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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Darfur: cLooney's Trend Glommimg

Imagine, if you will, George cLooney stepping onto the dais with Simon Deng on one arm and Manute Bol on the other, look out at that crowd shouting;

"Darfur is yet another front on the global war on Islamic fascism!"

He didn't...........

My kids had travel soccer, two games, so I could not attend the "Save Darfur" rally in DC today. But I am thrilled that thousands showed up in DC to save Darfur. [UPDATE: And I am thrilled that Marc was fortunate enough to make it (his wife did double soccer duty) - see his account below.] I am not thrilled that ill informed celebrities jump on the dais and start flapping those loose tongues (yiddish expression - a tongue has no bones.)

If this is the left's attempt to Blame Bush, these parasites can go to hell.

They came out as one to demand the Bush administration push harder for a multinational peacekeeping force to be sent to Darfur, and place other sanctions on Sudan.

If they did their homework, they'd know that Bush is not the problem. If they did theirDarfur_rally_4 homework they'd know Bush has been Sisyphus pushing an apathetic, yellow bellied, paralyzed UN and an even less engaged European community. If they did their homework they'd know NATO has refused to send troops to Darfur. If they did their homework they'd know the AU peacekeepers are scared to death and incapable of saving or protecting those people. Darfur needs NATO.

In reading the article in the Washington Post, little mention is made of Islamic extremist government and odder still, Simon Deng is never mentioned. Imagine that. The ex-slave who has worked tirelessly is not mentioned. Clooney's idiotic message is quoted but not Deng's.

Clooney_pelosi_darfur cLooney: "The world policy on Sudan is failing," [what policy??-Atlas] said actor George Clooney,  "If we turn our heads and look away and hope it will all go away, then they will, and an entire generation will die." [They are dead 400,000 and counting, three million since 1955 - why no mention of al qaeda in Khartoum, geo? What happens when it turns into a quagmire? What then geo? Who ya gonna blame?- Atlas]

Photo:cLooney and Pelussy

If Lefty cLooney was half the midget he made himself out to be he would have stood beside  Deng and Manute Bol and  echoed -- parroted (because that is his talent isn't it?) their words.

Debbie Schussel has the real back story here

Years ago, I wrote about Oprah Winfrey's refusal to do anything about what isCloony_tunes_1 happening in Sudan.

Well, yesterday, she finally did--along with her friends, renowned African scholars and foreign policy experts Angelina Jolie and George Clooney.

But it is too little, too late. And their timing is by design. It fits in well with their political agenda. You see, now there are no Christians left in Arab Muslim Sudan. They've all been mass murdered (after torture, gang rape, and forced conversion to Islam). So, now, it is finally okay for these vapid celebs to display their phony concern.

I find it all so disingenous. Back in 2003;

Sudan's Arab Islamist government dispatched troops and pro-government Arab militias known as the Janjaweed to quell the uprising. The militias embarked on a campaign of terror, murder and raping civilians mostly from non-Arab ethnic groups, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their villages. In 2004, the United States labeled the atrocities as genocide.

Darfur_rally_4_30 At about the same time, the mostly Muslim non-Arab villagers got an unlikely ally. American Jewish groups were growing alarmed by the atrocities being committed. They drew parallels to the Holocaust and how the world remained silent as Jews were killed. Many were also disturbed by the world's failure to stop the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

The Jews were determined not to let it happen again, and soon launched the Save Darfur Coalition. Since then, it has grown into a broad-based alliance of more than 160 faith-based groups that include religious and secular Jews, evangelical Christians, Catholics, Muslims, human rights organizations, Arab groups, black churches and Buddhists.

To all these Hollywood glommers I say, it's not enough to grab the  funereal spotlight. Get informed. If you want to call attention to a problem you must know what that problem is and use the soapbox to explain what is happening and why.

UPDATE: Editorial in today's New York Sun bares a striking resemblance to what I've been saying


This Darfur double standard was underscored by the list of announced speakers for yesterday’s “Save Darfur” rally.They included at least three members of Congress — Nancy Pelosi, Donald Payne, and Michael Capuano — who voted against the liberation of Iraq. Mr. Payne, a Democrat of New Jersey, has reportedly gone so far as to say of the Iraq war, “I have never seen such a misuse of our power.” Ms. Pelosi, a Californian who is the Democratic leader in the House, has endorsed Rep. John Murtha’s demand for an immediate American withdrawal from Iraq.

