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Nidra Poller: "Punk Jihad"

American asylum for French Jews: Before I go on, please sign the petition. More on it here.  We must help save these people. 12 million illegal aliens getting amnesty just because they crossed the border? C'mon, help these folks.


I'm just came back from the upper West Side having attended a lecture with Nidra Poller for I look forward to my lunch with her tomorrow. Listening to Poller speak of "homemade concentration camps", French Jew hatred, "punk jihad," and the dismal outlook for France and invariably Europe is beyond draining and depressing.

I will run the lecture tomorrow (I don't have my equipment) but I will transcribe some myNidra_poller_003 notes.

Nidra Poller is an expatriate. She left Philly in 1972 and circuitously came to France to live and write. She is long settled in Paris,  firmly planted in French soil (but to me she is quintessentially Americain)

The picture she paints of France is grim. Nidra Poller has built a reputation as a "reliable witness." She started her testimony with a laundry list (seven pages) of antisemitic crimes - unfathomable in nature -- stomping on the heads of Jews.

Poller describes the period in France from 2000 - 2006 as the following;
Dialogue for Islam
Obsessional hatred
Systematic opposition Sabatoge in regard the United States, the United Kingdom (for daring to participate in the coalition), and Israel.

Now what did this attitude produce?

Enormous violence. Violence against Jews, violence against Muslim women, violence against teachers, violence against the state.

It has produced what she calls "punk jihad", an economic decline, and a government in its last throes.

An virulent exterminationist Jew Hatred.

She calls it a "punk intifada." She uses these words, she uses punk because it is not an idealogy. It is a mixture of delinquents and a jidad mentality that is seeping into the society. She takes us through the enormous violence of 2006. Starting with  the Great Train Razzia",

Paris 5 January 2006 -- French opinion makers are against the clash of civilizations the same way they are against the war in Iraq: fervently sure of their own moral superiority. But reality has a way of its own, and the Great Train Razzia that rang in the New Year on the Côte d'Azur is a smashing illustration of the clash of civilizations.

One hundred drunk and disorderly "youths" from the "sensitive neighborhoods" outside of Marseille were let loose in a train carrying revelers from Nice to Lyon via Marseille. They vandalized the train, terrorized the passengers, stole from them, sexually assaulted several young women, made convincing death threats and, when all these wicked deeds were done, pulled the emergency brake and jumped the train on the outskirts of Marseille.

Following fast on the heels of the train razzia, --the Cartoon Jihad, pointing out the French were more courageous than the Americans in running those toons, and despite 6 years of bending over backwards to make sure they never offended the Muslims, despite this they burned the cultural center in Gaza, French embassies, threatened French people and kidnapped French people.

And then Ilan.

She would not go on to describe the murder of Ilan Halimi's without speaking first of the 2003 murder of  Sebastian Sellam, a popular disc jockey at a hot Parisian night club called Queen. he young man known as DJ Lam C (a reverse play on his surname) left the apartment he shared with his parents in a modest building in of Paris’ 10th arrondissement near la Place Colonel Fabien, heading to work as usual. In the underground parking lot, a Muslim neighbor slit Sellam’s throat twice, according to the Rosenpress interview. His face was completely mutilated with a carving fork. Even his eyes were gouged out.

His murderer said, "I killed my Jew. I can go to paradise now."

So while the French authorities of the French media insisted Ilan Halimi was the first antisemitic murder, it was not.

The facts surrounding the Halimi murder are so onerous, as to be overwhelming. This time  the insistence of the authorities to refuse and avoid the antisemitic motives led to their bungling of Halimi_3 the case and most certainly contributed to his death. The evidence was so voluminous, and they didn't follow up on any of it. They used a protocol from the 1970s that was for the kidnapping of the son of wealthy family. Which, btw, Ilan clearly was not. His parents were divorced. His mother was a secretary and Ilan was working to help his family and worked in a cell phone shop.

