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» Islamic Jihad in Indonesia from NoisyRoom.net
This is what we are asking for, bargaining for like idiots - our government is begging these barbarians to attack us again and again. WARNING: strong content - not for the squeamish This is what Islamofascism breeds - this is the face of Islamo... [Read More]

» le vittime della Jihad from POLITIKAMENTE
Cari amici frequentatori di POLITIKAMENTE oggi vi mostriamo delle immagini forti che testimoniano lefferatezza della Jihad Islamica in Indonesia. Abbiamo scelto di non caricarle sul blog, proprio perché molto forti, chi volesse vederle pu [Read More]

» le vittime della Jihad from a ruota libera
Cari amici frequentatori di A Ruota Libera oggi vi mostro delle immagini forti che testimoniano lefferatezza della Jihad Islamica in Indonesia. Ho scelto di non caricarle sul blog, proprio perché molto crude, chi volesse vederle può [Read More]

» Assassination-mania in Indonesia from Michelle Malkin
The jihadis are rolling out the welcome mat in Indonesia. (Hat tip: Shawn Wasson, who has more Bush-deranged photos) Reuters AP reports: Thousands wound through the streets of Indonesia's capital and gathered at a grand mosque Sunday to protest Preside... [Read More]

» "The price for being a Christian.... in Indonesia...:" from Pajamas Media
Pamela has published pictures from Indonesia never seen in the mainstream media: "These pictures were forwarded to me from a friend who knows a Christian in Indonesia......I cannot reveal too much or I will jeopardize the lives of those that... [Read More]

» Islamic Jihad in Indonesia from Don Singleton
Islam must be a pretty sick "faith" if people bomb people and behead people to "defend it". That sounds to my like something that supporters of Evil (Satan) would do. [Read More]

» The Nature of Our Enemy from Wake up America
The pictures I am going to link to is on Atlas Shrugs, and I warn you, these are graphic, not for those with a weak stomach and if you have children in the room, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK.This is what this ideology looks like, only one set of examples, ... [Read More]

» This is what we're up against from Keith
Folks, You need to see this, if you can stomach it. If you can, follow the link below to Atlas Shrugs and see what's going on in Indonesia. I cannot warn you strongly enough, the pictures posted there are gruesome. If you don't think you can stan [Read More]

» Can 20 Million Indonesians Possibly Be Wrong? from Ace of Spades HQ
Michelle Malkin. Atlas Shrugged with some very graphic (SERIOUS CONTENT WARNING) of the Religion of Beheading and/or Peace as practiced in Indonesia. She says the pictures were smuggled out of the country to her. There are those who shriek in... [Read More]

» Here's Islam... from Right Truth
There is no comparing Islam to any other religion. Do the Christians, or Jews, or Hindus, or Bahi, or any other religion force you to convert? Force you to live under their rules? Torture or kill you if you don't [Read More]

» Muslims Protest in Indonesia from Mark Nicodemo
L.A. Times: Protests Escalate Ahead of Bush's Visit by ZAKKI HAKIM Michelle Malkin has more. Atlas Shrugs has posted some very graphic photos of how Islam treats Christians in Indonesia. I link to her site here so that the truth... [Read More]

» Foto cristiani decapitati in Indonesia from LE GUERRE CIVILI
Si tratta (le fonti questo dicono) di cristiani torturati, e massacrati in Indonesia. L'uomo è anche questo: in Indonesia la decapitazione è una usanza triste quanto antica. La cosa inaccettabile è che i massacri avvengano in nome [Read More]

» The Price Of Being A Christian In A Muslim Land Is Very Steep Indeed from Hyscience
Take for example, Indonesia, and soon to be Malaysia (reported in the local daily news yesterday and today) . Death for abandoning (lapsing) Muslims and for Christians (very disturbing images follow) ... And remember, Islamic jihad is going on all over... [Read More]

» There are "only" 19 million Muslim extremists in Indonesia.. from WhereAreMyKeys
But that's not a big deal, right? After all, they only feel that all people who don't follow the Koran to be infidels, and therefore ripe for extermination. This post by Michelle Malkin is staggering to read. She provides this link to a blog call [Read More]

» Global War on Terror Watch: Thousands in Indonesia Protest Bush Trip from FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog
Indonesian Muslim protester shout slogans during a rally against the visit by U.S. President George W. Bush, Sunday, Nov. 19,2006, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Thousands wound through the streets of Indonesias capital and gathered at mosques Sunday t... [Read More]

» Islamic persecution of Christians in Indonesia---WARNING: graphic pictures! from discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus
Islamic persecution of Christians in Indonesia---WARNING: graphic pictures! [Read More]

» Bush in Indonesia from Gulf Coast Pundit
President Bush is in Indonesia, and Atlas has some stunning news. Not work safe. Very very sad. (hat tip: Ed_Mahmoud) ... [Read More]