major proliferation concerns for a number of reasons.

    First, the Soviet Union was an empire with a strong external perimeter and weak internal safeguards. While the Soviet regime tightly controlled everything that moved across its borders until the late 1980s, internal safety, security measures, and bureaucratic culture were inadequate. This was demonstrated by a series of technological catastrophes in the 1980s and 1990s, the most famous and dangerous of which was the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine.

    Nuclear, chemical, and biological material storage facilities often were --and still are -- protected by nothing more than a padlock, an impoverished conscript, or a retirement-age guard. Moreover, corruption among general officers, mid-rank officers, and officials is still rampant, and law enforcement is highly selective.

    There is a pervasive sense in the Russian military and security services that nobody is responsible for anything and that justice, accountability, and responsibility are not a part of the bureaucratic culture.

    Corruption is pervasive. Russian officers and officials have been accused of selling weapons to Chechen militants, allowing armed Chechen to pass unmolested through road-blocs en route to terrorist attacks, attempting to sell nuclear materials from decommissioned submarine reactors in the Northern Fleet, selling vital components of military systems and vehicles, and illegally selling food rations and supplies, leading to malnutrition among the ranks.

    In such an environment, the sale of nuclear equipment and material or of even working individual weapons is undeniably feasible.

    Three contributing factors may facilitate the purchase of nuclear weapons, material, and components in Russia: anti-Americanism, the growing Wahhabi/Salafi influence, and organized crime.

    Anti-Americanism pervades the Russian elite from the top down and is escalating in the media. Every international event, from the bombing of Serb forces in Kosovo to NATO enlargement to granting asylum to Chechen militant leaders in the U.S. and U.K. is interpreted as directed against Russia and aimed at undermining its power.

    Most recently, the Russian leadership and media have characterized U.S. support of bloodless revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine as attempts to push Russia out of its sphere of influence in the Commonwealth of Independence States and to install pro-American regimes in these former Soviet republics. A former senior Russian officials stated that "U.S. behavior [vis-à-vis Russia] is not that of a friend, but of an adversary... While we need to talk to the U.S., we need to keep in mind that it is an enemy."(3)

    This attitude is echoed in an incessant stream of media commentary and biased reporting, which translate into the results of numerous opinion polls in which the U.S. consistently comes out as Russia's primary adversary.

    The Russian military forces' posture, new weapons system development (including nuclear and missile modernization), military maneuvers, and foreign alliances (especially with China and Iran) all indicate that Russia views the United States as an unfriendly power. Such anti-Americanism may facilitate illicit transactions involving nuclear weapons or components in which the Russian seller or thief understands that the U.S. is the likely target.

    Over 20 million Moslems – 7% of the total population – live in Russia today. The increasing influence of Salafi/Wahhabi Islam among them may facilitate penetration of the Russian military-industrial complex by collaborators and sympathizers of terrorist organizations.

    Pro-Salafi organizations and preachers in Russia operate with few restrictions. Leading Russian experts on Islam have stated that Saudi Arabian funding sources expend large amounts of hard currency in Russia to buy political influence among politicians, journalists, and other members of the Russian elite. (4)

    Finally, the influence of organized crime remains pervasive. Russian and post-Soviet organized criminal enterprises are more sophisticated and command more educated personnel than almost any other country’s organized crime structures. Recently, the Prosecutor General of Russia stated that 500 large enterprises are controlled by organized crime, including major oil and gas supply and transportation ventures generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

    In many cases, organized crime has merged with legal business and has access to state enterprises, government officials, and a broad range of international contacts. Russian organized crime may be the conduit through which terrorists acquire and ship nuclear components or weapons to their final destinations.

    The Challenges of Non-Proliferation
    To diminish proliferation threats from Russia and post-Soviet space, Presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush undertook a number of steps to secure Soviet/Russian WMD, including the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program and pursuing non-proliferation projects with the Yeltsin and Putin governments. This cooperation seems to be working to some degree.

