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» Massacre In Virginia from Flopping Aces
I'm sure most of you have heard about the shooting today in Virginia, some excellent blogging done already by scores of bloggers (see below). Extremely sad news, and something in which we (meaning law enforcement) train for quite routinely.... [Read More]

» What Was Cho Seung-Hui Thinking? from Gun Control Now
What led the 23-year-old English major to the point of committing the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history? The Smoking Gun uncovers some disturbing writings of Cho including a play involving a pedophilic stepfather and the murder of 13-year-old ... [Read More]

» Virginia Tech Postscript Face of a Killer Face of a Hero from Pal2pal
Cho SeungHui, 23 year old South Korean resident alien and Senior in the English Department at Virginia Tech: Cho SeungHui, the gunman who apparently killed 32 people and himself Monday morning at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Un... [Read More]

» In the Face of Evil from Talkwisdom
On this day of mourning a terrible tragedy, I haven't been in the mood for blogging. However, when I heard on the news (earlier this morning) that the killer's actions didn't "appear to be terrorism related," I became curious to see what the blogs have... [Read More]

» Ismail Ax? from Sister Toldjah
In reporting on the killer of 32 innocent people on the campus of VTech, several news outlets have noted that the words Ismail Ax were written on the inside of one of Chos arms. That led to a massive wave of Internet searches for ... [Read More]

» Is This "Ismail" Cho Seung-Hui? from Debbie Schlussel
By Debbie Schlussel Yesterday, I wrote about the many mainstream media reports that Virginia Tech massacre perpetrator Cho Seung-Hui had "Ismail Ax" written in red ink on one of his arms. More on possible meanings of that, later. All day... [Read More]

» Debbie Does Malice from The Agitator
2005 Weblog Award Finalist and C-list pundit Debbie Schlussel once again beat the Em-Ess-Em to the punch. This time, she... [Read More]