    The scheduled speakers at yesterday’s Save Darfur rally also included the Reverend Al Sharpton and the Democrat who lost in 1997 to Mayor Giuliani, Ruth Messinger. Rev. Sharpton and Ms. Messinger have marched against the Iraq war in New York behind the banner of United for Peace and Justice, an anti-Israel front group whose steering committee includes a representative of the Communist Party USA.

    Just to underscore the double standard, Rev. Sharpton reportedly marched against the Iraq war in New York on Saturday, then marched in Washington on Sunday for more intervention in Sudan. Even worse, the Saturday march was organized by United for Peace and Justice, which has moved well beyond opposing the Iraq war. It now opposes any American action against Iran.“United for Peace and Justice opposes any military action against Iran, as well as covert action and sanctions,” the organization’s Web site says. The site includes letters for activists to send to Congress, saying,“Iran does not present a threat to the United States” and calling for taking away Israel’s nuclear weapons.

    Another scheduled speaker at yesterday’s Save Darfur rally was a leader of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi David Saperstein, whose movement sent a letter to President Bush calling for withdrawal of troops from Iraq and arguing that the Iraq war had discredited America in the international community and contributed to the growth of terrorism.

    Also a scheduled speaker at the Save Darfur rally was a representative of the National Council of Churches. Its Web site’s “resources for peace” includes a “call on governments to review all forms of military cooperation with the State of Israel including instituting a strict arms embargo until such time that Israel withdraws completely from the Palestinian territories.”

    Mr. Bush is way ahead of the leftist Darfur advocates because he supports freedom and democracy and opposes terrorism everywhere — not only in Darfur, but also in Iraq and Iran and Israel. He understands that Iran’s tyrants, Sudan’s regime,and Saddam Hussein are of a type.Before Mr.Bush met with the Darfur activists Friday, he met in the Oval office with a group of defectors from North Korea in what he called “one of the most moving meetings since I’ve been the president.”

    Consistency is important here, all the more so because the Holocaust is invoked by so many of the Save Darfur protesters.Those who saw the destruction of European Jewry by the Nazis are moved to prevent the further destruction of the Darfurians by the Sudanese.

Read it all

UPDATE: One of my most lucid and informed readers, MarcH, made it to the rally. Here is his account;

I was fortunate enough to make it (my wife did double soccer duty).  I took notes and can provide a rough sketch.
1. Metro stops to mall were jammed.  The mall itself was filled between  2d and 4th with folks spilling out from fourth to 5th.  People estimated a crowd of 40,000.  I've never been good at that kind of estimate.  I spoke with one affluent civil rights lawyer who seemed fairly reasonable until he told me that his friend from the CIA estimated the crowd at 250,000 and the government was taking pictures of the crowd.  I then moved away from this guy.

2. The event appeared well planned with lots of guides at the parking areas, at metros and at mall.  Postcards to Whitehouse documenting the attendence of the sender were handed out, signed and collected.  There was a good screen and speakers so I could see and hear enough from a block away from the platform.   

