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Picture taken last year at FRC's Washington Briefing.CPAC could stand for Coulter's Personal Affinity for Confrontation. This is the second year in a row she has chosen to go all out and offend as many people as possible. Last year [Read More]

» Ann Coulter, John Edwards, faggot, Dr. Thomas Szas from The Cassandra Page
When natural reactions are unnaturally suppressed, they often insist on sneaking back into view, frequently in the form of humor. Freud called this "the return of the repressed." [Read More]

» Horward Dean Expects Me To Denouce Ann Coulter For Saying Faggot (video) from Passionate America
I am outraged at the hateful bigoted remarks by Howard Dean. It is obvious he hates women, Republicans, and free speech. Howard YAAAEEEHHHHH Dean issued a press release filed with queer arguments. ... [Read More]