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Per Atlas Shrugs: Holocaust Day (Yom HaShoah in Hebrew) falls this year on Tuesday, April 25. Holocaust Day commemorates the martyrs and heroes who died under the Nazis. The State of Israel will take time out Monday evening to remember the six mi... [Read More]

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STOP. Don't follow the link to Atlas Shrugs (below) unless you want to see the grisliest of Holocaust images. Glenn Reynolds reminds us that today is Holocaust R... [Read More]

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Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hashoa. "Never Again" does have special meaning for us. My middle name, Neach, is for my grandfather's brother, principal of the Jewish "college" in their area of Belarus, who was beaten over the head... [Read More]

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Some things haven't changed all that much, which is why we have to keep talking about it. [Read More]

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Yesterday marked this year's Yom haShoah ve'Hagvura.... [Read More]