Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Danish Cartoons: New York University Submits to Dhimmitude

Ayn Rand Institute: NYU's Surrender Underscores Need to Display Danish Cartoons

I am scheduled to attend the Ayn Rand Institute's panel discussion tomorrow night on the Free Speech,Danish Cartoons controversy at New York University. I just received the missive from the institute. Needless to say, I am ................speechless;

NYU's Surrender Underscores Need to Display Danish Cartoons

Irvine, CA--"In a seemingly mundane decision, New York University has sacrificed the principle underlying its flourishing and the survival of civilization--free speech," said Dr. Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute. NYU is refusing to protectJyllandsposten_muhammad_drawings_danisis_5 a student group's right to display the Danish cartoons of Mohammad at a panel discussion on free speech on March 29.

The group's event was to be open to the public, but at the last minute NYU retreated. Under the pretense of maintaining campus security, the administration contradicted its own stated policy on free speech by requiring that, if the cartoons are displayed, the event be limited only to "members of the NYU community." The student group now must turn away more than 150 members of the public who had planned to attend the panel.

"The university's shameful appeasement of Muslim and anti-free-speech groups--which have vowed to protest the event--underscores the urgent need to display the cartoons in defense of freedom of speech," said Dr. Brook.

"Free speech protects the rational mind: it is the freedom to think, to reach conclusions and express one's views without fear of coercion of any kind. And it must include the right to express unpopular and offensive views, including outright criticism of religion. NYU--which like other universities grants tenure to protect intellectual freedom--ought to recognize the crucial importance of this principle and defend it.

"If intimidation and threats are allowed to compel writers, cartoonists, thinkers and institutions of learning into self-censorship, the right to free speech is lost. If Muslims are allowed to pressure critics of Islam into silence, critics of religion will be next. And then everyone else."

Panel Discussion on the Danish Cartoons

Panelists: Peter Schwartz, former chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ayn Rand Institute and author of The Foreign Policy of Self-Interest: A Moral Ideal for America; Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education; Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims; and Jonathan Leaf, New York Press editor who resigned over his paper's decision not to publish the Danish cartoons.

Moderator: Dr. Harry Binswanger, professor of philosophy and member of the Board of Directors of the Ayn Rand Institute.

What is planned: (1) A display of the controversial Danish cartoons depicting Mohammad. (2) A panel discussion and Q & A on the meaning of the worldwide reaction to the cartoons.

Where: New York University, 60 Washington Square South at NYU Kimmel Center, Eisner and Lubin Auditorium (4th Floor), NY, NY 10012

When: March 29, 2006, 7 to 10 PM

Summary: ARI's Peter Schwartz will participate in a panel discussion on the Mohammad cartoon controversy. He will explain: Why the eruption of violence and the issuance of death threats make completely irrelevant the question of whether the cartoons are in bad taste. Why the idea that freedom of the press must be "coupled with press responsibility" means that free speech is not a right, but a fleeting permission. Why every Western newspaper and media outlet should have immediately re-published or shown the cartoons in solidarity with the cartoonists. Why the cowardly and appeasing response of many Western governments--including our own--will only invite further aggression. Other panelists will present their own views.

So does this mean I can't go?  This New York City damn it!

"I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York's skyline. The sky over New York and the will of man made visible. I feel that if a war came to threaten this, I would like to throw myself into space, over the city, and protect these buildings with my body." Ayn Rand

Goodbye Europe, Hello Eurabia

More depressing editorial on the death of Europe. They are letting it all go;

Europe's botched civilization, perverted by socialism and lost faith, seems to have lost the will, the passion to sustain itself. If it continues to practice today's multiculturalist leftism, Europe's demographic doom will be sealed. Some harbingers:

  • In Brussels, Belgium, the most popular name for baby boys is now Mohammad. Sustaining the population of a nation requires that on average each couple gives birth to 2.1 children. The average European couple now has fewer than 1.4 babies, compared to 3.6 babies born to the average Muslim immigrant couple in Europe. Across Western Europe 16 to 20 percent of babies are being born into Muslim families.
  • In France at least 12 percent of the population is already Muslim, the fruits mostly of immigrants from former French colonies in North Africa. If present birth trends continue, by 2030 a quarter of France's people will be Muslim, more than enough to determine who controls the national parliament and executive. As this columnist recently noted, the nuclear-armed French military is already 15 percent Muslim. Adjacent Switzerland is now 20 percent Muslim.
  • The German newspaper Deutsche Welle days ago reported that Germany's birth rate in 2005 fell to a level lower than at the end of World War II, to a "historic low," more than fifty percent lower than those of France and Great Britain. But at a meeting this week in Berlin that brought together the interior ministers of six European nations, Germany's leftwing Social Democrats continued to oppose the application of any test or standard that would restrict who could migrate into Germany.

The burgeoning Muslim population within Europe is not evenly spread. It is largely concentrated in and around big cities, whose local politicians feel its pressure acutely and often bend to that pressure. In the Netherlands the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam nearly have Muslim majorities now.

These Islamic enclaves are already taking on the character of conquered provinces that no longer belong to the European countries around them

[...] What Europe is doing in the meanwhile is preaching the need for press freedom and tolerance while preparing this June to prosecute, in Paris, famed Italian journalist Orianna Fallaci for daring to write a book, The Force of Reason, critical of the Muslim immigrant inundation of Europe. In today's Europe free speech is stifled by laws that prohibit Political Incorrectness in a wide and arbitrary variety of ways.

Europe has stopped rising Islamic tides before, in battle in southern France in 732 by the knights of Charles Martel, "The Hammer," and twice at the gates of Vienna in 1529 and 1683 by holding off the Ottoman Turks. Spain even rolled back its Muslim occupiers with the Reconquista of 1492, and Greece, the cradle of Western democracy, won back its independence from Muslim rule in 1829. Read it all

Danish Cartoon Jihad Analysis

Extraordinary insight and overview by Henrick Bering over at The Weekly Standard

The U.N. Plays With Lego

COPENHAGEN, March 28, 2006


Increasing numbers of Danes are beginning to realize that in the fight against Islamofascism, fence-sitting is not an option.

(Weekly Standard) This column was written by Henrik Bering.
Artists are often praised for their ability to peer into the future. When the hysteria over the Danish Muhammad cartoons was at its height last month, another cartoon circulated on the Internet depicting a Lego "Danish embassy" playset — complete with embassy ablaze, Danish flags going up in smoke, and little Lego Islamists carrying placards that read "Europe the cancer, Islam the Answer." In linking Lego toys, a symbol of Denmark and of childhood innocence, with the campaign of hatred against Denmark sweeping through the Arab world, the cartoonist was more prescient than we knew.

Because who could have guessed that Lego would indeed find itself sucked into the controversy? In connection with its International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21, the Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights issued an antiracism poster. Under the headline "Racism takes many shapes," it featured a very red and very recognizable Lego building block.

Lego and the Danish foreign ministry immediately protested, and the agency had to cancel the poster. Afterwards, a U.N. spokesman disingenuously claimed that the use of the building block had been entirely accidental, and with a smirk apologized if this had hurt Danish feelings. Unfortunately for Lego, you can't sue the United Nations.

The Lego poster incident is just one of the international humiliations heaped on Denmark, which finds itself in its greatest foreign policy crisis since World War II. The current Arab campaign against Denmark is seen as a warning to the bigger European nations.
Autocratic regimes in the Middle East have a general interest in discouraging Western pressures for liberalization, while fundamentalists have a particular interest in presenting opposition to political Islam as an attack on the beliefs of ordinary Muslims.

In fact, Denmark has once before been the target of Arab wrath. In 1973, during the OPEC oil crisis, Prime Minister Anker Jørgensen cautiously suggested that Israel had a right to defend its borders. The Arab countries immediately upped their prices an extra notch especially for the Danes, who remember that as a rather cold winter. Not surprisingly, in the present crisis, the backing of Denmark's fellow E.U. members has been less than staunch.

The current anti-Danish campaign is well-coordinated and plays out on many fronts and forums. The special rapporteur for the U.N.'s Human Rights Commission, the Senegalese Doudou Diene, released his latest report on racism, discrimination, xenophobia, and intolerance in February. He devotes several pages to the Muhammad cartoons published by the Jyllands-Posten newspaper and portrays Denmark as a nation that is profoundly hostile toward foreigners. The fact that Diene has never set foot in Denmark and that his accusations are unsubstantiated does not strengthen the report's credibility.

The absurdity of being called out by the U.N.'s notoriously corrupt human rights establishment is heightened by the fact that Denmark has been a model supporter of the U.N., always volunteering for U.N. projects and urging respect for international norms. Some Danes hope that this naive belief in the United Nations may be giving way to a more realistic appraisal of the nature of the organization.

The past week, the focus shifted to Bahrain, site of a major conference of 300 leading Islamic lights. Not to miss out on the fun, some of the Danish imams who started the whole anti-Danish campaign went on a fresh mission to the Middle East. On their first trip back in December, you may remember, they slipped a few incendiary cartoons of their own into the briefing folder and spread the rumor that the Koran was being burned in the streets of Copenhagen.

This time around, they were in Bahrain at the International Conference for Supporting the Prophet, ostensibly on a mission to persuade their fellow imams to end the boycott of Denmark. But their image as conciliators was badly shaken when, at the same time they were in Bahrain, a French documentary aired showing a spokesman for the traveling imams, Ahmed Akkari, on camera suggesting that the leader of Denmark's Democratic Muslims organization, a moderate member of parliament named Naser Khader, should be blown up if he enters the government.

"If he becomes Foreign or Integration Minister, we should send a couple of guys to blow up both him and the ministry," Akkari said, not knowing he was on camera. Danish police are now trying to decide whether the threats were made "in jest," as Akkari subsequently claimed. A tiny man with a scraggly beard and a high-pitched voice, Akkari had not previously been known as a great comedian.

In the same footage, Akkari's fellow imams Sheikh Raed Hlayel and Abu Bilal state that the campaign of hatred should be kept up against the Jyllands-Posten, which they describe as "owned and run by Jews." Incidentally, that was also the position of the conference's main speaker and most prominent figure, the learned Yusuf al-Qaradawi, whose weekly Al Jazeera program reaches an audience of 50 million. "Of course the boycott must continue. It must continue until the Danish government apologizes." More here

Monday, March 27, 2006

Danish Cartoons: Civilization vs Barbarism

The The White House issued a craven “we feel your pain” statement, this was a huge disappointment and an even bigger mistake. America and the media should have come out immediately in favor of freedom of the press.

Surrender to the frothing Mullahs, even under the guise of forming a more perfect multicultural union, will do nothing to ameliorate the problems revealed in the Muslim response to the cartoons, and will ultimately make things even worse for all of the Muslims worth saving from the Dark Ages. But even here the author does his purported constituency a profound disservice, though he may actually have done his readers the favor of clarification. For it is true that the masses who turned out to protest the cartoons, who burned European and American consulates all over the Muslim world, who carried banners promising butchery to anyone bold enough to break a ludicrous religious taboo – all these angry young men and women were surely not all jihadists in the Zarqawi sense, nor were they “extreme” in that they represented a departure from the average Muslim’s view of things.

What the cartoon fracas has revealed is both much more and much less than a “clash of civilizations.” In a way it is simply an updated example of civilization versus barbarism, the former represented by a flawed but ultimately decent secular modernity which enshrines skepticism and doubt and does not think societies should be organized around sacred texts written for tribal peoples millennia ago. The latter deifies suicide murderers, enslaves its women, and publishes routinely in both private and state-run presses the most vile slanders and caricatures on Jews and Hindus. “Clash of civilizations” assumes that two civilizations of equal status are in conflict. But the sad truth is this: a people, jihadist or not, that can't read something offensive to its faith without resorting to an auto-da-fe, is not civilized. Read it all 

Ghastly Implications BY MARK STEYN

Fate conspires to remind us what this war is really about: civilizational confidence. And so history repeats itself: first the farce of the Danish cartoons, and now the tragedy — a man on trial for his life in post-Taliban Afghanistan because he has committed the crime of converting to Christianity.

[...]As always, we come back to the words of Osama bin Laden: “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.” That’s really the only issue: the Islamists know our side have tanks and planes, but they have will and faith, and they reckon in a long struggle that’s the better bet. Most prominent western leaders sound way too eager to climb into the weak-horse suit and audition to play the rear end.

Consider, for example, the words of the Prince of Wales, speaking a few days ago at al-Azhar University in Cairo. This is “the world’s oldest university”, though what they learn there makes the average Ivy League nuthouse look like a beacon of sanity. Anyway, this is what His Royal Highness had to say to 800 Islamiuc “scholars”:    

“The recent ghastly strife and anger over the Danish cartoons shows the danger that comes of our failure to listen and to respect what is precious and sacred to others. In my view, the true mark of a civilized society is the respect it pays to minorities and to strangers.”

   That’s correct. But the reality is our society pays enormous respect to minorities — President Bush holds a month-long Ramadan-a-dingdong at the White House every year; the immediate reaction to the slaughter of 9/11 by the President, the Prince, the Prime Ministers of Britain, Canada and everywhere else was to visit a mosque to demonstrate their great respect for Islam. One party to this dispute is respectful to a fault: after all, to describe the violence perpetrated by Muslims over the Danish cartoons as the “recent ghastly strife” barely passes muster as effete Brit toff understatement.

Descent into Dhimmitude (read it all)

[...}few reporters have ventured to describe the increasingly hostile climate that Muslim extremists had succeeded in creating in Denmark before the publication. In fact, an examination of Jyllands-Posten's own pages reveals why its editors likely decided to publish the cartoons in the first place -- as well as why the obscurantist rioters were so confident that they would prevail.

In late 2004 -- a University of Copenhagen professor of Moroccan Jewish descent -- was kidnapped in broad daylight and brutally beaten by three Muslim youths for the "crime" of having read from the Quran during a lecture. A few months later, a Danish publisher used anonymous translators for an essay collection critical of Islam for fear that any named assistant would suffer a similar fate. And in an incident immediately preceding Jyllands-Posten's decision to run the cartoons as a test of self-censorship, Danish artists refused to illustrate a children's book about Muhammad.

Continue reading "Danish Cartoons: Civilization vs Barbarism" »

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Danish Cartoons: Freedom Rally in London Shows Spine

Good on everyone of those brave 200 freedom lovers;


LONDON -- About 200 people have turned out for a free-speech demonstration inJyllandsposten_muhammad_drawings_danisis_4 central London. And some of them carried posters of the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that infuriated much of the Muslim world.

Protest organizers had originally invited protesters to display the images on banners and T-shirts. But they later withdrew that invitation to avoid alienating sympathetic Muslims.

The reversal prompted hundreds of angry Internet responses from people who called it political censorship.

Some demonstrators showed their support for the cartoons by carrying signs saying “Stop Toonophobia.'' Others draped themselves in Danish flags.

Nine men identified by police as Muslim counter-protesters were escorted away.

And I can almost guarantee that these were amateurs, regular folks not professional protesters that emerge upon command. I saw this at the New York Rally.

UPDATE: J and Jonz of Infidels Bloggers Alliance, my bloghome away from bloghome, were there and have gthe pics and the 411 here;



More pics here; favorite line

"police make sure they have enough evidence to convict people for resisting dhimmitude"

And Samizdata has an excellent coverage

Friday, March 24, 2006

DANISH CARTOONS: First American Magazine Cover

First American Magazine to has dared to display the most controversial
Danish cartoon of Muhammad...right on its front cover. I am proud to know you, Roberto. Good on ya, baby. You should have run my piece in this issue.

In Eurabia they grovel and submit; Sweden Defends Closing Cartoon Web Site

The following essay is by the Norwegian blogger Fjordman (yes yes he's back!). He used to have his own blog which he discontinued for personal reasons last December, but from now on he will occasionally post on The Brussels Journal.

When Danes Pay Danegeld – Dealing with Islam in Scandinavia

Danish Imam Reveals `Martyr Action' Plot, Danmarks Radio Says

UPDATE March 25; More submission and dhimmitude in Eurabia. The Islamist will not give up.

Free-speech protest backs away from the controversial Prophet Muhammad cartoons

LONDON Organizers of a free-speech demonstration in central London have withdrawn their open invitation for protesters to display the controversial Prophet Muhammad cartoons

Thursday, March 23, 2006

CARTOON IMAM: Danes must submit to our will, that or we'll kill'em

Danes must apologise to Muslims to end boycott - imam
MANAMA (Reuters) - Danish imams attending an Islamic scholars meeting in Bahrain will not call for a halt to a Muslim boycott of their country's goods until Danes apologise for cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, an imam said on Thursday.

I'd sooner take the gas pipe.

The Danish Imam Ahmed Akkari consider killing Danish politician on hidden camera.

Russia's Federal Security Service closes down Pravda.Ru's Russian version over Danish caricatures

Hey Ruskies, remember the children of Beslan, you savages.

UPDATE: Dhimmitude in Amerabia here 

A toy rabbit, pastel-colored eggs and a sign with the words "Happy Easter" were removed from the lobby of the City Council offices, because of concerns they might offend non-Christians.

Waking Colossus

UPDATE: Danish police to probe imam's bomb threats


Women's organisations angry because of Arla-ads By PETER SCHOLLERT and ELSE BOELSKIFTE

Arla Foods risks a new boycott, this time in the homeland shops

Danish women's organizations are angry, because Arla in an ad in Saudi-Arabia and other Golf states is distancing itself from Morgenavisen Jyllands-Postens Muhammed-drawings and expresses respect for islamic values: "...the years, we have had in your world, have taught us, that justice and tolerance are fundamental values in Islam."

I said it here, BOYCOTT ARLA (if can live without LURPAK so must you).

I don't know about you but I AM BOYCOTTNG ARLA (Lurpak, Puck, The Three Cows and Dano.) Spineless, dickless, dhimmis.



Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Eurabia, Dhimmi UN and the Cartoon Jihad: Leggo my Lego

Lego complains about UN anti-racism poster 

Danish toy maker Lego today said it felt wrongly accused of being racist by a UN anti-discrimination poster showing what looked like one of the company’s famousLego_danish_cartoon_2 building blocks.

The poster reads “Racism takes many shapes” and shows the picture of a jigsaw puzzle next to a red brick.

It was launched by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

“We feel that the message of this poster can be interpreted as if we are a racist company,” Lego spokeswoman Charlotte Simonsen said in Copenhagen.

Sandmonkey tells all here and IMHO, despite the best and the brightest, the UN is unapologetically fatally flawed.

And the Dhimmi of the Day award goes to:
Prince Charles criticizes Danish cartoons

UPDATE: Dhimmi of the day is a TIE  between The irrelevant Prince of Londonstan and UN Special Rapporteur   

Doudre Diene says " Denmark is a xenophobic country, ruled by racist overlods, read it here The irony here is that Denmark is perhaps the most liberal, open, and least xenophobic country on that continent but why should facts get in the way of UN logic, eh? - Atlas

[Oh and btw, where does  the UN get all those bullshit titles? Rapporteur? I mean, really.-They have waaaay too much money to burn, so  many idjuts on the payroll,  so little airtime  -- Atlas]

Dhimmi runner up: I am a Muslim before I am a woman. So is that the M chromosome?

""I'm a Muslim, a woman and also Dutch," she continued. "What upsets people is that I'm a Muslim first."" More here too

UPDATE 3/22/06: It appears likely that Europe will be the next major battleground in the Long War.

The Jihadis, following public humiliation on their own home ground, will need a means of proving that they’re still in the game, and Europe is vulnerable. It abuts directly against ancient Muslim homelands at several points, has a substantial and unintegrated Muslim population, has offered active Jihadis sanctuary within its borders, has pursued reckless immigration and security policies, and has supped with the Devil through its open support of Saddam Hussein (paid for with Iraqi oil funds) and Muslim terror organizations such as Al Fatah and Hamas.

Many observers believe it’s already too late, that Europe is one with Sumeria and Byzantium, that all that remains is the funeral procession. They point to the numbers of native births – below replacement level of 2.1 children per couple in almost every country—compared to those of Muslim immigrants, which are two to three times higher, and echo Bernard Lewis’s now-famous prediction, “Europe will be Muslim by the end of the century.”

Europe in also unfortunate in that its overall government, the European Union, has established itself, in defiance of the experience of the past century, as the kind of managerial superstate proven unfeasible just about everywhere else on earth.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Cartoon Jihad: ARLA bends over, others follow

Yeah, not surprising when you glance ARLA's past and their notorious boycott of Israel. Over at Agora;

In a not-so-surprising move by Arla foods of Denmark, those of whining fame when the Battle of Khartoon first set in, Arla has launched a new advertising campaign in the Arab world. That’s not too bad in and of itself. BUT. They’ve decided to go about it by printing this statement in Arab newspapers together with TV commercials:Arla_1

Arla Foods Distancing itself from the Cartoons

Statement from Arla Food.

At Arla Foods we feel that it is our duty to bring to your attention our position onJyllandsposten_muhammad_drawings_danish__1 the unfortunate event which took place a few months ago. We are also addressing the conference for International Support for the Prophet to take place on March 22 and 23 2006 to explain our point of view

Arla foods distances itself from the act of Jyllands-Posten in choosing to print caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed and we do not share the newspaper’s reasons for doing so.

Having been in the Middle East for 40 years, participating as an active and integrated part of the community, we understand that you feel offended. Our presence in the region has brought us knowledge of your culture, values and your religion, Islam. This understanding has been the basis of our being able to provide you with good products of the highest quality and with the taste you demand through many years. We have built brands such as Lurpak, Puck, The Three Cows and Dano through your confidence in our products. Therefore we understand and respect your reaction, leading to the boycott of our products as a result of the irresponsible and unfortunate incident.

Clearly they capitulated;

That most fabulous Egyptian Sandmonkey in the desert reported on the inevitable "BLAME THE JOOOOS" here;


Apparently in order for Arla Foods - the producer of Lurpak and lots of danish chesse- to resume their markets and operations in the Middle East, they have to promise not to do any business with Israel - not trade goods with them, and not use their ports or anything of that nature. How messed up is that?

I don't know about you but I AM BOYCOTTNG ARLA (Lurpak, Puck, The Three Cows and Dano.) Spineless, dickless, dhimmis.


Hodja blog reported
To gain contracts in Middle-East countries Danish firms have signed contracts not to trade with Israel for several years. If Danish firms have done so - which other firms from EU and the US? Arla - the Danish dairy firm - says today - that such contracts are pure routine.

Maybe the time has come to check who you are dealing with - and who you are not dealing with.My Danish friends are embarrassed. To be honest, our Israeli readers have already provided us with some inkling about this. So, I am glad it is out in the open and, hopefully, will lead to a major rethinking on the part of the companies.

In other pathetic developments in the cartoon jihad;


Having shown courage by welcoming George W. Bush and cutting a landmark strategic deal with him, PM Singh is trying to appease his unhappy Muslim constituents by appealing to their most fanatical members. He stooped to "delaying" the visit of Danish PM Rasmussen to India. Radha Kumar writes:

Whatever happened to the steely resolve with which the Indian government pushed ahead, in the teeth of stiff opposition, with the nuclear deal? It appears to have vanished in the case of the Danish prime minister’s proposed visit. . . .Judith has more here

Stand up and be heard here; Unveiling the Danish Cartoons: A Discussion on Free Speech and WorldReaction from the Ayn Rand Institute, of course

UPDATE: Protestor shot dead in cartoon demo

Friday, March 17, 2006

Cartoon Jihad: Journalist Facing Death Penalty Speaks

Contrary to reports in The New York Times (are they evvvvvvil  or  blinded by agenda?) al-Asadi is facing the death penalty for publishing the innocuous cartoons. The limp left dhimmi  press stands silent holding its pud in its clammy hands. Here is the translation provided by Agora;

Mohammed al-Asadi gave this interview which was published today, to the Danish newspaper Information’s correspondent in Cairo. He was released on bail February 22, following international pressure. Al-Asadi is still in good health and managed on March 10 to leave Yemen to attend a journalists’ conference. Contrary to some reports he is facing the death penalty as this article makes clear. He intends to return to Yemen to fight the good fight.

It’s not my Prophet

“I don’t regret printing those cartoons. I was defending the Prophet, I was defending Islam against those who wish to use the religion to create conflicts and maintain their grip on power,” says Mohammed al-Asadi - the editor in chief of The Yemen Observer who is now on trial for his life for having printed three of the Danish Mohammed cartoons.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Danish Cartoons: Dhimmitude in America

A sad day for this country, a sad day indeed. Little by little, step by step - these are the real freedoms we as Americans are losing. Not the Patriot Act, not listening to Al Qaeda's conversations. This is the real loss of freedom. Think about it.

An editor who chose to publish caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in the University of Illinois' student-run newspaper last month has been fired, the paper's publisher announced Tuesday.

Acton H. Gorton was suspended, with pay, from The Daily Illini days after the Feb. 9 publication of the cartoons, which sparked Muslim protests around the world after they first appeared in a Danish newspaper.More here


UPDATE: It gets worse. Jenette Sturges, acting opinions editor (Acton Gorton's replacement) at the Daily Illini writes here

"I can¹t help but to think that this has something to do with my job. For once, I really feel almost important, an indispensible part of a team, all that crap. I may or may not find out about the fate of my two bosses tonight, by the way.

"Last night, the editorial board met with three Muslim professors on campus. They were super nice and very smart, and very good at explaining their side of the whole thing. It looks as though I might get my chance to implement Ethics and Sensitivity training for the reporters and editors. The editorial board is also going to visit the Masjid Mosque and Islamic Center for a forum this Friday night. (We¹ve all agreed to drink green beer in the morning, sober up, go to the mosque, and then drink later.)" hat tip Irwin


Cash and a car for the blood of Danish cartoonists

Chicago: Rally for Denmark and Free Speech

Rally for Denmark and Free Speech  in Chicago today pictures here

With their dirty looks, the taxi drivers ensured that they...got no Danish Butter Cookies.But the pro-Danes got more supportive gestures than dirty looks, including the traditional airhorn blast from a passing teamster in his big rig.