    Nonetheless, the Russian stockpile of thousands of nuclear weapons and hundreds of tons of weapons grade material suffers from a number of security issues that need to be addressed, including:

    The lack of reliable accounting and electronically updated (and up-to-date) databases that cover all weapons systems, including tactical nuclear arms, shells, and warheads;

    The mystery surrounding so-called suitcase bombs;(5)

    Poor security of some nuclear weapons systems, especially tactical and stored/decommissioned charges;

    The lack of modern means of monitoring, such as closed-circuit TV and motion sensors linked to a computerized monitoring system;

    Poor security of highly enriched uranium and plutonium stockpiles; and

    Insufficient security of radioactive materials used for research, medical, and industrial purposes.

    In terms of probability, a RDD attack is easier to execute than a full-scale nuclear fission explosion. As far as construction of a nuclear device, a HEU (highly enriched uranium) bomb is easier to manufacture than a plutonium bomb, and a crude improvised bomb is easier to build than a military-grade weapon. Having said that, there is more than a theoretical possibility that terrorists could buy a working Russian warhead and deliver it to the U.S. in one of the millions of shipping containers that enter the country without examination by U.S. Customs. Far easier would be smuggling in Russian radioactive material for assembly and detonation of a RDD in the United States.

    What the U.S. Should Do
    In order to stem the growing nuclear threat facing the U.S., it is imperative that policymakers:

    Develop a comprehensive global intelligence network from the current cooperative bilateral arrangements with European, Middle Eastern, South Asia, and East Asian states. Such a network should mesh intelligence gathering, counter-proliferation measures, and special operations to thwart proliferation.

    It would provide ample warnings to neutralize terrorist organizations at the early planning stages of a WMD attack. U.S. intelligence community should boost cooperation with law enforcement and foreign intelligence communities to include joint counterterrorist operations. Such operations would include deep, on-site, and long-term penetration of terrorist organizations and neutralizing those involved in WMD terrorist operations through covert action.

    Task the Pentagon with developing deterrence against high-value and symbolic targets that terrorists and their sponsors value.

    Provide ample funding for joint non-proliferation programs, such as the Proliferation Security Initiative.

    Cooperate with Russia and the other former Soviet republics by expanding the Nunn-Lugar funding while boosting the accountability and transparency of these programs.

    Design a supporting public affairs component of the U.S. anti-terrorism policy through the State Department Public Diplomacy structure, through the Board of International Broadcasting, and through the non-profit sector to explain the importance of joint anti-terrorism actions to the Russian elites, media, and general public.

    Launch a political warfare component via the intelligence community to encourage moderate Moslem clerics to issue fatwas forbidding terrorism in general and attacks using WMD in particular. This component should be expended to include Moslem media in major markets, such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

    Consider a program instituting monetary rewards for interception of proliferation operations and nuclear terrorist activities through the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence organizations, without creating a prize for unscrupulous foreign officials to simulate such activities.

    Fighting against WMD-armed terrorist groups is possibly more challenging than any Cold War task. During the Cold War, there were only two blocs -- NATO and the Warsaw Pact -- led by strong nation-states with strong chains of command. Now there are multiple players, including transnational movements and other diffuse non-state entities driven by ideology, religious interpretation, and language, which many Americans do not comprehend.

    However, the United States and its allies have no alternative but to combat and destroy these evildoers while preventing them from obtaining and using weapons of mass destruction.

    1. Kelly Uphoff, "Osama bin Laden's Mandate for Nuclear Terror," Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, December 10, 2004, at www.jinsa.org/articles/articles.html/function/view/categoryid/1701/documentid/2762/history/3,2360,655,1701,2762 (April 13, 2005).
    2. Nasir bin Hamid Al-Fahd, "A Treatise on the Legal Status of Using Weapons of Mass Destruction Against Infidels," May 2003, at www.carnegieendowment.org/static/npp/fatwa.pdf (April 13, 2005).
    3. Former Russian official, interview with author, Moscow, March 2005.
    4. Interviews with author, March 2005.
    5. Two senior Russian officials -- the late General Alexander Lebed, President Yeltsin's Secretary of Russia's National Security Council, and Yeltsin's science advisor, Professor Alexei Yablokov -- said publicly and testified that such devices were commissioned by the Soviet KGB (Committee for State Security), but their fate is unclear due to the limited time span of such weapons.

