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» A Dangerous Precedent from All Things Beautiful
As they have shown, there is no question that Islam does not allow ijtihad (free play of the intellect - independent or innovative thinking) and qiyyas (analogical reasoning). After all, what is the need for those, if the only thing that matters is taq... [Read More]

» Sunday Evening Potpourri from The Median Sib
. . . Of course the cartoons aren't the REAL reason. That's just their excuse to kill. Major news organizations such as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and others cower under the threat of violence from Muslims. The selective reporting of the MSM becomes glaring ... [Read More]

» American Newspapers are Afraid from Blue Star Chronicles
European journalist have been more courageous than American journalist. There is something very wrong with this picture! We are all afraid. We are afraid because we know these threats are real, very real. We know this enemy is very real and determine... [Read More]