"Solidarity with Denmark, Death to Fascism" Chris Hitchens

Monday, March 13, 2006

War Between "the West" and Islam: "Islam will win"

Krekar claims Islam will win

Norway's most controversial refugee, Mullah Krekar, told an Oslo newspaper on Monday that there's a war going on between "the West" and Islam. He said he's sure that Islam will win, and he also had praise for suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

We're the ones who will change you," Krekar told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet in his first interview since an uproar broke out over cartoons deemed offensive to Muslims. [They already have haven't they, American media and  Eurabian media submitting to dhimmitude, afraid to publish the toons - Atlas]

"Just look at the development within Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes," Krekar said. "Every western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same countries are producing 3.5 children.

"By 2050, 30 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim."

Geez, that's not a wake-up call, thats a club to the head. Yup, read it all And go over to Agora, he has the full interview here

UPDATE: Here in the states, universities teach dhimmi wuss 101 but the students say "Call what it is" ........I just love those krazy kids 
hat tip Phil

Continue reading "War Between "the West" and Islam: "Islam will win"" »

Danish Cartoons: Good on ya, Canada!

Canada taking baby steps towards freedom. Rejects suicide. Proud of our northern neighbor!

More than 100 demonstrators took to the streets in Toronto on Saturday to support free speech.

TIMELINE: Muhammad cartoons

They were protesting against the sometimes violent riots that targeted Denmark and its embassies after a Danish newspaper published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad last year. The strong reaction to the cartoons has highlighted the conflict between the Western ideal of freedom of speech and what some Muslims say is a blasphemous offence against a religious figure. The Toronto demonstrators marched in front of the Danish consulate, where former TV news anchor Peter Kent said "any democracy worth its salt should be strong enough to endure the most controversial speech."

U.S. press has been timid in Muslim cartoon dispute

Toon suit: No more toons! hat tip govt consulting

UPDATE March 13: Pictures here from the Support for Denmark Rally in Toronto hat tip Cinnamon


The Chicago Rally for Denmark and Free Speech is tomorrow, March 14, between noon and 1 p.m. in front of the Danish Consulate, 211 E. Ontario St. (by St. Clair St.).  POSTED HERE Chicago Craigslist

If you take pics, I'll Post Them.........but yer free arses to the rally. Stand up for what you believe.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

University Newspaper "JEWS ARE BLOODSUCKERS"

Uni newspaper calls Jews 'bloodsuckers'

THE University of Western Sydney has been enveloped in a race row over a student newspaper article which refers to Jewish people as "bloodsuckers".

An outraged Jewish community has demanded an apology for the "anti-semitic"Israeli_flag_antisemitic2 comments published by student and UWS board member Luke Fomiatti.

Vice Chancellor Janice Reid has been forced to write to almost 40,000 students and staff stating the article - in the university newspaper The Western Onion - was unacceptable.

The front page spread includes anti-Jewish drawings and refers to "a vampire with a Star of David tattoo drinking the blood of a young boy labelled Europe".

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies president David Knoll has written to Mr Fomiatti saying the article sought to "dehumanise Jews by resorting to the offensive language and disgusting illustrations which were a tool of Nazi Germany".

"To say that the Jewish community is appalled by the racist material that appeared on the front page ... is an understatement," Mr Knoll said.

Where are the worldwide protests? Where are the demonstrations? Where are the marching Jews setting fires to embassies and government buildings? Where are the murdered? Where are the dead? Where are the apologies? Where is the moral indignation? Where is the outrage? *SPIT*

Friday, March 10, 2006

Danish Cartoon Jihad: Leggo my Lego

Muslim clerics demand Danish apology to end boycott Reuters Lego_danish_cartoon
Only an official apology by the Danish government to all Muslims for offence caused by the Prophet Mohammad cartoons will prompt the lifting of the boycott of Danish goods, Muslim preachers said on Friday.

The demand for an apology is a demand to submit to dhimmitude. It is an important act of submission. DON'T DO IT, do not move that line in the sand even further.  Do not empower the savages of Radical Extremism.

French, Danish and UK embassies attacked in Iran
Of course, Iran. They are behind the all of the "spontaneous" protests.

Then They Came for the Cheese...
** An Egyptian Copt has been arrested for munching on Danish cheese! **

Big Pharoah reported on this horrible story earlier this week link :

The man, who owns a shop, was seen by neighbors while eating Danish cheese. They asked him why he's not boycotting Denmark and he answered that he's just not boycotting it. Later members of Egypt's notorious National Security police arrived at his place and asked him to go with them.

Who's next?  Toddlers playing with Legos?

Big Pharoah also linked to an audio interview with the family (Not in English) HERE. hat tip Tom

It's in America too, looking to stoke the fires until a tipping point is reached;

Professor censored over Muhammad cartoons

Muslim students protest column in student newspaper

Jyllandsposten_muhammad_drawings_danish_ A student's column in the Oregon State University campus newspaper has prompted protests by Muslim students, who say it is offensive to their faith.

The piece headlined "The Islamic Double Standard" was written by OSU microbiology student Nathanael Blake and published in the Daily Barometer on Feb. 8.

The column accused Muslims of expecting special treatment after a Danish newspaper published cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. Riots over the cartoons amounted to "savagery," Blake said. "Bluntly put, we expect Muslims to behave barbarously," his column said.

The Jyllands-Posten Cartoons Controversy (Campus Magazine Online)

The Muhammad cartoon controversy is not going away.

UPDATE: Eurabia 6pm

The City of Antwerp, governed by a coalition of Socialists, Liberals, Green and Christian-Democrats, has requested that the Belgian courts prosecute a member of the city council for the Vlaams Belang, the largest party in town and the only opposition. The Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR), a tax-funded government inquisition office that under Belgian law has the competence to prosecute for discrimination and incitement to hatred, has also started a prosecution.

The councillor’s crime? He forwarded an e-mail that has been circulating widely on the internet for weeks. The councillor wrote:

A Danish website offers apologies to all “offended” Muslims. Here is what it says:
We’re sorry we gave you shelter when war drove you from your home country…
We’re sorry we took you in when others rejected you…
We’re sorry we gave you the opportunity to get a good education…
We’re sorry we gave you food and a home when you had none…
We’re sorry we let you re-unite with your family when your homeland was no longer safe…
We’re sorry we never forced you to work while WE paid all your bills…
We’re sorry we gave you almost FREE rent, phone, internet, car and school for your 10 kids…
We’re sorry we build you Mosques so you could worship your religion in our Christian land…
We’re sorry we never forced you to learn our language after staying 30 years…
We’re sorry for everything else…
And we’re sorry for having to say sorry…!

The councillor says that he forwarded the e-mail to friends, but the Antwerp municipal authorities say he also sent it to civil servants with Arab names. If that is true then that is not a very nice thing to do, but the councillor is not a nice person. Even then, it is not illegal to send e-mails to civil servants with Arab names. But under Belgian law it is illegal to send racist e-mails. According to the Belgian autorities the Danish text is racist. Do not pass it on to Belgians. You will be sorry if you do.

If the councillor is found guilty he can be sentenced to jail and will lose the right to vote and stand for elections. More here Brussels Journal hat tip TOM

UPDATE: Next They Came for the Folk Dancers, the Kites and ..... This week's list of banned activities by Radical Isla

In India... Rubiya's parents have encouraged her to dance although the local mosque has shunned the family....because she is practising Indian classical dance.

In Pakistan... The government of Pakistan has banned flying kites for most of the year....This does not upset Fundamentalist groups in Pakistan who believe that flying kites is un-Islamic!

Read it all here at Gateway Pundit Hat tip TOM

UPDATE: Cinnamon Stillwell was at today's Rally in Support of the Danish in San Francisco here

UPDATE: I love supporting these guys.

Dutch court convicts Muslim terror group members

A Dutch court convicted nine Muslims on Friday of belonging to a terrorist group because they incited hatred for non-Muslims, in a ruling that sets a framework for prosecuting potential terrorists before they act.

Two of the men were convicted of attempted murder for throwing hand grenades during a standoff with police and given sentences of 15 and 13 years respectively

UPDATE March 11th: Rally at Danish consulate in Toronto in support of publication of cartoons

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hate Mail and Threats

I get a great deal of hate mail and threats as you can well imagine. Can anyone out there track down this IP address for me? I want to report "Karl"  to the authorities for threatening me. Oh yeah, and btw "Karl" I am expert shot.........and I carry.

Dear Pamela:

A new comment has been submitted to your weblog "Atlas Shrugs," on the post "Cartoon Jihad: Ayn Rand Institute Fights for Free Speech."

Comment from:

Name: Karl


Hello my little piglet. Anybody buy you your trashy looking Cartier watch yet? Didn't think so.

I decided to perform an experiment that I hope will prove to you that Muslims aren't as bad as you say. I will be sending a screenshot of the cartoons you posted, and link to your site to the five most extreme Muslim websites I can Google up. If you're still alive in April, then you will know you were wrong about the Muslims.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mark Your Calenders: FREEDOM MARCH

Clear your calendar March 15th: 1pm to 6pm and spread the word.

The Walk will begin March 15 in front of UN headquarters in New York and finish in a rally in front of the White House in Washington, D.C. on April 5.

Come to the UN, and if you can, walk to Fort Lee on March 15th with the marchers. Check the schedule and join in along the way, even if it's just for a mile. If you live in NJ, join them there.    

It's not just about the Sudan, it's about jihad. This is a protest against an Islamic government which brutally enforces Islam. This is an important wakeup call for people who believe appeasement is a "safe" option.

"The war in the Sudan is all about jihad, religion and culture. The rule of jihad is peace or war – your choice... When you accept to become a Muslim you will be at peace. And if you reject Islam then you are at war." More here

"...the Arab regime of Khartoum sends its soldiers in the field to rape and murder because black African infidels are not judged to be entitled to human rights as defined by the international instruments. The ideology of jihad places infidels outside the law...in Sudan citizenship is based on religion, and only Muslims qualify. The laws relating to citizenship rights place the nation’s black African Christians at the bottom, in legal limbo without status or rights. Muslim men are first-class citizens. The second–class citizens of the Sudan are Arab Muslim men from any other Islamic country, and the third-class citizens are the Arab Muslim women."

excerpted from a 2005 speech by Simon Deng, an escaped slave who will
be there on Wednesday, and will be leading the march. Here is the link for the entire text of the speech here Hat tip Rona

UPDATE: March 9th

Sudan arrests two journalists for incitement AlertNet
KHARTOUM, March 9 (Reuters) - Sudan arrested two journalists after they published a story which reported on an offer to pay for the assassination of a top U.N. envoy, an employee of their newspaper said on Thursday.

Please walk with me on the 15th.

US insists on UN force to Sudan, ties aid to Darfur situation

The United States stepped up its calls for Sudan to accept a UN peacekeeping mission in its conflict-torn western Darfur region, and urged aid to the African country to be linked to progress there.

Of course, this is something Sudan does not want under any circumstances. It would impair their ability to conduct those merciless massacres of the infidels. They have given safe haven to al qaeda in Khartoum in exchange for ..........?

Cartoon Jihad: Ayn Rand Institute Fights for Free Speech


Unveiling the Danish Cartoons:
A Discussion on Free Speech and World Reaction

Who: Ayn Rand Institute president Yaron Brook and additional panelists.

What: (1). A display of the controversial Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed.
(2). A panel discussion and Q&A on the meaning of the worldwide reaction to the cartoons.

Where and When: UCLA, Los Angeles (March 10); Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (March 13); and USC, Los Angeles (April 10). For more detailed information go to: here

Summary: ARI's Yaron Brook will participate in a panel discussion on the Mohammed cartoon controversy. He will explain: Why the eruption of violence and the issuance of death threats make completely irrelevant the question of whether the cartoons are inAyn_rand_danish_cartoon bad taste. Why the idea that freedom of the press must be "coupled with press responsibility" means that free speech is not a right, but a fleeting permission. Why every Western newspaper and media outlet should have immediately re-published or shown the cartoons in solidarity with the cartoonists. Why the cowardly and appeasing response of many Western governments--including our own--will only invite further aggression. Other panelists will present their own views.

Op-Eds: The following editorials were released by the Ayn Rand Institute in response to the worldwide reaction to the Danish cartoons. Feel free to publish or quote from them:

Religious Terrorism vs. Free Speech 
Muslim death threats against Danish cartoonists echo Khomeini's 1989 fatwa on Salman Rushdie--a death threat renewed this month by Iran's mullahs. Combating such religious terrorism is a moral necessity. Here  

The Cartoon Jihad: Free Speech in the Balance
We must uncompromisingly defend the right to freedom of speech. Here

The Twilight of Freedom of Speech
The West's current failure to staunchly defend our freedom to speak and criticize is explained by the injunction to love our enemies. Here  

"Muslim Opinion" Be Damned
America's attempts to appease "Muslim opinion" are depraved and suicidal. Here

UPDATE: March 9th: Yemen Seeks Execution of Local Editor Over Muhammad Cartoons

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Screaming into the void; We Should Fear Holland's Silence, Times Online

Islamists are stifling debate in what was Europe’s freest country, says Douglas Murray

[...]The secrecy was necessary: I had come to Holland to talk about Islam.
Last weekend, four years after his murder, Pim Fortuyn’s political party, Lijst PimEurabia_10Fortuyn, held a conference in his memory on Islam and Europe. The organisers had assembled nearly all the writers most critical of Islam’s current manifestation in the West. The American scholars Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer were present, as were the Egyptian-Jewish exile and scholar of dhimmitude, Bat Ye’or, and the great Muslim apostate Ibn WarraqBoth Ye’or and Warraq write and speak under pseudonyms..

"Europe is shuffling into darkness. It is proving incapable of standing up to its enemies, and in an effort to accommodate the peripheral rights of a minority is failing to protect the most basic rights of its own people.

"The governments of Europe have been tricked into believing that criticism of a belief is the same thing as criticism of a race. And so it is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous to criticise a growing and powerful ideology within our midst. It may soon, in addition, be made illegal." Hat tip Robert D

UPDATE: Go over to Gates of Vienna for their latest The Bloody Borders Project here;

Back in December, the Baron wrote a post in which he mentioned Samuel Huntington’s well-known quote about Islam’s “bloody borders”. The imagery was graphic and startling. In my ignorance, I asked the Baron if he could draw a simple map delineating these boundaries. I wanted to be able to see these “fault lines”. I wanted to see if a pictorial representation would help me better to understand the reach and the destruction of what the Islamofascists have wrought.

The Baron reminded me that no such map could be made. Islamic terrorism takes place among, between, and inside many countries. The constant, vicious, lethal storm of Islamist violence stretches from equatorial Africa and the Barbary coast, across the Holy Land and the Arabian heartland, snaking through the mountains and plains of South Asia, making its way along the littoral of Indochina and the Indian Ocean, and ending in the archipelagos of the Pacific Rim.

Remember when we heard about “The New World Order”? Few of us envisioned a world order straight from the gates of hell. On that beautiful September day in 2001, the sky a deep cerulean blue, we watched bodies, people, people like you and me, leaping, jumping arm-in-arm, sailing through space. We never saw them land.

The Baron and Baroness have painstakingly put together this devastating map of Radical Islamic Attacks since 9/11..........using the formula developed by the  The Religion of Peace  (see my left  sidebar counter). This is a stunning overview of the  murder and mayhem perpetrated in the name of  Allah   

And so we come now to what I call The Bloody Borders Project. Or, on my bad days, “that bloody Bloody Borders Project.” Perhaps, as you view it, you too will be changed by what you see. You are seeing it because of all those falling bodies in New York City on that September day in 2001. How ignorant we were not to know that bodies had been falling, falling for years, all along those bloody borders.

Thank you Baron and Baroness, we are much in your debt.

Friday, March 03, 2006

First Look Support Denmark Rally NYC

Just off the street, here's a first look at the delicious Rally held in NYC in Support of Denmark - organized by Snark Smith -a lovelier group of freedom lovers you will never meet. So lovely in fact, someone was kind enough to serve Havarati cheese and crackers. So great.And so polite.

Large cross section of people that never protest, were not bussed in, came out on their own volition. In other words, these were not pros. As one woman pointed out to me, many of the attendees had never been to a protest or rally before. This was not staged. Grass Roots at the root.Bitter cold too.
More Video to follow........gotta get home

And while the rally started off slow, it was a good strong turnout, thats Judith of KesherTalk holding the sign.


Lisa Vincent, Iraq War blogger- StevenVincent's widow (see left sidebar  under True Heros) and make sure you catch her speech on the video when I post it later. She is an amazing woman carrying the torch for her husband, her country. 





Mary from the blog Exit Zero
(btw, I am cruising on the Grand Central Parkway as we speak)



Everyone spoke of their love of freedom, their unequivocal support of the Danes. There was a genuine concern that Denmark was taking an enormous amount of heat for a basic fundamental right. Very cool crowd.

At  one point the police (two fabi women) said we could not congregate in front of 2nd and 47th and we had to move (!) and so the roaming rally crossed the street to the promenade. I chatted on Alex who wrote this piece on the London bombings for Heyoka (an online mag). He was covering the event,  working on  a cartoon jihad piece for them as well.

There was no media. NONE. Imagine if it were a Muslim rally. No rent o'media here folks. NONE. But one sweet gentlemen showed up from The Statesman.



Across the street at the Dag Hammarskjöld (now there was a great UN Secretary General) plaza.



Great moment - when a ginormous 18 wheeler coming down Second Avenue starts blaring and toot toot tooting his horn in Solidarity with us.........crowd went wild.

Trying to ge tthat video up. I sent it over to Pajama Media, so maybe they can get their arms around it. I haven't videoed an event before so I am trying to upload the files to video egg. I am not tech girl.

Fellow LGFer Joseph sent me this happy pic of us ..........good to know you Joseph. He's a newbie to the blogosphere and loving it. Thanks for the shot.

I tried ordering a Danish flag off a Danish site and got this large flag streamer which, while unintended is very chic............up on my flagpole it will go.


Blogmeister has great coverage  here as does The Resplendent Mango,

Erudite  Jason, of the brilliant blog Liberty and Culture,  caught cool images for  The Infidels Bloggers Alliance, love the one of moi..........
The Invisible Hand was not, he was quite visible here.

Today, Friday Noon, Rally for Denmark, NYC ...Put Your Dancing Shoes On

Go over to Keshertalk, all the details here

Solidarity with Denmark rally - NYC


Solidarity with Denmark rally in Manhattan.

12:00 PM TO 1:00 PM.
outside the Danish consulate at One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza,
885 Second Avenue (at 47th St), New York

From the organizer:

I've been in touch with the consul-general himself, and he has graciously welcomed us. I promised the event would be as civilized and dignified as this noble cause demands, and in order to obviate a city permit, please note that NO electronically amplified sound equipment or bullhorns may be used. But signs and placards - the cleverer the better - are of course highly encouraged. Relevant cheeses, plastic toy building blocks and Shakespeare allusions also . . . . .

Pix and video from the D.C. rally last Friday.

"MANIFESTO: Together facing the new totalitarianism" (signed by Irshad Manji, Salman Rushdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and others)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Denmark Govt DENIES Cartoon Apology, Cartoonists, their Children Hunted

The Danes caved? After all of that for nothing? They groveled? They are licking Radical Islamic boot? There was  a false report of a similar apology, but this looks credible from Mark F in Qatar. Meanwhile,  the cartoonists and their children are hunted like animals. From Agora;

Daughter of Cartoonist sought out by 12 Me

A group of Moslem males have tried to get at the daughter of one of the 12 cartoonists who drew the cartoons of Muhammed at her school. The political spokesman of the Liberals, Jens Rohde, revealed this during an interview with TV-Avisen while explaining his and the Prime Minister’s attack on the business community in Denmark, charging that they have put profits over Freedom of Speech

Not at school

Rohde says that the 12 cartoonists have had their lives overturned and are now living in hiding, after receiving several death threats.

"And a daugter of one of the cartoonists was sought out by 12 Moslem males - they were looking to get to her. Fortunately she wasn’t at school," Jens Rohde said.

Source:: The Peninsula, Qatar's Leading English Daily;

DOHA: Denmark has officially apologised to Saudi Arabia on the issue of the 12Mohammad_cartoon_rage_1 blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) published by a Danish newspaper last September, according to Arabic web portal Ilaf based in London.  

Danish ambassador to Saudi Arabia Hans Klingenberg tendered his government’s apology to Muslims over the publication of the blasphemous cartoons in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten. 

The 12 cartoons were later reprinted in over 100 European magazines and newspapers, inviting the wrath and anger of Muslims all over the world.

The cartoons led to a boycott of Danish products in Muslim countries, including Qatar, and agitations in many countries had turned violent.

Cartoon_violence_2_2 Denmark’s apology came during a meeting with Saudi Consultative Council Chairman Salih bin Homaid who received the Danish ambassador in the Saudi capital in Riyadh, the Saudi Press Agency has reported.

The Danish ambassador said his country’s government and people denou-nced the insult to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

The latest move by the Danish government comes in the wake of Saudi Arabia’s request to the Danish government to give a satisfactory explanation about the delay in solving the cartoon crisis.

Huh? I will not rally for Denmark if they caved....uh uh, no way.

UPDATE: Agora says. NO WAY, the Danes did not cave, here, clearly developing story;

Ambassador denies apologising for Cartoons

The Danish Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Hans Klingenberg, denies having apologised for the Muhammed cartoons on behalf of the Danish government. The Saudi News Service, SPA, mistakenly reported this earlier today.

The article then goes into blah blag mode. I’ll translate it later when I have posted this. Here comes the interesting part:

He says that SPA’s report of the events does not match what he saw and that he would be a poor diplomat if he did not know of and report the Danish position on the cartoons.

"I deny having apologised on behalf of the Danish government, and I should know, shouldn’t I?" he says.

Yes, indeed, he ought to know. I got the story from an American soldier in Qatar so I assigned a level of validity to it I rarely would with the Islamic propaganda operations.
The apology story is false.

UPDATE: March 4th...........another retraction and correction from Agora here;

As the subject says. I am sorry to have misinformed you. I have updated the
article here:

Ok, this all turned out to be a hoax. Apparently, Jens Rohde misquoted the
information he got from the meeting he attended. Scroll down for the latest. I
will post an analysis of who I think have been incorrect later. So far, the
actual facts of the story are as follows:

Four weeks ago, 6-8 Moslem girls showed up at the school of the daughter of one
of the cartoonists, asking for "the daughter of the cartoonist who had insulted
their prophet". They were turned away at the door.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kofi Annan, STFU!

Danish daily attacks Annan
COPENHAGEN. Denmark’s largest daily Jyllands-Posten, which was the first to publish controversial cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, yesterday lambasted UN Secretary - General Kofi Annan for a speech criticizing Danish
integration of Moslem immigrants.


Is it possible that someone in Eurabia is calling out Coffee Enema? SHOCKA!
Illustration hat tip, ihillary
Meanwhile in Pakistan;

Children chant DEATH! and rally against cartoons
KARACHI: About 5,000 children chanting “Hang those who insulted the prophet” rallied against caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on Tuesday, with some torching an effigy of the Danish premier and coffins representing Denmark, Israel and the United States.


And Annan is encouraging this?.........This man should be tried at the UN war crimes tribunal at the Hague but they're still backed up with Slobodan Milosevic (is it five years or six - another great UN achievement.)

Arab lawmakers call for ban on offenses against Islam
Atlas calls for ban on Islamic  offenses against the Jews and the West

A Manifesto Slams Islamic Totalitarianism

Heads are gonna roll...........no pun intended. From Agora;

Salman Rushdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali et al Slam Islamic Totalitarianism

This just in, stay tuned as the story develops. I think we’ll be seeing people die in the coming days. You know, from "reactions"….


Together facing the new totalitarianism

After having overcome fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new totalitarian global threat: Islamism.

We, writers, journalists, intellectuals, call for resistance to religious totalitarianism and for the promotion of freedom, equal opportunity and secular values for all.

The recent events, which occurred after the publication of drawings of Muhammed in European newspapers, have revealed the necessity of the struggle for these universal values. This struggle will not be won by arms, but in the ideological field. It is not a clash of civilisations nor an antagonism of West and East that we are witnessing, but a global struggle that confronts democrats and theocrats.

Like all totalitarianisms, Islamism is nurtured by fears and frustrations. The hate preachers bet on these feelings in order to form battalions destined to impose a liberticidal and unegalitarian world. But we clearly and firmly state: nothing, not even despair, justifies the choice of obscurantism, totalitarianism and hatred. Islamism is a reactionary ideology which kills equality, freedom and secularism wherever it is present. Its success can only lead to a world of domination: man’s domination of woman, the Islamists’ domination of all the others. To counter this, we must assure universal rights to oppressed or discriminated people.

We reject « cultural relativism », which consists in accepting that men and women of Muslim culture should be deprived of the right to equality, freedom and secular values in the name of respect for cultures and traditions. We refuse to renounce our critical spirit out of fear of being accused of "Islamophobia", an unfortunate concept which confuses criticism of Islam as a religion with stigmatisation of its believers.

We plead for the universality of freedom of expression, so that a critical spirit may be exercised on all continents, against all abuses and all dogmas.

We appeal to democrats and free spirits of all countries that our century should be one of Enlightenment, not of obscurantism.

12 signaturesCheerleader_3

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Chahla Chafiq
Caroline Fourest
Bernard-Henri Lévy
Irshad Manji
Mehdi Mozaffari
Maryam Namazie
Taslima Nasreen
Salman Rushdie
Antoine Sfeir
Philippe Val
Ibn Warraq

Michelle Malkin has their bios here

Attention New Yorkers: rally for solidarity with Denmark this Friday from noon to one.

