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» Kerry's Inner Lurch Lurches Left from Pajamas Media
You can take the Kerry out of the Lurch, but you can't take the Lurch out of the Kerry The slip that launched a thousand quips. "How could John Kerry, born into privilege, and then marrying and divorcing and... [Read More]

» Kerry Sticks Foot In Mouth Again from Strong As An Ox And Nearly As Smart
Thanks pretty Pamela, I "borrowed" your fantastic photo of the troop's tribute to Kerry. A short while back I pondered "John Kerry, Liar or Ignoramus?" He just answered my question: Yes to both. [Read More]

» The APOLOGY from KP Cubed
My fellow frenchman, er, socialists, er, UN masters, er, military nincompoops, er, Americans. I am sincerely sorry the fascist republicans are too stupid to understand my elite speak, and they are purposely spewing there hate speech to try and ta ...... [Read More]

» Shut The Hell Up Part 2: Forked Tongue from Ironic Surrealism
To speak with a forked tongue, meaning: to say one thing and mean another or, in more general terms, to act in a duplicitous manner. Kinda gross I know but, fitting all the same. :=) Be sure to read through the comments. There are some ... [Read More]