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» Insomniac round up v.1 from Mark My Words
I'm up late researching tools for blogging while dealing with Kevin Trudeau drone on about medical conspiracies blah blah blah. But hey, if you are in to that sort of thing here you go: Earlier, I watched the President give his SOTU address. I en... [Read More]

» State of the Union 2006 from Skymusings
So here's the nutshell: Bye Corretta. Congress, please play nice. 9/11, March of Freedom. Iran better learn from Iraq and Afghanistan -- don't f*** with us....we're your best friend or worst enemy. Dems better stop yammering about war and get behind... [Read More]

» The Real State Of The Union from Below The Beltway
Keeping with my previous promise, I did not watch last night's State of the Union address and, after reading through the transcript of the speech, I can only say that I'm glad that I didn't. Three-quarters of the speech is, as always, pure bunk; ...... [Read More]