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» Cheese, Art, and Sex with Children from Ninth State
Looking for a vacation destination this summer? How about scenic Holland? If one Charity, Freedom, and Diversity party has its way, your Dutch vacation could include touring scenic Amsterdam, a jaunt throughout the beautiful countryside of the Nethe... [Read More]

» No Bottom to "Tolerance" in Holland from Pajamas Media
Just when you think the "open" society of the Dutch can't go any lower, surprise, it can: "Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16... [Read More]

» Pedophile Political Party - Children 12 yrs old invited from Conservative Culture
Eating their own children is the title of Paul Beliens article in the Brussels Journal. Paul is perhaps on the best journalists on the cultural changes dramatically changing in the EU. Dramatic changes is hard to imagine from the... [Read More]

» Your Kids: 'The Next Sexual Frontier" from Donkey Cons
Such is the problem with Harmful to Minors, which brings us back around to the ACLU and the Dutch pedophile party. Levine claimed that Dutch law in 1990 established the age of consent at 12, which apparently was not true, since the Dutch pedophiles are... [Read More]