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» Got Rolaids? Pepto? You Will Need It. Ahmadinejad Wanted To Visit Ground Zero from Pirate's Cove
Via Jay at Stop The ACLUand Jim at bRight Early, a nauseau maker In a move that has stunned New York, the Bloomberg administration is in discussions to escort the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to ground zero during his visit to N... [Read More]

» Mahmoud Does Manhattan from Pajamas Media
PJM ROUNDUP: On the same day that the Iranian air force commander announced that Iran's drawn plans to bomb Israel, NY Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly revealed that the Bloomberg administration was in discussions to escort Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Grou... [Read More]

» U.S. May Escort Ahmadinejad to Ground Zero from Stop The ACLU
UPDATE: He plans to go anyway, despite the NYPD rejection! Michelle Malkin is trying to organize a counter protest! Anyone in NYC know how to apply for a permit to organize a counter-protest to defend Ground Zero? Is it too late? Think this will hap... [Read More]

» Protest Iranian Presidents Visit from America's North Shore Journal
Take the time this coming Monday. Let this terrorist know that we do not accept him. Via Michelle Malkin and Atlas ShruggedOver 9,011 terrorists killed since 1/1/06. Terrorist Death Watch contains 31 words and 1 image.... [Read More]

» Join Anti-Achmidijad Rally from Israel News | by One Jerusalem
Rally against the tyrant from Iran. Join Pamela at Atlas, Michelle Malkin and countless other bloggers in promoting this important opportunity to publicly protest the leader of a country that is prepared to annihilate Israel, the United States, a... [Read More]

» Iranian Officer Arrested In Iraq from Wake up America
He was allegedly involved in transporting roadside bombs, including armor-piercing explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, into Iraq, according to a statement. It said intelligence reports also indicated he was involved in the infiltration and train... [Read More]

» Ahmadinejad To Visit Ground Zero(?) from Ironic Surrealism II
What an ass! Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President of Iran tries a fast one, only to be shut down! Only a deranged lunatic, such as Ahmadinejad would even dare to put forth such a request. What profound gall! A total affront to America. A direct insult to the ... [Read More]