Address: Outside the Danish Consulate at One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 885 Second Avenue.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Danish Prime Minister on the Danish Muhammad Cartoons

UPDATE: Danish PM welcomes EU statement on Mohammed cartoons

Over at Agora;  The Danish Prime Minister was interviewed Sunday about the recent events:

Excerpts: "People die during violent demonstrations in Pakistan, and places rarely heard of. And with typical self-centered narcissicism, in Denmark it is interpreted as a matter of Danish immigration policy and Danish integration policy. Noone even knows about these things in the streets of Pakistan - to be frank, I think this kind of criticism is beyond the pale," [...]

But that’s not how your statements has been interpreted. They’ve been interpreted as you distancing yourself from the cartoons.

"That’s right, but what I said was only that I wouldn’t draw those cartoons, and for that I have various personal reasons. But it is very important here to underline precisely what that statement covers, because some have apparently interpreted it as me saying that I would forbid others to do so. And that is precisely not what I meant, and that distinction is very, very important. Everybody in the debate says with great gravity that we must guard Freedom of Speech and that everybody has the right to print whatever they like. "But…" they then say - and that means that they don’t really mean that. That is where they lose their grip, in my opinion." [...]

How is that attained?

"Well, that can only be attained by accepting that Freedom of Speech means that everything can be scrutinised and is up for debate. I will, to take an example, never accept that Sharia can’t be examined critically. It mustn’t be so that just because someone says it’s sacred, it’s not to be the object of discussion. There’s been a lot of talk about people being offended, but you’ve got to ask yourself what is most offending - a few cartoons or two boys that have been hung in Iran or women that are stoned to death or have their hands chopped off. It’s important to keep the right perspective."

What would you say?

"I know what my personal preference is. I get most offended by seeing two teenagers hanging from the gallows in Iran, and I want the freedom to say that," says the Prime Minister. "By any means available, we must ensure that no man is persecuted or discriminated against solely because of his religion. That means that we must reject anti-semitism, islamophobia, anti-christianity and ensure that all men have protection for their right to believe whatever they want. That is an essential part of the answer. And that, I think, can be done in good manners, to say that we must be allowed be allowed to question everything and be critical, while protecting all people of all faiths against discrimination and persecution. I would even say that if that was something that could be agreed on universally, it would be a beautiful thing. That would also mean that Christians were guaranteed equal opportunities in Moslem countries."

Continue reading "The Danish Prime Minister on the Danish Muhammad Cartoons" »

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Hunchback of The New York Times Can't See its Own Hump

Surprising Op-Ed piece in the International Herald Tribune/The New York Times-- surprising for left-wing dhimmi denialists.Yes, they are finally on to something  - not the whole of it mind you, but something.They took the coward's way out but it's a start. This is not a tangential war, or a war on the periphery,  nor are we mere spectators. This is as much our war as  it is "moderate Islam's." The  whole of the free world is threatened and aggressive strategies are necessary. Loyalty to country, not party.

  Silenced by Islamist rage  ,The New York Times

With every new riot over the Danish cartoons, it becomes clearer that the protests are no longer about the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, but about the demagoguery of Islamic extremists.[Aha!- they are finally getting it - Atlas] The demonstrators are undeniably outraged by what they perceive as blasphemy. But radical Islamists are trying to harness that indignation to their political goals and their theocratic ends by fomenting hatred for the West and for moderate regimes in the Muslim world. These are dangerous games, and they require the most resolute response.[Another ginormous aha! moment for this lefty terror-enabling newspaper - Atlas] 

It is not the West that is most threatened in this crisis. [This is where they got it wrong, the West is seriously threatened here as well- Atlas] . The voices of moderation in the Muslim world are the ones that are being intimidated and silenced. Those few journalists and leaders who have spoken out against the rioting have been vilified and assailed, and even jailed.[So what took you so long to speak out? Why did so many have to die? Why was it OK to kill Jews and support those murderers? And why hasn't this "epiphany" become the crusade of this and every newspaper to educate  and rally the peoples of the free world to fight back? As the New York Times goes so goes the rest of the MSM. Being the template is an en0rmous responsibility that the Times has all but abandoned, Becoming, instead ,a shill for the far left - Atlas]

According to a report in The New York Times, 11 journalists in five Islamic countries face prosecution for printing some of the Danish cartoons, even when their purpose was to condemn them. [So now you care? Because it were journalists killed? How self important and disgusting of you - Atlas]

In most of these cases, the legal action represents attempts by cowed authorities to appease the Islamists. But the effect - in Yemen, Jordan and other countries - has only been to give extremists a dollop of legitimacy, and to encourage them to turn up the heat. That, in turn, increases the perception of a "clash of civilizations" between Islam and the West. [It's not a perception you silly silly fools - Atlas]

It is time for moderate Muslims to abandon the illusion that they can placate the Islamists by straddling the fence. [Hey NY Times and Herald Tribune - the same can be said about you and your lack of  action - Atlas] It is they who must explain to their people that the cartoons were an isolated incident, and not the face of hostile crusaders. [It is you too that must take the same action - Atlas] It is they who must make it clear to their people that blowing up mosques, beheading hostages and strapping on belts of explosives are far, far greater evils than a few drawings in a distant paper. They must do so because their future is at stake - not Denmark's. [All of our futures are at stake - all-Atlas]

Another shocker from the internationalist New York Times owned International Herald Tribune;

The shame of the UN
International Herald Tribune
A once-promising reform proposal for the United Nations Human Rights Commission has been so watered down that it has become an ugly sham.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Perhaps a Resurrection in Eurabia

There is a rallying cry in Italy, a sharp, piercing wake up call to arms against the wave of appeasement and denial that has rendered Europe a crippled, broken civilization. It seems some shred of light has been cast on the great dark continent of Eurabia. A small but growing group of "theocons" have finally recognized that  their dhimmitude is the final stage of surrender to the Islamists and have decided to fight the great fight and take back their society from the bloody clutches of the barbarians.
The inspiring Pope Benedict had a divine hand in it ,of course and so I am hopeful, and I haven't held out a hope for Europe for years now.

Italy’s ‘theo-cons’ rally against ‘Islamist threat’

ROME: Senior politicians in Italy’s government launched a policy manifesto on Thursday vowing to protect Western civilization from what they said were the twin threats of Islamic fundamentalism and a moral vacuum.

Marcello Pera, speaker of the Senate and a friend of Pope Benedict, said people in the West were ashamed to stand up for their values and often blamed themselves for being victims of terrorism. “The West has difficulty recognizing itself,” Pera told a news conference to launch the manifesto. “As Pope Benedict said: ‘the West doesn’t love itself any more’,” he said.

The document, entitled “For the West, Force of Civilization”, begins: “The West is in crisis. Attacked externally by fundamentalism and Islamic terrorism, it is not able to rise to the challenge. Undermined internally by a moral and spiritual crisis, it can’t seem to find the courage to react.

Amen. Recognizing the problem is half the battle - Atlas

Pera, a member of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, wants centre-right politicians to sign up to the manifesto ahead of an April general election which polls say the centre left, led by Romano Prodi, is more likely to win.

Many politicians and some business and media figures have expressed support for the text, which calls for the spread of Western civilization’s “universal and inalienable principles”.

Berlusconi himself has yet to sign the document, Pera said, adding however that the prime minister backed the project.

Pera’s manifesto was launched to a background of protests throughout the Muslim world against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) published in European newspapers.

Many of the protests have turned violent and at least 11 people died in a riot outside an Italian consulate in Libya last week. Pera said the bloodshed could not be blamed on Europe.

“I don’t think this can be seen as a response to something which happened in Italy and the West,” he said. “In those places, fundamentalism was already getting ready and waiting for someone to put a match to the gunpowder.”

Violence by Islamist extremists in Britain and France had shown those countries had failed to integrate immigrants into society, Pera said, insisting Italy must make newcomers respect the Italian way of life.

Pera denied any suggestion that his rallying cry to the tendency Italy’s media has dubbed the “theo-cons” — available online here — was in any way inflammatory. “There’s nothing that suggests a clash of religions or a clash of civilizations in this document,” he said. Read it all.

It won't be easy. It has gone almost too far but -- there is still hope.

Jyllands-Posten wins prize for cartoons

Finnish magazine editor fired for new cartoons

More hope here from the always sagacious Dr. Wheeler

Finally, finally, finally, at last.  Christians are fighting back against rioting rampaging Moslem violence and oppression.

In Egypt back in the 7th century AD, most all Egyptians were Christians.  Then Arabs swarmed out of the eastern deserts like human locusts to conquer Egypt and impose Islam.  The native Egyptians were not Arab, and a few of them held on to Christianity in the face of enormous intolerance for centuries.  These are the Copts.

Copts often have to hold their church services in secret, given all the government restrictions on building a church (there are no such restrictions on building a mosque).  So when Moslems found out that an "unlicensed" building was being used as a Coptic Church in Odayssat, a village near Luxor on the Nile, a mob of them rioted, set fires, and tried to burn the building down.

The Moslems expected the Copts to just passively take it as always.  But this time, January 18, 2006, the Copts fought back.

Read more ...

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Muhammad (((:~{>
Mohammad with a lit bomb in his turban *-O)):~{>

turban tip; Rona

Danish Cartoons: A Knife and Bullets in Theo Van Gogh Wasn't Serious enough?


William J. Bennett and Alan M. Dershowitz are right to bemoan "A Failure of the Press." But the Danish journalist union is going even further. The union not only downplays the seriousness ofTheo_van_gogh the death threats against the cartoonists (they live in hiding) but argues that making a fuss over their plight will worsen it. Helle Merete Brix and Lars Hedegaard lay out the unhappy story of how "Islamic Extremists and Their Western Allies on the Offensive against Free Speech in Denmark." The money quote:

Among the Danish organisations that are busy downplaying the recent death threats against the Danish cartoonists is the Danish Union of Journalists -- the trade union to which the great majority of journalists belong and which boasts a membership of more than 12.000. Deja vu -- Judith Apter Klinghoffer

Downplaying the threats? Did Van Gogh's murder teach them nothing?

UPDATE: February 24th Has Eurabia learned nothing? This from the land of the dhimmis;

Editor of Finnish magazine fired for new Mohammed cartoonsHELSINKI - The editor of a small Finnish culture magazine was fired on Friday for publishing new Prophet Mohammed cartoons satirising the global row over the caricatures, the magazine said.

Stop bending over and stand up fools!
Here in the good ole US A Christopher Hitchen's call to rally today in front of the Danish embassy in DC  is here, a lovely crowd I might add, Vital Perspectives has all


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Danish Muhammad Cartoons: Stop the Insanity

Arab journalists face prosecution 11 who published cartoons could wind up in prison

Amman, Jordan -- In a direct challenge to the international uproar over cartoons lampooning the prophet Muhammad, the Jordanian journalist Jihad Momani wrote: "What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras, or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony?"

In Yemen, an editor named Muhammad al-Assadi wrote an editorial condemning the cartoons but also lamenting the way many Muslims reacted. "Muslims had an opportunity to educate the world about the merits of the prophet Muhammad and the peacefulness of the religion he had come with," Assadi wrote. He added: "Muslims know how to lose, better than how to use, opportunities."

To illustrate their points, both editors published selections of the drawings -- and for that they were arrested and threatened with lengthy prison terms.

This is just the beginning of the fight within Islam, we must support the moderate Muslims when they stand up to terror.

Momani and Assadi are among 11 journalists in five countries facing prosecution for their decision to publish some of the cartoons. Their cases illustrate another side of this conflict, the intra-Muslim side, in what has typically been defined as a struggle between Islam and the West.

The flareup over the cartoons, first published in a Danish newspaper, has magnified a fault line running through the Middle East, between those who want to engage their communities in a direct, introspective dialogue and those who focus on outside enemies.

But it has also underscored a political struggle involving emerging Islamic political movements, like Hamas in Gaza and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Arab governments unsure of how to contain them.

Danish Cartoon Boycott: Boycott the Israeli Boycotting Danish Companies

Pay attention. Joyce writes and asks for clarification and rightly so;Danish_no_boycott_3

Maybe you have already commented on this, but I have read on different websites about how the Danish swore off selling to Israel, and so now, being under attack, are getting their just desserts.   Is it true that they promised the arabs that they would not sell to Israel?   Is Denmark anti-Semitic?   I don’t want to support Denmark if they are against Israel.   Thanks,   Joyce

no no, thank you Joyce - we love Joyce  and her son in the Air Force and her son in Army ROTC in college. Joyce, you and your boys rock my world.


Hodja blog reports and it is JP's lead story today about Danish boycott of Israeli goods.

To gain contracts in Middle-East countries danish firms may have signed contracts not to trade with Israel for several years.

(If danish firms have done so - which other firms from EU and the US?)

Arla - the danish dairy firm - says today - that such contracts are pure routine.

Danish_raspberry_3 Maybe the time has come to check who you are dealing with - and who you are not dealing with.

Danish firms who may or may not have admitted to the above (see below):

(Some may be dealing with Israel anyway):

Arla: See here

Leo: Says that they trade with Israel anyway


Radical groups in Denmark sometime runs a hate-campaign against Israeli goods in the form of (all) 20-30 people storming into a supermarket to vandalize Israeli brands. But its been a few years since it happened last. I guess that is why some importers prefer to lay low. Sad really.

I didn't know there was a boycott against Israel now, or in other words, I think it is failing miserably if there is.

...By the way "Denmark" cannot order a manufacturer in any country to remove a label. Only the buyer can do that - and I wish they didn't. It kind of makes it difficult to return the favor and buy Israeli if we cannot see the label. What do they make other than fabulous oranges? (sorry for being ignorant)

David Gertzman, also known as soccerdad responds thus:

It's well and good to fight the recently organized Arab/Muslim boycott of Denmark, but there's been an organized boycott by the Arab world of Israel for 5 decades.

One way to fight it is to look for goods made in Israel. A particularly useful site in this regard BuyIsraeliGoods.org. Or just do a search on "buy Israel" and you'll get a number of other sources.

One unique such enterprise is Ahava products that features cosmetics made from the Dead Sea. Also if you are buying generic pharmaceuticals there's a good chance they were made in Israel because Teva is the world's largest manufacturer of generic drugs.

Here are some additional sites: Israeli products. and Shop Israel Online.  For information on cutting edge Israeli technology visit Israel21c.org

Betka asked my to highlight her favorite shoes, Naot. More here

There Was a Muhammad Before Those Cwazy Cartoons!

All this hollerin' about NO RENDERINGS OF MUHAMMAD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES as it is written in the Koran. But but but but..........
There are plenty of depictions of Muhammad before the infamous "Danish incident" here at Zombie as well as historical and modern depictions of Mohammed. There are some good quality paintings, sketches, and lithographs there. It's worth looking at.
Here are some depictions from circa 1315, 1425, 1514 and more. For example:
This Iranian site contains a photograph of a mural which appears to depict Mohammed (sixth picture down) on a contemporary building in Iran. The mural shows Buraq (the animal that carried Mohammed on his Night Voyage, described as being white and having the face of a woman and the tail of a peacock, which this creature is and does) carrying a figure who could therefore only be Mohammed. A word-for-word transliteration of the Farsi caption to that picture is (according to this automated translation site), "The Messenger mounted mainland shiny door village (yzdlaan) (kvyry) village blinds to ascension wine river," which obviously doesn't translate well but which does make mention of "The Messenger," a traditional epithet for Mohammed (as the messenger of Allah). Note: this image is hosted on the Web site of the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri, which is sponsoring a contest of cartoons about the Holocaust as an outraged reponse to the publication of the Mohammed cartoons in the West. Yet the newspaper itself is currently displaying this depiction of Mohammed. (This image also on the newspaper's site appears to be a contemporary image of Mohammed as well.)
(Hat tip: Kilgore Trout.)

This one shows Mohammed as a pig, apparently (?) being inspired by the Devil.

This stencilled graffiti version of one of the cartoons on a wall was photographed by a reader in Hamburg, Germany on February 16, 2006. The words under the image say, "Hallo Mittelalter '06" -- "Hello Middle Ages '06".
(Hat tip: Tim.)

This Czech Web site featured an artist's three responses to the controversy. This one shows Mohammed as a nude suicide bomber, with his six-year-old bride Aisha on the right.

The "Jesus and Mo" comic strip showed one of Mohammed's testicles.

The Crybaby Mohammed.
(Hat tip: Buck.)
Farting Muhammed

Translation:Muhammed says;A good Muslim always farts in the direction of the West.
Man;That's why the houses are so cheap in Mekka-West.
And over at Fat Steve's Archives here --

The Other Muhammad Cartoons


        Originally at weekendavisen here, and finally found here.

The Weekend avisen page, complete

Muhammad as bearded women, or possibly in drag

Muhammad as empty chair (top), plus Santa Muhammad

Allegedly, the Prophet Roaring by a Forest Lake

The Prophet's Foot (top), plus Muhammad as a Dane (the person pictured is one of the paper's editors).

Allegedly, the Prophet as He Saw Himself (top), plus allegedly The Prophet With Mom.

The Mona Lisa is revealed to actually be a painting of the Mona Lisa.

The Prophet's Insides

The Phony Cartoons

Supposed to be Muhammad as half pig, but actually an altered photograph of a guy at a French pig-squealing contest

Muhammad depicted as a Demonic Pedophile, allegedly sent to a Muslim by a Dane, but more likely drawn by a Muslim provacateur

Praying Muslim Being Screwed by a Dog, allegedly sent to a Muslim by a Dane, authenticity undetermined 

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Mohammad Cartoon Death Toll Rising

Every damn day I receive the daily military death toll in Iraq. Everyday. and yes it breaks my heart but we are at war. Soldiers die, fine men and women die fighting for the most precious gift, freedom.

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq
As of Sunday, Feb. 19, 2006, at least 2,273 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The figure includes six military civilians. At least 1,781 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers.

So where is the daily toll on innocent women and children as a result of an islamic world goneDanishpaper_weekly_standard_1 mad over a bunch of amateur cartoons? The media's hypocrisy is too much to bear.

45 die as Nigeria protests against cartoons
As the death toll from the riots in Nigeria about the Prophet Mohammed cartoons
rises to 45, the Danish newspaper in which they first appeared has placed full-page apologies in Saudi Arabian newspapers.

Arab daily prints Danish apology, apology, my ass. WHERE ARE THE RADICAL ISLAMIC APOLOGIES FOR MURDER!?! More media inversion here.

I can't even find the total number dead............can you believe it?

But I could not help but stumble upon the inevitable "it was Bush's fault." Geez, they think he is G-d.

Bush blasted in cartoon furore
TERRORIST group Hizbollah has slammed US President George W. Bush for comments he made on the violence that has erupted over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, after hundreds of thousands of Shi'ite Muslims marched through Beirut.

With Christians Burnt Alive for Prophet Muhammad Cartoons, my preliminary results from scouring the wires, Libya - 11 dead,

Cartoon Protests KBCI Boise PESHAWAR, Pakistan Nearly 20 people have died this month during violent protests over Prophet Muhammad cartoons. Three deaths in Pakistan today bring the total to 19

Plus the 45 in Nigeria? And what about the 11.5 million dollar bounty on the head of the cartoonists? And the media has nothing to say? They are culpable here. They are empowering these savages. This makes them just as savage.

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.
Dante Alighieri

Russia is shutting down newspapers for running the toons. This after Beslan. Gluttons for islamic punishment .

2nd Russian Paper Shut in Cartoon Furor New York Times; A small Russian weekly that printed a composite of the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad will close.

Cartoon Cowardice: Challenging the MSM

Mainstream media will not print the toons. Despite the fact that  it is the obligation of the press to do just that, they succumbed to dhimmitude and refused to run them.It could not have beenDanish_cartoon_3_1 lost on you that the Danish editor in charge of publishing cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, has said they were printed in response to self-censorship on issues regarding Islam and that giving in to pressure not to run them would have been "incompatible with a secular democracy".... More here.

[...]"They [the Radical Islamists] think they have won the debate,"

Media enabling is only serving to advance the extremists' agenda.

The bloggersphere is getting together in a challenge to the MSM and their carton dhimmitude here;

Challenging The MSM 2

I received a fairly solid response to this post, calling for the MSM to stand up for freedom of the press and publish, in some unified manner, the cartoons of Mohammed. Several blogs and readers have signed onboard. But it will take some help to accomplish.

While wide-open for input, here's the basic plan as of now.

I have an email list for 20 of the largest newspapers saved in text with semi-colon delineation for compatibility with an email program. If anyone wishes to add media contacts for local and regional newspapers, please send them in email.

If some code junkie wishes to build an ap to send a letter out to these addresses, let's co-ordinate that in email. Otherwise, the contact list could easily be copy and pasted into an address block in your own email program. I'd suggest BCC.

I'll also draft a letter citing the recent editorial from Jeff Jacoby at The Globe and the article from Jyllands-Posten editor, Flemming Rose in the WaPo, pointing out their rationale for support of publication. Individuals can write their own letter, or copy and paste my sample in as their own.

Even if the media fails to come together and support the effort in the name of free speech, at least some number of us who opt to participate will. That individual decision is up to you.


I first wrote of the tee shirt brouhahahahaha here. Shocka! It gets worse.

Hate Mail and Death Threats Target Seller of Mohammed Cartoon T-shirts

Conservative t-shirt maker MetroSpy set off a firestorm when their newest design depicted a caricature of the prophet Mohammed with a bomb wrapped in his turban. According to Islamic tradition, graphic depictions of the Prophet Mohammed are forbidden. MetroSpy's apparent disregard for this tradition has outraged many in the Muslim world, prompting some to voice their displeasure by sending the company hate-filled email, online viruses and even death threats.


Johnathan Alexander, MetroSpy's production manager, says he's never seen anything like it. “It's a silly little cartoon. We've sold designs far more offensive than this for years”, referring to a t shirt which reads, “My Jesus can beat up your Allah.”

“For people to become so enraged over a drawing that they resort to burning down buildings and threatening to kill people is something I'll never understand,” Alexander said. 

In one email the person writes, “We kill you and burn your shop. I am Muslim with forces in the U.S.A.” hat tip Judith

Our Freeedom of Speech is under attack and the left wing dhimmi media is as silent as they are complicit *SPIT*

Daily Illini editors suspended after publishing Danish cartoons
Two editors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Daily Illini student newspaper have been suspended after “breaking ranks” to republish the controversial Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons, without the knowledge of the editorial board, in the February 9 edition of...

Unbelievable.......check out the editor's thought here, hope for our next generation

Denmark to play Israel in soccer despite cartoon uproar

In the middle of Eurabia, Denmark stands tall. You gotta love, respect and admire Denmark. Planning my next vacation there. With so many dhimmi countries refusing to engage in any sporting activity with Israel here, this takes balls. I really dig that.

Iran Calls for Global Jihad

Hamas says they will never recognize Israel, no matter what the cost. In its first actions heading the Palestinian Authority, Hamas plans on releasing the murderers of Tourism Minister Rechevam Ze'evi and increasing ties with Iran.


D'oh, do they think we are stupid? Hamas is Iran, this is supposed to be something new?

Go over to Hamas' website and watch the animated Jewish Star being destroyed by a   nuclear mushroom cloud here.

Afghan cartoon protesters threaten to join al Qaeda Reuters.co.uk
JALALABAD, Afghanistan (Reuters) - Hundreds of Afghan students shouted support on Monday for Osama bin Laden and threatened to join al Qaeda during a protest against cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

Iran's fat dirty, grubby hands are all over this too. As I have previously reported Iran has publicly stated they intend to create unrest in Afghanistan. They mean to undo the good America has done in Afghanistan. Al qaeda is their tool? Apparently yes.
I am sure this latest development is Iran's doing, part of their new Afghan media campaign here

Students burn flags, shout 'Long Live Osama' at protest over cartoonsAhmadinejadislamic_rule_2 KABUL, Afghanistan Students burned Danish and American flags and pictures of President Bush during a demonstration today at a college in Afghanistan. About two-thousand students took part in the latest protest over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Nasser Ahmed Raha, head of Enlightened Youth of Afghanistan, a group of young people in Herat dedicated to building a civil society, said he received death threats after writing editorials warning of Iranian interference in western Afghanistan. More here

Iran is behind the OIC's incitement to violence over those silly cartoons which ran  -- in an Egyptian newspaper, even on this blog --months before the current violence.A decision was made here at the OIC meeting to incite the radical Muslim thugs around the globe.

And while Iran Rejects Charge of Inflaming Violence (hey, they've lied about everything else)

The Iranian government rejected an accusation by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that it has fanned violent protests over caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad and demanded an apology, saying that could reduce growing tension.

"saying that "could reduce growing tension""?? WTF does that mean? Clearly it's a threat but more importantly, isn't that an admission of guilt right there? And isn't this further proof of Iran and al qaeda's separation at birth?

It is the latest call to arms by the Radical Islamic mullahs in their war on the West. POWERPLAY. SUBMISSION, DHIMMITUDE

Rice calls Iran "central banker of terrorism"

Photo:  Ahmadinejad kissing the hand [and the ass] of Ali Khamenei.

Iran spurns Russian demand for enrichment freezeIran showed few signs on Tuesday that it was ready to strike a deal with Russia that could allay fears it wants nuclear arms and avert possible U.N. sanctions.

So we are supposed to believe that the Mulllahs went all the way to Russia to say nyet. Do they think we are wildly stupid? They are planning. Planning what? Nuclear enrichment I am sure. Remember, Russia moved Saddam's WMD here.

Liberals interchangable with terrorists;

But liberals, in full appeasement mode, have warned that not funding the Hamas terrorists will actually bring about more terrorism. De-funding the terrorists, wrote former President Jimmy Carter in The Washington Post, is likely “to incite violence, and to increase the domestic influence and international esteem of Hamas.” In fact, he goes so far as to call international aid to Hamas “giv[ing] the Palestinians their own money.” More here

Hey Jimmuh, what happened to our great ally in the Middle East, the Shah of Iran, How did you back him up when he was in trouble. Hey Jimmuh, if you backed up the Shah would the free world be in the trouble it's in now? Just askin'.

Bush: Hamas not be funded until Israel recognized BBBBBBBUSH!