    Thursday, May 19, 2005

    THE REAL WAR: Seeing Past the Fog of the Press Propaganda

    Just for knowing......this is the REAL ENEMY and why we went to Iraq. For all you WMD fans, get yer eye on the ball...BETTTER HERE THEN THERE
    and for ALL YOU SKEPTICS that believe we are "creating terrorists", see this first, then decide
    U.S.: Syria Main Conduit for Zarqawi in Iraq
    Syria is the main conduit for foreign militants fighting for al-Qaeda-ally Abu Musab al-ZarqawiEye_allseeingeye in Iraq, a senior U.S. administration official said on Wednesday. "We're concerned that Zarqawi is supported by a foreign fighter network that gets foreign fighters largely through Syria," the official said. "There are locations in Syria where foreign fighters and money and logistics come together and then transit to Iraq, and those foreign fighters and money come from elsewhere in the Muslim world." Syria has taken "some cosmetic steps," but "not nearly what they ought to be doing," the official said.
        "They are a major disruptive force, they are disruptive in Iraq, they are disruptive of the efforts between Palestinians and Israelis to come up with a Middle East peace," he said. "Syria in some sense has been a source of instability in the region," the official said. (Reuters)

    Thursday, May 12, 2005


    More from the blame the joooooooooooos crowd. How ridiculous. Focus on Israel's nukes. She's had them for over 30 years, has never used or even admitted to the capabilities. It's the only thing Israel has in the bank to stay alive and keep her arab enemy neighbors at arms length
    This beyond ridiculous.........The North Koreans are taunting the world with their 6 nuclear warheads, and Iran is thisclose..........but Mubarak (yes the same Mubarak the helped Saddam Hussein ake chemical weapons) is insisting on Israel's nuclear disarmament.

    UN nuclear talks break deadlock over Israeli arms

    UNITED NATIONS - More than 180 nations hoping to strengthen global protections against the spread of nuclear arms ended a week and a half of paralysis centering on Israel's presumed atomic arsenal on Wednesday and adopted an agenda enabling them to begin their work. The agreement came nearly halfway through a four-week conference reviewing the 1970 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which had been deadlocked over a demand by Egypt that the issue of nuclear weapons in the Middle East be on the agenda. A compromise worked out by conference president Sergio Duarte of Brazil added an asterisk to the proposed agenda referring to a separate piece of paper ensuring that the practice of previous NPT conferences, in which the Middle East had been discussed, would be "taken into account."

    And for key-ryst sake...................will someone have the cujones to go toe to toe with China on their manipulation of the global chessboard. They are really scary


    Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    And the Band plays on......Praying that Israel Has a Plan

    They have to drop one first right? It's got to be that way? Why..............? I am counting on the Israelis, the left in this country in cahoots with Eurabia and the UN do what they do best...........CJ!
    Defiant Iran Plans Nuclear Revival - Ewen MacAskill and Robert Tait

    The Iranian government Tuesday confirmed that it is to resume its suspended nuclear program. A British Foreign Office spokesman said such a move would automatically halt two years of negotiations between Tehran and the European trio - Britain, France, and Germany - and see immediate referral to the UN Security Council. The U.S., in a view shared by Europe and Israel, suspects Iran is covertly trying to secure a nuclear weapon. (Guardian-UK)


    Monday, May 09, 2005

    The Emergence of the slightly damaged but MOST MALEVOLENT AXIS OF EVIL

    Putin_stalinAs I have railed on for weeks now, my fear takes the form of reality. Russia/POOtin is rearming old decrepid, Jewhating Arab theocracies in a feeble but dangerous attempt to regain world power, clout currency. I would hardly worry but the stakes are too high. Enriched Uranium, Bioterror, missile capabilities. I SAY, STOP HIM DEAD IN HIS TRACKS.


    Putin Leads Russia's Return to the Middle East
    and the Arab Embrace

    Michael Widlanski

    • Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to support Egypt's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and insisted that his country sell advanced missiles to Syria, while continuing to aid the nuclear development of Iran, particularly the Russian-built, 1,000-megawatt, Bushehr nuclear reactor.Putin_arafat_better_pic_1

    • The real reason for Putin's visit and for Palestinian enthusiasm seems to be an attempt to restore previous Russian or Soviet policies. "The Soviets were always keen on the Middle East. The region was practically their backyard," said Reda Shehata, a former Egyptian ambassador to Russia.

