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» Auntie Em, it's a twister, it's a twister!! from Reconstitution
In the aftermath of what can only be considered a total rout, it's time to take look at the right side of the blogosphere. Let the wingnut spinning begin. Hugh Hewitt -- Santorum for Supreme Court!! Plus the war isn't lost, and won't be on this Admin [Read More]

» Rainy Days Are Here Again! from Flopping Aces
Be that it may we need to close ranks and police our own much more diligently. We need to make sure that our principals are not lost and get back to basics. I mean some of our base obviously did what they said they would do, and that is teach the Repub... [Read More]

» Wingnut Roundup - Electoral Blame Game Edition from AGITPROP: Version 3.0, Featuring Blogenfreude
Bush turned our government into a criminal enterprise, started an unwinnable war, and polarized the nation - do you suppose the wingnuts think these things had just a little bit to do with the defeat of their beloved GOP? Ace [Read More]

» The 2006 American Midterm Election Day Thread from I Love Everything
Fave freakout quote from Atlas Shrugs But let's not kid ourselves. The American people have been clubbed to death like baby seals by a drive by, jihad loving media and it took its toll. Years and years of lies and propaganda had its effect. [Read More]

» A New Day, But Not a Better One from Cop The Truth
The world seems a much bleaker place to me today. Yes, the people, whoever they are, have spoken. The Dems are in power, Rumsfeld is gone and people like Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Charlie Rangel [Read More]