US 'putting out feelers'
American officials have been quietly probing whether Georgia, situated just northwest of Iran, will be willing to allow Washington to use its military bases and airfields in the event of a military conflict with Tehran. More here

Christopher Hitchens Steps up on the Danish Muhammad Cartoon

How about we join Christopher Hitchens in his support the Danes here? I am out of town at the moment but will make every effort to attend as soosn as Hitch sets the date in DC. Please join  the fight-- I will post when I know more. Good on ya Hitch (even if I haven't forgiven you your repulsive piece on Ariel Sharon after his stroke.)

Denmark is a fellow member of NATO and a country that sends its soldiers to help in the defense and reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. And what is its reward from Washington? Not a word of solidarity, but instead some creepy words of apology to those who have attacked its freedom, its trade, its citizens, and its embassies. For shame. Surely here is a case that can be taken up by those who worry that America is too casual and arrogant with its allies. I feel terrible that I have taken so long to get around to this, but I wonder if anyone might feel like joining me in gathering outside the Danish Embassy in Washington, in a quiet and composed manner, to affirm some elementary friendship. Those who like the idea might contact me at christopher.hitchens@yahoo.com , and those who live in other cities with Danish consulates might wish to initiate a stand for decency on their own account.

UPDATE: Bidinotto posted the time and place.

Please be outside the Embassy of Denmark, 3200 Whitehaven Street (off Massachusetts Avenue), [in Washington, DC] between noon and 1 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 24. Quietness and calm are the necessities, plus cheerful conversation. Danish flags are good, or posters reading "Stand By Denmark" and any variation on this theme (such as "Buy Carlsberg/ Havarti/ Lego") The response has been astonishing and I know that the Danes are appreciative. But they are an embassy and thus do not of course endorse or comment on any demonstration. Let us hope, however, to set a precedent for other cities and countries. Please pass on this message to friends and colleagues.

I will be in the air on my way to my nephew's bar mitzvah .........I know, I know so bourgeoise, but it is what it is. Would have loved to have been there though.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Muhammad Cartoons: Another Gutenberg Moment

The Loony toon Danish cartoon controversy is proving to be among other things a "Gutenberg" moment for the blogs. Just as Dan Rather's fake but accurate false document story altered the news information super highway and changed the course of American history (and the Presidential election), the publication or non-publication of the Danish cartoons in the MSM is proving to be just as significant.

By now everyone knows that big media will not print the toons. Despite the fact that  it is theDanish_cartoon_muhammed_rasmus_sand_hoye_1 obligation of the press to do just that, they succumbed to dhimmitude and refused to run them.It could not have been lost on you that the Danish editor in charge of publishing cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, has said they were printed in response to self-censorship on issues regarding Islam and that giving in to pressure not to run them would have been "incompatible with a secular democracy".

The blogs (myself among them here) have been running them, in my case all the back to October, without so much as even thinking if it was the right or wrong thing to do. How could you not run them? It is the public's right to know.

And the blogs felt it. What political blog did not see a tsunami of traffic from a world hungry for a look at those damn  cartoons? Where did the people go? They came to us, by the millions.They were forced to come to us by the very entity that would love to see us wither and die. Ironic. My blog alone quadrupled its numbers at the height of the search.

The immediate, short term effect can be seen in Britain, here.

[...]"They [the Radical Islamists] think they have won the debate," he says with a sigh. "They believe that the British Government has capitulated to them, because it feared the consequences if it did not.

    "The cartoons, you see, have not been published in this country, and the Government has been very critical of those countries in which they were published. To many of the Islamic clerics, that's a clear victory.

"It's confirmation of what they believe to be a familiar pattern: if spokesmen for British Muslims threaten what they call adverse consequences - violence to the rest of us - then the British Government will cave in. I think it is a very dangerous precedent."

Media enabling only served to further advance the day when British Muslims formed a 'state within a state .'

There are important lessons Americans can learn from the decay of British sovereignty over its own people, Eurabian dhimmitude,  and not enforcing rule of law. And there are valuable lessons to be learned from the damage a complicit, seditious media can and will do by tearing at the extraordinary fabric of the great American experiment with left wing platitudes and group think.

Rumsfeld is right, to win we must find an alternative to the mainstream media. Well we have, you're looking at it.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has a Cartoon Jihad round up here.

UPDATE: The most fabulous Egyptian Sandmonkey in the desert reports on the inevitable "BLAME THE JOOOOS" here;

Apparently in order for Arla Foods - the producer of Lurpak and lots of danish chesse- to resume their markets and operations in the Middle East, they have to promise not to do any business with Israel - not trade goods with them, and not use their ports or anything of that nature. How messed up is that?

What does trading with Israel have to do with anything? I thought Arla was having problems over the fact that it happend to be danish when a danish paper made a cartoon that drove the muslim world insane. Why do they have to forsake trading with Israel to resume relations with the middle-east? What did they have to do with the cartoons? And why are they in the middle of this again? WTF is this bullshit?

Yeah Sandbaby, WTF?
BUY DANISH BUT ONLY FROM NON DHIMMI COMPANIES, more click here: History News Network

Hodja blog reports and it is JP's lead story today:
To gain contracts in Middle-East countries Danish firms have signed contracts not to trade with Israel for several years. If Danish firms have done so - which other firms from EU and the US? Arla - the Danish dairy firm - says today - that such contracts are pure routine.

Maybe the time has come to check who you are dealing with - and who you are not dealing with.My Danish friends are embarrassed. To be honest, our Israeli readers have already provided us with some inkling about this. So, I am glad it is out in the open and, hopefully, will lead to a major rethinking on the part of the companies.

It should also give impetus to a "Buy Israel" campaign in Denmark. This link may be useful.

UPDATE: The Million Dollar Bounty on the head of cartoonists upped to 11.5 million here. More here Hat tip Michael G

A minister in India’s Uttar Pradesh state government has offered a reward of $11.5 million to anyone who would kill any of the cartoonists who drew the images of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Imagine that 11. 5 million and climbing, and their people starve. Poverty the likes of which we can not know.

UPDATE February 20th: I am sure this is Iran's doing here, part of their new Afghan media campaign

Students burn flags, shout 'Long Live Osama' at protest over cartoons KABUL, Afghanistan Students burned Danish and American flags and pictures of President Bush during a demonstration today at a college in Afghanistan. About two-thousand students took part in the latest protest over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

The  media takes the military to task here for trying to counter this battle but I say bring it on. They say the hunchback can't see his own hump.

UPDATE:  Hope springs eternal with the next generation here, appropriate on President's Day

Cartoon Lunacy: The Danish Street

New Danish blog here posting anonymously - translated the two new pieces by Per Nyholm, author of "We are being pissed upon".  Here and here

(Please call me Agora if you link, comment or republish - you know, Mullahs with bombs and all that)

On American dhimmitude, IBA calls out Prager here

Saturday, February 18, 2006

“The U.S. Should Not Have A Military"

"Most of the dead were Christians beaten to death on the streets by the rioters," Ezeoke said. Witnesses said three children and a priest were among those killed"


UPDATED: 8pm  In the first major protest to erupt over the issue in Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, Muslims protesting the inane Mohammad cartoons attacked Christians here. They went after the Christians;

An Associated Press reporter saw mobs of Muslim protesters swarm through the crowd with machetes, sticks and iron rods. One group threw a tire around a man, poured gas on him and set him ablaze. More here hat tip Micael G

But Dick Gregory wants to know what really matters, what the President knew and when he knew Cheney had hurt his friend or even richer this.

Mohammad Cartoonacy lunacy is a nouveau nuclear Iran flexing its global Radical Islamic muscles much as they deny inciting protests of cartoons It is not about the toons.........it's about submission, dhimmitude.


War has been declared. This is war. Rinse. Repeat. This is war.

11 more dead in the war of the savage loon toons. Eleven people die in riots in Libya, and an Italian minister’s T-shirt is blamed for it: Italy minister resigns after Libya cartoons riot. More here. Buy your tee shirt here.

Latest developments in the Cartoon War of dhimmitude;

Protesters Of Cartoons Torch Consulate CBS News
Libyans protesting the Prophet Muhammad cartoons set fire to the Italian consulate, killing or wounding 11 people. In Pakistan, a cleric announced a $1 million bounty for killing the cartoonist. Denmark, where a newspaper first published the cartoons, temporarily closed its embassy in Pakistan and advised its citizens to leave the country. 

10,000 Protest Prophet Cartoons in London AP
More than 10,000 angry people protested in central London Saturday against the Prophet Muhammad cartoons that have infuriated many in the Muslim world.

Behead Danish cartoonist, get Rs 51 crore, says UP minister The Tribune
Lucknow, February 17 Adding a new dimension to the anti-Denmark protests, an Uttar Pradesh minister today declared a cash reward of Rs 51 crore for the person who would behead the Danish cartoonist who drew the controversial cartoons of Prophet Mohammad.

Prophet Cartoons: Editor Jailed, Faces Death Newsweek
In an interview from his jail cell, a Yemeni editor imprisoned over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons discusses press freedom, religion and calls for his execution.

Prosecutors open probe against Russian editor who reprinted Danish prophet cartoons Fox 23
MOSCOW (AP) - Russian prosecutors opened an investigation into the editor of a newspaper that reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, and another paper was ordered closed after publishing a cartoon depicting Muhammad along with Jesus, Moses and Buddha.

Fighting the lunatics here and there. This is what we re up against at home here;

S.F. Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval: “The U.S. Should Not Have A Military”

S.F. Supervisor Gerardo SandovalDuring an interview on this evening’s Hannity & Colmes, discussing the fate of the USS Iowa, Supervisor Sandoval was pressed to answer the question: Should America possess tools of war?

Without hesitation, Sandoval responded:

The United States should not have a military

UPDATE: ExposeTheLeft has the video. Transcript here.

Sean Hannity repeated the question and the answer did not change.

In visible disbelief, Alan Colmes jumped into the conversation and attempted to clarify. He asked Sandoval once again, clearly, and got the same answer. Colmes exclaimed, “That’s absurd!

To which Sandoval arrogantly quipped: “Welcome to San Francisco.”

Both Hannity and Colmes were utterly incredulous. Colmes then inquired “how America should defend itself” to which Sandoval foolishly retorted:

You can send cops.”

You can't make this up. They just don't get it. Imagine how Blue Star and their families would feel about this eh?

The Winner of the IBA Muhhamad Cartoon Contest is.......

Go over to Infidel Bloggers Alliance here for the Muhammad Cartoon Contest

And The Winners Are ...

Hey Mo,

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Cartoon Contest Winners are finally here. Here is the winner, "Mo Says," by Uncle Monkey:

It is funny, but honestly, I have no idea what good ole' Mo is saying here. Maybe, Uncle Monkey can write in and let us know.

Second place goes to Uncle Monkey also. He calls it, "Fatwa Favorite."

In Third place PTG at Plains Feeder, brings us "Sacrilege or Cartoon."

In Fourth place we have Anonymous, for "Big Mo."

And running in fifth is Armed and Christian, with David and Mohammed.

Thank you to everybody.

Muhammad Cartoon Protest in New York

I have been receiving these notices in my Yahoo news alerts to join these rallys against the loony toons.

News From Bangladesh Wed, 15 Feb 2006 10:23 AM PST
RALLY IN FRONT OF DANISH CONSULATE 2nd AVE and 48 Street FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2006 12 PM to 3 PM Juma Khutba by Imam Siraj Wahhaj at 1:00 PM Bring your Friends and Family Arrange buses and vans from your communities ************************************************************************** For information call:917-238-9744, 631 334 3301, (718) 739-3211, 718-658-1199

"We had a demonstration in front of the UN last Sunday. This campaign of protest will continue as a campaign of education for many more months to come"

"We should portray these cartoons as anti-Muslim rather than anti-Islam. This will take away their hollow argument that it is freedom of expression to attack an ideology (considered progressive). Media are more vary of attacking a community as it is considered racist and not" progressive.

Needless to say, I have ignored these messages. These protests have garnered little attendance and scant attention. But they will not be discouraged as you can see they plan to make this a campaign for "months to come." Today's rally seems to have been better attended.

Mary was there here and I received this missive from Rona;

Mark went with his camera. Click for all the pictures  here: A.N.S.W.E.R.'s speakers were inciteful, going far beyond the rhetoric about tolerance voiced by the Muslim speakers on the stage. About 600 were there, lots of school buses brought people in.  More details to follow.




More here from Cirque;

Video here and here of  Radical "Islamic Thinkers Society of New York "Protest Cartoons

Today hundreds of NYC American Muslims Protested outside the Danish Embassy over the  Mohammed Cartoons, and Called for Destruction of the USA!

The Islamic Thinkers Society is a Sunni Orthodox Islamic group that seeks the goal of restoring the Islamic Caliphate to create what they call "an ideal Islamic society."

The group states they wish to see a reversal of what they consider to be colonialism and imperialism, including an 'on the ground' reversal of the Balfour Declaration, Sykes-Picot Agreement and San Remo Agreement. They allege these agreements are part of 'Colonialist Designs' on the Muslim World, and they urge Muslims to consider them illegal, null and void. The group calls for an end what it says are "Colonialist-Imposed Borders," "Colonialist-Imposed States," and "Colonialist-Imposed Rulers."

The group is based in the largely muslim community of the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens, New York City.

Observers such as the Intelligence Summit have called the Islamic Thinkers Society a Fundamentalist Islamic group that endorses the goals of Islamic terrorists such as Al-Qaeda. They cite videotaped Islamic Thinkers Society rallies where slogans supporting the 9/11 terrorists and "next time we will get all of New York" were used and violence has broken out. They say that the Islamic Thinkers Society calls on Muslims to oppose the United States, Christianity and Western society.


War has been declared. This is war. This is war.

Prophet Cartoons: Editor Jailed, Faces Death Newsweek
In an interview from his jail cell, a Yemeni editor imprisoned over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons discusses press freedom, religion and calls for his execution.

Protesters Of Cartoons Torch Consulate CBS News
Libyans protesting the Prophet Muhammad cartoons set fire to the Italian consulate, killing or wounding 11 people. Earlier, a Pakistani cleric is offered a cash reward plus a car to anyone who kills the cartoonist who drew the caricature.

Behead Danish cartoonist, get Rs 51 crore, says UP minister The Tribune
Lucknow, February 17 Adding a new dimension to the anti-Denmark protests, an Uttar Pradesh minister today declared a cash reward of Rs 51 crore for the person who would behead the Danish cartoonist who drew the controversial cartoons of Prophet Mohammad.

Prosecutors open probe against Russian editor who reprinted Danish prophet cartoons Fox 23
MOSCOW (AP) - Russian prosecutors opened an investigation into the editor of a newspaper that reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, and another paper was ordered closed after publishing a cartoon depicting Muhammad along with Jesus, Moses and Buddha.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Wanna Danish Rose of the Prophet Muhammad?

the dreaded thumb!

Muhammad_danish_cartoon_tees_shirt_004_2 Muhammad_danish_cartoon_tees_shirt_015_1
Hoo-ah! Got my tee shirt! Remember the brouhaha here.Making good on my promise. So here is the first entry for  the opening of the Gallery of the Infidels. Get your tee shirt here and send me your pic.....Dagny knocked off all the Roses.

Apparently not everyone is a dhimmi -- afraid to take on the RoP here

Speaking of brouhahas..............

The egyptian ambassador to Denmark was just replaced. If you recall, she is the one who mostly fanned this crisis. Her job probably became very hard once they found out the cartoons were printed in Egypt in October. The full story at Egyptian Sandmonkey here.

Hackistan? Hackers attack Danish Websites over Mohammed cartoons, Middle East Times
COPENHAGEN -- Hackers have attacked hundreds of Danish Websites to protest against the publication in Denmark of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

More insane Loony toon Atlas coverage here.

How many Cartoonists Will They Kill?

A Pakistani cleric announced Friday a $1 million bounty for killing a cartoonist who drew Prophet Muhammad, as thousands joined street protests and Denmark temporarily closed its embassy and advised its citizens to leave the country. Story here at Stop the ACLU
Can we expect a fatwa on these cartoonists as well?




And if I may express my sadness and distress at the American media's recent bout of dhimmitude in not publishing these silly cartoons while expressing outrage and shock at VP Dick Cheney's decent, admirable and correct behavior in handling the unfortunate hunting accident. What is wrong with these people? C'mon, don't they embarrass you? I cringe.

Speaking of dhimmis; Clinton says cartoons 'a mistake'
                           Atlas says Clinton 'a mistake'

Contributing Cartoonists: Cartoon by Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune, February 10, 2006 Cartoon by Robert Ariail, The State, February 10, 2006 Cartoon by John Branch, The San Antonio Express-News, February 10, 2006 Cartoon by John Cole, The Scranton Times, February 8, 2006 Cartoon by John Darkow, The Columbia Daily Tribune, February 10, 2006 Cartoon by Eric Devericks, The Seattle Times, February 10, 2006 Cartoon by Bob Gorrell, AOL News, February 8, 2006 Cartoon by Mike Graston, The Windsor Star, February 10, 2006 Cartoon by Steve Greenberg, The Ventura County Star, February 9, 2006 Cartoon by Bruce Plante, Chattanooga Times Free Press, February 10, 2006 Cartoon by John Sherffius, February 8, 2006
hat tipMarcH

Who ya gonna call?

BREAKING: Terrible tragedy in the Philippines, three story mudslide comes down side of the mountain,  1500 people missing. First responders;
US NAVY HEADING TO THE PHILLIPINES AS WE SPEAK, hate America all you want. Big Daddy is always there. Always.

Phillippines Lanslide blog here

In other News;Russia Warns U.S. Against Striking Iran
Who died and made them a superpower? Hey Russia, you lost the war, remember? STFU. And stop discussing arms sales with Hamas here, WTF?

Saudi Ambassador Spreads Blame over Cartoon Dispute
Hey Saudi, kiss me. I like to get kissed when I am getting screwed. The OIC is completely and utterly to blame for the Looney Toon dispute. Those silly toons ran months (in Egyptian newspapers even on this blog) before the incitement to violence. A decision was made at the OIC meeting to incite the radical Muslim thugs around the globe. It is the latest call to arms by the Radical Islamic mullahs in their war on the West. POWER PLAY. SUBMISSION, DHIMMITUDE. G-d forbid you instruct your people in bettering  themselves by giving a math, science rich education and actually contributing something to mankind. But nooooooooo. STFU

Funding NGOs Is No Solution-Clearly, but nobody wants to talk about that. Stop funding the despots, dictators, theocratic mullahs, terrorists, oppressors in the name of benevolence and diplomacy. We are not primal, we can learn from from our mistakes. In order to spread democracy we need to teach political freedom.

For any nation, no matter how underdeveloped, if it establishes a political system that protects individual rights, its progress and development will be phenomenal. The best in all men work to raise that society and to contribute to the progress of all -- not by self-sacrifice but by plain rational self-interest. Capitalism, as history shows, raises the general standard of living, and men of all levels of ability are rewarded and get much more than they could under any form of statism or tribal rule. --Ayn Rand

If you want to help, teach them the theory of freedom.

If people who have lived for centuries under violence discover that they can exercise their ingenuity and create something , and that their rulers will protect them rather than forbid production or expropriate what they produce, you'd be amazed what productive talent would suddenly arise.

At the start of the Industrial Revolution, most nations were pretty primitive-- perhaps not as underdeveloped as Africa, but they were savages in the Middle Ages compared to what we are today. -- Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand. Opiate for the masses. Ready for Prime Time television.....video here. Unbelievable. As reader Michael G, who sent it to me said, "they got it right!".
As I live and breathe, that they did.......in a medium that generally ignores Rand. Watch it.

Updated More stuff: Reports: China, Iran Near Huge Oil Deal Underwriting Iran, the world's largest sponsor of terror? Or as Condi coined it yesterday "the central banker of  terrorism."

"But but China needs oil, China needs oil", you know what? STFU. As far as the left is concerned, everyone is allowed to operate in their own self interest except Ameica. I am so sick and tired of the dismissive attitude of China's malevolent, deliberate actions in the global war on terror and human rights. The world has gotten way too small to continue to excuse China of assisting in bringing the world to the brink.

And speaking of free passes, I am sick and tired of the free pass the Clinton administration has received in the selling of nuclear secrets to China --CHINAGATE.

In acts of official perfidy that may be unparalleled in our nation’s history, Clinton accepted bribes from Red China in the form of illegal political contributions, and in exchange made policy decisions that undermined our national security. • The Red Chinese military (the so-called People’s Liberation Army, or PLA) is now able to deploy much more accurate nuclear-armed missiles pointed at the United States, in large measure because of policy decisions by President Clinton • President Clinton signed national security waivers to allow four U.S. commercial satellites to be launched in China, despite evidence that China was exporting nuclear and missile technology to Pakistan and Iran.

"How did it come about that highly sensitive technical information was given to the Chinese? Why did the president ignore the national security experts who counseled against this deal? What damage has been done to our national security?" Goss asked. More here

China shared those secrets with North Korea and Iran. Cheney Cheney Cheney. Hey America, wake the f**k up.

UPDATE: The standing, screaming ovation Cheney received in the legislature of his hometown
state of Wyoming earlier today was priceless.

Humting accident victim Whittington addressing the press, looking mighty and  fine, Video here. priceless.Re : Dick Cheney and his family;

We send our love and respect to them, as they deal with situations that are much more serious than what we have had this week,'' he said.

Bush speaking RIGHT NOW (1:45pmEST) on FOX NEWS on the WAR ON TERROR in Tampa is historical. Churchillian. If you are not seeing it, you are missing out on greatness. If you can catch it later, it is a MUST SEE. Priceless.

It's a good day.

UPDATE: Well it was a good day , El Baradei's Iran report to be tabled on Feb. 28.......am I the only sane human that sees a trend or do you see another Nobel peace prize in El Baradei's future?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Something Smells Rather Good In Denmark

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant" - Louis Brandeis

Seems to me on the dhimitude continent of Eurabia, the Danes are mighty bold. Mighty mighty men
One tough Danish Prime Minster; Danes Apologize for Cartoons but not Prime Minsiter Rasmussen

But one Dutch political cartoonist is made of even sterner stuff. Please click on this cartoon it is a MUST SEE Oh and the title “Gevoelig” means “Sensitive.”hat tip: LGF

Ah the smell of fresh Roses of the Prophet Mohamad

And who to believe and why?

Muslim Boycotts Hurt Danish Firms
Consumer boycotts of Danish goods in Muslim countries in protest of the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad are costing Denmark's companies millions, and have raised fears of irreparable damage to trade ties.

but but but it's working here


A Danish reader reports:

Today's Jyllands-Posten says that the growth in 2006 in Danish exports to two countries alone is larger than our total export to the entire Muslim world. The two countries are Germany and USA, and the estimates are even made without considering the Buy Danish-campaigns, that are unfolding in these two countries. If they have an effect, it'll be an extra bonus.

BTW, I have seen the top (AP) story of a destructive Muslim boycott  picked up by the dhimmi MSM, all the major media outlets (the very same MSM that won't run the cartoons but will rerun 3 year old Abu Ghraib pictures), but they have nothing on the Danish story of a successful counter-boycott even though that was posted to the wires first. I know I watch those wires. I got the successful counter boycott (boycott the boycott) story first.


Mohammad Cartoons: Muslim Bites Dog

Bottom line? Coulter rocks. If I had friends, she'd be right there

Perhaps we could put aside our national, ongoing, post-9/11 Muslim butt-kissing contest and get on with the business at hand: Bombing Syria back to the stone age and then permanently disarming Iran.

And this pearl;

So it's not exactly a scoop that Muslims are engaging in violence. A front-page story would be "Offended Muslims Remain Calm."

You gotta read it all............

Sowell once again makes perfect sense and the Ox reinforces why I love this country and what makes Americans so magnificent here


What we have here is a failure to communicate. I , for one, call out anyone who spits in my face and tells me it's raining. It's not the cartoons stupid. It's about power. The power to submit.
The power Radical Islam is attempting to exert over the West.

Honest Reporting reveals ugly truths here

"The publication of cartoons that incite religious or ethnic hatreds is unacceptable."

--U.S. Department of State

The decision of several European newspapers to publish cartoons portraying the Islamic Prophet Mohamed has led to deaths and rioting around the world. While many in Europe are standing firm, the cartoons' publication has also produced strong apologies by international leaders and some of the media. The managing director of France Soir (one of the papers that published the cartoons) was even fired "as a powerful sign of respect for the intimate beliefs and convictions of every individual for allowing them to be published."

Jyllands-Posten, the original Dutch paper that published the cartoons, had this to say: "They (The cartoons) were not intended to be offensive, nor were they at variance with Danish law, but they have indisputably offended many Muslims for which we apologize."

We wonder why no similar outcry and apologies have come after viciously anti-Semitic and anti-Israel cartoons are published on an almost daily basis throughout the Arab world. The following cartoon (as reported by Palestinian Media Watch) was published in Al-Hayat, the official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority, last month. Perhaps the reason that it did not provoke an outrage is that by the standards of the Arab press, it is hardly exceptional. 

"Offensive" Cartoons in the Arab World  

As documented by Palestinian Media Watch, the Arab Press exercises almost no self-censorship in the publications of cartoons which involve gross stereotypes of Jews.

Not a week goes by in the Arab world without a "political" cartoon portraying Jews as either blood-suckers, Nazis, or the indiscriminate killers of Palestinian children. 



The Anti-Defamation League points out that: The U.N. designation of January 27 as a Holocaust memorial day was an occasion for many newspapers to run cartoons and columns that denied or downplayed the horrors of the Holocaust. Additionally, many newspaper articles accused Jews of using the Holocaust to justify the persecution of others 

The Nazi Swastika superimposed on the Star of David. From Al-Yawm (Saudi Arabia).


In an interview with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, analyst Joe Kotek, writes that "The main recurrent motif in Arab cartoons concerning Israel is 'the devilish Jew.' This image conveys the idea that Jews behave like Nazis, kill children and love blood."

