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» When the closest thing to sexual intercourse is peeing with a full bladder... from Right Truth
That's where the flaccid media is today folks, reporting facts that are not true, misleading readers, promising the truth when they deliver lies.... Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter is alive and well. Hasan was a life-long Muslim... [Read More]

» Clearer details on the Fort Hood jihadist from Tel-Chai Nation
Some more exact details have emerged on Malik Nidal Hasan, who murdered 12 people at Fort Hood. Contrary to earlier reports, he's still alive and now in custody after being wounded, and the female officer who shot him is also still alive [Read More]

» Ft Hood: A Horrific Outburst of Violent Jihad from The Amboy Times
OK, that's not exactly what the President said, the word jihad will probably be avoided by the WH and the press entirely. What we will get is the usual vicimization of the cold blooded killer. The media wil search and... [Read More]