    • With former Soviet Central Asia today dotted with American air force bases, Putin's best option is to skip over this tier of American influence and re-engage the Arab world. The Middle East is the natural area for Russia to be active, if Moscow is to regain some of the influence that the Soviet Union once enjoyed. However, past Russian diplomacy, aid, and weapons offers have sometimes spurred wars and arms races, not peace.

    • Mubarak_putin_2Abbas is not very different from the Ba'ath party officials in Syria who believe in a Russian counterweight to U.S. policies. Abbas did his advanced university training in Moscow, speaks fluent Russian, and once served as the PLO ambassador to the Soviet Union.

    • The chosen instrument that both Russia and the PA hope to employ to neutralize American power is the Quartet, where a united front of Russia, the EU, and the UN can be depended upon to offset the position of the U.S. After Putin met Abbas in Ramallah, he called for strengthening the role of the Quartet.

    • The renewed Russian drive for influence in the Middle East raises serious questions about the entire idea of relying on a multilateral Quartet for peacemaking. Given Putin's harsh critique of U.S. support for Middle Eastern democracy, how can he be a partner for President Bush in the Middle East? Why empower those who oppose you?Putin_asad

    These now-budding lovefests mean only only thing, the destruction of America. Like our beloved President Bush said Saturday, Democracies are peaceful nations. The agenda of the axis of evil is diabolical and frightening consider all the missing enriched uranium. And while they may fight amongst themselves, they have one clear objective- get rid of America and her power - Atlas

    Friday, May 06, 2005

    Why not send them the Enriched Uranium too?

    Pakistan will send centrifuge parts to UN watchdog for Iran tests: PM

    AFP via Yahoo! News Fri, 06 May 2005 0:02 AM PDTNuclear_explosion
    Pakistan will, under certain conditions, send centrifuge parts for tests by the UN's atomic agency to help establish whether Iran has been secretly developing nuclear weapons, Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said

    Thursday, April 28, 2005

    Evil moves a Pawn on the Global Chessboard

    Russia_putin_sphinxOnce again, step back and look at the whole picture. Russia is arming Syria and providing NUKE tools to Iran? To what end? To what end? All the manufactured confetti being thrown at the news consuming public aside (see previous entry and comments - that is a MANUFACTURED STORY TO DEMONIZE THE U.S.)..........we must look at what is actually happening. As Aristotle so succinctly put it.......A IS A. The trick to understanding world events is editing, learn to edit.

    Yahoo News
    - Russian President Vladimir Putin faced down Israeli criticism Thursday, saying that Russia's planned sale of anti-aircraft missiles to Syria and supply of nuclear components to

     does not threaten Israel's security [but it totally does.............hellllloooooooooo, atlas]Putin_and_iran_2

    Addressing Israeli fears that he's affecting the region's balance of power, Putin urged Iran to do more to show the world that it's not trying to build a nuclear weapon.

    He also pledged to tackle the growing problem of anti-Semitism in his country. [er, dont hold yer breath jews - Atlas]

    Putin spoke on the second day of his historic visit to Israel — the first trip here by a Kremlin leader. The trip was intended to cement Russia's rapprochement with the Jewish state and boost its profile in the international arena.

    Photo of Putin making love to Mohammad Khatami, the Iranian regime’s president (where is Barzini?)

    Wednesday, April 27, 2005

    IRAN AND NUKES........Electromagnetics and Child Suicide Bombers, What a COMBO!

    Iran and its Nukes

    More than 400 men, women, and children gathered at a meeting in Tehran on Wednesday to pledge their commitment to carry out suicide bomb attacks against both Israelis and Americans in Iraq.

    (Check out the photo:An Iranian child wearing a headband with the inscription "There is no God but Allah" attends a suicide bomber registration meeting in Tehran (AP)

    "Some 440 volunteers, most of them women, signed up today," said Mohammad Ali Samadi,Irankid_art_0_1 spokesperson for the Headquarters for Commemorating Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement, which organized the meeting.

