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“Death Threats in Brussels, France (Robert Redeker)," by Paul Belien, Canada Free Press, 29 September 2006, http://www.canadafreepress.com/2006/brussels092906.htm (hat-tip to The Corner, also at Atlas Shrugs, Brussels Journal, Catholic Answers, Common ... [Read More]

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Let's see - this week Foley the Molester resigned, Bob Woodward rejoined the Reality Based Community, and the otherwise Do Nothing Congress gave the Dear Leader the power to jail you indefinitely without charge. Who's on first? Ace of Spades [Read More]

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... so we said: "sorry Rabbi, it's just because of the hunger and the headache." And he said: "the Yom Kippur fast is a joyous fast - for one day we get to be like angels. Instead of food, drink,... [Read More]