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» Jay Bennish - "American Patriot" Reinstated from The Median Sib
Jay Bennish has been reinstated in his job as geography teacher at his school in Colorado. According to the news he has promised to give all sides of an issue in future classes. I wrote a post about Bennish last week that stirred up a discussion ...... [Read More]

» Jay Bennish: Flower Child or Neo-Nazi? from Blue Star Chronicles
Once upon a time there was a little boy who grew up to be sooooooo smart he could teach geography to 15 year olds. His mama and daddy were very, very proud of their baby boy. He was pretty and smart and had a nice hair-do. [Read More]

» Let The Indoctrinations Begin! from Flopping Aces
As most of you have heard by now the leftist teacher, Jay Bennish, will go back to indoctrinating the kids in the neighborhood come Monday: Overland High School teacher Jay Bennish was reinstated Friday, clearing the way for his return to the classroom... [Read More]