"A major theme in Arab cartoons is the blood-loving or blood-thirsty Jew. This originates in Christian anti-Semitism. The Christian anti-Semitic libel alleged the Jews needed Christian blood for their Passover service. Its claim is that the Jew is evil, as his religion forces him to drink blood. In today's Arab world this image of unbridled hatred has mutated into the alleged quest for Palestinian blood.

Blood-drinking Jews are frequently shown by Al Ahram, one of Egypt's leading dailies. On 21 April 2001, it printed a cartoon showing an Arab being put into a flatting mill by two soldiers wearing helmets with Stars of David. The Arab's blood pours out and two Jews with kippot and Stars of David on their shirts drink the blood laughingly."

Yet, we find very little condemnation and apologies from the international community when these cartoons are published. In response to the offending cartoons of Muhammad, many like The Vatican said that "the drawings amounted to an "unacceptable provocation" and the right to freedom of expression "cannot entail the right to offend the sentiment of believers." One wonders why the same standards have not been used in reacting to the above cartoons.

On the other hand, Die Welt, one of the German papers to print the cartoons, got it right when they noted (as quoted in CNSNews.com):

"The protests from Muslims would be taken more seriously if they came across as less hypocritical," the Hamburg-based daily said, noting that no protests greeted the depiction by Syrian television of rabbis as cannibals."

Not Just in the Arab World 

Unfortunately it is not just the Arab world that seems comfortable publishing blatantly anti-Semitic slurs in the guise of "political" cartoons. As previously documented by Honest Reporting, media in Europe and the United States have published cartoons that go beyond offensive.

A political cartoon published in The Independent in 2003 depicted Ariel Sharon biting into the flesh of a Palestinian baby. The background shows Apache attack helicopters firing missiles, and blaring the message "Vote Likud." Sharon is saying, 'What's wrong, you never seen a politician kissing babies before?"

The government of Israel lodged an official protest to the cartoon by Dave Brown. Yet no apology similar to the many we are hearing from around the world today was forthcoming.

Not only were no apologies forthcoming, but the UK's Political Cartoon Society awarded it first prize in its 2003 "Cartoon of the Year" competition, choosing it over 34 other entries. When Honest Reporting wrote to protest the award, the reply we received was:

"You have all taken this award completely out of perspective and context. Shame on you! We do so much good."

For an eye-opening selection of more cartoons of this nature, go to Tom Gross Media.com. With the lack of remorse that we hear from publications of these cartoons one has to conclude that the threat of violence is the only reason that most of the media are so concerned with offending Muslim sensibilities.

Ad depicting greedy Jew airs in Slovakia despite protest

UPDATE: From Shrinkwrapped here;

Anti-Semitism is an ancient scourge that has destroyed all who have become infected with it throughout history. It is a deadly illness of the mind which contains the nidus of self-destruction within its genetic code. Read it all


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ummm DEE-LISH! "Roses of the Prophet Mohammad,"

And another in the "you just can't make this sh*t up" dept:

Iranians turn on Danish pastries in cartoon row, HERE

Danish_raspberry_1Not content with pelting European embassies with petrol bombs to protest against cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, Iranians have decided to rename the "Danish pastries" relished by this nation of cake lovers.

From now on, the sweet, flaky pastries which dominate the shelves in     Iran's cake shops will be known as "Roses of the Prophet Mohammad," the official IRNA news agency reported as pressure on Denmark over the cartoons took on a new dimension.


Hey guys: it's working here


A Danish reader reports:

Today's Jyllands-Posten says that the growth in 2006 in Danish exports to two countries alone is larger than our total export to the entire Muslim world. The two countries are Germany and USA, and the estimates are even made without considering the Buy Danish-campaigns, that are unfolding in these two countries. If they have an effect, it'll be an extra bonus.

"We must tell Europeans, we can live without you. But you cannot live without us," said Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, a leading imam in Qatar.


Cartoon Lunacy Et tu Google?

This just in from Larry;Gagged_1

Is Google censoring the blogs?

First do no evil right? Thinking and communicating thoughts is the essence of humanity.

If you Google search Danish cartoons for the images and Lord knows I posted one of those toons back in October and subsequently ran them all afterward, as have  myriad bloggers but still you cannot find them on Google search.

Example #1---here is a posting on JihadWatch today

Egyptian editor who printed cartoons has left the country Egyptian Sandmonkey, who has done such important work during the entire cartoon rage episode, and was the first to reveal that the Egyptian paper Al Fagr printed the cartoons in October, now tells us that the editor responsible has left Egypt -- not surprising, since editors who printed the cartoons in Jordan and Algeria have been arrested. 

1.  Search Google with the phrase “ Egyptian editor who printed” and google gives this result:

Egyptian editor who printed cartoons has left the country
4 hours ago by director@jihadwatch.org  Egyptian Sandmonkey, who has done such important work during the entire cartoon rage episode, and was the first to reveal that the Egyptian paper Al Fagr printed the cartoons in October, now tells us that the editor responsible has left..... Jihad Watch - http://www.jihadwatch.org/

2.  Search Google with just the word “cartoons” and no result.

Example #2----another posting at JihadWatch today….

Cartoon Protests in Pakistan Leave 3 Dead
PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Gunfire and rioting erupted Wednesday as tens of thousands of people took to the streets in several Pakistani cities during the country's third consecutive day of violent protests over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons. Three people were killed, including an 8-year-old boy.

2.  Search Google with the phrase “streets in several Pakistani cities”  and you get this hit.

Cartoon Protests in Pakistan Leave 3 Dead
5 hours ago by director@jihadwatch.org  An update on this story from AP: PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Gunfire and rioting erupted Wednesday as tens of thousands of people took to the streets in several Pakistani cities during the country's third consecutive day... Jihad Watch -

3.  Search google with the phrase” Prophet Muhammad” and there are no hits.

Another thing I have noticed is that the number of Google hits for keywords related to cartoons or religion declined right after Feb 8, 2006.

1.  Search google with the keywords “cartoons” and “mohammed” and you will see that on Feb 8 there are about 250 hits, but only about 250 hits from Feb 9 to Feb 15.

*Using Google Blog Search

BTW, I printed those toons Bck in October because of the "backstory"

Danish author Kåre Bluitgen had difficulties in getting artists to illustrate his book about Muhammad due to fear of reprisals from Islamic extremists. Jyllandsposten, Denmark's largest newspaper, responded by asking 40 illustrators to make drawings of Muhammad, and published twelve in this Saturday's edition.

Google_china_7 Is there something to this, any other bloggers have any dirt on this? Bloggers in the Middle East are risking their lives to get the story out and Google is going into dhimmi mode?

This I gotta know. This really is evil. Pure evil.

More on the Islamists War on the Internet here.

Tell if your Blogger blog has been flagged here. More bad bad Google blog related news, Google buys Measure Map Blog Tracking

Larry rocks!

More examples of Google Blog Search censoring bloggers here

Highlights: Today's China Internet Hearings

UPDATE: I am happy to report (thrilled actually) that the search under both Google and Google search yielded millions of hits. Larry's experience was with Google blog search.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cartoon Muslims Attack News Photographers, Others Shot Dead

As the cartoon rioting rampages on here claiming two lives here, rioters take a page from the "kill the messenger" school of [anti]thought;Pakistan_cartoon_mob_2

Security guards shot dead two men, police used teargas on students in Islamabad's diplomatic enclave and protesters attacked Western businesses in Pakistan's most violent reaction yet to cartoons of the Prophet.

In Iran, scores of demonstrators hurled petrol bombs at the British embassy in renewed protests against the cartoons and Western opposition to Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

Photographers attacked during Amsterdam Muslim demonstration

Pakistan_mob_2 Only now has it become known that three press photographers (Maurice Boyer, Phil Nijhuis and Daimon Xanthopoulos) were attacked on Saturday during the Muslim demonstration that got four people arrested. In the case of Boyer, this resulted in some minor injuries, which nevertheless kept him from participating in a running match on Sunday. Nice.

Meanwhile, a bunch of cowards in Oldenzaal, a city in my native region of Twente, have decided to prohibit Mohammed parodies during the upcoming Catholic Mardi Grass festivities. My beloved late grandmother was from Oldenzaal and if she could hear about this, she'd rise from the grave and give them an old-fashioned ass-whooping. More here Hat tip"Tom P


An Iranian protester hides his face with a Palestinian head scarf as he
attends a protest against cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad that
were published in European papers, outside German the embassy in Tehran


Sailor beaten to death in oil tanker over ‘cartoons’

Filipino Muslims torch Danish flag over Prophet cartoons

Malaysia gov't shuts another newspaper over prophet cartoons

Dhimmi Canadian PM expresses regret over reprinting of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

I am sure that's not all fffffffffffffffolks!


Read it all here Consider it Another Valentine's Day Gift.......

This nation is facing two crises -- one phony and one real. Both in the media and in politics, the phony crisis is getting virtually all the attention.

Like the French official in "Casablanca," politicians and much of the media are shocked, shocked, to discover that the government has been listening in on calls involving international terrorist networks. Congressional leaders of both parties have in fact known this for years without saying a word.

Dmocratics_1 Only after the New York Times published the news and made a big noise about it have politicians begun to declare their shock.

That is not the only thing that makes this big uproar phony. The same people who are going ballistic over what they spin as "domestic spying" never went ballistic over one of the most gross examples of genuine domestic spying during the Clinton years.

Hundreds of raw FBI files on Republicans were sent to the Clinton White House, in violation of laws and for no higher purpose than having enough dirt on enough people to intimidate political opponents. But domestic spying against Republicans did not shock nearly as many people as intercepting phone calls from terrorists.

The current hue and cry that is being whipped up into a media crisis is part of a whole pattern of short-sighted political obstruction and a futile venting of spleen.

What could have been more short-sighted and petty than the Congressional Democrats holding up the official electoral college vote last year confirming the re-election of President Bush? It was the first time such a challenge was made since 1877.

UPDATE: In other news, Vadkins in live blogging the Able Danger hearings here...... you won't hear the Dems ever mentioning the Able Danger smoking gun of 9/11.

Monday, February 13, 2006

French Hypocrisy Thriving -C'est la Vie

The French finally take the lead in something...............hate to be so snide but the French are so smug, self righteous - such hypocrites. Pathetic

Report to slam France's human rights record

- There is a yawning gap between what France preaches and what it practices when it comes to human rights, according to a major Council of Europe report to be released this week.

The 200-page indictment — which details shortcomings ranging from chronicallyFrench_vida_loca overpopulated prisons to police brutality to summary expulsions of asylum seekers — is especially embarrassing to a nation that takes pride in its image and history as a beacon of human rights.

"There is a widening gap in several areas between the text of the law and what is actually practiced," Human Rights Commissioner Alvaro Gil-Robles said in the report, to be released Wednesday.

France "has a relatively complete legal arsenal offering a high level of human rights protection," Gil-Robles said, but "does not always give itself sufficient means to put it into application."

The report refers to "persistent and recurring difficulties" related to human rights as illustrated by the number of cases brought in recent years before the European Court of Human Rights.

Based on the inspection in September 2005 of seven prisons and five police precincts, the report also lambastes France's weak reaction to anti-Semitic and racist crimes, and the discriminatory treatment of the country's Roma citizens, also known as gypsies.

An Update From France . . . (Remember Those Riots?) here

How has France changed since the two weeks of riots last November that should have shaken the country to the core?

The answer is not much. For the vast majority of the French, the riots were little more than a televisual event, to sit at home and watch on the small screen while relaxing after work. It was possible, after all, to travel the length and breadth of the country at the very height of the riots and not know that anything untoward was happening anywhere -- provided, of course, that one did not look at the television, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper or magazine.

Look, it's gotta be Sarkozy in 2007 here hat tip:Alcibiades

Cartoon Dhimmitude In America

Please support these students here, MUST READ -- believe me you, this is America's best shot at winning the war on Radical Islam. This is our future - I am proud of them

-There have been times in our nation when groups have been told to back downHero from their positions and accept the status quo. The anti-slavery, women's rights and anti-segregation movements are such examples. But despite climates of unfavorable opinion, their leaders persisted and changed our country for the better.

We are proud not to take the route of the New York Times, Washington Post or other major newspapers which have not published the cartoons. Their decision to leave their readership uninformed on an issue causing riots, death and damage is irresponsible.

Free speech is all about more speech. We will not allow a hastily written, knee-jerk editorial to undo the work we have done for our readers or intimidate us from carrying that mission out from here.

We will not resign. We will not issue an apology.

Fellow Atlases, I implore you to voice your support. Today. NOW. Here:

Letters to the editor:
Contributions may be sent to: Opinions, The Daily Illini, 57 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820 or e-mail opinions@dailyillini.com with the subject ³Letter to the Editor.² Letters must be limited to 300 words. Contributions must be typed and include the author¹s name, address and phone number. University students must include their year in school and their college. The Daily Illini reserves the right to edit or reject any contributions. Hat tip Irwin

Meanwhile the dhimmi leftists  at The Boston Globe;

"Coward_1 As the Boston Globe refuses to publish any of the recent cartoons that have Islamist panties in a wad, I took it upon myself to send the globe editors the following note: 'I find ALL of your editorial cartoons deeply offensive—morally, religiously, philosophically and spiritually. In fact, I don't like your editorials, either. And the editorializing in your news coverage, that is offensive as well. In keeping with your policy to not offend any ethnic or religious group, kindly cease publication at once.' I will let you know when they close shop!" —Dover, Massachusetts

More on the fatal buffoonery:

Denmark must apologize for cartoons: Syria


It's not the about Cartoons Stupid!

It's not about  cartoons. It's about power. It's about submission. It's about dhimmitude.

Just take a look at any typical newspaper in the Muslim world.
Every day you will see offensive cartoon caricatures of Jews.

Jews with fangs dripping bloodArabcartoons14_3

Jews as shadowy figures hoarding money or gold

Jews controlling the world

The Nazis used these anti-Semitic images as a license to kill. For decades they have appeared nearly every day in state-influenced media outlets from Egypt to Iran with one clear goal: to incite hatred against Jews.

While Arab and Muslim leaders attack offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in the free European press, their followers engage in horrific acts of violence - riots, assaults, embassies burned to the ground.

These same leaders have consistently refused to criticize or put a stop to the deeply offensive and dangerous anti-Semitic depictions in their own media outlets.

Iran, Cartoons, Nukes, One Degree of Separation

These continuing developments are a pointed march to war.

Yemen detains three journalists over cartoons row
SANAA (Reuters) - Yemen has detained three journalists and is seeking a fourth after closingBehead768453_2 their newspapers for republishing satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, officials said on Sunday. Armies of Liberation has excellent Yemen analysis here
Algerian editors arrested over Mohammad cartoons
ALGIERS (Reuters) - Algeria has closed two newspapers and arrested their editors for printing obscured images of the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad that have ignited unrest across the Muslim world, colleagues said on Sunday.
Thousands of Turks protest cartoons, pelt French consulate with eggs
ANKARA, Turkey Protesters shouting for "blood" and "vengeance" have targeted the French consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, as demonstrations continue over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

The Radicals are remaking the world as we know it.
These rallies were staged, orchestrated by our enemy. They are orchestrated by those that behead with crude instruments for video and distribute purposes. These rallies are part of the war against the West . The rallies are the work of  al qaeda and Iran.
The protesters in Lebanon were Syrian. Most of those arrested in Lebanon were Syrian.
It may not have worked this time but the objective is to whip Muslim populations across the globe into a frenzy of violence against the west.

Ahmadinejad Prepares Country for a Rough Ride.

The New York Times reported that Ahmadinejad in a speech to tens of thousands of demonstrators he said: "I ask our dear people to prepare themselves for a great struggle." "Fasten your seat belts and pull up your sleeves."

Clock150_iran_nukes Then he Ramps Up the War of Words on Israel.

Khaleej Times reported that the European Union condemned the latest remarks by Ahmadinejad about Israel, in which he said that the Palestinians and “other nations” would eventually remove the Jewish state.

Yahoo News reported that Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi, said: "The repressive actions of the Zionist regime against the Palestinians are worse than the Holocaust." Hat tip:Regime Change Iran

The puzzle. Look at the puzzle from a perch, not the ground.Why would Iran delay planned nuclear talks with Russia? Because it gets Russia, an ally of Iran, off the hook to deliver any real result or concession and more importantly..........it's a stall.

Bolton: Shootout at the OK Corral

I had to create another BOLTON thread, the man is moving petrified mountains;  I thoroughly enjoy watching the emergence of this statesman who challenges the amoral bargaining of the UN where the claims of the aggressors and victims are treated as equal.

How delicious to watch him challenge --dead on-- the corruption and cronyism of   of the status quo or the quid pro quo at the UN for the moral clarity of "meritocracy".

Battle lines drawn over top job at UN
International Herald Tribune (part of the LLL MSM)
This year was long previewed as Asia's turn to fill the post. But John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador, has challenged this regional rotation idea, saying that the only criterion should be merit.

And the OIC that made the cartoon incident a worldwide call to war here

OIC may raise issue of cartoons with UN
ABU DHABI — The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is likely to hold an emergency session soon to deal with the issue of blasphemous cartoons, and refer it to the UN.

I expect John Bolton will straighten these thugs out.

Oh and BTW --Voinovich, my least favorite RINO or is that Chafee hmmmm,  has totally flip flopped on Bolton. Did you notice that? He must be hearing the bells of 2006.

UPDATE: UN calls for closure of military prison

                     Atlas call for closure of the UN

Sunday, February 12, 2006

War and Peace Through Strength

Freedom of Speech does not demand that private citizens provide a microphone for the man who advocates their destruction.

Major Iranian newspaper holds Holocaust cartoons competition
A prominent Iranian newspaper on Monday opened an international competition seeking cartoons about the Holocaust in what it said was a test of whether the West would be as supportive of freedom of expression over the Nazi genocide as it was with caricatures of Islam's prophet.

Zulubaby sent this to me. The Hitler/Frank cartoon here is as base and depraved today as both they (the Radical Islamists) and the Nazis were during WWII.

Drafting Hitler - Ihr und wir
Sehr lesenswerter Text von David Brooks aus der NYT vom 9.2.o6:

You want us to know how you feel.
You in the Arab European League published a cartoon of Hitler in bed with Anne Frank so we in the West would understand how offended you were by those Danish cartoons. You at the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri are holding a Holocaust cartoon contest so we'll also know how you feel.

Well, I saw the Hitler-Anne Frank cartoon: the two have just had sex and Hitler says to her, ''Write this one in your diary, Anne.'' But I still don't know how you feel. I still don't feel as if I should burn embassies or behead people or call on God or bin Laden to exterminate my foes. I still don't feel your rage. I don't feel threatened by a sophomoric cartoon, even one as tasteless as that one.

At first I sympathized with your anger at the Danish cartoons because it's impolite to trample on other people's religious symbols. But as the rage spread and the issue grew more cosmic, many of us in the West were reminded of how vast the chasm is between you and us. There was more talk than ever about a clash of civilizations. We don't just have different ideas; we have a different relationship to ideas.

We in the West were born into a world that reflects the legacy of Socrates and the agora. In our world, images, statistics and arguments swarm around from all directions. There are movies and blogs, books and sermons. There's the profound and the vulgar, the high and the low.

In our world we spend our time sifting and measuring, throwing away the dumb and offensive, e-mailing the smart and the incisive. We aim, in Michael Oakeshott's words, to live amid the conversation -- ''an  endless unrehearsed intellectual adventure in which, in imagination, we enter a variety of modes of understanding the world and ourselves and are not disconcerted by the differences or dismayed by the inconclusiveness of it all.''

We believe in progress and in personal growth. By swimming in this flurry of perspectives, by facing unpleasant facts, we try to come closer and closer to understanding.

But you have a different way. When I say you, I don't mean you Muslims.I don't mean you genuine Islamic scholars and learners. I mean you Islamists. I mean you young men who were well educated in the West, but who have retreated in disgust from the inconclusiveness and chaos of  our conversation. You've retreated from the agora into an exaggerated version of Muslim purity.

You frame the contrast between your world and our world more bluntly than we outsiders would ever dare to. In London the protesters held signs reading ''Freedom Go to Hell,'' ''Exterminate Those Who Mock Islam,'' ''Be Prepared for the Real Holocaust'' and ''Europe You Will Pay, Your 9/11 Is on the Way.'' In Copenhagen, an imam declared, ''In the West, freedom of speech is sacred; to us, the prophet is sacred'' - as if the two were necessarily opposed.

Our mind-set is progressive and rational. Your mind-set is pre-Enlightenment and mythological. In your worldview, history doesn't move forward through gradual understanding. In your worldview, history is resolved during the apocalyptic conflict between the supernaturally pure jihadist and the supernaturally evil Jew.

You seize on any shred -- even a months-old cartoon from an obscure Danish paper -- to prove to yourself that the Jew and the crusader are on the offensive, that the apocalyptic confrontation is at hand. You invent primitive stories -- like the one about Jews who kill children for their blood -- to reinforce your image of Jewish evil. You deny the Holocaust because if the Jews were as powerful as you say, they would never have allowed it to happen.

In my world, people search for truth in their own diverse ways. In your world, the faithful and the infidel battle for survival, and words and ideas and cartoons are nothing more than weapons in that war.

So, of course, what started in Denmark ended up for you with Hitler, the Holocaust and the Jew. But in your overreaction this past week, your defensiveness is showing. Democracy is coming to your region, and democracy brings the conversation. Mainstream leaders like Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani are embracing democracy and denouncing your riots as ''misguided and oppressive.''

You fundamentalists have turned yourselves into a superpower of dysfunction, demanding our attention week after week. But it is hard to intimidate people forever into silence, to bottle up the conversation, to lock the world into an epic war only you want. While I don't share your rage, I do understand your panic.

Winning the War on Radical Islam

The news the news ignores.

Perfect case in point: the Cartoon controversy. Not running the cartoons out of fear, that is news the news chooses to ignore. Not succumbing to dhimmitude is one front in the clash of civilizations. the war of Radical Islamosfascism.

Eliminating the head(s) of the snake, is another critical front;

Al-Zawahri kin was killed in Bajaur raid, claims Musharraf Islamabad

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said that a close relative of Al Qaeda's No. 2 Al-Zawahari was killed in the air raids in the Bajaur agency carried out by the US forces from across the Afghanistan border on January 13.

Although Musharraf didn't reveal the names of the two Al Qaeda leaders who died in the attack, Pakistani intelligence officials were quoted as saying that the dead were identified as Abdul Rehman al-Maghribi, a Moroccan and possibly son-in-law of Al Zawahari, and Midhat Mursi al-Sayed Umar.

Note how the MSM will gleefully report that Zawahiri wasn't taken out (almost happy), but will make little of the successful assassinations of top al qaeda leaders and a Zawahri relative. You certainly can't accuse the MSM of subtlety. Typical Iraqi war coverage video here. JUBA my ass, sniping is part of any war. The leftist media just loves the opportunity to show American soldiers picked off, losing as it were.

Classic New York Times cartoon dhimmitude here.

But someone in the MSM get us here

Fighting the traitors here on American soil, critical front in the war of the worlds ;

Welcome to ImpeachPAC!Evil_clown_2

ImpeachPAC is a non-profit, nation-wide political action committee that is working tirelessly to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney immediately.

And we're making a difference! When we launched in November 2005, no one in Washington would say "impeachment" out loud. Now it's a hot topic in the news - and ImpeachPAC is leading the way! hat tip night rider

or this

This time it is all about an editorial Muhammad cartoon printed in a student paperin North Carolina. A cartoonist is also in trouble in Ohio.

Do not worry, they will not demonstrate against Ahmadinejad's calling the holocaust a fairy tell or his "prediction" that Israel will be removed. So much for respect for non Muslims. Of course, wonder of wonders, Muslim self respect does not entail demonstrating against Sunnis blowing up Shia during Ashura.

Of course, this has nothing to do with cartoons and everything to do with the tyrants using "the Arab street" to stop the march of freedom.

Meanwhile dhimmitude is the order of the day in Eurabia aka Europe;

While, fear clearly reigns in Europe.

The massive protests against the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed have rocked the world. Buildings have been burnt down; people have died at demonstrations. To avoid further offence to the Muslim community, the mayor of a little Belgian coastal town recently banned a local exhibition from displaying a sculpture of Saddam Hussein, made by the Czech artist David Cerny.Hat tip Dr. Judith Apter Klinghoffer here, Member of the International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom of Bar-Ilan University

"The terrorists have instrumentalized religion for their illegal purposes. We now face a multi-national terrorist threat that is no longer isolated geographically or organized in small secret cells." (12/08/2005) Sheik Sabah Khalid Hamad Sabah, Kuwaiti National Security Advisor here

I can not help respect and admire Bush's focus and single mindedness, he never wilts or wusses out or plays to polls. The Democratic party would be without a platform without the polls.

I always find it somewhat curious and amusing that the polls consistently show Americans' disapproval and unhappiness with Bush, the Republicans, the War on Terror, the economy, Social Security, the whole gambit of issues but at the end of the day...............the Democrats always lose the only poll that counts - the elections.

Winning the war on Radical Islamism -- in spite of the domestic clowns, the tyranny of the minority.

Islamic Protestors In France Face Counter Protest

Loving No Pasaran.......... Big time. Get over to No Pasaran's blog  here.
Thoroughly enjoyable reading.France_cartoon

Islamic Protestors in Paris Come Face to Face with an Unexpected Counter-Protest

"An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth!" Echoing protests around the world and wearing all kinds of costumes from the Middle East and the Muslim world, 4,000 Islamic demonstrators march through Paris denouncing the cartoons and the alleged (and convenient) lack of respect towards Islam.

[...]wearing a sign with the Danish flag saying "Support Denmark, Support free speech". Besides (silently) wearing a sign reading "Free Cartoonist" on it, the other, the founder of the BAF protest warrior-type organisation, is holding a (fake) severed hand, a pen among its fingers.

Voices start to ring out. "It's provocation!" "You tread on 1.5 million Muslims!" "Connards!" "Rat faces!"