The kidnappers called a Rabbi and said we have kidnapped an orthodox Jew (which Ilan was not, he was out with the girl that lured him to his horrible death on Shabbat.) When they called  the family for money, they said if you don't have it............go get it from the synagogue. This is not obvious? The police would not acknowledge the obvious antisemitic overtones. Despite pleas of Ilan's mother.
Poller went on, line by line, piece piece, the evidence is devastating.

23 people participated in torturing Ilan, another 20 were involved indirectly. The custodian of the building gave them the key to an apartment where they said they wanted to "keep someone."

Three weeks of unimaginable torture. Three weeks. So many clues. So many guilty animals partaking in the continuing torture in their "homemade concentration camp."

The screams must have been loud because the torture was especially atrocious: the thugs cut bits off the flesh of the young man, they cut his fingers and ears, they burned him with acid, and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him on fire.

Horrible tortures. Horrible torturers.One of the torturers would go to work at a TV station everyday and come back and partake in the torture.  The girls that lured young men. They knew he had been kidnapped. They knew Yosef (the leader of the Barbarians) were extremely violent. They knew Ilan was still in his hands three weeks later. All they  had to do was make an anonymous phone call to the police. No one would have known. They did not do it. No neighbor thought to say to the police, something strange is going on in this building.

The police told the family not to say a word. The Jewish community was not warned when prior attempts to kidnap Jewish men had failed. The Jewish community was not warned before the successful attempt.

Even one member of the gang that dropped out of the gang because he was shocked by their violence, did not call the police.

These neighborhoods are not ghettos. They are not sordid. Not squalid.

When Ilan was found, the head of the fire department who was called to the scene, this man with decades of experience almost fainted when he saw him. The last thing Youssef Fofana l(leader of the murdering gang, the barbarians) did was to slit his throat twice and pour an inflammable liquid on him and to set it on fire  but not burn him to death because Ilan walked for perhaps one hour trying still to find a way to live.

Fofana has subsequently become a hero to many in France. He claims he is a victim, something the leftist French media has been telling the collective Fofanas for a terribly long time. The media is more than culpable as well.
In the aftermath of his murder, the French media have changed their version of the facts several times, obediently following the interpretations dictated by their government. Yet media coverage has still not shed light on the scope of this crime or placed blame on the real criminals.

The Question and Answer:

Can France be saved?

Nidra: Logically, no. But it's not in my capacity to give up hope. So I am acting as if it can. Plus plus, it would be very bad for the United States for Europe to fall. We have much to learn from France because these things are happening in the United States in a  different way and I have been speaking here [in the US] for several weeks and I am finding people do not t see that.

What I want to concentrate on is what can we learn from it . What can you we do to help us? What can we do to help you and what can we do to make sure that it will not turn into another Shoah.

Next questioner was complaining he wasn't getting the news, this news in his news or New York Times. Nidra said stop reading the Times.

I said you you have to go to the net, the blogs........he got pissed (!) He said "I'm not goiug to the blogs! The total American population is not going to the blogs."

Listen to it all...............I'll load the file when I get home.

UPDATE: Here's the file of Poller's lecture. Anyone want to convert for me?
Download poller.wav

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Halimi's Brutal Muslim Butchers Crawl Out from their Stinkholes

“I don’t want my face in the newspapers, on television or on the Internet,” she says. “I’m afraid there are more barbarians out there and that they’ll find me.” Ilan Halimi's mother

Two key suspects in the barbaric slaying of a young Jewish man in France have turned themselves in to police, judicial officials said Tuesday.

The men, whose names were not released, were fingered by other members of a gang accused in the kidnapping, torture and killing of Ilan Halimi earlier this year. Halimi's murder revived concerns about anti-Semitism in France.Halimi

One suspect turned himself in Monday to police in Bobigny, northeast of Paris, officials said. A second turned himself in directly to the criminal brigade in Paris

All were described as being close to the main suspect, Youssouf Fofana. Other gang members have told investigators that Fofana was responsible, authorities said. 

