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» Atlas Shrugs Cindy Sheehan off from Brutally Honest
Many more pics here. [Read More]

» Photo of the Day from Blog-o-Fascists
Little Green Footballs Pamela! Im dyin ovah here! Youre killin me, babe! An instant classic: [Read More]

» Photo of the Day from Suitably Flip
Welcome to New York. [Read More]

» Proof that matter and antimatter can co-exist! from Public Secrets: from the files of the Irishspy
Pamela of Atlas Shrugs attended Cindy Sheehan's pathetic act of public narcissism rally in Central Park today and got her picture taken with the Moonbat-in-Chief herself. Tasteless, juvenile, and funny as hell. Wish I'd been there. (hat tip: LGF) Techn... [Read More]

» Picture of the year: Saint Cindy speaks, and Atlas Shrugs is there from Leaning Straight Up
SVC alerted me to this. Mama Sheehan was continuing her campaign against reason, and Atlas Shrugswas there. See the video below and enjoy how the conservative voices of dissentwere pushed as away as possible, and their American Fl... [Read More]

» Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs Crashes Moonbat Brigade from Chicago Ray
Some really classic pictures provided from wicked conservative blogging maven Pam Geller as she makes these lefties look just like the clowns they truly are right under their big red noses. For instance this is just part of what she has to offer..... [Read More]

» Atlas gestures from BLACKFIVE
I can only say Bravo, and sadly I assume she's married. Pamela delivers the goods. [Read More]

» Atlas Shrugs - Sunday in the Park from discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus
Atlas Shrugs - Sunday in the Park [Read More]

» The Sheehan Salute from Conservative Compendium
Nice. The Sheehan Salute, a.k.a. The Hawaiian Good Luck Sign Other great moments in middle finger history: Soldiers signaling duress. Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs [Read More]

» BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! from CatHouse Chat
Oh, ya gotta admit, Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has chutzpah! She met up with the SheHag and got some pictures (NSFW) with Mama Moonbat - and Pamela was beautifully sly in expressing her opinion of the SheHag. *snicker* Classic, Pamela. Just CLASSIC! Tech... [Read More]

» Mamma Dweeb The Sheehan from Take Our Country Back
Cindy The Fraud Mom, loves Chavez.< ... [Read More]

» Atlas Salutes Mamma Moonbat from The Irate Nation
If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Apparently Im late to the party on this one. So the moonbat mammas were in FOOL-effect a few days ago. And Pamela Geller – ATLAS SHRUGS delivers not... [Read More]

» I absolutely LOVE Pamela from Democracy Project
If you want to see the best dexterity message photos since our POW’s in Hanoi dexterously expressed the truth, go here. BTW: I’ve neen guest-posting at the very popular Gateway Pundit blog this week, while Jim Hoft is in Israel.... [Read More]

» Dawn Patrol from Mudville Gazette
Welcome to the Dawn Patrol, our daily roundup of information on the War on Terror and other topics - from the MilBlogs and other sources around the world. If you're a blogger, you can join the conversation. If you link to any of these stories, add a li... [Read More]

» Cindy Sheehan Watch: Best of Friends from FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog
H/T Gateway Pundit Conservative blogger Atlas Shrugs ran into Cindy Sheehan this past weekend. They look like the best of friends. Or NOT. Previous: Cindy Sheehan Announces Candidacy Against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Cindy Sheehan Watch: Cindy to S... [Read More]

» Cindy's "Friends" from Snooper
Mamma Dweeb The Sheehan Cindy The Fraud Mom, loves Chavez.Cindy The Fraud Mom loves The Bigot Jackson.Cindy The Fraud Mom, has threatened SoH Pelosi and has stated... [Read More]