"Are you out of your minds?!" ask the two officers. "Do you know how many of them there were?!" "Somebody's got to stand up for free speech", replies the French protestor. After staying with us for 20-something minutes, they let us out. (As a departing farewell, I say, "You know, right before you came, we almost had them surrounded.")

Watch the movie

Meanwhile south of the border;
Tens of thousands protest against cartoons in Turkey

ISTANBUL: Tens of thousands of Turks rallied on Sunday in protests against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), burning a Danish flag and throwing stones at a French consulate. In what appeared to be the largest such demonstration since the caricatures were first published in Denmark in September, 50,000 people amassed in the main square of the eastern city of Diyarbakir, shouting anti-Danish slogans. Before splitting up, demonstrators also called for a boycott of Danish products.


US VS THEM here hat tip Michael

Muslim Cartoon Riots Come to America

The riots have come to America here. . But you knew that it was only a matter of time. And future clashes here? This is a defining moment. Nazis in Skokie? America's DNA is  FREE SPEECH.Better understand Islam here. Must see TV, hat tip TJP

"Stop Publishing the Cartoons" over here at Democracy Project

Muslims protest outside Philadelphia newspaper

Hundreds of Muslims chanted and carried banners and signsSuicide_of_the_west outside the Inquirer-Daily News Building on Saturday, protesting The Philadelphia Inquirer's decision to reprint a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.

Many said they thought that the paper had defamed their religion by publishing an image that has angered Muslims across the world and resulted in mass protests and the burning of Western embassies. Many Muslims consider any depiction of Muhammad to be sacrilegious.

"We feel very strongly The Inquirer could have covered the news without printing this inflammatory cartoon," said Zia Haq, 43, of Collegeville, Pa.

The cartoon, one of several originally published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September, depicts Islam's chief prophet with a lit bomb stuck in his turban. It ran in The Inquirer on Feb. 4 with a story about the dilemma faced by the media over reprinting the cartoon. The image was accompanied by a note, which said, in part, "The Inquirer intends no disrespect to the religious beliefs of any of its readers."

CAIR will hold a town hall meeting Sunday at the University of Pennsylvania.

Most U.S. newspapers have opted not to publish the images.

These are the  same newspapers that sued the federal government for the right to run the dead floating  bodies in the KKKatrina aftermath. But run the hundreds of bodies hitting the ground after throwing themselves out of the World Trade Center? Never

These dhimmi thumbsuckers make me sick to my stomach. They play right into the hands of Iran here. Rice Accuses Syria, Iran of Inflaming Muslim Sentiments Over Cartoons. We know  the mad mullahs  FUROR IGNITED AT MECCA SUMMIT, months after the poorly drawn toons were published.

Meanwhile, the imam who preached the Friday sermon in Gaza's Omari Mosque told 9,000 worshippers that the cartoonists who executed the caricatures should be beheaded.

Iran Blames U.S., Europe in Cartoon Crisis
Iran's hard-line president on Saturday accused the United States and Europe of being "hostages of Zionism" and said they should pay a heavy price for the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that have triggered worldwide protests.


US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites
Daily Telegraph: Breaking News
Strategists at the Pentagon are drawing up plans for devastating bombing raids against Iran's nuclear sites as a "last resort" to block Teheran's efforts to develop an atomic bomb.

Hey guys, just do it already

UPDATE: Iran calls Palestinian plight worse than Holocaust

Taheri's Hijacking Islam  hat tip: commenter Associate Contributor

Received this from Peter in Denmark  here;

 I read this piece in Jyllands-Posten Friday and have just finished translating it.

We are being pissed upon by Per Nyholm

I think it was the long departed H.C. Hansen, one of last century's great Danish statesmen who once - while the communists were demonstrating in front of Christiansborg [Ed: the seat of parliament] - threw his gaze across the palace square and remarked: "I will not be pissed upon."

Then he did what was necessary.

I feel that currently my beloved country is being pissed upon rather too much. Denmark has not been neglecting its duties on the international stage. We have supported poor people with acts and advice, we have worked for peace, we have sent soldiers, policemen and experts to all the far flung corners of the world. We have democracy, a state of law and a welfare state. Not all is perfect, but we harbor no malice to our fellow man.

And yet Denmark is being pissed upon. The spokesman of the US State Department is pissing on Denmark, the British Secretary of Foreign Affairs is pissing on Denmark, the President of Afghanistan is pissing on Denmark, the Goverment of Iraq is pissing on Denmark, other Moslem regimes are pissing on Denmark. In Gaza, where Danes for years have provided humanitarian relief, crazed Imams encourage people to cut off the hands and heads of the cartoonists who made the caricatures of Mohammed for the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

Excuse my choice of words, but all this pissing is pissing me off. Read it all and see what the "Danish Street" is saying.

Of Course my boys over at the Weekly Standard published the cartoons;

Kristol_webhead Editor's Note: Why we reproduced the Mohammed cartoons.

TO ACCOMPANY the editorial in the new issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD, we have the page with the Mohammed cartoons from the September 30 Jyllands-Posten. Readers should be able to see what this controversy is about. More important, in light of recent instances of capitulation to the threats of radical Islamists, and in response to eloquent pleas by individuals like Walid-al-Kubaisi in Norway to publish the cartoons in order to protect freedom of expression, we wanted to do our small part to stand against intimidation by extremists.--William Kristol here


This is a moment of truth in the global struggle against Islamic extremism. Will Hamas succeed in creating a terror state on the West Bank? Will a terror-sponsoring Iranian regime succeed in its quest for nuclear weapons? Will Danish imams succeed in intimidating Europe--or the free world as a whole?

With respect to Hamas, Iran, and the cartoons, the response of Western leaders hasn't been particularly encouraging--with the notable exception of Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark. Robert Frost said of liberals that they're incapable of taking their own side in a fight. We will see how deeply a degenerate form of liberalism has penetrated our souls. Will we anguish? Or will we fight? Read it all here

Uh, you know where I stand William

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cartoon Riots: `hatred against Islam' translation "Hatred of the West"

Ahmadinejad to Iranians: Israel Will be removed'

Reason demands recognition of human rights.

  Hatred of Islam my ass, stop killing people, live and let live, stop the islamokazees and "we'll like you. We'll really like you".

Meanwhile more calls to arms today as Cartoon rioting continues unabated across the world . And what of future clashes here. How beautiful is that "cartoon rioting" - poetic genius. Oakland leader praises Muslims who died over Danish cartoons

Rallies across Europe against Danish cartoons of Prophet Mohammed
Muslim communities have mobilized across Europe holding mass demonstrations in protest against the publication of controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
Thousands of Muslims protest in London over cartoons, Macedonia: Protests Against Muhammad Cartoons in Skopje

Terror link of 'moderate' Muslims ,thousands, at London rally hat tip Tom P


"It was no big deal until the Islamic conference, when the OIC took aDanish_cartoon_3 stance against it," said Muhammad el-Sayed Said, deputy director of the Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo, Egypt.

The meeting in Mecca, a Saudi city from which non-Muslims are barred, drew minimal international press coverage even though such leaders as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran were in attendance. But on the road from quiet outrage in a small Muslim community in northern Europe to a set of international brush fires, the summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference — and the role its member governments played in the outrage — was something of a turning point. After that meeting, anger at the Danish caricatures, especially at an official government level, became more public. In some countries, like Syria and Iran, that meant heavy press coverage in official news media and virtual government approval of protests that ended with Danish embassies in flames.

Iran_death_to_america_3 Rumsfeld has already cautioned Iran and Syria (Iran's Luca Brazi) about aiding Iraq insurgency . We are well aware of their  hand in the current insurgency and other acts of war. Syria Charged With Masterminding Bombings in Turkey and Istanbul in 2003. These people are at war with the West.

Look, this is war. We have got to into Iran and take out their nuclear facilities. Hand wringing be damned. It is just that simple. If by neglect, ignorance, or helplessness the Iranians couldn't overthrow their bad government and establish a better one, then they must pay the price for the sins of their government, just as we are  paying for the sins of the Carter and Clinton administrations.

The Bush Presidency will be defined by how he handled Iran, unquestionably.


Friday, February 10, 2006

Muslims' Fury Rages Unabated Over Mohammad Cartoons

Anyone that rationalizes this--Islam_celebration_ashouramore3

Muslims' Fury Rages Unabated Over Cartoons
Washington Post COPENHAGEN, Feb. 10 -- Tens of thousands of Muslims took to the streets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East after weekly prayers on Friday, burning Danish flags and shouting anti-Danish and anti-American slogans in a continuing convulsion of anger over cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

or this --Thousands of Muslims to protest in London over cartoons

or this Montreal Muslims say they will proceed with march to denounce Danish cartoons

or this Venezuelan Muslims protest cartoons

or this French, Danish and UK embassies attacked in Iran
Protesters hurled petrol bombs at the French embassy in Tehran and threw stones at the Danish and British missions on Friday, despite calls by a senior cleric to stop attacks over cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad.

or this Middle Eastern Media Awash in Anti-Semitism

or this, must go down with these savages too. That's it. It's that simple.

Update FEBRUARY 11:

Denmark pulls ambassadors from Syria, Iran, Indonesia Modern day Dar al Islam

Painful: Europe's Rapid Descent into Dhimmitude

UPDATED 2/10/06

From Expat Swede this news item; [emphasis mine]

Eurabia - a.k.a. Yuribbiya - has just taken a big step forward. Today the Swedish government ordered the shutting down of an internet site that has published one of the Muhammad cartoons. The website belongs to a small,Sweden_1 nationalist party, the Swedish Democrats, with deep roots in Sweden's violent 1980s neo-Nazi movemement. Their very existence - and the fact that they have seats in more than 20 local legislatures - is bad enough. Now they will become martyrs of freedom of speech and possibly catapult into the national parliament in the elections in September.


The big daily morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports that the government ordered the website shut down because they want to prevent violence against Swedes in the Middle East, as well as islamist terror attacks on Swedish soil. (One such attack was narrowly averted in December.)


"'It is terrible that a small group of Swedish extremists are exposing Swedes to clear and present danger' says foreign minister Mrs. Laila Freivalds. The closing of the websites of the Swedish Democrats and their news magazine followed the news magazine's publication of one Muhammad cartoon. 'We thought it was the best thing to do after the security police and foreign ministry had contacted us' said Anna Larsson, vice president of the website host Levonline. /.../

'We have been in contact with the internet provider and presented our threat assessment to them. What that assessment looks like is secret' says Mr. Klas Bergenstrand, chief of the security police. /.../

Mr. Peter Danowsky, attorney and expert on freedom of speech and theb press, does not consider the actions of the security police and the foreign ministry to be of any concern. 'If the security police and the foreign ministry think that there is a threat and then relays that to the website host, then they are doing them a favor' he says. /.../

Several media in the Middle East have, according to Mrs. Freivalds, reported that 'a major Swedish newspaper' has published a Muhammad caricature cartoon. 'We know that there are extremists among muslims who will not be satisfied with staging demonstrations, but who take to violence - and it is from that perspective that we assess that there is a threat' says Mrs. Freivalds."

Which is why the boycott of the boycott is so crucial. We must stand up for those who stand against the savages.  IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH PLEASE BOYCOTT THE BOYCOTT EVERYDAY, GO HERE FOR ALL BOYCOTT INFO and here's another link to Danish shopping here


Websites shut down by Swedish government


Admin Email:it@sverigedemokraterna.se
Billing ID:tukHm8sNMvfv2R3y
Billing Name:Jomshof, Richard
Billing Organization:SD-Kuriren
Billing Street1:Box 1194
Billing Street2:
Billing Street3:
Billing City:Lund
Billing State/Province:
Billing Postal Code:S-22105 
Billing Country:SE 
Billing Phone:+46.736260661

10th February 2006

News article filed by BNP news team

In a move which has shocked its Nordic neighbors and set alarm bells ringing through Europe the Swedish government has forced the closure of a website of a patriotic political party.

The website of the Swedish Democrats published a joke cartoon of Mohammed in a similar vein to the dozen cartoons first published in Denmark in September 2005 which have angered Muslims and led to rioting across the Islamic world.

The site's host, Levonline, pulled the plug on the website of the Swedish Democrats' SD-Kuriren newspaper after consulting with the government. It is believed to be the first time a Western government has intervened to block a publication in the growing row.

Illegal move

A SD spokesman said that the Swedish government was acting illegally. Richard Jomshof editor of the website said "We have to do something about it. This is illegal. They can't do this just because we are a small magazine."

"They are cowards for not standing by the Danish people and Jyllands-Posten."

This act of appeasement will be greeted by the Muslim world but has to be seen as an act of weakness, a betrayal of the western values of free speech and freedom of expression. The neighborly Nordic Danish government has gone to great lengths to explain to Muslim representatives that the Danish government cannot apologize for the content of an independent publication.

The move reinforces the decision by the BNP to have its websites hosted out with the UK. If our site was to be hosted in this country one could guarantee that the New Labour regime, which places far more importance on keeping the Muslim vote than allowing British citizens the ability to exercise free speech, would have pulled the plug not long after we published the controversial cartoons last weekend.

To date the BNP website is the only British publication which carries the cartoons.

As we go to post this story the SD-Kuriren website remains closed.


The Mohammad Cartoon Tee Shirt Brouhahaha

It's funny, when I saw this tee shirt on metro spy earlier in the week, I ordered it immediately. Little did I know that it too would create a brouhaha (love that word). I even used it as a graphic in a prior post here.
Knowing that, I assure all my readers (particularly those that asked for more and more photos of Atlas) that upon receipt (they had no smalls only mediums and up) I shall run a photo  of me in the offending garment. Story here

To see the latest creation from conservative t-shirt maker MetroSpy some wouldMohhamad_tee_shirt_1 think the Muslim world had every right to be upset. MetroSpy's new t-shirts depict an unflattering caricature of the prophet Mohammed with a bomb on his head. The controversial cartoon, which first ran in European newspapers, has outraged Muslims around the world because Islamic tradition forbids a graphic depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

Many in the U.S however, are angered by the violence being displayed by extreme Islamic protesters — torching buildings, desecrating flags and in some cases even killing people. Annoyed by the violent images broadcast from the Middle East, MetroSpy decided to sell t shirts with the controversial caricature emblazoned across the front.

"We can't let the terrorists win. We can not encourage this uncivilized behavior by caving in to their wishes," said Nate Thomas, product manager for MetroSpy.

Don't worry Nate we won't.

The tee shirt is HOT! Buy one here for your babe on Valentine's Day and send me a pic. heh

I intend to run an "Infidel's Gallery"

(oh and hide a little jewelry in the box too, and no you won't have to thank me for a night of wild monkey love on Valentine's Day)

Anonymous Muslim Complaint box here


Dutch people united in their defense of freedom of speech

According to a survey by Dutch tv channel RTL a staggering number of 84 percent feels that Ayaan Hirsi Ali should film Submission part II. Yes, that's staggering. The same survey concluded that only 36 percent of the Dutch have positive feelings towards the film (43 percent neutral, 20 percent negative). 88 percent of those questioned thinks the film should be allowed under the principle of freedom of the press.

Mind you, 73 percent of the Dutch expects a backlash from the Islamic world, with 56 percent reckoning there will be a boycott of Dutch products, which fortunately means more liquorice for us. (BTW, the latter number isn't in the hyperlinked article, but was transcribed from the tv broadcast.) This makes the results of the survey all the more important, since it means that those questioned stand by their principles even though they're aware of the probable consequences. It's good to know the Dutch people are more courageous than their government.

Meanwhile, here is some television footage of Muslim youngsters torching Danish flags in Limburg, a province most Dutch wish wasn't part of the country anyway. (Just joking, dear Limburg visitors. You bake great cakes.) More here hat tipTom P

The latest power play in th islamic world is over a doll, a sexy doll. Is this too going to cause worldwide rioting and incitement to violence? This is really getting out of hand here;

Emma, Ann and a sexy doll that upsets Muslims

* The latest public figure to stand accused of defiling the Prophet Mohamed is not some Danish cartoonist, or French newspaper editor, but a hapless British Page 3 girl called Emma B.

[...]Ann Summers unveiled Miss B as the "face" of its new range of products.

Not 24 hours later, she finds herself on the front line of Islamic protest after Muslim leaders discovered that the range includes a new blow-up doll, called "Mustafa Shag".

Ann Summers was last night examining options, though its chief executive Jacqueline Gold was reluctant to withdraw the item from sale.

"We don't want to offend, but this feels like political correctness gone mad," she said. "If anyone has a better name for a blow-up doll, please let us know."


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Iran's Hizbollah tells Bush to Shut Up!

Danish Prime Minister: Iran, Syria Caused Protests

Hizbollah_chief_hassan Hizbullah leader, responding to U.S. charges that Syria and Iran organized Muslim protests against Muhammad cartoons, says: 'We'll defend our prophet not just with our voices but with our blood. Muslims must continue to demonstrate until an apology is made'

Charm offensive? Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, speaking in front of Shiite Muslims marking the holiday of Ashura, told U.S. President George Bush and Secretary of State Rice to 'Shut their mouths!' Charm offensive? Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, speaking in front of Shiite Muslims marking the holiday of Ashura, told U.S. President George Bush and Secretary of State Rice to 'Shut their mouths!' Story here

I wonder which pie in the face is going to wake the American people up to a world at war with Radical Islam, the left, and the media.

We live in hope. Kumbaya.

ANDREW BOSTOM: CARTOONISH DHIMMITUDE IN AMERICA On the flip side, hats off to our ballsy youth here hat tip Irwin

Iran's Khamenei Says Israel Behind Danish Cartoons
Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated on Tuesday that the publication of the cartoons was a ''conspiracy by Zionists who were angry because of the victory of Hamas.'' (Al Bawaba-Jordan)

Another link to shop Danish here hat tip Austin



U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan scolded the media on Thursday for continuing to publish cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad and defended an attempt by Islamic nations to have a new U.N. human-rights council address religious defamation. Story here

Is this dhimmi living in Dar Al-Islam insisting we live there too?  I have never heard Kofi Enema ever speak to the Jew hating cartoons or editorials or Christian bashing that goes on daily in the Muslim world. This hypocrite has GOT TO GO.
Islamic nations to have a new U.N. human-rights council address religious defamation.........now that is precious. THEY WROTE THE BOOK here.
Would love to know who John Bolton would like to see in that spot.

Annan also said he had no knowledge about U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's assertion on Wednesday that Iran and Syria had gone out of their way "to inflame sentiments and to use this to their own purposes."

This spineless corrupt snake is judging Condi?

Arab_news_sm2b   Arab_news_sm1b_1   Arab_news_sm5b

Hey Kofi, you are such a tool. Why don't you ge a gander at Taheri's piece in the New York Post
"The Rent-A-Riot ABCs" here

Bolton_2 'A BLESSING from God": So have Iran's leaders, starting with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, described the controversy over the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed.

A closer look at the row, however, shows that the whole rigmarole was launched by Sunni-Salafi groups in Europe and Asia, with Ahmadinejad and his Syrian vassal, President Bashar al-Assad, belatedly playing catch-up. God had nothing to do with it.

To see how the whole thing was manufactured to serve precise political ends, consider the chronology of events:

The cartoons were published last September and, for more than three months, caused no ripples outside small groups of Salafi militants in Denmark.

In December, a group of Danish Muslim militants filled their suitcases with photocopies of the cartoons and embarked on a tour of Muslim capitals. Read it all.


Talking about hypocritical. Meanwhile over at the Egyptian blog, Rantings of a Sandmonkey here,

Freedom For Egyptians reminded me why the cartoons looked so familiar to me: they were actually printed in the Egyptian Newspaper Al Fagr back in October 2005. I repeat, October 2005, during Ramadan, for all the egyptian muslim population to see, and not a single squeak of outrage was present. Al Fagr isn't a small newspaper either: it has respectable circulation in Egypt, since it's helmed by known Journalist Adel Hamoudah. Looking around in my house I found the copy of the newspaper, so I decided to scan it and present to all of you to see.



The desire on the part of radical Muslims to exact revenge for this perceived atrocity has led to the burning of two Danish embassies, one Norwegian embassy, the targeting of Westerners -Danish_boycott_cartoon_2 leading to several murders, most notability that of Rev. Andrea Santoroa - a Catholic priest based in Turkey who was shot while saying Mass - the boycotting of Western goods, and the customary burning of cars, looting of stores, and threats of violent revenge. At least the protestors aren't discriminating against any particular Western government. The fact that the cartoons have been reprinted in other European and American newspapers has led to the burning of French, German, Danish, British, and yes, American flags.

I believe the reaction, not just against the newspapers that published the caricatures, but against the governments of those newspapers is extremely telling of the fundamental world view of the radical Islamists. Their reaction is nothing less than an assault on our cherished freedoms of speech, press, religion, and association. The perception that because it is insulting to a religion, government should step in and regulate freedom of speech goes against the basic tenants of our society. And where would it lead if government did regulate it?

The rioting, which has engulfed an entire region over the publication of a cartoon, has highlighted in a dramatic fashion the distinctions between what Natan Sharansky calls "free" and "fear" societies. Cartoons represent freedom

SA Muslims and muslims the world over call for Danish product boycott. IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH PLEASE BOYCOTT THE BOYCOTT EVERYDAY, GO HERE FOR ALL BOYCOTT INFO and here's another link to Danish shopping here


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mohammad Cartoons Gets American Professor Fired

The Twilight of Freedom of Speech

From the Danish daily newspaper Ekstra-Bladet here :

"The American professor Claudia Kiburz has been fired from her teaching position at Sheikj Zayed University in Dubai for having distributed copies to her students ofCartoon_protests_060_gaza the Mohammad cartoons published by Jyllands-Posten, so that they could discuss the issue. That provoked complaints, however, whereupon she was fired, according to her colleagues who do not want to reveal their names. Kiburz taught English at the university which is exclusively for women. Local newspapers report that it was sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak, minister of education in the United Arab Emirates and president of the university, who fired Kiburz." hat tip expat Swede

This is the very definition of dhimmitude and why Europe is doomed. Doomed. 


Cartoon: Cox and Forkum here

UPDATE: Calling all New Yorkers to Counter Protest here;

RALLY IN FRONT OF DANISH CONSULATE 2nd AVE and 48 Street FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2006 12 PM to 3 PM Juma Khutba by Imam Siraj Wahhaj at 1:00 PM Bring your Friends and Family Arrange buses and vans from your communities

Counter Protest this assault on individual rights and freedom of speech. Dhimmis need not attend.

Muhammad Muslim Cartoon Crisis Grows more Widespread, Violent

Great Radio Interview here  hat tip MK

"Muslim Opinion" Be Damned" America's attempts to appease "Muslim opinion" are depraved and suicidal.

Rice Accuses Iran, Syria in Muslim Violence As forthe  timing of the protests? I find the timing rather nuclear as in Iran  (considering I had them these toons up on my blog back in October here).............Keshertalk has a take on the timing as well here.

Supporters of the Islamic militant group Hamas burn a Danish flag in the West Bank town of Nablus  in response to the cartoons of  of the Prophet Muhammad that were published in European newspapers. Photo tip: lilrepgirl


While the  toothless, spineless, Media draw the line on running cartoons , The
Muhammad_cartoon_contest_3 Danish prime minister called protests over the  cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad  "a growing global crisis." Anders Fogh Rasmussen urged calm, and said the problem is now about more than just the drawings,[clearly, it always was - Atlas] which were first published in a Danish newspaper and later reprinted around the world. Cartoons and the prior articles here.

Meanwhile, Denmark Battles Muslim Backlash over CartoonsThe Danish government has not condemned their publication. [For this I respect ad admire the Danes for not caving into dhimmitude]. As protest continues around the world, Copenhagen is demanding protection for its diplomats and citizens.  Danish lawyer shot in Moscow  as protests against the publication of cartoons showing the Prophet Muhammad continued around the world yesterday. The lawyer was wounded in an incident in a Moscow

In 1945, the anti-Nazi German pastor Martin Niemoller wrote the following:

"First they came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me."

This famous statement can be updated for Europeans:More here from Prager


Global crisis" over Muhammad cartoonsMohhamad_tee_shirt
The world is facing "a global crisis" over the prophet Muhammad cartoons, according to Danish leader Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The Danish daily Jyllands-Posten first published the dozen cartoons last September, causing uproar in Muslim states.

Iranians stage new violent protest against Mohammad cartoons Angry Iranian demonstrators stormed Danish and Norwegian embassies in Tehran for the second consecutive day on Tuesday in protest against cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad published in the two countries. Iran Bans Imports of Danish Products Commerce Minister Massoud Mir-Kazemi  said here Monday that Iran has decided not to purchase Danish products beginning Tuesday.

Nigerian state cancels $27m Danish contract
Nigerian state lawmakers burned Danish and Norwegian flags yesterday and canceled a 23-million-euro ($27 million) contract to import buses in protest at blasphemous cartoons and a  Professor sacked over cartoons.A professor of English at Zayed University has been dismissed for distributing copies of cartoons from a Danish newspaper insulting to Islam while asking students to respect freedom of expression, reported Emirates Today. Nigerian state assembly Mohhamad_contest_cartoon_1 members burned Danish flags Feb. 7 in Kano, Nigeria, to protest cartoons published that depict the Prophet Mohammad. They said they will impose a boycott of Danish goods and firms. Chechnya Expels Danish Aid Agency One of the largest aid organizations working in Chechnya was expelled Tuesday when the country said that all Danish social organizations must leave. Filipino Muslims burn Danish flag in protest over cartoons. Filipino Muslims enraged by caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad burned a Danish flag in a rally in the southern Philippines on Tuesday. 5,000 in Pakistan protest prophet cartoons and burned effigies of the Danish prime minister in a northern Pakistan city in a protest against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in Western newspapers, police said.Malaysian PM against boycott of Danish goods over cartoons Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Tuesday there was no need to boycott Danish products over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, just days after he condemned the controversial images.

