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» Good Stuff Sunday from 123beta
I should have cut the grass today but it rained this morning (thankfully). I should have done some cleaning. I should have done some laundry. But, I didn't. Since I spent most of the day really doing nothing but reading I'll share some posts... [Read More]

» Muslim Day Parade from D.C. Thornton
There were plenty of floats, marching bands, and festivities earlier today in NYCor not. Normally the annual parade is held on the last day of September. Why the sudden move to 2 days prior to 9/11? Coincidence? ... [Read More]

» ModerateMuslims? from You Betcha I'm a Proud Army Mom
This just occurred in New York.  Can we say sell-out??? From DanNY at GOE:   Muslim Day Parade on Madison Avenue  Atlas Shrugs Pamela manages to fill her blog with excellent photos and video.  The sharp eyed reader may even catch a gl... [Read More]

» The American Muslim Day Parade from Pajamas Media
(Power Line and more at Atlas Shrugs)... [Read More]