Authorities found 23-year-old Halimi naked, handcuffed and covered with burn marks near railroad tracks in the Essonne region south of Paris on February 13. He died on the way to the hospital after being held captive for more than three weeks.

Critics accused police of initially ignoring anti-Semitic motives in the crime, which caught the attention of senior government officials and prompted fear of renewed anti-Semitism in France.

But it is clear that plenty of people did know, both that Mr. Halimi was being tortured and that he was Jewish. The police, according to lawyers with access to the investigation files, think at least 20 people participated in his abduction and the subsequent, amateurish negotiations for ransom NYT 3/06 

French police have arrested 18 people in the investigation, including Fofana. Story here.

18? That's painful, that's a kick in the teeth.

Sign Petition to Save the French Jews. Please To:  US Congress, American asylum for French Jews, Petition here

More on Halimi Murder  here

..In the days since the dying Halimi was discovered, some journalists have been Electric_chairmaking ugly discoveries. The gang of thugs (they called themselves "the Barbarians") had sequestered the young man in an apartment that had been rented by the doorman of the building. The doorman knew what had been happening but did nothing. Many other residents in the building had heard a man screaming, but had decided to mind their own business instead of calling for help, even anonymously. "When you live here, you think about yourself and only about yourself," one of them said.

The screams must have been loud because the torture was especially atrocious: the thugs cut bits off the flesh of the young man, they cut his fingers and ears, they burned him with acid, and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him on fire.

Watching France slip slide into oblivion, into it's already forgotten past,  is like watching a really bad movie. You can't take your eyes off it but you wish it would just end already.


UPDATE: French Jews vow to stay in France an fight like their Israeli brethren.In a word, wow.

CJN: How do you see the future of the Jews and Judaism in France? Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Cukierman: I am concerned, but we have decided to fight. We have to follow the example of the Israelis. When there are problems, we must face them and not run away from them. I am counting on our ability to face them. The communiqué we recently sent out – which I mentioned before – is a warning message addressed to all of French society. Anti-Semitism in France is not just a Jewish problem. It is a problem for all of French society. Today, French society is clearly in danger. If it allows sharia law to spread and organized gangs of hoodlums take control of certain neighbourhoods or suburbs, it is the essence of the democratic spirit that will be destroyed.



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A Candle for Ilan Halimi

Ilan Halimi, the 23 year old Jew brutally tortured and killed in Paris by the new Nazis, Islamic Candle1b barbarians filled with anti -Semitic hatred, must not be forgotten.  He was an unwitting front-line soldier in the war Jews now wage  the world over to protect ourselves and our families from those who would take up the cause of Hitler in our day.  Please light a virtual candle in his memory by going to the following website here

All over the world, decent people should be  taking to the streets to express their outrage at the new onslaught on Jews and civilization. That is not happening.

The total absence of official European reactions, either at an institutional and/or mass media and public opinion level, and foremost the absence of a collective reaction from the part of the European civil community- or the worldwide Jewish community -- to this racially motivated homicide in the heart of Europe, is something that leaves us numb and without words.  Hat tip Naomi Ragen

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France: Halimi's Murder Diabolique and Israel's Silence

France is dead, long live the era of the living dead. Blood suckers.
Naomi Ragen wrote me about Ilan Halimi long before reports appeared in the newspapers and the crime was acknowledged as one more Muslim atrocity against Jews.

Jewish friends in Paris whispered to her in horror at the sheer barbarism of theJ_accuse813kb308x411 crime, in which an innocent young man was held for twenty days, found with all his fingers cut off, and burns and bruises over 80% of his body.  Because he was a Jew.

The Jews and other decent French people have taken to the streets of Paris to finally, finally, openly protest Muslim anti Semitism and Nazi-like  barbarism.   But not a peep is heard here in Israel, even though the murderers were connected to a Palestinian terrorist organization.  Because official Israel just doesn't want to acknowledge this has nothing to do with land, or occupation, or any of the other excuses we'd like so much to believe.  It doesn't want to acknowledge that every Jew is now a target, and that Israel is the bull's eye.   