    According to Samadi, members of his group -- which has sought volunteers for attaks in Iraq and Israel since last June -- have already carried out suicide attacks inside Israel against Israeli military targets. He added that "a few" of his fighters had been killed in the attacks, but his claims could not be confirmed since the group is not among those which have claimed responsibility for suicide bombings inside Israel.

    He added that several thousand have already been selected for training.

    Each of the group's 400-plus new recruits -- some of whom donned headbands with the inscription 'there is no God but Allah' -- were confronted with a difficult choice: to train for suicide attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq; to train for suicide attacks against Israelis; or to assassinate British author Salman Rushdie, the author forced into hiding after the late Ayatollah Khomeini ordered Muslims to kill him.

    The ceremony, which included the showcase of video footage depicting Israeli soldiers being killed in suicide attacks, was attended by the distinguished Mahdi Rahimian, head of the Martyr's Foundation and the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, both quasi-governmental organizations run by hard-liners loyal to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    Iran's hard-line rulers have long called for the destruction of Israel. This may be one reason why Iranians are barred from traveling to Israel. "You can't travel there with an Iranian passport," said Samadi. "Our suicide bombers enter the occupied Palestine in other ways."

    Sharon says worried world accepting "nuclear" Iran

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon voiced concern on Thursday that the world was growing accustomed to the idea Iran would build a nuclear bomb but said the time was not ripe for military action to stop it.

    "Ultimately, I don't think there will be any alternative but to bring (Iran) to the U.N. Security Council and to take diplomatic and economic steps as pressure to stop this (nuclear effort)," Sharon told Israel Radio.

    "I am troubled by the fact -- we hear this perhaps more in Europe than in the United States -- that the world is beginning to grow accustomed to the idea that the day will come and Iran will be a member of the nuclear weapons club," he said.

    "This is particularly troubling, mainly because we are aware of Iran's threats against Israel. It is a country where even the so-called moderates speak of a national goal of destroying Israel and the Jewish people."

    Asked whether Israel would consider bombing


    Monday, April 25, 2005

    Beware of Diversionary Tactics: THIS IS THE REAL NEWS

    yes yes I have been railing for months on Iran's explosive (no pun intended) NUKES and the Bolton nomination as  they are inextricably connected (as is Israel, Eurabia, China, well you get the picture). Iran's nukes set up a punishing set of circumstances, as this ain't no dress rehearsal. These boys are bad to the bone and if America's cujones aren't big enough then it's the end of the world as we know.
    It was my fervent prayer that Bush and Sharon were strategizing this very thing while Bush was serving up them Star of David sugar cookies.

    Official: Iran to Resume Nuke Enrichment

    Iran Official Says It Will Resume Uranium Enrichment Despite Outcome of Talks With Europeans

    By ALI AKBAR DAREINI Associated Press Writer

    The Associated PressThe Associated Press

    TEHRAN, Iran Apr 24, 2005 — Iran will resume uranium enrichment regardless of the outcome of its negotiations with three European powers over its nuclear program, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Sunday.

    Speaking to reporters five days before Iran is to resume nuclear talks with France, Britain and Germany, Hamid Reza Asefi said the Europeans appeared to be serious in seeking an agreement with Iran. But he added that any settlement had to respect Iran's right, as a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, to enrich uranium.

    The Europeans have been offering economic incentives in the hope that Iran will turn its temporary suspension of uranium enrichment activities into a permanent freeze.

    Asefi said Iran would not continue its suspension of enrichment for long.

    "It is not a matter of a year, but months," he said of the suspension, which was imposed last year to boost confidence ahead of negotiations.

    "If Iran feels that the Europeans intend to waste time by prolonging the talks, Iran won't insist on continuing the talks."

    The United States, backed by Israel, believes Iran is using a civilian nuclear development program as a cover to make atomic weapons. It has threatened to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council, which can impose sanctions, but has held off pending the negotiations with the Europeans.

