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17 & 18 Year-old Girls

» Good News: An "Honor" Killing *Double* Murder Suspected In Texas from Ace of Spades HQ
The girls were 17 and 18, daughters who apparently strayed from their father's ideas of sexual modesty, and so were of course whores who needed to be put down. And at Fishwrap, cop begin taking note of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome."... [Read More]

» Ahh, Diversity: State Department's 2009 Churches of America Calendar [BUMPED] from snapped shot
Bumped/Updated As of right now (10PM in the Eastern time zone), the web offering for "Mosques of America" has been pulled, instead sending readers to the following page: "You need to login to access this page." (Click to zoom) What? Do you creti [Read More]