POINT OF NO RETURN  by Thomas Sowell

Looking back at the history of tragic times often reveals that many -- or most -- of the people of those times were often preoccupied with things that look trivial, or even pathetic, in view of the catastrophe looming over them. Will later generations looking back at our times see a similar blindness, and even frivolousness, in the face of mortal dangers?

Terrorists and terrorist governments are giving us almost daily evidence of their fanatical hatred and violent sadism, as the clock ticks away toward their gaining possession of nuclear weapons. They not only hold a harmless young woman hostage in Iraq, they parade her in tears on television, just as they have paraded not only the terrorizing, but even the beheading, of others on television.

Moreover, there is a large and gleeful audience in the Arab world for these gross brutalities, just as there was glee and cheering among the Palestinians when the televised destruction of the World Trade center was broadcast in the Middle East.

Yet what are we preoccupied with or outraged about? Whether the American government should intercept the phone calls of these cutthroats to people in the United States. Read it all here. Sowell is one of the finest minds of our time.


UPDATE: Cartoon Unrest Continues


The furor over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad continued today, with police in Afghanistan killing four protesters outside a U.S. military base even as a host of leaders and organizations tried to stop the riots that have spread across the Muslim world.

The latest deaths came as hundreds rioted outside a U.S. military base in Qalat in southern Afghanistan. According to a provincial police chief, Afghan police tried to clear the protesters by firing shots in the air, but were then forced to fire into the crowd. The police chief said at least 20 people were wounded. Eleven people have been killed in Afghanistan in protests over the cartoons, which first appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September.

Islamic organizations are trying to calm the unrest. A member of the Ulama Council, Afghanistan's top Islamic organization, condemned the cartoons but also deplored the violence, saying that "these rioters are defaming the name of Islam." Meanwhile, Iraq's top Shiite political leader, Abdul Aziz al-Hakin, criticized attacks on foreign embassies. President Bush also weighed in today, calling on governments around the world to stop the violence. He added that Americans believe in a free press, but "with freedom comes the responsibility to be thoughtful about others." And France's president, Jacques Chirac, asked media to avoid offending religious belief -- even as a satirical French weekly reprinted the cartoons alongside some new ones, including one showing a despairing Muhammad mourning that "it's hard to be loved by idiots."

The drawings have angered Muslims, particularly those who believe illustrations of Muhammad are forbidden -- a point of view one Islamic scholar writing an opinion piece for this newspaper says isn't supported by the Quran.

Jyllands-Posten's culture editor, Flemming Rose, said his paper was trying to contact Hamshahri, an Iranian newspaper that responded to the furor by announcing a contest for cartoons about the Holocaust. Mr. Rose said Jyllands-Posten wants to publish the cartoons in conjunction with Hamshahri.

This is the same Danish paper refused "offensive" Jesus cartoons.

Anyway, let me understand this, Jylland-Posten is going to bow down to the Radical Islamists by running the cartoons about the mass brutal slaughter of 10 million people (or is it just the 6 million dead Jews) in order to make up for  poorly drawn Mohammad cartoons. What does one thing have to do with the other?

They had to drag the Jews into it didn't they? Those bastards. And spit on the Jylland Posten for not having the courage of their convictions. It's not enough to have the courage of your convictions, you must have the courage to stand up against the attacks of those very convictions.

UPDATE: Great balls of Fire, they done stood up!: The top editor of the Danish newspaper whose caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad sparked rage throughout the Islamic world said Wednesday the daily would not reprint Holocaust cartoons being solicited by an Iranian newspaper. More here hat tip: Yahoo

Danish paper refuses Holocaust cartoons

Carnival of the Clueless #32: The "What's My Jihad?" Edition.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Muslim Cartoon: BOYCOTT THE BOYCOTT! Denmark needs our SUPPORT

TOP THREAD OF THE DAY, Scroll for Update

    Muhammad Muslim Cartoons here scroll

Cartoon Clashes Provide Smokescreen for Other Muslim, Arab Issues

UPDATE: Swedish newspaper Expressen reports here from the funeral of a 17-year-old Lebanese boy who died during the attack on the Danish consulate in Beirut:

Family and friends were there - as well as many of the rioters who together with Khoudor [the dead boy] attacked the Danish consulate the day before yesterday. None of them want to appear with their last name, since they know that they are wanted by the Lebanese authorities.

'If the army only had let us burn down the consulate without resistance this would not have had to happen. We wanted to get to the consulate, but the army tried to stop us' says Tala, only 14 years old.
Just a few kilometres outside Barja is the village of Saida - with a Palestinian refugee camp, Ain al-Houlwa. At the time of the funeral a rally took place:

'Every muslim must kill a Dane, a Frenchman or another Westerner' chanted the crowd." hat tip Expat Swede

Violent rioting continues to spread and intensify across the world.


Muslim_boycott_danish_products Cartoon bans hit Danish firmsCNN.com A boycott of Danish goods called by Muslim leaders over the publishing of cartoons of Prophet Mohammed is dealing a blow to the nation's businesses.



From Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, We must show our opposition to Islam.” More here. Condoleeza Rice and her clique of Arabists  at State could learn a thing or two from the Queen.

Bush should speak out strongly against this repression of free speech.

Please sign this freedom of speech petition

Hachfeld_cartoon Danish_no_boycott_2

As for  Denmark, I have enormous respect for that country and their people. It's one of the great untold stories of World War II: In 1943, in German-occupied Denmark, the Danish people find out that all 7,500 Danish Jews are about to be rounded up and deported to German concentration camps. Danish citizens spontaneously make their own decision: it's not going to happen. And it didn't. Risking their own lives, the Danes quickly rallied round to save their fellow citizens, and almost all of the country's Jews were able to escape the clutches of the Nazis and find refuge in neutral Sweden.More here

Protests over Mohammed cartoons intensify in Iran with the regimePalestinian_danish_flag_burning halting trade with Denmark and demonstrators smashing the facade of Austria's embassy in Tehran. Iran has cut all trade ties with Denmark . Commerce Minister Masoud Mir-Kazemi announced a ban on Danish imports as well as any other business dealings with the country "until further notice," and added that Danish-registered ships entering Iranian ports would also be charged "very heavy" fees.

Crowds set fire to Danish and Norwegian missions in Damascus and storm the Danish Embassy in Beirut. Gunmen seize European offices in the Gaza Strip. Violent protests are spreading after European newspapers published cartoons depicting Muhammad that were considered blasphemous by many Muslims. Nordic embassies have been attacked in the Middle East and in Indonesia, and some protesters have reportedly died in Afghanistan. A group of approximately 500 people demonsrated yesterday in the Turkish city of Halkali over A clash of cultures is growing more intense, as tensions rise in both western and Islamic countries.

Alienated Danish Muslims Sought Help from Arabs hat tip Ed, FLA


Danish companies losing money due to Muslim boycott
COPENHAGEN, Denmark Danish businesses say they're losing more than one million dollars a day because of a boycott in response to cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Gulf Muslims Step Up Danish Boycott Over Cartoons
Arab News EDDAH, 7 February 2006 — People in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries intensified their boycott of Danish goods as the uproar over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) raged unabated yesterday.

Chicago food distributor SUSPENDS all Business with Denmark-based Arla Foods iyad Brothers Importing, one of the largest distributors of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food products, announced today it SUSPENDED all business with Denmark-based Arla Foods.

Nemer Ziyad, vice president of Ziyad Brothers Importing, said the decision is in response to the insulting and offensive caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed published by Denmark's leading newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, and the growing controversy.

"I am furious with what the newspaper did. I am disappointed with the hesitation of the Government of Denmark to speak out against this. I support free speech, but I believe that we must speak out when free speech crosses the line and incites hatred, as the publication of these extremely offensive cartoons have done," Ziyad said.

"We have enjoyed a relationship with Arla Foods, acting as the exclusive distributor of three of its most popular products here in the United States. We are encouraged that this issue may be resolved, but until it is properly resolved, we must take this action" Hat tip Tom via Rantburg

Do I have any readers out there is the food biz to pick up the slack and carry ARLA, the Danish food products line?

UPDATE to ARLA: Fellow Infidel Bloggers Alliance contributor, DS, says Arla foods has asked the government to apologize. He says we shouldn't suppport Arla. NO APOLOGIES ARLA!



Arla Foods is Europe's second-largest dairy company and the leading Danish exporter to Saudi Arabia, where it sells an estimated 328 million dollars worth of products every year
  • Rosenborg
  • Lurpak
  • Dofino
  • Denmark's Finest
  • Mediterra
    Danish Crown (meat)
    Lurmaerket Butter
    Danish Bacon
    Thor Fish
    Danisco Food

    Toms (chocolate)
    Galle & Jessen
    Ingeborgs Chocolate

    Tuborg Beer
    Carlsberg Beer
    Aalborg Aquavit (snaps)
    Gevalia (Coffees, Teas)

    Audio Equipment/Home Theater
    (Theatre for those across the Pond):

    B&O (Bang & Olufsen)

    Prince (Do not start smoking because of this fire!)

    Per Reumert

    Ecco (USA Site)

    Toys: Buy_danish2_5
    Brio (toys)
    Lego (toys)

    Danish Design:
    B & G Porcelain
    Georg Jensen
    HTH- kitchen
    Morsoe (Fireplaces)
    Raadvad (knives etc.)
    Royal Copenhagen
    Royal Danish Porcelain
    Skagen (Watches)
    Trip Trap
    Vesta (Windmills)
    Watco Danish Furniture Oil
    Danish Yarn
  • Go over to Mental Flush here, he sooooo gets it and gives it good here. And Mary  at Exit Zero has a most excellent here.

    UPDATE: I've been invited to join the Infidel Bloggers Alliance, and so I have here . Check it out, it is my little Dar al-Harb.

    UPDATE February 7: Protests over cartoons widen
    Muslims demonstrate across Asia, Middle East; 4 killed in Afghanistan Demonstrations against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad by European newspapers spread across Asia and the Middle East Monday, turning violent in Afghanistan, where at least four protesters were killed. Hundreds in Iran Protest Muhammad Drawings by Pelting Danish Embassy With Rocks, Firebombs

    More from Paul Zanetti, Mike Lester, and John Deering -above Ali toon Hachfeld) over at Cagle here hat tip Tom

    Michelle Malkin "We are all in this together" here

    UPDATE: Lesssons in Dhimmitude:


    STOCKHOLM, Sweden (UPI) -- A Swedish publishing company Monday withdrew a religious textbook because it contains two images of the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

    The book published by Liber was aimed at intermediate-level high school students, The Local reported.

    The pictures were taken from a 14th century Persian manuscript and a 13th century Iraqi manuscript. The book was published in 1993.

    The actions coincide with a series of demonstrations around the world protesting newspaper cartoons depicting Mohammed as a terrorist. A statement published by Liber on its Web site made no mention of the controversy. Hat tip: Night rider

    Copyright 2006 by



    Dear Pamela

    Thank you for placing your order with the Danish Food Shop.

    Your credit card payment of GBP67.29 has now been processed by WorldPay (TransactionID is 1XXXXXX3) and provided all the details are found to be in order, your order will be processed as soon as possible.

    You chose priority delivery (CarryOn), which means that delivery to European destinations normally is within 4 to 6 days, US and other destinations take around three weeks and on occasions even longer.

    We are very pleased with all the emails of support for the Danish cause, and the level of extra business we are getting as a result of the "Buy Danish" campaigns. We are just a small business, but every order has a positive impact on the Danish balance of trade, which is good news both for Danmark and for us.

    At the moment we are getting more than 20 times our normal trade, so please have patience with us. We are working hard to send out all the food parcels as quickly as we can.

    Please check the order details carefully and contact us immediately if there are any problems.

    Continue reading "Muslim Cartoon: BOYCOTT THE BOYCOTT! Denmark needs our SUPPORT" »


    Accusation here :
    Danish embassy in Damascus on fire 

    Lebanese leader accuses Damascus of using undercover soldiers in cartoon-protest attacks Aaron Klein, WorldNetDaily

    The burning this past weekend of Danish government offices in Damascus andDanish_embassy_fire_beirut Beirut in protest of newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad were directed by the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in part using undercover soldiers acting as rioters, Lebanese  leader Walid Jumblatt charged today during an exclusive WorldNetDaily interview.

    "Syria is stirring trouble in the region. Regarding the burnings and protests in Damascus, it is very bizarre that a so-called secular totalitarian regime that controls everything was not able to control these demonstrations," said Jumblatt, Druze leader and head of Lebanon's Progressive Socialist Party.

    "The violence and burnings in Lebanon were the work of Syrian soldiers and workers dressed in civilian clothes."

    On Sunday, thousands of Muslim demonstrators in Beirut clashed with police, storming the city's Danish consulate and setting it ablaze in protest over cartoons in Danish and other European newspapers that mocked Muhammad. A nearby Maronite Catholic church was also attacked, prompting fears the protests could turn into a sectarian clash.

    Syria is Iran's proxy.............do I believe this violent rioting spreading across the globe over 6 month old cartoons to be a premeditated tactical act of war. In a word - yes.

    Is it a dry run for the really big shoooooooo? In a word -- yes. Should we be planning accordingly? In a word - yes.

    Is this a world wide conflict, truly a clash of civilizations? YOU TELL ME. Why isn't this on the very top of our national dialog? YOU TELL ME>

    Why would Iran tell IAEA to remove cameras from N-sites?


    Why the cameras? Iran 'able to build nuke weapons'. seems to be a consensus Iran 'able to build nuke weapons'. The U.S. State Department's top official on nuclear issues says Iran used negotiations with the European Union to play for time to further its nuclear ambitions and now has the capacity to develop a nuclear weapon and a delivery system.

    The Officers at the Officers Club see it as I do;

    Iran has cut trade with Denmark, attacked their embassies, their clerics have denounced the IAEA resolution, and have told the IAEA to remove their monitoring equipment from their facilities.

    It looks like the Iranians are proceeding full speed ahead with their Manhattan Project, and it is now in the hands of the UN Security Council to stop it. The likelihood of that happening is slim, I believe. It took us 12 years and endless resolutions to deal with Saddam, who was actively violating UN sanctions, shooting at our pilots, and killing his own people. If it took us that long to deal with Saddam under the auspices of the UN, Iran will get the bomb, period.

    While this may be an academic exercise for the UN, it isn’t for Israel. Even the United States may not be able to muscle the political maneuvering room to launch the kind of attack on Iran that would be necessary to knock out its reactors. This crisis comes down to how long Israel feels it can wait for Iran to acquire its WMD and delivery capability.

    This timeline may be running out more quickly than people realize. If state-sponsored uranium enrichment has truly begun in earnest, and delivery capability is being researched, Israel may be forced to act sooner rather than later.

    The attack would definitely be a single, massive air strike the likes of which the MidEast has never seen. Here is how I think it would go down. It is widely believed that Iran is out of range of Israeli fighters and bombers. The range problem could be ameliorated by mid-air re-fuelers, but that would cause problems. Israel only has 5 KC-130 re-fuelers, and the idea of refueling over enemy airspace would complicate an already complicated plan. The solution to this problem is to establish forward landing areas close to Iran, in order to “leap-frog” into Iran. This would, of course, be an act of war against (speculating here) either Saudi Arabia or Syria.
    I believe that the Israelis would attempt to bypass Turkish, and Iraqi airspace. They would have to either seize an airfield, or construct one themselves. Paratroopers would insert into the area, secure the airfield, and set up a defensive perimeter. Then the transport aircraft would begin to land and set up a FARP (forward area re-arm/re-fuel point). I assume we’ll have passed the “international incident” by this point, and all out war will be declared by one (or many countries against Israel.

    If the FARP is established in Syria, it would have to be set up in the northern hinterlands, the bulk of Syrian forces (including their ADA assets) are located in the south near the Israeli border. Such a move would undoubtedly initiate a direct attack on the Israeli defensive positions by Syrian troops, possibly employing their WMD capability.

    I doubt that this would interfere with the airlift to the FARP, and I base that from judging the last Israeli duel with the Syrian air force/air defense system. The other option is to establish the FARP in the Saudi desert somewhere near the Kuwaiti border. This approach would violate the airspace of Jordan, as well as Saudi Arabia, but would provide a more direct flight path across the Persian Gulf to Iran. Establishing the FARP in Saudi Arabia may be a less dangerous course of action than in Syria, but Syria may very well attack Israel anyway once the cover of the operation is blown.

    That being established, Israeli aircraft would land at the FARP, re-arm, reload, and then begin the assault on Iran. This would include forward EW craft like the EC-707, IAI-201, and the Do-28D B1 (ELINT). These aircraft would identify and jam Iranian ADA, and would have to proceed with a fighter escort to deal with the Iranian Air Force. Behind the EW craft would be the main strike force. Each target would have to have multiple strike waves, but the timing of the attacks and the vulnerability of the FARP would necessitate a massive “shock and awe” strike against each target.Hat tip Ken

    Go over and read it all and have your mind blown here

    The Tehran-Hamas Terror Axis

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    IRAN ON MOHAMMAD CARTOONS: "prisoners of a bunch of blood-sucking Zionists."

    Blame the Joooooooooooos. So said Ahmadinejad here ......

    Blame the Joooooooooooos. So said Ahmadinejad here ......Danish_no_boycott_1 Hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also lashed out at the offending newspapers, which have carried the drawings in the name of freedom of expression, as

    "prisoners of a bunch of blood-sucking Zionists."

    If you think the cartoon uprisings, or the riots in France and Australia are isolated incidents and diconnected, keep drinking the Kool- Aid, because that is where you will wind up -- dead.

    These are dry runs for the really big shoe. Connect the Islamic dots.

    Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al at a Damascus Mosque:    

    The Nation of Islam Will Sit at the Throne of the World and the West Will Be Full of Remorse - When It's Too Late .See video clip here


    Dutch Cartoon: Hitler and Anne Frank In Bed Together


    Dutch Islamist Cartoons of Anne Frank, Hitler in bed Rantburg here

    A Belgian-Dutch Islamic political organization posted anti-Jewish cartoons on its Web site in response to the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in Danish papers last year and offended many Muslims.

    The cartoons were posted on the Arab European League's site on Saturday. It was not working Sunday morning because of exceeded bandwidth. The Islamic site carried a disclaimer saying the images were being shown as part of an exercise in free speech rather than to endorse their content - just as European newspapers have reprinted the Danish cartoons.

    One of the AEL cartoons displayed an image of Dutch Holocaust victim Anne Frank in bed with Adolf Hitler, and another questioned whether the Holocaust actually occurred.

    Dyab Abou Jahjah, the party's founder and best-known figure, defended the action on the Dutch television program Nova Saturday. "Europe has its sacred cows, even if they're not religious sacred cows," he told the program.

    But it's not like you've gone into hiding, is it? No one's threatened to behead you? No angry mob outside your office with matches, gasoline and pitchforks?

    Denying the Holocaust is illegal under most European hate speech laws, which outlaw intimidating or inciting hatred toward groups on the basis of their ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual identity. Complaints about alleged hate speech are common but prosecutions are rare and convictions very rare.

    And if you were convicted and failed to get the conviction overturned, you'd end up paying a fine. You could plead poverty and get out of that, too. Sorta different than being shot, beheaded or burned, but what do I know?

    The AEL espouses nonviolence but has gained a reputation for extremist views, and opposes Muslims integrating with non-Muslims. It promotes the participation of Muslims in political dialogue in European countries, but is internally divided as to whether or not to participate in elections directly.
    hat tipTom

    The bottom line is we are in a world war. Right now. Look at the map at the outbreaks of ritoting, church burnings, priest killings over cartoons that ran 5 months ago. SNAP OUT OF IT!



    Sunday, February 05, 2006

    Danish Cartoons set Radical Islamic World on Fire




    "The publication of cartoons that incite religious or ethnic hatreds is unacceptable."

    --U.S. Department of State (I am deeply ashamed of the State Department)

    The DoS  ought to take lessons from Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, “We must show our opposition to Islam.”


    Global look at the Muslim Call to war;


    SOGGY DANISH BACKDOWN (click on illustration to enlarge)
    Jyllands-Posten apologized last month for the insult to many Muslims but said yesterday it "would not apologize to the powers who have abused the whole situation to further their own agendas." 

    And what exactly is "their own agendas" - world domination. Remember this always
    More here on how Great Wars begnin.


    More hypocrisy here. The Beautiful one speaks eloquently on the not so eloquent here .. The Eurabian take on Syrian rampage here.

    While here in America the spineless dickless dhimmis at CNN refuse to run the cartoons, Mary does a vivisection here. But CUANAS on the battle of the sacred joke here, read it





    but these cartoons are fine and run daily in all Arabic papers *SPIT*

    Arabcartoons04_1 l





    More here . Please bear in mind that these Danish  cartoons that sparked this worldwide violence  ran back in September which is when I first reported on them. Why the outrage and insanity now? Isn't it reminiscent of events leading up to the outbreak of World War I? More here


    Go over to CUANAS here for the Islam's war on women. Pastorius has written a sagacious essay here. I have long believed this war of civilizations is really about women. It's always been about women. Women as chattel,property vs women as individuals, full members of society, equal under the law.

    And where is the left - the freedom of speech, freedom of anything goes, the feminaziparty on this? Tigerhawk investigates here  and unveils the hypocrites for what they are. I understand the silence of the left for what it really is, lover of all things and all people that hate America.

    Bah dah bing ,Bah dah boom

    But this is ok? The Cover of the Rolling Stone, Kanye West


    Saturday, February 04, 2006

    Danish Cartoons Incite Palestinian Arabs to Riot, Rampage, Burn European Buildings


    This is the way a baying Muslim mob reacted to the row over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons on the streets of London yesterday.THEIR eyes are full of hate and their banners call for a new 7/7 terror attack. More oh Photo here , hat tip Wayne

    Maybe the world will get a a taste of what Israel has been dealing with for over 50 years. These cartoons here are ok ,right?Palestinian_danish_cartoon

    Dozens of Palestinians storm European institutions in Gaza

    Demonstrations against Muhammad cartoon spread to Israel.

    About two dozen Palestinians burst into the German cultural center in Gaza City on Saturday, smashing windows and breaking doors to protest caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

    Olmert Leaning Towards Transferring Money to the terrorist Palestinian Authority.
    Acting PM Ehud Olmert, widely praised earlier this week for his decision not to transfer tax monies to the Hamas-dominated Pal. Authority, has apparently decided to transfer the money after all.

    Is he nuts, naive, or stupid? Unrepentant Hamas refuses to budge on recognition of Israel

    Hamaskidstrainingterror_2 Meanwhile EU to Continue Aid to Palestinians  EU officials said Friday that they had no plans to halt aid to Palestinians despite threats by gunmen to the bloc's headquarters in Gaza. European parliamentarians have also voted to keep aid going. No surprise here, the Europeans succumbed to dhimmitude long ago oui?................sick sick sick

    Photo: Hamas Terror Training Children

    Syria Protestors Set Fire to Danish Embassy Over Cartoon
    Hundreds of Syrian demonstrators were protesting the printing by a Danish newspaper of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.


    Say Say Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's Dar al-Harb

    The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Mohammed Cartoon Contest here

    Draw cartoons, or artistic depictions of Mohammed, and submit them to us here, by leaving a link in the comments section.

    You don't need to be mean, or pornographic. Just draw good ole Mo in everyday situations, like standing in line at Wal-Mart, or whatever comes to your mind.

    Remember, Jihadis get angry at images of Piglet, so we don't need to be extreme. The goal here is to show how many Muslims will get very angry at silly stuff. [that shouldnt' take much effort-Atlas]

    Therefore, think about it this way, the more artistic, the cuter, or sillier, the drawing of Mohammed, the better.

    If you are doing something more hardcore, I believe my man Dag at No Dhimmitude would be more than happy to take your submissions. Dag's blog is getting huge traffic because of his approach.

    The contest will be judged by Pamela at Atlas Shrugs (yes, the hot chick who is Infidel Babe of the Week), and Baron and Dymphna of Gates of Vienna.

    The winner will receive the Infidel Bloggers Alliance Golden Balls Award. Now, let's be clear, this is a pseudo-Award, just an image of the Golden Balls Trophy posted here at IBA, but, as you know, it is a very prestigious pseudo-Award. ;-)

    All submissions must be received by midnight 2-11-06. The Winner will be announced on 2-18-06.

    Let's party like only Infidels can party.

    And even though I can't win (I must recuse myself because I am judging this very competition),  I still wish to submit my entry for baby Mo, before he took a rather dastardly path. (see above)

    "MO felt and looked so good at the hajj until he ran into that bitch Aisha in the same frock "
                                     ( submitted by Ibn Afartin)

    UPDATE 2/5: Sisu submits this beauty as Bob Ross spins slowly, calmly in his grave found here;
    Love this one from KVN

    Friday, February 03, 2006

    The Great Wars and How They Begin


    I'd rather blowup the whole world than surrender to the Radical Islamists.

    Danish_french_flag_burning SIDON: For the first time ever, Danish and French flags were burned in protest of the 12 caricatures insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. As the situation worsened, angry Islamists in Lebanon went as far as calling for help from Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (Al-Qaeda's leader in Iraq).

    Thousands of Palestinian refugees in the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in Sidon, the largest Palestinian camp in Lebanon, staged a protest Friday.

    Their voices filled the air when they were shouting phrases supporting Islam. "God is Great! Sacrifice yourselves!" they told Muslims.

    Attacking the Danish newspaper which published the depictions, they yelled: "Blow up the newspaper! Kill the Danish! Kill the French! Kill the Americans! Hold your weapons high!"

    The protest started from Al-Nour mosque in the camp and  protesters slowly joinedBehead768453 in from other mosques within the camp.

    A ceremony was held during which the Imam of Al-Nour mosque, Sheikh Jamal said: "The insult made against  Prophet Mohammad requires all Muslims to take revenge."

    He added: "Islam is under attack. This demonstration is an expression of the Muslim nation that will score a victory and liberate the lands of Muslims."

    The protest started from Al-Nour mosque in the camp and  protesters slowly joined in from other mosques within the camp. A ceremony was held during which the Imam of Al-Nour mosque, Sheikh Jamal said: "The insult made against  Prophet Mohammad requires all Muslims to take revenge."