Below, Caroline Glick, elaborates

Column One: Ilan Halimi and Israel Ilan Halimi's barbarous murder in France should awaken all Jews to the most significant truth of our times: Today, every Jew in the world is on the front lines of war.

As was the case 70 years ago, every Jew today is a target for our enemies, who shout from every soapbox and prove at every opportunity that their goal is the annihilation of the Jewish people. From 1933-1945, the enemy was Nazi Germany. Today, the enemy is political Islam. Its call for jihad aimed at annihilating the Jews and dominating the world is answered by millions of people throughout the world.

Among the lessons of the Holocaust, there is one that is almost never mentioned. That lesson is that it is possible, and indeed fairly easy to exterminate the Jews. The fact that the Holocaust happened proves that it is absolutely possible for the Jewish people to be wiped off the map - just as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hamas leader Khaled Mashal promise.

The story of Ilan Halimi's murder at the hands of a terrorist gang of French Muslims brings to the surface the various pathologies now converging to make the prospect of annihilating all Jews seem possible to our enemies. First, there are the murderers who took such apparent pleasure and felt such pride in the fact that for 20 days they tortured their Jewish hostage to death.

This makes sense. Anti-Semitism in the Muslim dominated suburbs of Paris and other French cities is all-encompassing. As Nidra Poller related in Thursday's Wall Street Journal, "One of the most troubling aspects of this affair is the probable involvement of relatives and neighbors, beyond the immediate circle of the gang [of kidnappers], who were told about the Jewish hostage and dropped in to participate in the torture."

It appears that Ilan Halimi's murderers had some connection to Hamas. Tuesday, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said that police found propaganda published by the Palestinian Charity Committee or the CBSP at the home of one of the suspects. The European Jewish Press reported this week that Israel has alleged that the organization is a front group for Palestinian terrorists and that in August 2003 the US government froze the organization's US bank accounts, accusing it of links with Hamas.

Halimi's family alleges that throughout the 20 days of Ilan's captivity, the French police refused to take the anti-Semitic motivations of the kidnappers into account. The investigators insisted on viewing his kidnap as a garden variety kidnap-for-ransom criminal case, which they said generally involves no threat to the life of the captive. The police maintained their refusal to investigate the anti-Semitic motivations of the kidnappers in spite of the fact that in their e-mail and telephone communications with Ilan's family, his captors repeatedly referred to his Judaism, and on at least one occasion recited verses from the Koran while Ilan was heard screaming in agony in the background. The family alleges that if the police had been willing to acknowledge that Ilan was abducted because he was Jewish, they would have recognized that his life was in clear and immediate danger and acted with greater urgency.

Like the police, the French government waited an entire week after Ilan was found naked, with cuts and burns over 80 percent of his body by a train station in suburban Paris, before acknowledging the anti-Semitic nature of the crime. According to the press reports, the French government was at least partially motivated to suppress the issue of anti-Semitism by its fear of inflaming the passions of the French Muslims who make up between 10 to 13 percent of the French population and comprise a quarter of the population under 25 years old. And yet, now that the French government has acknowledged that the crime was motivated by hatred of Jews, it is behaving responsibly in pursuing the murderers and decrying the attack on French Jewry.

In addition to the exterminationist anti-Semitism of Ilan's murderers and the unwillingness of the French authorities to acknowledge the anti-Semitic nature of the crime until it was too late, there is one more aspect of the case that bears note. That is Israel's reaction to the atrocity. In short, there has been absolutely no official Israeli reaction to the abduction, torture and murder of a Jew in France by a predominantly Muslim terrorist gang that kidnapped, tortured and murdered him because he was a Jew.