3. The crowd was mixed ethnic including Muslim participation (a Muslim group was part of our regional larger group.  The crowd appeared to be about 1/4 to 1/5 Jewish. A lot of kippot were visible with representation from all parts of the spectrum (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Humanist).  The best Jewish t-shirt I saw was worn by a Breslover Hasid  (http://www.breslov.org/ ) and read, "Make Breslov, Not War".
4. The crowd appeared mostly blue state in outlook, but not hard left.  They were sincere in their desire to help the people of Darfur, but I doubt they'd be comfortable with a carrier air wing explaining the way of the world to Khartoum.
5. Speakers (I don't have time to write a description, I'm transcribing my notes with a few extra comments):
- Russell Simmons - rap impresario and buckethead, peddled oil industry conspiracy theories.
a.  Michael Steel, MD LtGov (R) - "cannot be managed, must be stopped", but he wants the UN to do it.
b. Dick Gregory - fairly funny, still has good comic timing, nothing notable
c. An Armenian Priest - mostly we need peace and love, but he managed to mention the Ottoman Turks as the villains of the Armenian Genocide which was very un-PC so I liked that.
d.James Zogby - moves and talks like a slickster.  Thought we should all be grateful that the Arab League has now consented to some kind of action; gave a list of other "atrocities" and included Hiroshima and "Israel/Palestine"
e. The heroic manager of Hotel Rwanda  (didn't get his name) wanted us to treat the bad guys like we treated Milosevic.  I cheered.
f. A reverend from the World Evangelical Institute in Canada - very straight up, lots of righteous anger.  He accused the government of Sudan of targeting "non-Arabs" and "non-Muslims".  I cheered. 
g. Imam Rashid Amin - I don't know where he was from, but his call for action was indistinguishable from any moderate leftist: wanted US to join International Criminal Court and recognized suffering elsewhere in the world ("Iraq").
h. Reform honcho Rabbi Sapperstein - I'm not a fan, but he had a good rhetorical device.  He repeated the phrase "I have a nightmare" concerning the effect of our inaction in Sudan.  Given the location on the mall it was effective.
i. Al Sharpton - pompous loud-mouth, indirectly claimed the mantel of MLK
j. Unidentified female honcho - "demanded that US leverage its power to persuade Sudan government to cooperate and that US voters hold "Bush" accountable.  When she said "leverage" I doubt she meant a carrier air wing either.
k. Barak Obama - a great, inspiring speaker who said absolutely nothing memorable.  Empty calories.
l. Simon Deng - great, accused the government in Khartoum of slaughtering millions
m. Manute Bol - damn he's tall.  Very respectful towards "President Bush".  Thought the President could fix it if the american people and the world community would support him
n. Rep. Pelosi - I couldn't stop thinking of Iowahawk's piece here.  She demanded a US envoy (that'll scare them.  I hear Jimmy Carter is available).
o. Left before Clooney came out. The program ran a bit late.
My impression was that this was a movement started by sincere people who are truly focused on results.  The left had a dilemma.  On the one hand the victims are black Africans.  On the other hand, the perps are Arab Muslims.  The left tried to co-opt this movement but they can't do it.  This issue is a poison pill for them.  Even a cursory examination of this issue illustrates the following points:
I. The UN is corrupt, incompetent and useless;
II. Arab culture is racist and Jihadi oriented Muslims will brutally place the infidel in a position of dhimmitude whenever they can;
III. The friends of the Khartoum government include Al-Queda and Iran (Remember the president of Iran choose a meeting with Sudanese officials to announce that Iran would distribute nuclear technology to other countries);
IV. Ultimately American military power is necessary to defeat the bad people of the world; and,
V. The UN spends 25% of its time crucifying Israel, while a good part of the rest of the world is Sudan.
I'll close with a description of my favorite attendees.  Two young US Army reservists (currently not on active duty) brought posters reminding people that stopping genocide takes boots on the ground and the Army is currently stretched thin.  Their goal was to remind folks to support Army funding and to consider enlisting.  I admired their idealism and optimism.  We chatted a bit about the modern Army and the old Army (Gosh, is the Reagan era Army now the old Army?  I feel like my dad!).  They told me that other people to whom they spoke at the rally were polite and somewhat supportive.  I was glad to hear that, but felt a little bad that those two guys, the best of America, were down on the mall,  sincere and obscure while a dolt like Clooney receives adulation for a few minutes of emoting. 

The money quote was the closng paragraph from today's New York Sun;

It’s wonderful and encouraging that tens of thousands turned out to support action in Darfur yesterday and to protest the Sudanese regime. But when one considers that a similar rally against the Iranian president’s vow to wipe Israel off the map attracted but a few hundred participants, it’s unnerving.
Opposing the war in Iraq while favoring an intervention in Sudan is akin to the position of an American during World War II who favored fighting Japan but taking a strictly pacifist stance toward Germany.It’s so illogical as to make one wonder why.


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