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» Google censoring? from Agora
Hrmmm.. Atlas Shrugs reports that Google is censoring the cartoon battles. She links to this site which tells you if your blog has been flagged for abuse. This is interesting because Jon Jay Ray reports that he thinks he is being censored. What is thi... [Read More]

» GOOGLE TURMOIL IN CHINA from Publius Pundit
As hearings begin on Capitol Hill over Googles kowtowing to the repressive Chinese regime, China itself is cracking apart INTERNALLY over its Google censorship. Party officials have taken on other party officials and they are all slashing at eac... [Read More]

» Who Will Google Censor Next? from Three Sources
Our friend Cyrano sent me this link under the email heading, "Google Censoring Mohammed Cartoons?" I can't tell if any censorship is in play here, but how many people even suspected this sort of thing before Google caved to the... [Read More]