No Israeli government minister, official or spokesman has condemned his murder. No Israeli official has demanded that the French authorities investigate why the police refused to take anti-Semitism into account during Ilan's captivity. No Israeli official flew to Paris to participate in Ilan's funeral or any other memorial or demonstration in his memory.


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Sign Petition to Save the French Jews. Please

To:  US Congress

American asylum for French jews, Petition here

After the barbaric torture and assassination of a young Jew from Paris, because he was Jewish, Halimi_ilan_2 in a context of Islamic anti-Semitism rising in this country, more and more members of the French Jewish community are no longer feeling safe. The number of Anti-Semitic acts in France has reached a level not seen since World War II.

We think that America, faithful to its tradition of offering asylum to people facing danger in their own country should open its doors to them. We ask the Congress to pass a legislation that would give the status of refugee to French Jews.


The Undersigned hat tip: Jay

French protest for murdered Jew
Tens of thousands march through Paris to protest against anti-Semitism after the murder of a young Jew.

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Chirac, We Reap What You've Sown


The picture is so surreal and strange, I can't take my eyes off it. Rubbernecking. It is so dishonest. He is so dishonest. The Jewish quarter in Paris is like the Warsaw ghetto, WWII.

House searches produce pro-Palestinian, Salafi documentshere

New York Sun
Mr. Chirac, his prime minister and other politicians joined about 1,000 people for a memorial service yesterday night at a Paris synagogue.

  “Today, I ask all French citizens to all stand up as one man and shout loud and clear, ‘Enough is enough,’” France’s grand rabbi, Joseph Sitruk, said at the service.

   As home to Western Europe’s largest populations of Jews and Muslims, France saw a surge in anti-Semitic crime starting in 2000 after tensions flared between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East.

   Since then, officials have walked a thin line, making forceful denunciations of anti-Semitism while taking care not to offend a Muslim community estimated at 5 million.

But the enmity between Palestinians and Israelis has fanned Islamic militancy in France and even spilled into classrooms. Some Muslim students, for instance, have refused to attend classes on the Holocaust.    Many French Jews, in turn, were angry that the government let the ailing Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat into France for medical care in 2004. Arafat died in a French military hospital.

   Investigators say the gang allegedly involved in Halimi’s death was based in a housing project near Paris — an area like those where unrest erupted last fall and spread through neighborhoods that are home to many Muslims.

   “The whole gang is guilty,” Halimi’s mother, Ruth, said in an interview yesterday with AP Television News. “He was a young Jew so he had to be killed.”

   “Solutions must be found so this never happens again,” she added.

In an editorial, the newspaper Le Monde said the case is “a sort of looking glass onto the true state of our society.”

   Jewish leaders speak of a dangerous brew of televised violence from today’s war zones, anti-Israel fervor and traditional anti-Semitism in Europe and around the world. 



The French avoided, denied the obvious,  until the truth  gouged their eyes out. France-al- Islam,
The Killing of a Jew, French style here and here.

[...]some of the suspects in police custody said that they tortured Ilan with particular cruelty simply because he was Jewish.

No longer able to deny or play down the racial motive, the investigation is entering a new phase. One of the most troubling aspects of this affair is the probable involvement of relatives and neighbors, beyond the immediate circle of the gang, who were told about the Jewish hostage and dropped in to participate in the torture. Nidra Poller, Wall Street Journal hat tip Fausta

Ilan's uncle Rafi Halimi told reporters that the gang phoned the familyHalimi_ilan_2 on several occasions and made them listen to the recitation of verses from the Quran, while Ilan's tortured screams could be heard in the background. The family has publicly criticized the police for deliberately ignoring the explicit anti-Semitic motives, which were repeatedly expressed and should have dictated an entirely different approach to the case from the start. Police searches have now revealed the presence of Islamist literature in the home of at least one of the gang members.