    The photo below is Iran's Uranium Conversion Facility, just outside the city of Isfahan, 410
    kilometers, south of capital Tehran, Iran, is shown in this March 30, 2005, file
    photo. The conversion facility in Isfahan reprocesses uranium ore concentrate,
    known as yellowcake, into uranium hexaflouride gas. The gas is then taken to
    another site at Natanz and fed into the centrifuges for enrichment. Iran's
    president escorted reporters on an unprecedented visit to the once-secret Natanz
    nuclear complex, giving a glimpse into the underground uranium enrichment plant
    that the United States and Europe demand be shut down. (AP Photo/Vahid

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    The Day the Earth Stands Still is One day Closer

    Having trouble prioritizing threats to Western Civilization? Put this on top of  your "things to really worry about" list. I have been ranting for months about Iran's nuclear capabilities. My money is on Iran as the real objective of Sharon's visit. It is tactical strategy time. How to take out all 350 Iranian nuclear sites before they can get one off on Europe or Israel Iran's got nukes and they plan on using them. I know everyone cries about Israel's nukes but hey they've had them for 30 odd years and they never used them. So that is that.........Israel ain't the problem

    Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuclear sites to Bush
     JERUSALEM - Ariel Sharon’s military attache presented aerial photos of Iranian nuclearNuked installations during the Israeli prime minister’s summit with US President George W. Bush, Israeli public radio reported on Tuesday.


    General Yoav Gallan, who accompanied Sharon to Monday’s talks at Bush’s Texas ranch, presented the photos as well as information gathered by the Israeli intelligence services on Teheran’s nuclear programme.

    The radio, which did not give details on how the photos were taken, said the images proved that the Iranian nuclear programme was at a “very advanced” stage.

    White House spokesman Scott McClellan confirmed the two leaders had “talked about their shared concern about Iran’s intentions with their nuclear programme” but denied they had discussed the possibility of a preemptive military strike by Israel, aimed at ensuring Iran does not acquire atomic weapons.

    The United States and Israel have both accused Iran of using its atomic energy programme as cover for a plan to develop nuclear arms, a charge denied by Teheran, which says it needs nuclear power as an alternative energy source. [yeah, and I'lll take the Brooklyn  Bridge ther're selling]

    Israel itself has never publicly acknowledged that it maintains a nuclear arsenal but foreign experts say it has between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads.

    Thursday, April 07, 2005

    Bad News Dept.: Get Used to NUCLEAR IRAN

    One can only hope  when Sharon and Bush met  last week, this was their real objective and thatNuclear_blast_1 the tactical strategy on taking these babies out was finalized. We can only hope. Iran: "Get Used to the Idea of a Nuclear Iran" - Ayelet Savyon
    Head of the Iranian negotiating team in the nuclear committee in the EU Three-Iran talks, Sirus Nasseri, recently stated that there is no possibility of Iran permanently relinquishing its uranium enrichment: "This is something we are not willing to consider." The U.S. and the EU should "get used to the idea of a nuclear Iran." Iranian President Khatami said: "The Europeans will suffer more than Iran if they decide to capitulate to U.S. pressure." Former representative to the IAEA Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi was even more blunt: "Europe should understand that its security is closely linked to Iran's security." (Memri)

    Monday, April 04, 2005

    Pay as you Kill, As Long as its a Jew

    As the  charade of "peace" continues, the instruments of Evil and Death continue to plan the deaths of Jews (Israelis - same thing, Jews=Israelis, Israelis=Jews) apace. Iran [the sooner we take them out the better] always in collusion with Russia and China ...........are plotting and planning while the Jews plan on building Pali infrastructure, railways, etc........sick sick sick
    Iran Offers Cash for Bombs to Break Palestinian Truce - Marie Colvin
    Palestinian fighters have revealed that Hizballah, the militant Lebanese group backed by Iran, is offering to pay for attacks aimed at shattering the fragile truce with Israel. The men, all on Israel's most wanted list and members of the al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades near Nablus, said they had received payments of up to $9,000 from Hizballah for attacks against Israel during the past four years. They said most of the money from Hizballah had been sent to Islamic Jihad. "They just use Western Union," said Ala'a Sanakreh, 27, the leader of the group. According to Sanakreh, those who had since been offered money by Hizballah had turned it down. Their leaders had made it clear that Mahmoud Abbas should be given a chance to negotiate with the Israelis. (Sunday Times-UK)

    and then there are the busy Jews, chopping and building and planning and disengaging

    Jenin and Gaza to be Connected to Railway Despite Disengagement (arutz sheva) Economy/Society
    Israel Railways has announced a 280-million shekel ($65 million) plan to connect terror centers Jenin and Gaza with the national railways.

