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» House Republican to introduce bill to slash PA funding from Sister Toldjah
Via the NYSun: WASHINGTON - Congress is moving quickly in the face of Hamass victory in the Palestinian elections to slash American funding for the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations and ensure that America moves to isolate the new r... [Read More]

» Good News For the Sane from Fat Steve's Blatherings
Go, Congresswoman! And I hope when the Republicn nominee for President is chosen in 2008, he'll seriously consider Ms. Ros-Lehtinen for veep. [Read More]

» State of Palestinian Aid in U.S., Europe from Vital Perspective
One of the hot topics today is the state of Palestinian aid now that Hamas has won the PLC elections. The Quartet met on Monday in London, and they are expected to release a statement citing the Palestinians' reliance on foreign aid in its joint statem... [Read More]

» What's Up With Israel's Left? from All Things Beautiful
Pamela @ Atlas Shrugs has a great post on 'Congress Rushes To Cut Hamas Off', after they announce that they are resolute on fighting Israel. [Read More]

» Worth reading on the hamas victory from Soccer Dad
AbbaGav introduces us to some of the new media memes that we are likely to see a lot more of in coming days. See Solomonia below. Ankle Biting Pundits are hopeful that In the long run, the election results of... [Read More]