The highest echelons of the French government are now preoccupied with the murder of Ilan Halimi. Paris is well aware that the case threatens France's international reputation, but far more than that is at stake. Once again, as in the suburban riots of 2005, the country is forced to come face to face with the criminalized, alienated and racist Muslim youth and their adult enablers in its midst.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin declared, in a long speech delivered at the annual dinner of the CRIF, that this heinous crime was anti-Semitic, and that anti-Semitism is not acceptable in France. He promised that the perpetrators would be captured and punished. Two French policemen were sent to the Ivory Coast with an international warrant to arrest Mr. Fofana who flew there on a one-way ticket on Feb. 15, the day that his photo appeared in Le Figaro. A delegation of the CRIF and members of the Halimi family on Tuesday met with Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy.

The murder of Ilan Halimi invites comparison with the November 2003 killing of a Jewish disc jockey, Sébastien Selam. His Muslim neighbor, Adel, slit his throat, nearly decapitating him, and gouged out his eyes with a carving fork in his building's underground parking garage. Adel came upstairs with bloodied hands and told his mother, "I killed my Jew, I will go to paradise." In the two years before his murder, the Selam family was repeatedly harassed for being Jewish. The Selam case has not been opened by the magistrate. The murderer, who admits his guilt, was placed in a psychiatric hospital, and may be released soon.

The initial response to the kidnapping of Ilan Halimi suggested a comparably selective ignorance. But many things have changed in French society in the past two years. Then, faced with the new tide of anti-Semitism, the Jewish community was left alone with its distress and at times even accused of being justifiably targeted because of its support for Israel. Today the government has apparently decided that the barbarous hatred unleashed against one Jewish man is a threat to all of France.

G-d help the Halimi family. The only shot Francostan has is the man who would be President here. Bad hair blog has more on the suspect(s) here

In other Francostan news;
Americans Sue French Bank In Terror Case
American victims of 13 terror attacks that took place in Israel have filed suit against a French bank that was used to funnel money to Hamas. The suit alleges that over the course of three years during a period of mounting suicide bombings

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

France: "put a cigarette out on his face because I didn’t like Jews.”

“Did Ilan die because he was Jewish?” Mr. Villepin promised to find out. “We owe you the truth. Indeed we owe it to the entire French nation,” he said.

Mr. Villepin, you and the entire French nation owe it to every Jew in the entire world. Unspeakable.

The brutal abduction and murder in Paris of a young Jewish man by a gang of African immigrants called the Barbarians has shocked the whole of France, which once again has been obliged to face its anti-Semitic past. This is what France has come to. Riots  and now Barbarism.

The French attorney general believes Halimi was targeted “because he was Jewish and thus, as a Jew, presumed to be rich.” One teenage gang member admitted having put out a cigarette on Halimi’s face “because he didn’t like Jews.”

On February 11, four days after the abductors stopped communicating with the family, Halimi was found, still alive, not far from a railway line at Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois, about 15 kilometers south of Bagneux.    He was naked, handcuffed, and bleeding profusely. He was incapable of speaking. His entire body — or “80% of it,” according to police — had been butchered. He died of his wounds on the way to the hospital, just a few minutes after he was discovered. New York Sun here.


HOLDING VIGIL : In Paris on February 19, over a thousand people participate in a silent march for Ilan Halimi

UPDATE: Still, Jew haters in the media are not sure though. From Fausta

Last night's France2 newscast started with the question, "Was Ilan Halimi killed because he was Jewish? We don't know yet," while the the banner called it "La hypothese antisemite" -- the anti-Semitic hypothesis. Reuters does one better and refers to "the gang led by an Ivory Coast immigrant with a Muslim name". The Beeb skirts the issue with their video 'Racist motive' to French kidnap (go to right sidebar, under video), which doesn't mention the word Muslim.

