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» "Intifada NYC" Principal Resigns from JammieWearingFool
I never thought anyone would have the guts to call for her resignation, but I guess once Randi Weingarten came down hard on her the other day, the writing was on the wall. [Read More]

» Khalil Gibran Academy Principal Dhabah Almontaser Resigns: from Pajamas Media
(Cinnamon Stillwell). The Stop The Madrassa Community Coalition do not want the school to open and will file for injunctive relief. So far only 44 students have registered at the Khalil Gibran International Academy, which was envisioned by Almontaser... [Read More]

» 2007.08.10 Politics and National Defense Roundup from Bill's Bites
Quick hits: Suspect in Newark triple murder of college students is an illegal alien;Update: Was out on bail after child rape, assault charges Suspect's status as illegal goes unflagged Murder case - A man now held in a Milwaukie killing stayed off agen... [Read More]