    Railway officials hope the trains will promote economic growth. Critics of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan, however, suggest that the new train system mean that even after Israel implements a "separation" plan, Israelis and PA Arabs will continue to be intertwined.

    The plan calls for an 11-kilometer (6.8-mile) line from Jenin, in northern Samaria, to Afula and the Jezreel Valley. This line will then connect with the planned route from Haifa to Beit She’an. In addition, a 7-kilometer (4.3-mile) link will be built in the area of Gaza, connecting with the planned Be'er Sheva-Ashkelon line.

    Both routes aim to link factories with ports in Ashkelon and Haifa.

    Rail officials also plan to develop a cargo and passenger terminal at the Erez Crossing, north of Gaza City. They say that the links are necessary to stimulate economic growth in the Palestinian Authority, which they claim will promote peace.

    Israel's railway system has grown dramatically in the past five years, making it a more frequent target for terrorist attacks. Three Jews were murdered in a terrorist suicide blast outside the Nahariya train station on Sept. 9,. 2001, and in April 2003, a security guard was similarly killed in an attack at the Kfar Saba train station.

    Additional long-term Israel Railways projects include trains to the Jordanian border, with links from there to other Arab countries.

    Monday, March 21, 2005

    Ukraine Shipped 18 cruise Missiles, Each Capable of Carrying a Nuclear Warhead, to Iran and China

    So the Ukraine sold missiles capable of carrying a NUCLEAR WARHEAD to both China and Iran (Barzini and Tatallia see Godfather fro cinematic reference) at the beginning of the decade (public confirmation by the new administration of President Viktor Yushchenko came Friday) and we are still talking about Michael Jackson pajamas and number of crocodile tears he shed today.
    It's like that nightmare where you are trying to scream and nothing comes out. Iran is thisclose to having nuclear bombs ( if not therealready) and has the deployment system (these missiles) and we are still jerking around with whacko jacko and baretta? oy.
    This is not a dress rehearsal and while I may be sardonic I am terrified of the implications nd so should you. My secret wish is that April 11 huddle at the Crawford ranch between Bush and Sharon is really about this and not enabling Hizbollah, Hamas, and the Fatah time to regroup, rearm, and restart the killing of jews.
    Here is the LA Times (*spit*) piece on the impending nuclear Armageddon;

    By David Holley, Times Staff Writer

    MOSCOW — Smugglers in Ukraine shipped 18 cruise missiles, each capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, to Iran and China at the beginning of the decade, Ukrainian prosecutors said Friday.

    The apparent sale to Iran of 12 of the Soviet-era Kh-55 cruise missiles, which have a range of 1,860 miles, is likely to add to concern in Washington about alleged efforts by Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

    The allegations surfaced last month in comments by a Ukrainian legislator, and public confirmation by the new administration of President Viktor Yushchenko came Friday.

    Each missile is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead with a 200-kiloton yield at altitudes too low to be detected by radar, and the sales have been portrayed as a significant leak of Soviet-era weapons technology.

    Yuri Boychenko, an aide to Ukraine's prosecutor-general, said by telephone from Kiev, the capital, that the sales had not involved the government of then-President Leonid D. Kuchma.

    Saturday, March 12, 2005


    And so the fog of mendacity begins to disappear and the global chessboard becomes ever more clear. It is Iran. And while I still believe China is Barzini, Iran is more than mere hatchet man. Here Farah of WND writes insightfully of the boots on the ground