Instead, France2 and the Beeb are looking for barbarians. The barbarians in question (link in French) is one of many gangs that terrorize the banlieus (i.e., housing projects). Gang leader Yussef Fofana,a Muslim, has left France and apparently gone to Ivory Coast

Fifteen people, aged 17 to 32, were arrested last week in connection with the death. Five have since been released

French investigators headed to Côte d'Ivoire on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Good on Sarkozy. Look, it's gotta be Sarkozy in 2007 here

France: Anti-Semitic link in death
PARIS, France (Reuters) -- French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has denounced the torture and killing of a young Jewish man as an anti-Semitic crime and said police had found literature linking some suspects to Muslim causes.

UPDATE February 22: The Man Who Would be President here hat tip Fausta

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Murder of Targeted French Jew: "They acted with indescribable cruelty"

My hats off to the French police for capturing the gang targeting French Jews for kidnapping, torture, death. On the flip side, they have my utter contempt for their antisemitic unwillingness to identify it as a hate crime here.

The French police arrested late Thursday night most of the members of the gang Halimi_ilan_1 that abducted, tortured and murdered Ilan Halimi, a 23-year-old Jew from Paris.

Hundreds of SWAT officers raided apartments in Bagneux and arrested 12 people. Another suspect was arrested in Belgium.

"They acted with indescribable cruelty," the judiciary police chief leading the investigation said. "They kept him naked and tied up for weeks. They cut him and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him alight."

While the citizens of France were shocked by the unbridled violence of the gang, Halimi's family claims that the murder was motivated by anti-Semitism.

"We think there is anti-Semitism in this affair," Rafi Halimi, Ilan's uncle, told the press.

"First, because the killers tried to kidnap at least two other Jews, and second, because of what they said on the phone," Rafi Halimi added. "When we said we didn't have 500,000 euros to give them they told us to go to the synagogue and get it," Rafi said. "They also recited verses from the Koran."

But the Paris public prosecutor, Jean-Claude Marin, told Parisian Jewish radio on Thursday that "no element of the current investigation could link this murder to an anti-Semitic declaration or action." The umbrella group of French Jewish secular organizations, CRIF, issued a statement Friday calling on the Jewish community "to keep calm, cautious and wait for developments in the investigation." Story here. Hat tip Tom P

The typical French antisemitic knee jerk denial will deliver the whole of France's into the desperate clutch of Le Pen. C'mon France, surprise us once, just once and do the right thing. What it is. A is A.

UPDATE: From European Jewish Press here;

More than Thousand Jews marched on Sunday in the streets of Paris, demanding justice for Ilan Halimi, the 23-year-old Jewish man who was abducted, tortured and killed near Paris by an organised and dangerous gang.

The spontaneous gathering failed to get support from any Jewish organization.

Where are the Jewish organizations? Didn't they learn anything from the Jewish Councils of Nazi Germany? DO NOT BACK DOWN NOW!

UPDATE February 22:

Anti-Semitic motive finally admitted in the kidnap-murder of Ilan Halimi, 23, in Paris
Prime minister Dominique de Villepin promised Tuesday that the truth of the crime will be uncovered.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jewish Men Targeted In France; KIdnapped, Brutal Torture,Murder

Friend and colleague of Naomi Ragen, journalist Nidra Poller, brings to our attention something you won't hear in the media.

A French gang is targeting Jewish men, and recently kidnapped and brutally tortured and murdered a 23 year-old Jewish man named Ilan in Paris. His mutilated body was found by the railroad tracks.  Once again French authorities are belittling the racist nature of this crime, even though evidence points to those involved being North African and three of the four known previous attempted kidnappings targeted Jewish men.

Below, how the crime is being reported, followed by Nidra's analysis of the facts.

============================================================ =====

DOSSIER: a 23 year-old Jewish man was enticed, trapped, held for 3 ½ weeks, tortured to death in the banlieue of Paris.

Below is a faithful translation of a newspaper article:

Le Figaro 15 February 2006

“A young man was kidnapped and tortured to death.

“Ilan, 23 years old, fell victim to an organized gang, enticed by a customer in a cell phone shop in Paris.  Left for dead by his torturers, who had handcuffed and gagged him, he died on his way to the hospital.”

Click below to read the whole story

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