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Paul Belien Warns America

» Atlas Shrugs Interviews Paul Belien from The Jawa Report
Paul is trying to warn the US away from making the same errs that Europe has made dealing with Immigrants. These mistakes resulted in small divided, competing communities separated from the main polulace rather than a "melting pot" where the... [Read More]

» "The Suicide of Europe": from Pajamas Media
Pamela interviews Paul Belien, editor of Brussels Journal, "one of the most important sources of news and information particularly concerning the islamizaton of Europe." (Atlas Shrugs)... [Read More]

» VLog of Paul Belien from Blog-o-Fascists
Solomonia Atlas has a VLog well worth watching as she puts the camera on Paul Belien of the excellent Brussels Journal blog and lets him go, here: [Read More]