    ActivistReader cartoon

    Iran out of Lebanon, too

    Did you see the reports on the massive pro-Syrian Hezbollah rallies in Lebanon? Many people were fooled by it. Those not familiar with Lebanese politics could easily conclude that Syria is really not all that unpopular in the country. After all, how could such large demonstrations in favor of Syrian occupation be accomplished if the Lebanese people were really united against their occupying neighbor? The answer is simple: Many or most of those rallying in favor of Syria are not really Lebanese at all. The untold story of Lebanon's occupation is that Syrian troops represent only the most obvious part of it. For the most part, the Syrian troops wear uniforms – though thousands of intelligence agents, the most insidious and destructive force, do not. But there is another occupying force in Lebanon today – tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Iranians or Iranian-backed militiamen and civilians who have emigrated with the express purpose of using Lebanon as a base of operations and to establish an Iranian-style Shiite theocracy. This invasion has been going on for 20 years – slowly but surely changing the demographics of the country. There were always Shiites in Lebanon. But before the Iranian revolution, they were a peaceful people, easily assimilated into the country's diverse population of Sunnis, Druze and Christians. All that changed when the Iranians came. They came with guns, ammunition, some 13,000 rockets and military advisers from Iran's Revolutionary Guards. They came with the purpose of using Lebanon as a base of terrorist operations against Israel. They came to stay. The whole world is calling on Syria to leave Lebanon after 30 years, but Syrians are hardly the only threat to the peace and stability of a future free Lebanon. In the long term, the Iranians may represent a bigger threat.

    Friday, March 04, 2005

    Palestinian Terror Controlled by Iran

    While I can't say I am surprised, I found it somewhat reassuring to read this in a MSM left wing organ like TIME magazine (written with the omnipresent left wing slant of course, I mean G-d forbid it not Bush bash). But it reinforces the fundamental thinking of the right, hardly a band of disparate outlaw barbaric murderers, the deliberate and strategic network of state sponsored terrorism comes into the bright light of day. Out of the fog of mendacity, the Bush doctrine and the "Axis of Evil" is hardly myth, but brutal truth. What more do the naysayers need? This is World War IV............Godspeed

    Palestinian Islamic Jihad Is Controlled by Iran - Interview with Martin Indyk - Elaine ShannonAccording to Martin Indyk, former Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs and U.S. Ambassador to Israel during the Clinton administration, "What Secretary Rice knows and hasn't said is that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad is controlled by Iran. While it's important, essential, to get the Syrians to shut down the PIJ office in Damascus, it's also important to be clear about what the source of the problem is. From the mid-1990s, Iran has been determined to use PIJ terrorist operations to disrupt the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and there is a very clear of pattern of PIJ activities during the intifada. Whenever [the region] calmed down, it was the PIJ that launched terrorist attacks, because the Iranians have a very strong interest in preventing the peace process from going forward. We should be pointing the finger at Iran and pressuring them, with the Europeans, to stop this sponsorship of terrorism against the Israeli-Palestinian peace process." (TIME)

    Wednesday, February 16, 2005

    What's a Dead Jew worth? Hizbullah pays $100,000

    While the UN goes about it daily business of rape, robbery and pillaging, the bloodlibel reward for murder goes unnoticed. And if that werent enough, even the French refuse to classify Hizbullah as a terrorist organiztion. Ellsworth Toohey, your legacy is very much alive And who is giving Hizbullah all this dough?
     Hizbullah Lifts Pay for Suicide Attacks to $100,000


    The Lebanon-based Hizbullah terror organization has announced that it is raising the compensation it pays out to families of suicide attackers from $20,000 to $100,000. 
    Bank transfers and e-mail intercepted from the organization by they PA reveal this new development, reports Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman.

    Senior officials of PA armed forces claim that Hizbullah presents the number one threat to the ceasefire currently in effect. The Lebanese group is attempting to enlist terrorists from the Fatah organization, the main governing party in the PA, and from Fatah offshoots such as the Al Aksa Brigades. The latter is closely aligned with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and is responsible for the murder of hundreds of Jews since the outbreak of the Oslo War in September 2000.

    Israeli officials, too, report that there are currently some 50 Hizbullah-sponsored terrorist cells throughout Judea and Samaria.

    Tuesday, February 15, 2005

    French nixes request to List Hizballah as Terror Org

    France Nixes Request to List Hizballah as Terrorist Group - Aluf Benn
    French President Jacques Chirac on Monday turned down a request from Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom to support placing Hizballah on the EU's list of terrorist organizations. France's objections are considered the main obstacle to an EU move to add Hizballah to the terror list. (Ha'aretz)

    Far be it from me to make harsh generalizations but i gotta say it............the French suck!