    He added: "Islam is under attack. This demonstration is an expression of the Muslim nation that will score a victory and liberate the lands of Muslims."

    They called on Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden "to take revenge immediately!" Full story here. More on photo here.and  here  

    These cartoons ran back in September which is when I first reported on them. Why the outrage and insanity now? Isn't it reminiscent of events leading up to the outbreak of World War I.

    Tyler of the Fulcrum of destiny blog makes an important point here;

    In 1914 World War I began when some obscure nobleman was shot in Yugoslavia. All of Europe exploded into a self-destructive conflict that consumed a generation. Hitler created the myth of oppressed Germans in the Suedantenland in order to annex a part of Czechoslovakia. France and England handed over thee core of Czechoslovakia without bothering to invite that country into the discussion. In the interest of peace Brit PM Chamberlain appeased Hitler and got nothing but war.

    The cartoons of Mohammed were first printed in September. This was a non-issue until now. This uproar is not about some drawings, it is about the world-wide caliphate. Supreme Islam must dominate the world!

    WWI didn't start because of some minor figure;s assassination; it was heightened militarism and frustrated imperialism and a host of other reasons, NOT the death of one man.

    WWII didn't start because Germans were oppressed in Poland, it was because the Herrenvolk needed “living space”. In the case of the German Master Race the living space they needed was the entire world.

    There many people working for the Khalifa (the caliphate). Aside from those actively working for this goal are the even greater number of people that support the establishment of a world-wide Islamic empire. There are active workers and passive supporters. Together they number in the millions.

    President Bush  describes the caliphate in great detail without using the word. Others in his cabinet use the word caliphate here:

    I recently took out three art books from the SFPL. They are filled with historical images of Mohamed throughout the centuries. They were done in countries such as Egypt and India. They are Shia and Sunni. Mohammed is depicted veiled, his face behind a kerchief. All this hub-bub is NOT about some drawings. The uproar is about Moslem supremacy all over the world.

    Terror is the tool to spark the Khalifa. Fear paralyzes opposition. It is a tactic used by Nazis and communists alike.

    Cartoons Link Muhammad to Terrorism

    Radical Islamists will use any excuse to kill,  any excuse to justify their insane barbarism, I mean think about it.

    BBC Shows Danish Paper's Cartoons Linking Muhammad to Terrorism
    The British Broadcasting Corp. Thursday showed cartoons linking Islam's prophet Muhammad to terrorism, saying it wanted to help viewers understand the controversy prompted by the original publication of the images in Denmark. (Bloomberg)
        See also Jordanian Weekly Stops Cartoon Publication
    The Amman-based al-Shihan weekly - which on Thursday published three of the controversial Danish cartoons while inviting Muslims to reflect "intelligently" on the issue - has withdrawn all copies of the newspaper. Al-Qaeda has announced it intends to carry out "a bloody attack" against Denmark in retaliation for the cartoons, according to a statement sent by the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades to the pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi on Wednesday. (AKI-Italy)
        View the Muhammad Cartoon Gallery
    View the cartoons published in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten here. (Human Events)

    And the dhimmis in America are just as bad,  CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam. These are the same guys that turned a blind eye to Saddams' crimes against humanity so that they could maintain access. Now if it had been their mothers in those rape rooms................


    Dr. Jack Wheeler here

    By now, everyone is aware of the Great Mohammed Cartoon Fiasco – but you learned about it way back in October in To The Point’s Blasphemous Cartoons.

    As the controversy gained steam, we talked about it again last month in Standing Up To Moslem Bullies, which noted:

    The question we need to ask Moslems is: Until you start showing respect and tolerance for our values, religion, and civilization, why should we show any respect and tolerance for yours?

    Since then, a number of newspapers in Europe have stood up to Moslem bullies and published the cartoons – even the BBC showed them! (All 12 of the original cartoons, plus the original article publishing them in Jyllands-Posten, are here.)

    It’s interesting that Europeans are rejecting the Moslem bullies, while no US newspaper has so far had the guts to do so. The world’s biggest honorary Euroweenie turned out to be Bill Clinton, who condemned the “totally outrageous cartoons against Islam.”

    As the fat kid who wore the Big Boy jeans while his mom ran a call-girl service back in Hot Springs, and who is so under-endowed his girlfriends in Arkansas called him Little Willie, he has a pathological compulsion to be popular – even with Islamofascists.

    So we can dismiss him. For the battle has finally been joined. Who would have guessed the Clash of Civilizations would be comedic?

    Finally, Islam has picked a fight with the West in which the West will actually fight back, has picked a fight it will lose. Finally, folks are figuring out that Islam has a fatal weak spot: it is so insecure that it can’t take the heat of ridicule.


    Thursday, February 02, 2006

    Do What Islam Says, Not as Islam Does

    In the ongoing "Danish cartoon" manufactured controversery, I pointed out the obvious herein my previous post speaking to the flagrant hypocrisy and medacity of the Muslim world;

    I wrote of this Eurabian moment here and here. Calling for death to America, death to Israel, that's ok. Incendiary antisemitic cartoons that run on a daily basis against the Jews in the Arab Islamic press? Accusations of blood libel against the Jews? Part of the school curriculum.

    Well her Tom Gross, Mideast Media Analysis, does a magnificent job of illustrating my point here;

    Cartoons from the Arab World
    A selection of cartoons from the media of seven Arab countries (Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Syria and Egypt) and from the Palestinian Authority is displayed below. A number of these countries are regarded as moderate or allied to the West. Most print media in the Arab world are under the full or partial control of the ruling regimes.

    One picture can sometimes be deadlier than a thousand words.-- Tom Gross


    The cartoon above, clearly depicting the railroad to the death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau – but with Israeli flags replacing the Nazi ones – is from the Jordanian newspaper Ad-Dustur (October 19, 2003). The sign in Arabic reads: “Gaza Strip or the Israeli Annihilation Camp.” This accentuates the widespread libel that Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians have been comparable to Nazi actions towards Jews. Jordan is supposedly a moderate country at peace with Israel.


    In this cartoon, from Al-Watan newspaper in Qatar (June 23, 2002), Ariel Sharon is shown watching on the sidelines as an Israeli plane crashes into New York’s World Trade Center. The Arabic words alongside the Twin Towers are “The Peace.” This cartoon restates the widely held myth in the Arab world that Israel and the Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attacks which were in fact carried out by al-Qaeda.


    The cartoon above, from Arab News (April 10, 2002), shows Ariel Sharon wielding a swastika-shaped axe to chop up Palestinian children. Arab News is a Saudi-based English language daily which is supposedly one of the Arab world’s more moderate papers.


    In September 2005, at a time when non-Arab Moslem-majority states like Pakistan and Afghanistan were making peace overtures to Israel, even supposedly moderate Arab states like Qatar were continuing their anti-Semitic approach. Above, Israeli jets over Gaza form a swastika in this cartoon published on September 27, 2005 in Al-Watan (Qatar).


    This cartoon from the Internet site of Omayya Joha, portrays an Israeli soldier who, having chopped off the foot of a Palestinian man, holds up a bloody hand to the camera and orders “No photographs.” Omayya Joha is one of the staff cartoonists employed by Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, the Palestinian Authority’s official daily newspaper. Her cartoons continue to regularly appear in the official Palestinian press.


    Above, Ariel Sharon is shown sitting in a large cup overflowing with blood. This cartoon, also by Omayya Joha, appeared in Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, the Palestinian Authority’s official daily newspaper, on April 22, 2003.


    In this cartoon, from Al-Watan (Oman) (August 10, 2002), Jewish acts are equated with those of the Nazis. This Nazi-type anti-Semitic caricature of a Jew has a hooked nose, a hunched back, has no shoes, and is sweating.


    In the above cartoon, from Akhbar Al-Khalij (Bahrain) (June 10, 2002), the anti-Semitic caricature of a Jew on the right says: “Say: ‘I hate the Arabs!’” and American president George W. Bush, made to resemble a parrot, repeats: “I hate the Arabs, I hate the Arabs.”


    Above, another cartoon from the Internet site of official Palestinian Authority cartoonist Omayya Joha, showing alleged Jewish control (in the form of snakes) of the United States. The snake was often used to portray Jews in historic European anti-Semitic images.


    This cartoon, from May 13, 2005 (a month when many western papers were claiming that the Palestinian Authority media had adopted a more moderate tone), shows a Jew impaling the northern region of a map of the Islamic world with the flag of Israel, with blood spurting out. At the lower end is what seems to be an Arab man hanging upside down, holding a white flag of surrender. This cartoon appeared in Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, the official daily newspaper of the Palestinian Authority.


    This cartoon, from the Syrian newspaper Al-Ahram (May 29, 2002), shows an anti-Semitic caricature of a Jew with a long beard and hooked nose, fuelling the “World Media” with “Zionist Media” propaganda, while in the background bombs are falling on the Moslem al-Aqsa shrine on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. This cartoon stereotypes Jews, repeats the anti-Semitic myth that the Jews control the world media, and adds the lie that the Israeli government has damaged the al-Aqsa complex on the Temple Mount.


    The cartoon above, with text in English designed for a foreign audience, was posted on the official website of the Palestinian Authority State Information Center on April 6, 2003. The Palestinian Authority State Information Center regularly posts ugly anti-Israel and anti-American cartoons, including this reiteration of the anti-Semitic blood libel that Jews kill non-Jewish children.


    The cartoon above, from the Egyptian weekly Al-Ahram al-Arabi (June 8, 2002), shows not only members of the Likud party murdering Arabs, but long-time Labor Party leader and Israeli “dove” Shimon Peres standing aside and applauding with bloody hands. Egypt is the second highest recipient of U.S. aid in the world. The U.S. senate has approved a $1.84 billion aid package for Egypt for 2006.


    This cartoon is from Al-Watan (Qatar), May 13, 2003. The U.S. and Israel are shown eating from two sides of an apple that represents “the Arab states”. This cartoon is also noteworthy since it was published in Qatar, home to the influential Al Jazeera TV network. Qatar is considered by many in the U.S. State Department to be a U.S. ally and a relatively moderate state.


    The cartoon above, from Arab News, depicts rats wearing Stars of David and skullcaps. They scurry backwards and forwards through holes in the wall of a building called “Palestine House.” Arab News, an English-language daily widely read by expats in Saudi Arabia, is widely-regarded as a moderate publication. It is published by a state-owned Saudi corporation. The imagery in the cartoon may well be inspired by a well-known scene from the Nazi film “Jew Suess,” to which it bears a close resemblance – a scene in which Jews are depicted as vermin to be eradicated by mass extermination.

    Selection, text of the captions and juxtaposition of cartoons © Copyright Tom Gross

    More from Expat Swede;

    Dhimmi panic over the Mohammad cartoons has spread all the way up to the highest Eurabian government entity, the EU Commission. Two members of the influential commission - effectively the executive body of the European Union - have strongly criticized the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten for publishing the rather funny cartoons of the prophet Mohammad. One of them, Mr. Franco Frattini, deputy chairman of the commission, says that he certainly understands the frustration and bitterness among muslims. The trade commissioner, Mr. Peter Mandelson, is warning other newspapers to refrain from publishing the cartoons.

    It deserves to be pointed out that not one member of the EU Commission has reacted in any way, shape or form to the continuous muslim violence against women in Europe. Muslim girls are being murdered by male family members for having adopted a "Western" lifestyle, and non-muslim girls are being raped by muslim men, who have heard from their imams that raping a non-muslim girl is not a crime. Apparently, no number of girls savaged and brutalized by muslim men can hold enough of a candle to the supposedly legitimized rage among muslims over a dozen cartoons. After all, a good European knows the meaning of tolerance, diversity and integration...

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    Danish Cartoon? BOYCOTT THE BOYCOTT!

    Buy_danish2_3 The entire Muslim world has gone up in arms against Denmark and boycotted all Danish products since a newspaper in Denmark published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohamed that some people found offensive. See my post here  on the blackmailing of the Danish people.

    The outcome of their outrage culminated in attacks on Danes in Saudi, the bombing of churches in Iraq, and a declaration by an Iraqi terrorist group of Jihad on any Danish or Norwegian target in the world, despite the fact that the Newspaper has apologized over and over again. Actually, despite the apology, the boycott is still in effect, and it seems that the movement now aims to continue it indefinitely. IMHO, they never should have apologized.


    Syria recalls ambassador from Denmark over cartoons
    -Syria has recalled its ambassador from Denmark over cartoons that have caused uproar among Muslims who deem them offensive to Islam's Prophet Mohammad, the state news agency said on Wednesday.

    Syria, great advocate of human rights, supporter of all religious freedoms, and current home of Saddam's WMDs, is upset? I haveDanish_boycott_cartoon one word for Syria...........HARIRI!

    Boycott the Boycott! Anti-Boycott so to speak, or a boycott the boycott movement (We got web-banners and everything). We are mostly doing it for our love for Danish cows, who have never gone crazy on us like their british counterparts. And we would love to have your help to get the word out about it and encourage them to buy Danish to counter the boycott.

    The Egyptian blog, Rantings of the Sand Monkey has  the post on the anti-boycott. We would really appreciate it if you helped supporting us by mentioning it on your blog ,or by putting a banner up on your website.
    In other words, encourage people to not to have a cow and to buy danish.

    Cartoon Rage vs. Freedom of Speech Robert Spencer

    How growing Muslim anger over cartoons of Muhammad threatens a basic freedom of Western civilization. More>

    Organisation of the Islamic Conference secretary general Ekmeleddin IhsanogluDanish_cartoon_muhammed_1 told reporters in Cairo Sunday that the international body would "ask the UN general assembly to pass a resolution banning attacks on religious beliefs."

    The deputy secretary general of the Arab League, Ahmed Ben Helli, confirmed that contacts were under way for such a proposal to be made to the     United Nations.

    "Consultations are currently taking place at the highest level between Arab countries and the OIC to ask the UN to adopt a binding resolution banning contempt of religious beliefs and providing for sanctions to be imposed on contravening countries or institutions," he said.

    Twelve cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, published in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten daily last September and reprinted in a Norwegian magazine earlier this month, sparked uproar in the Muslim world where images of the prophet are considered blasphemous.

    Officials in Muslim countries and various religious bodies have expressed anger at the cartoons, while the editors of the newspapers have defended their publication on the grounds of freedom of expression.

    Muslim wrath has spread rapidly in the Middle East with Gulf retailers pulling Danish products off their shelves and protestors gathering outside Danish embassies.

        Syria and Bahrain were the latest Arab countries to join the chorus.

    Consider this, Syria...........murderers, invaders.............outraged.

    "Syria calls on the Danish government to take the necessary measures to punish the culprits. The dialogue of civilisations is based on mutual respect," said an official quoted by the official Syrian news agency on Sunday.

    The Bahraini cabinet, at a meeting on Sunday, condemned the cartoons "which are a deliberate attack against the glorious Prophet Mohammed and have angered Muslims the world over."

    State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Ahmed Attiyatallah al-Khalifa said the government "warned against the negative repercussions" of the cartoons' publication.

    Sheikh Adel al-Mouwdah, a salafist member of the Bahraini parliament, also announced that Islamist organisations had set up a "committee for the defence of the Prophet Mohammed".






    UPDATE: February2: A lesson in Courage from Copenhagan

    European papers join Danish fray

    COPENHAGEN In a remarkable escalation of a dispute over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, newspapers in several European countries reprinted the images on Wednesday, supporting a Danish newspaper that triggered a huge outcry in the Islamic world by publishing them initially.

    The newspapers' action fed into a sharpening debate here over freedom of expression, human rights and what one Danish editor, Flemming Rose, called a "clash of civilizations" between secular Western democracies and Islamic societies.

    Indeed, said Rose, culture editor of Jyllands-Posten - the newspaper which first published the cartoons last September - "this is a far bigger story than just the question of 12 cartoons in a small Danish newspaper."

    "This is about the question of integration and how compatible is the religion of Islam with a modern secular society - how much does an immigrant have to give up and how much does the receiving culture have to compromise," he said in an interview.

    In support of the Danish position, newspapers in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland reprinted some of the cartoons on Wednesday. A small Norwegian evangelical magazine, Magazinet, also published the cartoons last month.

    Robert Menard, secretary general of Reporters Sans Frontières, a Paris-based body that monitors media developments, said: "All countries in Europe should be behind the Danes and Danish authorities to defend the principle that a newspaper can write what it wishes to even if it offends people.".

    On Wednesday, Syria became the latest Arab country after Saudi Arabia and Libya to withdraw its ambassador from Denmark, saying publication of the cartoons "constitutes a violation of the sacred principles of hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims," according to SANA, Syria's state press agency.

    The decision by France Soir to publish the cartoons drew a sharp response from French Muslims. Dalil Boubakeur, head of the French Council for the Muslim Religion, called the publication of the cartoons a "provocation" and an abuse of press freedom, adding that it reflected "Islamophobia" and was disrespectful of the world's more than one billion Muslims. "The publication of the cartoons can only revive tensions in Europe and the world at a time when we are trying to unite people," he said.

    In Germany, the conservative Die Welt daily printed one image on its front page and declared in an editorial: "The protests from Muslims would be taken more seriously if they were less hypocritical. When Syrian television showed drama documentaries in prime time depicting rabbis as cannibals, the imams were quiet."

    And a lesson in dhimmitude in France

    Fired: Editor of French publication that reprinted Muhammad cartoons February 01, 2006

    Jihadwatch: After a heady day of freedom, European dhimmitude reasserts itself with a rush -- at least in France. Still, if the other editors don't get fired, we're still ahead of where we were 24 hours ago. "Muhammad cartoon row intensifies," from the BBC, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist:

    France Soir originally said it had published the images in full to show "religious dogma" had no place in a secular society.

    But late on Wednesday its owner, Raymond Lakah, said he had removed managing editor Jacques Lefranc "as a powerful sign of respect for the intimate beliefs and convictions of every individual".

    Mr Lakah said: "We express our regrets to the Muslim community and all people who were shocked by the publication." The president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), Dalil Boubakeur, had described France Soir's publication as an act of "real provocation towards the millions of Muslims living in France".

    Other papers stood by their publication. In Berlin, Die Welt argued there was a right to blaspheme in the West, and asked whether Islam was capable of coping with satire.

    I am very sorry that Jacques Lefranc lost his job. I hope he gets a new one soon -- say, as President of the European Union.

    Outrage at Prophet cartoons spreads in Mideast

    Sunday, January 29, 2006

    The Danes Wont Deign, But Will the UN?

    I wrote of this Eurabian moment here and here. Calling for death to America, death to Israel, that's ok. Incendiary antisemitic cartoons that run on a daily basis against the Jews in the Arab Islamic press? Accusations of blood libel against the Jews? Part of the school curriculum.

    All of this began when Danish author Kåre Bluitgen had difficulties in getting artists to illustrate his book about Muhammad due to fear of reprisals from Islamic extremists. Jyllandsposten, Denmark's largest newspaper, responded by asking 40 illustrators to make drawings of Muhammad, and published twelve in this Saturday's edition. Not all of them were good, but here's the best one, made by Kurt Westergaard

    Jihad Watch queried if the murderers of Theo van Gogh were seeking to deter other European artists from taking up Islam as a subject for artistic discussion, the Jamaat-e-Islami party in Pakistan is offering a reward to anyone who kills any of the artists.

    And the Radical Islamists want the UN to sanction this?

    Radical Islam's intimidation campaign in Europe comes from Denmark, thanks to Filtrat.

    Muslims seek UN resolution over Danish prophet cartoons

    CAIRO (AFP) - The Muslim world's two main political bodies have said they were seeking a UN resolution, backed by possible sanctions, to protect religions following the outcry caused by publication in Scandinavia of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

    Organisation of the Islamic Conference secretary general Ekmeleddin IhsanogluDanish_cartoon_muhammed_1 told reporters in Cairo Sunday that the international body would "ask the UN general assembly to pass a resolution banning attacks on religious beliefs."

    The deputy secretary general of the Arab League, Ahmed Ben Helli, confirmed that contacts were under way for such a proposal to be made to the     United Nations.

    "Consultations are currently taking place at the highest level between Arab countries and the OIC to ask the UN to adopt a binding resolution banning contempt of religious beliefs and providing for sanctions to be imposed on contravening countries or institutions," he said.

    Twelve cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, published in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten daily last September and reprinted in a Norwegian magazine earlier this month, sparked uproar in the Muslim world where images of the prophet are considered blasphemous.

    Officials in Muslim countries and various religious bodies have expressed anger at the cartoons, while the editors of the newspapers have defended their publication on the grounds of freedom of expression.

    Muslim wrath has spread rapidly in the Middle East with Gulf retailers pulling Danish products off their shelves and protestors gathering outside Danish embassies.

        Syria and Bahrain were the latest Arab countries to join the chorus.

    Consider this, Syria...........murderers, invaders.............outraged.

    "Syria calls on the Danish government to take the necessary measures to punish the culprits. The dialogue of civilisations is based on mutual respect," said an official quoted by the official Syrian news agency on Sunday.

    The Bahraini cabinet, at a meeting on Sunday, condemned the cartoons "which are a deliberate attack against the glorious Prophet Mohammed and have angered Muslims the world over."

    State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Ahmed Attiyatallah al-Khalifa said the government "warned against the negative repercussions" of the cartoons' publication.

    Sheikh Adel al-Mouwdah, a salafist member of the Bahraini parliament, also announced that Islamist organisations had set up a "committee for the defence of the Prophet Mohammed".






    Want to see all the cartoons, go to Further Adventures of Indigo Red here

    Who needs defending? The victims of Radical Islam

    "We demand an apology from the Danish government and from the newspaper that published the caricatures," he told AFP.

    "We are going to launch a campaign for the boycott of Damish products in order to send a message to the Danes and to the Danish government,' he added.

    "Regardless of all the acts of extremism and terrorism that are taking place, there are red lines," said the official, one of the main radical Muslim leaders in Bahrain.

    There you go.

    A poll published on Saturday showed that a majority of Danes felt their government should not apologise over the cartoons.

    Thank Allah.

    If the UN even touches this, it ought to be disbanded. They are still dying in dying by the tens of thousands at the hands of the Sudanese Radical Islamic government and the UN is going to feign outrage over utter nonsense?

    Solomonia has an interesting post on the Danish cartoon scandal with some pertinent comments about the insecurity it reveals about “a shockingly weak and fragile religion of over a billion people.”

    UPDATE: January 31

    Norwegians Told to Leave Gaza
    Norway's Foreign Ministry was heeding a warning Monday from Islamic groups that want all Scandinavians out of Gaza. The groups claim the Scandinavians have offended them by printing controversial caricatures of their prophet Mohammed. Armed members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade handed out pamphlets in Gaza encouraging Danes and Swedes to leave, and burned a Danish flag. Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store last week urged Norway's embassies to apologize for the caricatures, but that has spurred counter-criticism that Muslim countries should respect freedom of expression. (Aftenposten-Norway)

        See also Poll: Denmark Should Not Apologize for Cartoons
    A majority of Danes feel their government and media should not apologize to Muslims for controversial cartoons published in the daily Jyllands-Posten last September and reprinted in a Norwegian magazine this month. In a poll for Danish Radio Saturday, 79% said Prime Minister Rasmussen should not apologize on Denmark's behalf. (AFP/Yahoo)
        See also Caricature of Mohammed Leads to Boycott of Danish Goods - Hassan M. Fattah (New York Times)

    UPDATE: Going against the will of the people, the dhimmi newspaper apologized. Argh.

    Goodbye, freedom of speech in Denmark. Jyllands-Posten editor Carsten Juste's letter of apology, "Honourable Citizens of The Muslim World," can be found here. (Thanks to Diana West.) Jihadwatch hat tip Tom

    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    Cartoons of Mohammed cause death threat

    Update to this Eurabian moment originally posted at the best blog in Eurabia,  the Norwegian Fjordman


    The events surrounding the publication of drawings of the prophet Mohammed in the Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten a couple of months ago has taken an even more dramatic turn for the worse.

    A large Islamic extremist party in Pakistan has offered a reward of 50,000 kroner to anyone who kills any of the artists.

    The Danish ambassador in Islamabad, Bent Wigotski, reports that it is the extremist Jamaaat-e-Islami party and it youth organisation who have offered the bounty money. They have also demanded the ambassador leave Pakistan.

    Hat tip Tom P Jihadwatch


    Bounty put on prophet cartoonists' heads

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns Danish travellers to Pakistan of increased hazard after a Danish newspaper published cartoons of Muslim prophet Mohammed, more here also see Nice Doggie

    Friday, October 07, 2005

    Eurabia: Imam demands apology for Mohammed cartoons

    The best blog in Eurabia, is the Norwegian Fjordman
    He is a must read for those of us cognizant of the  the rapid  islamification of Europe and descent into dhimmitude. Muhammedwesterga_1

    Daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten is facing accusations that it deliberately provoked and insulted Muslims by publishing twelve cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammed. The newspaper urged cartoonists to send in drawings of the prophet, after an author complained that nobody dared to illustrate his book on Mohammed. The author claimed that illustrators feared that extremist Muslims would find it sacrilegious to break the Islamic ban on depicting Mohammed. Twelve illustrators heeded the newspaper's call, and sent in cartoons of the prophet, which were published in the newspaper one week ago.......

    'This type of democracy is worthless for Muslims,' Imam Raed Hlayhel wrote in a statement. 'Muslims will never accept this kind of humiliation. The article has insulted every Muslim in the world. We demand an apology!' Jyllands-Posten described the cartoons as a defence for 'secular democracy and right to expression'.

    Danish author Kåre Bluitgen had difficulties in getting artists to illustrate his book about Muhammad due to fear of reprisals from Islamic extremists. Jyllandsposten, Denmark's largest newspaper, responded by asking 40 illustrators to make drawings of Muhammad, and published twelve in this Saturday's edition. Not all of them were good, but here's the best one, made by Kurt Westergaard (see above).

    Hat tip TomP